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' s
Indiax Simmer. This most delightful weather
is at present reigning supreme on the mountains.
It is perfectly enchanting. The air is balmy
the sun gorgeous the faded leaves of Autumn
bedeck the forest with a thousand hues, and one
dreams the hours away in a calm contentment
that is indiscribable. And then such nights !
Aye, they, too, are grand! The moon glides
through the Heavens, peacefully and quietly as
tlic Gondolas of Oriental regions lloat on the sil
very waters. Not a cloud can lie- seen not a
spot darkens the azure .-kv. We could never ti:e '
of Mich beauty, and if any .season can bring the
soul nearer to Heaven can make man forget that
he is "of earth, earthy," it is that which we now
; IU:ii-crio- ok Fa it r. Mr. Hamilton has re
duoed the fare lnhvccn Jefferson and Elienshurg,
In Vis ix'ccttent Hacks, to fifty cents. The com
pletion of the Plank Road has enabled him to do
By the way, we know of no more pleasant ride
than this over the Plank Head. The coaches arc
well cushioned, easy and comfortable ; the hor. es
f the very best kind, and the drivers rial goed
hcartcd, accommodating fellows, anel perfect mas
fere of their business. It is a pleasure to travel
in such conveyances.
Town IIai.i.. .Sonic of our enterprising t-itizi ns
nre talking eif building a Town Hall. Vc hope it
may not all end in talk, f.r a building of this kind
: is Heeded here. It could be erected at a reasona
ble cost, and if the Orders of Odd Fellows and
Sauls of Temerance would lend a helping hand in
the matter, as they should, it would lie crec'.ed.
Keep it in agitation, r.nd anotlier sr.miner will find
a Hallheic which will le an ornament to the town. !
Dkpi.oiiaih.k. Very unfortunately for us but
frtuna!ely for the public, no liody has lieen killed
or seriously injured in this neighborhood this '
week, consopiently we have noihi-.igiii th.e shape eed the subscriber o undertake the publication
of an accident to interest our nadcrs. Thov will i t'f-nch a journal. le therefore, contemplates to
i ...w.,.. ., ,. . .i : . i- ., , -., " . i revive the publication of the "KLAIBSV1LLK
have to excuse us this week, and we v:,l get ui ' , ... . . , .,
' r 1 ' Kl-.COHl), and will endeavor to make the pa per
some kind of a " Miuush before our next if we , iiiK.lx.;,tihS. ivt only to the political but general
Van do no 1-etter we will try a " Irti.tdy smut-h."' j render, and hope's that in the enterprise lie will
j be sustained by the public.
Coxckkt. The Germans v lio;-e music stirred j Believing that our State and National prospcr
our soul last week, gave a concert in the Academy : '' lias avUvn from the successful administration
T. -, v i t rr -i - , - , " ! of public affairs bv the democratic partv, and the
Building last luc.-dav evening, which was sift en- ' ,. J , , , , r. i i-
.' In'm Cstabhslnnent of the punciples and policy of
ded by two ladies, i six gentlenn n and eleven boys, j that party wiH pi.inote and ensure the happi
Tliey lidel'ed delight fully and the audience st ampul ! ness of the jieojiio, he will fuithfull- endeavor to
enthusiasticallv, and cvervWlv seemed satisfied : sustain these views, and also adhere to theregu-
but the musicians themselves. ' ! Iur t,sta1,U1'vd uss'vs of t,,c 1 l
i unncccssarv to sav n.ore en this head, he only
Hvpr.u-i.ic Rams We a.-k tl eatteniion ,-for.r ! to W"'.1!"! V1'?0"1 tht' Ir.
. 1 he mate-rials ol the otlice will be entirelv new.
readers to the advertisement e f Messrs. 1 lernc.ime, ! .m- lho j,.,,.,. llC of iart. s,ze sml not'itiferi-
Jones, and Potter. These gentlemen are pi ej ai -e-d ; or to &ny published iri the interior of IVnnsylva
to j.ut in operation llvdiaulic Hams which thev ' Considerable exjHiise will be incurred, he
will warrant to work well. This is a sulri-Jt i l" fore nuSt respectfully solicits a share of the
,. , , ,,. , , , , ,. ,, . i patronaae ol the public,
which should interest the pubhc tit this tune, for , Tkhm's. One dollar an.l fifty cents per year if
ns there is a pi-ospect of having a prohibitory Ii- ' p:iil in sidvance, or within six months, after the
quor law it would be well to secure an abundant ! expiration of that time two dollars will be char
Mipply of wa er. j II. C. DkVIXK.
, ... , , ; i 3 OTIC K.
Look o. t ytm thkm ! A e publish tne ttdvtr- ; --v ,ott , , not5t5 nf ,..,:. f:,,.
ti.-cmcnt of Messrs. 1'vans and Hughes in to
u e.ay s ,
paper. 1 hey have received a first rate assort
incrtt K-f Heady Made Clothing, and they arc just
the men to sell it.
Their stock is good and large and fine,
Their fashions every grace combine.
Their workmanship can not lie beat,
Anel they'll rig you out both cheap and neat.
Then when you hear this glorious news,
I 'all at the store of Evans Hughes,
1'or a little cash they'll di ess you out
In vest, pants, e-oat or round a -bout.
LOW DOCK AND S RS U'Af.lLLA is a sli-.i: kkm
h.ii'x ion llcretliwy Taint.
Thousands ot individuals are cursed with griev
ous complaints, which they inherit from their pa
rents. The use of the '!"r lock am! S irnparil
la will prevent all this, and save a vast amount o
misery, and many valuable lives, for it lliuroiiylil;
trjicls from the ryri.t 1le latent taint, which is the
seed of disease, and so takes oil" the curse by w hich
the sins or misfortune of the parents are so often
visited upon the inuoceut offspring.
Parents Ow e it td their children to guard them
egniiiit the effect of maladies that may be com
municated by decent, and children of parents that
have at any time been affected with Consumption, j
Ferofula or Syphilis, owe it to theiiisclves to take
precaution against the disease being revived !;i them.
Guysotfs Extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla
is a sure antidote in such cases,
iiy Se advertisement.
clear and pleasant to use. Warranted all it is
recommended or niohey paid back. Prepared
by II. G. O. Ciwy, Druggist and Chemist, Cleve
land Ohio, to whoth all orders should be addressed.
Sold by an authorized Agent iu every town in the
Ptate. For sale by Fred. Kittcl, Kbensburg Pa.,
and by Hughes & Wherry, Jefferson Pa.
TnlScuilersigncd having been appointed an audi
tor, to distribute the funds in the hands of Jo
seph Lay ton, administrator cum testamento annexo,
of Nancy Reilly, late of Johnstown, Pa., deceased,
hereby gives notice that lie will attend to the duties
of said appointment at his office in Johnstown, on
Wednesday the 30th day of November next, at 10
o'clock A. M.. where all interested may attend.
Johnstown, Oct. 21, 18o3Jt.
Important Tor tltc I'ublic.
TIIE firm of Brown & Co., has sold the right of
setting in operation Water Rams in the counties
of Cambria, Indiana and Armstrong, to the firm of
Herncame, Jones & Potter, who will be happy to
accoinniojate ajl persocs In want or these useful ar-
Orders may be left snth Mr. George llerncame,
who will give U information in regard to these
Rams, their cost, &c.
Oct. 21, 15o3-.
TVTOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned has
JlN been appointed Auditor by the Orphans Court
of Cambria county, to examine into and make re
port upon the Exceptions filed to the account of Jacob
Luther, Executor of John Stoly, deceased, and that
he will Bet for that purpose at his office, in Ebens
burg, on Thursday, the 21th day of November next,
when and where all persons interested may at
tend, '
Qct. 21, 1853-4 1.
v. J.i-VASS. J. D. Hughes.
ll'OULD again inform the public that they have
11 just received from the Eastern cities, and have
on hand a large and excellent assortment of
Tall and M Inter Clothing,
which they are prepared to dispose of at reasonable
prices. Their block consists, in" part, of men and
boys wearing apparel, manufactured from Cloths,
Cassimeres, Sattinetts, Satins and silks. Also,
Woolen and Cotton Undershirts, Drawers, &c.
Hats ana Caps,
of nil kinds, suitable for the season.
Also, a large assortment of OVF.RCOATS and
CLOAKS of the latest styles.
They have also on hand Cloths, Cassimeres, Sat
tinetts, ind Vestings, which they nre prepared to
manufacture to order ikeeorui'iig to the latest appro
ved fashions.
The goods have been selected with care, and can
be sold vkrv low. Vnll ami examine their stock.
They wiil suit yon as to quality and price.
Ebensburg, bet. 21, 18.13.
Allexlieny Infantry of" 1-oretto.
IX conformity to the 7th section of an net, to reg
ulate the Volunteer force of this Commonwealth,
passed January Sift, 1853, a court of appeals will
lie he'd im the lirst Monday of Novemher (the 7th)
in the borough of Loretto. AM delinquent mcniheis
will rectify their non-attendance to duty, or abide
the conseijticuce and riser of the law.
Oct. 21, 181:!.
Ttat hers Wanted.
fpilE board of school Directors of Mis'pichannu tp.
I wish to employ four teachers for the terin of J
mouths each. An examination will be held at tliv
house ot Michael Piatt in said tp., oil the .1th day
of November next, v hen any one wishing to tench
will attend. The school houses are all good and
Comfortable, an I liberal wages will be gien. None
need apply unless they can come recommenced for
sobriety uud iudu&trv. By ei der of the board.
I'. BE A KER, Sec'v.
October 21, 1850-3t.
The estftMishnvent of Democratic paper in the
Borough of Blairsville,. Indiana Co., Pa., has
been lung desired by the Democracy of Indiana
:i:ul Westmoreland Counties, and the encourage-
lncnt lhat has already been extended, has indu
J j-.- u
for a decree f snecio performance of eon-
tract made between Peter Goer, late tifYVhile town
ship, dee'd, (in his life time,) and Peter Tunalmaii
and the said Cornelius Gregory :
The undersigned, commissioner appointed by the
Orphans' Court of Cambria county, to sake testi
mony in the above proceedings, hereby gives no
tice to all parties interested that he will attend to
the duties of said appointment at the office of Wil
liam Kitted!, Esq., in the Borough of Kbensburg,
on Saturdav, the oth Uav of November next, at 1
o'clock, P. M.
October 7, 18.13.-ft.
N the matter of the petition of Thomas II. Por
ter Iur a decree of specific performance of con
tract made between Jehu Moran, late of Washing
ton Township, uee'd, (Jn his life time) and William
Porter :
The undersigned, commissioner appointed by the
Orphans' "urt of Cambria county, to take testi
mony in the above proceedings, hereby gives no
tice to all parties interested that he wiil attend to
the duties of said i.ppoiutmcnt at the office of F.
M. George, I'.sq., (licndueU, Cambria county, ) on
Tuesdav, the Sih day of November next, at one
o'clock,' P. M.
October 7, ISf.S.-lt.
roTICE is hereby triven to the stoekhohlcrs of
the Kbcufeburi; and Susquehanna. Plank Road
that an Lleetiol! will Ue beta at the ourt House,
in tiie Borough of EbenSbufg, on Monday, the 7th
day of November next, for the purpose of choosing
ofiicers of the said road for the ensuing year, to
wit: One President, five M.magers, and one Treas
urer; at which meeting it is recommended that
the stockholders adopt such by-laws, orders and
regulations as shall be necessary for the proper
management, ot tne auairs ei me company.
By order of the Board.
Ebensburg, Oct. 7, 18-33.-
rriilK piece of "land containing about seven acres,
JL advertised by John M'Meel, Jr.i administra
tor of liev. Terrcnce M'Girr, deceased, to be sold
on the 21th day of October insl. does not belong to
said Estate, but ia the property of Ellen M'Carty.
Altvnu-y for .'. 31 Curly.
October f, 18-53.
"jVTOTlCE is hereby given to the Stockholders of
i. 1 the Lotetto Plank Roiid, that an election will
be held at the office of the company in the Borough
of Loretto, on Monday, the 7th of November next,
for the purpose of electing officers of the said road
for the ensuing year, to wit: One President, five
Managers, and one Treasurer; at which meeting
it is recommended that the stockholders adopt such
by-laws and regulations, ns shall be necessary for
the proper management of the officers of the com
pany. By order or tlic uoara.
Lerctto, Oct. 7, 18-33.
premises of the su
AMI" to the premises of the subscriber, living
iu Cambria Tp, on the COth day of August
ist, a light Brindle cow, about twelve years old,
,-ith a brocket face, and a bell on. The owner is
requested to come forward, prove property, pay
charges and take, her away.
October 7, lSo3.-Ct.
Administrators Notice,
T ETTERS of Administration have been granted
J..J to the undersigned, by the Register of Cam
bria county, upon the estate of James' Kbey, de
ceased. All persons indebted to said estate are
requested to make immediate payment to us, and
those having claims will present them properly au
thenticated for settlement.
SUSAN 1UIEY, Administratrix,
ANDREW J. RIIEY, Administrator.
Ebensburg, October 21, 1852. tf.
llell, J oust on, Jack, & Co.
Office of Deposit, Discount, & Exchange,.
JAMES M. BELL, Robert B. Johnston, and Wil
lianv Jack are the Active Partners, who alone
transact the business of the firm..
A. P Wilson,
Joseph Smith.-
Win. Dorris, Jr.,
Wn-. P. Orbhv.il,
of Huntingdon, Pa.,
T. C. McDowell,
Wrn. M. Lloyd,
lames Denuistoii,
R. M. Lemon,
Geo. R. M'Fnrhme,.
of Hollidaysburg, Ta.
Alex. 31. Lloyd;
Baker & Watson,
of Gaysport, Pa.,
John Miller, of Tenipcr-
auceviile, Blair co. Pa.
P. Shoemaker,
. ft' Ebcnsbuig, Piu,
'Alios. White,
f Indiana, 1 ft
.S. II. Smith,
John Crouse,
of Johnstown. Pa.
Sam iff I W. lihodes,
Samuel Ca-l?in,
Thadeus Bunks,
John Cress well, Jr.
David Watson,
John Neff, SaWul Dean, Jumes M. Jvhnston. Wil
liamsburg, P3,.
tOllurs may ami triH be cWcr.
Collections made in all parts of the t'nitcd Mates.
Drafts furnished on Philidclpbirr, FIttsbur", fie.
The usttal rate of Interest, in such cases, paiil on
Deposits for 3, ti, and IS mouths. Utlier Deposits
received payable on demand.
Hollidaysburg, July 10, 18-12.
Hide, oil, and I.ralliri- Move.
No. 21, South Third Street, between Market anil
tChosnat Streets, Philadelphia.
HAS constantly on hand ami for sale, Dry and
Dry Salted Spanish Hides, Dry and-Green
Salted Pattia Kips, Tanners' Oil, Tiiise:-?-' and Cur
riers, TOOLS, at the lowest juices and c'po.l the
best terms.
JCr-jy All kinds of Leather in the rough wanted,
for which the highest market price will be given in
cash, or takeu in exchange for hides.
tiy"Leatuer stored lVee of charge and sold on
May 1:5, lS-V',.
ftiiiillic:ut lliiil.
VNT1I0NV YOWINKLE respectfully informs the
public that lie is now prepared, :s the law di
rects, with every requisite for the " accommoda
tion of strangers and travellers" at his new stand
in the Northern Liberties of Hollidaysburg, and
respectfully us'ks for a share of custom, liis ta
ble will at all times be supplied with the best the
market alfotds, and his bar stocked with the best
wines and liquor j.
tr'-j)r" The larger Hail can be rented by the day
or night, and a Piano and Pianist furnished.
tiuf German wines and Lager Beer kept con
stantly on hand.
Hollidaysburg, May G, 185:5.
OUPIi llS' COURT sai,;.
1Y virtue of an order of the Order of the Or--J
phaus' court (or the county of Cambria, the
subscribers will offer for sale in the borouuh of Eb
ensburg, on Thursday, the 17th day of November,
l -i 3, the following described Real Estate, late the
property of Uiehard Lew is, dee'd, viz:
All that lot of ground numbered on the plan of
the Borough of Ebensburg, as 02 fronting (J feet
on High street and running back along Julian St.,
2GI feet to Sample street, on which is erected a
two stvry brick dwelling house and frame stable.
All that let of ground known on the place of said
Borough as No. KiS fronting b'j feet on high street
and running back along Caroline street 2r4 feet to
Sample street, having thereon erected u frame dwel
ling house, a frame ollice, and stable.
A piece of gion-.id lying near the borough of
Ebensburg, containing live iieres, bounded on the
South by the Loretto road ; on the East by land of
Davl-I Jones; uud cu the West by land of James
Rhey's heiri
Three fots of ground si tan to hear the borough
of Ebensburg, bounded on tlic East by lauds ofSi
bis Moorexs heirs t on Ihe South by lots of John
Thomas; mid ou the North I.y lots of Fanny Grcf
tith's heirs.
The sale will 'commence at eleven o'clock, A. M.,
of said day, to be held e!i the respective premi
ses. TERMS. One third of Ihe purchase money on
confirmation of the sale by tho Orphans' Court, and
the residue in two crpia! annual payments to be
secured by Judgment Bi-nds and Mort gages.
DAVID II. ROBERTS, ) Administrator ff
GEORGE J. RODGERS. Itichard U-icit died.
Sept. 30, 1853.-Ct
!Veiv Cabinet Wine Rooms.
JAMES S. TODD informs the citizens of Ebens
burg, and the public generally, that he has
opened an extensive and varied assortment of Cah-i.n-t
Ware in Mr. Robert Davis' new building, Main
street, nearly opposite the Mansion House,"
where he will be happy to have them call and ex
amine his
consisting in part of Sofas, Bureaus, Tables, Bed
steads, Secrctarys, Stands, iVc, &c.
He will have constantly on hand an excellent as
sortment of Faiicy and common Chaihs, which he
will se.l lower than ever before ottered in this
Every article ordered will be made in the most
workmanlike manner, of the best materials ; and
REPAIRING of all kinds will be promtly attend
ed to. His terms areCASH, niid being determined
to sell low, and keep none but good articles, he
hopes to receive the patronage of a discriminating
Ebensburg, July 2i, ISoS.
u i:uox & iimxit,
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
FFICE two doors West of Major Thompson's
joiix s. riii;y,
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, fa.,
II'ILL practice in the several Courts of Cambria,
l Blair and Indiana counties.
Office, No. 4, ' Colontiinie Row, near the Court
Ebensburg, Aug. 19, 1S53 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
FFICE, No. 3, "Colonnade Row, near the
Court House.
January 1, ISol. ly
Attorney at Law, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
WILL attend the several Courts of Cambria
county, as heretofore. Office one door w est
of Wm. McFarland's cabinet warerootn.
July 21, 1852. ly
Attorney at Law, Johnstown. Pa.
OFFICE on Clinton Street, in the Second Story
of Good & Pershing's Store Room.
January SO, 1851 !y.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
FFICE in the Court House, up stairs.
Aug. 24, 1853.
Attorney at Law Johnstown, Pa.
FFICE on Clinton Street, a few doors north of
the comer of Mam and Clmton.
April 23, 1853.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg Pa.,
-c-m-T-iLL practice in the several Courts of Cam
VV bria, Blair and Indiana counties. All pro
fessional business intrusted to his care will be
promptly attended to.
Office on Main sUeet opposite Dr. Win. Lemon's
Ebensburg, April 23, I80S 27.
TN pursuance of a decree of the Orphan's Court
-l-of Cambria county, the .undersigned Administra
tors of James Rhey, deceased, will sell at the Court
House, in Ebensburg, on
Tuesday, the 15th of November next,
the following described Real Estate, viz :
A piece or parcel of land, mimprovelr situate
West of Ebensburg, adjoining lands of William Da
vis and others, containing forty-three acres and al
lowance wan anted in the name of Thomas N'es
bitt. ALSO One other piece or parcel of bind, unim
proved, situate iu Susquehanna township, in said
comity, containing one hundred nnd fifty-four n-
cres. nnd sixtv-one Dercliea. mllolninir l-rr..)s
John McDonald nnd ethers warranted ia the
name ol lingn VJlay.
ALSO One other picre r.r parcel of Tahd situate
in the snrrte ton-nsliirt nnA ln.inti nu i.A i . i. l-...: .t.
Hu n ...... ' ' UIVUIMI L.UJ1CU
tract, containing one hundred atrd sevea acres and
allowance unimprovert.
Toms cr Sale: One third of the purchase mo
ney on confirmation of sale ; one third in one year,
with interest, and the senuiiuing third at or imme
diately after the decease of the widow of said de
ceased, the interest of said third to be paid regu
larly to her during her life ; the whole to be secured
by bond and mortgage.
A'huiiii.tfralors of James IUiry, die'd.
Sept. 23, lS-'.C.-tf
Ojtrrs! Oysters 1!
"jVTOTlCE to Hotel-Keepers, Owners of Eating--L
1 Houses Private Families, &c. Field's Balti
more A. No. 1 li sters, will be kept coustaatly on
hand. Also, Catsup, Pepper Sauce. Salad Oil, Sar
dines, &c, t'hop-keepers will please send ia
their orders early W. W. IVORY & Co.
Summit, Sept. CO, 1S53.
i:;ci5. & utiizuiLi,
"Y7HOLESAI.E dealers m l!'".v and Li'jvnr.;
T T which tliey are prepared to turn'sh cheap to
merchants and hotel keepers. Warehouse 2CS,
Market street. I hiladelpbia, Pa.
Feb. 2, lS5:i-r-1v.
Auditors Xotiee.
rji;,e under?: gned, auditor appointed by the Court
-I- tpf Coinmen Picas of Cambria county, to mar
shall the proceeds of the Sheriff's Sale of the real
estate cf JosoMi Deiser, sold at the suit of Joseph
Kemp; "on al. rnd. Expon. No. til Jlme Term isi.!,
hereby notifies all parties interc5te4 iu said fund,
tht he wiii attend to the duties sf said appointment
at Lis office in the Borough of Ebensburg, on Tues
lav l?: fit-stdaf of November next, at one o'clock
P. M.
WM., KITTLE. Auditor.
Sept. 23, 1 853-1 1.
Dissolution ol"I;ii l!terviip.
"jVTOTlCE is W rcby given that tho co-partnership
JLi heretofore exUHug bctwen Biehard White
and H. C. Devie, and Richard White, W. B. Sipes
and H. ('. Device, iu the printing business, was
dissolved ou the 12th day of August last by mu
tual consent. The business of the lute firms will
be settled l y Richard White, who is authorized to
collect all clains due, and pay all debts owing by
the firms.
W. B. Sil'ES.
Sept. 23. 18-".
Xotiie to MoeKIioIdeiSi
TVTOTICE is hereby given that an Election, will
-Ll be held at the ofiiee of the Jefferson and Eb
ensburg Plank Koad Company, in the town of Jef
ferson, on Monday, the 7tl day of November next,
between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, P. M., for
the jmrpose of electing officers for said Plank Road
Company, to serve for one year, at which time and
place, the following officers wilt be elected, to wit :
One person for President, one person for Treasu
rer, and fivepertotts for aiauagers.
By order of the Board.
Oct. 7, 1S53. - Srcy.
1"UBLIC notice is hereby given that by order of
the Orphans' Court of Cambria county, their
will be exposed to sale by public vendue, 011 Tues
day, the 1st day of November next at 1 o'clock P.
M., the following real estate, viz:
The one half of the undivided two thirds of a tract
of bind containing 414 aere-3 n?td 120 pierches,
siuated in Richland township, warranted In the
name of Cadwallader Evans, adjoining Ian wan-anted
in the name of William Smith, D. D. & Co.,
Charles Evans and others, with the improvements
and appurtenances, late the estate of John Trotter
The sale will be held on the premises, and terms
make- known by Ibmiiniek Dimond, and Henry Top
per, Administrators, dc bonis non of said estate.
By order of the Court
R. L. JOHNSTON, Clerk.
Oct. 7, 1853 4 1.
Formerly Hi-own's alooii.
fjl HE Proprietors of this establishment. Brown &
1 Kenneuy, take this method of informing the cit
izens of Ebensburg and the public iu general that
they have refitted and otherwise improved their
Saloon, and are ready, at all times, to accommodate
all persons w ho wish to indulge in the luxury of a
good plats of Fields' No 1 Oysters. We w ill have
them forwarded to us daily. We solicit a liberal
share of public patronage.
Oct. 7, 1853.
VLL persons having claims against the Alleghe
ny Portage Railroad for services rendered or
materials furnished, previous to the .'iOth day ',t
November, 1852, will present them to the the Su
perintendent of Motive Power on or before the 30th
day of November next, to be reported as old debts.
Hollidaysburg, Sept. 30, 1850.
rrciglit Xotice.
N and after this date the regular commissions,
exnenses &c. Rsuslly charged at SecoJ class
gsnnrixo wni be olleet.l n.Ul fi"','1 mnnifesto.1
and delivered at this station, treignt 10 dc paiu
before the Goods are taken away. AH claims for
damased, lost or missing Goods will have to be pre
sented before the 1st of October to be settled.
Goods that are prepaid to this point, the expenses
of unlo.lding; &c, will be collected. All persons
owing freight will please pay up.
Summit, Sept. SOth 1853.
Ir. R." 31. S. Jackson & 11 r. James C.
HAYING entered into a Co-partnership in the
practice of medicine, offer their services to
the inhabitants of Summitville and vicinity.
Dr. Jackson can be found at his residence near
the toll gate, aud Dr. How e at the old office on the
Sept. 0, 1853. tf.
Attorney at Lnw, Ebensburg, Pa.
FFICB on Main Street, in the othce
occupied by Gen. Jos. McDonald.
January 15, 1852.
- f BUSHELS good coal wanted at this Of-
tice, for winch cash will be paid on de-
7"IIISKEY, White Lead, and Linseed Oil for
sale by
C VSn will be paid for 4000 or 5000 pounds
wool, by HUGHES & WHERRY,
Jellcrsou, Pa.
Attorney at Law, Johnstown, Pa.
OEFICE on Main street, two doors east of the
Echo Office.
March 13, 1851.-1
TXR. S. BELFORD, Surgeon Dentist, informs the
J--' public that he has returued to Hollidaysburg,
and permanently located In the office he occupied
during his late visit, (one door west of Hewifs
Store on Allegheny st.,) where ho wiil be pleased
L i ', aD,y- Of'ertron ' his profesiHou. All
work done by him will be warranted
HoUidajsburg, August 20, 1853.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, P.t
II'ILL practice in the several courts of Cambria,
Blair, and Huutingdou counties. Germans can
consult and rccei -e advice iu their own language.
Office opposite the Court House, formerly occu
pied by R. L. .T..ihston, Esq.
F.bcusburg, Fcbi-unry 3, If 5:? ly.
s i.nu:l c. vi. ARi,
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Ta.
"V7"ILL practice in the several Courts of Cam-
t T bria, Blair, and Huntingdon counties.
Office on main street two doors west cf the
Store of Murrav, Zahm & Co.
May 8, 1851 ly.
oi:ok;i: 31. rs:i:i.
Attorney at Law, Ete.iarg, Pa.
"VY7"H-L practice iu the several Courts of Cam
v bria. Indiana, and Westmoreland counties.
Office on Centre it., joining Gen. M'Dom.ld's dwell
ing. Jan. 15, 1S51. Iv.
1:. ssi'Tcm.so., .11.,
Attorney at Law, Ebsasbarg, Pa.,
"VILILL practice in the several Courts of Cara-
bria, Blair arw imhaiiii counties. All pro
fessional business entrusted to his care will be
promptly attended to.
Oliiceou Main street al du in 2 iu'sdwcKinghouse.
Eben.sburg, Juij- 1, 1853 20-3m.
E$awl T. Morns,
Ke-ttry Fublic, Scriwener and Conveyancer,
"YYTILL also attend to his duties as Justice. L
g d ii sti uiiients f writing, such as deed
agreements, Foreign power of Attorney, &c.
drawn up accurately. Collections entrusted to
his care will receive strict attention.
May 13, IS52 30-tf.
11. f. eiun 11,
j. c. 1JEW
Oeo. V. Toilil, -m HIi
Carutli, Terry &. Ilciv.
I M POUTERS and Wholesale Jobbers in English,
-L German and' Domestic HARDWARE, Guus,
Pistols, Waiters, S;e.
151 M.a hkkt Stiikkt, between -4th & 5th, PHIL
A DELPHI A. Sept. 2, 1853.-3m.
Ilxt liimge Hotel,
Ebensburg, Pa.
rjV. IE undersigned reipe-tfully informs the pub-J-
lie that he is uvr prepared with every requisite
for their aeeonimodation, and will exert every ef
fort to render his house an attractive and comfort
able stopping place, liis table will always be etip
plied with every delicacy the season affords, and
his bar stocked with the best cf Wines nnd Liquors.
A careful and attentive hostler will have churge
cf the stables. Be respectfully solicits a share of
April 2S, 1S53 tf.
Pennsylvania RRniload.
TTuOM and after this date Passengers taking
JL seats in the cars without tickets, at stations
where there is a ticket ofiiee, w ill be charged ten
cents extra.. W. W. IVORY,
A anil Venn. It. 11. Co.
Summit, July 2S, 1853 3',.
Adams fa's Express,
W.W. IvaryCo.. Aeents.
ILL forward all packages vt eoods or moncr,
t daily, except Sunday, to all the principal
cities in the Union, and all towns on the Rail Road
between l'bil.idelphia aud Pittsburg. Drafts col
lected from California. Drafts sold 011 Ireland,
England or Scotland, from i.'l up) wards. Money for
draft's must be par.
Summit, July 28, 185339.
LETTERS of Administration, with the will an
nexed, on the estate of Peter McGuire, late
of Allegheny township, deceased, Iiavc been gran
ted by the Register of Cambria county, to the un
dersigned all persons indebted to said estate are
hereby notiHed to make payment without delay,
and those having claims against the same will pre
sent them properly authenticated for settlement.
AUGl'STIN DURL'IN, Administrator.
Sept. 23. 1853.-0t.
rilllE undersigned having been appointed by the
JL Court of Common Pleas of Cambria county
Committee of Joseph McDonald. Esq , of the Bor
ough of Ebensburg, hereby notifies all persons in
debted to the said Joseph McDctiald to make imme
diate payment, and requests those having claims
to make them known without delay.
Sept. 23, lS53.-Ct
Tli is Way!
")R the highest prices are puil for hides, skins
and tanner's bulk iu either trade or cash by
T OOK HERE: Just received by the Pennsyl
.1 i vania Rail Road, nnd for Sale bs J. Moore,
Grind Stoned, Patent Buckets, Drooms, Cheese,
Cotton Yam, Clover Seed, aud a large lot of Car
penters Tools. April 1.
Adams & Co.'s express.
JB. CRAIG, agent will forward all packages of
goods or money, daily except Sunday to all
the principal cities in the Union, nnd all the towns
on the Railroad between Philadelphia aud Pitts
, 233 IVwrlH Tlilril nliov Callowhill,
nVS constantly on hand French Brandies, lbd
lanl tiin and a general assortment of FOR
ALSO. All kind-! of American Spirits, &c.
Scliool Rooks.
V general assortment of BOOKS, such as are
used in our cenimou schools, for Sale by
OKO. Url'lSCOTT. WM. TUuTiKlU eumoxd bacon
i CO Rt. l: I-! 5II - COTT & CO.,
AVE constantly on hand a lull assortment 01
Teas, Wines, Li'piors and Groceries general
17 North Water Street, and
No. 10 North Belaware Avenue,
January 27, 153.
g P.ushel3 of Beans, aud 100 bushels cf dried
J VJvJ Apples on hand aud for bale at the foot
of plane 4, A. P. R U.
July S, 1952. W. K. PIPER.
J. B.
Commission &. Forwarding:.
THE subscribers would respectiuny miomi tueir
friends and the public that they are now pre
pared to receive nnd forward all good consigued to
their care ly ay 01 inc uucs, ur v cuua
.r. 1 nn.j f 1 1 , Il thiit liv strict aUcHUou'to their bu-
sinuss that, tbey will be enabled to rcuder perfect
satiofactiun to all that wm pairouue vueiu,
coods will receive the greatest care aud attention.
Jefferson, March 15, 1S53.
rfimSWY! For 1 hive just receive.! aud of
.L fer sale a large lot of S'tone aud Earthen
Warea. The highest price pm lor wool
Ebensburg. April 1 J- MOOSE.
James Doueherty. at
niiuiioij), uisii &. co
WHOLESALE atid retail ttcfllers in Tobacco
Snuff and Cigars, warehouse at th SotU
west corner of Third and Rse st?eta, PUildrf
phia, lately occupied by Lndwig, Kn6dler 4
teen constantly on bond . Ir. snT 411 l..t.', 1
stock of the most celebrated brands of -
Domestic cigars, and Snuff, which they offer for
sale on as favorable terms as any house in the iy.
Orders promptly attended to.
John Parker. j.mM w P.rvr
JOIIJf I Ait ii nt . rr
mm' 1 oeuiers in r lour ana
Bncon, Foreign Wine8 fcna Brandiea, Old;
.Mononenhela and Rectified Whiskey.
Ko. 5, Commercial Kow, Liberty Street.
1'ltUburg:, la.
August 19, i8.)S. -ly,
George Khey. Levi Matthews. WiUiam EbbT.
ii ii a: v, ii attiicws & co.,
WHOLESALE Grocers and Comtnission Mer
II chants. Dealers in all kinds of Produce and
Pittsburg Manufactures, No. 77 and 7,'J Wtw
Pittsburgh, Pav
Au?nt 10, 1S53.
"T'riii'l.RaAlE irroccrs and dealers in Fortlga
nil Domestic Liquors, Rectified Whiskev,
Flour, Bacon, Fish, Cheese, &e., &c. No 311, Lib
erty street, opposite the head of Smithfield, Pitts
burgh, I'a.
December 2,1, 1852 -tf.
JOll.V C. 31 ICll.I
HAS leased t.n 1 refuted the McMiF.en House,
(late the Bennet Hotel) in the borough of
Johnstown, where he will be plad to rpceive any of
his friends w ho may favor him with their patronage.
He has also opened a bar with a choice selection of
w ines and liquors of all kinds.
Meals Served to uit passengers who wish to tra
vel by the Pa. R. R.
Johnstown, Pa., July 22, 1853.
Campbellstown, Cambria county Pa.
THE undersigned. Proprietor of the above Ho
tel, informs his friends aud the pablic that ke
is well prepared ta famish the best of accommo
dation, and is determined to pleaie all who may
call with him.
Campbcllstown, June 11, 1853 31-Cin.
DR. A. YEAGLEY having permanently located
in Jefferson, Cambria county, respectfully
tenders his professional services to the citizens of
the place and thesurrounding country, in the prac
tice of Medicine and Surgery.
Office on Main street, where he can always bo
found and consulted, except when absent on pro
fessional business.
Jefferson, April 14, 185325.
Minis w. lintnvx,
Fashionable Barber and Hair Dresser
IX the basement story of Davis & Co's., war
Ebensburg, May 1, lS51.-ly.
N. B. Shampooing done, and razors honed in a
superior manner.
Ir. Geo. II. Kelly,
OFFERS his professional services to the citizens
of Jefferson and vicinity, in the practice of
Medicine nnd surgery.
Office next door to Mr. Lytle's Stor.
May 2l, 1S53.
c. Micridan, 91.
I ERPECTFULLY tenders his services to tho
Vr citizens of Johnstown and vicinity, ia tho
practice of Medicine and Surgery.
Office at the Drug store of Kratzer aud PhnWua
corner of Clinton and Main streets. Residence
Main street, second door below Von Luenan's store.
lr. S. R. neb,
I ESPECTFCLLY tenders his services to the cit
V izens of Summerhill tdwnhip in the practice
of Medicine and Sargery.
lilice at Half-Way House, Cambria county, Fa.
Nov. 24, 1S52.
r ESPECTFCLLY tenders his services to the ciU
C izens of Ebensburg, in the practice of Medi
cine and Surgery.
Ofiiee in Dr. Schneider's Drug Store, opposite
the Presbyterian Church.
June 24,
Justice of the Peace, Ebensburg, Pa.,
"'T7"ILL attend promptly to all collections en-
T trusted to his care Office, adjoining his
July 21, 1652,-tf.
i .ii. Gcoiitn:,
Justice of the Peace, foot of Plane No 4,
a. p. . a.
ILL attend promptly to all collections entrusted
to his care. OSke, adjuiuiiig the Tost office,
July, 28th, 1852.
Dr. Henry eagley,
Practising Physician, Johnstown, Pa.
FFICE next door to his drug store, corner of
Mam and Bedford streets.
Johustown, July 21, 1852.
Davis Lloyd,
HAYING formed a partnership in the Mercantile
Business, would respectfully solicit the pa
tronage of their friends aud the public generally.
Call nnd see cs at the old stand of William Da
vis. April 20, 1852.
AIvriiyKon Hand.
STONEWARE, Earthen ware, Sulla, Cast-stccl
aui Salt, fur sale by
May 12, 1852-20.
IViii. 31'1'arland and Son.
Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
"1T7"0ULD respectful'y invite the attention ef the
public to their superior stock of Furniture
of every description. Furniture of all kinds man-'
ufauturcd to order on the shortest notice. All or
ders from a distauce promptly attended to.
July 1, 1852.
Laborers Wanted.
Laborers are wanted to work on the Ebens
burg and Snsquchanna Flank Road, to w hom
liberal wages will be given. Apply to either vf the
Ebensburg, June 3, 1S53.
S. l'cterhbei ger'K
Wholesale and Retail Clothing Stor.
COATS, Yests, Pants, Hats, Caps, Shirt, Ifiind
kercheifs, Cravatii, Boots, Shoes. Carpet-bugs,
Trunks, Sold cheap for Cash. Sununit. Cam
bria County, Pa. .
J. l'attou TIiomi"
With Marple, Ellis M'Clnro, -
IMPORTERS aud Dealers in Foreign and Domes
tic FANCY DRY GOODS, Trimmings, Hosiery,
Gloves, Satins, Silk Vest ngs, Cravats, Ribbons,
White Goods, Suspenders, Combs, Brushes, But
tons, lookiuji Glasses, &c.
So. 15 North Third Street, two. doePS- abovo
Church Alley, l Liiaaeipuia.
J. A. ELLIS, " V
E. C McCLI RE, )
Philadelphia, Feb. 18, 1M2-S5.

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