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Democrat and sentinel. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1853-1866, November 18, 1853, Image 3

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la Town. "We had the pleasure cf takintr our
. xoeia, oy inc naiu iu euner nay,
ne wing on a visit to tDensourg. .Mr. Tcdd is
now in the house of Messrs. Caruth, Terry &
Dew, Market Street, Philadelphia, and we would
advise our merchants visiting that city to call on
him, as they will find him a clever fellow, and
the house a good one.
Fast Sawing. We were informed, the other
day, that Mr. Kane's Strain haw Mill had cut
7000 feet of Spruce Plank in seven hours. "VVe
,ttn4 tfnt? muni. . . X . . . . i .
""-vu auuui sucn mines, dui arc con
y. fident that we never saw any saw sawing, that
beat this saw sawing.
Vebv Prettv. R. L. Johnston. Esq., has been
improving his residence and it is now very pret
ty. Much taste has been displayed i:pon it, and
; it -presents an appearance not excelled by any
building in this section.
Plank Road Election. The elec'ion held in
Jefferson, on the Hth inst., resulted in there
election of the old board of ofEcej-s, ccnstirg of
the following gentlemen :
President, William Palrrcr. Esq.
-Managers. James D Hamilton. John Crawley,
Arthur Hill, Rees E. Kees, Geo. C. K. Zahm.
Treasurer, W. II. Gardner.
Tub Crcsaper. This able Catholic journal is j
to be merged into the rittsbnrg Catholic. The
Crusader lias been a zealous advocate of its cher- i
ished tenets, and hos:s ef warm supporters will
regret its departure frcm Cambr'a Ceunly. We
wish all connected with it abundant success.
Cotillion Party. A coiillijn party ib to be
given at the ' JcflVrson House," J. D. Hamilton.
Esq., proprietor, on next Tuesday evening. The
-beaux and belles will be in attendance, and "mu
Bic delicious and viand so rare" will be plenty.
Those who love the health giving, heart stirring,
oul-chfrerinj occupation of Terpsichore, should
Xobetto Plank Road Election. The clrc
tion for officers of this Read, resulted in the choice
of the following gentlemen.
President, M. M. Adams,
Managers, Charles M iDnamy, Argr.stin Mc
. Connell, Augustiu Little, Jacob SLalfer, George
Treasurer, V. Shiels.
Cambria County Agricultural Society.
A number of the ci izens of Cambr'a county
;sembltd at the Court House in I.hcnshisrjr, on
Saturday, Nov. 12, a". 3 o'clock, P. M , to adept
measures for the formation cf the Cambria coun
ty Agricultural Soc"ety.
On motion, .Mr. John Evans, of Cambria town
ship, was appointed President cf ihe nuetirg.
On motion. John M Coy, of Sumir.erhill: Ja
cob Kaj-lorof Allegheny : James Myers, Wm. II.
hughes, Isaac Evans, S'cphen I.loyd Esqr:s.,of
Cambria, were appoin'ed Vice Presidents.
On motion, E. J. Waters, of Cambria. Jacob
SL. Stull, of Richland, and A. J. Rlicy, of E ens
burg, were elected as Secretaries.
JC L- Johnston, Esq., of Ebensburg, by request,
xplaiaed the) otjtct ?f tto meeting to be the for
mation a Society for the advancement of the
Agricultural interests of the county, in a marcer
similar to that adopted by the counties of the
On motion, a Committee consisting of twelve
was appointed to prepare a Constitution and By
Laws for the Cambria county Agricultural Soci
etj. This Committee consists of the President
and Vice Presidents of this meeting, and M. D.
Magehan. Wm. Kittell, R. L. Johnston, M. Has
aon and James M Dermitt, Zsqrs.
On motion of R. L. Johnston, Esq., a Coir mit
tee of thirteen was appointed to add -ess the Ag
riculturalists of Cambria coun'y with reference
to the benefits and advantages to be derived from
the organisation cf an Agricultural Society.
This Committee consists of R. L. Johnston, cf
Cambria, James Burke, of Summerhill, Michael
Leary, of Allegheny, Jno. E. Rofccrts, of Cam
bria, R. J. Proudfoot, of White, Thomas Adams,
of Clearfield. Lewis Dormayer, of Richland, Wm.
TV eakland, of Carroll, Paul George, cf Washing
ton, Christian Snyder, of Jackson, John Gillan.
cfBlacklick, Francis Bearer, of Susquehanna,
and John Hedrick, ofConemaugh.
A motion was made that the meeting adjourn
until 7 o'clock in the evening.
The President being unable to attend at the
hour, John Williams. Esq., was appointed Pres
ident, Pro tern.
The motion previously made was put and car
ried, and the meeting adjourned until 7 o'clock,
P. M.
The meeting met at 7 o'clock, the President
Prttim., John Williams, in the chair.
Ths CCJBDiittee appointed to di a.ft a Constitu
tion nd Byo Iws r tne Society made the fol
lowing Report vr'nic as unanimously adop
ted :
The Committee, appointed a meeting this
day held for the purpose of organizes an Agri
cultural Society.) to draft a constitution and bye
lawn, for the gOTcirtccnt of said society, bc
kve to report the following, vi2 :
. . r, . vii i,a ctvlwl the Cam-'
at. lsu ine society v
bria County Agricultural Society.
Art. 2d. The officers of the society shall con
sist of a President, two Vice Presidents, five
Managers, a Treasurer and a Secretary.
Art. 3. The Bta'.ed meetings of the society shall
be held at the Court House, in the borough of
Ebensburg, at 10 o'clock, in the forenoon on the
second Saturday of every month.
Art. 4. The officers first elected shall hold their
respective offices until the second Saturday of
November ensuing and until their successors
shall be duly chosen.
Art. 5. The annual election cf officers cf the
-oeietv shall be held at the Court Ilcu;c in the
borough Ebensburg, cn theBtcecd Satuiday cf
Art. 6th. The President shall preside at all the
meetings of the society, and with the consent of
a majority of the wanactrs call special meetings
whenever the inteitsts of the society, in their
opinion, shall require the seme.
Art. 7th. It ehall be the duty of the secretary
to record, in a book to be kept for the pur i Ce, all
the proceedings of the society.
Art. 8ih. The Treasurer shall receive all mon
eys Belonging to the society, and pay out the
tame on orders signed by the President and at
tes'ed by the Secretary, and at the expiration of
his term of office pay to his successor any mo
Iu.yS which mar le in his hands
and shall also
! 6ve a certificate to any person wishing to btccme
i a member ct the scc.tty uj on tl e i aj incut to
him of the sum fixed by arlic'e 9 h.
Art. 9 h. An)- person si n'l be considered a
member of the society who shall have j aid to the
Treasurer the sum ef one dollar.
Sec. 1st. In case cf lha absence cf the Presi
dent at any s!a'd or spcc'al lr.teGrg of the soci
ety, one of the Vice Presidents shall preside and
! '"kuuld both the vice presidents le abstht,
meeting shall ar point a president pre tcni.
Sec 2nd. In case eif the absence e f iheSecre
tary at s'ated or sj ccial rceetfngs of the scciety,
the meeting shall aproint a Secretary pro Km.
Sec 3d- In case of the elia'b, res;gnation, or
removal of the President, the managers shall ap
point a President pro tern, until the next ensuing
annual election.
Sec. 4th. The officers sha'.l be voted for viva
Sec 5th. In case cf a vacancy in the office ef
Treasurer the managers shall appoint a suitable
person to supply the vacancy until the next annu
al tlcc ion.
Sec- 6. The Treasurer shall give bond with one
or more sureties to the satisfaction cf the mana
trers. ia such sum as they shall deem advisa
ble. Sec. 7th. Three managers shall constitute a
j quorum to transact business
Sec. Sth. The cousti.ution and bye laws of tne
society may, from time to time.be altered, ame
ded or added to, at any stated or special meeting
of the society.
Edward Shoemaker, Esq., was then nominated
and elected President for the tnsuingyear.
Richard J. Proud.lot and John M'Coy were
elected Vice Presidents for the ensuing year.
John Williams, Esq., was then elected Treas
urer for the ensuing year.
E. A. Vickrr.y. of Conemaugh, Michael Ma
gt'.ire, of Allegheny, Jacob R S nil, cf Rich" and,
P. Limpkic, of Carroll and John II. PcekTass, ef
Clearfield, were elected Managers for the ensuing
ye ar.
A.J. Rhey was elected Secretary for the ensu-
1 ing year.
On motion the Sec-e'ary was elire-ctcd to sub
scribe for cne copy ef ihe " Tt i nsvlvania Farm
Joun al" for one year to le ixhiLi.tei as a Speci
men coj y cf the work.
On motion, Re-selved, that the proceedings of
the meeting le pub'ii,Led in the Can.brlaCounty
A. J. Rhxy, Scc'y.
Pennsylvania Central Railrcad.
The yorth American, rbi'.acklphia. contains a
glowing artie'e upon the prosjec's and revenue
of this monster Railway. We extract a portion
of the article :
It is believed that the business of the road for
the next two months will bring the total rove
nue for the present; year up to within a small
fraction of three millions of dollars. This, cer
tainly, is as acceptable and ccmineing evidence
of the practical Success and profitableness of the
work as the most exacting judgment could de
sire, and it is fitted to inspire all who are inter
es'ed ia our Central thoroughfare w ith implicit
confidence in the worth and s'abiliiy cf its secu
rities. As an additional proof of its Ivgli creelit
abroad as well as at home, we arc authorized to
say t ha' advices from Paris have recently been
received of the sale there of two hundred and fif
cen thousand dollars of Pennsylvania Railroad
bond at a price equal to 102. We a: c sincerely
gratified at these most sa isfactory evidences of
the thriving fortunes of an improvement which
has already done so much, and is destined to d
so muc'i more, for the commercial prog-ess and
importance of Philadelphia. Great as have been
its business arid profits hither o, we are pcrsua
ded they will be far exceeded by the results of
successive j-ears. and we '.enow nn work of the
kind in the country which offers capital a safi.r
or more lucrative investment.
LKllltt.lTilS.lK.AlMAlJMlK.i VKL.
edy TOR Iliredita.-y Taint.
Tlirusan'l3 of in iividu.ils are cursed with griev
ous complaints, which they inherit from their pa
rents. The use of the Vcllois Dock cr.d S'trsaparil
fa will prevent all this, and eave a vast amount o'
misery, mid many valuable lives, for it thnrnvr;hh,
frje! frcm the tysteih the latait taint, which is Un
seed of diae.tae, nnd so takes off the cure ly which
the eins nr mifrfV rlune of the pavti.is are so ofte-n
viaited upon the innocent offspring.
Parf'c'ta owe it to their children to guar J them
iigainst the effects of maladies that may be cini
municnted by decent, uuil children of pnrpnts ttisit
have at any time been iiiTccte l with Consumption.
Scrofula or Syphil's, owe it to themselves to take
precaution against the fliseriBC being revived in them.
Guyeott'a Extract of Yellow Deck aud Eareaps-viUa
is a sure antidote in such cases.
7" Se advertisement.
clear and pleasant to uae. Warranted all it is
omroended or money paid h;ick. Prepared
0- Cary, Lrugg'.st and Chemist, Cltve-
by li.
Inn.l Ohio. .
Wfioni tilloruers sdouiu oe auarcsseii.
Sold by nn aubo:.d 5n everJ t0"""n in ,bc
State. For uile by Freci. JwitiC?.. Ebensburg Pa.,
and by Hughes & AVherry. Jefferson Pa.
Jefferson, Cambria County, Pennsylvania,
THE Proprietor of this new Hotel would res
pectfully inform the public that he bss it
i.ow open, and ready fur the accommodation ot
puesta. No pains or expense Las been spared in
Hie furnishing and arranging of this House; and
the building itself being new, commodious mid
eonvenient, it will be found a pleusam, piuce ui k
journ for travtllera nnd bord rs.
HIS BAR will at nil times be supplied with the
tiest of Wuit-s r.d Liquors, and HIS TALLE wil.
iimtaiii every delicacy the Market can afford. The
beds are new ntid good, nnd the health, ease wio
comfort of his pueis will be untiringly studied.
LOARDERS will be takeu by the week on rea
son&ble terms.
An attentive Ostler will always te in atten
dance, and the stabliDg will be found good.
Nov. 18, 1B63.
OFGooJs and Merchandize in the county of Cam
bria, for the yt'ir 1853, designating ibose who
have, and those who have not. taken out Licences.
Published in Pursuance of the Act of Assvinblv,
"pprovet! the 4th day of March, 1842.
tosrph Todd.
John & W. Duncan. Pistiliery,
Alnisiiis M.-.rls, L":q. onlv,
Davi.l I'uti. K- do"
Eiminufil !u!tiViack, Liqaor,
M.mre & Rolierts,
O'Neill Cm roll,
R. N. rack:.rd,
i'eter ieb'.e, f.iquor only,
Martin Sclirote, lirewerv,
Daniel Litzinger, Liquor)
i ri-r -hie;!.-, Jo
lolin Zi'rlie,
W il;i:iiu Litzirger,
t. Shield.
I):itiitl Callnpher,
iluph MeJlu'.lrn,
Iliiiiert Folk!", lirewery,
not taken out
do d.
taken m
not taken out
taken out
taken out.
do do
Itl ey, Mathews & Co..
. ndrew Smith. Liquor only,
Uig. I'nwtr, (lo t'o
Wm. Overly. Prenery,
Caper Fox. Peer lb use.
I'atriek l'.rarken, Liquor & Reer,
Cambria !rin Co., Ben's Creek
Fu rnace.
M iilcreek Furnace,
l.cinard Cate Liquoor only,
-tiles, Allen i. Co.,
t':.n:ill ,t Itretlhepo,
lohn Kio7;t.ii!. Liq'ior,
riioiii-is M'ltubL, do
l-ilni lived, eio
lohn Dollar, do
I'M ward Cahhmnn, elo
lohn I'ierson, Deer IIo;ise,
Adam Stvin. do do
Joseph Alnvine, do !
do do Ten -pin Alley,
I5ai lies & Rrothe i'M, Deer Houno,
dioemaki r Si Clnik,
Edward Roberts,
Murray, Z-ihm & Co. Liquor,
Evans & lluhos,
I'nJor & Rjbtrts,
F. Kittell,
I. Mo.-.rv, Liquor,
Davis i I.h.yd,
George J. Rodrrs,
F. Svhneitler, Liquor onlv,
E. Hu;l.. .
rtm. Mills, Jr.,
Wm. M array,
Geo Muir.iy,
15. K'JiU-r, Lqui-.r only,
lohn twyer. Liquor,
Kurtz i: M iri. Liquor only,
lolin later. Deer House,
iJeo. llf u'tlier & Co., Brewery
Joseph G.ins ,x Co ,
lolin . Uuvli.-iiiaD,
V. C. Lewis,
L Coras & Co.,
E. A. Vickioy,
iood A: l't
.'aci.li Fl'olihel.Ttr, Li'-iUOr,
j. VV. iwauk,
A hen Winters, Liqucr,
it. Krauor,
G. 1. Luckliar h,
Levy. Reilly & Co.,
C. Durgr.itt. Liqin-r,
A. M iibuuig i Co.,
Iolm?,toii o: E is n.
Kratzer Sht-nil'tn,
W. H'vig.'rt Co.,
John Pat' Kb,
lane Thodon, Liquor, onlv,
I. M. Kii.K.
taken nut
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not taV.en out.
eio d.,
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not taken cut.
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taken cue
Johu Dibert,
Cunrael Mippes,
S'lmuel Douglass,
Win. Birndoll.ir, Liquor,
A. J. Loin, Liquor, only.
Geo. Cupp,
Merry Brown, " " -
A. Fockler, Peer Ilouae,
Jacob Fend,
.has. Zimmerman, "
Craig &. Hamilton,
G. L. LIo d i tlo.,
itobert Lytic.
rC mo & .McColgan,
tt. O. Dowry,
ilui;!.cs i: Wherrv.
t:; Leu out.
do elo
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Anure-w Reilly Liquor, cnTy,
J. Foster,
.Michael Lutz, "
I'eter Dououghe. Liquor & Beer
i'eter Cassidy, Beer ilousu
I'liarles Collins, Liquor, onlv,
5. & R Black.
Jiven &. Cul'ius, "
Jaiiie-s Buil. "
b lui P. Bl.-ieJr.
A in. M'C unei!,
.'allick lladeil. Liquor, only,
lex. Jenkins,
fames Gleason,
lames A. MoDeriirt & Co .
J. Cou.ion, Liq. Ai Eitin-r House,
V. . Ivory J Co., Liquor,
v Pet r jberger,
I. G I oilier,
i. I . McDuim'r, Liq. I. Deer House,
iluinphrvy O'Lt.-arv. Liijuor,
b'hn tinier. Beer House,
.:aml. D.iv.s, Liq. 4: Eating Ikuse,
J. Pctei'slivrer,
las. B. liradiey,
.'h.r.es E. Stt-wurt, Liquor,
iJ.miel MtLaughiin,
e'liarieb McUoveru,
Aiiiiam Hurd,
I'liooots Kutter, Coarding House,
ieiiry Dixon,
Farrel ilourke. Liquor, only.
Join: Smith,
I'atriek Kelly,
riiomas Martin, '
Jidlll 1 1 1 f?: 11.
Henri O'Donne'.l,
John Barry, '
I'atiiek Keoph, "
Mathew Carr, "
George Eiiglebniigb. Liquor,
Jacob Stineman, "
D. K. Kinporti
Ili-nry Byrne,
incoii G.into.n,
Geo. Walters,
l"!in !5ene, Liqnor, only,
Jas. Mapehan,
M. M. Adams,
lames Burns, Liqtior, only,
Menry McKibbin,
Cornelius Daily, " "
James MvColgan,
S.uiiuel Dillon.
ohn Bradle'y, Liquor,
Bernard heridun. Liquor, only,
Juo. V jlfion. (No. 2,)
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11. M Colgan,
.1. CassM.iy, " Tiecr Iloube,
11. Stewart. (No. 4.)
Geo. N. Hohmnn, Liquor, only,
Million & Short, Liquor,
F. M. George,
Jer. McGonigal, Liquor, only.
Lew. Cassiday, Beer House, &c, '
Miediael Burgoou, Liquor, only,
Wt:, Strous, "
Doin. ktnnedy, Brewery,
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steplien Mojers, Liquor, only,
Jacob Leip, "
Mich. Ingoldsby, '
Miehael Farabauph, Brewery
P Bradley, Liquor,
F. O. Freel.
John Kennedy. Liquor, only,
John S. Miller & Co.,
George Wcaklaud, Lienor, onl7.
BEES .1. LLOYD, Treasurer.
1 653.-4 1.
WI 1,1,1 AM IiITTL:i,I,
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
VF1CE on Main Street, in the office
occupied by Geu. Jos. McDonald.
January 15, 1852.
. 112111 XG.
lpROPOSALS will be received at the Cnfnnw.'sie.n
. er office nutil Monday the 6tU of December
next, for dWiverincr 7(K l.B.r.els of CoM at the
Court House, and oj c,trxlft flf VWill fcf t,5 Jai)
By . rder of the lio,r I
' ' M 'I sss.ri..,.v.
tray Uuli.
CM E to the re s.ooo. . u! it.e loibs- riia r In Ce.ir
fivhl towiishiti, about tiie ;;ist or October.
red and white Mule.v Bu'l. suppose 1 to be 3 year
d l last Spring, will, three leg while to the knees.
1 star in bis forehead, mil a w'hiio itripe ner. s
he -dionMcra. The owi.-r is requested to cin
orwara. prove property . p ly eiiarges. mol take him
I w v
iv. otkern ise ho wil! l. ..r
to I
Nor. IRtli. JR.",;;.
Msr or cvirsES,
O'iT diiwn for trial, at a Court ot Common Pie-.
KJ to Ik held t Ebetishor. in ntid for Cain I ria ! il ,,r.v' '"2 k'.". log bru. now iu the ot
..nnty, fu Monday theith day of December, A. D. cuP-'ney "f MNrtiu li.iger.
;8o'i. 1 ... " 'I. T'.ken in execution, n J to -r sol.l nt the suit ol
vs Newman et el
Dillon t-t ul
I'yi'vn et al
'rum el tl
''arte r
5 me i
t. Clafr
" Carroll tt tl
" Same
' Oaten
' II irris
Kins et al
" Mitvhe-1
Kuleher t t al
vs Newmnn tt al
'ilasgov s !,i-tri
liounnll-'s Adtu'r
i 'r no etsil
Rot.incs. Li tile A. Co
la rlett
I',.?. Wnt
Whites ,
Plunimr's heirs
Kerr i
1'alvin , ,
Bra u ill'.
Clark !
St. Cla
-Hiue '
itobigoict al
Smith ;
Hare ail wife
Liuton t id
B'.wnian t-t :d
M'l-iimn.y's aila'x
f argent
Ror ibaugUer
Jackson township
Kriprer and wife
l.ivercof-d et al
Frotiivi Office EboTibuig. )
V.v. i. is:. :. f
tr Action. New Type.
Tin iio.in: jorii?i.it,, ror
1- e t-itjOi iicu ot Ilie (ireat uniiiiou. nly liu i vas
ing emand f ir tliis elegantly printed, widely.
v'ireuhiH, nnd uniers-illv ropu'ar Fnmilv News
mi per, re have. !u retofire, hevn unable to furiiNIi i
he bat-, rumbeia to only a very limited extent I
To avuil this ilis-ippoiiitiiient ii f'-.tore, we shall.
oi the frt ot J tiiuarv next, print such an im-rea- i
d editin as will en-ible us to supply new ?u'it;,'ri
:ers frii th-tt dute. Besi.les the origin'l produj
ions ii' the . Miliars the Foreign pnd Do'tticsiic
C'.rresntideiice f a large list of couiribolors tii
-pice o the European Magazines the telectii n
l' the lost interesting pjibiica lions of the day the
orief love's the piquant j-tories the inrk.liii
vit ani aiin'ing aiiecd ite Ihe news and gnv-ip ot
ilie Piri.iitiu p ipers the pers'-n-il ki t..he of pub
ie cb raelers the ctiirinjr Sveiie of tfie w-.iid wr
ive i ii lb e chronicle of the new s f-r ladies the
fatdiions and fashionable gossip the facts and
outlines 1'iifw; the pick of F.ugl'vh information
the Vritjiumor and pi.thosr.f ihe times the cs
-ays nn lil' literature, society nnd nit rao., mid the
usu d yriitv of careful choohings from the wilder
ness of Eiglish periodieal literature, eritieisiiis.
jiortry, etil several new and attractive feature
f' remrk:ilile intvrot will enrich and give value
ro the ni7.?rfvs f the work.
Te rms For one copy, $2 ; for thre e copies, ?".
or one eo-y for three 3 ears, .o always in ad-
Subscii'le without delav. Addns.
lti? luiton St.. N. Y.
Mlt lY M KC.
QT.ATCn from ihe ti'-bl o! Mni.-n Kir-h. in Car
rol t.itiish'p, on Saturday, the lll'th u't.. a
lark brow 4 laarv, with kick liia'rk otithe lelt hip.
s about H years old. and loot a head halter on A i
reward t f.'t wiil be paid tr her rvlnrn to t?;e ub- j
-ivribcr. ,r for iiifui ui ition vrhi'cU wi'l lea l lo iier I
recovery. '
Nov 4. lS.V5.-.1t. i
IA?ilH ,.I.T 1. AM.
(HIE P.inph el L..w- ol 'the Si-mi. 11 oi IS- 3. have
been rrveiv d. and are ready for d'.sl r.butii.u t I
.Hose eulitird to receive them. i
B. L. JOHNSTON. l'r-tfton-taro.
Frothemotary's office, EbeiisUuig, )
NovvooVr 4. IK'i.'i. ,'it.
Mi.iiirr-s Sill.
BY virtue ot aiiio.r writs of Veim l.xpo-as und
Le vari Facias, issued out of ihe Court ol Com
oou I'ieas of Cambria county, nod to me din- ted,
.hero will be exposed t Bile at the Court House.
11 the borough of Ebeosburg. Cambria county, on
Monday the otli day of December next ut 1 o'clock,
i. M.
Ail lli'c right, tit'e and iuterest of Francis Mc
Derinitl, of. in and to a ht of ground, situate in
'he borough of Suinmitville. 1 aiol.ria county. Iron
ling 011 the Allegheny' Portage R iflrond, adj-.iiiMi .
sand of Thomas Jackson on tho North, and lot .
;lugh l:i"'en on the South, and known oil the plan
of s.iid borough by the No. , having 1 hereon
revted a two story frame boils-, now IU the occu
pancy of the Slid Francis MeDemi.tt. ,
Taken in i"' ' at ll,e SUit f
11 ai BuciiuiiuVi.
Aii thf right, title nnd interest ef Ignatius A 1
mis, Jr , of. in and to a piece or parcel cf land
situate ! ill Washington township. Cambria county,
bounded by lands owned by Ignatius Adam-, Sr.,
outainiea twenty seven neres, triorc nr le--s, jituut
.ive acres of which arv eieari-d, having thereon erec
ted one and a half story log house, a two story
frame house, a one story log house, a frame stable.
Coal bank, Kailroad nod coal hoppers attached,
now iu the occupancy ef the said Ignatius Adams,
Taken in execution, and to be sold tt the suit of j
John I'ei'ntiicr.
All ther'ght. tilie and interost of Peter McGough.
one of the Defts., of. in and to a piece or parcel of
laud situated in Washington township, Cambria
county, adjoiuining lauds of John Noel, Wm. R s
sel, Esq., and others, containing fcixty-four acres
more or less, nhout torty-tive actes ol winch nre
cleared, having thereon erected a one story hewed
loe house, a fctone cellar wall, a hewed loir bam
and a plank hay house, now in the occupancy
John McGough, Esq.
Taken iu execution, aud to be sold at the suit of
VWtliam ltussel.
All that eertsin two story frame house now in
the occupancy of Thomas O'llarrah. with the lot
of ground, or curtilege appurtenant thereto, situate
in the town of Galitzin, in the township of Alleghe
ny, Cambria county, bounded on the North by
house and lot of John Murray, on Ihe East bv town
ship road leading from the said town to the Stoue
Tavern, orjiead of Plane No. C, A P. K. It-, fron
ting on said road 24 feet, nn 1 extending back 1C
feet, nnd 0:1 the South and West by lots of said De
fendent, unoccupied.
Taken in execution as the property of the said
Thoaias O'llarrah, at the Buit of James J. W'Ul.
All the right, title and interest of John P. Parrhd,
of, iu and to a lot of ground sitnate in Campbells
town. Carrol townfhip. Cambria county, lrontitijr
ti the Ebvnsburg mi i Susqiifhann'i Huad, adjoin
inir lot of J .-imes Kii kpatrick on the North, mi i
of John Campbell on the South and West. nu:
known on the plan of si.l M by hmnher (, Con
taming mxoit half nn nvre, having thereon ererteo
, a io M.-.ry t.-ftn.e house. ,:n. back building uttai I.
j e h iie in the oecupuney ot the said John P P ,r
I rish.
I Taken in execution, and to be sold ot tie suit ci
H. CL!!Js a: Co.
Ail - rg'it. lite nnd inoiet of Mrtin flne-pr
" 1 "f 'n' a" 1 ' I'iece or puree! of lnud situate ii
,.n-, lonoMop. huh ria county, atjomii-j. )
lands or Jas. V.. Fisher's heirj nnd others, rotita'm I
iiig i:ne hundred ncres. no re r less, about thirt' I
a-res of which are cleared, h iving thereon e-recteo j
I the Executors and Trustee of Jumt-8 C. Fisher, eie
j Ceaied.
I AL0.
j All theriv'ht, title nt;d iiiterrmt of Michael Fore.
I -f. in and to a piece or pun-el of laud rituwte ii
j Blackliek township, Cambii Ci unly, at!joiiiiii(
I lands .f J.imes UiUon and othi r-!. about tl't v nere:-
of ti 1: it.Ti are elenred. n wlm-h is e rected a two tn
' ry L'tr liou-e, and cabin bain, nuw in the oceupaii
ey of Mich Lei F re
Taken iu execution. nnJ to be sold fit th suit o
Sun llhey "r..l A. J. fluy, A Jmiuitrii.tors e.l
Ju.zr.i3 llhev, elfccnsed.
! al;o,
j All th? right, title and iuterest i,f Elisha Moyer
j of. in iiud to a piece or parcel ef land situate ii
Uiehi.iud t-iwn&iiip, Ciiriii.ria coUiity. n-.ljo-ti's j
! l -udtf of D-M .Siiave'v, DaiiTe! Shoemaker and oth
ers; ront iiui.-.g oi? iiuiiJi v-1 ai.J sixty three acre.
more leys, having thereon erected n two stor
hewt-d h-g house, a li'afkM-ii;h shop, a cabin hani.
I ilie? r::,l. v t
he orciin-ii.ey of the s.:
Eli h i ?,Iovers.
T k.-:i in ni-r::t';". ar. I t- be sold fit th suit of
Magehan slid Hov.-r f. r i.se of Juhnstoii Mjore.
Ail the right, title ni.J iiaoVfst rf Valentine Kris.
of. in and to a tract cf land, situate in Cleatfiehi
township, Cambria county, adjoining lands of Da
ij Kris. Thomas Adams and other. coiit:iinii.(;
one hundred and sixty live' acres, more or les. a
bnut forty eight acres of which are cleared, having
t hereon erected 11 two Story hewed log house, a
hewed hoi burn, and 11 yaw mill, now iu tho occu
p.iucy of the o iid Valentine Krise. -
Taken in execution, aiid to be sold ot the salt cf
John Beers.
All the right. f:t'ennd interest of fnmuel Rcnie
of. in mid to a lot of ground situate in the borough
of Johnstown, formerly K.-rnville. Cambria coui.lv.
fronting on the Johnstown and Ligonier Turnpike
lloail, a-ljoining l.,t of Wiili-im Campbell, and run
uing on said Bond to an alley, having thereon crec
led u two Mory plunk boue nnd a fraine stable,
now in the oceupaucy of llnrmau G reeves aud lln
j Said Samuel Bonoi.
Taken in execution, and to heboid at the suit ei
Murphv, Cooper i; Co.
Al! that certain tract or ioce of !in-i. situate ii
Caml ria township. Cao.foia county. Pa., boon. I.-
and described as follows: Beginning nt a p jst j il
011 the line of an old survey. Sooth twenty six dc
jtri'i'i. West, two buadr.Ni and five perches un re m
It-Si to a pio't. thence South eleven Jicrches none 01
less to a Hemlock, thence South eighty eight am
a half degrees East, ot.e hundred nnd seventy eielo
perches tu.orv fjr less to a post, thence N o-th 010
degree atid a naif E 1st. one hundred and S.'iy Sov
en perches more or le-s to 1 hemlock, thence Nortl
s;xty five d-grees West, one hundred aud two p r.
cites more or less to the beginning, cootainoipr on
hundred aud forty nine uci-es and sixty perches
more f,r less.
Taken in executing, and to be 90M as th proper
tv of Edward Junes, at the suit ef Aim Fisher e:
A'i the right, title and interest of Charles Di'Inn
of. in. iii! to tv.ict cf land situate in -luck am
township. Cambria County, ailjoining latid of A
In nn Itager. -iinuel Davis nil others, cci't'iin
ing one (in lrci aii ! fifty ncrv. mni or less, uboui
eighty five a ens of which arc cleared. Iia ing 1 here
011 erected a two Ftory hewed log house, liewei'
log Maliie. a log liarn. a fraine she l and piani.
r.lacksmuu shop, now in tfie occupmicv ol llcun
Also, nil the right, title and iriteret of Cimrle
Dillon, of, in, and to a tract of land situate in Jack
son township. Cumbria county, adjoining land" ot
.I.11111 s C, Fisher's heirs, cont lining ene hundred
and nu.ety three acres, more ir lets, ah .ul f. t'te
acres of whicli are tleafe.l. havinir thereon i-reete-a
ral'iti Patn and cabin house, not now ocenp-ed.
Triken in e.eontion. and ti be so'.d at the suit ot
.). hnston M..oie, surviving p..1. tiist of the ta'.e frn
of S. &. J. Mo. re.
A LPt.
All t'ne ri'it. title aud interest of Cliirles Di'.lor.
of. iu. nnd In a tract of lai d situate in Jackson 1p
ijaintiria comity, adjoining bm ls f Atr.ihmit Ba
jer. .l1nlll Davis and min r. com a mi 111: one Into
died and fiMy ai res, nior," r b .--. about eighty fu
acres of which tireclenred. having thereon ere etc
a two stcrv hewei '.o hoosv. weath(-r'o.. aided, uln
fi'.iine k't-.-heii atlaviied. a I'rarrie M.i'olV. n l.ewi ,i I .t
st-,b'e. a lop', to. a frame shed, anil platik black
iiilli slo-p, i:ow in the occupancy of Henry K-ip 1
Also, all the right, tit'e and inlore-t of Ch-irh -liilmi
of. in. and to a tract of laud, wituate iu Jack
soli township. Cam' ri'i t-ounty, adjoining 'lids o'
l:in!f t!. I'ishir's heirs, cont iiiiing one bin, 'ire.
and ninety three acres, more or hs. uboui fiff
acres of which are cleared, h iving there. 01 en-e tei
a e-iibin house and e- itiin barn, not now occupied.
Taken in exeeuViO'.i, aiid to be sold ut the tuit ot
John W. Duncan.
All the right, title and 1i'.erest of George N'lgb
of, in and to a piece or p-ireel eif land fcitu ne ii
V'iishiugoti township. Canibria county. adjoin-To
binds of Thomas Jackson. Samuel Pil'011 and o h
er, cont-iiniiig twelve acrrfl, more or h'ss. ii'mii
two ae-res of which are cle.ired. having therein
: erected n two story house, part liew. u lo an. I par'
j r -me. now in the ccenpaney ef the sjid Gcig.
T .h-"
Johu Ivorv.
tivo, act to tie soi.t nt the suit 1 1
Ad; T'STIN DPR BIN, Shenf.
Jheriff's Otu?e. Ll-t nsbiirg.
Nveint r 4, lo.i
c veu n i,. i"iii:sii v;,
Attorney at Law. Johnstown Pa.
ICE "ii Clinton ; tree!', ht ihe ecouJ Story
f Good o; Pershing's More Koniii.
January :', l'il ly.
ill; aiAhJSOX,
Attorney at Law. tr.criCTirfr.Pa.
FFICE iu ihe Court lluuoe, up bi.urs.
Attorney at Lrw Jonnstowu. Ira.
OFFICE en Clinton Street, n few doors north ol
the corner of Main and Clinton.
April 23, IcoC.
izujizin Si. giuxc,
of ' "AXllOLESA LE deal, rs in WintM ai.1 L.'jvart.
which they nre prepared to fui uieh cheap to
merchants and hotel keepers. " arihouts
Market Mreet. l'hiladelphiu, Pa.
Feb. 2, 1853 ly.
7"IIISKEY, White LeaJ, cud Linseed Oil for
sale by
t. 1,. iiuvris,
Attorney at Law, Johnstown, Pa.
OKFICK on Main street, two doors last of the
Echo Office.
March 13. 1H1. ly
rilllE highest price pain for wool nt the stoie ol
m:Tivr. -
DP.. &. lIEI.FOni). Surge,jnDCDfist. iuformsthe
public that he has reliiruel to HoiUdavsburr,
ii 1 i-riiiHnet:y bninted in the office he occupied
luring lii visit, (mie door went of llewit's
-.tore on Aileche iv ..) where he will be pieacM ,
'o Httend to hiiv opt r nioiis in Ids profession. AH
worV d me by l.iiu wi! t4- wnrronted.
It--l!i I'Msbuig. August 2'i. 18o3.
cn vui.t; Ai,it)iSGii r,
Attorney at Lnw. Zbtrsburg, Pa.,
II'II.L pretie in tiie several eourta ofCainbrld,
II Blair, and ITntirrdon counti.es. Germans caa
on ult nnd receive n-ivice in their own lar.runpe.
OfTici? "j prsitp the Court !ioue, formerly occu
pied hy U. L. J.diu.on. Esq.
Ebensburg. February lS-'S ly.
SA'II M, C. 1VI.VG AltM,
Attorney at Law, rbecEhurp, Pa.
"VT7"1I L pr.ir'iee in the sever! Courts of Csns-
b-,:a, P.tnir. nnd HuDtirc-don counties.
lilice on main street two doers wt-t cf tho
tor r,f Murrav, Z-ihui i Cj.
Mnv f. IH.il-lv.
t;i:oxic;i: m. iti:i:i.
Atlorrey at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
T7"H E rrctice in the several Courts of Cam-
T T bria. Indiana, ami WeKtmerelnnd eounties.
otficcou Centre st., joiuitg Gea. MToanld'e dweU
ing Jan. l.r.
ktL'lLkkt.NMl-;, Jr.,
Attornry at Law. rtcssburg, Ta.,
7ILL pr.ctieo in the M-vcn.1 Courta e f Cum-
v T l.ri. lilair njii li.Un.na coin.ti' s. A!! pit
f -'')i-.l bo-TTi-ns o,trusu-d to his cure wiii Do
promptly i.tt, nded to.
O.'lici oii Main street niToiriir.c l.Ti '"-a-'irp horse.
LiirnsbnrT. Jn'v I. Is.".:-: 3m.
if c. Caul
1 li. w '.l 1 1 1 1. .
j Crn. W.Tnild, mUU
CissKt:i.Trrrj' K. Ji-v.
TIIMM'TD.. -. , ....
a -'vuii-r..- tnn vv ;i.i'- vile joi t,ers in
trerni 'M ntnl limeit.
I'i-t'i!s. Waif rs. Xc.
jiai;dvai-.e, guc.
lot MenRtt iirtiT, betwern 4tli & .r,th. PHIL
VDELIM11A. S. t. 2, lco.3.-Gn..
Excltniiffe Iloiel,
toensbutg, fa.
""rVIE Tindei-igned respectfully inforrns the pnb-
-i- lie that he is now prepared with every requisite)
f. r their nceonnio :iti,.ii, r,,id wiil exert cverv ef
fort to render his house an iittmctive nnd coiaVort-
ibie stopping place. His table will always be sudn
idied with every iteiicacy the ieii?on rflurds, snl
his l.ir stocked witli the t.est of Wines and Liquors.
A ci.re-ful and ;ittentive hostler will have cbrirg
f the stables. He respectfully solicit a share of
Anil 2. IS.".'', if.
S' cnns5liiiil;i Hull lliud.
11 IOM nnd al'it-r this date Passengers taking
scats iu tlie er.rs wiihout tickets, at stations
Aiu-ie there it a ticket
-i'tn extra.
i!hce, will Vie ehargej ten
.tint 1'ain. R. ii. Co.
Sumnrl, July 28, ISoS
ArtiTiiis 'tt-K Exprcts,
W.W. Ivoiy &to , Aj!i..u,
U7"ll.h forward all park -11:1 s of oedii or moner,
thiily. exeej.t Sunday, to all the principal
itifs in th Cidon. ri.n l nil town on ti'.e iuiil P.ood
'if fMi rhilii.l'.dt '"-i mi l Pittsburg. Pmfts col
'cted Iroiii '-.litoi nia. Drafts so'.d on Ireland,
Kngland oe Sciiil.-md, fiom XI upwards. Money for
I rafts must be par.
Summit, July Us. 1S.,3 39.
Tlii Waj !
11 IR the highest prices ere pi id for hides, pkins
ani taiiiier'b bark in either trade or cash hy
.1. Monl'.E.
!; tel 1 . sieii 111,
Kotaiy Public, Scrivener and Conveyancer,
LL also attend to his duties us J ustiee. Le
gal instruments 01 w riling, such ns dee'le
i-reenieiits. Foreign Power of Attornev. .".,
j Irawn up accurateiy. CoTleeiions entrusted to
I his care will re,-eie strict Httcntiou.
; May 1-3. 1 fc.V:;ntf.
LtM)K HEP.E! Just received bv the Pennsyl-vaiii-i
Rail Road, nn I for sale g J. Moorp,
liriinl Stones, Patent Buckets, llroonit). Cheese,
I'otroii Vi.rn, Clover Seed, and a large lot of Car-.--"i
Tuofs. April 1.
Adams iv C .' l.xpi ess.
"I" I- CKA1G. agent will forward iU pneknges of
J . ....ds ..r mr.iHv. d-ily except S imtfiy io nil
me princiroil citi- 111 the Cni.ni. and ll the towug
u the P.ii'.road between Phi'aletphia nud Pitts-
CreAiLr.o in. Hlrn.rl.t. o
1VIVK Ay-lt I.EL'Ott MORE,
o. t33 nri Ii rtl lmi e nllu aill9
I.n.i Mtil, l.itlartrt;iila.
Vs: cor-i-intl v on hand French Brniidies, II ii-
n 1 fiin and a general a.-s jrtmeiit of FOfi-
I ...t.N W1MS.
I ALSO. VP ki vis ' ex.ric in s..;r t. Ae.
M'liOl Buu A. ft.
ii-s -i 11,1. 1 t of lidtiKS, nch ns are
4 generil
J. - u. e J iu c ur e
liimoii m loo's, t.r ile by
D Wis ,c I.l.t 1, D.
Lil't'i Ne oi l .
W.M. lllolll l!. IIIMOMI B.UoH
I a s:o 1: a i: t.i i r i x cott co.,
H WE constantly oil hai.d a full assortment of
j le.'.s, ' me, l.i.ptora an 1 Groceries general-
j " No. 17 Xortli "Water Street, and
I Iio. 1J Koith Delaware Avenuo.
! .Tanu- rv 27. lSVr
T ( :'-s!iel'. ol Beans,
JLlHf Apples ., baud
i.iii lint bn-hels of dried
uud f.
no t ihtt loot
-f. v. V. 1:
'. 1 .'.
Poi iiiei Jy IIi uwtt'K aSocit.
I' ll E Proprietors thix e s-il.'.isboo ot. p.-nnn
Kviuie ly. laV.e ib'.s medoel ot intoiion.g the cit
Z. iis ot Ebein.li.irc anil Ilie j ul lie iu p n rul lhal
they I live r. fn te l 111 d oil,. rise impi oved their
Saloon, uioi ai read-, t til nines, I.. ncc.-n nic dhte
I. j 1 rs.-i.s who j h o induce in th- luxury oft.
"ood pints of I iei' s' No 1 Ov-t rs. VVe wil: be
them fcrwatde I to us d '.:.iy. VVe Solicit u iiberiA
share of public patroiiag:.
Jj. w. Know V,
O-t. 7. IP"..
1 li t: luU.
Attertey at Law, Lbtmturg, Pa.
OFFICE tuodoot s Westef Mjr tbor.it eon's
joii . imt:v,
Attorney at Law, Lbensbcrg, Pa.,
Tl'ILL practice in the several Courts of Cumbria,
Blnir nn I Indiana counties.
utnee. No. I, ' Coloiitiude Bow," near the Court
Ebe-nsburg, Aug. 10, 1S"3 iy.
iiciiai:i, iJ ItillH
Attorney at Law, EfcensouifT, P-
"VFFIfE. No. 3,
-Coknnado Bow," near the
Court House.
January 1, lbol. ly
TIlOM iS V. M'llOVI 111,1.,
Attorney at Law, HtvlUdavaburg, P.
-w-m 7-ILL attend the several Couns of Cunibrii.
f county. o beretffire. Ollioe oue door wtf-t
of Wm. McFarland'e cabinet wareri"r3
,tulv 21. leo'-'. ly

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