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f LOCAL ITEMS. '? . ; i
J DENTtstfef. t)r. A. J. Jackson, Surgeon Den
.list, now of Johnstown, in this , county, but for
merly of New York, is in torn, and may be
found at the " Mansion House" of Maj. Thomp
son. ft He will remain but a few days at present, and
all desiring any thing in his line, had better call
soon. He brings high testimonials of his skill in
his profession, and displays such superior instru
ments, as to ensure that his work will be satisfactory.
AkotHer Lixe. Since the construction of the
Plank Road, between our town and Jefferson, the
travel has been so constantly intreasing, that a
new line of hacks was placed upon the road on
Monday last, by Maj. John Thompson of this
place and John Brawley of Jefferson.
This will afford additional accommodations to
the public, which, with good horses, new coach
es, careful and obliging drivers, and a determi
nation to please cannot fail to reward the enter
prising proprietors.
The hacks will leave Ebensburg and Jefferson
twice a day, starting from the Mansion House, in
this place, and the Cambria House in Jefferson.
Tho hours fixed for leaving Ebensburg are 11 o'
clock, A. M-, and half past three o'clock, P. M.
From Jefferson at 8 o'clock, A.M., and 3 o'clock,
P. M. The fare is the same as heretofore charg
ed by Maj. Hamilton's line, viz : Fifty Ckxts.-
Tbe AVeatiiek. For the last week the weather
has been delightful, the air being clear and balmy,
and resembling more the month of May than that
of November. Yesterday however it clouded up,
then rained, and now promises to snow. "Well,
winter must come, but such weather in Novem
ber on the Summit of the Allegheuj-, as we have
had, is hardly within the recollection of the " old
est inhabitant."
GONE. John C. O'Neill, Esq., Consul to Bel
fast, left town on Monday last to enter upon the
duties of his office. We understand that lie will
sail from New York in a few elays, and ere long
we hope to record his safe arrival in " Old Ire
land." FKKitiHT. For the information of merchants
and others, we publish the following explanatory
letter of Capt. Ivory, the Agent of the Pennsyl
vania Rail Road Company, at the Summit, rela
tive to the reception of freight, destiued for vari
ous points along the Portage Road :
Si'mmit, Nov. 1G, 1853.
Mr. Sipes Dear Sir : For the information of
persons w1k have written to me. and all who re
ceive goods by Penna. R. R. between this and
Johnstown, I have deemed it necessary to state
that all goods manifested to this place for any
nther point on Portage R. R. (unless pre paid) I
have no directions to forward them. But I have
betn doing so all summer, forwarding goods to
Jofferson to Mr. Craig, and getting Conductors to
collect at the other place. The greater part of
the time nothing was charged on the goods but
the expenses here, and at this charge persons
have made a great complaint.
They certainly do not understand tho position
of the agr-nt here. Goods are manifested to this
place for other points on the Rail Road. I have
no orders, nor have I any right to forward these
goods unitil the Freight and charges ore paid, but
to accommodate and as I thought to do a favor, I
re-shipped and re-manifested the goods from here
by Penna. R.'R. cars on hi3' own responsibility;
and until within two or three weeks, only charg
ing the expenses here, having to run all the risk
of losing Freight by conductors for the trifling
commission charged, as I do not get anything
from the company for doing it. It is more trou
ble to re-ship and re-manifest and collect the
Freight than twice the amount of expense charg
ed, for the reason that there has been as many
goods received and forwarded for people here as
can be attended to on the small side track we
have- To save any difficulty in future, all goods
manifested here for other points on the road, be
tween this and Johnstown or llollidaysburg,
unless the Freight is pre-paid will be kept until
they arc sent for. Goods for Jefferson will bo
sent to Mr. Craig as usual, and if manifested at
Summit rates, 5 c. freight will be added, also ex
penses of re-shipping. All goods received or for
warded from here the expense will be 2 to 3 c.
per cwt., if put in warehouse 5 c. per cwt, Flour
3 per bbl., Whiskey 6, if stored 61 to 12 c cr
Agent P. R. R.
The Dead Sea and the Cities of the Plain.
In the OM Testament Scriptures there is an
account of the utter overthrow and tlestruction
tl certain cities, the inhabitants of which arous
ed the Divine vengeance. It has always, leen a
favorite theory with many moderns, that the
Dead Sea covered the site of the cities of .Se)doiu
and Gomorrah, and," unless mc err in our recol
lections, Lieut, Lynch gave that opinion all em
phatic enelorsation. Indeed, our gallcnt otlicer
had no doubt that he had found Mrs. Lot, who,
we are told, was transformed into a pillar of salt, j
for looking back as ehe ran. I
A book has just been published in England, j
and, we presume, will seon be published in this
country which will give the quietus to the popular
idea on this subject. It seems that Monsieur de Sar
ley, & member of the French Institute, could not
coincide in opinion with the popular notions of
the overthrow of the ci Lies of the plain ; regar
ding them as unauthorized by the Scriptural his
tory of that event. His desire to vindicate the
correctness of his views induced him to visit the
llolv Land. Accordingly, he left for the scene
tf hLufaor It 3850, being accompanied by his
m, the Abbe dc St. and several intcUi-
gent friends. In that and the toIJpwn.g year he
pursued bis archaeological explorations v'J"1 le
liappicst results.
He was abuudantly supplied with means, and
having secured strong body guards of infantry
and cavalr3', he was enabled to proceed with his
nission without danger from the nomatlic tribes
of Arabs. lie directed his attention, first, to a
earful examination of the De ad Sea. Beneath the
Etinking waters of this remarkable sea, popular
tradition had located Sodom and Gomorrah ; but
he was soon convinced, that, like the apples
which were once believed U grow upon its bor
A y mnn1r idea had no foundation iu fact.
But he lound the cities of the plain, ami rode
among their ruins. His eyes looked upon their
widely extended remains,'-bearing even now
the marks of that terrible visitation " fire
from Heaven" which consumed and destroyed
them. Upon the shores and in the valleys where
they orriginally stood, this French savan discov
ered, their J-Jackened ruins.
It is surprising that they have not been sooner
discovered. The noly Land baa ben a point of
interest with all travelers and explorers in all
times, JFfoim. the". Crusades until" the .present
hour men huve flocked thither,' and trodden the
land more full of sublime memories than any por
tion of this babbling earth. "' -t vi
But we easily account fbr the failure o discov
er these relics of the olden times. Men have al
ways visited the Dead Sea, and as they looked
upon its sluggish, salt waters, ' have regarded
them as shutting up in darkness the cit,ies
accursed of Heaven. Hence no traveler has
sought after the cities of the plain, and it has been
reserved for the French savant of the present day
to bring -to light this strong confirmation of the
Old Testament records.
"We trust that our American book-sellers will
soon give to the American public the lesult of j
Moncsiur deSanlcy's researches.- llich vwnd En
quirer Badly " Cokxkd." A traveller fatigued with
the monotony of a long ride, through a sparsely
settled section of country, a week or two since,
rode up to a small lad engaged in trimming and
dressing out a si' kly looking field of corn," and
relieved the oppression of his spirits, thus ; '"My
young friend, it seems to me your corn is rather
small." Yes, tladdy planted the small kind."
" Ah ! but it appears rather yellow too." ' Yes,
daddy planted the yaHer kind!"- "From appea
rances, 1113' lad you won't 'gel more than half a
-crop." " Jes half, stranger, daddy planted , on
knives !" The horseman proceeded on his wav.
and has not been known to speak to a bdy since.
nny ion Hereditary Taint.
Thousands of individual are cursed with griev
ous complaints, which they inherit from their 'pa
rents. The use of the Yellow JJvck and Surstapartl
lu will prevent nil this, and save a vast amount of
misery, and ninny valuable lives, for it thoroughly
rjjitla from the fixtem the lateut taint, which is the
seed of disease, and bo takes off" tl.u curie by which
the sins or misfortune of the parents are so often
visited upon the innocent offspring.' '
Parents owe it to their children to guard" tlietn
against the effects of maladies that in:iy be com
municated by decent, nnd children ut" parents that
have at miy time beeu effected with Consumption,
Scrofula or Syphilis, owe it to themselves to take
precaution against the disease being revived in them.
Gnysott's Extract of Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla
is a sine antidote in such eases.
117 Sea advertisement.
clear and pleasant to use. Warrauted all it is
recommended or money paid back. Prepared
by II. G. O. Cary, Druggist and Chemist, Cleve
land Ohio, to whom all orders should be addressed.
Sold by an authorized Agent in every town in the
State. For sale by Fred. Kittel, Ebensburg Fa.,
and by Hughes & Wherry, Jefferson Pa.
In .leHcrson. on Wednesday, the loth instant,
Mas. Maky IJk.ssox, relict ef Michael llenson,
Esq., deceased. .
She leaves a large number of children to mourn
her loss". 1 i :i.
Tlili-teei School TeuehciK Wanted.
Til (IE School Directors of Stiuimcrhill township.
JL will cmplov the above number of teachers, for !
which !$2- per month will bo paid. None need ap
ply but those who come well recommended. " An
examination will be held or. the lUtu day of Decem
ber next, in the town of Jefferson.
Bv order of the Board,
Nov. -io, 1853 St.
It. H.Ti;OR. M. ROltRIUS.
1 REELING thankful to the citizens of Ehenslmj-g
and vicinity for their former patronage, beg
leave to state, that having been both East and West,
they have purchased the largest und best stock of
that has ever beeu brought to the place, to which
they now invite the attention of the public
Their stock consists of, Sugars, Black and flreen
Tens, CoIFoe, Essence of Coffee, Chocolate, Prepar
ed Corn, Durkee's linking Powder, English and
American Mustards, Crackers, Cheese. Fine and
coarse Suit, Palin, Kosin and Cnstiie Soaps, Can
dles. Flour. 15acon, Mackerel. Cod fish. Salmon, and
Herring, Vinegar. Syrups and Molasses, Whiskey,
Brandy, AVine, Fluid. Alehohnl, mid oils, Tobacco
and Cigars, of the choicest brands ;
and a. general assortment of Tubs, Buckets, Bas
kets. Brooms, Brushes. Window Class. Ac.. &c.
ALSO, Every variety of IHHEl) Fill 77', uch
as Citrons. Prunes, Currants, Figs, Dates and Uai
sins; Jellies and Preserves;
and iu fact, every thing that an epicure could de
sire. '
They will ever be happv- to wait upon nil who
may favor them with their custom, and feel satis
fied that they are enabled to sell . .
than any other establishment in the pluce.
Ebensburg,,.Neiv.-2i), ISoi, ly, ;
Jolmstotvii 3IurIl Work, -
One door North of the corner of Main and Clinton
Streets, Johnstown Pa. - ''
MONCMENTS, Tombs, Grave Stones, Mantels,
Table, and Bureau tops, manufactured, of the
most beautiful and finest quality of foreign and do
mestic murble, always on hand an ! made to order
as cheap as they can be purchased in the East, with
the addition of carriage. From long experience in
the business and strict attention thereto, he can as
sure the public that nil orders will be promptly at
tended to and the work finished in the best midmost
handsome manner, furnished to order and delivered
at any place desired. " ' ' '
ALSO, Grindetones of various grits and sises,
citable for farmers and mechanics. Sold by whole
sale 01 retail.
Purchneers ere invited to examine stock aud pri
Johnstown, Nov. 25, 1853. tf..
ctsumiA norsi:.
" Jefferson, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, "
" JOE1X iniAW Li:V, Proprletoiv.
THE Proprietor of this new Hotel would res
pectfully inform the public that he bus it
now open, fthd ready-for the accommodation of
guests! No pains or expense has been spared in
the furnishing and arranging of this House ; nnd
the building itself being new, commodious and
convenient, it will be found a pleasant place of so
journ for travellers and boarders.
HIS BAR will at all times be supplied with the
best of Wines nnd Liquors, and HIS TABLK will
contain every delicacy the Market can afford.- The
beds are new and ood, and the health, ease and
comfort of his guests will be untiriugly studied. .
BOARDERS will be taken by the week on rea
sonable terms.
. j3si An attentive Ottler will always be in atten
dance, and the stabling will be found good. ' r.
JJov. IS, 153.-
OF Goods and Merchandize in the county of Cam
bria,' fdr the year 1853, designating those who
have, add those'who bave not, taken out Licences.
Published iu Pursuance of the Act Of Assembly,
approved the 4tk day of March, 1842.-
Joseph Todd, " "
John & W. Duncan, Distillery,
Aloiesius Marts, Liq. only,
David Pugh, do do
Eimmual Sultzback, Liquor,
Moore & P,oberts,
O'Neill & Carroll,
It. N. Packard,
Peter Wieble, Liquor only,
Martin Schrote, Brewery, ,
Daniel Litzir.gcr, Liquor,
Roger hiels', do
John Zerbe, .
Wiliiaui Huhiger,
P. Sliicls,
Daniel Gallagher,
Iluh McMuilen,
Hubert Folks, Brewery,
iUiey, Mathews i Co.,
Andrew smitb, Liquor emly,
Aug. Power,. do do
Win. Byerly, Brewery,
Casper Fox, Beer House,
Patrick Bracken, Liquor & Beer,
Cambria, Iron Co., Beu's Creek
MKhreek Furnace,
Cam brin, "
Leonard Caste. Liquoor only,
Stiles, Allen cc Co.,
Canan & Brothers,
John Kingston, Liquoir,
Thomas M'Cabe, . do
Johu Kcud,. . . do
John Duliur, do
Edward Cushmnn, do
John Pierson, Beer House,
Ad.-un Stein, Uo do
Joseph Alhn'ne, efo "do
do elo Ten-pin Alley,
Barnes & Brothers, Beer House,
shoemaker & Clark,
Edward Roberts,
Murray, ah in & Co. Liquor,
Evans cji Hughes,
Tudor & Roberts,
F. Kit tell,
J. Moore, Liquor,
Davis 4: Lloyd,
George J. Boilaers,
F. Schneider, Liquor only,
E. Hughes,
Wm. MUis, Jr.,
Win. Murray,
Geo Murray,
B. Kohler, Liquor ouly,
John Swyer, Liquor,
Kurtz & Martz, Liquor only,
John Oster, Beer House,
Geo. Heutuer & Co., Brewery
Joseph Gaus & Co ,
John Buchanan,
W. C. Lewis,
S. L. Uorgas & Co.,
E. A. Vickrov,
Good & Pershing,
Jacob Fronheiser, Liquor,
e. W. Swank,
When & Walters, Liquor,
II. Kratzer,
(. 1'. Luckbardt,
Levy, Reilly & Co.,
C. Burgraft, Liquor,
A. Mariiuurg & Co.,
Johnston &Edsou.
Kratzer & Sheridan,
M. Weigert & Co.,
John Parks,
Jane Thodon, Liquor, only,
J. M. King,
John Dibt-rt,
Courad Suppes,
Samuel Douglass,
Wm. B-irndoliar, Liquor,
A. J. Lohi, Liquor, ouly.
Geo. Cupp, .
Henry Brown, " "
A. Fockler, Beer House,
Jacob Fend, "
Chas. Zimmeriunn, "
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not taken out.
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G. L. Lloyd & Co.,
Robert Lytle,
Kane & McColgau,
C. G. Lowry.
Hughes & Wherry,
Andrew Reilly. Liquor, only,
J. Foster, '
Michael Lutz, " "
Peter Donoughe, Liquor & Beer
Peter Cassidy, Beer House
Charles Col, ins, Liquor, ouly,
S. R. Black,
Given & Col'ius, "
James Bell. "
John P. Black,
vYiu. M'Connell,
Patrick Haden, Liquor, only,
Alex. Jenkins, '
James tileason, " "
James A. McDermit& Co.,
J. Couiiou, Liq. & Eating House,
V. V. Ivory & Co., Liquor,
S. Peterslwrger,
M. tialiiilier,
J. F. McDerlnit, Liq. & Beer IIouSCj
Humphrey O'Leary, Liquor,
John Orner, Beer llonae,
Saml. Davis, Liq & Eatiiig HouSe,
J. Fetcrsbergor,
Jas. B. Bradley,
Charles E. Stewart, Liquor,
Daniel McLaughlin, "
Charles McGoveru, "
William Hurd,
Thomas Butter, Boarding House,
Henry Dixon, " '
Farrcl Kourkc, Liquor, only;
John Smith. " "
Patrick Kelly, " "
Thomas Martin, "
John Hagan, " . "
Henry O Donnell, " ' " "
John Barry, " "
Patrick Keogh, ' "
Mathew Carr, " "
George Englebaugh, Liquor,
Jacob Stincman, "
D. R. Kinport,
Henry Byrne,
Jacob G.intifin,
Geo. Walters,
Jnlin lietlA. I-iiiUor. oul.V.
Jas. Mngeban,
M. M. Adams, . - .
James Burns, Lienor, only,
Henry McKibbin, "
Cornelius Daily, "
James McColgau,
Samuel Dillou,
lohn Bradley, Liquor,
Berourd Sheridan, Liquor, ouly.
Juo. Wilsou(No. 2,)
B. M Colgan,
J; Cassiday, " Beer House,
R. Stewart, (No. 4,)
Geo. N. Hediman, " Liquor; only
Mullen &, Short, Liquor,
F.M. Georr ',
Jer. McGo'.iial, Liquor, only.
Lew. Cassiday, Beer House, &c.,
MichaeJ Bargoou, Liquor, only,
Wm'. "Strous, " "
Dom." Kennedy, Brewery,
Stephen Moycr3, Liquor, only,
Jacob Leip, ' "
-Mich. Ingoldsby, " 14
Michael Farabaugh, Brewery
P' Bradley,1 Liquor,
F. O. Freel,
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John Kennedy, Liquor, only,
John S. Miller & Co.,
George Wcakland, Liquor, only,
REF.S J. LLOYD, Treasurer
Ebensburg, Nov. 18, 1853.--it.
Attorney at law, Ebensburg, Pa.
OFFICE on Main Street, in the office lately
occupied by Gen. Jos. McDonald.
January 15, 16f2.
PROPOSALS will be received at the Commission
ers oflic: until Monday the 6tb of December
next, for . delivering 700 bushels of Coal at the
Court House, and 25 Cords of Wood at the Jail.
By order of the Board.
. M. HASSON. Clerk.
Stray Hull.
CAME to the residence of the subscriber in Clear
field township, about the 31st of October, a
red and white Muley Bull; supposed to be 3 years
old last Spring, with three legs white to the knees,
a Btar iu his forehead, nnd a white stripe across
the shoulders. The owner is -requested to come
forward, prove property, pay charges, nnd take him
away, otherwise he will be disposed of according
to law. JOSEPH WILT.
Nov. 18th, 1853.
OET down for trial, ut a Court of Common Pleas
J to be held at Ebensburg, iu and for Cambria
county, ou Mondav the 5th day of December, A. D.
vs Newman et al
Tyson et id
Cram et al '
Bailey's Adm'r
Same '
St. Clair
' Dillon et s!
" Smay
" Carroll et al
" Same
" Magehan
" Gates
" Sharps
" Harris
" King ef al
" Mitchel
" Butcher etal
vs Newman etnl
" Bowman et al
Glasgow's heirs
DonnulD's Adm'r
Crmn et al
Robinson Little & Ce
Plummets heirs
Kerr ,
Urban '
Clark '
Singer 1
St. Clai
McGougi Johnstoi
Robisonet al
Parke f
Hare nnl wife
Linton t id
M'Mauamy's adiu'x
Jackson township
Kripner nnd teife
Livergood et al
Prothy'fOffice. Ebensburg,
Nv. 18, 1853.
A Pape: for your Family, New Series New At
tractions New Type.
IN consequence of the great continually increas
ing ilniand for this elegantly-printed, widely-circulat-d,
and universally popular Family News
paper, e have, heretofore, been unable to furnish
the back numbers to only a very limited extent.
To avoii this disappointment iu future, we shall,
on the tvst ot January next, print such an increas
ed edithn as will enable us to supply new subscri
bers fron that date. Besides the original produc
tions of the Editors the Foreign and Domestic
Correspindence of a large list of contributors the
spice of the European Magazines the selections
of the uust interesting publications of the day the
brief n.xels the piquant stories the sparkling
wit and itnusing anecdote the news and gossip of
the Pnrit-tn papers the personal sketches of pub
lic char.nters the stirring scenes of the world we
live in tie chronicle of the news for ladies the
fashions nnd fashionable eossiD the tm nd
outlines f news the pick of English information
the wit, humor and pathos of the times the es- j
says on life, literature, society and morals, and the i
usual vaiiety of careful choosings from the wilder- j
ness of Knglish periodical literature, criticisms, 1
poetry, He. several new and attractive features j
of remaikable interest will enrich and give value j
to the new series of the work.
Termsj For one copy, !j2 ; for three copies, $ ",
or one copy for three years, $5 always in ad- j
Tance. , j
Subscribe without delay. Address, 1
107 Fulton St., N. Y. j
STRAYED from the fidd of Simon Kirsh, iu Car- j
rol township, on Saturday, the 2'Jth ult., a
dark brovn mare, with a kick mark on the left b:p,
is about 13 years old, and had a bend halter on. A
reward ol $5 will be paid for her return to the sub
scriber, or for information which will lead to her
Nov. 4, 1853.-St.
ivi5iiiii.i;T LAiVs.
IHIE Pamphlet Laws of the Session of 185:1, have
1 been received, nnd are ready for distribution to
those eutitled to receive thein.
R. L. JOHNSTON, Prothonotaro.
Trothonotary's office, Ebeusburg, J
November 4, 1853. St. $
siu:iiirr's sn.i:s.
BY virtue of sundry writs of Vend. Exponas and
Levtri Facixs, issued out of the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Cambria county, and to me directed,
there wij be exposed to Sale at the Court House,
in the borough of Ebensburg, Cambria couuty, on
Mondav the 5th day of December next at 1 o'clock.
P. M.
All the right, title and iuterest of Francis Mc
Dcrmitt, of, in and to a lot of ground, situate in
tho borough of Summitville, Cambria county, fron
ting on tl:e Allegheny Portage Railroad, adjoining
land of Thomas Jackson on the North, and lot of
Hugh Biglen on the South, nnd known on the plan
of said borough by the No. , having thereon
erected a two story frame house, now iu the oocu
pancv of the raid Francis McDermitt.
Taken in execution, nnd tn bo uold at the suit of
Davis & Buchanan.
Att tnc ngut, title ana interest of Ignatius Ad
ams, Jr., of, in aud to a piece or parcel of land
situated in Washington township, Cambria county,
bounded by lauds owned by Ignatius Adams, Sr.,
containing twenty seven acres, more or less, about
five acres of which are cleared, having thereon erec
ted a one and a half story log bouse, a two story
frame house, a one story log house, a frame stable.
Coal bank, Railroad and coal hoppers attached,
now in the occupancy of the said Ignatius Adams,
Taken in execution, and to be sold at tue suit of
John Feigbtuer.
All therigbt, title and intcrost of Peter McGough,
one of the Defts., of, iu and to a piece or parcel of
land situated in Washington township, Cambria
count, adiolnining lands of John Noel, Wm. R's-
sel, Esq., and others, containing 6ixty-four acres
more or less, about forty-five acres of which are
cleared, having thereon erected a one story hewed
log house, a stone cellar wall, a hewed log barn
and a plank hay bouse, now in the occupancy of
John Mcuougu, Esq.
. Taken in execution, and to be sold at the enit of
William Rjissel.
All that certain two story frame house now in
the occupancy of Thomas O'Harrab, with the lot
of ground, or curtilege appurtenant thereto, situate
in tbe town of Galitzio, in the township of Alleghe
ny, Cambria county, bounded on the North by
bouse and lot of John Murray, ou the Last by town
ship road leading from the said town to the Stone
Tavern, or had of Plane No. 6, A. P. R. R., fron
ting on said road 24 feet, and extending back 16
feet, and on the South and West by lots of said De
fendent, unoccupied.
Taken in execution as the property of tbe said
1 Thomas U Harrah. at the euit of James J. Will,
-" " ' '" : "also, .jr.
All the right, title and intercut ot John P. Tarrish
of, in and to a lot of ground situate in Campbells
town, Carrol township, Cambria county, fronting
on the Ebensburg and Susquehanna Road, adjoin
ing lot of James Kirk pa trick ou the North, and lot
of John Campbell on the South and West, and
known on tbe plan of said town by number C, con
taining about half an acre, having thereon erected
a two story frame bouse, and back building attach
ed, now in tho occupancy of tue said John P. Par
rish. Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
II. Childs & Co.
All the right, title and inteicst of Martiu Rager,
of. iu, and to a piece or parcel of laud situate in
Jackson township, Cambria county, adjoining
lauds of Jas. C. Fisher's heirs and others, contain
ing one hundred acres, more or less, about thirty
acres uf which arc cleared, having thereou erected
a two story log bouse, and log barn, now in the oc
cupancy of Martin linger.
Taken iu execution, aud to be sold at the suit of
the Executors and Trustee of James C. Fisher,- de
censed. ALSO.
All tho right, title and iuterest of Michael Fore,
of, in and to a piece or parcel of land tituate in
Blackiick township, Cambria counly, adjoiniiig
lands of James Wilson and others, about fifty acres
of which are clearedf on which is erected a two sto
ry log houe, and cubiu barn, now iu the occupan
cy of Mich eel Fore,
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Susnu Rhey and A. J. Rhey, Administrators of
James Uhey, elecensed,
All the right, title and iuterest af Eiitsha Moyers,
of, in and to a piece or parcel of land situate iu
Richland township, Cambria county, adjoining
lands of David Suavely, DuiiicI Shoemaker aud oth
ers; containing one hundred and sixty three acres,
more or less, having therein erected a two story
hewed log house, a blacksmith shop, a cabin barn,
and a saw mill, now in the occupancy of the said
Eli.-ha Moyers.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Magehan and lleyer for use of Johnston Moore.
All the right, title and interest of Valentine Krise
of, iu nnd to a tract of land, situate in Clearfield
township, Cambria couuty, adjoining lauds of Da
vid Krise, Thomas Adams and others, containing
one hundred and sixty five acres, more or less, a
bout forty eight acres of which arc cleared, having
thereon erected a two story hewed log house, a
hewed log barn, nnd a saw mill, now in the occu
pancy of the said Valentine Krise.
Taken iu execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Johu Beer 3.
All the rigbtj title and interest of Samuel Ream
of, iu nnd to a lot of irrotind situate iu the borough
of Johnstown, formerly Kernville, Cambria county,
fronting ou the Johnstown aud Ligouier Turnpike
Road, adjoining lot of William Campbell, nnd run
ning 011 said Road to nn allev, having thereon e-rec-
ted a two story plank house and a frame stable,
now in the occupancy of Barman Greeves aud the
said Samuel Ream.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Murphy, Cooper & Co.
All that certain tract or piece of land, situate in
Cambria township, Cambria county, Pn., bounded
and described as follows: Beginning at a post pile
on the line of an old survey, South twenty six de
grees. West, two hundred and Sve perches more or
less to a post, thence South eleven perches more or
less to a Hemlock, thence South eighty eight mid
a half degrees East, one hundred nnd scveuty eight
perches more or less to a post, thence North one
degree nnd a half East, one hundred aud fifty sev
en perches more or less to a henilocK, thence North
sixty five degrees West, one huudred and two per
ches more or less to the beginuing, containnig one
hundred and forty nine acres aud sixty perches
more or less.
Taken in execution, and to be sold as tbe proper
ty of Edward Jones, at the euit of Ann Fisher et
All the right, title aDd interest ot Charles Dillon,
of, in. nnd to a tract of land situate In Jackson
township, Cambria County, adjoining lands of A
braham Ragcr, Samuel Davis nnd others, contain
ing one hundred and fifty acres, more or less, about
eighty five acres of which are cleared, having there
on erected a two story hewed log house, a hewed
log stable, a log barn, a frame shed and plank
Blacksmith shop, now in the occupancy of Henry
Also, all the right, title and interest of Charles
Dillon, of, in, and to a tract of land situate in Jack
son township, Cambria county, adjoining lauds of
James C. Fisher's heirs, containing one hundred
and ninety three acres, more or less, about fifty
acres of which are cleared, having thereon erected
a cabin Barn ami cabin house, not now occupied.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Johnston Moore, surviving partner of the late firm
of S. & J. Moore. -
All the right, title and interest of Charles Dillon,
of, in, and to a tract of land situate iu Jackson tp.
Cambria county, adjoining lands of Abraham Ra
ger, Samuel Davis aud others, containing one hun
dred and fifty acres, more or less, about eighty five
acres of which are cleared, having thereon erected
a two story bewed log house, weatherboarded, and
frame kitchen attached, a frame stable, a hewed log
stable, a log barn, a frame shed, and plank black
smith shop, now in the occtipanty of llchry Rager
Also, all the right, title and interest of Charles
Dillou of, in, and to a tract of land, situate in Jack
son township, Cambria county, adjoining lands of
James C. Fisher s heirs, containing one hundred
nnd ninety three acres, more or less, about fifty
acres of which are cleared, having thereon erected
a cabin housfe nnd cabin burn!, not now occupied.
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
John W. Duncan.
All the right, title and interest of George Nagle
of, in nnd to a piece or parcel of land situate in
Washington township, Cambria county, adjoining
lands of Thomas Jackson, Samuel Dillou aud oth
ers, containing twelve acres, more or less, about
two acres of which are cleared, having thereon
erected n two story house, part hewed log and part
frame, now in the occupancy of the Said George
Taken in execution, and to be sold at the suit of
Jobu ivory.
aL'GL'STIN DURBIN, Sheriff".
Sheriff's Office, Ebensburg, "1
November 4, 1853. j
cyris 1,. ii:itsnit:,
Attorney at Law, Johnstown. Pa.
FF1CE ou Clinton Street, in tbe Second Story
of Good & Tershing s Store Room.
January SO, 1851 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
FF1CE in the Court House, up stairs.
Aug. 24, 1853.
Attorney at Low Johnstown, Pa.
OFFICE on Clinton Street, a few doors north of
the corner of Muiu aud Clinton.
April 23, 1853.
rx;xi:ii. &. grlgg,
WHOLESALE dealers in W'iue and Liquan,
which they are prepared to lurmsn cheap to
merchants and hotel keepers. Warehouse 2JS,
Market street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Feb. 2, 1853 ly.
xriUSKEY, White Lead,
Linseed Oil f0r
1 ?
sale by
t. i illi cit
Attorney at Law, JOuastown, Pa.
OEFICE on Main street, two doora oast ef the
Echo Office,
March U, 1851. ly
I I 1 11 L' I . - L. - .
TVR. S. BiXFORD, Surgeon Dentist, informs tL
.,i.t; be has returued to Holli Jifysburg,
aud permanently .'ocate in the othce ne ocenpieu
during bis late visit, (" dor cf Hit
Store on Allegheny Bt.,) ?! ' lX l. PleM
to attend to any operafions ." prolession.
work done by him will be warran.'1
Hollidaysburg, August itf, 1853.
Attorney at Law, EbenjbuiJ't
II'ILL practice in the several courts of Cambria,
V Blair. .Tad Huntingdon counties. Germans can
consult and receive advice iu their own lang unge.
Office opposite the Court House, formerly occu
pied by R. L. Johnston, Esq.
Ebensburg, February 3, 1853 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
TTTILL practice in the several Courts of Cam
brin, Blair, and Huntingdon counties.
Office on main street two doors wttt of thd
store of Murray, Znbin & Co.
May 8, 1851 ly.
(;eorgc ji. r.ccn,
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
"""ILL practice in the several Courts ofCam-
T bria, Indiana, and Westmoreland counties.
OfUce on Centre St., joining Gen. M'Donald'e d well
15, 1851. ly.
i:. Ill'IC 1S1ASOX, Jr.,
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Fa.,
""7ILL practice in the several Courts of Cam
1 bria, Blair and Indiana counties. AH pro
fessional business entrusted to bis care will be
promptly attended to.
Office on Muiu street adjoining his Jwellingbousc.
Ebensburg, July 1, 1853 2o-3m.
H. C. CAttt'TII,
Geo. V. Todd, vltli
Carutli, Terry &. Dew.
IMPORTERS and Wholesale Jobbers in English,
German nnd Domestic HARDWARE, Guns,
Pistols, Walters, ka.
154 Mahkkt Stbet, between 4th & Cfh, PHIL
ADELPHIA. Sept. 2, 1853.-3m.
Cxcliunge Hotel,
Ebensburg, Fa.
rrillE undersigned respectfully informs tbe pub
JL lie that he is no prepared with every requisite
for their accommodation, ?nd will exert every ef
fort to render his house an attractive and comfort
able stopping place. His table w ill always be sups
plied with every delicacy the season affords, and
Lis bar stocked with the best of Wines and Liquors.
A careful and attentive hostler will Lave chargo
of the stables. He respectfully solicits a thure of
April 28, 1853 tf.
l'eiiiisylYanta Hull Iload.
ROM and after this date Pnsencers takinir
seats iu the cars without tickets, at stations
where the-re is a ticket office, will be chnrged ten
cents extra. W. W. IVORY,
Aynt 7V;.u. R. H. Co.
Summit, July 28, 1853 '..
Adams & Co; Express,
W.W. Ivory & Co., AgeuU,
""7"'bL forward all packages of goods or tuoney.
v daily, except Sunday, to all the principal
cities iu the Union, and all towns on the Rail Road
betweeu Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Drafts col
lected from California. Drafts SfdJ 6n Ireland,
England or Scotland, from XI upwards. Money for
drafts must be par.
Summit, July 28, 1853 3D.
Tills May!
IfR the highest prices are paid for bides, skius
. and tanner's bark in either trade or cash by
Datld T.Morin,
Notary Public, Scrivener and Conveyancer,
WILL also attend to bis duties as Justice. Le
gal instruments of writing, such aS deeds,
agreements, Foreign Power of Attorrley, &e.,
drawn up accurately. Collections entrusted to
his care will receive strict attention.
May 13, 1852 30-tf.
LOOK HERE: Just received by the Pennsyl
vania Rail Road, and for sale bs J. Moore,
Grind Stones, Patent Buckets, Brooms, Cheese,
Cotton Yarn, Clover Seed, aud a large lot of Car
penter's Tooli. April 1.
Adams &, .'." Lxin rhk.
JB. CRAIG, agent will forward all packages of
a goods or money, daily except Sunday to all
the principal cities iu the Union, aud all the towns
on the Railroad between Philadelphia aud Pitts
ivixi: ad LiqruR store,
Xo. 233 Xorlli Third st., aboTcrallonbill,
Kant Side, Philadelphia;
TTAS constantly on band French Brandies, IIol-
ALSO. All binds of American Spirits, &,. '
School ltOOltk,
Vgcnersl assortment of BOOKS, such as are
used in our common schools, for sale by
c coiiG c Lsrrix cott &. to.,
HAVE constantly on hand a full Assortment of
Teas, Wines, Liquors and Groocries geueral-
Ho. 17 North Water Street, and
No. 10 North Delaware Avenue,
January 27, 1853.
"I Bushels of Beans, nnd 100 bushels of dried
JLW Apples
on hand and for sale at the foot
of plane 4, A. P,
R. R.
W. K. TlrER.
July 8, 1852.
formerly Ilrottn'a Saloon.
m HE Proprietors of this estublibbme'jt isrown
m .ac iun uieiuou OI ir nr.;n ,1,.
of Ebensburg aud the pub'j0 itt pcncral t
iuey cr.aicU BUU oul-.rwise jo, Koved their
Saloon, and are ready, at tllues ,0 accommodate
II persons who wish ',0 njuve j,, lhe iuxury of
good plata of Field.;- No. 1 Oysters. We will have
them forwarded to us daily. We solicit a liberal
share of pub'jC patronage.
Oct. 7, 1853.
. 1 . .. . . ! 1 . . 1
ri:x lo ii. 11 ti tit.
Attorney at Law, Ebensotrg, Pa..
OV teq tW d00rS W'St f M"jr Yauijsoa'a
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, p.,
II'ILL practice in the several. Courts' of Cambria,
II Blair and ludiana counties
How?' S' ' 4'C'-OUUttdc near tbe Court
Ebensb.Vfg, Aug. 1 16g3ly
Ml CilAEI, WAX MAi:ilAX,
Attorney at Law, Ebeniburg, Pa.
-OFFICE, No. 8,
near the
onrt lieu so.
January I, 1S51. ly
'U.rney at Law, Hollidaysbnrg, Pa.
-w-wrtLL attend tho several Courts of Cambric,
W oounty, at beretoferc. OiScc oae door w T
of Wm.
McFarland'a cabinet warero&m.
21, 152. ly

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