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Democrat and sentinel. (Ebensburg, Pa.) 1853-1866, October 22, 1856, Image 1

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. LI 1 : : y- ; rr L .....r-
' H BWWg8 MMWtWM",'1'T . . - . -i, . - , .. .. . ; . .. . -. -.,. -. ;je mkcjmvj, 'wau. ..- . ... - - -TT M ilP BgMBBgW! aj'gMKI r
..t,- , . .... .a . jr :. . vcn, "ft8 '-- -
-.rat i -.
i .s Hi li
THE lBMOCilA'C:&.SSNTNEL, is publisli
el every We lne.ljy ninun?, in Ebensbtirpr,
Oambria 0 . at $1 5 per annum, if Air.
-l.' AtjViv'ctf. it not' $2 wili.be charel..
i'i5Vi-;;t'riiKMaVr'lS will b2c niicuusly in-
f ievtel.At.i1x; E--U.)v:iig rate, viz:
.1 iivire S inriioiw,.
"5S-viry s il so yA:it insertion,
"I square 3 mo-.itlis,-'',
. -j t .. i e .. " .-
t . 1 year, -coi'a
1 year,
$1 00
3 00
1 '2 00
30 00
15 00
5 00
Rnstnas Girds. . - ; -.
firTw.'lve. !i:is i:.-nstittjf-
. . t v Gad Save the Coai'ionweaWi.
. ' . Protlaniiti" " 5. c-ld ntlal
Puia'iant to ?.: a- t t 0 .:-;rc-F3 nf tl.e Unitoa
States I JOUXIiOli'.iitTS. Hi Ji Slu nil of th
Crtiaty i' (Jaiibri. in t!ic St.ito f r-iins Ivan a.
jlo 'bereby mike kit .vw :u l ivc li'jti.-e to x:v
qnali!i-".l vi. i.- s .f t'-n i i:.ty :.( rcsM.' th.it ;i
f.j:iutv .f trie tit Ti.' l.v. (.-in I 4rh
rtnO .-t N.vvui! r i xt. (18'iij.) t'. . Lvt'f-v buM-t
1.: L.'ii.,'iA;c i? i.f s-.ii-l vt. I ;(. l:c:civ' .i ik?
kn wu A'i'l 'ivy r...tio.-, tint tl.e j.'.i -s .flu.! !in.'
t!ie afor.!s-ii'i uem-ml lli -cn. 'ii 'listri ts wi-.lan tlx
pall cjr.nty Cm b.i.i ;u as f viz ;
The o!cct'rf if t'.o li'.rict c !:): c I f tbr-r.-rj'h
of KbennSur, to unci at the Cmrt
li ..tisu'in 1 B .r..n;;b.
The c'tvtora i the !ist:i t ciuved 'f the
t jwiiohin of CamViii. t . inc. t .it the Qmrt II .use
IA the Borough f libon b n.
The electors of t:io !i-tr. t ronin r -1 f the
.wnshif of Ottrull, t'i Jiv.'tt it the hJ. h.M.l ll.-iue
t:i Curr 'b'.OA n, in sail Lu n.-;.ij.
Tiia e!ci:t..r of ihe 1 stiict oo iiposc 1 . f t!if
tV.vtl.llil f C ic-t. to !:ic-t ;it the S- h.M.I II .us.
n the farm f liic'a.u-tl J. I'i'iti '.f t, in sai i
Ti elector of the v!ifth-t cmi;)"S il of the P.O
rou;!i of L ireU ', t nii'ft :U the Schuol II ue in
Ksid lor -.llh.
TnC elooi i.S .f t' o 'listrict c.-.n)pel of tht
Vironli of S i.ii n't vile, t lowct art! e S.-h'j!
Jl j'.i?e ia sari boi- .n!.:
TiiC olertor .f the tli.-triet rornp'Ve.-l f tin1
'.ovruship of Allegheny, to met At llint
2. in sail ti.wf.sliip.
The lectors of t'oe JistvL-t com p. Ke.l f the T. )
t....!i (;f Johnstown, to mevt at the M.titiviii
ltos, in sat 1 D r..n.uh.
The elect "s of the htriot compofco f the
Torouh of Co'.niemauh, to h eet at School i.'ount
Ko. U in tuiiil I.rot-;h.
Tuo electors f-the listri -t .vp)!""'' ''f th
V. v:ihio of C!i'ttf:Mil, to meet at the house of
Z o'.n 11.' I) ujj-.ss ih il towahip.
T-n fl' to's of th.j l - r. :t coiiitsc.l of tht
t v.isr.ip of J u-'i n. to m xt at the h:e i.f
Uer.ry livr.i'.v"! tovMi.ii'. "
T:u c''!.:t ''oif t.io Uv.r:ct cin;-se I f t.;;-t-iwnlhip
f T.h;hUo !. to i,:cet at the h-ttc o!
Ja-oh Krin :l i : s vi I t vi".;;-.
Too il.-.'t us -if the .h-M-t r..mpos!I f th-
iwns'-iip of 111 .el lick, to ti.eet a the h nt 4
- Alam Me.ikt i, i'i the vhl i'- . ( 1 l.-an. v io : . i
Tj c.ootors of the .hst i t conv-- -f ,4.,.
tv, n.hio ..f ?usqah;mr.a, to meet at the house of
UttheA- l.'.tira.l, ;r sai l towihio.
ih'i ek'.-tvts of too 'iis r..t e...i.MBel f the
tWiisYip oi W.ishh.-ti'ti. to iwt at tlie S h n l
il 'U.-e situate at thi foot "f Thme N'. 4, in ail
t an..; , . ,
'ih.c il :to-s of the .h.tiK-t cttipo.a t the
township of White, t-'ii.evt at S,-h'X.l II .use Co.
1. in si-!. t iwnship.
Toe ele.rt f- t'-'.c district compose! of tf e
t- An,h;,M o1 Miii.'U'V, t" "'Ct i't the ware liotie
of Ati.!jii-st'ni'. l-trbin, i i the vill -e vt Hitmster.
in" sil.l t.oviihi.
T!iO tl -etor . f ti c flistlitt coiVi!.-l of the
j,.-.vijsiii' of C !iium:inuh. to n.eet f I ws, viz:
JIVistriet X.. 1. All that, part f towtia'.ij
of C .iie.ivvtjh. boun le t by the Soiiifisot coi:n?y
li oe. tho St"iiv C'i ek River to J '!in?.to-.v!i . Uor
ouS i Vnti. theu-x by line of sail Ilorouh t the
j i i. tion of tho Stony Cri vk anl Lilt le Coneinanjrh
Jltver. then.M up Litt'.o C 'item utU to the larg.
n iuehi.t a:r..ss llinkoo'.s Hnn. then -c loi,
Ht C e:matts:li ll:ver t the V.'.-.stin -rt I.ii.rl
( :.)., I.ne, t'nen -e aionj: stft Jtne to ti,e lncrs.-t
il ice of beiiinuinj: to n eel at
S hool Uniic
17, in Cauihiia City, in said
t.-iw.ship. ' : , .,
IJistnctN. 2 All that prut of said t wn.-.).ip
bounded bv tho Cooe.nae.gh Uivir and P.-nu yi
ania Canal, from the small a.p:eht"t a. r.s
IIitikBt-.il' R'-m. t the hirg- a paeibn t at Johns
town, thence bv C tiemau-!i II rom;h and O-ne-aianh
River to Smnmer'ni'l township line, thence
o"v .Ltrks t ovnslop line Lul.aaa count v htio.
thei;. bv t! c s. i.e to the pla.-o of begb.i in:: to
mct at Sjh 1 II .use N . 5. otr the residence of
Joh-i II -.idnrl;. in said t .wnsl.ip.
I) strict. No. Ail that va-iofsail township
by t 10 C mem '.iM-jb P. r -nuh line and the
;'i itver to the Hi lit not towns:. ip i ne,
' Creek River "ti 1 the' Johnstown l..r
toTo.Pf at S !iool 11-u e No. l.i. n.Mr
lie Stor.y
the farm of the ht!.rcf Davi.l Singer, dccM, in
i-'u ra
I township. " '
!Tl:e elTf. reof the dlstiiiU comp' s-d of t.:e
townshin of S unmerhili. o nae? as I ews. viz:
District N-. L All that part of sai l boindop
lyin en ila- eastern side of the .hv-sa n hue .;vt-
cii.RRai 1 townsbin Ii.totivi.'elocti.-ii districts. .a id
'fii-!sio:i line beginning at a C rner of a raet of
1v.u warr inted in the name-t of Al -xander Car
1 lisle, and Simiu-l Grifiiu. thence nirtb 1J degrees
west 970 perches to the G ilb.ailh rad, it l-eiug
: th dividin line b tween Fuaouerhill and Cam
bria townships. A sain eor.imeni iog at tl c c ti-
cr of the Alexander Col s e and Snmuel GnC.n
tracts, thence South 20 degrees. 1?.40 perel es to
c ..,. T'.i-.- r,f theC viem:ii;h Rivt r. to ir.tet
tit the School lions' in tb.e town of Jetlerson. in J
aid township, and the otli -ers electe-l at last
taring election for'saKl township to conduct said
District No. 2. AH thai part. f sail township
!rin on the western side of the s .id ihvii-4 I n ,
to meet (i th School House r.ear the (own Sum
merhi'd. In .i I township: anl CiW .1h.ik.
will act as Judge am! Francis K Herlmger and
Samuel S. Paul, inspector of paid eh. tj. .
- .i t f.. noti -e risin an I bv the- lo.n
rt ii' i i i.ii tuvi - - - .7 i I
Sutton of the aforesaid 'Ait I m dir-M; to do. ,
That all mrsor.g, ex-et Justicra-of tha 1 tuu.(
-who Rha.l bold any ni-e orjipr
or trtist tm ler the g-ovrnnv-titof the Umtl Sr4t'
f i nr anv Gifv or inetTlHTrated uis-
trtct. whether a co-n-nissi .uel ;.fher or otherwise i
a tibor.-lin'ate..t ntent. who is'..r hall I e einploy- J
fA under the legisU'ivo, Judienry or e-jw-jjurt at"
j;irtment fcf this State nr 'thfl ITni:e I S at, or of
kxpv Qiry or laccrpifrate.3 litrVct ; wvd iSAt
every member of C ngres.s ir the State Leeisha- j '
V-ire. an.! of t''e fck?ct or common couneilof nn- j
iin.i.rpntetl distnet, is by law incapable of ixihi-
uijror fXeroisinw. at the same time, the obico r
anpoiiitmcnt of ,Jui;j;e, Incfertor or ticiK oj any
election of this C mi mor. wealth, ni-.rl that n In-
sjeetor. or Judpe, or tbcr ffioer of any su h I-e-iion
hhall ! eligible to any c (?.rc tl en voter! fir.
A!. in the 4th Keen, n . f the Act of Assemb'y.
nrithV. "Att Act rtlttinir to election nn-Vf. r
other -nrp(e" appn.ve.l ti e Crh hiy of April
ISoO. it is euaetei! tluit the f -rc.ins 13th S-ction
tiha!! a t be so e nstrueil nsto pievmt ary militia
i.fiicT or boroti-h ofii.-er from servinsc as .Jnleor
Inspet tor at any general or special elect i. n in this
', Pursuant to the provisions contained in the Act
first nf .resaiil. the jul' s of the afon sai.l dii i.-ts
ia'l respe tfiiVy take rhymes f the cert ill ate
or return of their respective !i:-t! "tf, anil pr.Khue
them a !!.! it2 t one ju.l'e fr -m eaeh tlitru t
at, tb.e C-urt llo.is-e. in the IV .rough nf Ehensburir.
t'n thir l thi- after tb flaviof elrtti' Ji. bin'
I'Vi'lay, tho 17th hty . f Otoler
A. 1MSM;,
ih n fiml there toYIo mill i.erf.ini tho.o ilutics re-
'juin-.l of th.ein 1 y law.
And fmll er, if any jn l ie. by si.-; lies ei una
vohhiMe ai-i lent, is tmablu to atten'.l sail mea t
tog of in-!. the ef-rtiih-ii to or r' turn :frnesnil
shall be tak'-ti ohtirO of by iiie of the inspector
..r eleiks f the election of the district who shall
In nn ! peif Tin tht ihtt'c- reqtnvi-i of .ahl Judge
Mtiable to r.Metnl.
Givn en h r my hand at my fhVe in E'iCi.E
''irir. the eighth ilay of 0 tobcr. in the year
- f . nr Lord, one thousand eigl t loiudied and ff'y
i, mid of the Independence of the United States
the eight v ilrsf.
rt- 1"-, J0IIX ECBERTS. Shrr'ff.
CSlC.iT X:tITE31ILtT! !
mm 1 1 1
' j"' !!!". suh,-riber would respectfu'h ii fonn the
g.f 1 citi.ens oi K'ens'oiirg and t!m adjoin-
oi vni
(v that he ,a rc-fuiia-d lr-ni I Jiiiadel
phia; wifli
the I truest and most varied as-ort-
m nt of aiiO!'!j;UCS ever oilered. Tiie stock
T,s:.:.f as f. liow.-i :
urccci its: H las P. fetars. Tea. Iirce.
Ci:r'hj...S ;i'()S, Fish, Salt, lhtron II.m s. IT -nr.
t )at Meal, C tii Mal, T..lice., Teiiches, Dried
Apples'. S ih ratus. Caking S.xhi, Pried Herrings.
I ui kec i i It ins Powder. Sardii cs. Mustard, Spi-i-f,
llollownys Worm (nfecti. n. Vinegar.
Co :fi c(ionarit.'i :
Citr ns.
Nil's of all kinds,
Uqiroj s : CI c ry P.raudy, Kl.n 1; berry Drau
'y. Kapberry Hrav.dy, French Uraml, lrt
Wine. O'id live Whi.d.iy.
Ci'USe, r.c, .'c : !!orse,fwecpip, Duk
-int:, Si-n.b .Kul White Wah P.rurl.rs, D.-dt'onls.
Twine, (.rn l.rvh-rns. Ia;ket of all kind. rj 'iil.s
4iid I in-k.t t of nil kii.ds, Wash Hoards. Luster
wis, 7':d.-. L inip (Jlol is. Cu; i Combs. C;irpel
'atuf.iers am! T;ieks. Window G ass .f all kind.;.
A;-i ! IV Ink. 1 lover ' Ink. tiUil Pen, Station
iy fid: Ub.ds.
T-.get her :;h a largo nssortp-cnt of . thev arti
'es not enuni'Tate !. whieh wi'I be sold as el. cap
f not theajtr than anv e.-tal li diment in the
ntv. "UlthlAKP TULOa.
Lle; .-.rg.Ji:l TO. - J 0.
am tor fta mains.
-v T
! 3 s-tihsf riher has just received from tTjJ
Jl the Kast a largo a- I p!cucHl ttock 'j
o new (ioitlnif the foil .wing art ides, all
of he L'-'sl quality, Groceries such n-t
ColTee, Sugar,
Tea, and Si i up
Mo!asst, a little
rf the b -st that has
ever been brought to
this town before. ALSO
Ptare.h (i.rn whi h is very
dell-i.ais f.-r foKl. in f.ut.be
has everytliii.g that is in the
G r. a-ery In e. ALQ0 A p d as
soi tinr-i.f of Ln y stiiti'.uarv and no
lions.- ALSO he has :uh!i'd t.. his
a.-s rluiei;t f II All VLSI
TOOLS, which is very important to the
Farmer at this time, consisting of the fo!
lov.ir g at tides Mich as
llZXES, S c.. a'l of a good qual
ity. ALSO A 'rooti assoi t
- nici t '-f DRUGS and
Also A larre lot of GOOD FLOUIl. ALSO
C.li iu 1 see and examine fi r yom selves', joii
iid. ns.t legist I y deing to.
Elans! ? rg, Jt.l- 0."18C6.' .17.' - 1
to 2!i:s!i.ticiiifU usinsor mc
-.'.. ...
rHUIE fiattcilug success the proprietors -f the
JL Small. Fry Cilt Enterprise" have met
with. I as c.iabh d them to inakesueh report to the
Committee, tliat ssid Coniiniticc have thought
proj er :,t n.ett in Ait'viia. mi f'l ioAY. 17th of
(K toU'r. 1S0. to i!i..tiibute the pioper'y .f the
Fnferpt'is-v. nl.in it is di sired that ws inany mem-
1 its as can, will attend the dtstrbiioiK As there
are yet a few tickets tmtf 11, in the band of agents
they are requested to ir-e a little exert io i to ilis-
po.se of them, and make thiir returns as toon its
A. GUE'-IN. .
J. MOilllOW. ;
.'M. 11 JOLLY,
J. SINK. , ..,
M. rOUTT."
G. F.' 5rCALE,
. . , ., .. - - II. ROBERTS.
Committee K.wm.
mittec K.wm.
a. Aug. 15 isrc. - S
4 WSio Owes L'.V
ffJIIE IVok f the f uhs -ril ers have been placed
I in tho Uaiuhi of John Williams, Esn., for col-;
lection. - ' -'-- ' -M
EUmsbnrg. p.v;. 2. 185R. - c a
' ' a " ' J ' I ' 11 1 . o J . . i -J li
EJAI'ER Letter, note and foolscap jgrpfm'.
" pa jitr. Steel Pens, Ink, Q'lills.OM.
Eiit:tie, Cookt, fcc, at - 't-r-i : g3SLV t
-Avrlval vf tlx-! IValin: at WUiuore
The Fast.. Lire jesumeil its regular trip
Monday l-fav" lDth. The f.llowl: i; i.s the chelul
j of the trains passing 7-last an.l est.' ' ;
l-'x press Wc..t,'
Mail "
Iycal Freijrl.t
Alail Train Hast
Fast Lire
Loc;il Fieiirht
10 oMod;', 12 min.
8 42 "
. So
' I Licks leave this station inirfre 'lately
ilejiurtuve o the trains for KWiit-bur;;.
X? XX si'l
. TliO large;!, best,-aud clu-apet ats jl'imcnt of R
CI,OTE31. !
S, Pert:ei wouhl rf;ject fully inform-the citi
zens nf Lbei.sbiug and Mirr. ma ing country, that
he has just o ened lit at I. is new ei-ta abahiiient.
nearjho C uir Mouse, one i f the lartre.st. most va
ried, elegant an 1 cheapest, assmtn ui.t of CI .thir.j;
ever brought to this or any other place. :
His ytock ij t.nquestionabiy the ti diet and ra
rest ever imported to the top of the Abeghenlts.
and en, braces every tiling that can be-' enumerated
orcin cived in the Clothing line, consisting of
Oi'eicoats of all sizes and nullities fron $3, CO to
ats " 4l.f0 to$2).00
l'auti " " S0.7.0 to 1-S.00
Vests " .4 4- $0.7. to Js.t ().
Also, a full assortment of si'k Xeekt-rchiefs.
Scarfs. II indkerchiefs, Shirt.1;. Undershirt. Draw
ers, S.H'ks, C;iuforts, C liars, Travtlhr.g I5ags.
Are.. Arc.
It is tihelefs L attetnft to ;ive r.nythirg like a
creneral enunn ration, ps the task wmjld a dif
ficult one. but in lieu of this, .the j.ul li" aie most
cordially invited to call and examine if they wiih
tlie best of bargains.
Lbeosburg. July SO. ISiu,. iO-ly.
r-o t it ::, "
You arc hereby notified to meet at the Cambria
Iloii-se, in Jellerso'.i. on Siturday the '0:h day ol
September next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. A ;tn..Tal
atteudanej is requested. Tl c propriety if in
creasing thi tolls will bj considered, and other
business f importnce.
P.y order of the B arl of Direct ors.
Wni. Ii. HUGHES, Soo'y. ,
Aug. 2'), 135fi.
Valuable i'ropi rij lorsatc.
The bubici iter olT'.rs his farm at private sile.
containing ony bun Ired and cidit acres, situated
in Pine t .wusiiip, Jtidima e-mnty. Pa., alwiut
four miles north of Strng.-.toivn. The land is in
a good state of cultivation, with sixty aon
eleared. and under fence. There is alio tre'ed
the property a two story frnnie ilwtPing
House and au exctlnt Saw Mill, eaptllu t
cutting i000 feet of lumber in twelve hours
Toe property wiil be sold exceedingly low, as tit
subscril cr wishes to go We.st.
,.S,'pt. 3, 185C-3t - "
lXEllTOK(S ,5t 13.
LETTERS Teptaii e.itavy on thees'ate of R p.
Morgan late of Cambria township. Can bri:.
County det-M, have bom granted to the juib.-ri-ber
by the Register f said county, and he herel y
notifies all pers ns knowing themselves to be in
debted to said estate to make immediate payment .
aii'l those bav-ng ilr.Pis ajramr-t haid (-state, to
present them dnlv autla'nti. ;neil for s-tt emcnt;
EVAN R. MORGAN", Executor.
Aug. 27, 1S5U.
nan Away.
rom thesnbcribir in A'eghanev Toil i,sh:n.
August 4th A Rov nme 1 X)thj.iiii P.en-
d. n agctl about ll lear. I caution any lS'rlis
j harUr cr trt'tt said I.v on n v ae otu t.
LTctto. Ausr.yt, 0." lftiO.
The suhsciiber ivcnld respec'fu ly inform the
citizem of Conhri.i county o 1 t i;e tai-coin.:
public generally, tliat he h;i.s lra.-ed f r a luimher
of years the above H- 'tel. and fi r iisl ed, it in a
manner iq'.nJ. if not superior. t uu'iy Hotels in
Western IVnii-ilvania, ami it In-ing siiu.ited in
one of the m st business streets in J-.hn.-t own.
makes it a d isirahl st-mping place f r business
men. The liar will Ik; furnished with the 1 et
liquors the Philadelphia Ca-t m House can idf.r 1.
Attached is a laro and commodious Siloenin
the bisenient story, wbere every delicacy i'l !e
served up. Ercrv attnti'n will lepaid t visit
Johnstown, S.;pt. 3, tS5j-tf . .
: KEW ARRIVAL 1 . . : ,
HAlvj. , Jois.'J-t vv',,"iil respectluiiy u.l .i ni
tlie:r old cu -toniers as well as many new ores
that they have receive U I irge quantity of Gro
ceries, whieh f r quality and cheapness eaniiot In
excelled by any similar establishment west of tlie
Allegheny mountains. We ate determined to
s?ll lower than the lowest, c have also, on
haail ;
0,000 CIGARS
which we will di.-iiose of wholesa'e or retail.
- - II ART & PRO.
Jllly 0. 18f,C. ; '.. ; .- , v , .
Tlie undersicliexl in Carroll tow liship, ofl'ers fn
sale his FARM e.Hitaiu'mg no hundred acres.'
twentj'-nvo of;. which are tieare.1. on which ther
J is a young Orcuard. , .1 here is au " L JIUl-Sii:
51 by 31) bet and k'UAXK 'FA iW erected" . the
premi.ses. .' It lies on t la Plank Rnad..2 mile.
Irom Curo'.ton and 7J rniles fi'4n J-llien.-b irg
It is well watered. For information inquire of
Michael SnvdeV. adjoining farm.
Sept. 17w1 S3 - ft
Toe Sbni.l Diicctoranf ti e Cambria S'h 1
District wish, to employ nine Schoolfeathers
The examination of teachers will . take - place.
'September 2Sil inst.. in El ensburg, at the office
of R. L. Johnston, Esr. -.''
wm. g. willtams.
' Sept. 10,' lSo6.-St Presirlmt. )
UM51EECts an elm. Parts and, Silk, Lawns
GiBgrbaE, Uapvlk?rcJiieB et J. JI'DaciitE.
wnoiesaie; lie tail Watch CJoek and Jewelry Stor.l- .f-gi-,
y&XJ-1 PTpatvrf to; supply the -trr.de with .all M.rts of O.OCA arel Jg ' ..:. "T tJ . - I
.V;jr,irCT .MM-mN." JEWELRY., WATCH KS;; t:i.f1CKS, W V : Tt VX 1
A.M. ".P&Ei,B1ltn,,dwIjJsoK'i Kit dually COLD PEXS.h,,.., on hmid AC'Jr ! MirriK.. . i
?: " ' 1
AM-' v r-C'r - - - Acoi'icon M?!e. rby the Dczcn. - (' i iff 'rrSf S fe
P. iL - tlme wi mgtrt Pure.W- WIkJbU- w.U p!eae rive-in.-n-esii. w ivc can end wili Pell V L A' wWi. 4 i. ft I
A. M. ,:!S !H'p as h Kasteru Whob vab Dealers. A! liberal discouut made to the trade. We i M Jewelry dS-Sr OS! to ; c5 ji
after tin ' .. t. . .i . . , . - . j ..a . s 5 s ,' t
cir,.r.?n.ii. mming iretu njppue? lrom iiai utaeiuret . , . - oiscrpiion. q . - ;
-''Ct!Vn-'F reiifocal ctat-les-'lhosc who tmw tts tIcmVwu!a'no W'ithlut tacui llar.l''& WiVfcj. Q jj -
for. three limes thws-. '. v - .. , . '.'.. hietrdCoM r g '-c:i luls
, -i -so, isoo. ,-..27tf. ;:;7::v - - .- ; gvm vunsg i- zslS
l : : . Il : - - - . .. r:i...j j.. 4 J? r-'' 'V f
f ' J. J I .
tt JamesiIil'Berinit's
Hungarian Ikilrtiiu, - ; - ,
V oofi'.s H ir Ih stoi .t ive, w
Yiekt i tetter ointment,
IVtitV eje salve. '
Insect Powtler.' . .. '
Syrup 1 laekb-iry root, sure cure for dysentery,
Ayres Cathartic Pills, ,
!lo!h.WflK '
Wiil l'.s Indian Vegetable Pli!.
Ilsa:dre!h' ' do tlo . "
It a ni t's Pla:it and Iloot do
-o l.ui e s Liver c;o ' -
S-Aaines Sarsaparilla and tar Pi'ds.
Uni.veitvV Javne and iladway's Pills,
l.n.b'i.ui IMls, "
Cotogh Letiiei'ies Ay re.1 Ciairy Pectoral,
ies-is Le.'t.r;;! syn:p Sway lie S )H)i Wil I
Ch'rry Universities .ieni-.!y Jayi es Exj e.!
raut. Prai.t's Pnlnioj-aiy Iial.am, Syrup of tar,
wild cherry and ho.irhound.
IVrrv D ivis' pain Killer,
!li dual's Ready Relief.
Mtetaiig Liniimnh Indian liniment,
E-eetiic oil and5bigiiet5ei.il.
ii'inn'dy 's !ediea! discovtry,
S'rant's Purifi n p. Extract.
II .oli.-oi 1 Liners. Ih.Uand Iiirteia.
lirowns ess -me of Jaintii' a Ci!ij-r.
Ib!l .wav's w. rm confe.tious, McLancs, Swaynes
and .laynes Vermifuge,
riiomji. n'.- Eye-watt r.
Cine for toot hat I.e.
Cure fir earache, deafne?F, S,-c,
rl n of a thousand iU wei3,
lbiir tonics and Hair oil-.
Ilbensl tirg. April ;:0ih ISoG. 27.
J B1HE under.-igned ui!l sell at j rii stte sa!e the
m. f.Iloiii'ig piojeity. situated in Alleiil.eii'
Township, close to G:d itxin station, olc double
house mid lot. . Toe I lidding is one and a halt
story high, having, all the conveoi. nu s to nn-.J- e
it a pb iisaut re.-i-leoce. Also One bouse am!
three hits situated, at tl e west end of the r cw
Allegheny I. it age 'iunial. 'J I e j roj erty !;:i
I e n ."ciij i 1 ;:s a Tavern Stand, where a laigi
bi siiuiss liiis lieeii d me. Posseion can I e had
y the liit of next March.
S-.-pt. 24, 18.j(J. Ct.
Ho! this Way fcr Bargains!!
Tilt'' uii'iei'sigo. 1 Mould lespwttuily 'nf..nn the
good citizens of E 'iisburg and the suiround-
big vi-.-ii j:y. that he has just received from the
E-ii! one of the most clu i e stk of g.MnJs ever
br wight to this place. Tho stock is varied, and
se rcted with an eye to the immediate wants (.j
t i f nl .li . His st.K-k consists of the following:
A rfjncral a:;st!iuiit "J" Xiv Styles of Spring
ail Smuttier Gift h, ccun ri-inr a riri:f; nf La
..' Dl tJ-i G -:! ODiOti'J v'n'r.'i will le jfoitn l
Alapaeas". "
lilack Silks,
Fauc' do ,
Rieaehed Muslins,
',.! !. .)..
l'iiney ilo
Kentucky J ar;?,
I'.incv Vistings.
Shi' lis of all kinds
I 'luln Glovos.
Faiicy no
Clio IM S.
To'i liter u ith an im.r.mc ral as i tmcut of ar
1 s i, .r mentioned, u.-i.ai y 1 -j t in a oniLtn
l ore, 'li.ese g o.'s will i e sohl :;t fair pi n es
L'.tll and examine, wm if y. u do not wish to j ur
chiiLU. ' .
CONNECTED with the tore ss a large
t.K-k , f MILIXFU f G 0 ODS. Ev rv vj&k
aitiele i i this bnewe have . n hand. aiM t"
ill In ci.nstaiitlv in re eipl ol tlie la est hiibs
.f FOXXFJ'S. f..r old an.l y.-une. RIM-OX
...f every pattern and color, LACES, L'DGIXG.
S,-c. f,-c.
A beautiful assortment of 310FUXIXG God.
a..w on baud, nd i t prices, to suit .'-t! e times.
Ladies are: resiKJctlullv .'inviUtl to call and.cx-
imiue this s'o k wbi- h is far ahead of any goo
of a similar kind brought to this place.
Eben .burg, April 23, lS-Sti. ....
virtue f a phi ir:e order of the Oimhatis
i3 'Court, the following real Cftate, late tli
property i f Daniel Ke!e. deciiwul, will I cx
p.iM-d to publi -sd r. t Lhe hou.se of John Go 'f,e
in Tal it.iu. Cambria coiioty. t. . ..
MoNI'AY. T!!i: lOTII l'..T 'oF 'NoVF.MnF.Tt.' 1SG.
' Tlx undiri.l.l half A.f live acres of l ind. m:av
r less, adjoining lands f the IVansi Ivaui R ii -Ron!
(".enpany, Samuei Waits. Janie, 5rCheke
an.l otl ers. '
ALSO The utidivuh-.! half of a lot or a piece
.f grou id. situate in the vidae of Gallit.in.ad
i .Inli.g the Peui svlvai.ia Rail Ros.d. In d of Jack
sou and Watts. Samuel Watts and ct! cr. c n
ta'iiimr. one fourth of tm aero and twenty-five:
'per he. : -'' -
TERMS CF SALE.- Ore half. of the purchase
money to ! aitl on wifinn .tiH f tl e f, the
ret-i-hie with interest in ne year il.i-rtaf.ei , to bv
secured bv lid und tnoiti'.'e.. - ' ' .
. . , J , . .'.WILLIAM FLVNN,
' Guardian of i the Minor Heirs of Darnel Lccfj;
deceased. , I .' ."X. : ';'''; - .' .
Sept. 2-1, 1856. y.: --.'- . '. .
A .On last Surtdny,veiing. -Ai pttst 24th, rear
,h "Webb In eien'ihnt (httr.h," a Wat. h
thV; owner can havj 1 is VTPP3r;y bj calling at
this otliee and pvoving property. . J - ,
Sept. Jl, l&oii. - ; , -
ICTIAKD.-. N'S Miny .iai.e "Kitterir
(L Dr. Weaver'.-; Canker and salt rheiun svrj
'A' 'GENT f..r the Lvcoii.irg' JIvtt.i;! lilfjx
ltSkt?Vmpkhyit '-i.'.-U- f..vu a.t-- '!., i'-y&'r.,
Om-.-sel fcivtii , in the Fn A sh and Ctriiaji
lat rm g s. - '
. OiTi.eon Tl-gh Street Elcnahrrg" Pcnt:"a. "
Feb. C lSSG. ly. i o. -; v':; :'".;!
WJiiar Fittdl. V i L! r I tint
"OTA VINO a-o ia! d themselves la; the prac
a. fi. tieo of the LAW, ni l attend prompt. v to
a.: t lisoiss cntriisteo to tbens.
Elensbnrg. June 14, 1SC0.
Attorney at Lew, Eteasburg.Fa
FFICE ailj..ini:.g the IV t Cfllce.
Aug. 24. H-lfj?..
JEFFERSON mm.:';.:
:A..152t2Il CO., P.
JCEM E.CCy Frcprietcr
Y.Til p!i;ays h- i:i rea.lii.c-.s at Wil n-.ore
tton on tiie arrival of cadi l assei.-er l ia ii
veyiiig 1 assengers j-ml ikiggage, fue . fclaig.
to Hotel, and leave directly vU PIai.k Road foi
June 13. ISCO.
1 1-
CA3!JIItl A toi:x;1y. Fa.
JOHN BIAIR, Trcprietcr.
W i I leave tlie Uni- n Horse f -r WiVph r- Sa
ti. n in time to take tl e Ilasteitior Wiie:n tmins
Eicry aicom.xhiti -n w i'l .'It afibrdi-il to jnalo
p'l s.-er.g i r c. n f ru I 'e.
-Jiiliiilj til' ILL,
u i: Ei r a s t n i: iz ri
(Near the Pern, 'a. R. R IV t.)
iiiuKG, PA
M.iv 21. 18.-0.
iff H0L B S A L E' GS0C V. S ,
InclDcafcrs ia & T JII S1IC LT0.1T0r.S.
OLD ilJKU'GAHELA aad itociiaea VLukcy.
. No. "'0 C.mu trci.'.l ib w,
LI BUR I V S iJiM .T "
. . . Simtltit $ i' ' ; :
.".CO B!s .loul.le I'e tihcil Wl .hkc. :
lS7y Rhls Old Mi n .ng.i! eh; Ry WhitLcy, (V&r
i: y choice ) -"-f.0
Dials N. O Segi.r.
:0 1'.'. 1. N O. Molas,s.
With a geiarsii :is.itmet;t f G oeeris. a's
Rat Fl-it. L; rd. h- n.V Nails A.., a!! of w i.ith
will I e .o!i! at low i ricis for c-inh. ,
June IF. ISoC. Zi-
m m wm i - :
r.LT.YFViS made iin-l apidieeti. ns taken f r in-
suri.n. c against Fiiejn tl e
jj:o'FOtjox mutva i.rivj: w
I .. v.-r popERT Al M'OIV; Agei.t.
if - ilmorc P. O., Cambria Co. -
Vulualle Ileal Ilnlato
F OR' S A L E.
' I will s 11 at private wlc thtit laige an.l crn
iii..K;ii.iis FH.CK HOUSE. Htu:;te on High tiitf,
iu the Por, u At of El. oris u-g, I eii g the jeo erty
..ecuvuNl bv M Hon K -l irts. ,Vi'. at tle'tin e
.,f lot death. Also, a valuable L 0Tf GUdUXI)
situate on the Clay l'ike. about one hall nule from
said R . i-oegh. eoiitaiuii g M acus tlifloKtl a:il
in a g.-od s'ate ' f oijiivath n. - "
For terms apjly to tle nd-scrilcr lCsi-'inp on
the i nmiscs,or t-.'j hn Wil'iams. in I-'.N nsburg.
Se t. IT, lSGG.-;f. '
' EN Tt'r.cl ers f . take charge of the Schools in
. : Sumfnerhi 1 Scho! 1) -strict f t fv tir,m li s.
Apt !i"-.n.t iv'.l! bo I'tqiiirosl to - po.ss 1st C as.-
rtl!b--at.' s . Apj Va';n.ts wil ne'-f 'ilo C"t i.ty
S-jperititer''-nt hi J-ffcvs. i'i of. he 2Mb Jav of
0.t.er l ext- at one o'clock to-be t xn.i I y
him. : S. hHlsto con.mer.eo 1st of No.yem.ber i:t xt ,
5 J Ev order of ti e I ar.T.
I' i Wm. K. HUGHES, Scc"
.fTiceof Srb.v.l Director' ,
. Jerers.,n. Sept 29, I BSC. t 1
pt ATLOLlC Prayer MmvmnT-R
j U tie- aad Cruoitixts. at 3- M'DLRMPT S j
' . . 'I i JACtS 6TAI1L. j -? -i jjt C. TU05. r.OBKKTf
R, l y fin.e, 17
I v
! ronti fr.f S wLich is cleared
f&IAsu.st a post a comer of lot r
MCSXAJtiXS'J-liUSXXiS M-'piimi idiVtT-iit.
f- niu' rf-Rpttbai:Vr wurrKr.tt :lli lits-4 ( m ft
ct 1 at tl c!r rmp)rt;te t! e M -iiitaiJ iiisi."
Ust'fT IV
i live v..u ii.icKititiiuiiii!;5 C:z
T.b.os,! a rg: M: y 1.-1SCC.
. ' - . t r ,
..-.. . - . .
rTtllE .fMbser.bjrs w.,uij itsj e tfuily ;r.frr:l ti e
X eiliZ'tis of C.m.'-;iil- C'l l.tl" ili-l Ibiy lave
! -tin ha. c i .tl eTa'. J iy E.-'il lis) n' ent ai p.i: !. o
Cm briii C. i nry, f -in.rly mri. A. 51 $ It.
White. The f ta! bshrr.ent will md. rg" it v.- i
.air. fil l in,pr..vcmi i ts 5 i- h w i 1 enable tl ar-i
t ' i. roii.f.tcirie j ;h'1.' r i.f ill! !is. ri pi it i s f, r
oui.ttv liM',' aV.- vaih.us klnoS f Littl er for
the Kastdi. Its ik .' ' -
Cash will le pi I" fi r nail: stl D:i'c rf all"
k'nV. oi if prefer rcil in exel iu j..e h r LenCier, ;
N ne I ti. practical workmen wi'i I e roj !. y J
Cr.ers L,r Leather will b.- j-r inpt'v f'tti vj ty
- F. M.
oi oi:cp. -
:Y Il-'l CL'.
lay 7, :2-tf
Evetuior'S JToXItc.
ft LTTI'l.S tcstan.tot vy heie I cen rrT.'c!
uftoTlse s-itbs-rit-er, on tl e estate I Mi.lt. l. bb
em. rfe 'd, I v ti e Register . f Co. I int
:;slr ... i,,:ii.i im :.:av,
lie heifl-v
eives n
tice to u: i er- i.S I nn!-
oig ti. m-selvc.s ii..:clttd to com:- t i u;.ni tv
ke pun. ent without ' 'sv. ar-d t! e I : vii i
t l. ims agiii st the wmc t r.Mi.t their:' rr; e.l v
.ti.thent.icsittil fv.-r s.-t tr. n eiit. ' . -
August .21, 1?CC.
A51XIS I il Vi XOTICS". -;
..LTTFLS of a-hi tiiMtir it oi tl i -t..e cf
-S-i .lci.fS R'-gels. Lite of Ii C;-os. Yi.-r"ini
ileeaied. have icn gnu.twl I y th- Ihi j.sirr to
t!.e subscriber, residing .t Lcir.l. :l. C. t.ibiii, c.
Thwe haying tlaims pgitiit sai: isiiite sie :e-qta-tstfd
to i rcsei.t thtm.'propo K- it:t!.ta.tkateU
icr Btttitiiitiit. - - i .
... MARY JANE S.OTT, Aom'x.
Arg. 27. 1SC6. t.t -e. a ,:x.
ETTERSfctair.ei.t. have 1 e-.-n printed ly
Ajk the Register f C-n..l.;ia e eioy,' to ti c stdi
-tT.lH-r. on the estae of Fras.eis Oiiltrj ie, t-tc'i!
l.tte of Girr -ll t- wi sl ip. . CnuJ ria G oi.iy.
All persons knowing them' 1 ors ii,d. 1 iei! to spi 1
, estiile are n-q iesied to c i: e f -rwanl a:.d w ttl ;
wilnoui or ' it o j i v. .
. nLLA" GILLESPIE, Exeet-t tx.'
. Aag. 21.18SC. -
Sheriff 's S"ale.
BY v.rtue i f an a ias u l it el Venditioni Fxpt-'f
issi ed out of the Comt ..f Cm iron Pleas of
Cam? ria com ty rem to t c f'i ictct?, tl ere v":l! I e
exposed to sale by public outc iy. o ; e I remis-.s
m ti e t. in -t .let erson,. i
Siitrr ':i t! e Int
hiy of No-( iii' r. A. D. IcfC
a 1
ebok P.
i rur
ii vr. r
D .nab.-, of, in ii.i to two lotsif .i.iiil .-.ui c
i -I t be town of .it it iso'. C-nlria ori.ty. n'
".inTie lots of Jo' n Holder, I 1 z tnt-tb Lilly and
Mrs. C iHins, r.oiv in the icet: sncy. tf the aiil
To'cr Donahoe. ' . ,
Taken in exccr.th n and to he sold at li e eu.it of
lames Dtrintl Vy ' " - ; .
, - JOHN I.O CERTS, SlcrilT.
I . :
Eb: ii: burg. Oct P. ISCG. )
Sheriff's Bale.
QY. virtue of an alias writ of V. nditioni Exj o
lJ rias, issued out of the G urt f Common Pifs
f Caml via 'county ' arid to me diifctetl. tl.-cVp v:R
s j. , xivwe.lro pub'i sde, on the premises, in 'ha
Roroiiiih f f Co:.tman b. cn S.iinidav tl fi-.t
day f Novell ler A. D. 1S-G, at 1 ..Vl.. k. P. V
- All t; e righr. title and interest f John Me
Jlanmnv ehf-eec1. f iti aud to a l"t t.f greJt:r.l
situa'e in i-rci'atisli . 1 rt.upb. X7atifcl ria c. ob y
iVoi.tinj on Pail R a ! sfsee-. an ! umi 'ng back
1 i i- S.i.-.-t r s'rc trt'n t .Vhyra.",. "i 'i. 1 of
' il j o ii . 1 l tteiy . aiai liivu, t v. on crxcteil a
ivoi Hiiy liama 'hot.ee v".th la.k Li.ih.inif at-
t: el ,,.- ' : . ,
Tnkn in t-xe uion and to 1 e Fo'd ?t te"ruit
f TbornsisCnmpla il. Morris TicnirTi.aidlr.G.
Mui-ohcv. .K'.iTvii Irg psrimTS il the late titra cf
Tiernat , CampLil; A C-.. 1 v. ' 4
- JOHN ROREItT, Sheriir.'
51 Iffs Offiea r ; C .j-. ,-,-"..? ..
, LU'iisI i.rg, t 8.1f&r j ., . f . : ., ,
Tiie lttc el l.rutge-Aesu k'tiu.
THE mid " j.: e '', A n'irr. at pHi tel bv the
'(JrphhnN C-r.rt' rOihtbiia Oamy; to make
.H-tril rrh n of the fiiu.is, in t e I ai.rh. if. Geiir'O
Miii ri v 1 xe nt r f Gcon t Vi; fl !ec!'-, ainongst
tie g-'t.-t and ht ir of. said oc e isetj. will nt-
fnT f o the ' ilntit-s bf id npTioirtment. atil.i
office in KU-nsbuvg ou.MohdMV the. 5rvntetn;h
d..v of No vera Ur next r.t one . ' 'k P.- M.
" JOIlNf S. r.liEY, Ati.llb r.
; October floSt. 4t. 1 ; ' ' - ;
I'talc til" Jolui .li'JJfel Cet'tl. :
Till: ni.deV'ci!C!, "Auditor, app -mte l by tlc
Orphan's C irt of Ontl-ri Oani'v. t n.nke
hstnlri. n t.f.tb.e fimusiu the bam'a rf Jl-nul
M'Meel Ihitt-ut. r. f Jtii.ii M'Me.l Otx'd an-ongst
the ciC i:l.fTi f ."llill t'tCtlsiL' Wl'l attend to tho
dutless of leftiit -irfi'tlntnient t his i-iSce i LEImkiv
nrgj Moody the ter.tii djiy cf.2C vcmb'.T
rouN s1. itnrX Aucitrr-
0-1. B.TSr.cr
r OLD.LMrta r.nd Rieai'nlii cn:h Port
,u-, andToyf.'t't J M'D rndt8
or. .i
1 1E3. LLfcti iUu, Elick. r fao?y
Plated do.f
t. " tr
&c, tot i:uy-"t p-.t, thtiico r.orth
le fold (Lev f Ti0 pcrc-Jies to the place
wberu in tP-ig 209 acres-a:;d allwwaitu
. .
f ; ;
4-' i
if I '
It :

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