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Unnorrnf nnb rniiiul.
hotard wiiitk:::
WHITE & DEVINE, Eaitors and Proprietor!.
W i: D X l'-SI)AYMOKK I NG :
:::::::( CT. 0.
Charles R. Buckalew. ViiU -n McCand'ess.
District. District.
1t fieoW. Nebincrcr l.Tth Abra'm Eihnger
,lPierce Bitler 1 1th Uoul.cn Will.tr
8d Kdw. Wartman 10th Goo A. Crawford
4th Win. II. Witte 10th James li'.ark
5th John McNair 17th Henry J. Suhlc
Oth John II. IVir.ton 18th John I). lUldy
7tj, D.ivM Laury 10th Jacob Turney
oi.-. p..,. u'..ob1.w 9. "it1 J. A . J. Buchanan
Oill w . . . . -. -
t)t' las. Patterson 2l-t Wai. WJkins
lOtii Isaac ShnVer 221 Ja. G. CimpW.l
Hth V. W. Hughes 201 Thos Cunningham
12th Thos. O.torhaut 24th l-h:i Keatley
2 th District Yineeit Phelps.
v ANTED Beef, pork, corn, buckwheat,
Jj oats, tfc, for subscription and advertisc
ing to the "Democrat & Sentinel.
One Fire More !
Let no consideration induce voters to stay
away from the Polls next Tuesday. Although
tho enemy lias been beaicn fairly and com
pletely beaten on the 2nd Tuesday of Oetob r,
Tet they will make another desperate effort on
lbo 4th November The 14tli October was
but a mere skirmish, preparatory to the grand
battle which, is to be fought on the first Tues
day of November. Although our vote iu
October was large and gratifying to every true
American, yet it is now well known, that
many votes were not polled in Allegheny,
Chest, Clearfield and other districts, which
houhl certainly le got out on next Tuesday.
The enemy are still numerous, perfectly
organized, and will fight hard. They have
the command of vast sums of money sent on
fiorn Boston, New York, and other places to
be used in a disgraceful attempt to purchase
votes for Fremont and Disunion, in Pennsyl
vania. The returns cf the State election
show that in the Wiluiot District, and in oth
er localities where they hare control, they re
turn hundreds, nay, thousands of fraudulent
votes, they will do so again on next Tuesday,
and to a greater extent. They arc determin
ed that this election shall be carried in defiance
of the will of the people, and that this, our
beloved "Union, purchased at the price of so
much blood and so many inestimable sacrifices
ehall be torn asunder, and that our free Penn
sylvania shall be made a mere appendage to
Boston and New York ; that Pennsylvanians
shall no more make their own laws, but be
governed by the Greeley's, the Bennett's, the
Bcechcrs, and the rest of that horde of howl
ing fanatics who have already sufficiently dis
graced humanity !
Remember, Freemen, that if you neglect
your duty on next Tuesday, you may entail a
worse than British tyranny on yourselves and
your children, If yoa neglect it then it may
be the last time that you can ever exercise that
icstimable prlviledge of the American citizen,
the freedom of the ballot.
No more solemn duty was ever committed
to the hands of men, than that which de
volves upon the citizens of our country next
Tuesday. From their action upon Tuesday
depends most surely the weal and woe, the
perpetuation or destruction of the Union. If,
which God forbid, through supinencss, negli
gence, forgctfulncss, or cowardice. John C
Fremont should be chosen President, then
farewell Peace, farewell jmblic confidence, and
domestic security. From that moment the
J. and will be in a State of war. It cannot be
otherwise. His party ignore, repudiate, spit
iipon fifteen equal, sovereign members of our
confederacy ; can any mau pretend that the
President of sixteen states can ever le inaug
urated chief magistrate of Thirty one !
Arouse then, Freemen of Cumbria county !
Do your duty here. Let no imaginary pre
tence of business keep you away from the
polls. Can anything be more important to
jou than the welfare cf the country which pro
tects and sustains you? Do not disgrace your
selves by childish excuses about inclemency
of weather, or distance to the polls. Did our
Fathers, regard distance or bert or cold when
they fought without clothing at Kings moun
tain, or when their march could be tracked by
their blood over the snows of Valley Foge?
And Remember! If our happiness and our
Freedom depended on their bayonets, then
fo do they depend upon your ballots now, and
-on next Tuesday, these unpi?tending pieces of
paper will be potent as the decrees of destiny.
Evans & Hughes. This firm has received
their fall and winter stock of ready-made clo
thing. They defy all competition, and war
rant their goods in point of quality and price
, to be far ahead of any establishment in the
County. Sec advertisement.
A Uozss Divided against I'.sslf.
Since the defeat of Black Republicanism in
this State at the late election, the combined
forces of opposition to the Democratic State
Ticket, have resolved themselves into their
original elements, and the democracy on next
Tuesday will have arrayed against it three
Electoral Tickets. The first is the original
Fillmcre ticket adopted at Ilarrisburg last
June, the Electors at large, being Joseph 12.
Ingcrsdl and Andrew Stewart. The second
is what is called the Union Electoral ticket,
which was framed at Ilarrisburg on the i-lst
instant, by a portion of the Frcmmd and Fill
7iore men, the Electors at large being JOHN
C. FREMONT, and James L vt'n. The third
and last is what ia called the pure, unadulter
ated Fremont ticket, the Electors at large be
ing John Y. Craicford and Jacob G. Back
off n. On this ticket, the Elector for this
District is David J. Jones of this place. It
is not pretended by any sane man, that either
of these tickets, has the most remote chance
of success on next Tuesday. Their utter end
overwhelming defeat is a foregone conclusion.
The ticket with Fremont s came at its heal is
a political hybrid, a perfect mongrel, compos
ed of thirteen Fremont and thirteen Fillmore
men. with Fremont as a cross between the two,
for the twenty-seventh. To an hones, man,
this union of black spirits and white, blue
spirits and gray, must be deeply humiliating.
It is the first time in the political history of
this country, that so disgraceful a spectacle
has ever been exhibited to the people ; the
first time that a Presidential candidate, has
so far compromised his high position, as to
become an elector in a State of which he is not
a citizen. With what pride, can the demo
cratic party contrast their conduct, ever since
Ijuch'tnaiis nomination, with such political
thimblerigging. Sooner than see James Bu
chanans name prostituted to such base and un
worthy purposes, wc would infinitely prefer
that he should retire from the contest. Such
however, will always be the fate of a party,
that has no principle to guide and direct its
movements. The supporters of Fremont have
the impudence to ask foreigners to vote this
ticket, when it is an admitted fact, that thir
teen cf the Electors arcrabiJ Know-Nothings.
If they can do it, and reconcile it with their
sense of pride and conviction of duty, they
are not the men we take them to be.
That Banner Indiana Connty.
The papers are s-till discussing the claims
of different counties for the Philadelphia ban
ner. Wc announced before the election that
Cambria county was in tLe ring, and if the
banner is to be given to one of those counties
that gave a majority, then we think that Cam
bria will receive it. But if, without refer
ence to majority, the banner is to be given to
the county that polled the grcafest percent
age of increase on the Democratic vote cf last
year fur Canal Commissioner, then the claims
of Indiana county arc be3-ond question. No
county in the State can show anything like
such percentage of increase. The vote polled
for Pluinmer last year, in Indiana county,
was GG7; this year, the vote for Scott ili00;
the increase is conscquecthy over 125 per
cent ! No other county in the Slate has in
creased the Democratic State vote up to 100
per cent.
No Democrats in the Union have made a
better fight than those of Indiana county.
With the wealth and influence of the county
against them, overrun with freedom shriek
crs, with the clergy openly iu the field for
Fremont, without a democratic newspaper pub
lished in the county, until a few weeks before
the election, they have yet manfully stood up,
fought against all odds, and more than doub
led their vote ! Such courage and constancy
is beyond all praise. We say, let Indiana
county have the banner.
Judge IiI'Lean, of Ohio, for Baclianan.
This distinguished gentleman, who was the
competitor of John C Fremont, in the Phila
delphia Convention, has announced himself in
favor of the election of Jamrs liuc7ianan-
He is bitterly denounced for so doing by the
Fremont papers in Cincinnati Judge M'Lcan
was almost thc unanimous choice of the Re
publicans in this county for the Presidency.
His love of the country and its constitution,
of which he is so able an expounder, has ris
en superior to Ids devotion to party, and he
is now marching under the same national flag
with Rafus Choatc, Hcvcrdy Johnson, Jamcs
1. C'l'jy, and hundreds of other gallant and
patriotic old line Whigs.
Compliment to Cambria County.
Thurlow Weed, the editor of the Albany Ev
ening Journal, one of the leading Fremont papers
in New York, and one cf the men who were at
Ilarrisburg hist week, getting up the Ixyus Union
ticket, is out in an article attacking the people of
Cambria county for not voting for Fremont He
says that the people of Cambria are so besotted,
so ignorant, that a .majority of them cannot d;s-
tinguis.li I from an ox-yokc ! Now if the people
of Cambria county can be induced to go for Fre
mont by such persuasion as thc above, we arc much
mistaken. On next Tuesday, November 4th, thc
pe.-p!cof Cambria will show Mr. Weed that they
cannot be fooled by him ; cute as he thinks him
sell to be, ho cannot come it over them with bis
yankoe tricks. They will prove their intelligence
anp patriotism by casting an increased rote for
Buchanan, Breckinridge and the Union.
Tho Democracy of Summerhill and adjoin
ing districts will meet on Monday, November
32. Distinguished speakers will be present.
Let there be a full turn-out. It will be the
last meeting before the election, and let it be
a router.
We call the particular attention of our dem
ocratic friends throughout the country, to the
following article from the " Pennsylvanian."
Wc have no positive evidence, that in this
county the opposition intend to'tlist. bute frau
dulent tickets. , Since their defeat however
in this State, the leaders of the Frei.iont par
ty have beeomo - so - perfectly despSrate,. that
they will resort to any means, for the purpose
of defeating Buchanan in his OTn Stale. It
behooves the democracy therefore, "to kep a
vigilaut eye on the enemy,, and to take care,
at every election poll in the county, that no
ticket is voted without having first carefully
examined it
To be Forewarned is to.be Forearmed.
Our Democratic friends, end those na
tional Whigs who operate with them through
out Pennsylvania and the country, must not
be too confident that, because we hav j c-nec-tunlly
defeated the opposition atone election,
therefore it will be an easy triumph at the
next. Nothing that now seems to be cn the
surface of events caD prevent this State from
piling up a Jackson majority' for James Bu
chanan on the 4th of November. But it is
not to be concealed that most of those who fu
sed in October will be ready to dotal rHV.-Ch- T
the coming struggle. Hence ia
of the State, in every school district anu wara,
every township and county, citr men must be
prepared for every emergency. Above all,
lvt them not be deceived by the apparent pan
ic which now pervades the opposition ranks.
It is certain, and we may speak from the
book when we say it, thnt an immense sum of
mone3 one account tells us at least 70,000
has been raised in the city of New York by
the friends cf Fremont to operate in. Pennsyl
vania in this election. The ahr.cst incalcula
ble sum expended during the last contest was
thrown with prodigious cried in:o the border
counties, as the result in thoc counties plain
ly shows ; and though we l ave broken the
back of the poisonous rerpor.t, yet it is a fact
in uatural history, that the tail which contains
tho sting, is the last to di Therefore, even
in the expiring agonies of our opponents, they
will attempt to strike a blow which may be
mortal. See to' the Electoral tickets. See
that every name is correctly printed. Have
the ticket put up i:i a prominent position at
each poll, so that every voter can compare his
own ticket with an authorized copy, llie
State Central Committee has forwarded to the i
Democratic electors, carefully corrected lists ;
and cur friends throughout the Si ate should
sec that their own tickets arc printed after
careful revision with the ticket sent them.
In 1841, the opposition circulated a false
ticket by putting genuine names at the head
of it and concealing a number of opposition
names in the middle of the list. Avoid any
such accident. Pevcnt any such frauds from
being perpetrated again. We cannot be too
careful iu watching ur most unscrupulous and
reckless adversaries in this, the hour of their
Fraudulent Yctinir.
The opposition have been endeavoring to
conceal their defeat, by raising the cry of
fraudulent votes. The annexed extract shows
oa what a large scale they played this game
A correspondent of the Fcnnsyh-'inian,
thus effectually disposes of the cry of fraud
raised by the Abolitionists, and shows that if
there was fraud in the late election, the oppo
sition arc clearly chargeable with it:
By examining the returns of the recent
election, it will be seen that the vote of Penn
sylvania, on Canal Commissioner, amounts to
422,089. The population of our State, by
the census of 1850, was 2,211.780. We
have then, without taking into account the in
crease in population, one vole for 5 49 of
population of 1850,
Philadelphia gave, at the recent election,
03,042 voles, Avhich, with a population oj
408,702 in 1850, is one vote for o 9o of in
habitants, that is one vot'j for nearly G per
sonsmuch less than the average of the
If wo look further, we shall find that tho
counties which have the largest vote returned
for the population, are those alcn the New
York liae iufested with
Abolitionism! Fo:
Topuhi'i. Offi. Vote. That is 1
Ib50. Oct. ISoii. vote lor
21,800 4,247
28,623 5,774
5 03 of inhab's
4 98
42,831 8,05 6 31
23,987 4,800 " 4 98
C,04S 1.791 3 37
5,254 1,228 4 57
13,071 2,812 4 82
403,762 C8.480 5 95
It will thus be aeon, that the figures which
it is said, do not lie prove . that the cry of
fraud, as applied to thc late election 10 Phila
delphia, in consccruenco of tho , increase
votes, is absurdly and foolishly false ; that
while here there is but one vote for six of
population, iu tho abolitionized counties of
Bradford, Susquehanna, Tioo-a, Potter, and
M'Kean, there is a vote for 5,31, 4,98, 4,97,
8,37! and 4,27 of inhabitants. These rc
suits in these infected districts demonstrate
pretty clearly, that thc cry cf colonization,
lallo'-box stuffing, &c , raised here by the
Abolitionists and their allies before and sine 3
the recent State election, was but the usual
expedient of a certain gentry of the cry of
Etopthiotl to hide their , own vi
lie intcn-
I. 0. 0. F.
Tho following named members of the difi-
erent Lodges iu this District were duly in
stalled as officers for the next semi-annual
term :
Highland 1 odge No. 428. D. C. Zahm.
N G., G. W. Wisegarvcr, V G., G. C. K.
Zahm, P. S.. C. T. Roberts, A. S., Lew
is Hoover, Treas. Representative to the
Grand Lodge, 1) C. Zahni.
Alma Lodge, No. 523.
T. II. Lapsley, N. G.. E. M. Srailly, "V
G., Win. Canan, Sec'y., Jas. Moore. A. S
Jas. Morcly, Trcn.i. Representative to the
Grand Jjodge, J. M. Campbell.
Coxemacgii Lodge, No. 191,
T. R ltimmell, N. G., J. P Linton, V
G., J. II. Fisher. Secy., Geo. Cupp, A. S.,
G. Bycrly, Trcas. Representative to the
Grand .Lodge, Alexander Kennedy. t '
The Pote. "" I
That funny fellow, John Tcnn Jones, of
the Hollidaysburg Register, is still endeavor- iuniore, held in l'uiiaaciptiia on last matur
ing to root out the Pope, a personage who ac- y. the following resolutions were adopted
cording to some authors, resides iu Rome, but
who, according to the excruciating Jones, is
now like Fremont running fer President ini1,1"01110111
Pennsylvania. Last week, Jones calls upon , Eeso ,vcd- TLat meeting cordially cn
- x a . . dorses the action cf the I-dlmore State Com
the freemen to turn out and vote, not against -ff .:r - ...;,i..i i-n
BuchAuan, but against the Pope ! We did
not know that Pius was in the ring, but wc
submit of course to Jones superior knowledge
By the way we should like to have Jones'
opinion or. commentary upon the toiiow-
ing passage from an old author, upon which
we have often . pondered. Any
Any intricacies in
" . 1 '--
V. P. 0. F. C
Der Papbst lebt herrlich in die welt,
Es fclht ih m nie an ablass geld ;
Er trinkt vom allerbesten wcin,
Teh mochte auch dcr Papbst wohlsein!
Doch nein, Er ist cin armer wicht,
Ijjinjioldes madchen kust ihn nicht ;
Ich n-oehte doch der Papbst nicht scin !
" Much has been said during the campaign, in
relation to Mr. Fremont's religion. The Fillmcre
press charged upon him that he was a Catholic. I
r r i v 'iit 4i- t -I .
Jur. Greeley, indignant that his candidate should
, ' . . i ,i
be suspected of worshiping the pofc. domed the
i if. t .
cnarge, anuaucr mucn vexeu uiscussion, announ-
ccd with a nourish of trumpets, that he had pub-
lished a pamphlet, clearing John lremcnt ol
the charge. In thc pamphlet, He-race says that
there was another Fremont, who was an officer
in thenrmv. to smiled J. C. Fremont, and was a
C itlulic. This other Fremont has turned up.
His name is Re will Jj. Fremont. lie has publish
ed a letter, Btatiug that he was formerly in the ar
my, but now resides in North Carolina; that he
was never a Cathilic, and that he docs not resem
ble John C. Fremont. He also states that be has
long known John C-Fremont, and that John C.
has a'wavsbecn a Catholic. Horace is now asha
med, both of his pamphlet and his candidate. The
lorriblc truth has broke in upon him at last, that
the daring John C. is a worshipper of the secr
et lady of Rabylon.
The proofs that John C. Fremont is a Cat'n -lie,
ue now irrcfra'j,i!le a-d cannot le denied. It is
ndeed a queer position of parties , at present,
hik such men asThurlow Weed are blackguard-
ng the Catholics of Cambria, and Bowmnn of the
ribune is pitching into the " Magchans, the
-nlons, the Georges, the Gray's, the Glasses,"
because they "do not eat meat on Friday," and
that mad can wag John Penn Jones, is bawling 1
himself hoarse, warning thc penj Is " nt to vote
f.,rtha Pone!" the very same Weed, and Bowman,
nd Jones are all united in support of John
Charles Fremont, svho is himself a Catholic.
Thurlow Weed, the editor of the Al
bany Evening Journal, (woolly head) in an
article reviewing the causes of the defeat of
Black Republicanism in Tenns3dvania, asserts
that in Cambria county every eighth man does
R nnd nn
i Tfli , r ,1 j
v-. -
ever catch this vile slanderer in Uamuria, lie
will discover that they know how to use a
The effects of good and bad neitrhborhod
are strikingly shown in the result in Pennsyl
vania- There are eight counties bordering on
Western New York, and they vote just as
Western New York does, largely for Freedom.
There are four counties on the Ohio hue, ana
they go as Ohio docs, strongly for Freedom.
There are soven counties in the Southern tier
on irgiuia aja inaryiaiui, u.iu luey ue, ui
1" ' 1 HI 1.3 J il 1 11
but two, with irginia and Maryland, for
Slavery. There are eix counties bordering on
New Jersey, and they are like JNew Jersey
alone and doubtful These two counlics touch
ing North Delaware, and they are like North
Delaware, hrcc Soil.
Freedom and Enlightenment arc closely con-
nectcu. jjaneaster, uie ancient capua-, uuu
the best cultivated county in the State ; where
thev have more Farms, more Schools and more
Churches than in any other county of its size,
gives a rousing majority for the rremont tick
et. Crawford, where nine hundred and nine
ty-nine men out of every thousand can read
and write, tolls up a heavy majority for the
Fremont ticket. Pittsburg, where tnecuames
are skillful and numerous and thrifty, polls a
large majority for the Fremont ticket But
amoti'' the Mines of Luzerne, Northumberland
and Schuylkill, where schools are scarce and
waes low, there is a majority tor IJuchanan
NAME TO SAVE HIS LIFE,, there is a
majority for Buchanan. jf
In tho purlieus of Philadelphia, where vice
and ignorance do congregate, there is a nia-
joritv for Buchanan Jn Pike county, where L. . . , . n j i j
i " .-u i i it ,T We have but two competitors Columbia and
theie is (or wa? till lately) but one newspaper I '
and that a weekly, there is a majority for Bu
chanan. The best orators for Fremont are
the Farm, the Mill, the Schoolhouse, the
Prcs3 and the Church. Thc only effective
campaign document for Buchanan is the five
dollar bill. Albany Evening Journal.
New Firm, It will be seen by a. card in
to-day's paper that T. L. Ileyer and G. M.
Reed, Esq'rs., have entered into partnership
in the practice of thc law. Mr Ileyer is well
and favorably known to the citizens of our
county as District Attorney, an office which
he has filled for the last three years with cre
dit to himself and to the satisfaction of thc
citizens generally, and as an evidence of thc
fact, was re-elected this fall to fill the office
one term longer . .
Mr. Reed, his partner, is a young man of
no ordinary ability, and it is generally conce
ded that he has few equals at ihc bar, for thc
short time he has been practising. His close
attention to business has won him many
frien lsV 3TAU0I'C tho ncw Crm may receive
many fat clients. " . '
Fillmore in Philadelphia.
At an immense meeting oi ine menas or
atmdst tue greatest enthusiasm, l ney drive
lue nau lnt0 lQe 'political comn oi Joan k,.
Electoral Ticket, or to enter into any compro-
mise which would in any manner, directly or
indirectly, implicate the friends of Millard Fill-
ie election of John C. rremout to
Resolved, That reirardin- the election of
John U. Fremont equally detrimental to the
peace and welfare of the Republic as that
Jamcs -kuciianan ; .looking upon them both
the wuole country, but the sclh-h interests of
the North as arrayed against the South, and of
the South ajr ainst ths .orth, we will in no
J wise be accessory to the fruition of the schemes
of agitation, gtrife and national discord invol
ved in their success.
Resolved, That the Union Electoral Ticket
is a fraudulent device to entrap the friends of
Millard Fillmore into the support of John C
Fremont, and that wc repudiate it as we do
the principles of the party that we would sup
port, in giving it our votes.
Resolvedr That the withdrawal of the. Fill
more Electoral Ticket would be the death blow
to the prospects of the National American and
Old Line Whig Candidate in States which be
alone can carry against tf c Loeofoco nominee;
that an of treachery l,y . the Ameri
cans oi Pennsylvania to tlicir xrnniJ:? eJtsowlit-rc
, , . T J , . .
would cive James Buchanan 120 votes in the
glav? d famticnt ;n thc Xorih to
mTLIQ ,;m president
Resolved, That we invite all thc opponents
0f Loeofocoism to rally on the straight out
Fillmore and Donelsou Electoral Ticket, and
thus ptevent the vote of Pennsylvania from
being cast fjr Buchanan and his destructive
doctrines, but that, coine what niav. we will
not strike the Sag of Fillmore ; and that wc
will cling to it iu victory or defeat, with an
unshaken faith, and aa unyielding courage,
Candor from aa Unexpected duarte r
The Philadelphia Sim, a Fremont paper cf
Tuesday last, has the following article in ref
erence to Kansas The stock in trade of the
" freedom shriekers" is exhausted Govei
nor Geary has settled matters there, and peae
is restored to the people of that Territory :
" Rkstoratiox of Quiet in Kansas
The news received via. St Louis from Kansas
to the 19th of September, gives cheering en
couragement that the measures taken by Gov.
Geary will speedily lea l to the pacification of
Kansas. It is known to our readers that we
iave persistently condemned the shameful in-
terference of the Missourians in ths affairs of
Kansas, and the jrrcat evils which have result
ed from this interference have shown that our
L tears wore not, ui-grounue-.i i no prospeeis oi
peace a-,d a return to the foundation pnnci-
pies of representative government, that the
will of the people fairly expressed at the polls
by legal votes shall be obeyed and respected,
cannot fail to be gratifying to all good citizens
e are entirely independent of and above tho
influences of those partizan tactics which try
to make the worse appear the better cause, or
to conceal the truth because ignorance of it
may facilitate the chances of this or that po-
Htical aspirant. Therefore, we stand ready
now, as we have always done, to do justice to
that brin2 about such a cond;
t:on nf things. Wc have ever r-ombmmrd the
repeal of the Missouri Compromise as a wan-
ton and uncalled for re-openinsr of agitation,
but since the act was committed and its res
toration appears impossible and is not even
claimed by many who staunchly resisted its
infraction, we have anxiously desired that the
principles of the Kansas Nebraska bill should
have a fair trial. They have resulted well ia
Nebraska, which Territory was organized by
the actual sctttlers under that bill, and it can
not be doubted that, if left to operate in Kan
sas, without int.inuption from an)r quarter.
, . snc-ssfnl. Tho
I , -V , n w Cr Jn iniv,,an;;in r
ylvanian, recent
ly appointed to a responsible position by Pres
ident Pierce, looks like the dawning of a new
era in Kansas, and thus far has shown that a
man of nerve and of sound principles ca do
much to put down the unfortunate difficulties
and prevent the unlawful interferences which
have so long disturbed the country and retard
ed the progress and prosperity of the Territo
ry. His inaugural proclamation has been
well followed up, nnd, the measures he has ta
ken promise to bring about the most whole
some results "
The Keystone Club Banner.
We are not awa-c, that the Keystone Club
have 3et decided the question, as to what coun
ty is entitled to the Banner. Although we
have just cause to feci proud of our vote in
Cambria, yet, if she has been surpassed by
any other county in the State, we say let the
Banner go where it justly belongs. We did
our whole duty and if any one of cur allies in
the hand to hand ftruggle, has dealt heavier
and more effective blows aeainst tho common
if ti. -.rnwn 0f l,onnr he- pn awnr.V.l
Monroe. When thc question is Fettled thc
result will be given to our readers.
Superintendent cf the Portage Road.
Just as we arc going to press, we have been
shown an article in the Hollidaysburg 'Stand
ard.' containing a very extensive ''pufT' of an
individual named William S. Calohan, who
has for some time been attempting to figure in
this part of the country as Superintendent of
the Portage Rail Road. The puffin question
is a very imprudent attempt to make newspa
per capital on thc eve of election, for an in
dividual who has long since fallen beneath thc
withering contempt of thc community. Wc
will attend to him and his toadv next week.
Error Corrected. In our list of premi
ums, granted at our late County Fair, men
tion is made of a lock said to have been made
by thc Franciscan Brothers. An error was
made bv tho committee who handed the list
in to us. Tho lock nyas made by thg Benedic
tine brothers, at St. Vincent, "Westmoreland
county. It is a rich elaborate specimen of
German art, :
1 Cambria " the Ztzr cf the WfcEt.r
Tho returns of the election Leld on the 14th
inst., shew that Cambria county has given
by far the largest Democratic majwritv cast
by any county west of thc mountains. This
entitles her to the rank so long held by West
moreland. Cambria Is henceforth the "star
of tho West." If any of our sister counties
are envious, let them deserve it by rolling np
a bigger majority if they can.
The English and European politicians are
for Fremont. Hear the London Leader :
Already the politicians of England and
Europe are reckoning that the American peo
ple will elect an anti-slavery President, who
will send around thc brand of discord as the
burning branch used to be sent to rouse tl
clans of Scotland."
The British tories are for Fremont. Hear
the London Chronicle :
We shoufd be sorry to see Mr. Bachan
an elected, because he is in favor of preserv
ing the obnoxious institutions as thy exist
There is no safety for monarchical govern
ments if the progressive spirit cf the Democ
racy cf the United States is allowed to suc
ceed. .ILLMlgliF-y&ST. AY" rm:
TED." The Brithdi Chancellor of the Exchequer is
for Fremont. Hear the London (Hi :
Let us, however, first remove the beam
from our own eyes, that we mny see elearlv
to remove the mote from that of our Ameri
can kinsfolk. It id with the deepest humiliv
tion that we receive the rnnouncemcnt that
the British Chancellor of thc Exchequer has
subscribed 100,000 for the use cf the Fre
mont and Dayton clubs, as a means of secu
ring flic success of the Republicans, and there
by of breaking the Union of tin United States"
The Canadians are for Fremont. Hoar the
Baltimore National :
We have within the past few weeks trav
elled through the upper and lower provinces
of Canada, and in both Montreal and Quebec
had auip.le advantages to observe the temper
of Canadian people upon the subject of Amer
ican politics It is cn this side scarcely ima
gined how much those on the other fciie inter
est themselves in our Presidential contest
And we Cud this invariable rule governing
thc whole mass. Americans by which we
mean persons born in the United States were
unanimously in favor of the election of Bu
chanan, whilst tlu Canadians were unanimous
for Mr Fremont."
Thc negroes are for Fremont. Hear an Af
rican orator at a Black Republican meeting
in Byberry, Pennsylvania :
" I am a disunion abolitionist, and I repu
diate the constitution of this counry, fjr, I
tniuK, stronger reasons than my friend here
has given. Yet I wish John Charles Fre
mont elected, if John Charles Fremont be el
ected upon principles without concealment and
without compromise. His victory is our vic
tory. Defeat to him would be defeat to us.
I want no deception. He hates slavery, and
while he subscribes, unfurtuuately. tothecon
stitution of our country, his election wiil be
entering wedges to that system which will
bring down- its ruin and fall before a great
The white disuni ni.-ts are for Fremont.
Hear Wendell Phillips:
" There is merit in the Republican party
It is this it is tho first sectional party ever
orgauized in this country. It is not na
iional ; it is sectional, ft is the North ar
rape.l against the South The Erst crack
in the iceberg is visible : you will bear it go
with a crack through the centre."
The Know Nothings arc for Fremont. The
Fourierites are for Fremont. The free lovers
are for Fremont. The atheists sre for Fre
mont. The women's rights women are for
Fremont In short, the advocates of every
pernicious and disgusting ism are for Fremont.
Withering- Denunciation cf the Black Re
publican Party by Millard Fillmore.
Millakd Fin.Mo:tB delivered a speech at
Albany, New Y.rk, in July, ia which he tLus
referel to the Black BepublieaT party:
Suppose that the South, having a maj.ir
it of the electoral votes, should declare that
they would only have slaveholders for Presi
dent and Vice President, and should elect such
by their exclusive suffrages to rule over us at
th i No. t i. Do yju think we wouldsubmit 'o
it ? No, n"st for a moment Applause.-
And do you believe that your Southern breth
ren are less sensitive on this subject than you
are, or less jealous of their rights. Tre
mendous cheering. If you do let me tell
you that vou are mistaken. And, therefore,
you must" see that IF THIS SECTIOXAL
I tell you, my friends, that I feel deeply,
and therefore I speak earnestly cn this sub
ject, (cries cf 44 Youhe right!") for I feel
that you are in danger. I am deter uinei to
make a clean breast of it. I will wash my
hands of the consequences whatever they may
be ; and tell you that ice are 071 the brink of'
a volcano, that is liable at any moment to burst
forth and orericlicini the nation.
It seems to me impossible that those enga
ged in this can have contemplated the awful
consequences of success. If it breaks asun
der the bonds of oar Union, and spreads an
archy and civil war through the land, what is
it less than moral treason ? (Cries of noth
ing nothing less !") Law and common f ense
hold a man respensibie for the natural conse
quence of his acts, and must not those whose
acts tend to the destruction of thc government
be equally held responsible? (Cries of 4,yes !
yes!" .
A Sectional Party. Hon. George W.
Julian, a Fremont orator at Greenville, Sep
tember 10, ISoo, said 44 it was of no use to
deny it an' longer. Our Republican party is
a sectional party." His language is :
4 4 tell you, ire are a sectional jmrty. It it
not atone a fight bcticecn the North and Suvth
it is a fight between freedom and slavery, be-ti'-een
God and the devil, betieeen Ucaixn and
lklir . : .

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