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___—_ ' .. r’«'
—VoL XXI1] THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 4, 1822. ;£**» 6207.
- " ———————*—'——————————-■ ■ ■ 1 - ■ -- _
!*$[££att&tta !
.-Today's, Thursday’s $ Saturdays,
Royal-street, Alexandria,
rouses] LANDS, $c.
Public Sale. ~~
„ The subscriber offers for sale
his valuable lot ot ground, con.
u|j taining nearly 2o acres, on the Nv
Ml side of the town, and east ot the
turnpike to Washington, well situated tor
gardens, grass plots, or building lots; a
aio-e desirable piece oi ground cannot be
ban in the vicinity ot Alexandria, or one
w hich is more likely to rise in value 1 o
iuit different purchasers, it will be divided
into small building lots, acre and half acre
jots. Thus divided, a public sale will be
attempted on
Saturday^ the 6th of April
next, at 3 o’clock, on very accommodating
terms. It is confidently believed such an
other opportunity for purchasing lots will
not occur soon in Alexandria.
He has also lor sale or ground rent, a
Number of Lots,
ca Q,ueen street, between Columbus and
JJenrv streets, and on Water ‘street, near
Mrs. Kennedy’s and Fayette alley on easy
which he will either sell or rent very low,
<rood titles will be given.
march Si_*awts
Public Sale.
BY virtue of a deed of trust from Phebe
Lari, beariug date the 18ih day of
June, 1818, to Thomas Laurason, .for
the purpose of securing the payment of
a sum of money due the bank ot Alexan
dria, and shall sell to the highest bidder,
on Thursday, the! 8th day ot April next at
12 o’clock A. M. on the premises, the lol
r_lowing valuable properly, viz : a
Two story Brick Ware
i house?
£nd lot of ground situate on ibe north side
of King and east ot Paine streets, at pre
eent occupied by Messrs. Gibson & Lup
ton, also a lot of ground with the improve'
meats thereon, being a frame tenement,
&c. situate on the north side of duke and
[vest of Columbus streets, and another lot
lot ground on the west side of Allred, be
tween king and Prince streets, with the
' buildings thereon.
Terms will be liberal and made known
at time of sale. _ _T , ,
Hugh Smith,
Nehemtah Carson,
Administrators of the estate of Thomas
anarch 14 ts ;Lauraaon, deceased.
For Sale,
That well known establishment
in Iviug George county, Va. i he build
lags a this piace consist ot a dwelling,
large stone house, granaries and other ne
cessary out-houses. It is pleasantly situ
on a considerable height, three quar
ters of a mile from the Potomac liver,
•iouimanding an extensive view of it, in
c genteel, wealthy and populous neighbor
hood, and less than a mile fruin the Poto
inac Academy*
The advantages ot such a situation to a
mercantile gentleman, who has a family oi
children to educate are too obvious to
liced comment. Genteel society, the ac
quirement ot w ealth, education ot children,
c:ii an opportunity ot attending public
•/orshio every sabbath at the Academy,
fare advantages rarely, it ever met with m
hay other country situation.
0^7*Any person disposed to treat tor
cis place, by letter, will please direct to
subscribe* post master, cn the premi
Hampstead, Va. I2tb March- 1822
. march 15 la*3w
‘•v--—— ' ,rnm ■ ' wrn.mm mmtmmmmmrn
t Having rented the ALDIE Mills
tor a term of years, 1 tender to
their Old Customers, and to all
other persons who may be inclin
to confide in ire, every accommoad
^ Jn which 1 can render them. To such
i ana unknown to, and may deem it
prudent to require it. I offer unquestion
able security for the faithful peilormance
ot every obligation l contract, for the
purchase of wheat or the exchange of
|A ton of plaster can be broke and ground
m icr.y-hve minutes trom the moment ot
delivery, by a pair of five feet Allegany
Burrs, urged by a nineteen foet water
A>heel, and five pair of French Burrs,
some of which exceed in diameter the for
assure to the Farmer and Merch?rt
prompt an exchange of flour; tor wneat,
as the county oi Loudoun can turmsh.
Mdte, Sept. 23, 1821. nov 15
To be Rented Cheap.
A large brick warehouse on the
wharf, well calculated lor storing
. flour, grain] or salt, and-in excel
lent order. For terms apply to
, mwfSw
For Sale,
A well finished 3 'story Brick
HOUSE, and extensive lot, carri
age house and stable. The house
. contains 10 well finished rooms, a
good kitchen and dry cellar, will be sold
4atpublic sale on the 10th April oext, it
Hot previously disposed of at private sale.
The lot contains 50 feet front, 110 feet
deep to a 30 feet alley- For further par
ticulars apply to the subscriber living on
13th street near the Branch Bank of the
U 3. Washington City.
march 18 e°0
For Sale,
Hill, lately owned by Mr. Nor
ton, beingaboutTWENTY ONE
, ACRES well enclosed; on the lit
tle river turnpike road, 2 miles from Alex
andria. The garden contains many valua
ble shrubs, vines, and fruit tree-. The
situation is handsome and healthy.
Possession may be 'had immediately—
The time of payment will be reasonably
extended to suit the purchaser.
March II, lawtf. _
To Rent.
THE three story brick house, on
Prince Street, formerly occupied
by Doctor Dick, and at present by
Doctor Vowell—It is well calcu
lated for a genteel family, and more par
ticularly for a professional person, the i
lower rooms having been used as an office.
Possession will be given the 1st of May.
Apply to, J. & J HARPER.
March II,_3tawf?w&oawF4w [
The Wharf# Warehouse,
Known as Hepburn’s wharf, is
now offered for rent—Terms unu
sually low—Apply to
march ?5 3t
For Sale.
J will sell a tract or parcel of land call
Containing three hundred and filty acres
more or less, lying and being in Chaile9
county, immediately on the road leading
trom Port Tobacco to Dumfries Ferry a
bout six miles from Port Tobacco, within
four miles of Nanjemoy Church, and with
in l£ miles ot navigable water. The im
provements on the said farm are a dwell
ing house, kitchen, bam, corn,
house, and other necessary houses.
8 8 S] It is deemed unnecessary to give
_nia more particular description of
the same as it is presumed any person
wishing to purchase will view the premis
es. For terras apply to the subscriber
living on the adjoining farm.
march 26 _law dm
Burr Mill-Stone Manulacto
ry, Alexandria.
rf ifie subscriber wishes to inform his cus
I turners, and the public in general, that
he keeps his shop on Peyton St. between
the upper end ot King St. and the stone
bridge; where he has on hand an elegant
assorment ot the very best quality ot
French burr blocks, and Burrs ready made
first quality warranted equal if not supe
rior to any made in this country.
Liberal Credit will be given to men of
punctuality- ROBERT GLENN.
march 14 _ .. ..
HAS just received a consignment of
elegant Boots, by the box or single
pair, at very low prices—also, a genera
assortment of
suitable for the approaching season,
j march 4 _
bakTmj. 1
fTMIE subscriber having resumed the
I loaf bread and caUe baking* at the
house formerly occupied by her son -lames
i McDonald, on Royal street north ol King
street, solicits a share ot public patronage
and support, tendering at the same time,
her most grateful acknowledgements to her
friends and a generous public lor Uvors al
t ready received, and she tiusts by due at
tention still further to merit their regard,
march 19 _^
f]PHE st.jscribcr will buy and sail tobac
i co tor a commission of one dollar
per hbd.—Planters and others who have
tobacco tor sale, by leaving the tiue sam
ples and notes with me, will have the
same promptly attended to. Purchased
of tobacco will please call on me.
Tobacco for Sale.
R have for sale, a prime crop oftouac
t co made by William Idolme s Lsq. o;
Mongornery County, (Md ) 39 hhds o
first and 13 of second quality, inspected
at Bladensburg. The inspector pronoun
ced it to be in prime shipping order, and
ail inspected lately.
no* \
1WISH to purchase and will Rive at all
times the highest premium lor
English, -GOLD.
I also wish to purchase bank notes,
checks, and approved endorsed bills at
sight on
South Carolina,
North Carolina,
New Orleans,
I will also exchange the notes of every
bank ir. the United States and Canada at
a moderate discount, 1 can at all times
supply to any amount, checks and bills at
sight, or at short dates, as may be wanted
at the lowest rates on
Baltimore, Philadelphia,
New York and Boston.
! wish also to purchase Uoited Stales
3 5 6 ^7 percent- stocks. United States
Bank stock, and the stocks ot all the banks
in the District. ^Persons wishing to sell
or buy any kind of Stocks, or make any
money operations, will please to give me a
call: at my Exchange Banking House,
Bridge street, Georgetown.
A. C. Cazeaove Co.
Are purchasing
RYE, and
feb 18 _ dtf
A. C. Cazeuove £$ Co.
HAVE just received, and offer lor sale
Port wine in quarter casks, and ca
ses of the first auality,
Packages ot Irish linen and dowlas,
Bales ot plaids and brown sheetings,
feb 28
t*ork, Buef, Young ltysou
Tea, £$c.
fOHN H. LADD 4" Co. have just re
ceived per sloop Abeona, Irons New
York, 40 barrels prime pork,
60 do do beef,
33 half boxes young hyson tea
20 boxes lemons
25 do muscatel raisins
5 iars grapes
J 'feb 28
Wm. Fowle, ^ Co. •
HAVE just received, per sloop Java,
from New York, and offer for sale 6
casks .ot Bridport seine and sail twine ot
superior quality. dec 13
Alexandria Coffee House.
rHIS establishment, which is now o
pened tor the accommodation of the
public; offers to ihe citizens of the District
a resort at once genteel and respectable.
Tb« proprietor has expended a large a
mount in making it a suitable place for the
reception of gentlemen, from whom alone
he solicits patronage, the decorations, pa
pering, aud painting displays at one view
elegance an I taste combined.
The coffee room will be supplied with
the most commercial pipers ot the
Union, together with every refreshment
suitable to the 9eason. Coffee can be
served at any hour, also porter, beer,
ale, wines, cordials, and liquors of every
description ot the best that can be ob
tained in the District.
The proprietor hopes from his unwear
ied exertions,to establish a room for the re
ception of tile respectable part of the com
muniiy; and from his future attention, and
in consideration of the whole to receive
the patronage of the public, being confi
dent of their approbation when visited.
S* The Alexandria Coffee house
is on Prince street, a door above Union,
leading to the Centre Wharf feb 25
Imperial and Young Hyson
HJ0I1X 11. LADD, &. CO.
A\ E received and offer for sale, 32
chests young hyson tea,
27 do imperial,
feb 15
Vaccine Institution of Alex
P'jpH., subseriber is provided with a sup
I ply of fresh Vaccine matter, and in
vites the indigent persons of ihetown and
its vicinity to send their children tor Vac
cination. He will attend at his office for
the purpose of receiving such patients
from 7 until 10 o’clock in the morning, e
very day in the week
march 2o
N. E. Rum.
IINDSAY & HILL, have just received
J 45 bbls. N. E Hum, which they wil
sell low on the wharf. march 14—3t
James I. Weems,
\ TTOHNEY at law, offers his servi
r\ ces to the public, and to the citizens
of the District, of Columbia in particular.
He promises the greatest attention,
Fort Tobacco* Md, March 2$ eo6t
And Southern Bank Notes.
S& M. ALLEN & Co. Pennsylvania
• Avenue, Washington City, wish to
purchase, at a moderate discount
Virginia, 1
North Carolina, : Bank
South Carolina and j Notes.
Georgia, j
They will also give a premium forJ
Spanish, ► GOLD.
Portuguese, and
American J __
Persons having the above or any ot the
notes of the solvent banks in the United
States will do well by calling at
Lottery fy Exchange Office,
Penn. Avenue, Washington City.
Where can at ail times be obtained,
draft9on Baltimore, Philadelphia, New*
Yerk, Boston, Richmond, Va. Fayetteville
N.C. Charleston, S» C. and Savannah,
Geo. on accomodating terms- i
march 11 dtf
Collection Olhce.
IN most ol the popular places in the U.
States, J. H. KUNNELLS is now en
abled to collect
Bills of Exchange,
lor a reasonable compensation, and also
can furnish Kills to any amount.
Kesides the above business, R. will de
vote the usual atteution.m buying and sel
mg Kank Kills*
(£7- Gentlemen at a distance wishing
Bills collected can have them faithfully
attended to, by addressing a liue by mail.
Lottery Affairs.
RCJNNELLS has constantly on hand
Tickets in a variety ol numbers, in most ol
the Lotteries in the Union, viz:—The
Grand National Lottery,5th class, highest
prize DlUt),UUO, Tickets dI6; Washing
ton Monument Lottery,highest prize d3U,
OOO, Tickets only olO; New-York Liter
ature sixth class, highest prize o3U,OUU;
Tickets 14 dollars, &c.£c.
The Manager’s Official List ol the draw
ng ot the above lotteries regularly receiv
ed^ nd registered, and all inlormation giv
en gratis*
Apply at
Lottery Exchange Collection Office,
King-strect, Alexandria.
inarch 4 ___ —
To the lovers of Good Bread.
THE subscriber respectfully informs
his customers that he will be able to serve
them on Thursday next with the best of
Bread Cakes,
at his old stand on Roysl street, and soli
cits his torraer friend’s custom.
inarch 20lm
rHAVE ten to fifteen thousand dollars
of the Georgetown Importing & export
ing Stock, I wish to dispose ot: I will sel
t for cash, or on a credit ot 1 to 10 years
for undoubted landed or other security, or
exchange it lor prooerty. Those disposed
to deal lor any part of this stock, will call
at my office, Bridge-street Georgetown.
jan4_ **
JOHN H. LADD & Co. have received
and offer sale,
26,ooo lbs. of St. Domingo coffee
I2.000 Green Havana do
5,ooo Green Porto Rico do
Havana segars in boxes, halfs & quar
ters feb 19
At runnels lottery and
North Carolina Bank Paper,
From 8 to 10,000 DOLLARSj at
low rates if offered soon.
Franklin Bank Paper of Alexandria,
will be taken at a fair discount,
feb 18 tf
Teas, Tobacco and Figs.
JOHN H. LADD 4* Co. have received
for sale per sloop Matilda
20 chests young hyson Tea,
6 do gunpowder do*
44 ceroons Spanish tobacco, ,
9 boxes Turkey Figs,
march 4_.
William Fowle Co.
HAVE for sale—landing lrom the sch.
*200 peices Flag Handkerchiefs /
of extra fine quality. $
feb tf
New Orleans Sugars.
J. H, LADD 4> Co.
HAVE just received and brig Mon
roe, from New Orleans,
145 hltds, very superior N. 0.;Sogar3.
feb 22
Congressional Proceedings.
from the National Intelligencer•
■ ■ ■, ■1 •1
FRIDAY, MAR HO 29, 18*2;
The following letter wee laid before
the Senate by the President*
Georgetown, March 28, 1822.
To the Honorable the President of the
Senate of the United Statu: —
Sir. I have the honor‘respectfully to
represent that insinuations having been
made in the debate on the bill now
before the Senate, on Indian affairs*
implicating the integrity with which I
have fulfilled the duties of Superintend
dent of Indian Trade; and feeling the
value of my reputatiou to be' enhanced,
by the circumstance of its constituting
my only inheritance; and conscious of
I having executed the duties ef my office
with the utmost zeal and fidelity, and
! claiming the right of an American—I
do therefore respectfally solicit that a
committee be appointed, with instruct
tions to make such examinations into
the manner in which I have discharged
the duties of the trust with which I
have been honored, as it may be consid*
ered proper to order.
I have the honor to be, sir, with
great respect, your most obedient scr*
van t --
Superintendant of Indian Trade.
The letter was readf
The report of tfce Committee on
Public lands, unfavorable to the pe
tition of William C. Jones, waa taken
up and concurred if).
The senate resumed, in committee of
the whole, Mr Dickerson in the chair*
the bill to discontinue the Indian trade
system, and to provide for opening the
trade to iudividuals under certain reg
Mr. Benton withdrew the motion
which he made yesterday to reeommit
the bill with certain instructions; and,
in lieu thereof, moved to strike out alt
those sections which proposed to estab
lish a system of private trade, by li
cense, under the management of a prin
cipal superintendent to reside at the
seat of government, and assistant su
perintendent to reside at St, Louis, in
Missouri. The effect of this motion
was to limit the present bill to a simple
abolition and settlement of the concerns
of the present factory system.
The question was taken on this mo
tion without debate or objection, and
carried, and,
The bill, &• amended, was ordered
to be engrossed and read a third time.
The Senate then, according to the
order of the day, icok up in committee
of the'whoie, Mr. Otis in the chair, the
amendments reported by the committee
on Public Lauds, in pursuance of in
structions of the Senate, to the bill con
firming the title of the Marquis de MaS
son Rouge. The amendments embra
ced a substitute for the original bill,
containing several sections, and autho
rising the claimants, at any time with*
in two years, to institute a suit against
the United States in the nature of a pe
tition of right, in the courts of the
United States, to try the validity of said
Mr Eaton moved, in pursuance of direr
tions fmm the committee of Public Lande
to add a hearing of their case to the claim
of Gabriel and william Winter heretofore
often before Congress, ^wbo claim, under
a Spanish grant, a tract ot land of 1000
acres square in Arkansas—the point in
dispUte DCinar whotliAr ihfl ioiH arrant rnn>
veyed 100(
On this
hours’ dura
constitu '
this kim
and inci
great cb
Smith, <
the claii
merit re]
— yeasl
The c
inf to tl
m it tee,
de Mai5
ot right
The a
the Sen:
to be en
nage in
MaiA/t £

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