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^ ____________——_ - - - - ■ — ■■ -
--v , vvni THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 11, 1822. [No. 62010.
%0L* -V'V- ’--- ------ -■ . ■■-r-rn.r
. TH E
Mejtan&tia ^asettc
Today's Thursday's $ Saturday's,'
H0!ialstreet, Alexandria,
.,Y FIVE POi»LS’ pr.H annum- ^
For Boston,
rtr the schr. MARCIA, capt- Na
*WMso nearly a new vessel, is now load
.v;’|i take some freight on moderate
For freight,
zET THE good brig CLIO, capt Morj
^^Krill, carries about l~oo barrels, will
‘ UxeTdy for a cargo in a few days.
For sale, said brrgj cargo, ot
iOO 000 ieet of clear mercbantaole boards
and joist. Apply as above. ,
april 4 _ _ |
For Freight,
THE good Schr. CARR, Joseph
iS&S Merryman, master, burthen 800
; vbKami will be ready to load in a lew
(by*. Apply «°0HN H LADD * c0.
april 2_ _
For Freight, *
The brig ARROW A. W. Lo
veil, master; carries lloo barrels,
will be ready to load in tour days, and
take a freight te a Southern oi eastern
port. Apply to WM F0WL(e tr Co.
Who have far sale, received by said vessel.
3 > bbls N E, ruin
5o tons plaster paris
Ion,ooo shingles
march 29 —
For Freight,
144: The good schr. CATHERINE.
Singer, master, burden 9oo
barrels. will be ready to load to-morrow.
e Apply to J- L V’
Thu have just received and offer tor sale
# cases men’s hue boots and shoes,
1 quaver ca-k currant wine
12 boxes, 1 dozen each, very superior.
wiarch 29___
Information Wanted.
Of the sloop PEARCE, of 3al
mptimore, of 34 tons, tiush dock,
ma«t, and boom, and no topmast,
(Mils made of cotton canvass, an 1 nearly
*giew, commanded by cap'- David Lamb, a
4S eiid,jr man, sandy complexion, and .aige
t-d whiskers; also a hand named James
J>eak, likewise a dark negro man, short,
2nd thick made. Said sloop and hand'
Fit the Washington Navy Yard, 12th ot
December, for Baltimore, and ha* not been
beard of since. Any intormation respect
ing said sloop, or hands, will be thankful,
]y received by their friends and relations
and compensation lor saving the siocp will
V! paid. Apply to A, len OORSET,
104, Smith’s wharf
Baltimore, 4th March,
man h »9 <11weo2w j
For Freight,
rj^r The good schr. ALLEGRO, Pa- !
2uy£nie! Welsh, master, burthen about j
$00 bits, and will be ready to load in a
ffcwdays. . .
Also For Freight,
The good schr. CHARITA , Mo
’se* Pike. 3d master, burthen about
toiibils and wilt load *n preterence to a
Burtheru port. Apply to
iJJho have for sci^e oti board fj>id usistls}
65 tons pla ter 5
140 f'usiiels potatoes
6 bhls N E, rum
3nd per slocyp Jav(iyJrom A czj j orn,
0 pipes superior cognac brandy
march 20
For Freight,
The «chr. BANGOR PACKRi ,
_I. Small, master; carries about
lino bbls. is an excellent vessel in cotn
J'ete order and will be ready to receive a
•argo m aliew days. Apply to
r/no fcave* for sale, said schooners cargo
loo tons plaster paria
32ooo teet merch lumber
£o bois N. E. rum
io No. 3 Mackerel
for sale landing irom schr, 'William,
trorn Charleston, & White Oak, from
5o tierces fresh rice of superior qual
139 ca<ks ot nails assorted sizes
march 23 _ _
l ^criber will buy and sell tobac
-vx co tor a commission of one dollar
]K; hh].—Planters and others who have
t 'jacco for sale, by leaving the true sara*
l'and notes with me, will have the
5*in* promptly attended to. Purchasers
,J* tobacco will please call on me.
Tobacco for Sale.
| We {or sale, a prime crop of tobac
-* cuiriide by William Holme’s E^q. of
^•rngoraery County, (Md.) 39 bhds o
•3rs' an 1 13 of second quality, inspected
a? Bladensburg. The inspector pronoun
i*to be in prime shipping order, and
*'* inspected lately.
npv 1
3013 PRINTING. ~
Really executed at this Office.
For Sale,
A well finished 3 story Brick
HOUSE, and extensive lot, carri
age house and stable. The house
■ rnntaing 10 well finished moms, a
good kitchen and dry cell »r, will be sold
at public sale on the 10th April next, it
not previously disposed of at private sale.
The lot contains 50 feet front, MO feet*
deep to a 30 feet alley* For further par
ticulars apply to the subscriber living on
I3th street near the Branch Bank of the
U 5. Washington City.
march 18 eoO
‘ For Sate,
- THE LAND & HOUSE on Stump
Hill, lately owned by Mr. Nor
ton, being about TWENTY ONE
j i ACRES well enclosed; on the lit
tle river turnpike road, 2 miles from Alex
andria. The garden contains many valua
ble shrubs, viDes, and fruit tree-. The
situation is handsome and healthy.
Possession may be had immediately—
The time of payment will be reasonably
extended to suit the purchaser.
March II, lawtf. _
To Re it.
THE three story brick house, on
STO Prince Street, formerly occupied
>|j] by Doctor Dick, and at present by
Dprior Vowell—It is well calcu
lated for a genteel family, and more par
ticularly for a professional person, the
lower rooms having been used as an office.*
Possession will be given the 1st of Vlay.
Apply to, J. & J HARPER,
i March 11,jiavllwfrofrwftw
Public Sale.
BY virtue of a deed of trust from Phebe
Kail, hearing date the 18th day of
June, 1818, to Thomas Laurasqp, ,for
the purpose of securing the payment of
a sum of money due the bank ot Alexan
dria, and shad sell to the highest bidder,
on Thursday, the 18th day of April next at
12 o’clock A. M. on the premises, ’he fol
lowing valuable property, viz : a
fTpS Two storii Brick Ware
MS house,
and lot of ground situate tin 'he north side
of King and east ot Paine streets, at pre
sent occupied by Messrs. Gibson & Lup
ton, also a lot of ground with the improve*
ments thereon, being a frame tenement,
&c. situate on the north side of duke and
west of Columbus streets, and another lot j
of ground on the west side of Alfred, be
tween king and Prince streets, with the j
buildings thereon.
'Terms will be liberal and made known
at time ot sale.
Hugh Smiths
JVehemiah Carson,
Administrators ot the estat« of Thomas
inarch 14 ts ]|Laura3on, deceased.
For Sale,
wz That well known establishment
in King George county, Vra. The build
iocs a this place consist of a dwelling,
iar^e stogie house, granaries and other ne
cessity out-hou*es. It is pleasantly’ situ
ated on a considerable height, three quar
ters of a mile from the Potomac river,
commanding an extensive view of it, in
a genteel, wealthy and populous neighbor
hood, and less than a mile from the Poto
, mac Academy*
The advantages of such a situation to a
| mercantile gentleman, who has a family of
i children to educate are too obvious to
| need comment. Genteel society, the ac
; quirement of wealth, education ot children,
I an i an opportunity of attending public
worship every sabbath at the Academy,
are advantages rarely, it ever met with in
; any other country situation.
Any person disposed to treat for
this place, by letter, will please direct to
the subscribe^ post master, on the premi
IisnDpjt.sd) Va. 12lb March- <U22
march 15 _taw.Sv
» ? , Having rented the ALDIE Mills
j ^l£for a term of years, l tender to
S* their Old Customers, and to all
S&cHIW other p ersons who may be inclio
ad to confide in me, every accommoad
; hon which 1 can render them. i o such
| a* i am unknown to, and may deem it
; "iident lo require it. I offer unquestion
able security for the faithful peitormar.ee
ot every obligation 1 contract, for the
purchase of wheat or the exchange of
iiour. _ , ,
A ton of plaster can be brosc and ground
in fir riy-five minutes from the moment ot
delivery, by a pair ot five feet Allegany
I Burrs, urged l>y a nineteen feet water
| wheel, and five pair of l' rench Burrs,
some of which exceed ip diameter the for
mer, as sure to the Fanr.sr and Mercb^t
as prompt an exchange of flour; for wn&at,
as the county of Loudrnm can furnish.
Aldie._Sept. C3, 1C2L nnv 15
To lie at.
I The subscriber wishes to rent
for one or i> >te years his wharf &
warehouse. The warehouse is 3
cstories high, fire prooi,and having
every onvtsnience for an extensive busi
ness. The wharf is 110 feet in length and
40 in breadth* and has water ot sufficient
depth tor the largest vessels.
march *9
For Sale.
J will sell a tractor parcel ot iand call
Containing three hundred and fifty acres
more or less, lying and being in Chailes
county, immediately on the road leading
Irom Port Tobacco to Dumfries Ferry, a*
bout six miles from Port l obacco, within
four miles ol Nanjemoy Church, and witn*
in li miles ot navigable water. The im
provements on the said farm are a dwell
ing house, kitchen, barn, corn,
house, and other necessary houses.
It is deemed unnecessary to give_
__more particular description of
the same as it is presumed any person
wishing to purchase will view the premis
es. For terms apply To the subscriber
living on the adjoining farm.
march -5 _l*w3w
Burr Mill-Stone Manufacto
ry, Alexandria.
^T^he subscriber wishes 10 inform his cus*
I foniers, and the public in general, that
he keeps his shop on Peyton St* between
the upper end of King St* and the stone
bridge; where he has on hand an elegant
assorment ol the .very best quality of
French burr blocks, and Butts ready made
first quality warranted equal it not supe
rior to any made in this country.
Liberal Credit will be given to men of
march 14
And Southern Bank Notes.
S& M. ALLEN & Co. Pennsylvania
• Avenue, Washington City, wish to
purchase, at a moderate discount .
Virginia, "1
North Carolina, ' Bank
South Carolina and [ Notes.
Georgia, J
o’ -
They will alio give a premium .tor
Spanish, *GOLD.
Portuguese, and
Persons having the above or any ot the
notes of the solvent banks in the United
States will do well by calling at
Lottery £5 Exchange Office,
Perm. .lvenue, IVashington City.
Where can at all times be obtained,
drafts on Baltimore, Philadelphia, New
Yf»rk, Boston, Richmond, Va. Fayetteville
N. C. Charleston, S- C. and Savannah,
Geo. on accomodating terms- {
march Udtf
Collection Office.
JN most of the popular places in the U.
. States, J. H. RUNNELLS is now en
abled to collect
Bills of Exchange,
j for a reasonable compensation, and also
can furnish Bills to any amount.
Besides the above business, R. will de
vote the usual attentionjn buying and sel
ling Buik Bills
(&- Gentlemen at a distance wishing
Bills collected, can have them faithfully
attended to, by addressing a line by mail.
Lottery Affairs.
RUNNELLS has constantly on hand
Tickets in a variety of numbers, in most of
the Lotteries in the Union, viz:—7’he
Grand National Lottery, 5ih class, highest
prize d 100,000, Tickets ni5; Washing
ton Monument Lottery,highest prize d30,
000, Tickets only dIO; New-York Liter
ature sixth class, highest prize do0»0U0j
Pickets 14 dollars, &ic.4’C.
The Manager’s Official List of the draw
ng ot the above lotteries regularly receiv
ed and registered, and all information giv
Apply at
Lottery Exchange &, Collection Office,
King-street, J1lexandria.
march 4
cheap noors.
j. il mj.r.YELLS,
HAS just received a consignment of
elegant Boots, by the box or single
pair, at very low prices—also, a genera
assortment of
suitable lor the approachiug season,
march 4 tf
Leghorns, Leghorns.
ripHK subscriber has just received two
A cases oi white and black
Leghorn Bonnets,
of latest importation, and first quality, from
No. 30, to 54, which will he sold cheap
(or cash. WILLIAM TRUE,
march 30 d 2w
Congressional Proceedings
From the National Intelligencer•
Friday, April 5,
Several bills heretofore received from
the other House, and referred to com
mittees, were reported without amend
The Senate again took up the resolu
tions submitted by Mr. Holmes, of Ma.
on the 2d. inst. and having modified the
same, they were adopted, m the follow
ing form;
llesol’ved, That the President of the ;
United States bo requested to comma* j
nicate to the Senate the expenses of >
building each vessel of war built at each
navy yard or other place in the United
State*, authorized by the act of the 2d
January, 1813, and the acts supplemen- !
tary thereto; distinguishing in each ves
sel «o built, the expenses of timber, iron,
copper, cordage, hemp, cloth, ana other
materials; the amount paid to agents or ;
•superintendents, specifying their names;
the amount paid for labor, particulars ,
zing the sums paid to carpenters, mast*
makrs, boat builders, blockmakers, ar* •
mourers. caulkers, gun carriage makers
sailmakers,and riggers, and other labor* j
Resolved, That the President of the 1
United States bo requested to commu
nicate to the Senate the names, number
and grade of the officers, and the num
ber of men belonging to the navy, em»
ployed in, and attached to each navy
yard and each naval station in the Uni
ted States, with the services each has
performed; and the compensation each
• has received, in pay. rations, and other
emoluments, during the two last years,
ending on the 1st of Jan last; including
the value of the benefit to any officer,
for the use or improvement of any pub
lic property.
The Senate according to the order of
the day took up the bill supplementary to
the act of last session, ‘*for the relief of
the purchasers of public lands,(to ex
tend the time to September, 1822, in
which purchasers may avail themselves
of the provisions of that act,)
Mr. Thomas explained the reasons
which induced the land committee to re
port this bill, and the considerations
which rendered its passage reasonable
and proper.
Mr. Chandler offered a few remarks
adverse to the policy of legislating any
further on this subject.
Messrs. Brown of Ohio, Johnson of
Kent. Barton and Walker, severally ad
vocated the justice and expediency of
this bill, urging the shortness of the
time allowed, after the passage of the
late act, for the purchasers to make the
necessary application to tlie land-offices,
the injustice of excluding a great por
tion of them, who were actually unable
to make application in time, uftev the
necessary instructions and forms reach
ed the different land offices, in prepa
ring and forwarding which much of the
time allowed by the act was consumed,
and leaving very little for a compliance
with the law. by those for whose relief
it was intended &c.
the engrossed bills for the relief of
the sureties of Joseph Petti pool, and for
the relief of Joseph C. Boyd; were seve
rally read rhe third time, passed, and
sent to the House of Representatives.
The Senato then resumed the consid
eration of the bill to enable the holdors
of incomplete French &. Spanish titles
in the state of Missouri, to institute pro
ceedings to try the validity thereof, and
to obtain complete titles lor the baine
when found valid,
Several amendments had been made
to tliis bill when in committee of the
whole, which now presented themselves
for the concurrence of the Senate.
Some of those amendments, and modifi
cations proposed to them, gave rise to
a good deal of debate, in the course of
which liit* merits of the bill were inci
dentally discussed. Those gentlemen
who engaged in the debate and were
most active in settling its provisions,
were Messrs. Barton, Eaton, Benton,
Talbot, Brown, of Lou* Barbour, L#w
rie, Lanman Williams of Miss. Van Bu
ren, Van Dyke, Edwards, King ofN. Y.
and Thomas The amendments were
ultimately got through with, and the
bill was ordered to be engrossed and
• read a third time without opposition.
The Senate then spent some time in
the consideration of Executive business,
and then adjourned to Monday.
Mr. Rich, from the Committee ob
Claims, reported r bill for the relief of
Samuel Walker, Joseph L. Dutton, Jno.
Marlen, Samuel Patterson, and Han
nah Patterson; which was twice read
and committed.
Mr. Newton, from the Committee on
Commerce, to whom was referred a bill
from the Senate for the relief of Wil
liam Nott a«d ethers, reported the stu^e
wirhout amendment; and it whs ieier*
fed to a con mittee of the whole.
Mr. Smith of Md. from the Commit*
tee ot Way a and Means, reported a bill
to carry into tffect an Indian treaty
concluded at Chicago, ana a treaty «§d»
at Edwardsville; which wastwicewid,
and ordered to be laid on the table.
Mr. Cook, from the Committee on
Public L^nda, reported a bill for the re
lief of William Biggs; which was twice
read and committed.
Mr Cook, from the same committee,
reported a bill confirming the title to a
tract of land to Afzira Dibrien and So
phia Hancock; which was twice read,
and ordered to be laid on the table.'
On motion of Mr. Sterling, of New*
York, it i^as
Resolved, That the Committee on the
Public Lands be instructed to inquire
iuto the expedincy of reducing the com
pensation allowed to the surveyors of
the public lanus, and to make further
provisions to prevent fraud and mistake*
iu the surveying of tho same.
The Speaker laid before the house a
communication from the Treasury De
partment, transmitting copies of the
statements of the several banks in the
District of Columbia, exhibiting their
condition at the commencement of the
present year; which was ordered to be
laid on tho table.
The bill from the Senate, entitled “an
act supplementary to an act to alter the
time of holding the district court'in A
labama,” was read a third time and
Mr. Wright gave notice, that he
should, #n Monday next, ask leave to
introduce a bill “ to erect a monument
to the memory or the late Baron de
Kalb; in the city of Annapolis.”
An engrossed bill to revive and con*
tinue in force certain acts concerning
the allowance of pensions upon a re
linquishment of bcumy lands, was read
a third time and passed.
A bill from the Senate to designate
the boundaries of a land district, and
..for the establishment of a land office in
the state of Indiana; a bill for the es
tablishment of an additional land of
fice in the state of Illinois; and a bill
to perfect certain locations aiM sales vf
public lands in the state of Missouri;
were twice read,and severally commit
ted to the committee on the Public
The bill from the Senate for the re
lief of Daniel Carroll, of* Duddington,
and others, was twice read, and reler*
red to the committee on Claims.
The house then resolved itself into
committee of tho whole on the unfin
ished business of^jesterday. (the gen
eral appropriation billj Mr. Tomlinson
in the chair,
Mr. Cocke moved to strike out tho
provision ‘‘for the additional compen
sation to the clerks in the office of the
Superintendent of Inuian Trade, as al
lowed by the act of the 20tii of April,
lblS.” The motion was supported by
the mover, and Mr. Williams, ofN. C.
and carried by a large majority.
Mr. Cocke moved to strike out the
clause “for the payment of balances due
to officers of the old internal revemje
and clirect tax;” but, after some expla
nation by Mr, Smith of Md. the mo
tion was withdrawn.
The clause pioviding for the salaries
of foreign ministers being under con
JVir. Maliary suggested that lie wae
not satisfied that it wan necessary to
send a minister to Lisbon, and that a
Charge d’ Affaires wouid perhaps be
sufficient, lie there'.ore called for in
formation on the subject from the
chairn an of the committee of Ways
and Means
Mr. Smith, ofMd in reply to the in
quiries of Mr. Mallary, reviewed at con*
siderable length the political and com
mercial relations, which, for & tong pe
riod, have subsisted between thieTcoun
try and Portugal. We had long ex
ported, he said, vast quantities of flour
to that country; but at length the go
vernment laid a duty of $ l per barrel
on all the flour imported into that king
dom, from this country, and gav©
privileges, and held out induce*
merits to the nobility to erect mills,
which was done, and they were in a
grea* measure supplied with wheat
from Poland Our people exported no
tvbeat. They manufactured it them*
selves; but the duty which was intended
as a prohibition, was severely felt, and
our government sent a minister to that:
court to obtain a repeal of the duty,—
Ministers, however, are not always the
best negotiators in mercantile concerns;
and the object was not effected. But
it was afterwards accomplished by ©
Consul General who was thoroughly
acquainted with commercial subjects,
and the duty was taken off. Subse*
qnently, the court waa removed to
Brazils, from which it has recently re*
turned to Europe. But the duty of
per barrel, has_ been renewed, for~
the purpose of encouraging agri»
sultare, and of giving il anew dire#1

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