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conceding too much, as such a step was a
virtual acknowledgement ot the Indepen
dence of the Provinces;—and some were
for acknowledging their independence at
once; and this course was proposed by the
member who opened the debate. After
spending the day in the discussion of the
report, the further consideration of it was
postponed to the following day.
By the Fanny, in 36 days from Cadiz,
papers of that place to the $3dl February
were received, which contain Madrid
datesto the 15th of February. Upon ex
amining these papers, we find nothing
thatgoes to confirm the private accounts
received at Palis*
That Spain must, in'tbe end. come to
this point, there is not a question. But
that it will be postponed to as late a day
as possible, there is as little room for doubt
It is a serious affair Tor an old proud na
tion, once formidable in power and influ
ence, now sunk into comparative poverty
and insignificance, to part at a stroke with
such a vast proportion of their dominions,
to the source of their wealth (according to
their judgment,') and the foundation of a
great part of their national pride, dignity,
and importance. We, in this country,
know something ot the sluggishness of the
Spanish government in cases where their
interest stood much less in their way than
in that of their South American relations,
and our experience may help us to form
pretty safe conclusions with regard to a
subject so immensely more important in
their view, and indeed in reality, than any
dispute between the United States and
• The English papers contain very little
intelligence from the eastern borders ot
Europe, the tact that hostilities between
"Russia and Turkey had not, at the list ad
vices, taken place, ot itself furnishes
A stroDg argument in iavor of the contin
uance of peace,.or rather of the presump
tion that no positive war will occur. The
declaration ot th$ King of Great Britain,
in bis speech on the opening ot Parliament,
i ©nthe 5th of February, though not couched
in positive terms, furnishes good grounds
to'expect that there will not be a war —
He says, “My endeavors have been di
iecte4* in conjunction with my allies, to
the settlement of the differences that have
unfortunately arisen between the court of
St. Petersburg and the Ottoman Porte; and
1 have reason to entertain hopes that these
differences will be satisfactorily adjusted.*
That the British government* have, from
the beginning.endeavored to prevent open
Iwar between Alexander and the Grand
Seignor, has been well understood- Their
| interference, however, has not proved to
be so fuddenly and decisively efficacious,
as might have been expected. The Rus
sians have much to stimulate their'animos
k ity towards the Turk*; and it a contest be
tween them were left to the parties imme
diately concerned, there could be very
little room to doubt about the restilt. In
addition to resentment, rieyysof territorial
acquisition, commercial privileges, and
national aggrandizement, may naturally
be supposed to have some hold on the
mind.oi the emperor and his counsellors.
2ogive up so favorable an oppoitunily of
annexing some of the fairest Turkish prov
inces to his immense dominions, and the
©ppottumty, apparently within his grasp,
©f opening the passage from the black Sea
to the Mediterranean, merely because
come other powers think proper to enter
tain some jealousy of his gigautic projects,
would probably not sit well on the feel
, ings of the Czar. But, as he has pro
crastinated so long, and proposed so many
ultimatums, and suffered other nations to
*vail themselves of so abundant an oppor
tunity to interfere and throw obstacles in
kis way, we are well satisfied that the dif
ficulties between the two angry monarchs
xviil be ettled without coming to blows,
(land the Russian be left to some future op
portunity to execute his schemes of ambi
tion, as well as his notions oi retributive
0.i 1 uesisy evening, by Ibe Rev, HHas
xiarnson, Mr- A. B. McLean,otOid Point
vomtort, \ a. to Mias Ann Eliza Sellers, ot
this piace.
<5gg!— _ I
marine list,
apiiii. 9.
qi . ARRIV tD,
\onp A hernia, Nicolls, New York; full :
iistfitl ° **" ^'07C'ilS>af»3 iaeicIianl9orihe
c i n 9AII.ED.
r ^ ir- Latherine, Singer, EastporL
l'°p Hetta, Wright New Vork
• AHK«?ED, AFR2L 10
K . .r* * " hi Brothers, Baker, 3 days fin
4istri?0rC* a IU^ merchants of the
b^C< r. Ijf,on» ^r»sco, from Patuxent, to«
oc1ir* rc*.a' Nason. NewhuryporN
Malvina, Gardner, St. Thomas’s
Lovell. Boston.__
tally executed at this Orflcc.
THE 20t’n day’s drawing of this truly
splendid Lottery, will take place on
Wednesday next at the Mayor’s Office in
Washington City, at 9 o’clock, A. M
1 grand prize oi 8100,000
1 25,000 .
1 10,000
8 5,000
60 1,000
5 500
besides an immense number of 100, and
smaller prizes.
Tickets for sale in the Washington Mo
1 nument Lottery at 10 dollars, will advance
to 12 on the 10th inst.
„ Orders enclosing cash or prize tickets, or
enquiring the fate of tickets, will meet as
prompt attention as if personal application
was made, addressed to
Fortunate Office.
Fennsjdvania Avenue, Washington City.
Office, King-street,
Alexandria. |
N. B. Recollect D. Gillespie sold in the
last class of the^VIonument Lottery, the
, capital prize of 40,000 dollars; in the Con
j solidatioo Lottery o! 30,ooo; in the New
! York Literature Lottery of 25,ooo and ili
the National Lottery ot 35,ooo dollars,
april 11
Drawing commenced on the 8th inst.
For the Benefit of the “South Carolina
Academy ot Fioe Arts.”
S. ty 31. ALLEN Co. Managers.
1 prize of §20,000 is 20,000
1 do 10,000 10,000
2 do . 5,000 10.000
10 do 1,000 10,000
20 do 500 10,000
50 do |10O 5,000
300 do . 20 4,000 '
3100 do 10 31,000 ' !
prizes §100,000 .
6610 blanks
10,600 Tickets at 10 dolls, is $100,000
Stationary Prizes.
• 1st drawn No. 1st day, $1000
1st drawn No. 3d day 1000
! 1st drawn No. 6th day 1000
11st drawn No. 10th day 5000
? 1st drawn No. l2th day 1000
1 1st drawn No. 15th day 10000
1st drawn No. 17th day 20000
All other prizes floating from the com
mencement of the drawing, and the lottery
will be completed in 20 day’s drawing.
For ail prizes in the above, S. & M. Al
len <$■ Co. Washington, will advance the
cash as soon as drawn.
Tickets Dll, shares in proportion,
Washington Monument tickets 10, Na
' tionat tickets 16 dollar*.
For tickets and shares in the above Lot
teries call at
Lottery and Exchange Office,
Penn. Avenue, Washington City.
Orders by mail promptly attended to
april It_
To Kent.
KJAil1 A,ir>
Dwellim Houses,
! On Royal, below Duke street, and imme
diate possession may be bad.
pril 11_3t*
Mr. Snowden:
HAVING seen in your paper of the
4th inst. an advertisement signed by
Samuel llattersiey, calculated to injure
me, 1 must take the liberty, through the
same medium of informing the public, that
its contents are altogether false. i did
leave Mr. Haltersley’s employ on or about
the 6th Feb. last, but not clandestinely,
nor until 1 had fully ascertained that 1 had
been bound for two years longer than a
legal apprenticeship, which I tound to be
the c'ise by having my age proved to be 21
years- 1 have never from that time se
creted myself Irom Mr. Hattersley. but
hive passed the streets almost every day,
without molestationpherefore, he could not
in truth say 1 had ran away, and I believe
j his sole object has been to wound my feel
ings. Mr- Hatersly did not do his duty in
w ithholding from me, that education which
my indentures required, but I shall say no
i more on the subject, but seek redress in a
! legal way. JOSEPH ROBEY
West End, Fairfax county Virginia,
april 11 3t*
Mr. Parmly—Dentist,
LEAVES Alexandria the 17th inst.—
Those who may have occasion for his
profession, will please apply immediately
at Mrs. Evelith’s on Cameron street, op»
posite the Market house.
april ll_ 117A
Boarding House.
A FEW genteel boarders can be accom
modated at a moderate price,^ at the
•House formerly occupied by J. B. Gorman
on Fairfax street. For terms, apply to
the subscriber. J. HARRISS,
april 11__
I^HE first annual meeting of the young
. men’s Bible Society, of Alexandria!
will be holden at the second Presbyterian
Church, on Friday the 12th inst. at 7 o’*
clock P. M. Those who wish to become
members, or feel an interest in the success
•f the institution, are respectfully invited
to attend.
The managers are reminded that
they will meet at the same place, at 6 P. M.
apt il 11_
NOW landing from the schr Primrose
from Boston,
6o boxes Sicily oranges
Alsojust received per schrMary,
3ooo lbs prime green coffee
5 bhds Muscovado sugars
5o boxes Sicily lemons, in fine order,
for sale by
april 6 __
PROM a dray, on Wednesday last, be
tween the wharf and my store, a piece
of red homing fringe, containing 5o yards
The finder will be liberally rewarded by
returning it to the subscriber.
april 6
THIS elegant portrait is removed next
doorabovethe Mechanics Bank where
Mr Cook, painter, is taking a copy of it,
and will remain a short time tor public
exhibition. Amateuis are particularly in
This is the real portrait, of Napoleon,
drawn by the famous Appiani painter of
the Emperor, for thp Senate, in whose
chamber it was placed, when he was
crowned King.at Milan, exhibiting a most
striking resemblance of tfiat astonishing
man, in great costume and decoration?.—
No portrait equal in execution, was’ever
presented to the American Public.
0^7* Admittance 25 cents, Children half
April 6 * 4t
Tfi advised to take this method of inform
ing bis friends and the public, that he
has recommenced the above business: in
all it varieties at his old established
On Pair fax, bctwcenPrince fyDule-sts.
Where he is prepared to execute all or
ders in his line promptly, and on reasona- ,
ble term . He feels thankful foF past fa
vors and solicits a renewal ot the same,
tor both the work and price*, he is confi
dent, will give general satisfaction.
april 6__7t
Negroes For Stile.
HHWELVE valuable Negroes, consist-'
E ing of one family of five, another
threrof three; the rest can he had sepa
rately These are valuable negroes, and
of different ages. For particulars apply
to Anthony Buck, Esq. Fredericksburg,
april 6 tl5th A
THE subscriber having obtained letters
of administration .on the estate of •
Benjamin Cornwell, dec’d. ol Fairfax,
countv Va.. all persons having claims a-•
gainst the deceased are requested to come
forward, and present them for settlement,
and all those indebted arc notified to make
immediate payment.
Feb I april G 6t King-street.
Sixty Dollars Reward.
DESERTED from this post, on the
night of the 4th inst. the following
named persons, belonging to the service of
the U- States, viz.
Ezra Burbank,
A sergeant of company A. 3d r*g. artillery,
aged 27 years; 5 feet, 7 inches high, fair
complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, born
in the state ot Massachusetts, enlisted the
12th January, 1821, at this post; by occu
pation when enlisted, a blacksmith.
William Wanviclt,
A private of company A- 3d artillery, aged
35 years, 5 feet 8 inches high, dark com
plexion, brown hair, grey eyes, born in
the state ot N. Jersey, town of Burlington,
enlisted the 27th Jan. 1819, at the city of
Washington, and by occupation when en
listed, a bricklayer.
~ The above reward will be paid on the
delivery of both, or thirty dollars for ei
therof the above named deserters at this,
or any other post in the United States.
Capt, 3d artil. cora’g comp.
Fort Washington. Aid. \
April 6. 1822. £
april 9•1 w
$100 Reward.
AN AWAY from me, the subscriber,
in Fairfield, South Carolina, negro
24 or 25 years old, 5 feet lo or 11 inches
high, yellow complexion, formerly the
property of Butts k Cay wood, of Alexan
dria. I will pay the above reward for
said Leonard, if lodged in any jail so that
1 get him again.
april 9* It*
For Boston.
The brig CLIO, Capt. Morrell,
will sail in all the present week;
and take some freight on moderate terms.
Apply to WM. FOWLE, k Co.
april 9 _ tf
april 9_ tf
Sweet Patatoe Slips.
-4 Bushels sweet pot a toe slips,
I I SS 0 just received and for sale, by
King street, three doors below
Washington street
april 9_ St
Salt Afloat.
Bu^els of packing
^3 \3g ftfl I salt, on board of the
^i^V/Vrscbr. Mark, capt* Sher
wick. Vowel’s wharf.
Apply on board or to E. CORNING.
11 Hogsheads retailing molasses, just re
ceived by scbr. Albie, capt. Allen. Ap
ply as above*
For Providence.
THE schr. ALBIE, capt. Allen,
_ is now loading, and can take some
small freight, or a few passeogers. Apply
as above.
For New-York.
&£Tv The Regular Packet SLOOP
T&Shk AfiEONA, Capt. Nichols, will be
ready to load on the I2tb iost. for freight
or passage, apply on board at Vowell’s
Wharf, or to
april 9 3t
For Portland.
The sir,op FAVORITE, captaio
jglUJStrout, will sail in all next week,
and take freight, or passenger?, for which
she has superior accommodations. Apply
on board or to fVM. FOWLE it Co.
Who have for sale, received per said sloop
2oo,ooo feet merchantable lumber.
2o barrels prime beef,
2 hhds of fPest India Rum,
, 25 boxes mould candles.
april 8
Dr. Farish.
HAS removed bis office to the house on
Prince street, adjoining the boose
lately occupied by Dr. Fitzbugh as an of
fice^_ april 2—»6t
Landing This Day,
AND for sale by A. C. CAZENOVE
if Co
Martinique J First quality
. if >
Surinam ) Retailing Molasses.
8 bales domestic goods
6o casks stone lime
• april 6 ( -
Spring Goods.
HENRY C. SLADE is now opening a
general and handsome assortment of
Hardware Cutlery.
and daily expects from Liverpool, Grass it
grain sythes, and other heavy goods for
the season.
He has also a quantity of ground Plaster
Pari«, all on very reasonable terms,
april fi 'fit
Sicily Lemons and Oranges.
Qfl boxes Lemons . ,
^ 30 boxes Oranges, fresh and in fine
order. /u9t received and for sale by
J. H- LADD & Co.
april 4_______________
CHARLES T. STUART, Attorney at
Law, will practice in the District ol
Columbia, & in Prince Georges & Charles
counties, Maryland, He will also conti
nue to practice in King George, Virginia,
a few months. His office is on King st.
Alexandria, adjoining the dwelling house
of Newton Keene, esq.
april 4 fit
Jiacoii VVhiskey, opc.
LINDSAY £ HILL, have (bis day
2o,ooo lbs bacon,
87 bis whiskey.
22 casks Goshen cheese.
In Storey just received from Baltimore.
12 hhds 1st quality sugar
16 q’rter casks, Malaga wine
4 pipes Holland Gin.
7 obis clover s-ed
april 6
Quarter Master’s Office,
Fort Washington, April 6.1822.
PROPOSALS will be received at this
office until the 1st day of May next,
for supplying this post, with two hundred
cords of good oak wood; part of which
will be required in July, the remainder
to be delivered by the 3otb Nov. next.—
The contractor to give security for the
faithful performance of the contract.
Lieut, and Quarter Master,
april 6. __t3oA
Five Dollars Reward.
LOST, on Saturday evening, between
John Hepburn’s confectionary store
and the market bouse, a red morocco-pock
et book, with the strap torn and sewed to
gether—it contained a small parcel of mo
ney, bow much precisely is not recollect
ed. There was two five dollar notes * on
the Bank of Alexandria, both new, and two
five dollar notes on the Bank of Virginia*
and some small notes—the book 1 will
swear to. The papers are valuable to me*
and my name is on the greater part of them.
april 9_DAVIS BOWIE.
PER sebr. Primrose, from Boston,
Jo bags fresh filberts
5 d« do English walnuts
For»sale by ,A* &A* H^ADAMS.
april 6. 3t
saw ' iga L’ftM'gagBeBBggaaagagi
Ml . - I III ■ I I I ’ ' ^
Groceries at Auction.
THE subscribers intending to dose
their business,frill offer it auction! on
Friday next, the \2th inetT
at !0 o'clock, A. M. their eotire stock of
Groceries, comprising a large and general
assortment, which trill be sold without re*
serve, via.
15 bhds. N.O. Sugars,
9 do W. l. do
40 bbls. N'O.tfM'.d*
3 boxes Calcutta white do,
12 do Canton do do
6 do white Havana do ^
Boxes and barrrels loaf and lumgflL
3 hbds Wi I. molasses,
4 bbls sugar house do
150 bbls rye and common do
8 puncheons St Croix runt
2 pipes Holland gin,
2 do Cognac brandy
2 do Madeira wine
11 qr casks Malaga do
I do Lisbon do
II do ‘Teneriffe do
7 do Colmenar do
Claret, Burgundy, 4c.
5 ebest. \ Y H Tea*
10 hall chests ]
20 boxes Imperial do
20 do sperm)
26 do mould > CANDLES.
30 do dipt )
100 do soap various qualities
20 do chocolate
1000 bushels ground aliumsalt
1000 do fine do
' 300 boxes bunch, Muses tel and bloom
raisins .
20 bags W. !• coffee
20 bbls herrings
Id ao snau
jBO boxes window glass various sizes
15 kegs small twist chewing tobacco
20 boxes segars _
200 reams wrapping paper*
25 gross porter bottles
5 tons Russia hemp* Itc.
Terms liberal, and made known at plate
W W CORCORAN 4* Co. auct’if.
Georgetown, April 9. dts
Dry Good® at Auction.
ON Friday next tbe 12tb April,at 9 o’
clock A* M. I will sell without reserve
very desirable dry goods, in lots to suit
purchasers, on a liberal credit among then
Extra super blue and black cloth
do do cassimeree
Super 6*4 It 9-1 cambric
do 9-8 checks
Super* fine and common calicoes
Sbirtimr cottons* printed muslins
Flack Nankin and Italian crape*
Extra super cambric prints
Black Valencias, fine dimities*
Extra super 6 4 cambric
Twilled, plain It fig’d blk. bo m ba ret te
Assorted* cotton hose,
Super white London do
Striped jeans, white kid gloves
Super and printed vesting,
Extra super Madras bdkls
Fancy striped# It book muslin*
Fancy cravats, col’d kid gloves
Russia, and imitation sheeting,
Ticklenbergs, burlaps, assorted
6*4 satfh striped cambric
Lancaster sheeting.
Brown b brae shirting,
. 5-4 brown sheeting,
Domestic plaids
Many other articles will be added to tbe
sale Every thing offered will positively
be sold, bale to commence at 9 o’clock
precisely. ^
GfiO. R. GAITHER, Auctr.
Georgetown april 3t«
(arSale Postponed to Friday
On FRIDAY, at 10 o'clock, A, M.
T7T/1LL be sold at the auction store a
V V variety of goods among which art
Sugar, 1st 4* 2d quality
French brandy
Vinegar, cordial, wine
Rum, candles, soap
Mustard* feathers
Furniture ot every description
A large lot of well assorted open queens
ware in parcels to suit purcbaien
Cloths, cassimeres, calicoes
Cottons* German linens
Threads, cottons, iic. Itc.
Tbe above and many articles not named
may be seen at any time, and if not limit*
ed, may be purchased at private sale.
Will be added.
3 casks sweet oil —
2 chests young hyson tea
Two story ladders
1 share in tbe Alexandria library
6 superior new Bureaus
april 9
Trust Sale,
ON Thursday tbe 28tb inst. at II o'clock
will be exposed to public sale, ajqgie*
ty ot a tenement and lot of ground, situate
on St. Asaph street near Duke; at present
in tbe occupancy of Mr. James Riddle.—
Terms liberal and made known at the
time of sale. SAMUEL McCLE AN, -
J3T The sale of the abore
fropeity is postponed to Thursday, tbe
ltboi April.
march 23 tf Trusteet.
JOHN H. LADDAi Co, have received
and offer sale,
26.ooo lbs. of St. Domingo coffee
I2.ooo Green Havana dp
5,000 Green Porto Rico do •
Havana sega^a in bogos, half* L quar
tei- feW* >

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