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—Vol. X*X11] TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 16,1822. LNo.62012.
<$fejcantiria <2£a$ette
Tuesday's, Thursday's Saturday's,
Royal-street, Alexandria,
""For Boston,
THE 9chr. MARCIA, capt. Ka
j^ggkSO, nearly a new vessel, is now load
ing^twill take some freight on moderate
terms. Apply td WM. FOWLE &CO.
For Freight,
THE good brig CLIO, capt- Mor*
JgyjjgJrill, carries about l^oo barrels, will
be ready lor a cargo in a few days.
For sale, said brigs cargo, of
100,000 leet of clear merchantaole boards
and joist.. Apply as above,
april 4 _ _
For Freight,
THE g0jpd,Scbr. CARR, Joseph
"jaBfe Merryuian, master, burthen 800
bbls. and will be ready to load in a tew
days. Apply t°QHN H LA/)D ^ c0.
april 2___*
For Freight,
JlSK Tbe brig ARROW, A. W. Lo
\3£EL veil, master; carries IIoo barrels,
will be ready to load in four days, and
take a freight to a Southern or Eastern
port. Apply to wM FQWLE ^ Co
\fVho have for sale, received by said vessel.
3o bbls N. E. rum
6o tons plaster paris
I loo»ooo shingles
c march 29 __
For Freight,
The good schr. CATHARINE,
\Wm. Singer, master, burthen 9oo
_ will be ready to load to-morrow*
F Apply to J. H, LADD 4* Co,
|jf'ho have just received and offer for sale
3 cases men’s tine boots and shoes,
1 quarter caik currant wine
12 boxes, 1 dozen each, very superior,
march 29____
Information Wanted.
Of the sloop PEARCL, of Bal
j|j2fctimore, of 34 tons, flush deck.
riew .mast, and boom, and no topmast,
eails made of cotton canvass, and nearly
new, commanded by capt* David Lamb, a
•lender man, sandy complexion, and large
ted whiskers; also a hand named James
Peak, likewise a dark negro man, short,
«nd thick made. Said 9loop and bands
Jett the Washington Navy Yard, 12th of
December, for Baltimore, and has not been
beard of since. Any information respect
ing said sloop, or hands, will be thankful,
ly received by their friends and relations
and compensation tor saving the sloop will
paid. Apply len D0RSEY)
104, Smith’s wharf
JBaltimore, 4tb March,
march 19<*lweo2w
* ‘ t or Freight,
The good schr. ALLEGRO, Da
nipt Welsh, master, burthen about
tyoo blls. and will be ready to load in a
lew days. .
Also For Freight,
ng? The good schr. CHARI l Y, Mo
Pike, 3d. master, burthen about
tyO blls. and will load in preterence to a
northern port. Apply to
11 (FFAo have/or sale on/oard said vessels^
05 tons plaster „
140 bushels potatoes m
SbblsN.E. rum jj
•And per sloop Javat/rom New Itork,
3 pipes superior cognac brandy
march 20 _
For Freight,
Jjr The schr. BANGOR PACKET,
jSnfal. Small, master; carries about
112oo bbis. i& an excellent vessel in com
plete order and will be ready to receive a
<*rgo iu atfew days. Apply to
” no have* for sale, said .schooners cargo
loo tons plaster paris
12ooo teet merch lumber
2o bbis N. E- rum
lo No. 3 Mackerel
Also for sale landing from scbr, ‘William,
Irom Charleaton, &t White Oak, from
5otierce9 fresh rice of superior qual
139 casks ot nails assorted sizes
march 23
Cash to give for Slaves.
*TMiE subscriber, who resides in Alex**
r , *udria, D. C. wishes to purchase a
le w likely young
and female, from 10 to 18 years of
j^pPersons having such property for
ne» may find the subscriber living on
tnry at. between King and Prince strts.
in\ia near Mr. Swan’s plaster mill,
10 Mrs. Nutt’s brick house.
^ lawtf
r N. E. Sum.
I 'NDSAY & HILL, b»ve just received
atii i ^bla. N. E. Rum, which they wil
* the wharf. march H—3*
Vesting in the Board of Health, certain
powers deemed necessary, in the dis
charge of their'duties.
BE IT ENACTED, That the Board
of Health, and each of the members
thereof, in the particular district assigned
'to that member, of which notice shall
have been given in the newspapers, shall
have power, which is hereby granted, to
order and direct the superintendant of
Police to have removed all nuisances,
which in their opinion might endanger the
health of the inhabitants, in the manner
prescribed by the various laws ol the Cor
poration. *
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That
the superiHtendant of Police shall prompt
ly obey, every such order given to him in
writing as aforesaid: And if he should re
fuse or neglect the performance of any
duty assigned to him as aforesaid, for a
longer space than twenty-four hours, after
receiving the same, be shall forfeit and
pay One Dollar per hour, lor every hour
thereafter, that he shall neglect the same, I
without a reasonable excuse be given.
Sec- ?. And be it further enacted, That
as a compensation for services rendered
by the superintendant of Police under this
act, and for the additional penalties here
by imposed lor neglect, the superintend
ent of Police shall receive'such additional
compensation to that already prescribed
by law, to be fixed by the Common Coun
cil, on the recommendation of the Board
of Health. t
Sec. 4* And be it further enacted, That
this law shall comm'fciipe and be in force
from and after the passfhg thereof.
Passed April 9, 1822.
Board of Health,
0^%ptc April 11, 1822.
RDERED, that the members of this
board, each i^the particular district as
signed to hrm, undertake to scrutinize the
various portions of the town, for the dis
covery of nuisances, according to the fol
lowing acrangement: ai\d that they exer
cise with promptness, their duties in hal
ving removed in the ’mode prescribed by
law, all such as may .come under their no
tice; they also call upon the citizens, v hose
vigilance* and co-operation, are essential
to support and execute the recommenda
tions of the board, $md whose assistance
are necessary to enable them to carry into
effect the measures requisite to insure suc
cess to their exertions.
Daniel Wright, east of Royal, and south
of Prince street
Wm, A. Williams, west of Royal, south
of Prince, and east of Washingtop street.
John Robert?, west of Washington, and
south ol Prince street.
Silas Reed, east of Royal, between King
and Prince streets.
Geo. Coleman, west of Royal, east of
Washington, between King and Prince st.
John IWCobb, west of Washington, be
tween King ii Prince streets.
Guy Atkinson, east of Royal, and north
of King^street.
K. Brockett Jr. west of Royal, north of
King, and east of Washington st*
A. C. Cazenove, west of Washington &
north of King st.
By order of the Board of Health.
apri I 13 3t
Sixty Dollars Reward.
DESERTED from this post, on the
night of the 4th inst. the following
named persons, belonging to the service of
the U* States, viz.
Ezra Burbank,
A sergeant of company A. 3d reg. artillery*
aged 27 years; 5 feet, 7 inches high, fair
complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, born
in the state ot Massachusetts, enlisted the
12th January, 1821, at this post; by occu
pation when enlisted, a blacksmith.
r . William Warwick,
A private of company A- 3d artillery, aged
35 years, 5 feet 8 inches high, dark com
plexion, brown hair, grey eyes, born in
the state of N. Jersey, town of Burliugton,
enlisted the 27th Jan. 1819, at the city of
Washington, and by occupation when en
listed, a bricklayer.
The above reward will be paid on the
delivery ot both, or thirty dollars for ei
ther of the above named deserters at this,
or any other post in the United States.
Capt, 3d artil. coin’g comp.
Fort Washington. Md. £
April 6.1822. J
april 9 _l!I_
Mr. Snowden:
HAVING seen in your paper of the
4tb inst. an advertisement signed by
Samuel Hattersley, calculated to injure
me, I must take the liberty, through the
samdlnediumof informing the public, that
its cttents are altogether false, ' did
leav«TMr. Hattersley’s employ on or about
the 6tlkF£b. last, but not clandestinely,
^cSfcunnln,Ra<3ftully ascertained that ! bad
been bound for two years longer than a
legal apprenticeship, which 1 found to be
the case by having my age proved to be *.1
years- 1 have never from that time se
creted myself from Mr. Hattersley. but
have passed the streets almost every day,
without mole3tation;therefore,be could not
! in truth say I had ran away, and I believe
his sole object has been to wound my feel*
ings. Mr- Hatersly did not do his duty in
withholding from me, thateducaticm which
my indentures required, but I shall say no
' more on the subject, a
I legal way. JOSEPH ROBEY.
Went End, Fairfax county Virginia,
april 11 2i—
Jfeatly executed at this Office
Congressional Proceedings.
From the National Intelligencer,
Mr. Williams,of Tenn. from the Com
mitte on Military Affairs, reported the
bill for the relief of James Pendergrass,
with an amendment.
On motion of Mr. Ruggles, the Com
mittee on Claims were instructed to in
quire into the expediency of providing
by law for paying the claim of David
Cooper, of Michigan, for property ta
| ken for the use of the army during the
[ late war. *
Mr. Benton, from the Committee on
Public Lands, reported a bill for the re
lief of Jean B&btiste Belfort, which was
re^d.* *
Mr. Eaton, from the Committee on
Public Lands, reported a bill for the re
lief of the Representatives of Elisha and
William Winter, and the bill was re&d.
The Senate took up the report of the
Cominittee of Claims, unfavorable to
the petition of John J. C. Oldfiied, of
Baltimore. [The petitioner was the in
nocent purchaser of two drafts, issued
by the Treasurer of the United States,
to the Paymaster General, in favor* of
two widows for pensions, which drafts
it was afterwards found, were issued on
the authority of fraudulent certificates
and papers, forged for the purpose, and
that the pretended endorsement of these
widows \>n (he drafts were forged. Mr,
Oldfield, the purchaser of these drafts,
prays that the government will pay
Mr. Eaton deeming the claim on* the
government an equitable one, moved to
'reverse the report, so as to give it a cha
racter favorable to the prayer of the pe
titioner, and supported his motion with
a number of remarks Messrs Barton
and Van Dyke, (members of the com
mittee of Claims,) opposed this motion,
and spoke to shew that there was no ob
ligation on the part of the government,
in law or equity, to allow the claim.
Mr. Lloyd argued to shew that the claim
was a fair one, and ought to be paid.
Mr. Eaton added further arguments
in favor of the claim. Messrs. Lanman
and Kodrrey replied to Mr, E.and advo
cated the other side of the question.
After some further debate, in which
Messrs. Lloyd, D1 Wolf, Eaton, and Van
Dyke, took part, the motion to reverse
the report was negatived without a di
vision, and the report was agreed to.
The bill from the other House, for
the relief of Gad Worthington, was read
a third time, and (after some debate on
the part of Messrs. Holmes, of Me. Van
Dyke, Morril, Lowrie, Benton, Lanman
Van Buren, Macon, Walker, and Bar
ton, in which the principle of making
allowance to officers, in the settlement
of their accounts, for public money, of
which they may be robbed, and of which
this claim was one, was discussed at some
length,) the bill was passed—ayes 23.
The other bills yesterday ordered to a
third reading, were severally read a
third time and passed.
The Senate then took up in commit
tee of the whole, Mr Chandler in the
chair, the bill supplementary to the act
for the encouragement of the cultiva
tion of the vine and olive in Alabama,
(the object and substance of which have
been heretofore stated.)
Mr. King, of Alab. explained the cir
cumstances in which the original act o
riginated, &, the reasons which now ren
dered the passage of this supplementa
ry bill equitable and expedient. Mr.
Walker made some remarks to the same
effect; after which the bill was reported
to the Senate, and was ordered to be en
grossed and read a third time, without
The general appropriation bill for the
civil list was received from the House
of Representatives, twice read, by gen
eral consent, and referred to the Com
mittee on Finance.
The Senate then took up the bill to
continue in force, and perpetuate the act
of 1818, supplementary to the acts pro
viding for the collection of duties on im
ports and tonnage; and having consider
ed the same in committee of the whole,
the bill was ordered to be engrossed for
a third reading.
The Senate spent & short time on Ex*
ecutive business; and
Then adjourned.
[It was omitted to be stated in the
proceedings of Tuesday, that the Senate
agreed, without objeetion, to the day
fixed by the House of Representatives,
(the 8th of May,) for the adjournment
of the session.]
Mr. Crudup of N. C« who was called
home a week or two ago, by the illness
of bis family, returned on Monday to
his seat in the House.
Mr. Williams of N. C. from the Com
mittee on Claims, to which was refer
red a bill from the Senate for the relief
of Holden W. Prout, administrator of
Joshua W. Prout, deceased, reported
the same, accompanied by a reeemmea
dation that the bill be indefinitely post
poned; which on motion of Mr. W. . was
ordered to lie on the table.
Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, from the com.
mittee on Private Land Claims, report
ed unfavorably upon the petition of Ste
phen Henderson; which on motion of
Mr. C. was committed to a committee
of the whole.
Mr. Rankin, from the Committee on
the Public Lands, reported a bill from
the Senate, authorizing the adoption of
measures to try the validity of tne title
of the Marquis de Maison Rouge to cer
tain lands, without amendment; which
was committed to a committee of the
Mo. Rankin from the same Commit
tee, reported a bill to establish an addi
tional land office in the Territory of Mi
chigan; which was twice read and com
Mr. Rankin further reported a bill
vesting in the commissioners of the coun-1
ties of Wood aud Sandusky, their right
to certain lots in the towns of Perrys
burg and Croghansville, in the state of
Ohio, and fqr other purposes; which was
twice read and committed.
The House then took into considera
tion a resolution submitted yesterday by
Mr. kent, requiring information from
the proper department, in relation to
the public lands; which was agreed to. ?
On motion of Mr. Cocke, the house
agreed to consider the message of the
President of the United States in rela
tion to the compensation of the Attorney
General;twhich Mr. Cocke proposed to
refer to the Committee on the Judicia
ry; and he stated his object to be, that
the committee inquire into expediency
of defining m^^particularly the duties
of that officej^^hin the District of Co
lumbia. /Jr
After V few remarks by by the mo
ver, Mr. Sergeant, Mr. Archer, and
Mr. Williams of N. C. the question was
put, and the motion prevailed.
Mr. Wood submitted the following
joint resolution, which lies on the table
one day of course.
Whereas it is important that the difif
erence of longitude between the Capitol
of the United States, and observatories
in Europe, should be ascertained with
the greatest degree of precision; and
whereas, pursuant to a joint resolution
of the two Houses of Congress, of the
3d of March, 1821, William Lambert
was appointed for that purpose by the
President of the United States, has
made sundry observations with that
view, and has made his report thereof;
and whereas it wonid be injudicious, in
a matter of such importance, to trust to
the report of a single individual, how*
ever eminent in science, without having
it examined by other professional gen
tlemen of the first respectability. There
Resolved, by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the U. States of \
America in Congress assembled. That
the president of the United States be I
authorised to employ-competent
persons to examine the observations and
calculations reported as aforesaid by
William Lambert; and further to con
cert with one or more pbservatories in
Europe, to make correspondent obser
vations on the eclipses of the satellites
of Jupiter or otherwise, for the purpose
of verifying the result of the observa
tions stated in the aforesaid report.
Mr. Mitchell, of S. C. submitted the
following resolution:
\V hereag an act passed on the 21st
April, 1808, entitled *‘An act concern
ing public contracts,” has been so con
strued as to sanction the appointment of
Members of Congress to divers public
employments, agencies, or trusts, by the
authority of Executive officers of the
United States; and whereas on the puri
ty of the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives, and their freedom from Exe
cutive influence, depend the liberties of
the people, and the durability, sound
ness, snd integrity, of the Federal Con
stitution :
Resolved, therefore, That the Judici
ary Committee be instructed to report
a bill for the purpose of preventing any
member of Congress, while he oontiiu
ues as such, from executing or holding
any employment, agency, or trust, in
behalf of, or in any wise concerning,
the government, either political, legal
or professional, to which the said mem
ber may be appointed by any Executive
officer of the United States.
On motion of Mr. Mitchell, the res
olution was ordered to be laid on the
A bill from the Senate'to amend the
act granting the right of pre-emption
to certain settlers in the state of Louisi
ana, and for other purposes; and a bill
to enable the holders of incomplete
French and Spanish titles to lands with
in that part of the late province of Lou
isiana which is now comprised within
the limits of the state of Missouri, to
institute proceedings to try the validity
thereof, and to obtain complete title#
for the same when found to he v#lid,
were severally read twice, and referred
te the committee on the public lends.
A bill making appropriations for the
support of Government for the year
18z2, was read a third time and passed.
The House then resolved itself intoua
committee of the whole on the bill ins*
king appropriations for the Support of
the Navy of the United States for the
year 1$22, and on the bill mating ap
propriations for the publie buildings—
Mr. Tomlinson in the chair.
The navy appropriation bill Was first
taken into consideration.
Mr. Williams of N. C. moved to re
duce the amount recommended by tb£
Committee of Ways and Means in sock
manner a* to dispense with an appro*
priation for compensation to the Clerk
of the Commandant of the Navy Yard
in the City of Washington.
Tiie motion was supported oy the
mover and Mr. Cooke, and opposed by
Mr* Smith, of Md^Mr. Mitchell of S C
Mr. Stevenson, Air. Little, and Mr.
The question was first taken on the
largest sum, and carried; which was
equivalent to e negative upon Mr. Wil
liams’ motion
The various appropriations tore
made as recommended, and the bill
having been gone through with— ,
Mr. Cocke submitted V proviso, the
purport of whieh was, that no perseh
who was in arrears to the government,
should receive payment under the ap«
propriations of the bill, until those ar
rears were paid, or their accounts dosed.
The proviso was adopted; and the
bill making appropriations for the pub
lic buildings was then taken up; and
Mr. Blackledge (chairman of the Coma
mittee) insupportjand explanation of the
bill, observed, that in reporting it, the
committee were of opinion; the sooner
the buildings are completes,the greater
will be the advantage to the govern
ment. They were more confirmed in
their opinion on this subject, when they
reflected upon the large sums which had
already been expended upon lhe public
buildings, and the appropriations whioh
would yet be required to complete them.
.The appropriation asked tor at this
time, Mr. B. observed, was larger than
the appropriation of last year, and ho
was also aware of the greater caution
which is at all times exercised by the
House in appropriating the public mo
ney, whioh is by no one more approved
than by himself,but he felt it a duty in*
cumbeot ou him, to advoeate that sum,
which, if appropriated, would have, in
his opinion, a greater tendency to pro
mote the public interest, than a less
sum. Should the work, however, which
is proposed to be done in the present
year be completed, he Was authorized
to say, that the annual appropriations
would in future be less. The commit
tee were anxious to recommend a less
appropriation at this time, but were con
vinced that it could not be done consis
tently with the public interest, and the
inm asked for, was estimated for a
wooden dome. If gentlemen will refer
to the report of the committee on £x-_
penditures, they cannot, said Mr. B. for
a moment hesitate to agree with the
building committee in their opinion;
they will there find that there is anna*
ally paid to the architect, the superin
tendents, and head workmen on the
capitol, £i4,000. By procrastinating
the work, this item of exgenditure will
continue to swell; and b^be time the
building was completed, would form no
inconsiderable item in the whole expen
diture. He therefore hoped, there
would be no objection on the part of
this committee to fill the blank, with
the sum of 120,000 dole whioh was ask
ed for by the committee on Public Bull
The recommendations of the commit
tee were thereupon respectively agreed
to; when.
L Mr. Cocke proposed to add a proviso,
similar to that which bad been adopted
in reference to the navy appropriation
hill, wbieh was agreed to.
The committee then rose, and report*
ed the said bills as amended.
In th$ Hous$, Mr. Tracy opposed %
concurrence with the committee of the
whole, in appropriating a sum of about
10.000 to make good a deficit to thema*
rine corps in 1821, but the question be*
ing taken thereon, the motion to con
cur prevailed; and the residue of the
bill making appropriations for the sup
port of the navy was oonourred in, and
ordered to be engrossed for a third read*
The question ot concurrence with the*
committee tof tbe whole in their report up
on tbe bill in relation to the public build
ings, being under coostaeratioo—Mr
Smith, of Md. proposed to add tbe sum
of si* thousand dollars jto the amount re*
ported for buildinng of wood, tbe domn
of tbe centre building ot tbe Capitol, with
the view, and for the purpose, that it bn
built of brick.
Mr, Taylor expressed an opinion, that
the construction of a dome of wood of se
great extent, would be preferable to onn
of brick, and tbe question beiag taken,
tbe motion was lost, end tbe amendments
of the committee ef the ' whole were if%

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