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( —Vol. XXI1] THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 18, 1822. ? ’ [No. 6218.
_ ... - ■ -■■ ■ ' ' -- - - r 1 —. , „ • ,
oflejcantaia Odette
Tuesday's, Thursday's $■ Saturday's,
Royal-street, Alexandria,
AT five dolls, per annum.
—For Boston,
iff. THE schr. MARCIA, capt- Na
nearly a new vessel,is now load
I fc will take some freight on moderate
I {“fis. Apply to WM. FOWLE &CO.
For Freight,
iff. THE good brig CLIO, capt- Mor
j^jjrill, carries about l'-oo barrels, will
be ready for a cargo in a few days.
For sale, said brigs cargo, ot
400,000 leet of clear merchantable boards
and joist. Apply as above,
april 4 __
For Freight,
THE good Schr. CARR, Joseph
i Merryraan, master, burthen 800
bbls. and will be ready to load in a lew
|a«.. Af*'5oHNH.LA/>D(.CO.
april 2
For Freight,
The brig ARROW, A. IV. Lo
vell, master; carries Hoo barrels,
|?ill be readv to load in lour days, and
ake a freight to a Southern or Eastern
iort. Apply to
WM. FOWLE tr Co.
Vho have for salt, receeved by said vessel.
3o bbls N. E. rum
5o tons plaster paris
loo»ooo shingles
march 29
Bum -.■1 --
For f reight,
The good schr. CATHARINE,
1^Wm. Singer, master, burthen 9oo
barrels, will be ready to load to-morrow
h Apply to i. H, LADD Co,
hfFho have just received and offer for sale
8 cases men’s fioe boots and shoes,
I quarter cask currant wine
' 12 boxes, l dozen each, very superior.
(march £9 _
For Freight,
, The good schr» ALLEGRO, Da
\ jSkt£niel JTelsh, master, burthen about
|Soobils. and will be ready to load in a
fS 7 Also For Freight,
, - The good schr. CHARITY, Mo
jj2J£ses Pike, 3d. master, burthen about
MOO blls. and will load in prelerence to a
iortbern port. Apply to
I fVko have for sale on board said vessels,
65 tons plaster
140 bushels potatoes
| 5 bbls N. E, rum
And per sloop Java fro-m New York,
3 pipes superior cognac braudyf
march 20
For Freight,
I. Small, master; carries about
12oo bbis. ia an excellent vessel in com
plete order and will be ready to receive a
cargo iii aifew days. Apply to
JFhohave for sale, said schooners cargo
loo tons plaster paris
12ooo teet merch. lumber
2o bbis N. E- rum
lo No. 3 Mackerel,!
Also for sale landing trom schr, fWilliam,
troin Charleston, & White Oak, .from
5o tierces fresh rice of superior qual
139 casks ot nails assorted sizes
march 23_
Cash to give for Slaves.
THE subscriber, who resides in Alex
andria, D. C. wishes to purchase a
likely young
male and female, from 10 to 18 years cf
{^“Persons having such property for
sale, may find the subscriber living on
■Henry st. between King and Prince strts.
Alexandria, near Mr. Swan’s plaster mill,
wirs. Nutt’s brick house.
uec 1 lawtf
$100 Reward.
T? AN AWAY from me, the subscriber,
"*■*' *u Fairfield, South Carolina, negro
or £5 years old, 5 feet lo or 11 inches
*» yellow complexion, formerly the
property ot Butts k Caywood, of Alexan
J-'J*. * WI*i pay the above reward for
1 Leonard, it lodged in any jail so that
Ja-t hun again.
9- _1 m
~ "S 10,000
[ * r‘WEten to fiiteen thousand dollars
JQ®*c, ^ Georgetown Importing & export
w*s»b to dispose ot: I willsel
for„n i L* or.°.na credit ot 1 t0 10 years
exchan^’ed landed or other security, or
todeil^ ^ *orProp-rty. Those disposed
at®7oPceanrfrSart0,f tbisatock* wi" call
‘ce> bridge-street Georgetown.
Vesting in the Board of Health, certain
powers deemed necessary, in the dis•
charge of their duties.
BE IT ENACTED, That the Board
of Health, and each of the members
thereof, in the particular district assigned
to that member, of which notice shall
have been given in the newspapers, shall
i have power, which is hereby granted, to
j order and direct the superintendant of
■ Police to have removed all nuisances,
< which in their opinion might endanger the
health of the inhabitants, in the manner
prescribed by the various laws oI the Cor
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That
the superintendant of Police shall prompt
ly obey, every such order given to him in
writing as aforesaid: And if he should re
fuse or neglect the performance of any
duty assigned to him as aforesaid, for a
longer space than twenty-four hours, after
receiving the same, be shall forfeit and
pay One Dollar per hour, lor every hour
thereafter* that he shall neglect the same,
without a reasonable excuse be given.
Sec* 3. And be it further enacted, That
as a compensation for services rendered
by the superintendant of Police under this
act, and for the additional penalties here
by imposed tor neglect, the superiutend
ant of Police shall receive such additional
compensation to that already prescribed
by law, to be fixed by the Common Coun
cil, on the recommendation of the .Board
of Health.
Sec. 4. And bt it further enacted, That
this law shall commence and be in force
from and after the passing thereof.
Passed April 9, 1822.
Board of Health,
April 11,1822.
ORDERED that the members of this
board, each in the particular district as
signed to him, undertake to scrutinize the
various portions of the town, for the dis
covery of nuisances, according to the fol
lowing arrangement: and that they exer
cise with promptness, their duties in ha
ving removed in the mode prescribed by
law, all such as may come under their no
tice; they also call upon the citizens, whose
vigilance, and co-operation, are essential
to support and execute the recommenda
tions of the board, and whose assistance
are necessary to enable them to carry into
effect the measures requisite to insure suc
I cess to their exertions.
Daniel Wright, east of Royal, and south
of Prince street*
Wm. A. Williams, west of Royal, south
of Prince, and east of Washington street.
John Roberts, west of Washington, and
south of Prince street.
Silas Reed, east of Royal, between King
and Prince streets.
Geo. Coleman, west of Royal, east of
Washington, between King and Prince st.
John M’Cobb, west of Washington, be
tween King & Prince streets.
Guy Atkinson, east of Royal, and north
of King street.
R. Brockett Jr. west of Royal, north of
King, and east of Washington st*
A. C. Cazenove, west of Washington &
north of King st.
By order of the Board of Health.
april 13 3t
District of Columbia,
Alexandria County to wit: j
November Term, 1821.)
19th day. (
Richard Bland Lee, Richard Smith, cash
i ier of the Office of Discount and Depo
sit, at Washington, being a branch of
1 the Bank of the United States. The
President, Directors and company of the
Bank of the United States, and Walter
i Jones—Complainants,
| John Hopkins, John Glassell and Marga
! ret C. Glassell, (late Margaret C- Lee,)
his wile, James L. M’Kenna, John
Lloyd, Josiah Watson and John M’lver,
THE defendant, John Hopkins, not hav
ing entered his appearance, and giv
en security accotding to the statute and
rul^s of this court, and it appearing to
the satisfaction of the court, upon affidavit
filed, that the said detendant John Hop
kins, is not an inhabitant of the Dis
trict of Columbia. On motion of the com
plainants by their counsel,fit is ordered
that the said defendant John Hopkins do
appear here on or beiore the first day of
next May Term, and er.ter his appearance
to this suit, and give security for perform
ing the decrees of the court. And that
the other defendants John Glassell and
Margaret C. Glassell, (late Margaret C.
Lee) his wife, James L* M’Kenna, John
Lloyd, Josiah Watson, and John M’lver,
do not pay away, way, convey or se
crete the debts by them owing to or the
estate or effects in their hands belonging
to the said absent defendant, John Hop
kins, until the further order or decree of
this court; and that a copy ot this order be
forthwith published in one of the public
newspapers printed in the town of Alex
andria, for two months successively and
that another copy be posted at the front
door of the court house of the said coun
A Copy. Teste, EDM. I, LEE, C. C.
march 18 2m
Negroes for Sale.
To be sold for cash, at Mr. Catt’s, West
End on the 4th day of May, next, at
12 o’clock,
A Coloured Man and Child.
the property of John Fowler, deceased.
april 16 Jawlaa
Runnels’ List of Prizes.
NOS. 9606, 22148, 36036, 51000
6926, 33662, 48298, 100
With the usual proportion oi 12
03*The drawing ot this patriotic and
splendid scheme will be continued on
Wednesday next. £The following grand
prizes remain yet to be drawn.
1 grand,prize of $loo,ooo
1 ' 25,ooo
1 10,000
3 5,ooo
62 l,ooo
6 5oo
74 loo
besides an immense' number of smaller
prizes. 13 drawings more will complete
this splendid scheme. Those persons
holding small prizes will do well to renew
them immediately, as tickets are rapidly
Whole Ticket, $16
Half. 8
To be had in the greatest variety of num
bers at
Lottery and Exchange Office,
King street, Alexandria•
JThere is also for sale tickets in the
Grand Lottery, 1st Class,
For the benefit of the South Carolina Aca*
demy of Fine Arts.”
At %I0 each.april 13
Leghorns, Leghorns.
THE subscriber has just received two
cases of vvhite and black
Leghorn Bonnets,
of latest importation, and first quality, from
No. 30, to 64, which will be sold cheap
for cash. WILLIAM TRUE,
march 30 d 2w
HAS just received a general assortment
of ladies, gentlemens, boys, misses
and childrens leather and Morocco
Of every description, suitable for the ap
proaching seaso.v.
Gentlemens black and drab imitation
Gentlemens black napt hats (low priced)
do Leghorn hats, suitable for the
Boys fur and woo] hats (cheap)
Likewise a few cases of Ladies
Straw Bonnets A Trimmings,
All of which will be disposed of on accom
modating terms.
march 30 d3w
Public Sale.
BY virtue of a deed of trust from T-VV.
Peyton and wife, to me for (be pur
poses therein expressed, I shall proceed to
sell at public auction, on the premises, at
12 o’clock, on WEDNESDAY, the 1 bth
day of MAY, the following valuable
to wit: That lot of ground on the north
west corner of King and Columbus streets,
bounded as follows: beginning at the in
tersection of the said streets, thence west
on King street 74 feet, then north parallel
to Columbus street 100 feet; then wes* pa
rallel to King street 49 ieet 5 inches; then
north parallel to Columbus strees 39 feet
3 inches, then east parallel to King street,
123 feet 5 inches to Columbus street, then
on Columbus street south, 139 feet 3 in
ches to fbe beginning. This pro
perty comprehends three distinct
buildings, which will be offered
ifor sale separately. The spacious
brick warehouse at the corner in the occu
pancy of Messrs. J. & J. Douglas, the
brick warehouse adjoining, and the frame
dwelling agreeably situated on King street
west of the brick buildings, and occupied
by Mr. J. Douglas.
A credit of 6, 12, and 18 months will be
given on the purchase money, upon notes
satistactorily endorsed, bearing interest
from the day ot sale, and a deed of trust
on the property will be* taken to secure
the payment. A statement of the giound
rents to which the improvements are re
spectively subject, will be submitted at
the time and place of sale.
j. l. McKenna.
april 13 ts Trustee
Congressional Proceedings.
' 1 "" "■ - i ■ .
From the National Intelligencer.
Mr. Stokes submitted the following re
Resolved, That the Committee on
Commerce and Manufactures be instruc
ted to inquire into the expediency of gi
ving the assent of Congress to an act of
the General Assembly of North Carolina
entitled “An act to incorporate a com
pany, entitled the Roanoke Inlet Com
pany,” and for other purposes.
Mr. Stokes laid on the table, also, two
resolutions, directing the Committee on
the Post Office and Post Roads to in
quire into the expedincy of establishing
a post route from Asheville, in N. C. by
Waynesville, Lovesville, on Scott’s
Creek, the Public Square, on Tennes
see river, Rabun Court House, in Geor
gia, to Habersham Court House; and in
to the expediency of discontinuing the
post route from Waynesville, in N. C.
to Houstonville in 6. C.
On motion of Mr, Ruggles, the com
mittee of claims were discharged from
the further consideration of the petition
of R. J. Meigs, United States’Agent in
the Cherokee nation q( Indians.
The bill for the relief of certain dis
tillers within the sixth collection dis
trict of Pensylvaiia; the bill for the re
lief of sundry citizens of Baltimore; and
the bill for the relief of B. H. Rand,
brought up from the House of Repre
sentatives for concurrence, were seve
rally twice read and referred,
The Senate then, on motion of Mr,
Williams, of Tenn. resumed the consid
eration of the bill to repeal the 14th sec
tion of the act of last session to reduce
the military peace establishment (whioh
14th section enacted that the system of
“General Regulations for the army,”
compiled by Major General Scott, be ap
proved and adopted for the government
of the army and of the militia when in
service )
The bill was a good deal discussed
when before the Senate on yesterday;
and no amendment being now offered,
nor any further remarks, it was order
ed to be engrossed for a third reading.
The Senate then resumed, in commit
tee of the whole, Mr. King, of Alab. in
the chair, the bill for the relief of James
Morrison, a deputy quarter master ge
neral in the late war.
8ome further debate took place on
this bill, in which it was supported by
Mr. Benton; and incidental points, (a
mong them a motion made by Mr. Bar
ton to recommit the bill for the ascer
tainment of certain facts,) discussed by
Messrs; Holmes, of Miss. Chandler, Bar
ton, King, of N. Y. Talbot, Van Buren,
Van Dyke, Brown of Ohio, Lanman, af
ter which the bill was recommitted with
instructions to report the facts special
The Senate then took up the bill for
the relief of the heirs of John Donnel
son, Thomas Carr, Stephen Heard,
Wm. Downs, and Joseph Martin, (au
thorizing them, severally, to enter five
thousand acres of land, at any time
within two years from the passing of this
act in any land office in either of the
states of Mississippi or Alabama, being
the amount of a grant made to them by
a resolution of the legislature of the
state of Georgia in the year 1786.)
Considerable discussion took place on
this bill, in which Messrs. Eaton, Elli
ot, Otis, Lanman, Lloyd, and Walker,
principally participated; after which the
bill was postponed to Monday.
The Senate then on motion of Mr.
Barbour, took up in committee of the
whole, Mr. Elliott in the chair, the bill
to authorize the corporation of the city
of Washington to drain the low grounds
on and near the public reservations, and
to improve and ornament certain parts
of said reservations.
JVlr. Barbour stated the reasons which
had induced the Committee on the Dis
trict of Columbia to report this bill;
those which rendered its passage pro.
per and necessary; the considerations
which obviated any objections which
were anticipated, &c. and concluded by
moving an amendment to the bill provi
ding for trying by the District Court,
(with the right of an appeal to the Su
preme Court Jany right of original pro
prietors which may be affected by the
| bill; which amendment was agreed to.
The bill was then reported to the Sen
On the question of concurring in the
amendment, some discussion took place
on the part of Messrs, Eaton, Lanmany
Lloyd, Barbour, Ring of N. Y. turning
chiefly on the feasibility of the claim
which was set up by the representatives
of the original proprietor of the ground.
The amendment was ultimately concur
red in, without a division, and
The bill was ordered to be engrossed
and read a third time, without objection
or opposition.
Mr. King, of New York, submitted
the following resolution for consider*- 1
Resolved, That the Architeet of the
Public Buildings be in future appointed
by the President of the United States
with the advice and consent of the Sen*
ate, and he shall possess the powers and
perform the duties of the superintendent
of the public buildings. •
The Senate spent some time on Ex*
ecutive business; and then.
Adjourned to Monday.
The Speaker took the chair at the
hour of meeting, (10 o’clock,) but there
not being a quorum.
Mr. McCoy moved for a call of the
Mr. Edwards, of N. C. opposed the
call, on the ground that it would pro*
dace no Valuable result, and that it was
better for the House to wait until the
members thought proper to attend.
The motion was negatived; and a quo*
rum appearing:.
Mf Cook, from the Committee on the
Public Lands,4 reported a bill to confirm
certain claims*to lots in the village of
Peoria in the stkte of Illinois; which
was twice read and committed.
Mr. Rankin, from the same commit
tee, reported a bill from the 8enate, sup*
plementary to an act for the relief of
certain purchasers of the public lands,
prior t# the 1st day of July,1820, with
out amendment, which by unanimous
consent was ordered to a third reading.
Mr. Sergeant, from the Committee on
the Judiciary, to whom was referred the
message of the President of the United
States, on the subject of extra compen
sation to the Attorney General, made a
report thereon, approving of the course
that had been taken in relation to the
subject, and concluding with a resolu
tion that the committee be discharged
from the further consideration of the
same, which was ordered to be laid on
the table.
Mr. Gorham, from the committee on
the suppression of the Slave trade,
made a report thereon, which, on mo
tion of Mr. G was ordered to be laid on
the table and printed.
Mr. Poinsett stated that a bare ma
jority only of the committee had agreed
in making the said report; and he wish
ed it to be distinctly understood that he
(as a member of the said committee J
did not concur in the measure recom
mended, which he deemed to be injuri
ous to the best interests of the conn*
Mr. Poinsett, from the Library Com
mittee, to whom was referred a resolu
tion on the subject of the distribution
of certain books, published by order of
Congress, among such members of the
sixteenth Congress as had not already
received them, and, also, among sundry
literary institutions, reported adversely
to the distribution, but recommended
the following joint resolution, which
was twice read and committed:
Resolved by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of
America in Congress assembled . That
the library committee be, and they are
hereby, authorised to purchase one hun
dred and thirty eight eopies of the sixth
volume of the laws of the United
Resolved, That five hundred and fifty
two dollars be appropriated for the pur
pose aforesaid.
Mr. Edwards ofN. C. moved that
hereafter the usual hour of meeting
of the house be 11 o’clock. He stated
that he had punctually attended pur
suant to the rule recently introduced
but that experience had shewn that no
benefit had been derived from it._
Calls ef the house had on two morn*
ings been made which he had opposed,
although a quorum had not appeared,
and, if all those who were absent would
vote fer the motion, he had no doubt
it would give a majority sufficiently
large to carry it*
Mr. Taylor called for the question of
consideration, and the house agreed to
consider the same—ayes 70, noes 59.
Mr. Taylor then moved to lay the
motion on the *table, which was nega*
Mr? Hardin was in favor of the mo*
tion* not only on the ground that tho
present rule was inconvenient and use*
less in its operation, but also because ic
interfered with business at the public
offices, which the interests of their con*
stituents required* Mr, H. was desi
rous to attend his duty in the house and
out of it. He also adverted to the in*
compatibility of accomplishing the bma
siness which wa* confided to the com*
mitees, with a perseverance in tho
present rule of the House.
Mr, Vance called for the Vets and
Nays, which were ordered, and the
question was taken and the votes there
on were as follows: yeas 79 nays 7JL—•
The question was decidedd in tho
negative by the casting vote of the
. The Speaker laid before the house
a communication from the .War . De*
pertinent, conveying ' information in o* "
bedieneete a rsselitien the House,
9 J
i V /

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