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,-ih and I6!h June last, instructed, upon
hu return to Madrid; to represent tbesame
tovour government, and to request new
? peremptory orders to that ofhcer, tor
and ?' very of the archives in his posses
,b<! dcontormably to the stipulation ot the
sion, e°nL. renewal of the order wasde
,lDon the ground of entire conii
chned, up , of yrtur government,
difn. the Captain General would, oetore it
'ba Id be recced, have completed the de
f.pu,d archives and documents „a, he
L'Var? 1 commanded by the King.
badl regret to be obliged to state, that
.hi, iusf expectation ot h.s Catholic ma
tn,s J1)5 t ueen tulUlled.
plain James Biddle, Commander of
,he United States’ frigate Macedonian has
therefore been commissioned to repair to
thereiorc receive the docu
lhe„uaaVnd archives, which Col. Forbes
ments a and which it is ho
fK ^tato general and Governor of
fhiba 'will cause to be delivered without
further delay.” __
On Thursday, the 18th inst- by the Rev
James Reid* Mr. Elisha Jenkins, to Miss
Caprine Buckley, near Centreville, Fair
1 fTNewYo?k, onthe 18th inst at Col.
VV Hunter’s by the Rev Mr. Milnor, Mr.
Kobt- L. White, to Miss Maria Nicholson,
both of Alexandria._
^marine list,&
| roriED~FRO>T7^77rADlNG-KOO>l BOOKS,
Schr. Washington* Small, from'
plaster and fruit to J. H. Ladd toCo. j
Last Sunday, 'n lat. 38 2o, Ion 74 lo,}
spoke schr. Welcome-Return Howes 12;
days from St, Croix for New Y on. Same ,
day, parted with schooner Be’sy Pieice,
Howes, from Boston, for this port.
Notice to Stockholders.
ON the 6th of May next, being the first
Monday in that month, an election ■
will be held according to law, at the toll-1
house of the Great Hunting Creek bridge j
Co lor a President and tour Directors to
conduct the affairs of that Corporation the
ensuing year. .. .
Business of great importance to the in
5 terests of the company, and which must be
acted upon by the stockholders themselves,
makes it desirable that a lull meeting
should be had on the present occasion.
THOMAS IRWIN, President.
april 23_
FOR sale at the Sugar refinery, on
Washington Street.
apr 23 3t JACOB HOFFMAN.
Dissolution of Partnership.
THE copartnership heretofore existing
under the firm of Evans & Greggs, is
this day dissolved by mutual consent,
april 23 3t
FOR the present year, two journeymen
blacksmiths* Men ot families can be
accommodated with houses at a r* asoriable
rent, or young men that can come well re
commended, and are c*pabe ot taking
charge of the shop and hands in my ab
sence; to such, liberal wages and constant
employment will be given it application
be made immediately to the subscriber in
Aidie, Loudoun county, Va.
april 233t
Coarse Salt for Sale.
bushels Turks Island
I If II | salt. Also a part of brig
■ v/Vf Dove’s cargo, of Bo
nair salt of superior
april 23_ _3t
For Boston.
The good 9cbr. W ashington, Sam
__jSmall» master, burthen about 7oo
barrels, and will be ready to load in a few
Apply to J. H. LADD & Co.
W’ho have for sale on board said schooner,
loo boxes fresh Sicily lemons
loo do do oranges
lo bbls Glauber salts
4o tons plaster
For Amsterdam.
The superior brig OLIVE, I
saae Lincoln, master, daily ex.
pected, burthen about 28o hhtfs* tobacco;
she is copper fastened, and but two years
old—tor freight of I8o hhds. or passage,
apply to J. H. LADD 4* Co.
april 23
Cash for Negroes.
LIBERAL prices in cash will be paid
for thirty likely young negroes of
both sexes, if early application is jrade to
the subscriber at the VVashingtou Tavern.
A first rate male 4* female house servant of
good habits would be desirable, and for
which an extra price will be paid.
april 2o 2w
Alexandria, Wasl'ington and
Georgetown Stages.
HPHE Proprietors inform the Public that
" they have reduced the tare to Fitty
_april 183t_
Domestic Goods.
'PRADEN. MORGAN &Co have just
* received per schr. Primrose, and offer
or sale
Ginghams, Shirtings,
Sheetings ci Checks
^ * mo 6th
\ RE now in complete order, fitted up
xjL in a superior style, and will be ready
for the accommodation of the public on the
First of May.
As this establishment has received the
unqualified approbation of the physicians,
it is unnecessary to say more in its recom
mendation than that strict attention will
be given in its management, and faithful
male and female servants provided. The
terms will be reduced to the following mo
derate price.
Subscribers with families 8 dollars;
Single persons 6 dollars;
Three warm baths, 1 dollar;
Four cold baths, 1 do
Single baths 374 cts.
One half of the subscription money will
be expected in advance, and the balance
on the loth of July.
april 23 tf
NO. 9606, which drew on the 10th inst
a prize of looo dollars in the Grand
National Lottery, was presented by the
fortunate holder on Tuesday morning, and
paid at sight, by D. GILLESPIE.
Will be completed in 12 more drawing*
and has more prizes floating in its wheel
than any other Lottery in America,
firilliant Scheme.
1 grand prize of 8JOO,000
1 25,000
1 10,000
3 . 5,000
57 ' 1,000
5 500
besides an immense number of 100, and
sin iller prizes.
but will advance in » few days to 20, 25 or
3o dollars
Prizes wdl be deposited in the wheel as
follows: on the 25th day’s drawing 1 prize
of 10,000; on the 28th day's drawing, 1 of
25,ooo dollars; and on the 3oth, the grand
capital of loo,000 dollars; all the other pri
zes are now floating.
Orders enclosing cash or prize tickets, or
enquiring the fate oftickets, will meet as
prompt attention as if personal application
was made, addressed to
Fortunate Office.
or at 'v
Office, King-street,
april 23
Marshal’s Sale.
V^T'ILL be sold, at the Marshal's of
V? fice, on Saturday the 27th inst. for
cash, (by the consent of parties,) twelve
hundred and eighteen sides of prime soal
leather. Sale at lo o’clock. A- M.
april 23
The National Intelligencer will in
sert the above in their paper, until the
day of sale, and send their account to this
office for payment._
The Light Infantry Company will meet
This Evening, at the
at half past 7 o’clock; for the purpose of
electing a second lieutenant,
By order of the captain,
apr 23 Secretary.
Valuable Property for sake.
The subscribers will offer at pib
lie sale, on the premises, and on
£ J £ I' accommodating jterms, the LOT
and 3 TENEMENTS thereof,
adjoining Captain Findlay’s residence, oi
Royal street, situate between Clage’t’s ho
tel and Queen street, I he lot fronts on
Royal stieet 48 teet 4 inches, with the
sole use of a 6 toot alley, its depth is 116
teet, bounded by an alley 16 teet lo inches
T he annual rent of the tenements, payable
monthly, has been recently advanced to
The above described property being
contiguous to the Market Reading Room,
and but a few minutes walk Irom the
wharves, renders the purchase ot it desi
rable to any person desirous of investing
his money in real estate, when it will be
more productive than any Bank stock.
The sale will take place on Saturday
next, the 27'h inst* at 4 o’clock,—an in
disputable title will be given.
R. fy. .1. MANREVILLE.
S. A- Marsteller, auctioneer
apirl 2Q__ kg _
Vocal Music.
I PROPOSE teaching sacred music at
my school house on Fairfax street.
Terms.—Two dollars per quarter, one
half in advance. The school to he held
twice a week; on Wednesdays from 5 o -
clock P M and on Saturdays from 4 o’
clock P. M. until dark.
To commence on the 27th insf should
the number ot scholars he considerable.
(£T*Piease call at Messrs. J. & A- Doug
la’s Bookstore.
april 18
Runnels’ List of Prizes.
jyos. 26,016 36815, prizes of #1000
' 6688, 8464, 4829, 11225 > 100
19755, 27239, 31761 of )
With the usual proportion ot 13
O^-The drawing ot this patriotic and
splendid scheme will be continued on
Wednesday next. 'The following grand
prizes remain yet to be drawn.
1 grandipnze ot $100,000
1 25,ooo
1 lo,ooo
3 5,ooo
60 ' l,ooo
6 5oo
68 loo
besides' an immense ^number of smaller
prizes. 12 drawings more will complete
this splendid scheme. Those persons
holding small prizes will do well to renew
them immediately* as tickets are rapidly
Whole Ticket, $16
Half.- 8
Quarter ------ 4
T® be had in the greatest variety ot num
bers at
Lottery and Exchange (office,
King street, Alexandria•
Where are also for sale tickets in the great*
est variety oi numbers in the
Grand Lottery, 1st Class,
For the benefit of the %iSouth Carolina Aca
demy of Fine Arts.”
Now drawing, and to be completed In
twenty drawings. Highest prize 2D,ooo
dollars, and only I0,ooo tickets at 11 dol
lars each
april 2o
Four Thousand Numbers,
Have now been drawn from the wheels
And still the great floating capitals of 5000
3000, 2000, fyc. remain undrawn, which
together With the splendid stationary pri
zes present the following
Brilliant List of Capitals
still to be drawn, viz.
30.000 Dolls.
20.000 Dolls.
10.000 Dolls.
2 of 5,000 Dolls.
Besides 3ooo, 2ooo, 16 of Dlooo. &c.
tf^Tickets and Shares mar runted un
drawn are to be had, viz.
TICKET - - - $i2 00
HALF ... | 6 00
QUARTER - - $ 3 0()
EIGHTH - - - $ 1 50
In the greatest variety of numbers at
Lottery Exchange Office,
114 Market street, Baltimore.
O^y-ORDERS from any part of the U.
States enclosing the cash or prize tickets,
postpaid, for tickets and shares, will be
promptly attended to, if addressed to
J. I. COHEN, Jr.
Secretary to the Managers, Baltimore.
Truly Lucky Lottery
Office, King street, Alexandria,
april 18
New Orleans Sugtir.
JONH H. LADD & Co. offer for sales
260 hhds N, Orleans, &• AM. sogar,
50,ooo lbs. Porto Rico, Have” * & fct
Domingo coffee.
125 chests Y. Hyson, Imperial b Gun
powder teas.
65 puncheons West India and New
England rum,
13 pipes cognac ui Marseilles brandy
23 pipes Madeira
86 casks claret, !
250 bxs old claret [ CTT*
white & muscat. r Wines. 1
44 casks port, Te- !
ne-iffe, Malaga, j
and Colmeuar J
5oo boxes yellow soap
3no do double boiled marble soap
75 do do do white do
9 casks best olive } (Mjl
lco baskets do do (
bo casks cut nails assorted sizes
159 sides soal leather,
2oo bbls beef and pork
6oo tons plaster,
The subscriber wishes to purchase
7hirty Likely Young Negroes,
from 12 to 20 years of age*
He may be seen at any time at Legg’;
Indian Queen Tavern, Alexandria.
march 20 3aw2w
Salt Afloat
A AAA Bushel* *f picking
jMI || I salt, on board of tbe
/VaiVVrVrachr. Mark, cspt- Sber
7 wick, Vowel’s wbart.
Apply on board or to E. CORNING.
II Hogsheads retailing molasses,just re
ceived by scbr. Albie, capt. Allen. Ap
ply as above*
For Providence.
tff. THE 9pbr. ALBIE, capt. Allen,
33Ht is now loading, and can take some
small freight, or a few passengers. Apply
as above.
For New-York.
lift The Regular Packet SLOOP
££jo» ABEONA, Capt. Nicbols, will be
ready to load on the I2tb inst. for freight
or passage, apply on board at Vowell’s
Wharf, or to
april 9 3t
Fresh Lemon Syrrup.
THE subscriber has for sale at his sugar
refinery, on Alfred street, a supply of
Fresh lemon syrrup.
april 18_3t* !
Landing This Pay,*
AND for sale by A. C. CAZENOVE
* Co
Martinique ) First quality
4" >
Surinam ) Retailing Molasses.
8 hales domestic goods
6o cask« stone lime
Young hyson tea
2ooo lbs cotton yarn
3 cases black twilled silk hdkfs
1 do madras do
april 6
Spring Goods.
HENRY C. SLADE is now opening a
general and handsome assortment of
Hardware Cutlery.
and daily expects from Liverpool, Grass &
grain sytbes, and other heavy goods for
the season.
He has also a quantity of ground Plaster
Paris, all on very reasonable terms.
, april 6 '_ 6t
Sicily Lemons and Oranges.
Qf) boxes Lemons
^^ 30 boxes Oranges, fresh and in fine
order, Just received and for sale by
J. H- LADD & Co.
april 4
Oranges and Candles.
HAVE just received per schooner Bos
ton, and offer for sale,
80 boxes oranges
100 - mould candles, Sampson’s
brand, and assorted sizes,
apiil 13
Bacon Whiskey, ^c.
LINDSAY 4- HILL, have this day
2o,ooo lbs bacon,
87 bis whiskey.
22 casks Goshen cheese.
In Store, just received from Baltimort.
12 hhds 1st quality sugar
16 q’rter casks, Malaga wine
4 pipes Holland Gin.|
7 bbls clover seed
april 6
Spring Goods.
HAVE just received per the ship Bel
videra,' frorh Liverpool, and aie now
T. Sheppard’s extra superfine cloths and
9-8 and 6 4 jaconet cambrics
Do cambric muslins
JFbite and coloured, corded and striped
Gentlemen’s fashionable fancy cravat
4-4 superfine light and dark cambric
Fancy undressed prints
Siriped florentines
Imitation seersuckers
White and printed Marseilles quiltings {
Patent power loom shirtings
Cotton hosiery
Holt’s 3 cord sewing cotton
Rhode’s twilled black bombazetts, bt.
[>’ the next arrival they expect a hand
some assortment of white and colured
april 13
Best Chewing Tobacco.
n kegs and half kegs manufactured to
^^bacco, of I2’s 8’a and pound twist,
Barclay’s brand, warranted superior to any
in tbe District, just received by the scbr
John, capt. Burke, from Richmond, and
tor sale by
april 18 £wtt
Vaccine Institution of Alex
rr*HE subscriber is provided with a sup
l_ ply of fresh Vaccine matter, and in
vites the indigent personsof the town and
its vicinity to send their children for Vac
cination. He will attend at bis office for
ihe purpose of receiving such patients
from 7 until 10 o’clock in the morning, e
very day in the week*
march £o
James I. Weems,
ATTORNEY at law, offers his servi
ces to tbe public, and to the citizens
of the District, of Columbia in particular.
He promises the greatest attention,
Port Tobacco, Md. March 26 eo6t
Neatly executed at this Office
Ob Tuesday Next,
AT It o’clock, will be Sold *t auction
op John G. Ladd fc Co's wbart,
loo bbds New Orleans Sugar
ll do Santa Cruz do
6 do molaasei,
6 pipes Blandy ir Co’s Madeira wind
of the vintage of 1816.
5 quarter casks Malaga Sberiy wine,
5 pipes Marseilles brandy
10 casks and 60 cases claret wine
loo bozes marbled soap
26 do white do
loo dozen superfine sweet Oil
april 2o auct. _
Public Sale.
On FRIDAY, at 4 o’clock,
WILL be sold on the premises a band*
some lot of ground, with 2 tens*
ments thereon, on Alfred betweeo King
and Prince streets, near the store lately
occupied by A. C Cazenove & Co. This
lot is on the paved street, and rant hack to
a paved alley..
A well situated lot on Duke, between
Columbus and Alfred sts. on which there
is a comfortable two story frame house.
Terms liberal, and made known at sale.
S* A. MAKSJ ELLEi , Auc.
apnT23 . r
AT half past 10 o’clock will be sold at
the auction store, a variety of
Sugar. N. O. in bbls.
Do Mus. in do
Do do in hbds
A few bbls sweet cider
Rum. French brandy
Cordial, vinegar 4* wine
Soap and candles
Superior Barcelona raisins.
Hats, twine, and a general assortment
of elegant furniture,
A large lot of well assorted Qjueen’S
ware, in quantities to suit purchasers
Y. H Tea ~
Sweet oil
And immediately after
Cloths and cassimeres
Linens, bleach’d
Cotton thread, &c
8o bushels beans.
Shoes, Hardware,
I cast Sicily Mad. wine
100 lbs shoe thread.
6 bags of superior Coffee
All articles on limitation may be sold at
any time
S. A, MARSTELLEK, auct’r.
april 20
Public Sale.
BY virtue ot a deed of trust from T-W,
Peyton and wile, to me for the pur
poses therein expressed, 1 shall proceed to
sell at public auction, on the premises, at
12 o’clock, on WEDNESDAY, the 1 bth
day of MAY\ the following valuable
to wit: That lot of ground on the north
west corner ot King and Columbus streets,
bounded as follows: beginning at the in
tersection of the said streets, tbencd west
on King street 74 feet, then north parallel
to Columbus street 100 feet; then wes* pa
rallel to King street 49 leet 5 inches; then
north parallel to Columbus strees 39 teet
3 inches, then east parallel to King street,
123 feet 6 inches to Columbus street, then
on Columbus street south, 139 feet 3 in
Mcbes to the beginning. This pro
perty comprehends three distinct
buildings, which will be offered
for sale separately The spacious
brick warehouse at the corner in the occu
pancy of Messrs. J. b J. Douglas, the
brick warehouse adjoining, and the frame
dwelling agreeably situated on King street
west of the brick buildings, and occupied
by Mr. J. Douglas.
A credit of 6, 12, and 18 months will be
given on the purchase money, upo** notes
satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest
from the day ot sale, and a deed of ttust
on the property will be taken to secure
the payment. A statement ot the giound
rents to which the improvements are re
spectively subject; will be submitted at
the time and place of sale.*
april 13 ts Trust
Fifty Dollars Reward
LOST, on Saturday evening* between!
John Hepburn’s confectionary store
and the market house, a red morocco pock
et book, with the strap torn and sewed to
gether—it contained a smalt parcel of mo
ney, bow much precisely is not recollect
ed. There was two five dollar notes, on
the Bank Of Alexandria, both new, and two
five dollar notes on the Bank of Virginia*
and some small notes—the book T will
swear to. The papers are valuable fo me*
and my name is on the gieater part of them*
april 16 DAVIS BOWIE.
Burr Mill-Stone Manufacto
ry, Alexandria.
Fipbe subscriber wishes to inform bis cus<
J. footers, and the public in general, that
be keeps his shop on Peyton St- between
the upper end ot King at- and the stone
bridge; where be bas on band an elegant
assorment of tbe very best quality of
French burr blocks, and Burrs ready made
first quality warranted equal if not supe
rior to any made in this country.
Liberal Credit will be given to men of
punctuality- _
march 14

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