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The Editor return? his thanks to the
friend by whom a copy of the following
Communicated for the Federal Gazette.
By the Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown
College, District of Columbia.
As when the angry clouds on high
Collect their fury through the troubl’d sky.
And frowning, meet in midway air,
iErial combat to prepare.
The darkness thickens, and the cloud de
A lurid canopy o’er all extends.
The feather'd tribes, forgetful of their strains,
Have sought the thickest midnight shade—
The beasts that brows’d upon the plains,
Have left the hillock and the glade.
'Twould seem as if affrighted nature read
Her final doom,
Upon the fearful gloom
That blots out Heavens fair eye,
And breathes such horror on each scenery,
So still the world, the silence all around so
Nor is the mortal heart so free
From horror and foreboden fear,
A Deity confess’d they see
Cloath’d in the terrors of the sphere.
The frighten’d babe the mother press’d
To her more frighten’d, anxious breast;
The guilty sou] has felt remorse’s fear,
And stubborn eyes have learnt to shead a tear.
The lightning blazes and the thunder rolls,
The solid earth is shaken to its poles.
The sheperd stands in horror fixt, his eye
Upli ted to the tumults of the sky.
Himself he deems, and all his fleecy care,
Destin’d to perish in that fatal hour;
Each peal that rattles thro' the desert air,
He fears a death blow sent from Heav’ns
high pow’r;
But when the >torm is o’er, and all is rest,
Then peace and joy revisit his sad breast,
His fright is gone, and nothing now remain*
But the remembrance of his fears and pains.
So, Europe, is it now with thee, and now
The storm that woke thee from thy rest,
And fill’d with fear thy trembl.ng breast.
No longer frowns upon the world below.
The mighty spirit that could shake
All Europe’s empires to their base,
(Save one, the sea-girt isle,)
He, at whose name, his subject kings would
v\ ith all their dastard royal race—
He who would smile,
^Midat fire’s and swords’ and death’s alarms,
'Midst cannons* thunder and the clash of arms,
iLike the destroying angel did of yore
)n holy Israel’s sacred shore;)
The great, the fear’d, the hated scourge of
Whose name, as yet, unwilling terror brings,
Ha* fled from life; and left the astonish’d world
To wonder at his prowess and his name;
Living and dying, he stern defiance hurl’d
Against oblivion, time and place and fame.
Full many a time have nations watch’d his eye
With fearful gaze, to learn their destiny.
Where'er he went, dismav and fear
Hurried before to tell that he was near.
Their ancient rights and titled name,
Satraps of royalty and former fame,
In vain oppos’d his swav;
Jfor crowns, ner sceptres, nor the kingly
ijfor threats which royal eye-brows deign to
Reckt he; but laugh’d to scorn.
All Europe well can say,
That those to empire born,
Felt their thrones shake,
And in their hands their sceptres quake,
Saw their crowns wrested from them, and their
Crush’d and annihilated in an hour.
How’ are the mightv fallen and the great—
O Death nought earthlv can subdue thy sway;
O how we creatures of a summer’s dav
Vainly resist the stem decrees of fate!
Hon- narrow is the longest span
That nature gives to man !
We stand opposed to Death, as on the battle
And when he strikes, then power, and
wealth, and all, must yield.
New Orleans Sugar.
JONH H. LaDD k Co. offer for gales
260 bbd3. N, Orleans, 4* 'V.I. sugar,
50,ooo lbs. Porto Rico, Havana k bt
Domingo coffee.
125 chests Y. Hyson, Imperial 4* Gun
powder teas.
65 puncheons West India and New
England rum,
13 pipes cognac it Marseilles brandy
lOO bb 1 s- common i \\( bicbnif
36 do old rye \ V* |
23 pipes Madeira 'j
86 casks claret* j
250 bxs old claret 1
white k muscat, r \\ inCS.
44 casks port, Te- \
ne rifle, Malaga, j
and Colmenar J
5oo boxes yellow soap
3oo do double boiled marble soap.
75 do do do white d®
9 casks best olive ( Oil
loo baskets do do y
bo casks cut nails assorted sizes
159 sides soal leather,
2oo bbls beef and pork
6oo tons plaster,
_ __
Boitiug Cloths.
Jonathan janney, has for sale
an assortment of
Bolting Cloths of Superior
All orders from Millers or others will
be particularly attended to.
A constant supply of
Ground Plaster,
for sale by the ton, barrel or bushel, at a
cry reduced price.
OSrCash given for empty barrels.
9 mo *9 2awtf
Sugar. |
B AGS Sugar landing from schr.
Superior, ior sale by
?pnl1$ * i
To Wood Merchants.
Iwill sell from 500 to 1OT0cords ofgood
oak wood, ready cut in the woods,—
Also 2oo acres of land with a good supply
of fire wood, building and rail timber on
it. This wood and land lies within li
mile of the Potomac river, where there
is a good road and landing; 30 miles be
low the District of Columbia; this land
lies well, of a stiff soil, and clear of hills
and brakes* I will also furnish any pur
chaser with 3 good ox carts well calculat
ed for the wood business and ten or twelve
good oxen in their prime, and well broke
to the cart, I will also sell a lot ol land,
containing two acres, with a good new
store house, a half story high counting
room, lodging room, granery and tobacco
shed. Also a tobacco press bouse and a
well of as good water as any in the world.
This lot and improvements lies in a healthy
neighborhood and a good stand tor busi
ness. It is one mile from the above land*
I also have l5o acres of land, of an extra
quality, lying 3 mile9 above the aforesaid
land, and one mile from the Potomac; it
is well watered and has a good seat for a
small mill, with a never failing stream.—
Any person wishing to purchase the above
property may have a great bargain, as I
wisn to decline the wood business. The
cash will be wanted for the wood that is
cut and the carts and oxen* 1 will give a
liberal time on the lands.
Charles county, Md. March. 2% eott
HAVING removed from his old stand,
uppei end of King street, and taken
that well known house lately occupied by
Charles L. Sears, corner of King and St.
Asaph streets, known by the name of the
tenders his gratetul acknowledgments
the public for their former favors, and so
licits a continuance of their custom, assur
ing travellers that they will meet with the
best accommodations, and at the lowest
at the low rate of
One Hundred and Thirty
His BAH will always be stocked with
the best of liquors—his table furnished
with all the excellencies of the season
which the market affords—his bedding of
the first order, and excellent stabling for
horses, with a careful ostler,
feb 23_ stuth2m
For Sale,
0Q()P% lights of window Sash, and a few
AAVJxj sjx pannej doors, made of good
materials, will be sold low.
4 mo 3_ eo7t
The Portrait of Napoleon,
AND five full length engravings very e*
legantly executed, of
Joseph, Eugene, Louis, and Jerome,
brothers of Napoleon aBd of Marie Ann
Eliza, bis favorite sister, May be seen for
tour days only* next door to the Mechanics
Bank- april 16—3t*
HAS just received a general assortment
of ladies, gentlemens, boys, misses
and childrens leather and Morocco
Of e^ery description, suitable for the ap
proaching season.
Gentlemens black and drab imitation
Gentlemens black napt hats (low priced)
do Leghorn hats, suitable for the
Boys fur and wool hats (cheap)
Likewise a few cases of Ladies
Straw Bonnets h. Trimmings,
All of which will be disposed of on accom
modating terms.
march 30 d3w
For Sale.
j will sell a tract or parcel of land cal
Containing three hundred and fifty acres
more or less, lying and being in Cbailes
county, immediately on the road leading
trom Port Tobacco to Dumfries Ferry, a
bout six miles from Port Tobacco, within
four miles of Nanjeaioy Church, and with
in li miles ot navigable water. The im
provements on the said farm are a dwell
Ming bouse, kitchen, barn, corn,
house, and other necessary bouses.
It is deemed unnecessary to give
a more particular description of
the same as it is presumed any person
wishing to purchase will view the premis
es. For terms apply to the subscriber
living on the adjoining farm.
i march 26 law3no
april 9 tt
A WROUGHT iron chest,—Enquire
oi the editor of this paper,
april 16 3t
District of Columbia,
Alexandria County, to wit:
November Term, 1821, 3lst day.
Romulus Riggs & others-^Complainants.
Thomas Swann, Cplin Auld, ana Edmund
[. Lee, and the Merchants Bank of Alex
andria, and others—Defendants.
The defendants, the Mechanics Bank
of Alexandria, the Bank of Washington,
the Bank of the Metropolis, the Patriotic
Rank, and the Central Bank of George
town and Washington, appeared, by Wal
ter Jones, their solicitor, and by consent
of the plaintiffs, and ot the .several de
fendants to this suit, including the Banks
in the bill named, as claiming preference, ■
it is ordered, That the trustees, Swann,
Auld and Lee, do proceed to make sale
of all the property, debts and effects,
claimed or held by them as trustees under
the said assignment in the bill mentioned,
or which may, in any manner, have arisen
from the property and effects so assigned,
upon the terms and in the manner provid
ed in the order made in this cause on the
13th day of May, 1819; and that they
bring the proceeds thereof into court, to
be subject to their final order and decree,
as directed by said order. It is further
ordered, That the said trustees do, after
making said sale, report to this court a full
account of all their transactions under the
said deed of trust, shewing the nett amount
of disposable funds remaining in their
hands subject to the trusts declared by
said deed, and shewing also the amount
| of claims made upon them by creditors of
said Bank, and stating, as far as may be
in their power, the validity of such claims.
I And this suit abates as to James H. Dula
ny, by his death, and i? dismissed as to
John A. Stewart. (A copy.)
Teste. EDM. I. LEE, C. C
IX pursuance of the foregoing order, and
of the order of 13tb May, 1819, therein
mentioned, at the merchants’ Coffee
House, in the town of Alexandria, on Sa
turday the first day of June nextt at ten
o'clock, A. M. we shall sell, by public
auction, all the property, debts and effects
conveyed to, or in any manner vested in us
as trustees of the late Merchants’ Bank of
Alexandria—one fourth part of the pur
chase money to be paid in cash, and the
residue in three equal instalments at 6, 12
and 18 montsh,to be secured by such good
and sufficient personal security, with a re
served lien upon the premises, as we shall
EDM I. LEE, > Trustees.
april 4 8w
_ ____
Orphan’s Court,
Alexandria County, )
April Term, 1822. S
ORDERED, that the administrator of
Thomas Triplett, dec’d, do insert
the usual notice to debtors and creditors
three times in the Alexandria newspapers,
A copy* Teste, A. MOORE.
FJ Reg of [fills.
This is to give notice,
That the subscriber of Alexandria coun
ty in the District of Columbia, has obtain
ed from the Orphans Court ot said county,
letters of administration on the personal e
state of Thomas Triplett, late of the county
aforesaid deceased: All persons having
claims against the 9aid decedent, are here
by warned to exhibit the same with the
vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, passed
by the Orphan’s Court, on or before the
16th day of October, next, or they may
by law be excluded trom all benefit to
said estate, and those indebted thereto are
required to make immediate payment.
Given under my hand this 16th day of
April, *8*2, p 7^YL0R>
Administrator of Thos. Triplett, dec’d.
april 16_
SMESSERSMITH will be constantly
• supplied with the above article, from
the celebrated manufactory of E. Baker,
Dorcnester. He has now landing from the
schooner White Oak, and offer for sale,*at
manufacturer’s prices.
Boxes and half boxes Baker’s No. I 2
chocolate warranted.
Boxes Lapham’s No. 1 do.
march 22 _
THE Farmers Bank of Alexandria, this
day declares a dividend ofprofrs, up
on its capital stock paid in, ot three per
cent* for the last six months, payable to
stockholders or their Representatives, on
Thursday the 4th inst. By order
;^OHN HOOFF, Cashier.
gaw2wapril 2
Vaccine Institution of Alex
THE subscriber is provided with a sup
ply of fresh Vaccine matter, and in
vites the indigent persons of the town ani
its vicinity to send their children for Vac
cination. He will attend at his office or
the purpose of receiving such patients
from 7 until 10 o’clock in the morning, e
very day in the week*
GUST’s. A. BROWN, M. 0,
march 2o
James I. Weems,
ATTORNEY at law, offers his servi
ces to the public, and to the citizens
of the District, of Columbia in particular.
He promises the greatest attention,
Port Tobacco* Md. March 26 eo6t
Boarding House. ,
A FEW genteel boarderscan be accom-,
modated at a moderate price* at the
House formerly occupied by J. B. Gorman
on Fairfax street, Fer terms, apply to
the subscriber. J. HARRISS*
april 11
Domestic Goods.
Braden, Morgan &Co. have just
received per schr. Primrose, and offer
for sale
Ginghams, Shirtings, ~
Sheetings & Checks* 1
► 4 mo- Gtijt i
Marshals Sale.
WILL be sold on the premise* for .
cash, on Saturday, the 4th day of
May next, at 10 o’clock; all the right, ti
tie and interest of Abiel Holbrook, in and
to the following lots of ground, with all
the|improvements thereon, being in the
town of Alexandria and District of Co
lumbia, one lot of ground on Water street
34 feet 94 inches, extending back 123 ,
feet 5 inches- Also one other lot of ground
on Fayette alley, near the lumber yard
of James McGuire 4* Co. supposed to be
60 feet by 60 feet. Also, one other lot
with a brick house and all other improve
ments thereon, situated and fronting on
Fairfax street 29 teet and extending back
82 feet. Also one other house and lot
and all other improvements thereon, ad
joining the same and fronting on Fairfax
street 29 teet and running back to a lot for
merly owned by Thomas White, 82 feet.
Also one other lot of ground lying on the
Georgetown and Washington turnpike
road, containing nearly two acres. Also
oBe other lot with a brick house, and all
other improvements thereon, formerly oc
cupied by the President, Directors and
Company of the Bank of Alexandria , front
ing Cameron street 41 teet 12 3 inches,
ruuning back 60 feet 8 inches Also one
other lot with a two story frame house
thereon, fronting on Alfred street, 37 feet
6 inches, running back 96 feet 6 inches.
Also one other lot of grouod situated and
binding on f^ueen street 30 feet,| and
running back 100 feet to an alley. Also
one other lot lying between Alexandria
and the Poor House, near Mr. Mande
vilte’s lot- Also one other lot, with a two
story frame house thereon, situated on
Cameron street* and binding thereon 22
feet and running back 79 feet 7 inches to
an alley. Sold to satisfy two executions,
one in favor of D 41 J Ross, the other in
favor ot Leonard Cook. _ __
april 4 For T. Ringgold, Marshal
District of Columbia.
Alexandria County, to wit:
NovemberTerm, 1821,?
25th Da/ )
Richard 1. /ones—Complainant.
Walter‘Jones, Administrator of Charles
Lee, deceased, and Margaret C. Lee,
widow of the said Charles Lee, deceas
ed, Walter Jones and Ann Lucinda, his
wife, Alfred Lee, Robert S. Lee and
Elizabeth Lee—Defendants.
rpHE defendants Margaret C. Lee and
|_ her children, Robert S. Lee and Eli
zabeth Lee, not having entered their ap
pearance and given security according to
tbe statute and tbe rules of this court, and
it appearing to the satisfaction of tbe
court, upon affidavit filed, that the said
Margaret C. Lee and her children, Robert
S. Lee and Elizabeth Lee, are not inhabi
tants of the District of Columbia, on the
motion of the complainant by his counsel,
it is ordered,that the said defendants,Mar
garet C. Lee & children, Robert S. Lee&
Elizabeth Lee, do appearhere on or be
fore the first day of next May term, and
answer tbe bill of the complainant, and
that a copy of this order be forthwith pub
lished in one of tbe public newspapers
printed in the town of Alexandria, for two
months successive, and that another copy
be posted at the fnnt door of the Court
House of the said county.
A Copy. Teste, EDM. I. LEE, C. C*
feb 21 2m
district of Columbia.
Alexandria County, to wit:
iNovenber Term, 1821,}
21st Day. >
United States of America—Complainants*
Murdock, Yuile, Wardrop and Company,
and James H. Hooe, administrator of
William Hodgson, deceased—Dtjtn~
THE defendants Murdock, Yuile, War
drcp and Company, not hayiog en
tered their appearance and given security
according to the statute and theTules of the
court, and it appearing to the satisfaction
of the court upon affidavit filed, that the
said defendants Murdock, Yuile. Wardrop
and Company are not inhabitants of the
District of Columbia, but reside out of
the Uiited States of America* On the mo
rion of the complainants by their counsel,
it is ordered, that the said defendant,
Muriock, Yuile, Wardrop and Company
do rppear here on or before the first day
of May term next, and answer the bill of
the complainants, and that a copy of this
older be forthwith published in one of the
public newspapers printed in the town of
Alexandria, tor two months successively,
*nd that another copy be posted at the
front door of the Court House of the said
county* A Copy.—Teste,
feb 21 EDM. I. LEE, C. C.
The subscriber wishes to purchase
Thirty Likely Young Negroes,
from 12 to 20 years of age*
He may be seen at any time at Legg’s
Indian Queen Tavern, Alexandria.
Leroy jones.
march 203aw2w
A LL persons indebted to the firm of Bro
A defs, Evans & Co. are respectfully in
vited to come forward and make immediate
payment* It not paid before the 25tb of
this present raontb, they will be placed
in the bands of an officer lor collection, as
I have not time to run after them* My
residence is at Mr. S. Dean’s, where I am
always prepared to settle.
march 16_ tt
stand on Royal street, begs leave
to inform bis friends, that be has reduced
bis prices for yearly shaving, to the fol
lowing :
Daily shaving, 9 dollars,
Three times a week, 7,
Twice a week, 6.
I Every possible attention will be paid to
' houses, '£bri)sr$r
To Beat.
Dwelling Houses,
On Royal, below Duke street, and im®e.
diate possession may be bad.
pril 11 3t*
For Sale,
IHI Hill, lately owned by Mr. Nor. ■
l&S ton, being about TWENTY ONE
ACRES well enclosed; on the lit
tle river turnpike road, 2 miles from Alex,
andria. The garden contains many valu*
ble shrubs, vines, and fruit tree*. The
situation is handsome and healthy.
Possession may be had immediately^
The time of payment will be reasonably
extended to suit the purchaser.
March II, lawtf._ :
To Rent.
THE three story brick bouse, oo> 1
Prince Street, tormerly occupied $
I!few by Doctor Dick, and at present by
Ud Doctor Vowell—It is well calc". 1
lated for a genteel family, and more par. |
ticularly for a professional person, the 1
lower rooms having been used as an office 1
Possession will be given the 1st of May. I
Apply to, J &J. HARPER, i
March 11._3tawf2wfroawf4* ;
Trust Sale. |
THE terms oi tbe former sale notba.^
ving been complied with, tbe subscri*
ber will expose to sale for ready money, 1
on Monday, tbe 22d day of April next>at ^
11 o’clock A. M
By virtue of a deed of trust from ;
James S, Scott and wife, bearing
date tbe 18th day of July, 1821,
_to tbe subscriber for the purpo*
of securing the payment of a sum of mo
ney therein mentioned to Henry C. Slade,
will be sold to tbe highest bidder for rea
dy money on Saturday, tbe 2d of March,
at 12 o’clock A, M. on tbe premises, a;cet>
Lot, or parcel of ground, g
with tbe buildings and improvement! j
thereon, situate on tbe south side of Duke '!
street, and to the eastward oi West street,
conveyed to tbe said James S. Scott, by
Louisa Irwin, by deed bearing date, tbe |
Bib July, 1813, and duly recorded in the 4
Clerk’s Office at Alexandria.
Upon receipt of tbe purchase money, J
the subscriber, as Trustee, will execute a 1
deed. ' N- S. WISE, Trustee. |
N. B. If tbe purchase money is not paid 1
on tbe spot, tbe property will be immedi* jjj
ately resold at tbe risk oi tbe first pureba* *
ser. The subscriber, as Trustee, will be |
prepared forthwith to execute a proper!
conveyance to tbe purabaser of tbe proper* 9
ty. N. S, W. Trustee. I
april 2_dts I
To Kent.
MThe subscriber wishes to real |
for one or mote years,his wbarft*^
warehouse. The warehouse is S&
cstories high, fire proof, end bar/jog 1
every onvenience for an extensive busi- j
ness. The wharf is IlO feet in length end i
40 in breadth* end has water of sufficient, ’
depth for the largest vessels.
march 29 eo
'— ------ i
Quarter Master’s Office,'
Fort Washington, April 5.1822.
PROPOSALS will be received at tbit j
office until the 1st day of May next, J
for supplying this post, with two hundred
cords ot good oak wood; part of which
will be required in July, the remainder
to be delivered by the 3oth Nov. next.—
The contractor to give security lor tbs
faithful performance of the contract.
Lieut, and Quarter Master,
anril 6._f3oA ^ j
IS advised to take this method of inform- j
ing bis friends and the public, that be j
has recommenced the above business) is
all it varieties at bis old established
On Fairfax, betweenPrince fyDuke-sts,
Where be is prepared to execute all or
ders in h:*9 line promptly, and on reasona
ble terms. He feels thankful for past fa?
vors and solicits a renewal ot the sanio,
tor both the work and prices, be is conn*
dent, will give general satisfaction.
april 6__
Cash to give for Slaves.
THE subscriber, who resides in Alef«
aodria, D. C. wishes to purchase *
few likely young
male and female, from 10 to 18 years $
(ErPersons having such property fop
sale, may find the subscriber living on
Henry st. between King and Prince strfe*
Alexandria, near Mr. Swan’s plaster m»V
in Mrs. Nutt’s brick house.
dec 1 lawtf
$100 Reward.
RAN AWAY from me, the subscriber,
in Fairfield, South Carolina, negro
24 or 26 years old, 6 feet loerr II inchel
high, yellow complexion, formerly
property of Butts h Caywood, of Alexa11
dria. 1 will pay the above reward f°j<
said Leonard, if lodged in any jail so lbal
Iget him again.
april £> 1« |

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