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'hursday evening last, by the Ke?.
irrison, Mr. Samuel Sipptry to Miss
MARINE list, M\
from the reading-room books,
arrived....APRIL 25.
Olive, Lincoln, Boston, 13 days;
laiiter, molasses, sugar, &c. to Wil
>wle 4rCo. and Thomas H. How
On Thursday, I8th inst. was struck
tning, which killed Sylvanus Lm
be captain s cousin) of tape Cod,
shivering *nd rendering totally
, the main-top and mam top gallant
George Washington, Providence R.
passed up
Ellen-Maria, Elwell, Providence,
; Sal last to T H Howland.
, Relief, Baxter, Barnstable, 5 ds;
to T. H. Howland.
John, Atwater, New Haven, IOds;
s, hay,brandy, cider, <frc, to i bos
tvland.—Passengers, 3 ladies and
ltletnan. _ - .
Five-Brothers, Delano, Portland,
; molasses, candles, N. E. rum, plas*
k, hats, shoes, and potatoes, to Wm.
, Valiant, /ones, Fredncksburg;
> John H. Ladd &Co
> Mary-Ann, Ortuin, N. York: oats,
potatoes, pork, &c. to J- H. Ladd #Co.
Sloop Golden Age. Marble, St- Johns,
E. Florida, with timber for the Navy-Yard-1
Sailed in company with the U. S. Reve
nue Cutter Crawford, capt. Taylor, bound
(southward on a cruise.'
Capt. Taylor had taken possession of
the brig Mary, of Macbias, and ordered
her to Amelia Island, for loading with ce
dar timber off the National Domain.
Schr. Romeo, Lediew, eight days from
Providence, molasses, rum, lime, potatoes
&c. to the master, empty bits. & ginger to
L. b L. Chamberlain, 9peTm candles, rum,
U domestic goods to A. C. Cazenove &Co.
Schr. Friend-to-Peace, Nickerson, 6 ds
from Dartmouth; potatoes, and ballast to
? the master
Schr. Washington, Small, Boston.
Steam-boat Potomac, Norfolk
Schr. Dollar, Mayo, heoce, ar at Boston
> I9th inst. in 3 days,
Schr- Maria, Mason, hence, arat Holme’s
Hole 16th inst.
Sloop Armada, Kirtland, up at N« York
23d inst. for this port 1st Mav.
_ _
’ Trust Sale.
On the 13th DAY OF MAY NEXT,
fl^HE subscriber will offer at Public
A Sale on the premises the Tenement
Lot of Ground,
now in the occupation of Thomas Broc
chus, on the west side of Fairfax street,be
tween King and Prince streets—in front
on Fairfax street, 29 feet 10 inces—in
depth, 68 feet 6 inches.
The above sale will be made under a
a Deed of Trust, from the said Thomas
Brocchus, to the subscriber, for the in
demnity ot C. Auld, Terms cash. Sale
at 5 o’clock, P. M.
R. 1. TAYLOR, Trustee.
april 27 ts
NO. 9606, which drew on the 10th inst
a prize of (ooo dollars in the Grand
National Lottery, was presented by the
fortunate holder on Tuesday morning, and
paid at sight, by D. GILLESPIE.
* Will be completed in 12 more drawing*
and has more prizes floating in its wheel
than any other Lottery in America,
brilliant Scheme.
1 grand prize of S100,000
1 25,000
1 10,000
3 5,000 V
57 1,000
5 500
besides an immense number of 100, and
smaller prize*.
but will advance in a few days to 20, 25 or
3o dollars.
Prizes will be deposited in the wheel as
follows: on the 25th day’s drawing 1 prize
of lo,ooo; on the 28th day’s drawing, 1 of
*5,ooo dollars; and on the 3oth, the grand
capital of loo*ooo dollars; all the other pri
3es are now floating.
Orders enclosing cash or prize tickets, or
enquiring the fate of tickets, will meet as
prompt attention as if personal application
Was made, addressed to
Fortunate Office.
OR at *
Office, King-street,
^jtprtl 27
Wanted by
apnl 9 tl
Of the 9th day's drawing of the
No. 11050, a prize of -D2000
16585 100
18570 966 244 50
*4486 9835 18058 *8464 15667 ) Qn
13747 18346 377 649J $ zu
Marked thus * sold at Allens’*
The Lottery will draw again on Thurs
day next* when the first drawn number
will be entitled to l,ooo dollars.
This splendid and patriotic scheme is
nearly one fourth completed, and the fol*
lowing rich prizes are still undrawn, viz.
30.000 Dollars.
20.000 Dollars.
10.000 Dollars.
5,000 Dollars.
5.000 Dollars.
3.000 Dollars.
' 1 of 2,000 Dollars.
16 of 1000 Dollars.
- &«. <^c3
Wholes $12
Halves 6
Quarters 3
Eighths 1 50
For the benefit of the * Academy of fine
Is now drawing in Charleston, S. G and
will progress rapidly until completed.—
The scheme contains the following rich
prizes, viz—
1 of $20,000
1 of 10,000
2 of 5,000
10 of 1,000
20 of 500
50 of 100, &c.
Only 10,ooo tickets, and not 2 blanks to
a prize. Tickets II dollars shares in pro
Tickets also for sale in the Grand Na
tional Lottery at 16 dollars.
Tickets and shares in the above Lotte*
ries for sale at
Lottery & Exchange Office,
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington City.
Orders by mail, or otherwise, inclosing
prize tickets or cash, will receive punctual
attention if addressed to
S. $ M. ALLEN & Co.
Washington City.
King-street, Alexandria.
april 87_
Southern Bank Notes.
S& M. ALLEN & Co. Pennsylvania
. Avenue, Washington City, are con
stantly purchasing the following
Bank Notes,
at the lowest rate of discount, viz—
North Carolina,
South Carolina and
Also, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey, New Yoik, Comnec icut and Mas
Persons having the above or any ot the
notes of the solvent banks in the United
States will do well by calling at
Lottery £$ Exchange Office,
Penn. Avenue, Washington City. \
Where can at all times be obtained,
drafts on Baltimore, Philadelphia, New
York, Boston, Richmond, Ya. Fayetteville
N. C. Charleston, S- C. and'Savannah,
Geo. on accomodating terms
april 27__dtf
fm Chests young hyson tea, Poca
M hontas's cargo, imported last
fLJ month* now landing from the
sloop Matilda, Knapp, from New
York, and for sale by
Who has in store,
8 chests { Gtinp. Tea, Beavers
16 half chests S £ Savannah’s cargoes.
1 box cont’g 40 21b cannisters do. do.
I chest ) Imp. Tea,Beaver
50 ten catty boxes > 4* London Tra
10 five do do } der’s cargoes
1 box cout’g 40 two lb. cannisters do do.
april 27_
District of Columbia,
County o f Alexandria, to wit.
On the petition of West Ashton, an in
solvent debtor, confined in the gaol of A
lexandria county, for debt,—Notice is
hereby giveo to the creditors of the said
West Ashton, that on the first Monday of
May next at 9 o'clock A. M. at the court
house of said county, the oath prescribed
by the act of Congress of the U. States
entitled “an act for the relief of insolvent
debtors within the District of Columbia,”
will be administered to the said Insolvent,
and a Trustee appointed, unless sufficient
cause to the contrary be then and there
Ordered, That this notice be inserted
four times in both the newspapers publish- j
ed in the town of Alexandria before that
By order of the Hon. William Cranch.
chief Judge of the United Stales circuit
court of the District of Columbia.
Teste, EDM. I. LEE, C. C.
april 27 4t
j 20,000 Dolls.
10,000 Dolls.
5,000 Dolls.
5,000 Dolls.
THESE great prizes still remain un
drawn in the
which is nearly one fourth completed. The
drawing will be continued again on Thurs*
day next, when some of the capitals now
floating may be expected out. Amongst
the numerous prizes in the scheme there
were also
20 of 1,000,
only four of which have yet been drawn—
another however will be awarded as a pre
mium to the first drawn No. next Thursday
TICKET - - - $ts 00
HALF - - - - | 6 00
QUARTER - - $ 3 00
EIGHTH - - - ) 1 50
To be bad in the greatest variety oi num
bers at
Lottery fy Exchange Office,
114 Market street, Baltimore.
Where more capital prizes have been
obtained than at any other office in Ameri
ca. april 27
. ■ ■ . ...... i
Runnels’ List of Prizes.
NO. 13859 a prize of #1000
40016 500
3121 29786 loo
With the usual proportion oi 13
ft^*The drawing ot this* patriotic and
splendid scheme will be continued on
YVednesday next. The following grand
prizes remain yet to be drawn.
1 grand prize of $ loo.,000
1 25,ooo
1 lo.ooo
3 5,ooo
56 l,ooo
1 5oo
60 loo
besides **an immense number of smaller
prizes. 11 drawings more will complete
this splendid scheme. Those persons
bolding small prizes will do well to renew
them immediately, as tickets are rapidly
advancing. I
Tickets will advance on the I5th May
to 20 dollars—present price—
YVhole Ticket, $16'
Half. 8
To be had in the greatest variety of num
bers at
Lottery and Exchange Office,
King street, Alexandria
IThere are also for sale tickets in the great
est variety of numbers in the
Grand Lottery, 1st Class,
For the benefit of the South Carolina Aca* i
|* demy of Fine Arts.”
Now drawing, and to be completed in |
twenty drawings. Highest prize 20,000
dollars, and only 10,000 tickets at H dol
lars each,
april 27
ARE now in complete order, fitted up
in a superior style*and will be ready
for the accommodation of the public on the
First of May.
As this establishment has received the
unqualified approbation of the physicians,
it is unnecessary to say more in its recom
mendation than that strict attention will
be given in its management, and faithful
male and female servants provided. The
terms will be reduced to the following mo
derate price.
Subscribers with families 3 dollars;
Single persons 6 dollars;
Three warm baths, 1 dollar;
Four cold baths, 1 do
Single baths 37£ cts.
One half of the subscription money will
be expected in advance, and the balance
on the loth of July.
april 23__ tf
FOR the present year, two journeymen
blacksmiths. Men of families can be
j accommodated with houses at a reasonable
rent, or young men tkat can come well re
commended, and are capable of faking
charge of the shop and hands in my ab
sence; to such, liberal wages and constant
employment will be given it application
be made immediately to the subscriber in
Aldie, Loudoun county, Va.
april 23 3t
For Freight,
The good sloop MARY ANN,
.captain Omar, will be ready to load
in three days, and freight will be taken to
Charleston, Savannah or New York—Ap*
ply to J. H. LADD A* Co. i
Who have received by said vessel from N.
1 pipe brandy
2300 bushels Albany oats, sup, quality
500 do Nova Scotia potatoes of very
fine quality, and by brig Olive* fr. Boston,
7o tons plaster paris [april 27 |
/__ i
For Charleston, S. C.
Jjar The sloop GOLDEN-AGE, capt.
mGk Marble, a fine vessel of 500 bbls.
For freight or passage apply to
april 274t
French Burr Mill-Stones.
THE subscriber continues to make at
his shop, upper end of King street,
Alexandria, French burr mill stones, of a
very superior quality, where any gentle
man calling can be supplied on the short
est notice and on the most reasonable terms
with those of any size, when both the
workmabsbip and the materials will be
warranted to be equal to any in the coun
try— Persons wanting will please to call
and judge for themselves
april 27 __eo3t
John Swann,
HAS this day assigned bis property to
us for the payment ot bis debts. All
I persons having claims against him are re
quested to send them in to
april 274t _
For New Orleans,
The very superior packet scboo
sBt ner SUPERIOR, P. Britingbam,
master; and will be dispatched immediate
ly. For passage apply to
april 25
For Boston.
The good scbr. Washington, Sam
Small, master, burthen about 7oo
barrels, and will be ready to load in a few
Apply to J. H. LADD & Co*
Who have for sale on board said schooner,
loo boxes fresh Sicily lemons
loo do do oranges
lo bbls Glauber salts
4o tons plaster
For Amsterdam.
The superior brig OLIVE, I«
saac Lincoln, master, daily ex.
pected, burthen about 28o hbds* tobacco;
she is copper fastened, and but two years
old—tor freight of I80 hbds. or passage,
apply to J. H. LADD 4* Co.
april 23
Coarse Salt for Sale.
bushels Turks Island
salt. Also a part of brig
Dove’s cargo, of Bo»
nair salt of superior
april 23 3t
FOR sale at the Sugar refinery, on
Washington Street,
apr 23 3t JACOB HOFFMAN.
Mandeville § Larmour,
Have received for saU%
400 boxes Sicily lemons4* oranges,
12 bags English walnuts 4• filberts, at
low prices.
10 hhds Orleans sugar
300 bbls whiskey, £ 10 do Glauber salt
Wines, liquors & groceries, a general as
sortment as usual. april 25—3t
Mechanic Relief Society.
THE anniversary meeting ot the Me
chanic Relief Society, will be held
at tbe Town Hall on Wednesday, the 1st
of May at 10 o’clock.
JAS. S. SCOTT, sec’y.
O^rThe Trustees will also take nolice
that a meeting will be held at the same
place on Saturday next, at 4 o’clock P.M.
aDril 25
Landing This Day,
AND for sale by A, C. CAZENOVE
* Co
Martinique ) First quality
Surinam ) Retailing Molasses.
8 bales domestic goods
60 casks stone lime
Young hyson tea
2ooo lbs cotton yarn
3 cases black twilled silk hdkfi
1 do madras do
april 6
Sicily Lemons and Oranges.
QQ boxes Lemons
30 boxes Oranges, fresh and in fine
order. Just received and for sale by
J. H. LADD & Co.
april 4
Oranges and Candles.
HAVE just received per schooner Bos
ton, and offer for sale,
80 boxes oranges
100 - mould candles, Sampson’s
brand, and assorted sizes,
april 13
Bacon; "Whiskey, <Spc.
Lindsay 4- hill, ha»e tb» day
So,ooo lbs bacon,
87 bis whiskey.
22 casks Goshen cheese.
In Store, just received from Baltimore,
12 bhds 1st quality sugar
16 q’rter casks, Malaga wine
4 pipes Holland Gin.}
7 bbls clover seed
april 6
Marshal’s Sale.
WILL be sold, at tbe Marshal’s of*
fice, on Saturday tbe 87th inst. for
cash, (by tb£ consent of partiestwelve
hundred and eighteen sides of prime soal
leather. Sale at to o’clock, A* M.
april 23 i# .
The National Intelligencer will in
sert the above in their paper, until tbe
day of sale, and send their account to this
office for payment.
"" THIS DAY. -
Valuable Properly for sale.
Tbe subscribers will offer at pub
sale, on the .premises, and on
■ JsSi accommodating terms, the LOT
JULKLand 3 TENEMENTS thereon,
adjoining Captain Findlay’s residence, on
, Royal street, situate between Clagett’s hor
tel and Qjueen street. The lot fronts on
Royal sheet 48 teet 4 inches, with the
, sole use of a 6 tool alley, its depth is 116
1 feet, bounded by an alley 16 feet lo inches.
The annual rent of the tenements, payable
monthly, has been recently reduced to
D126. , 7
The above described property being
contiguous to tbe Market Reading Room,
and but a few minutes walk from the
! wharves, renders the purchase of it desi
rable to any person desirous of investing
bis money in real estate, when it will be
more productive than any Bank stock.
The sale will take place on Saturday
neit, the 27tb inst« at 10 o’clock, A.M*—
S. A* Marsteller, auctioneer*
apirl 2Q
Public Sale.
ON SATURDAY, tbe 4tb day of May,
next, will be sold at tbe residence of
Wm. Patterson, at the lower end of Wolfe
street a variety ot household and kitchen
furniture, kc- Tbe tale to commence at
lo o’clock, A. M* ^
april 27 —
| . Public Sale.
EY virtue ot a deed of trust from Ben*
jamin Baden and wife to me tor the
purposes therein|mentioned I shall proceed
to sell at public auction on the premises at
10 o’clock on Tuesday the 21st day of May
tbe following property, viz:
A Lot of Ground
on the south side of King street, at tbe dir
tance ot eighty one leet to the eastward of
Paine street, and extending thence south*
wardly and parallel with Paine street to
Commerce street, then beginning again at
tbe first mentioned point on King street
eighty one feet to tbe eastward of Paine st.
and running thence eastwardly with the
line of King street twenty seven feet;
thence southwardly and paralel with Paine
’ st. to Commerce st. thence southwardly
with the line of Commerce st. to the se*
I cond point in said Commerce street, which
piece of ground is subject to an annual
rent of eighty dollars for ever.
The terms will be libera) and made
known at tbe place ol sale.
I. P. THOMPSON, trustee.
april 25 *9
Notice to Stockholders.
ON the 6th of May next, being the first
Monday in that month, an election
will be held according to law, at the toll
house of tbe Great Hunting Creek Bridge.
Co. fora President and lour Directors to
conduct tbe affairs of that Corporation the
ensuing year.
Business of great importance to tbe m*
terests of tbe company, and which must be
acted upon by tbe stockholders themselves,
makes it desirable that a full meeting
should be had on the present occasion.
THOMAS IRWIN, President.
april 233t
Quarter Master’s Office,
Fort Washington, April S. 1822.
PROPOSALS Will be received at tbiy
office until tbe 1st day of May next,
for supplying this post, with two hundred
cords ot good oak wood; part of which
will be required in July, the remainder
to be delivered by the 3oth Nov. next.—
The contractor to give security for tbe
faithful performance of tbe contract.
Lieut, and Quarter Master,
april 5.t3oA
Vocal Music.
1 PROPOSE teaching sacred music at
my school house on Fairfax street*
Terms.—Two dollars per quarter, one
half in advance. The school to be held
twice a week; on Wednesdays from 5 o’
clock P. M. and on Saturdays from 4 o’- .
clock P. M. until dark.
To commence on tbe 27tb inst should
tbe number ot scholars be considerable. .
()frPlease call at Messrs. J.bA- Doug
la’s bookstore.
april 18 d2w
$ 100 Reward.
RAN AWAY from me, tbe subscriber,*
in Fairfield, South Carolina, negro
24 or 25 years old, 5 feet lo or 11 inches
high, yellow complexion, formerly the
property of Butts k Cay wood, of Alexan
dria. i will pay tbe above reward for
said Leonard, if lodged in any jail so that
Iget him again.
april 9, rm
Best Chewing Tobacco.
50 kegs and half kegs manufactured to
bacco, of i*’a 8’s and pound twist,
Barclay’s brand, warranted superior to any
io tbe District, just received oy tbe icbr
John, capt. Burke, from Richmond, and „
tor sale by
JOHN D. BROWF* Jlgent.
april 18 £wt£

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