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! _ -- ■■■* . ,, ■ ii lllH^
=j=========Published on Tuesday; Thursday and Saturday—by s. snowden, royal-street, Alexandria.
XXI1] " THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 2, 1822. LNo» 621%
oijleran&ria <0a$ette
rrusJav's, Thursday's Sf Saturday's,
Jioiial-strest, Alexandria,
"TJbauy Oats, Brandy, $c7 I
-.TIhS H LADD 4- Co. hsve received
•J per schr. Superior from New York$
"^“bushels Albany oats
4 pipes cognac brandy
- Fdo Holland gin
c hhds Jamaica rum ...
t pipe 4-i do Malmsey Madesra wine
m bbls prime beef
g do do pork.
For Freight,
r£T Tbe good schr. SUPERIOR, A
10&P Brittingham, master* burthen
»^,s: ind will be ready to load in 3
days. App!y as »boVe
april 16- -- ■ ■ ■ —
For Boston.
iQT The brig CLIO, Capt. Morrell,
will sail in all the present week;
some freight on moderate terms.
3S «o WM. FOWLE, fc Co.
april 9 - ._
For Portland.
t£T The sloop- FAVORITE, captain
'fflistrout. will sail in all next week, .
“ke freight, or passengers, for which i
she has superior accommodatj.ns Apply
on board or to IFM. FOWLE Si Lo.
Who have for sale received per said sloop
2oo,ooo feet merchantable lumber.
’ 2o barrels prime beef,
l hhds of ffeSt India Rum,
25 boxes mould candles,
april 6_—
For Boston,
i LiT THE schr. MARCIA, capt* Na
jSIlso, nearly a new vessel, is now load
ing, & will take some freight on moderate
terms. Apply to WM.tOWLE &C0.
For Freight,
JJET THE good brig CLIO, capt Mor
^firill, carries about l^oo barrels, will
be ready tor a cargo in a tew days.
For sale, said brig* cargo, of
100,000 leet of clear merchantaole boards
and joist. Apply as above,
april 4
) -i — - * *
!For Freight,
jgt THE good Schr. CARR, Joseph
Merryman. master, burthen 800
bbls. and will be ready to load in a lew
day, Apply %HNH.LADD*CO.
apnl 2 _ , _
For Freight,
The brig ARROW, A. IV Lo
veil, master; carries IIoo barrels,
will be readv to load io tour days, and
take a freight to a Southern or Eastern
P°rU APP‘y l° WM. FOWLE * Co.
fVho kctvcJot sols, rectevtd by said vessel*
3o bbls N. E. ruin
f 6o tons planter paris
looiooo shingles
_marcli 29___
For t reight,
The good schr. CATHARINE*
Singer, master, burthen 9oo
barrels, will be ready to load to-morrow*
* Apply to J. H. LADD 4* Co,
ff ho nave just received and offer lor sale
b cases men’s line boots and shoes,
1 quarter cask currant wine
12 boxes, l dozen each, very superior,
march 29 _
For Freight,
Tbe good schr. ALLEGRO, Da
■Si^niel Welsh, master, burthen about
Sun blls. and will be ready to load in a
fen days.
Also For Freight,
The good schr. CHARITY, Mo
Pike, 3d. master, burthen about
#uO blls. and will load ir preterence to a
northern port. Appl7 to
vTVio have for saU on board said vessels,
66 tons plaster
.140 bushels potatoes
5 bbls N. E, rum
•tnd per sloop Java,Jrom%JYeay York,
3 pipes superior cognac braudyi
march 20
For Freight,
, The schr. BANGOR PACKRT,
—i.I- Small, master; carries about
l2oo bbls. a an excellent vessel in com*
?lete order and will be ready to receive a
car£o ia a few days. Apply to
Who liave for sale, said schooners cargo
1 oo tons plaster paris
12oooteet merch. lumber
2o bbls N. E- rum
lo No. 3 Mackerel
•Also for sale landing from schr, William,
troin Charleston, & White Oak, from
6o tierces fresh rice of superior qual
„*> ily
139 casks ot nails assorted sizes
,_march 23_ _
For Sale,
2 205 °f window Sash, and a few
six pannel doors, made of good
^ ^terials, will be sold low*
4 h o 3 eo7t
HAS just received a genera! assortment
of ladies, gentlemens, boys, misses
and childrens leather and Morocco
Of every description, suitable for the ap
proaching season.
Gentlemens black and drab imitation
Gentlemens black napt hats (low priced)
do Leghorn hats, suitable for the
summer j
Boys fur and wool hats (cheap) j
Likewise a few cases of Ladies
Straw Bonnets fo Trimmings,
All of which will be disposed of on accom
modating terms.
march 30 d3w
SMESSERSM1TH will be constantly
• supplied with the above article* from
the celebrated manutectory of E. Baker,'
Dorcnester He has now landing from the
schooner White Oak, and offer for sale, at
manufacturer’s prices.
Boxes and half boxe% BaKer’9 No. I 2
chocolate* warranted.
Boxes Lapbam’s No. I do.
march 22 _.
Boarding House.
A FEW genteel boarderscan be accom- ;
modated at a moderate price, at the
House formerly occupied by J. B. Gorman *
on Fairfax street. For terms, apply to
the subscriber. J. HARrUSS*
april 1 i
Negroes tor Stile.
To be sold for cash, at Mr. Catt’s. West
End on tbe 4th day of May, next, at
!2 o’clock,
.3 Coloured Man and Child.
the property of John Fowlei, deceased.
april 16lawlm
Thirty Dollars Reward.
DESERTED from this post on the
night of the I4th inst.
Stripling Mahony,
A private of Company A. 3d Regt. of Ar
tillery. Said Mahony was born in tbe
county of King George, in the State of
Virginia; is of dark complexion, darK eyes,
dark hair, aged twenty two years, five
feet and nine inches high, by occupation,
when enlisted, a farmer. The above re
ward will be paid for the apprehension and
delivery ot said deserter, at this or any
other military post in the United States.
Captain 3d Regt. Artillery.
Fort Washington, April 18 lw
At runnels lottery and
North Carolina Bank Paper,
From 8 to 10,000 DOLLARS, at
lew rates if offered soon.
Franklin Bank Paper of Alexandria,
will be taken at a fair discount.
feb 18 if_
THE subscriber begs leave to inform
her friends and the public in general,
that she intends making and repairing
Matrasses Feather Beds,
as neat, and on as reasonable terms as a
ny in the District, likewise all kinds of
plain sewing—Royal street, a few doors
south of King street. jURy INQLE
april 18_ - —
Burr Mill-Stone Manufacto
ry, Alexandria.
The subscriber wishes to inform his cus
tomer*, and the public in general, that
he keeps his shop on Peyton St. between
the upper end of King St* and the stone
bridge; where he has on band an elegant
assorment ot the very best quality ot
French burrblocks, and Burrs ready made
first quality, warranted equal if not supe
rior to any made in this country.
Liberal Credit will be given to men ot
punctual- robert glenn
march 14 ___►
Cush to give for Slaves.
THE subscriber, who resides in Ale*
andria, D. C. wishes to purchase a
few likely young
male and femalei from 10 to 18 years of
agi. r
0^-Persons having such property lor
sale, may find the subscriber living on
Henry st. between King and Prince strts.
Alexandria, near Mr. Swan’s plaster mill,
in Mrs. Nutt’s brick bouse.
dec 1 lawtf
District of Columbia.
Alexandria County to wit
: November Terra, 1821. £
32d day. I
Romulus Riggs-^Complainant.
I Thomas Swann, Colin Auld and Edmund
! I Lee, assignees of the late Merchants
Bank of Alexandria, and John Anderson,
James Anderson, Daniel Annin, (Samuel
Beale,) Wiliam H. S. Boswell, Ldmund
Brooke, Benjamin Baden, Thomas K.
Beale, James Bloxham, George Biuce, jr.
Richard Wood, 1 homas Cookendorfer,
Hugh Carolin, Daniel Cawooa, Samuel
Chester, John Corse and Nathaniel Roun
saved, trading under the firm ot Corse and
Rounsavell, George Coleman, John Coha
gen, (James H. Dulany,)Camillus Griffith,
Nimrod Farrow, Robert Getty, Peter Heis- j
kell, (J. Haggerty, jr.) Robert Hall, John
Jackson, Alexander Kyle, John McPherson
and Daniel McPherson, late joint mer
chants and copartners under the firm of
John McPherson 4* Son, Daniel McPherson
(Charles Moxley,) Alexander Moore,
Thomas Mount, Jas. R. Riddle, (adminis
trator ol Ferdinand Marsteller,) Joseph
Mandeville, Jos. Mandeville 4" Samuel B,
Larmour, joint merchants and copartners
in trade under the firm ol Mandeville and
Larmour, Robert Mandeville and James
Mandeville, joint merchants and Copart
ners under the firm ol Robert and James
Mandeville, William N. Mills, Robert A. ■
Mills, Thomas Pickerill, (Ciaven T. Pey- |
ton) Noblet Herbert (administrator of |
William Paton, jr. deceased) Thomas
Neill, Thomas Olive, James R. Riddle,
Nathaniel Rounsavell, Thomas Rigdon,
Peter Saunders, Daniel Somers, (John A.)
Stewart,) James S* Scott, Wiliam Smith,
Thomas Semmes, Thompson Simpson,
Evan P. Tavlor, William A. Linton
ecutor of Win. Tyler,) Ambrose Vasse,
Robert N. Windsor, Robert Young, Cave
Withers, Richard Weds, the Mechanic s
Bank of Alexandria, the Bank of Wash
ington, Bank of the Metropolis, the Patrio
tic Bank, Central Bank ot Georgetown 4r
Washington, Franklin Bank ot Baltimore,
Mechanics Bank of Baltimore, the Bank
of ChambersburK, Bank of Waterford, the
Bank of Winchester.—Defendants.
On the motion ot the compiainani, n is
ordered that master coinmissioner, Auld,
in addition to the account by him heretofore
taken, do state in detail the particulars of
the complainants demand against the de
fendants, shewing in chronological order,
the different periods of tune at which the
defendants became liable for the several
suras claimed from them by the complain
ant,and ascertaining the amount due under
each particular date—-and that be make
report thereof to the next term ot this court;
and on the complainant’s motion, commis
sions are awarded to him'lor the examina
tion of witnesses, and this suit is returned
to the rules for further proceedings to be
had therein, and this suit abates as to the
defendants, Moxley, Haggerty aud b.tfeale
by their deaths.
Richard Milne, Compla nt, i
against >In Chancery
The same, Defendants, j
(The same order.)
J.& R. Withers, Comprnls )
against > In Chancery.
The same, Defendants, }
(The same order.)
John & Wright Southgate, i
Complainants, against >In Chancery.
The same, DetendsanO
(The same order.)
Roderick Burt, Corapl’nt, )
against > In Chancery.
The same, Defendants- )
(The same order.)
Francis Keene* Compl’ni. )
against >In Chancery.
The same, Defendant,, ) . ,
(The same order.)
Alex. Sangster, Compl’nt. )
against / In Chancery.
The saae, Defendants. >
(The same order,)
Richard C- Mason, adm’st’r*)
of Thompson Mason de- ; |n chancery,
ceased, against 1
The same, Defendants.)
(The same order. ,
John C.Vowel!, Compl’nt )
against / In CbaAcery.
The same, Defendants. )
(The same order,)
(A copy) Teste, ^
EDM. I. LEE, C. C.
By a previous order this term, these suits
abate as to James H. Dulany, by his
death, and are dismissed as to John A.
The parties in tlit abovementioned cau
ses, are hereby notified, that on tbe sixth
day ot May next at ten o’clock, A. M. I ■
intend to proceed to execute the foregoing ,
order; at which time they may attend at j
my office should they see fit. Given un- |
der my hand, at Alexandria, this 28th day
oi Februaiy, 1822.
march 4 Iaw2m
Notice to Stockholders.
ON the 6tb of May next, being the first
Monday in that month, an election
will be held according to law, at the toll
house of the Great Hunting Creek Bridge
Co. tor a President and tour Directors to
conduct tbe sffairs of that Corporation tbe
ensuing year. #
Business of great importance to the in*
terests of tbe company, and which must be
acted upon by the stockholders themselves,
makes it desirable that a full meeting
should be had on the present occasion.
april 23 3*
For the Benefit of tbe “South Carolina
Academy ol Fine Arts.”
S\SfM. ALLEN $ Co. Managert.
1 prize of 220,000 is 20,000
1 do 10,000 10*000
2 do 5,000 10,000
10 do 1,000 10,000
20 do 500 10,000
50 do ,100 5,000
200 do * 20 4,000
3100 do 10 31,000
3384 prizes 2100,000
6616 blanks
10,000 Tickets at 10 dolls, is #100,000
Stationary Prizes.
1st drawn No. 1st day, $1000
1st drawn No. 3d day 1000
1st drawn No. 6th day 1000
1st drawn No. 10th day* 5000
1st drawn No. l2th day 1000
1st drawn No. 15th day 10000
1st drawn No. 17th day 20000
All other prize* floating from tbe com
mencement of the drawing, arid the lottery I
will be completed in 20 day’s drawing.
For ail prizes in the above, S. & M* A1 ,
len b Co. Washington, will advance tbe
cash as soon as drawn.
Tickets Dll, shares in proportion,
Washington Monument tickets 10, Na
tional tickets 16 dollars. .
For tickets and shares injtbe above Lot^
teries call at
Lottery and Exchange Office,
Penn* Avenue, Washington City*
Orders by mail promptly attended to*
april H
ARE now in complete order, fitted up
in a superior style, and will be ready
for the accommodation of the public on the
First of May.
As this establishment has received the
unqualified approbation of the physicians,
it is unnecessary to say more in its recom
mendation than that strict attention will
be given iD its management, and faithful
male and female servants provided The
terms will be reduced to the following mo
derate price.
Subscribers with families 8 dollars;
Single persons 6 dollars;
Three warm baths, 1 dollar; ^
Four cold baths, 1 do
Single baths 37$ cts.
One half ol the subscription money will
be expected in advance, and the balance
on the loth of July,
april 23
I WISH to purchase and will give at all
times the highest premium tor
English, -GOLD*
Portuguese J
I also wish to purchase bank notes,
chtcks, and approved endorsed bills at
sight on
South Carolina,
North Carolina,
New Orleans,
1 will also exchange the notes of every
bank in the United States and Canada at
a moderate discount, I can at all times
supply to any amount, checks and bills at
sight, or at short dates, as may be wanted
at the lowest rates on
Baltimore, Philadelphia,
New York and Boston.
I wish also to purchase United States
3 5 6 7 per cent* stocks. United States
Bank stock, and the stocks ot all the banks
in the District. Persons wishing to sell
or buy any kind of Stocks, or make any
money operations, will please to give me a
call: at my Exchange Banking House,
Bridge street, Georgetown.
, , - - --—■——
Spring Goods.
HAS just received and offers for sale an
assortment ot Spring Goods* also an
assortment ot Waldron’s grain and grass
4 mo 16_ lawtf
Fresh Lemon Syrrup. ♦
THE subscriber has for sale at his sugar
refinery, on Alfred street, a supply of
april 16 3t*
Message from the President qf the U*
nited States, transmitting, in pur*
suatice of a resolution of the Senate
qf the 25th inst. sundry papers refr
ativeto the HecognHion oj the In•
dependence of the South American
I transmit to the senate, agreeable
to their resolution of yesterday, a Re
port from the Secretary of State, with
copies of the papers requested by that
resolution, in relation to the recogni
tion of the South American Provin
Washington. 26th April, 1822.
Departmept op State,
25th April, 1822.
The Secretary of State, to whom bae
been referred a resolution of the Senate
of this day* requesting the President to
communicate to the Senate any infor
mation he may have, proper to be dis
closed, from our Minister at Madrid,
or from the Spanish Minister resident
in this country, eoncerning the views of
Spain relative to the recognition ot the
Independence of the Sooth American
Colonies, and of the Diet amen of the
Spanish Cortes, has the honor to sob*
mit to the President copies of the paperl
particularly referred to.
The Spanish Minister to the Secre
tary of State, 8th March, 1822. [Trans
Secretary of State to the Spanish
Minister, 8th April, 1822,
Spanish Minister to the Secretary of
State, 1 lth April, 1822
Mr Forsyth to the Secretary of State,
14th February, 1822. (Extract)
Dictaraen of the Cortes, 12th Febru
ary, 1822;
Don Joaquin de Anduaga to the Store*
tary of State.
Washington* 9th March, 1822.
Sir: In the National Intelligencer
of this day I have seen the Message
Sent by the President to the House of
Representatives, in which he proposes
the recognition, by the United Sta es,
or the insurgent governments of Spa*
nish America. How great my surprise
was maybe easily judged by any one
acquainted with the conduct of Spain
towards this Republic, and who knows
the immense sacrifices which she has
made to preserve her friendship. In
fact, who could think that, in return for
the cession of her most important pro*
vinces in this hemisphere; for the for*
getting of the plunder of her commerce
by American citizens; for the priv
leges granted to their navy; and for as
great proofs of friendship as one nation
can give another, this Executive would
propose that the insurrection of the ul*
tra-manne possessions of Spain should
be recognized? And, moreover, will
not his astonishment be augmented to
see that this power is desirous to give
the destructive example of sanctioning
the rebellion of provinces which have
received no offence from the mother
country—to those to whom she has
granted a participation of a free con*
stitution— and to whom she has exten
ded all the fights and prerogatives of
Spanish citizens? In vain will a par#
allel be attempted to b*drawn between
the emancipation of this republic an<{
that which the Spanish rebels atttempt
and history is sufficient to prove, that^
jf a harrassea ana persecuted province
has a right to break its chains, others,
loaded with benefits, elevated to the
high rank of freemen, ought only to
bless and embrace more closely the pro
tecting country which has bestowed
such favors upon them.
But, even admitting that morality
ought to yield to policy, what is the pre
sent state of Spanish America; and
what are its governments to entitle
them to recognition ? Buenos Ayres
is sunk in the most complete anarchy,
and each day sees new desposts pro*
duced who disappear the neat, Peru,
conquered by a rebel army, has near
the gates of its capitol another Spanish
army, aided by part of the inhabitants*
In Chili, an individual suppresses the
sentiments of the inhabitants, and his
violence presages a sudden change. On
the coast of Firma, also, the Spanish
banners wave, and the Insurgent Gen
erals are occupied in quarreling with
their own compatriots, who prefer ta
king the part of a free power to
that of being the slave of an ad
venturer. In Mexico, toe, there,
is no government, and the result of the
questions which the chiefs command
ing there have put to Spain, is not
known. WHerc,#**# sre those gov*
ernments which ought to be reconci led;
where the pledge, of their .UbiUtj ;
where the proof that tho.e provineaa
will ,ot return to a union with Spain,
when »o many of their tehfbUaato to1
- - ■* ■

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