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IL government received intormation that
Ireeimtat ot military had been raised at
• .ruco at the head ot which is Captain
LS-thev shouted Viva el Bey! and
.vino- their baggage m the care ol the Ay
(town council)they proceeded to
,co in oood order. 1 he government
mmediately ordered the marcn ol a body
grenadiers, which look place at 12 F.
1 • but unfortunately, the regency did not
tUv the leelmgs ot these men ; tor the sol
5.er, disobeyed their commanders and de
lerted most shametully. This was the con
V c, ol about seventy. In lacubaya, the
l djer« disobeyed their commanders even
■“'“he extreme ot violence, using insults,
E.tehing off heir cockades and delivering
fcm to the general. The Congress dts
#, sted these last regiments, (of Cruz and
luitamante) and as they happened both to
E,]v forth on the same day, it gave occa- *
Eon to think that they were among the
Iht'a* already past 10 o’clock at night, I
Irbfn these rumors reached us, and even
then many persons hastened to the house j
K Briseno lor their money, so that out ot a ,
Edition and a halt ot dollars, be has not j
Kail remaining It is now 8 o clock, >nd t
She deputies of the Congress have just re-j
ired. Their discussions lasted !rom 9 in
4]ie morning to this hour. 1
W |o yesterday, lturbide presented
Jjimself to the Congress, saying that public
ftranquility was threatened; and requested
that certain deputies should be dismissed
the assembly, who were comprehended in
*tbe con-piracy. He was auswered that,
according to rule, no body could be sent
Myt, and as he himself did not compose the
Biegfiicy, he would please to retire and re
turn with them,&c.
i Don Yanez then observed, ‘ I will thank
•our Excellency to receive my resignation.
Sfoui Excellency wilt pardon me, (addres
sing lturbide)—you are the only man who
usurps all powers, lturbide replied, *‘we
shall soon find, Signor Y n* z, who is the
traitor.” Tanz replied, ‘I shaU not;
Jeive this spot before I convince your Higb
fce-s your are that traitor*
[ Much tumultuous discussion took place,
Btvhich time torbids me to repeat. I am
■convinced the sittings and disturbances
B tve recurred becau-e lturbide wishes io
IjestFoy the Congress.
| The General presented a letter which he ,
deceived from Davila, in which he is invi
ted to re conquer the empire, and place
It under the protection of Spain But, as
ji the Devil bad n band ir. it, the plot was
di-covered. These plots and u>urpations
lave destroyed the equilibrium of our go- •
lernment, and we are now in the situation
pi Buenos Ayres.”
New'York, May 11.
The fast sailing ship Florida, Capt. Matlack,
irrived la^t evening from Liverpool, whence
he -aiied on the tith ult. Bv this vessel we
lave received London papers to the evening of
he 7th, Liverpool of the 9th, and a Lloyd’s
of 5th. The most impoitant article which
ve discover is the fact of the rejection by the
)i\an of Turkey of the Russian ultimatum.
The advices from Constantinople are to the 6th
March, on which day the Divan or Council
Spf State discussed the reply to the said ultima
ftiim, and it was unanimously resolved, that the
t propositions of Russia “ were of a nature wkic/t
' st eer cou U be accented. In consequence the
Keis Effendi went to take the orders of the
Sultan on the inode in which a notification
should be made to the ambassadors of England j
ind Austria, of the inutility of continuing to
importune his highness with propositions, ’
which the dignitaiies of the enipiie, and the
monarch himself deemed inadmissible ” Re
lated interviews had taken place between Lord
Strangford and the Reis Frtendi, which termi
nated abruptly. On the 3d of Starch, the Di
van addressed a note to the English and Aus
' . r
tnan ambassadors, in which he expresses his
pleasure at the efforts made bv them to adjust
the differences which had arisen between Kus
llsiaand Turkey, and views as useless “ all fur
fflthci discussion of the propositions contained
B-'i the Rus-ian ultimatum.” The note con
cludes, ». Fina:Iv, it is not for the Porte to send >
■Commissioners to the frontier to negotiate t
Wpeace—she is not at war with Russia, notuith
>tan<ling at* the provocations—and if the Mus
covite armies shall begin hostilities, she has ta
Ken measures to repel them.”
Liverpool Markets, April 8. Cotton.
—* Hie transactions of the last week wvre
not extensive, consisting of about 7200
packages,ot which Howeds formed a prin
proportion, at the full previous cur
acy. A public sale ot Sea Dlands on
‘bursday went off heavily—561 ordinary
to good, 131 to 16$. The remaining busi- !
D“ss U comprised in 3320 #owdds, at 8d a
191; 95 Tennessee 7$d 3 3-8; 230 Orleans
1U4J to 12 2-8; 290 Sea Islands, 13 3-8 a
. * ocacc a offers nothing deserving partio !
,r remark, prices remaining as last quo-1
Pot and Pear! 4 shes go off in moderate
quantities at previous rates. 14UO libls. I
|n>enor 1 urpentiue were sold at previous
P Liverpool, April 9.
t-\ an express which reached London
D ,,pr lay afternoon trom^ Pans, we learn
>! hie panic occasioned by tbe rejection
01 hje ultimatum of Kussia by Turkey,
Pry ured a further decline in the French
p.1:"0'' on 1 hursday, w *iich are quoted at
- hr. and is about I per cent, below
r* ^llce °1 Ihe preceding day.
marine mst, A
~~ --—- Am
ARRIVED ..,way 10,
v ch:- Delight in Peace, Kelly, 8 ds from
-avannah; ballast to T. H, Howland.
<;c °°P *ies°lutioa, Brov\ n, 12 days from
sa*L wine; &, cotton, to M. Mil
cr at oon.
Hn| CP ^htingfale, Fendall, tm Boyd's
\r*ca!f° coni 10 master.
pr;;0? Sun, Smith, 6 days Iron
4 t nntf m°Jass€S» hay, & g‘n, t*
— nicks* Geenietuwo.
.‘r* ,n’ Poxweli, cargo coals to Rlr.
on board.
ci n > SAti.en,
® r'-den Age? Marble, Providence.
Schr. Only Daughter, Daggett* Boston.
Schr Dollar, Mayo, Halifax.
Matilda, Lymburu, from hence, arrived
at N* York 9 inst.
Ship Boston Finley, from hence,arrived
at Savannah 28tb ult.
Schr. William, Kusseil. 9 ds from New
Port; rum, gin, candles, 4* molasses to A.
C- Cazenove &Co.
Schr. Emerald, Babson, Salem.
^HE Officers of the First Reg 2d Bri
X gade of the militia ot the District of
Columbia, will assemble at the usual
ground, north ot Dundas's house on Wed
nesday, Thursday and Friday the 15th.
U>th 6i 17th inst at 10 o’clock, A. M. tor
the purpose ot being trained by the Bri
gade Inspector,—Every officer will pro
vide himself with a musket and bayonet in
good order.
The officers of tbe second Reg. of the
same B'lgade, will assemble at the same
place on Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day, the 5th 6th& 7th day oi June next,
tor tbe purpose also of being trained by
the Brigade Inspector.
The first and second battalions of the 1st
Reg. will be reviewed by the Brig. Gen.
precisely at 12 o’clock on Saturday, the
18tn inst.
Officers commanding companies in ei
ther regiment ot the brigade, will hence
forth return all officers and men not uni
formed and equipped agreeably to law, 4*
the commaniania of battalions and squa
drons, will .-ee that this order be strictly
executed within their respective com
All volunteer companies hereatfer to be
uniformed, will be required to wear the
uniform prescribed for the troops ot the
United States, of the respective arms, ex
cept that some distinguishing badge ap
proved ot tiy the Brigadiei General will be
allowed each company when there i* more
than one ot the same arms in the same
By order of the Brigadier General.
Brig. Major 4* Inspector 2d Brig- D, C.
May’ 14 ____
RESPECT FULLYinforms the citizens
* o< Alexandria, and the public gene
rally, that he has removed from his old
stand on Pe s Ivania Avenue, o t at well
known and commodious house formerly
occupied by Mr. Relville as the Colum
bian Hofe*, (in the same neighborhood )
between the National Intelligencer Office,
and the Centre Market; the accommoda
lions will he far superior to his late stand,
there being thirteen
Excellent Rooms,
in the be-t con 1 it ion, besides other conve
niences in the new house; and as he is de
termined to spare no expense in fitling the
house up comfortably, and supplying him
self with an assortment ol genuine wines
and liquor*, a share of public patronage
will be thankfully received.
Washington, May 14 3t
For Ymsterilam,
Th** new and very superior
_ ship DEL TA. James Clarkson,
master, (daily expected); burthen 540
hhds. tobacco, and will take freight of 950
hhds. and pa«sengers.
Also, for Charleston § Savan
^ The good schr. FARMER’S
igjj? FANCY, John McIntyre, mas
ter; burthen about 1000 bbls. and will in a
few chys be readv to load. Apply to
may 14 _
RE S PE C T FUEL Y informs the public,that
the Utb inst. the Elysium will be hand
somely illuminated and newly decorated
toi the last time, together with ten superb
portrait, taken trim nature by a first rate
artist, and executed in the highest style.
Two hundred different lights will be ex
hibited on the occasion. He will also be
prepared with Ice Creams, Lemonade,
Cordials, Y ine, and the various delic acies
of the season Private rooms for the la
dies, where they can be furnished with
Ice Creams and other refreshments.
may 14_11_
Was Committed,
rjnO the jail for the county of Alexandria
ii L). C. on the 9th inst- as a runaway,
a negio man named TOM wh»> says he
i« the property of Col. Samuel Chapman,
of Md, 5 miies belov> P< t Tcbacco S<id
negro appears to be about i / years ot age,
slender made, 5 feet, 7 or b inches nigh ;
has a «mall scar on (tie forehead; hi> drt ss
a cross haired roundabout jacket, Nankeen
pantaloons The owner i- desired to come
forward, prove property, pay changes and
take him away, ofherw ise he will be dis
posed ot as the law directs.
A. KOUNSAVELL, jailor,
may 14_____
t or ^aie
ON board *chr. Only Son, from Halifax
via Kingston, lying at T. H. How
land’s wharf, .
75 tons plaster, and a quantity oi
Nova Scotia potatoes,
may 14 ____3t
The Owner
OF a small bundle containing silk and
ginghams, that was lei! in a store on
Tuesday the 7‘b inst, can have it by pay.
: g for this advertisement. Apply at this
flic? may 14—3t
Cut IN alls and lirads.
HAVE received an assortment of Cl. J
NAILS h BRADS, from 2d to 4Ud
warranted to be ol the best quality, lor
'sife on the lowest terms,
may 4
| Lemons* Oranges, Claret,§*e.
LINDSAY & HILL have just received
and offer for sale
58 boxe9 oranges,
85 boxes lemons in prime order,
13 do bo deaux claiet, containing
one dozen each.
I pipe country gin & 17 bags shot
may 14 6t
The twenty fifth day's drawing of the
will take place at the Mayor’s office, at 3
o’clock on Wednesday morning.
1 of $100,000
1 25,000
1 10,000
2 5,000
44 1,000
3 500
besides an immense number of 100, and
smaller prizes
W hole ticket 16 00
Halves 8 00
(Quarters 4. uu
Eighths 2 00
but will positively advance to 20 on the
15th inst.
Recollect all orders dated previous to
the rise will be supplied at 16 dollars, #*
meet as prompt attention as it personal
application wa* made, addressed to
Fortunate Office, 1
Pennsylvania avenue Washington city*
ok at
Office, King-street,
Of the 12th day's drawing of the
Nof4727 a prize ot d 1000
13744 50
*lt 488 3756 7127 5025 8830 ) 9n
6314 6710 12884 19963 16117 \
*Soid at Allens’* tEirst drawn number.
The drawing will be continued on
Thursday next, 16th inst. On »he I6ih
I drawing the first drawn number will be
I entitled to 10,000 dollars.
| All the capital prizes in this patriotic
scheme are yet to be drawn, viz :
1 prize of 't 30,000 Dollars.
1 20,000 Dollars
1 10.000 Dollars.
1 2 5.000 Dollars.
1 3,000 Dollars.
11 !,000 Dollars.
TICKET - - - $i2 00
HALF .... $6 00
CHARTER - - $ 30o
EIGHTH - - - $ l 50
Tickets and shares in the above Lottery
fur sale warranted u idrawi , at
Lottery <$,' Exchange Office,
Pennsylvania avenue. Washington city
Orders by mail, or otherwise, inclosing
prize tickets or cash, will receive imme
diate attention, if addressed to
S. M. Al.LEN & Co.
Washington City.
All lottery information given gratis
Tickets can also be had of our agent
King-street, Alexandria,
may 14
Sprir Goods. >
I}RADEN MORGAN & Co. have im
Jfr ported in the ship Wilhelmina, from
'z 8 fine and super fancy prints
9-8 do do do chintz
Do super furniture do
Do cambric muslins,
6-4 do do
D«* camb ging. striped & checked
Plain leno 1
Tamboured do
Loom sewed japaned
Do do do book
Tamboured do
India do
Do mull f MUSLINS.
Corded check
Hair cord
Fancy stripe
Do check j
Satin stripe j
Jackonet J
Fancy gingham robes
White Marseilles quiltings
H ndsome printed do
i and I drab, slate, blue, and striped
cotton cassimeres
Plain and striped drillings
7-8 and 4-4 Irish lint ns
Do brown holland9
7 8 and 9 8 steam loom shirtings
Women’s white cotton h< se
Men’s do do do
White cotton balls
9-8 cotton apron checks
Striped jeans
Do florentines
Wilmington stripes
filack plain and looted-)
Ingrained scarlet J
Blaik anti white hat bands
d ribble gilt coat &, vest buttons
Horn suspender do
Pearl shirt buttons
4 4i and 5lb best London pins
5 mo 9 tf
Sicily Lemons and Oranges.
boxes Lemons
SO boxes Oranges, fresh and in fine
order. Just received and for sale by
J. H- LADD & Co.
april 4
The following pi'Operty will
be sold without reserve on Tuesday morn
ing next, 14th inst. at ten o’clock at Mar
steller’s Auction Room.
Public Sale of Valuable Pro
Pursuant to the last will and
Ji I testament of Josepn Dean, dec’d.
Ill&l be sold by public auction on
dL*M* Wednesday, the 8th day of May,
at 11 o’clock, on the several premises, to
the highest bieder, the residue of his real
estate, consismg ot
One three story brick dwelling house,
situate on the south side of King street,
between Fairfax and Water streets, with
a brick stable, &c. on the south side ot an
alley in the rear of the dwelling house.
One brick warehouse on Union, between
Prince and Duke streets, now occupied
by Mr- Samuel Dean.
One lot ot ground 44 8-12 feet on Water
and Union streets, running through the
square, and adjoining the warehouse oc
cupied hy Mr. Samuel Dean. On this lot
there is a cooper’s shop and shed, occupi
ed by M essrs. Hill and Valentine.
Also, a lot ot ground 68 (eet on Water
stret, and running through the square to
Union street on which is erected a two
story brick dwelling house, and a small
frame dwelling, both occupied.
ABo, a lot of ground on the east side of
Union street, bounded by tbe river on
which there is a small wharf.
Terms of Sale, one third cash—one third
in s-x months, and the remaining third in
twelve months, with interest from day of
At the same time will he sold at the
dwelling on King street.
Four thousand one hundred dollars in
Road Stock in the Union Bank of Alexan
dria, and ten shares of Little Fails Bridge
O^rSale to commence at the dwelling
on King street.
Joseph Dean, dec’d.
may 2 _ ts
Public Sale.
\7I7ILL be sold to the highest bidder on
* * Wednesday, the !5th inst at the late
residence of Thomas S. Rrawner, dec’d.
in Mat'awoman, Chai les County, Md. all
; the personal property of said deceased,
| consisting of
Several Negroes,
! including men, vvonen and children, cat*
tie, horses, sheep and hog9, plantation u
| tensils, household and kitchen furniture,
| 4*c. Also on the first day ot June next,
on the premises a tract ot land belonging
to said deceased, called Maddox’s Ramble
said to contain one hundred acres, lying
in Chickamuckson in said county.—Terms
made known on the day ot sale,
rmy If_3f_Executor
fet. Croix Sugar aud Jamaica
HHDS. of superior quality St.
Croix sugar
10 hhds of high proot Jamaica
Landing from schnr. Cent, and sloop Ar
i mada, for sale by
For Freight,
The schr. SUSANNAH, A. H.
(Steven’s master, carries l,ooo bbls.
■ is a good vessel, and will oe ready for a
I cargo in a few days. Apply as above.
may 11_ .
Warranted Tobacco.
Kegs manufactured tobacco, of
I the celebrated biand ot Gray and
L-JLr Paukey; 8s & 12s to the pound;
received from Richmond. For
sale by A. & A. H ADAMSr
may 11 _ 3t
John H. Ladd £$ Co.
HAVE just received by brig Winifred
from Havana, and brig Resolution
from St. Thomas, and schr. Mary from
Ne wburyport,
50 boxes white and brown Hayana
30 boxes Muscovado do
21 bbls. do do _
14 hhds molasses
8000 doz. Amegor superior Spanish se*
gars, in whole, halves ^quarter boxes
8 bags cocoa,
5 do coffee
2 hhds W 1. rum
1 bbl & 4 boxes tallow
11 cases men’s & boy’s fine shoes
3 do fur hats
50 bbls N. E- rum,
may ll
Salt, Oil, &c.
JUST received per sloop Resolution,
looo bushels G* A Salt,
16 bales prime Upland cotton
4 qr casks domestic currant wine
Also, per sloop Regulator,
Sperm and whale oil, apply to
5 mo 11 6t
ri^HE subscriber inlorms the public, that
I he has taken this delightful and ro
mantic situation tor the present season.
He will be always prepared with the
Liquors &f Refreshments.
The amusements which have heretofore
induced gentlemen to make an evening
walk will be continued. The strictest at
tention will be paid to the keeping ol good
order, and enforcing the regulations ot the
establishment, which is too well known to
require further recommendation.
may 1!
--- '• i ^ 1 ■■ ■ ——*
Public Sale.
ON Tuesday at li o’clock, will be sold
at the auction store, a likely active
young man, accustomed to bouse work,
the care of horses, carriage driving,
He has the best recommendation lor bia
honesty, sobriety, &c. in short so good a
servant he will not be sold out of the
\\J ILL be added to this day’s sales
V v Irish linens,fine book muslins
Fine fancy cravats, cambric muslins,
No, 3 tine tafita ribbon,
Ladies and gentlemens cotton itocttj
Tapes, Irish do.wlass, linen,
Madrass hdkfs. silk brades,
Long nankeen, Irish diaper,
Angola cassimere, 4*c- 4*c
may 14
. . , - - - -- - — ■
TO-MORROW Evening,
AT 8 o’clock, will be sold at the auc
tion store, a variety of elegant
Fancy Articles,
such as knives an forks, waiters, bread
knife trays ®r" nd wire whips, pins in
packs, &l h — ■ combs, tapers, look
ing glasses. U « n-, Miks, razors, shawls,
cassimeres. vesting, silk hose,^cotton do.
sczzort and penknives, lancets, hair and
cloth brushes, t rittania tea and coffee pots
cut glasses, pitchers and decanters, tum
blers, Aic &c.
P. The goods will be opeu for inspec
tion the day of salei •__
may 14
without Kesene.
ON Thursday at 10 o’clock, will be sold
at the store ot Mr John Lanham, up
per end of King street, all bis Stock in
Trade, comprizing a very general and ex
tensive assortment for a grocery store, such
as sugar, spun cotton, stone ware, vinegar,
whiskey, coffee, tea, sugar, molasses, ba
con, candles, soap. <Tc. &c. on a liberal
credit. __
may 14 • ^
Public Sale.
On FRIDAY, at half past 4 o’
clock, will be sold on the premi
ses, beginning with the one first
_named, a two story house and lot
ot ground on Royal street, opposite the
Gazette office, and near the corner ol King
9treet. This stand tor business is so well
known, that any comment is unnecessary.
Several valuable ana beautiful lots neat
King street, and in the vicinity of the Di
agonal Pump, on a liberal credit
S. A, MARSTELLER, auct’r.
may 14
Public Sale.
On Saturday next, the 18thinst,
K» MVb-rk. wiM be sold at auc
tion op Adam’s wharf, the
SCH. OSBOURN, about 18 tons burthtn.
With her tackle and apparel.—Also a fel*
articles of cloalhing
may 14
Trust Sale.
On the 13th DAY OF MAY NEXT, v
FI''HE subscriber will offer ai Public
-I Sale on the premises the Tenement
Lot of Ground,
now in the occupation of Thomas Rroc
chus, on the west side ol Fairfax street,be
tween King and Prince streets—-in front
! on Fairfax street, 29 feet 10 inces—in
depth, 68 leet 6 inches.
The above sale will be made under a
a Deed of Trust, from the said Thomas
Brocchus, to the subscriber, lor the in
demnity or C. Auld, Terms cash. Sale
at 6o’clock, P. M.
R. I. TAYLOR, Trustee.
$g”The above sale is post
poned to the same hour on the 4th day ofi
may *4 ts .
Bank Stock.
WANTED, a tew shares on the Bank
of Washington For particulars ap
ply at J« H Kunnells’lotiery office, King
st Alexandria; where also, will be recei
ved Frankiin bank paper, at a fair discount,
may 93t
Earthen Ware, China and
HUGH SMITH 4-CO have just recei
ved by the ship Wilhelmina from Li
verpool, a large supply, which gives them
a general assortment, For sale as low as to
be had in the northern cities.
They have also, and intend keeping foa
sale* an assortment of
Stone Ware.
Also—pipes in boxes of 3 and 4 Gro ea.
Window glass in do 8 by 10 and 10 byl2,
Demijohns, 3 and 4 gallons,
may 9 3w
Best Chewing Tobacco.
c kegs and half kegs manufactured to
^^bacco, of U’s 8’s and pound twist,
Barclay’s brand, warranted superior to any
in the District* just received by tbe scbr
John, capt. Burke, from Richmond, and
tor sale by
april 18 _
r% r% BAGS Sugar landing from schriji
Superior, lor sale by
(jtj WM. FOWfcB tf *Q.
: april 16

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