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/ For Sale.
^aaa ACHES of first rate plaster and
^UUUclever Land, i'bis .and is situa
ted in the upper part of Fauquier county,
6 miles below Ashby's Gap, ol t-om the
District ot Columbia, and 60 from r le*
dericKsburgh, being a part of the tract on
which the subscriber resides. No land in
the state ot Virginia affords more real in
ducements to purchasers than the torego
ing. it is remarkable tor its fertility ; it
abounds with ;ivuletsand never tailing
springs of delightful water, with the ad
vantage ot the considerable and beautiful
stream of Gan Kun passing through it, ;*•
fording vuluahle seats tor over shot mills
in a thick settled agricultural country,
with the advantage ot Ashby's Gap turn
pike road about 3 or 4 miles off, which at
tends, at all seasons of the year, a great fa
cility to the transportation ot produce to
Alexandria. The country is a3 healthy as
any part of the LJoi’ed Pistes, slid the
society as genteel and agreeable. J here
is about one hall ol the above land clear
ed and well improved with plaster and
clover, capable of bringing great crops;
toe balance heavily timbered with white
oak, red oak, and hickory. The above
2000 acres of land will be laid off in 8 lots
ol about 250 acres each, and offered at
public sale, on the premises, to the highest
bidder, on the
Second .Monday in May next,
which will be the 13th day ol the month.
One third ot the purchase money will be
required, the balance in three payments ot
3. 6 and 9 years, the purchasers giving
deeds of trust on the land, with bond and
approved security, bearing interest, and
the interest to be annually paid. No fur
ther description ot this valuable property
ts supposed to be necessary, as the purcha
sers will, no doubt, judge for themselves
at the time ot its sale,
Fauquier ct» Va april 26 eri-m
r'resh Kruit, Waster, £50
NOW landing from the schr Undaunt'
ed, Chase, master, trom Boston
IOO boxes Sicily oranges, £ in fine
lOo do do lemons ) order.
10 i quarter casks Sicily Madeira wine
40 tons plaster paris, lor sale by
Who has in stoie,
3000 lb. prime green coffee,
600 do St, Domingo do.
20 chests young hyson tea
13 i'chest* J g““P°wJer d°
I chest 4- ) imperial do;
60 10 catty boxes }
2 boxes, each containing 40 2 lb can
nisters do.
* ,^fss | Muscovado sugar
1? hhds superior retailing molasses
12 qr casks Malaga 1
lo do Canary >W1NE.
6 do Colmenar j
140 boxes Muscatel and bunch raisins
boxes Balt.'No I 2 & 3 chocolate
do Baker’s No. I &2,Lapbam’fi No.
I do constantly for sale,
40 bundles sugar loaf paper*
160 reams wrapping paper
30 bundles binders L band box boards
50 boxes mould and dipt candles
30 bbls mess and prime pork
15 do prime beef,
Pipes cognac brandy 4* Holland gin, 4*c.
may 7 3
CHARLES T. STUART, Attorney at
Law, will practice in the District of
Columbia, & in Prince Georges & Charles
counties, Maryland; also, in Fauquier and
Fairfax counties Va His office is at the
northeast corner of King and Columbus
Streets, Alexandria.
may 46t
Each luscious sweet to please the varied taste,
Ot fragrant cordial■>, and of essenced paste,
Each fruit that bioomso’er India’s distant plains
Or those that flourish where proud freedom
Lemons, bannanas, oranges and limes;
From foreign regions an ! from warmer climes,
And all the fruits that grace the happier lands,
Where liberty’s eternal altar stands,
RE to be found in profuse abundance
at the Elysium, the supermtendance
of which
takes the liberty of informing the fair la
dies and liberal gentlemen of the town has
been delegated to him. This exquisitely
pleasant retreat has been recently fitted
up in a style of novel elegance, which
cannot but attract the eye, and command
the admiration of the beholder. The
Various Apartments
are prepared with a degree ot taste which
it is hoped will meet with the approbation
of those who may do him the honor ol vi*
siting them. His
fruits of all descriptions
And all the luxuries of the two hemis*
phetes he trusts will be found no inconsi
derable addition to the other elegancies of
the Elysium. It is his intention to adorn
a is repository of sweets, w ith flowers fresh
and fragrant during the ensuing warm
months, and his own sedulous attention to
please by anticipating, if possible, the
wants of bis customers, he humbly trusts
will ensure him the patronage of the la'
dies and gentlemen of the tow n.
_ may 9_ tf
Negroes Wauted.
WE will give ca«b for 15 or SO likely
young negroes. Apply to either of
the subscribers, who may he found at the
Indiau t^ueeQ Tavern, Alexandria.
Charles County Court.
March Term% 1822. v
ON application to the Judges oi Charles
County Court by petition in writing
cf Robert Russel of Charles County, lor
the benefit of the act of Assembly tor the
relief tif insolvent debtors passed at Nov.
session, 1805, and the several supplements
thereto on the terms mentioned therein a
schedule of his property and a list of his
creditors on oath so far as he can ascer
tain them; being annexed to his petition,
and being satisfied by competent testimo
ny that the said Robert Russel has resided
two years immediately preceding the ti.r*a
of his application in the state of Maryland
and being also satisfied that the said Ro
bert Russell is in actual confinement tor
debt, and for no other cause and the said
Robert Russel, having entered into Band
with sufficient security for his personal ap
pearaoce in Charles County Court to an
swer such allegations as his creditors may
make against him. It is therefore order
ed and adjudged that the said Robert Rus
sell he discharged from imprisonment and
thereby causing a copy of this order to be
inserted in some one of the newspapers e
dited in the District of Columbia once a
week for two months successively before
the third Monday of August next, he give
noti'*» to his creditors, to appear before
the -*id Court at Fort Tobacco in said
counly, on the said third Monday in Au
gust next,for the purpose of recommend
ing a trustee for their benefit and *° s ^ w
cause if anv they have why the said Ko
ert Russell should not have the benefit ot
the several insolvent laws of this sUte as
may 11 law2m
District ot Columbia,
Alexandria County, to wit:
November Term, 18'il, 3lst day.
Romulus Riggs &. others—Complainants.
Thomas Swann, Colin Auld> and Edmund
I- Lee, and the Merchants Bank of Alex
andria, and others—Defendants.
The defendants, the Mechanics Bank
of Alexandria, the Bank ot Washington,
the Bank ot the Metropolis, the Patriotic
Bank, and the Central Bank of George
town and Washington, appeared, by Wal
ter Jones, their solicitor, and by consent
ot the plaintiffs, and ot the several de
fendants to this suit, including the Banks
in the bill named, as claiming preference,
it is ordered. That the trustees, Swann,
Auld and Lee, do proceed to make sale
of all the property, debts and effect*,
claimed or held by them as trustees under
the said assignment in the bill mentioned,
or which may, in any manner, have arisen
from the property and effects so assigned,
upon the terms and in the manner provid
ed in the order made in this cause on the
13th day ot May, 1819; and that they
bring the proceeds thereof into court, to
be subject to their final order and decree,
as directed by said order. It is further
ordered, That the said trustees do, after
making said sale, report to this court a full
account of all their transactions under the
said deed of trust, shewing the nett amoun*
of disposable funds remaining in theii
hands subject to the trusts declared by
said deed, and shewing also the amount
of claims made upon them by creditors oi
said Bank, and stating, as tar as may be
in their power, the validity of such claims.
And this suit abates as to James H. Dula
ny, by his death, and i? dismissed as to
John A. Stewart. (A copy.)
Teste. EDM. 1. LEE, C. C.
TV pursuance of the foregoing order, and
lot tbe order of 13th May, 1819, therein
mentioned, at the merchants’ Coffee
House, in the town of Alexandria, on Sa
turday the first day of June next, at ten
o'clock, A. M. shall sell, by public
auction, all tha property, dents and effects
conveyed to, or in any manner vpsted in us
as trustees of the late Merchants’ Bank of
Alexandria—one tourth part of tbe pur
chase money to be paid in cash, and the
residue in three equal instalments at 6, 12
and 18 montsb,to be secured by such good
and sutheient personal security, with^a re
served lien upon the premises, as we shall
deem sale.
EDM I. LEE, /Trustees.
eprii 4 8w
Negroes Wanted.
rJ^HE subscribers wish to purchase 30
JL or 40 young
from 12 to 20 years of age. For particu
lars apply at the bar of the Indian Queen
Tavern to Mr. Eli Legs,or the subscribers
may 2tt
830 He ward.
RAN A WAY from the subscriber, living
near Marbury’s terry, District of Co
lumbia, on the 1st inst- a negro man n^med
Daniel, calling himself Daniel Solomon,
generally known by tbe name of Talbott’s
Daniel. He took wdh him several suits ot
good clothing, a fur hat* and a drab color
ed great coat with a large cape.
Danit-1 is about forty-six years of age, a
bout 5 leet 6 or 7 inches high, is stout
made, has several remarkable scar» on his
breast, thick lips, and the under lip consid
erably projecting, and large eyes- He is
an ar'ful insinuating fellow.
Daniel has an extensive acquaintance
relations in Fairfax county and this Dis
trict It is probable that he is lurking a
bout Alexandria, or at Cedar Grove, Mrs
McCarty’s, where he has relations. If ta
ken in the District, 10 dollars, if in Virgi
nia* tO, or elsewhere the above reward of
30 dollare will be given for b«s apprehen
sion, or secured in jail so that f get him a
gam. and all reasonable charges will br
may 9
apnl 9 tt
District of Columbia, i
Alexandria County to wit:
Novembe Term, 1821. £
19th day f
Richard Bland Lee, Richard Smith cash
ier of the Otfice ot D scount and Depo
sit, at Washington, being a branch ot
the Bank of the United Slates, i he
President, Directors and company ot the
Bank of the United States, and /Taller
J ones -—Complainants,
against _
John Hopkins, John Glassell a°(LWIa^3N
ret C. Glassell, (late Margaret C- Lee )
his wite, James L. M Kenn*, John
Lloyd, Josiah Watson and John M iver,
rpHl^iefendant, John Hopkins, Dot hav
JL ing entered his appearance, and giv
en security accoiding to the statute and
ruljs of this court, and it appealing to
the satisfaction of the court, upon affidavit
filed, that the said detendant John Hop
kins is not an inhabitant o* the Ltis
trict of Columbia. On motion of the com
plainants by their counsel, it is ordered
that the sa«d defendant John Hopkins do
appear here on or before the first day ot
next May Term, and enter his appearance
to this suit, and give security tor perform
ing the decrees of the court. And that
the other defendants John Glassell and
Margaret C. Glassell, (late Margaret C.
Lee) his wife, James L* M'Kenna, John
Lloyd, Josiah Watson, and John M’lver*
do not pay away, way, convey or se
crete the debts by them owing to or the
estate or effects in their hands belonging
to the said absent defendant, John Hop
kinsi until the further order or decree of
this court; and that a copy ol this order he
forthwith published in one of the public
newspapers printed in the town ot Alex
andria, for two months successively and
that another copy be posted at the front
door of the court house of the said coun
A Copy. Teste, EDM. I, LEE, C. C.
march 18 2m
Boston, 20th April, 1822.
AS the subscriber will probably leave
the United Slates in the course ol the
ensuing summer, be desires that all persons
who have or pretend to have any clairrs
against him will present them to him in
Boston,on or before the end of June next,
and he hereby makes known to all whom
it may concern that unless this notice is
complied with, it will be pleaded in bar to
all claims whatever, founded on any mat
ter ur transaction, which may have occur
ed prior to this date.
may 2 I a w6tid
Lost or Mislaid,
A Certificate, No. 270, issued in the
name ofWm. Hartshorne, jf, for one
share ot stock in the Little River Turn
pike Company. Notice is hereby given,
that application will be made to the Presi
dent and Directors of said company, lor a
renewal of said certificate.
may 7 _2aw4w
French Burr Mill-Stones.
r¥^HE subscriber continues to make at
JL bis shop, upper end of King street,
Alexandria, French burr mill stones, ot a
very superior quality, where any gentle
man calling can be supplied on the short
est nwtice and on the most reasonable terms
with those of any size, when both the
workmahship and the materials will be
warranted to be equal to any in the coun
try.— Persons wanting will please to call
and judge tor themselves
april 27__eo3t
Burr Mill-Stone Manufticto
ry, Alexandria.
The subscriber wishes 10 intorm his cus
tomers, and the public in general, that
he keeps his shop on Peyton St* between
the upper end of King St< and the stone
bridge,* where he bason hand an elegant
assorment ot the very best quality ot
French burr blocks, and Burrs ready made
first quality warranted equal if not supe
rior to any made in this country.
Liberal Credit will be given to men of
march *4 .
BEGS leave to acquaint his old friends
and the public that he has removed
to the corner of Prince and Fairfax streets
next door to Afathew Robinsons; grateful
for past favors and solicitous for future, he
hopes to merit a <*mall 9hare of public pa
tronage,he is fully convinced that by hon
ing his mind with keen application, and
strapping with perseverance, he will be
enbled to lather his business with industry
and shave with economy. •
He will make wigs, cut hair, and dress
heads, a la Paris, a la Brutus, a la Titus
ora la any thing that will please bis cus
tomer*, or agreeably to the present fa'
may 4
For Sale,
2205 ^f»hts of window Sash, and a few
** ** six pannel doors, made of good
materials, will be sold low
4 mo 3eo7t
Bacon, Whiskey, ^c.
LINDSAY 4* HILL, have this day
2o,ooo lbs bacon,
87 bis whiskey,
22 casks Goshen cheese,
In Store, just received from Baltimore,
12 hhds 1st quality sugar
16 q’rter casks, Malaga wise
4 pipes Holland Gin.
7 bbls clover seed
april 6
Cut Nails and Brads.
HAVE received an assortment of CU P
NAILS &l BRADS, from 2d to 40d
warranted to be of the best quality, for
sale on the foweat tejrwjs.
onajr 4
Public Sale.
ON FRI DAY, the 3lst day of tbi« month
at 5 o’clock, P. M the subscriber
will offer at public sale on tb* premises,
_ Brick Tenement,
and lot of ground on the north side of Duke
street, twenty eight feet to the east of St.
Asaph street, now in the occupation of
Richard Veitch, in front on Duke street,
24 teet, in depth 100 feet, to a ten foot al
ley, subject to an annual rent in fee, of 36
The above sale will be made under a
dped ol trust from W.D. Simms. Terms
will be made known on the day of sale*
J. D. SIMMS, Trustee,
may 9 ts
Public Sale.
BY virtue ota deed of trust from Ben
jamin Baden and wile to me lor the
! purposes therein mentioned I shall proceed
I to sell at public auction on the premises at
In o’clock on Tuesday the 21st day ol May
the loilowmg property, viz:
A Lot of Ground
on the south side ot King street, at the dis
tance ol eighty one teet to the eastward ot
Paine street, and extending thence sooth*
wardly and parallel with Paine street to
Commerce street, then beginning again at
the first mentioned point on King street
eighty one leet to the eastward of Paine 9t.
and running thence eastwardly with the
line of King street twenty seven feet;
thence southwardly and paraiel with Paine
st to Commerce st. thence southwardly
with the line of Commerce st. to the se
cond point in said Commerce street, which
' piece of ground is subject to an annual
j rent of eighty dollars lor ever.
I The term9 will be liberal and made
1 known at the place ol sale.
I, P, THOMPSON, trustee,
april 25 ts
For Sale.
WILL be sold to the highest bidder
on the I8!h of May,
; At the Hunting Creek Bridge9
Two seines and ropti,
Two boats,
One clock, !
One book case
and several other articles too tedioni to
mention. THOS. PARSONS,
may 9 ®ols
To Wood Merchants.
Iwill sell from 500 to 1000 cords of good
oak wood, ready cut in the woods,—
Also 2oo acres of land with a good supply
of fire wood, building and rail timber on
it. This wood ‘and land lies within !£
milejof the Potomac river, where there
is a good road and landing; SO miles be
low the District of Columbia; this land
lies well, of a stiff soil, and clear of hills
and brakes I will also furnish any pur
chaser with 3 good oxcarts well calculat
ed for the wood business and ten or twelve
good oxen in their prime, and well broke
to the cart. 1 will also sell a lot of land*
containing two acres, with a good new
store house, a half story high counting
room, lodging room, granery and tobacco
shed Also a tobacco press house and a
well of as good water as any in the world.
This lot and improvements lies in a healthy
neighborhood and a good stand for busi
ness. It is one mile from the above land.
1 also have l5o acres ot land, of an extra
quality, lying 3 miles above tbe aforesaid
land, and one mile from the Potomac; it
i is well watered and has a good seat for a
! small mill* wbb a never failing stream.—
Any person wishing to purchase the above
property may have a great bargain, as !
wish to decline the wood business. The
cash will be wanted for the wood that is
cut and the carts and oxen. I will give a
liberal time on the lands.
Charles county, Md. March, 22 totf
i Town Ordinance.
Extract from the act to remove nuisances,
to preserve the health ot the inhabitants
of the town of Alexandria, 4»c.
Sec. 14. BE it enacted, That the per
sons living on paved streets shall clean
the foot ways opposite the property they
occupy, and shall moreover wash such
footways every Saturday from the first
day of May until the last of September,
unless prevented by the weather. Any
inhabitant who shall not perform the said
duties, shall for every neglect forfeit and
pay thirty three cents. No person shall
throw or cause to be thrown down from
any cart, waggon or other carriage, or in
any other manner, any rubbish, litter or
dirt on any street, public lane or alley,
and sutler the same to remain tor more
than twenty tour hours, except in such
quantities and in such places as may be
allowed by the superintendant of police:
Provided, that any person desirous of de
positing on any street materials for build
ing, shall apply to the superintendant of
police, who shall appoint a proper place
and assign a reasonable apace for the de
positing said materials. Whoever shall
offend herein shall forfeit and pay five
dollars for each offence, and be subject to
the further penalty of one dollar for every
day such building materials shall so re
main, contrary to the provisions hereof,
may 11 _ 3t
Bolting Cloths.
JONATHAN JANNEY, bas for sale
an assortment oi
Bolting Cloths of Superior
All orders from Millers or ethers will
be particularly attended to.
A constant supply of
Ground Plaster, -
for sale by the ton, barrel ot bushel, at a
ery reduced price.
OCrCashgirea far empty barrels.
I 9 at 2.9 -awtf
auction salesTS?
~ Public Sale!
BY virtue oi a deed of trust fro® T W
Peyton and wife, to me for (be rJ
poses therein expressed, I shall proceed?
sell at public auction, on tbe premiu, *
12 o'clock, on WEDNESDAY, (Jj\J
day of MAY, tbe following valuable ”
to wit: That lot of ground on the eontl
west corner of King and Columbus str®?!
bounded as follows: beginning at tbe jfl
tersection of tbe said streets, ihence
on King street 74 feet, then north parafii
to Columbus street 100 feet; iben
rallel to King street 49 teet 5 inches; O
north parallel to Columbus street 39 SS
3 inches, then east parallel to King atr^S
123 feet 5 inches to Columbus street il!
on Columbus street south, 139 feet’ll
Mcbes to t be beg inning. This pi?
perty comprehends three disiL*!
buildings, which will be offeJS ;*
for sale separately. The spacio® 1
brick warehouse at the corner in the occq,
pancy of Messrs. J. 4* J. Douglas, tL’
brick warehouse adjoining, and tbe fn®
dwelling agreeably situated on King streti.
west of tbe brick buildings, and occupied
by Mr. J. Douglas.
A credit of 6, 12, and 18 months rrill In '
given on the purchase money, upon cot®
satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interut
from the day ot sale, and a deed of trugi
on tbe property will be taken to second
the payment. A statement of the giounf j
rents to which the improvements are^ j
spectively subject, wWl.uJ submitted
the time and place of saie. |
april 13_ts_Trustt*'?!
For Sale or Rent,
One ot tbe best stands for boil
ness, in the towB of Alexandria
tbe three story brick ware bouse
at tbe corner of King and (Joioa
sheets, formerly occupied by Robert and I
James Mandeville, and lately by tbe sub*
scribers. Tbe bouse is large, and wella«
dapted for tbe storage of grain, flour, ao4
other articles, or a grocery.
The partnership of tbe subscribers wilt
shortly be dissolved. To close their com
cerns,this valuable property will be sold]
or to a good tenant, it will be rentedoo
reasonable terms. Inquire of Leonid
Cook. COOK * CLARE, ti
03-All persons indebted to tbe abotr
firm are requested to settle their account]
without further delay, in order that tbr,
subscribers may be enabled to close tbes j
business. apr 3o—6t
To Rent.
MThe 3 story brick house 1 the ^
corner ot Duke and Washington t
streets, lately occupied by Mr.A* |
lexander. • For terms apply to tU).
subscriber, or in bis absence to Mr. Saw*1
el Mark JOHN LLOYD, l
may 4 2a*tf I
To Rent,
Tbe house lately occupied bf
flirl Wm- Wood at tbe corner of King
11£6and Pitt streets, the situations
dUi pleasant and healthy, tbe bout
spacious and airy. In a tew days tbe pit
mises will be put i» complete repair, for:
particulars enquire of
R. T. RAMSAY & Co.
may 9 12t
To Rent. 5
Tbe brick bouse now occupied
by Mrs. Eveletb, opposite the
Market, on Cameron street,suita
ble for a Boarding House, or |
genteel family.
april 3o _ 2aw?w __ .
To Let,
A convenient two story brick ]
bouse, fitted for a small genteel fa* j
mily, and centrally situated on t
. > Prince street, near Washington it
Kent very low. Enquire at Mrs. Fendall, j
april 3c 2aw3w
For Sale.
J will sell a tract or parcel ol land *1
Containing three hundred and fifty ll;6<
more or less, lying and being in Chan# fj
county, immediately on the road leading
trom Port Tobacco to Dumfries Ferry. >r j
bout six miles from Port Tobacco, wilpjj \
four miles ol Nanjemoy Church, and witir •
in 1J miles ol navigable water. The )«* ^
provements on the said farm are a dw«*' ti
ing bouse, kitchen, barn, cop
■TTjI house, and other necessary bouse*.
||£f] It is deemed unnecessary to
MmMnr a more particular description 0
the same as it is presumed any VeI.t
wishing to purchase will view the prep15;
es. For terms apply to the subscribe
living on tbe adjoin^™.gjoNES
march 26_I
For Sale,
Hill, lately owned by Mr. ba
ton, being about TWENTY 0N6
ACRES well enclosedj.on tbel'<'
tie river turnpike road, J miles Iron A '
andria. The garden contains many
ble shrubs, vines, and fruit tree*. *
situation is handsome and healthy.
Possession may be bad immediately'
The time of payment will be reasena ;
extended to suit the purchaser. -
March II,lawtf. -
To Kent.
The subscriber wishes to
for one or more years,bis wbar
lEtS warehouse. The warehouse »»
MmMml cstories high, fire proof, and ba
every onvenience for an extensive ® j
I ness. The wharf is JlO feet in
l 40 in breadth* and ha9 water of sut&c
depth for the largest vessels. v
march 29 _
Neatly executed at tliw 0$c(i.

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