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-, i,;vi»L' P at 0<irti*)3coa. 1/th
tlf- * JUDAS I’SNA.NGO. ■
‘ To his excellency the ifsHieiai in chiel,
Joseph Antonio Cnez.
Bv Last Evening’s Mail.
New York. May 27.
/ THE LATEST.—The ship Thames,
Marshall, arrived here yesterday morning
i r ,in Liverpool, from which port she sail
ed the <ls! of April. Capt Ai. has bro’t
no later papers than the 15th ult. Capt.
'(I. inlorms us that nothing decisive had
tiken place relative to the expected war
11 tween Russia and the Turks—things
r juiained in the s^me uncertain state,—
1’irlianier.t had met after its two week6
a djourmnent. 1'he House ot Commons
’ not yet acted on the report of it,e
j;^ar 1 of Trade for opening the West In
<1 is ports
In the Thame6 are 63 passengers, most
ly farmers with their families, Loin Lao*
fjjsbire* They purpose lo settle in the
1 late of Ohio.
THE HANN IB A L.—By the liao
iftibal, we have received London und
Liverpool paper*, the former to the
13th, and the latter to the 19th ult.—
Tiwv contain no news of moment. Our
(jlegof Lloyd’s List are to rho 16th ult.
There had been scarcely an American
nrrRal for ten days, the prevalent winds
Ravin ; been from the eastward.
The price of American produce in
England was still low,end although the
were steady, no advance on for
Tiwr prices had been realized. \\ e have
quoted a few of the principal articles.
^ Prices, April 19—Cottons, &e.
Georgia boweds 7$d to lofd; £. O. 8£d
to Is; S®a Inlands Ik Id to is 6d — Flax
seed for crushing 38 to 4oa, for sowing
45_Pot Ashes 43 to 45s. Pearls 47—
Turpentine 15s; American sweet flour
02 to 33; A ice, good, 15 to 16s.
Trench funds.—Five per cents. 8&f
75c; Bank block. 1572f 5«hj.
(The report ot the late assassination
of Kieg© and the Royal Family at Ma
drid, isliatly contradicted; and because
we did not believe or republish the idle
stories on this subject, one of our city
editors stoned us on the highway.
The disturbances in Ireland had
nearly ceased.
It is computed that not less than looo
persons have perished in the late furi
ous storms on the coast of Jutland.
Tne lafe pretended victory of the Greeks
19 pronounced a fiction
In reply to some observations of the
London Morning Chronicle, the Courier
of the 16th ui April observes—
“The partition of Turkey, without the con
sent of England, is an idle dream; and with it,
a puerile absurdity. The Cmperor of Russia,
had he the inclination, which we firmlv believe
he has not, to aggrandize him-elfin that quar
ter, knows too well the real extent and nature of
his resources, to make the attempt in defiance
ot'his allies. He knows that it will prove the
fatal source of a general war throughout Eu
rope, and the results of such a war would be
more disastrous to him, than toanv other Pow
er. His own interests, therefore, are closely
connected with a pacific policy; but we should
do him injustice if we inferred that in maintain
ing such a policy he was actuated by no other
motive. \Ve believe, on the contrary, he is
sincerely desirous of maintaining that state of
things, to the support of which he is pledged
with his Allies; and that, should war finally
take place with Turkey, it will be begun, car
riedon and terminated, in strict accordance
■with those general principles which formed the
basis of the arrangements completed in the
Congress at Vienna.”
Vienna, April2.
The metalliques were yesterday 71* 5-16;
Bank Sha-es 664 5-6. To day they are 74
11-14 and 664 7 10.
We expect about the 18th or 20th of April
the return of the courier *vho was dispatched
on the 19th March with the note of the Reis
Cftendi, which our Court refused to receive —
The friends of peace flatter themselves that he
will bnng back the news of a change in the
dispositions of the Porte. The couriers dis.
patched by M Tatisched to St. Petersburg will
return to Vienna about the same time.
lui'Crpool, Aprrl IS.
At a meeting of the ship owners engaged in
thr trade with the West /mlia Colonies, held
on Wednesday, Andrew Colville, Esq. in the
chair, resolutions were passed in favor of renew
ing the commercial intercourse between these
colonies and the United States of America. It
Mas farther resolved, that the meeting should
join the general ship owners, in the object of
maintaining a reduction of the West /ndia dock
-- -
T May 27, 1822.
I he committee appointed to bring in a
ill amendiug the law on the subject of pa
ving streets, <yc. reported a bill entitled
-m act amending an act entitled * an act
reducing into one and amending the seve
ra* act:* respecting streets, alleys, pave
^ents, pumps, and the superintendent of
police; which was read a first and se
cond lime and laid on the table.
idered, That the order passed on the
loin day ni April, 1822, ordering the
squire on Pitt street, between Princess
an 1 Queen streets to be paved, be, and the
is hereby repealed.
1 committee appointed to examine
rr *poration dock, at the lower end of
• rincess street, reported that it was inex
pedient at present to do any thing to the
Mid dock; which was concurred in by the
fhe committee appointed to inquire in
fo the situation ol the list of balances con
fined iti the book ol the late W, A. Harper
^ade a report and offered the following re
^nlutions: Resolved, t hat a fit and suit.v
r e person be appointed a collector, to be
denominated the collector ol old balances
»ud that the book which contains that list,
.<s d'O the amount ot taxes uncollected by
Jo}‘” H. Phillips be placed in the hands oi
V1'd collector tor collection, and that be
proceed to collect the same according to
»av7, an 1 that be give bond with one or
tLCue securities to the satisfaction cf Lke
M-ro*. f.,r the faithful performance 'l (Lt
said duties.
Resolved. Thai the said collector of old
balances be allowed as a lull compen*a
lion lor his services, ten per cent, on all
moneys collected by him and paid into
the Treasury ot the Corporation—And
moreover, he shall on or before the 1st day
ot March in eacu year, render a statement
to the auditor of the whole amount of mo
neys by him collected; which report and
resolutions were adopted bv the council.
Ordered, That a suitable person be ap
pointed to make out a list ot balances in
the book posted by JFm. A. Harper, and
owing to the corporation, and that twenty
dollars he appropriated lor the same.
Ordered, That Messrs. Douglas and
Johnston be appointed a committee to in
quire into the propriety ot ordering away
the water-mellon boats from Prince street
I dock, and into the law respecting landing
and cleaning fish, and that they report by
bill or otherwise.
Mr. Douglas Irom the above committee
reported a bill, entitled an act, in addition
i to and amending ah act, entitled ‘An act
reducing into one and amending the sev
eral acts, respecting the removal ol nui
sances and the preservation ol the health
ot the town,” which was read a tirst and
second time, and the ninth rule being sus
pended, it was then read a third time and
A communication from the board of
health on the subject of a nuisance said to
exist at the lower end ol King street, was
received, read, and referred to Messrs.
Douglass, Miller, Longden, Robinson.
Ordered, That the superintendent of
police do give notice to the proprietors ot
the marsh leading from the Chalybeate
tpring to the tunnel on Fairfax street, to
remove the nuisance thereon, on or before
the loth ol June; otherwise to remove the
same, the expense to be paid by (he ge
neral fund, and collected trom the proprie
On application of two thirds of the pro
prietors of ground on Cameron between
Alfred and Patrick streets'—It is ordered
that the superintendent of police have the
square paved on Cameron street, lying
between Alfred and Patrick streets, and
charge the expense thereof to tne proprie
tors of ground thereon agreeably lo law.
' Ordered, Thai the superintendent of po
i lice do immediately fill up the hole and
1 repair Water street* between Oronoko &.
I Princess streets, injured by taking away
the sand; provided the expense does not
exceed five dollars, and that he desist from
taking away more sand out of said street*
Extract from the minutes.
Schr Mary, Mrfffit, 38 hours from Balti
more; freight to merchants ot the district.
Steam boat Potomac, Middleton, from
Norfolk, with passengers. Passed ship
Commerce, two brigs, ar.d two schr?. be
low, hound up. , '
A large fleet of inland vessels, with
lumber and various country produce, also
got up
Ship Pearl, sailed from Boston 22dinst.
for this port
Sr.hr Wesley, Rumnev, hence, was
spoke off St. jMms, E F. 19th inst bound
Schr Mercury, Stinchcomb, of George
town, ar- at Bonaire 8th inst trom Cape
Haytien, in distress, vessel condemned.
Wednesday May 99
Arrived, Schr /^otneo, Lediew, ten days
trom Providence, ballast and domestic
goods to A. Cazenove &. Co.
firig Arrow, Lovell, 15 days from Bos
ton, Plaster and Hemp to Wni. Fowle and
Ship Virginia, Hillman, sixty day? from
Gottenburg, cargo Iron & German goods,
to TI>o. H. Howland, M. Miller fc Son,
■J■ C. Vowell and Braden Morgan £ Co.
' Brig Geo. Washington, Rhodes, from
. Providence, R. I. passed up.
Schr Farmers-Fancy, Mclntire, Bermu
Schr Boston, from Georgetown, passed
Hemp, t^c.
f |^H(S *1?y landing from brig Arrow,
capt. Lovell, from Boston, and for
sale by WILLIAM FOWLS 4-.Co.
15 tons St. Petersburg Hemp of supe
rior quality. •
6t.:,d« ( jy £ Hum.
5a barrels \
6 chests Young Hyson Tea
2 pipes superior quality Cognac Brandy
b hhds muscovada sugar
50 tons Pla-ter ot Pari?
For Freight,
THE brig ARROW, A, W. Lo
'inaf. veil, master; carries 1100 barrels,
is in good order, will taife a freight to the
West Indies, or passengers, tor the recep
tion of which, she will be ready in two
■ days* Apply as above* may 30
BRAD EX', MQRGA X. k Co.1*1
HAVE imported ;n the ship Virginia,
. from Bremen,
Burlaps, No 1.2, 3 4,
White Tickleiiourg? of good quaiPy
5th mo 3(1_^
Wants a Situation,
a smart active GIRL about 13 or 14
i~ years ot agf* tn a respectable fauiil}
to do house work. Por parliculars en
quire at thi* Office. may
rpHZ Alexandria Light Infantry will
& assemble for drill at the usual place,on
Friday Evening.
at { past 7 P. M. Bt order.
may oO _ H
i Neatly executed at {Jiis Office
Grand National Lottery,
Nos. 3290 4662 18457 21704 DlOO'O
37183 500
2068 !00
The drawing will lake place again on
Wednesday next at 8 o’clock, a* m. at the
mayor’s office, Washington city, when in
all probability some of the fol'owing ca
pital prizes will come out, Seven draw
ings more will complete this scheme, and
the following grand prizes remain yet to
be drawn
1 grand prize of $ ldo ,000
1 25,ood
I lo,ooo
l 5,oo0
35 1,000
46 loo
Tickets are now selling rapidly at #20,
but will soon advance, no time therefore
should be lost in supplying yourselves with
lucky numbers at
Lottery and Exchange Office,
King street, Alexandria’
Where prizes to a very large amount
have been sold and paid within a few i
months past. , may 25 !
Lemons, Oranges, Claret, §*c.
LINDSAY k HILL have just received >
and offer for sale
53 boxes oranges,
8^ boxes lemons in prime order,
13 do Bordeaux claret, containing
one dozen pnch.
I pipe country gin k 17 bags shot
may 14 6t
Grass and Grain Sythes.
Braden Morgan & Co
HAVE imported in the ship Fair Tra
der, from Liverpool,
Waldron's prime grass sythes,
do double prime grain do
Printed Marseilles quiltings, handsome
By the schr. Primrose. Jrom Boston,
50 pieces Russia sheetings,
5 mo 25 3t
Three Dollars Reward.
WILL he given by the subscriber up
on the return of
A Pair of Silver Mounted
lost on the morning of the 17th inst- The
mounting is remarkable for the strength of
its construction, and the glass tor their sin
gular clearness.
may 25eo3t
For Amsterdam,
The new and very superior
_jphip DELTA, James Clarkson.
master, (daily experted); burthen 540
bhds. tobacco, and will take freight of 250
bhds. and passengers.
Also, for Charleston Savan
The good sehr. FARMER'S
£®@&FANCY, John McIntyre, mas
ter; burthen about 1000 bbls. and will in a
few days be ready to load. Apply to
may 14____
St. Croix Sugar and Jamaica
A HHDS. of superior* quality St.
§ ^ Si Croix sugar
WT1 10 hhds of high proof Jamaica
Landing from schnr. Cent, and sloop Ar
mada, for sale by
For Freight,
The schr. SUSANNAH, A. H.
jjggfiltS(even’s master* carries l,ooo bbi*.
is a good vessel, and vv»iI tie ready tor a
cargo in a few days. Apply as above.
may ll____ _
Jolm H. Ladd £$ Co.
HAVE just received by brig Winifred
from Havana, and brig Resolution
from St. Thomas, and sclir. Mary, from
New bury port,
50 boxes white and brown Havana
30 boxes Muscovado do
21 bbls. do do
14 hhds molasses
8(100 doz. Arnegor superior Spanish se
gais, in whole, halves # quarter boxes
8 bags cocoa,
5 do coffee
2 hhds W. 1. rum
1 bbi & 4 boxes tallow
11 cases men’s 4* boy’s fine shoes
3 do fur bats
50 bbls N. £• rum#
may 11
A. C. Cazenove £5 Co.
HAVE for sale, on accommodating
Young byson and gunpowder tea, cargo
of ship Panther, imported last month;
Prime retailing molasses
N. E. rum, lamaica do.
Whiskey, gin, and sugar
Finest old madeira 4* port wine,!
Cut nails k brads 2d to 4Cd inclusive
Dupont’s gunpowder
iialtimore window glass
Spanish segars, yellow soap
* Sperm* mould, and dipt candles
with a very extensive stock of Amtpcan,
European, and India piece good®
Turtle Soup-, Sheep's Head,,
Lobsters, etc. etc.
ARAMINTA WEBSTER has (he plea-;
sure of informing her gracious custo
mers and the public generally, that she is
determined and pledged to spare no exer 1
lions to render “Society Hall’Vconducive
to their convenience and comfort, by pro*
curing all the delicacies of the sesson,,
whether internal or external, foreign or
domeafic> terrestrial, amphibious, or aqua*
tic—all, rHI shall be rendered subservient
to their pleasure and gratification.
That nutncious, refreshing beverage,
will be served up on Mondays, Thursdays
and Saturdays, every week during the
sheep’s head
on Tuesdays- Also soft and hard
! fresh and picked; LOBSTERS; pickled
OYSTERS; pickled STURGEON in large
and *mall quantities-._may 28—3t
J. 11. Ladd b} Co.
may 23
So boxes Spermaceti candles,
OF a very superior quality t I
20,000 lbs. bacon, very carefully
put up for family use,
100 bbls. whiskey, together with a
general assortment of choice
for sale upon good terms by
Corner of King and Washington streets. i
may 28 3t
(j^rThe Nat. Intelligencer will insert
the above 3 times.__ j
iVaukiu Crape 8hawls.
1HAVE just received an assortment ot
plain Nankin crape shawls and fancy
silk handkerchiefs, which, together, with
a general assortment of
Spring Goods, %
I am determined to sell as low as they can
be purchased in the District.
mav 28 3t
For Freight,
j The good schr. POLLY% Abner
j, master; burthen about 400 bbli. ;
and is now ready to load* Apply to
Who have for sale, on board said vessel,
17 Tierces and 5 halt tierces
may 28 RICE. tf
Spring Goods.
BRADEN MORGAN & Co. have im
ported in the ship Wilhelmina, from
7 8 fine and super fancy prints
9-8 do do do chintz
Do super furniture do
Do cambric muslins,
6-4 do do
Do camb. ging. striped & checked
Plain leno ]
Tamboured do *
Loom sewed japaned
Do do do book
Tamboured do
India do
Do n.ull MUSLINS.
Corded check
Hair cord
Fancy stripe
Do clieck {
Satin stripe j
Jackonet J
Fancy gingham robes
While Marseilles quiltings
H ndsome printed do
4 and I drab, slate, blue, and striped
cotton ca.-simeres
Plain and striped drillings
7-8 and 4-4 Insb linen?
Do brown hollands
7 8 and 9 8 steam loom shirtings
Women’s white cotton hose
Men’s do do do
White cottou balls
9*8 cotton apron check*
Striped jeans ^
Do florentine9
Wilmington 9tripes
filack plain and looted 1
Tea. scarlet crimson UALLOONs
Drab lilac and
Ingrained scarlet
Black and white hat bands
Tribble gilt coat & vest buttons
Horn suspender do
Pearl shirt buttons
4 4i and 51b best London pins
5 mo 9tf
Public Sale of Land.
On Friday, the 7th of June, at
4 o’clock will be sold on the pre
mises ii fair, if not the next fair
day at the same hour,
That most desirably situated, and well
improved country seat belonging to the es
tate of G. Chapin dec’d. 2 miles from
town, on the Little River Turnpike, con
taining 30 acres, with two fine springs near
the house, and well watered by a run,—
The improvements are a handsome and
convenient two story brick dwelling and
kitchen, gardner’9 and overseer’* houses.
Barn, stables and carriage houses, garden
and orchard of choice fruit. The house is
on an eminence, which commands a view
ot Alexandria, Washington, Georgetown
and the river ; the land is well enclosed
with post and rail fence, and under good
And immediately after, will be
sold a.tract of land adjoining the
above, of 3! acres, nearly all in
wood, with a comfortable dwel
ling, the two together, making a square.
The land, &c. will be shewn at any time
by Charles Chapin, Esq. cashier of the
Mechanic’s Bank ol Alexandria.—-Terms
1 5th cash, the balance on a credit of 6,
U, 18 and 24 mouths.
may 28
~ Public Sale. %
«... I .
On Tuesday, at 10 o’clock,
\\ ILL be so Id at tfie auction store, a ?**
rifely ot goods* fitaong which are
Sugars, molasses, brandy .whiskey,
Vinegar, cordial, Mal.; wine, S- M. do.
Port wfae, chocolate, «fd ochre,
Aho% without ntVetve,
6 bbds sup. sugar, £ on# liberal ere*
50 bones do raisins, $ dit,
ALSO, a lot of open queen's ware, com
posing a very general assortment
Also, furniture of every kind, 2d hand
and new.
A few dozen claret wine,
1 two horse wagon, nearly new.
Linens* cottons, cloths, cassimeres
Threads, silks, buttons,button moulds^.
Shoes and hosiery.—All the above aid'
cles on limitation, and may be seen and
purchased ai any time.
S. A. MAfiSI ELLER', Aucf,
may SO 'JsjSfig Ids 3
— * , — r- - t ,
Night bale,
On Thursdy evening at 8 o’clock, will
be sold at the Auction Store a vaiiety
of fancy articles, v»z : fine and cotnmoo
knives add forks, penknives on cards, ra
zors, comb3, buttons,thimbles, pins, brush
es, fancy boxes with painted velvet tops,
horse whips, cu# glass pitchers and decan-,
ters, common do- cut and common tum
blers, cotton hosiery, *up. polished stefl
shovel and tong* wi b brass mounting* 4'c
S. A. MAKSTELL Ett, acu’t.
may 30
ON FRIDAY, the 31st day of this month
at 5 o’clock, P. M. the subscriber
will offer at public sale on the premises,
] Brick Tenement,
and lot of ground on the north side of Duke
street, twenty eight feet to the east ot St.
Asaph street, now in the occupation of
Richard Veitfch, in front on Duke street,
24 feet, in depth ICO feet, to a ten foot al
ley, subject to an annual rent in fee, of 36
The above sale will be made under a
deed of trust from W.D. Simms. Term*
will be made known on the day of sale
J D. SIMMS, Tiustee,
may 9 to
District of Columbia,
Alexandria County % to wit:
November Term, !82I, 31st day.
; Romulus Riggs & others—Complainant*/
Thomas Swann, Colin Auld, and Edmund
1- Lee, and the Merchants Bankrf Alex
andria, and others—Defendants.
The defendants, the Mechanics Bank
of Alexandria, the Bank ot Washington*
the Bank of the Metropolis the Patriotic
/?ank, and the Central Bank of George
town and Washington, appeared, by Wal
ter Jones, their solicitor, and by consent
ot the plaintiffs, and ot the several de
fendant* to this suit, including the Banka
in tbe bill named, as claiming preference*
it ia ordered, That tbe trustees, Swann*
Auld and Lee, do proceed to make sale
of all the property, debts and effects,
claimed or held by them as trustees under
the said assignment in the bill mentioned,
or which may, in any manner, have arisen
from the property and effects so assigned*
upon the terms and in the manner provid
ed in the order made in this cause on the
13th day ot May, 1819; and that ihey
bring the proceeds thereof into court, to
be subject to their final order and decree,
as directed by said order. It is further
ordered, That the said trustees do, after
making said sale, report to this court a full
account of all their transactions under tbe
said deed of trust, shewing the neit amount
of disposable funds remaining in tbeir
hands subject to the trusts declared by
said deed, and shewing also Jhe amount
of claims made upon them by"creditors of
said Bank, and stating, as far as may be
in their power, the validity of such claims.
And this suit abates as to James H. Dula
ny, by bis death, and is dismissed as to
John A. Stewart. (A copy.)
Teste. EDM. L LEE, G. C.
IX pursuance of the foregoing order, and
of tbe order of 13th May, 1819, therein
mentioned, at tbe merchants* Coffee
House, in the town of Alexandria, on Sa
turday the first day of June next, at ten
o'clock, A. M. we shall sell, by public
auction, all tbe property, debts and efjfecta
conveyed to, or in anyTnauner vested in us
as trustees of the late'Merchants* Bank of
Alexandria—one fourth part of tbe pur
chase money to be paid in cash, and the
residue in three equal instalments at 6, 12
and 18 montsh,to be secured by such good
and sufficient personal security, with a re
served lien upon tbe premises, as we shall
deem safe* 4 ^
EDM. I. LEE. > Trustees.
The sale of the above proper
ty is postponed till thg i3tb of June, at tbe
same place and hour,
april 4 8®*
The Alexandria Museum,
WILL be opened on Thursday next
for the reception of visiters, and will
continue for the future, eveiv day, except
Sundays, from 10 to 12 o’clock forenoon,
arid from 3 to 6 afternoon. Annual ticketp
for the admission of a family tiro dollars
Annual tickets for tbe aamission of an in*
dividual, one dollar. Single visits, 25 cts.
each, and for children, 12? cents. ^
may 28 Manager oj the Museum
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ —
april 8 tt “

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