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God said, “Let there be Light.”
“Let there be light!” Jehovah said,
And nature sprang to birth;
Darkness before his presence fled,
And beauty crowned the earth.
!V7an, by His word, from dust he formed,
And woman from his side;
Their souls with fire etherial warmed,
To heaven's dread King allied.
But soon the gloom of sin o’erspread
The lustre of the mind;
No light the lamp ot Reason shed,
And man again was blind.
His \yaJk was darkness, and despair
Upon his spirit preyed;
Weary and worn with carking care,
Along life’s waste he strayed.
Th’ Eternal saw;—“Let there be light!”
Again in heaven was heard;
And, lo! man’s weak bewildered sight
The Star of Bethlehem cheer’d.
The Sun of Righteousness, his beams
Upon the spirit shed;
The sleep of $m, and error’s dream,
Were o’er, when Jesus bled!
From the Richmond Enquirer, May 24.
At a meeting of a Convention of the
Protestant Episcopal Church of Virginia,
held at Charlottsville, on Thursday the
18th of May, 1822, the following proceed
ings took place :
Twenty-two lay, and twenty-two cleri*
cal deputies, (besides the 5isbop,) attend
ed and took their seats.
Contributions to the Contingent Fund
of the Church, were received, to the a
mount of six hundred and fifty-eight dol
The account of the Trustees of the Fund
for the permanent support of the Episco
pate, was examined and approved; from
which it appeared that the money paid in,
ha^l been vested in bank stock, consisting
of thirty three shares in the Farmers’ Bank
of Alexandria, amounting to 1650 dollars;
and six shares in the Bank of Alexandria,
amounting to 1200 dollars, making an ag
gregate of 5650 ; except a small balance
of 5 dolls. 16 cts. in the hands of the
trustees, and carried by them to the new
Examinations of the accounts of tho
Treasurers of the Diocese, and of the
Prayer Book and Tract Soeiety, shewed a
balance due to the latter of 40 dollars 86
cents, and a balance in the hands ot the
former of 47 88.—It appeared also, that
the treasurer of the fund for relieving wi
dows and orphans of deceased clergymen
bad in hand 3709 83 in three per cent, and
six per cent, stock of the U. States, and in
the Farmers’ Bank of Alexandria, and six
dollars, 94 cts. in cash. The Bishop also
produced the note of Robert Andrews*
ex’or for 800 dollars, and a bank check
?or 268 90; making the whole fund 4,783
dollars 67 cts- The Rev. Mr. Wilmer,
from the trustees ot the Theological School
reported that, during the last year a com
mittee was appointed te draft an address
to the members and friends of the Church,
which was printed, and circulated very
generally throughout the diocese;—that
ifr. John Nelson, jun. the agent appointed
to solicit subscriptions, had obtained them
to the amount of 10,568 dollars 33 cents;
viz: in Fredericksburg, 1062 ; in Alexan
dria, 770; in Berkley county, 150; in Fre
derick, 1185; in Jefferson, 515 33 ; in
Norfolk and Portsmouth, 1334; in Peters
burg, 454; in the city of Richmond, 1920;
in Mecklenburg county, 2025;—and scat
tering 853. The trustees express their
Sanguine hope that the future applications,
which will continue to be made, will ena>*
ble them at an early day, to put in opera
tion so desirable an institution. The de
lay ot another year, however is inevita
ble, becau-e the subscriptions were taken,
payable at three instalments; the first only
of which, is now due; a measure judged
prudent, from the very depressed state of
rhe country in its money concerns. A cor
respondence was entered into wun me
dioceses of Maryland and North Carolina,
which resulted in some difference of opi
nion on the part of the diocese of Mary
land, as to the usefulness of the contem
plated school, and its location at Williams
burg; but was deferred, as to any defini
tive step, until the meeting of their Con
vention in the present year. |From North
Carolina, no reply had been received.
A constitution of the Theological School
was also reported, and (being slightly a
mended) was adopted by the Convention.
The following gentlemen- were elected
deputies to the ger-eral convention, to be
holden next year;—vir. the Rev. Wej. H.
Wilmer, John S. Ravenscroft, Wm. Meade
and Edward C. McGuire;—and Messrs.
Hugh Mercer* Edmund J. Lee, William
Mayo, and Philip Nelson*
The standing committee of the Church
was elected, consisting of the Rev. Wm
H- Wilmer, Oliver Norris and John Dunn;
and Messrs. Bushrod Washington, Edmund
J. Lee and George Taylor.
It appearing b»the reports from fbe dif
ferent vestries, that untoward circumstan
ces, and the pressure of the times alone,
bad prevented a full compliance with the
resolution* of the last convention concern
ing the Bishop’s Fund; and that the pa'*
risnes,were disposed to give their aid to
carry them into effect; was (on Mr. Ka
yenscrott’s motion,) Resolved, That it be
Tecommended to the different vestries, to
proceed to carry into effect the object of
the said resolutions, in the manner, in their
judgment best calculated to ensure suc
cess; and make report to each ensuing
On motion of Mr. Abraham Shepherd,
Resolved, That it shall be the duty of eve
17 Minister of this diocese, to make a re
gister of each adult member within his
cure, agreeably to the 40th canon of the
General Convention.
On recommendation of the committee on
the state of the Church, Resolved, That
the standing committee be requested to
tfcke into consideration the coustilutionand
canons ot the Church ; to revise tbe same
with the different amendments made to
them; to examine what farther amend
ments are required; and to make report to
the next Convention.
The following gentlemen were elected
trustees of the Theological School, viz:
The Ryy. Win. H. Wilmer, John S. Ra
venscroft, William Meade Oliver Norris,
Edward C. McGuire, & Enoch M; Lowe;
and Messrs. Burwell Bassett, Wm, Mays,
Hugh Mercer, Edward J. Lee, John Gray,
Carter Berkely, Philip Nelson, and John
N<d9on, jr»
On motion of Mr. Wilmer, Resolved,
That the managers of the fund for the re- i
liet of the widows and orphans of deceas- i
ed clergymen, be authorised to compound, •
upon the best practicable terms, with any |
delinquent subscribers for arrears which i
may remain unpaid, and wbicb it is alleg
ed cannot now be collected. '
On motion ot Mr. Meade, ^Resolved,
That the treasurer be directed to pay an
nually to the Bishop and President of the
standing committee, tbe amount of post
age, on all letters, and official communi
cations; and also that one hundred dollars
be paid to the Bishop for past expenses ol
The following preamble and resolution
were adopted, on motion of Mr. Ravens
Whereas* Evan Ragland of the Parish
of Antrim and county ot Halifax, did, by
his last will and testament, devise to tbe
president masters and professors of the
College of, William and Mary in trust
for the Protestant Episcopal Church in
Virginia, &c» certain lands and other pro
perty; and, whereas, the said Devise was
I resisted by the heir at law of the said E
van Ragland, and a suit has been institut
ed on the subject, which is now depending
in the 'Court ol Appeals, on an appeal
from a decree of tbe Chancery Court ot
Lynchburg, in favor of tbe claims ot the
Church—And whereas, it is of tbe great
est importance to the credit and welfare of
tbe Church; that every ground of preju
dice should be done away: Therefore,
: be it
tiesoivea, i oat John Nelson, jr. and
William Leigh, be empowered to make a
compromise with the heirs of the said E
van Ragland, so as to avoid the evil aris
ing from keeping alive the prejudices
which are now, it is hoped, dying away,
j On motion of Mr. Edmund J. Lee,
Resolved, That the next Convention of
this Diocese be holden at Leesburg, in
the county of Loudon,' on the second
Tuesday in May next.
| Bishop Moore delivered the following
• pastoral Address, which was ordered to
to be inserted in the minutes of thecon
« vention.
Brethbren.—The labors attendant
upon the sacred and responsible office
which 1 hold, are sensibly alleviated bv
the encouraging prospect which our ec
clesiastical concerns present to my view.
Aided by a vij-tuous and evangelical
de*gy» the Church committed to ray
charge is increasing in numbers and in
consequence; regaining that religious
. importance to which her scriptural prin
ciples entitle her, and inspiring with joy
and gratitude the minds of her friends.
| The order and spirituality which dis
i tiiiguish her solemn services, has secu
red to her the approbation of an intelli
gent community. That respect to our
laws and to our rulers inculcuted in her
liturgy, inspires the public mind with
confidence in the integrity of her prin
ciples: that abstraction from all politi
cal concerns which marks the conduct
of her clergy, and that devotion to duty
by which they are actuated, bid fair to
secure her future advancement. In al
most every direction to which l bend
my course, I perceive her rising from
the ruin in which she has been involved;
taking her harp from the willows, and
! proclaiming the praises of her Almigh
ty deliverer.
1 The liberal subscriptions to our theo
logical school, furnishes us with an un
deniable evidence of the goodwill of the
community, and the present council of
the Church proves to a demonstration
that the representation I have made is
correct. In 1814, the Convention of
i this Diocese contained the names of on
ly seven clergymen, while the assembly
1 am now addressing includes in its num
| ber twenty three ministers of the gos
I pe1
At the close of the last Convention m
Norfolk, I crossed the Bay to the East
ern Shore of this state, and preached in
1 three places in the county of Northamp
ton, and also in three places in the coun
ty of Accomac. In Aecomac I conse
crated to the service of Almighty God,
a large and elegant church, and admin
istered the holy rite of confirmation.
In the month of July I went to the city
of Williamsburg in company with the
Rev. Mr. RavCnscroft, in which place
we were joined by the Rev. Mr. Low,
of Norfolk, both of which gentlemen of
ficiated in the Church; but my own la- 1
hours were arrested by Ihe unfavorable
state of the weather. In the month of
August I left Richmond on my way to
the upper country; visited Alexandria,
preached in both churches, ordained
four Deacons, and administered the
Lord’s Supper.
From Alexandria I went to Lees
burg, at which place I preached to a
large, attentive, and deeply impressed
auditory. I then passed on to Charles
ton, in Jefferson county, at which place
I also preached. Leaving Charleston
I hastened to Shepherdstown in the
same county, and there 1 also officiated.
From Shepherdstovvn. I went to the
chapel at the North Mountain, where
I preached to a large congregation.
From the North Mountain, 1 proceeded
in company with the Rev. Mr. Lippit
to Aiartinaburg, at which place I preach
e<] twice on the pat>bath to large and at
tentive congregations, and administer
ed the rite of confirmation. I then pas
sed pn to the church at Mill Creek, in
Whi&h place, notwithstanding the wea
ther was very rainy, 1 preached to a de
vout and respectable congregation.
From Mill Creek I went to Winchester
where I also officiated and was assisted
in the service, by the Rey Mr. Mead,
The county of Hampshire formed the
next object of my attention, in which
district I preached in three different
places. In Hampshire, bretheren! but
two or three years since, we had not a
single place of worship belonging to our
communion: through the laborious ef
forts, however, of the Rev. Norman
Nash, there are now two respectable
Churches. From Hampshire l return
ed to Winchester, at which place I
preached on the sabbath, and was pre
vented the further prosecution of my
Episcopal labours by a severe indispo
sition, which confined me in the house
of judge Holmes for fifteen days,
I should consider myself wanting in
gratitude, were I to pass over in silence
the kind attentions I received from
judge Holmes and his family. Though
a stranger, he took me in, and benevo
lently furnished me with every comfort
my situation required. The best medi
cal aid was offered me by Dr. Barton of
Winchester, and Dr. Kverit of Albe
marle, who with that liberality which
has marked the conduct of my valuable
friend and family physician, Dr. Trent,
of Richmond, refused any remunera
tion. My heart was comforted with the
filial attention.! of the Rev. Mr. Meade
and Mr. Robinson; and the inhabitants
of Winchester conferred upon me every
evidence of their sympathy and regard.
After m}r recovery 1 returned to Rich
mond, and on my way home, passed a
sabbath at the hospitable mansion of
my friend, Col. R. Randolph of Fau
quier: where I read the service of the
Church, and delivered a discourse to
his family. 1 also stopped a day in
Hanover, where I preached and admin*
istered the Lord’s Supper to the ven
erable Mrs. Nelson, and many of her
numerous connexion. In the autumn
l visited Petersburg, preached and ad
ministered the rite of confirmation. In
January I went down into Gloucester
county, and preached a funeral dis
course on the occasion of th® death of
Mrs. Smith, the amiable relict of one of
the former Clergy of the Diocess, and
her daughter, Mrs. Tabb.
Thus, brethren, I havo endeavored
to discharge the duty required at my
hands,by the Allmighty and his Church.
My disposition to be found at my post
is as fervent as it has ever been. My
constant prayer to God is offered up for
the prosperity of Zion, and w’hile 1 live
my utmost efforts shall be exerted in
her behalf.
To ensure our future progress, my
brethem of the Clergy, we must
persevere in the faithful discharge of
our duty to G^d. Proclaiming the doc
trines of the cross : preaching Jesus
Christ and him crucified : confirming
our lives to the holy precepts we incul
cate : living in love and in peace with
each other, and with the members of
our congregations, the God of love and
peace will be with us. “The wilder
ness and the solitary place will be glad,
and the desart yet uncultivated by the
spiritual husbandman will rejoice and
| blossom as the rose ”
Gentlemen of the Laity! It is pleas
| ing to observe the unanimity subsisting
between the clergy and yourselves.—
! We acknowledge you as co workers ,
with us, and it will afford me the most j
heartfelt delight to meet you in our pub
lie councils. Future generations will I
reap the blessed effects of our labors, !
and when our bodies are slumbering 1
in the grave, our children will remem- J
her with gratitude, the efforts we have
made in their behalf; be influenced by
our example to support the same cause
i &, kneel at the same altars, upon which
we have offered up the incense of our
Brethren of the clergy and laity, I
wish you a happy interview with your
families, and may the Lord be with
you all!
And the Convention adjourned.
From the Augusta Chronicle.
The following communication reminds
us of a Masque by Ford, called the
Sun’s Darling;” and from it we
make the following extract:
“Spring. Are not these sports too rus
“Faybright. No; pretty and pleasingv,
*•Spring. My youngest girl, the vioiefj
breathing May,
“Being told by Flora that my love dwelt
“Is come to do you service; will you
“To honor her arrival ?
“Faybright. I shall attend,
“Spring. On then, and bid the rosy fin
“gered May rob hills and dales, and
sweets to strew the wav.”
Brick & Stone Masons Want
EIGHT good masons that can work cm
their at brick, or stone work, can
have constant employment during the pre
sent season by applying to the subscribers
at Fort Washington.
may 25 6t
0C7“ The National Intelligencer will
please publish the above eo2w and send
their aceount to this office for payment.
District of Columbia.
County of Alexandria^ to xvit*
ON, tlie petition of Sand ford Anderson,
an insolvent debtor, confined in. tbe
jail of Alexandria county for debt, Notice
is hereby given to the creditors of the said
Sandlord Anderson,, that on the third day
of June, being tbe first MondayJ of the
month, at 9 o’clock A.'M. at the court*
house of said county, *be oath prescribed
by the act of Congress of the U. States
entitled “an act lor the relief ol Insolvent
debtors within the District ol Columbia,”
will be administered to tbe said insolvent,
and a trustee appointed, unless sufficient
cause to the contrary be then and there
shown. i,
Ordered, That this notice ibe inserted
twice a week for two weeks in both
newspapers printed in Alexandria before
that day.
By order ol tbe hon, William Crancb,
chief judge ol the United States^circuit
court ol the District of Columbia.
Teste, EDM I. LEE, C. C.
may 16 _ gawgw !
liistiict of Columbia,
County of Alexandria, to nit.
On tbe petition of Daniel Sbermon, an
insolvent debtor confined in the jail of
» Alexandria county for debt, notice is here*
by given to tbe creditors of the said Da*
niel Sbermon, that on tbe third day of June
being the first Monday of the month, at 9
o’clock A. M. at the court house of said
county the oath prescribed by the act of
; Congress ot the United States, entitled
! “an act lor tbe rebel of insolvent debtors
withtuthe District of Columbia,” will be
administered to tbe said insolvent* and a
trustee appointed, unless sufficient cause
to the contrary be then and there shown.
Ordered, That this notice be inserted
twice a week for two weeks, :n both
the newspapers pointed in Alexandria be*
fore that day.
By order of the bon. William Crancb ,
chief judge of tbe United States circuit
court ol the District of Columbia.
Teste, EDM. I, LEE, C. C.
• may 16 2aw2w
District of Columbia.
County of Alexandria, to wit.
ON the petition of WM. PATTER
SON, an Insolvent Debtor, confined
! in the gaol of Alexandria couDly for debt,
—Notice is hereby given, to the creditors
of the said William Patterson, that on the
: first Monday of /one next, at 9 o’clock,
! A. M. at the court-house of said county,
the oath prescribed by the act of Congress
of the United States, entitled ‘‘an act for
the relief of Insolvent Debtors within the
District of Columbia,” will be administer
ed to the said Insolvent, and a Trustee
appointed unless sufficient cause to the
) contrary be then and there shown.
Ordered, That this notice be inserted
four times in each newspaper printed in
Alexandria, before that day*
By order of the honorable .William
Cranch, Chief Judge of the United States
Circuit Court ot the District of Columbia.
Teste, EDM. I. LEE, C. C
! may 18__
District of Columbia.
County of Alexandria to wit :
ON the petition of James Rland, an
insolvent debtor, confined in the jail
i ot Alexandria county (for debt, Notice is
hereby given to the creditors of the said
• James Bland that on the 1st Monday of
i June next, at 9 o’clock A. M. at the court
! house of said county, the oath prescribed
! by the act of Congress of the U. States,
■’ entitled “an act for fhe relief of insolvent
. debtors within ihe District of Columbia,”
! will be administered to the said insolvent,!
i and a Trustee appointed, unless sufficient
1 cause to the contrary be then and there
I Ordered, That this notice be inserted
four times in both the newspaper? in Alex
andria before that day.
By order of the lion* fTilliam Cranch
chief judge of the United States circuit
court of the District of Columbia.
Teste EZ)M. I. LEE, C. C.
may 23 4t
District of Columbia,
County of Alexandria,
ON the petition ot Sarah Eveleth, an
Insolvent debtor, confined in the goal
of Alexandria county for debt,—Notice is
hereby given to the creditors of the said
Sarah Eveleth, that on the first Monday of
June next, at 9 A M. at the Court-house
of said county, the oath prescribed by the
act of Congress of the United States, en
titled “an act for the relief of Insolvent
debtors within the District of Columbia,”
will be administered to the said Insolvent,
and a Trustee appointed, unless sufficient
cause to the contrary be then and there
Ordered, That this notice be inserted
four times in both tbe newspapers prin
ted in Alexandria, before that day.
By order of the honourable William
Cranch, Chief Judge of tbe United States
Circuit Court of tbe District of Columbia.
Teste, EDM. I. LEE, C. C.
may 23 4t
District of Columbia,
L County of Alexandria, to wit
the petition of Wm. Wedderburn
v/ an Insolvent Debtor, confined in the
gaol of Alexandria county for debt,—No
tice is hereby given to tbe creditors of tbe
said Wm. Weddeburn* that on tbe first
Monday of June next, at 9 A. M. at tbe
court bouse of said county, the oatb pre
scribed by tbe act of Congress of tbe Uni
ted States, entitled “an acf for the relief
of Insolvent Debtors within tbe District of 1
Columbia,” will be administered to tbe
9aid Insolvent, and a Trustee appointed,
unless sufficient cause to the contrary be
then and there shown.
Ordered, That this notice be inserted
four times in both tbe newspapers printed
in Alexandria before that day.
By order of the honourable William
Cranch, Chief Judge of tbeiUnited States
Circuit Court of tbe District of Columbia.
Teste, EDM* I. LEE, C. C.
may 23 4t
Neatly executed at tfcis Office
" Public Sale. ""B
ON FRIDAY, the 31st d«yof thw^B
at 5 o clock, P. M. the subset f
will offer at public sale on the premia 1
Brick Tenement, J
and lot of ground on the north side of D i »
street, twenty eight feet to the east oK ■
Asaph street, now in the occupation
Richard Veitch. io front on Duke %u
24 feet, in depth 100 feet, to a ten iJW I
lev, subject to an annual rent in lee, 0fjJ I
The above sale will be made und.» 1
deed ol trust from W.D. Simms. yt * I
will be made known on the day 0f J.
J D. SIMMS, Tru«e| I
may 9 ts '
- - - _
Land for Sale.
1WILL offer to the highest bidder,if^ j
sold before, on Monday the * ’ -j
3d day of June next,
in the town of Fort Tobacco, a part, or tk>
whole* as suits the purchaser, of tbeiry*
of land now in my possession, on whiebi
reside lying in the Mattawoman Swatt
below tbe road leading over from Jj •;
Benjamin Dulany’s. The land lies cearij ;i
square, and contains ;
3 or 400 acres,- A
half arable, and half in wood, within
miles of Pomonkty Warehouse. .
; land can be viewed by application to n*. ,
| The terms are advantageous and »iji
i be made known on the day ol sale. Tin
land is admirably calculated tor a vraziir
farm- WA1. D. BEALL/
may 18 9t
To Kent. “
The 3 slory brick house a
corner ol Duke zmL Washmgtcc
streets, lately occupied fcyMr.A
lexander. ' For terms apply to
subscriber, or in his absence to Mr. Satru
el Mark . JOHN LLOYD,
may 4 2awtf
10 Kent,
The house lately occupied by
Wm- Wood at the corner of
and Pitt streets, the situation a
pleasant and healthy, the bout
spacious and airy. In a few days the pit
mises will be putiD complete repair, fc
particulars enqoire of
may 9l?t
For Sale,
Hill, lately owned by Mr. Nor
ton, being about TWENTY ONE
ACRES well enclosed; or the lit
tle river turnpike road, 2 miles it ore Alei*
andria. The garden contains many valor
ble shrubs, vines, and fruit tree*. The
situation is handsome and healthy.
Possession may be had immediately—
The time of payment will be reasonably
extended to suit the purchaser.
March II, law if.
To Kent.
The subscriber wishes to t«p!
for one or more years,his *barffc
warehouse. The warehouse is 5
_cstories high, fire proof, and bafitf
every onvenience for an extensive busi
ness. The wharf is ilO feet in length and
40 in breadth* and has water of suftcient
depth for the largest vessel*.
march 29 ao _
Trust Sale.
On the 13th DAY OF MAY NEXT,
THE subscriber will offer st Public •
Sale on the premises the Tenement
Lot of Ground,
nowin the occupation of Thomas Proc
cbus, on the west side of Fairfax streH.br
tween King and Prince streets—in -W
on Fairfax street, 29 feet 10 inces—hi
depth, 68 feet 6 inches.
The above sale will be made under a
a? Deed of Trust, from the said Thomas
Brocchus, to the subscriber* for the in
demnity ot C. Auld, Terms cash. Sik
at 6Jo’clock, li. M.
R. 1. TAYLOR, Trustee.
%S*lhe above sale is post
yoned to the same hour on the 4th day of
may 14 t*
For Sale.
J will sell a tract or parcel of land cal
Containing three hundred and
more or less, lying and being lin Cbai1**
county, immediately on the road leading
from Port Tobacco to Dumfries Ferry,*
bout six miles from Port Tobacco, *f*![r
four miles of Nanjemoy Church, and wit*
id 1J miles ol navigable water. The
provements on the said farm are a dnti
Ming house, kitchen, bam, c^"'
house, and other necessary b0*r:
It is deemed unnecessary to g,T,
a more particular descnpt,0°^
the same as it is presumed any PeTSr|
wishing to purchase will view the pre?’'
es. For terms apply to the subscnw*
lhiDff on ,be adjoin^
march 26_ U*3w^
Earthen Ware, China
Hugh smith tco hm just i*"1:
red by the ship Wilbrlmii>»t
verpoof, a large supply, which gjw lD*
a genera) assortment, for sale a9 low as
be had in the northern cities. . t.
They have also, and intend keeping 1
sale, an assortment of t
Stone Ware. \
Also—pipe* in boxes of 3 and 4 Gro J*
Window glass in do 8 by !0*nd 10 by*
Demijohns, 3 and 4 gallons,
may 9

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