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No. 32
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Saturday August 15,
lloscoe Fisher
imnimui in i i i '"' ' 1 I
-Tit ' 1
flainps. Ir. Fecton with others went
to inspect tli' -apitoI buildings aul
there fouuil si rsoMier from an Ohio rerrs
unent occupying the speaker's place in
the House ami "giving us blazes" for
disturbing the quiet of the peaceful
citizens of Richmond. The troops were
soon turned out of there and guards
Uts. Cornelius O'Keefe
wedding of their son.
at tc u del', the
After doinjf police duty for three l Stelman.
Rev. E. J. Lewis of Jackson. Ohio.
formerly pastor of the Congregational
church here, is a guest of Aliss Maria
Starting at $20 and
ending with our $35
proposition, place the
conveniences of elec
tricity within the reach
of the most modest
Each Special Offer is
faster-piece in a
lis Class
A postal, telephone call or
request in any form brings
our representative to your
dwelling with all particulars.
Professional Curds
DR. IIF.NRY TUCKER. K.-xi.l.-iire. 12 Or.ne
Hi.; tf IfplioiK', Jijil. Office, I.iin,w.l llork.
ili.urs, J. 30 to 3, and 7 to H. 'J deplume,
ill W
2. 30, 7 tn H. Ofli.-e
M. D. Hours. 12. .".0 to
'iilioiic Ifi.Yl: house 1GVU.
THOMAS RICE, M. D. Office and residence
tviT Vermont Saving Bank. U-nirs, rt to 9
. in., 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p. in.
PR. W Zl. LaNE. Office and r.Kide.ice, 32
ISO. Main St. Office ho.irs: Mornings until
V; afternoon until 2.30; evenings until M .
Teliihourt, 430.
DR. O. B. HUNTER. Willioton Block, over
Hi'ott'a itfjcery. onice hour: 1 to A p. ni.,
B 3(1 to h i). in. Uesidenee. West )!r:ttlel)oro.
ZR. II. P. OREENi:, i-nystcian and Surgeon.
Ofllre, Hunk block. Hours: to u. in.,
1 lo 3 and 7 tu H p. tn. Keg'ulence, 83 Oreen
Ht. Telephone ronnectiong.
O. R. ANDERSON, Surgeon and riiysician.
Hurjrery a apeiiully. tillice uud residence,
ItriKika lfiiiiHe, H8 Main St. Ifotirs until 10 a.
n.: t to 2. MO and (i to H p. m. 'I'lione, 240.
I)R. E. R. LYNCH, Surgeon. Office, Park
Mile, rooms 1 iiml 3. e. .rt0, oilice hours
until 9 a. in., 1 to 3 iind 7 to '.I p. in.;
Mi lroi lioFpil.il tel. 201, ' to lo a. m.;
riKnlencn 141 Ciniil St., tel. 177; Sundays
lv a tipoint men f only.
I'urjioral Patrick Joseph l-Vnton, a
(liiiitecr in the lltli t!on ttect icut regi
ment ot" infnntry, three times coinmaml
i r of Sc.l;.; wick l-o;4, No. S, (J. A. K.,
of Pi'iittlelioro, :iTii at present president
of the 11th Connecticut Kegimentul
association ami an aiile-le-ca mp on the
stalf of Commanilerin-Chief (iardner
of the C. A. I.'., suw a lot of har.l ser-
ice (l.iiiiir the nearly two years he
spent in the service in '(it a ml '(.".
Dnrino that time, although his nose was
l.ioken ami he receiveil three s ratches
from Imllets, he never missed a roll call.
Mr. Kenton was horn Au, S, 1S41, if
the villaoe of Carevv, parish of lun-
jiiin. County Keiry, Ireland, a son of
.Joseph and Klaino ( Kitjerald) Fenton.
Mis lather came to the I nited States
in 1W17 and a year later sent for his
lamily to join him. Mr. teuton has
very little recollection of his native
laad. Iut retnemliers that they were six
weeks and three days making the trip
across the Atlantic and that the shir
was (in fire when it was nhout hall
vvav over.
They joined the husband and fathe;
at llolvoke, where Mr. Kenton's father
was employed on the construction of
l lie tirt dam ever liailt in that city. It
March, lspi, they came to Hi att ltd.oro
'. here Mr. Kenton, sr.. had employment
on the const nut io n of the Vermont Val
i ley railroad. His family followed alono
'with him as tin' construction pruceede.
and had their fiit shanty where -th:
P.iadley housi1 now stands. They next
located for a time at the mouth of the
We-t river and finally on the llawen
property in Kast I humnerston. t'poi
the completion of that road in 101 o
l-."rj the family came to Hrattlehoro
from Kast I'ummerston aiifl Mr. Kenton
has sine,, lived here.
Mr. Kenton entered the employ of
Coolie l. Kolsom, a wealthy New York
IrisiiliJit, who had a summer home here.
as :i set vitiit in 1)7. Ti'!rinu; his ser
vice in the family he saw and knew
imanv men of prominence of those days.
in lading Ceneinls S-ott and lix ttne
suc tainote: newspaper men as the eldei
lieiinett, l.reeii'v ttti'l Itavinonit. Wlo
o. ere many times quests at the home of
his employer, and the Prince of Wales,
who came over in ltio. Mr. Kenton
was rtill in the employ of Mr. Kolsom
whose son has a fine residence in Len
ox, Mass., when Sumter was tired up
on. He saw the lirst regiment tha
-taite.I for the front the 7th New
York- - march throti;:h the streets ot
that city.
With Patrick (VCradv, Mr. Kenton
vent to Connecticut and inlisted foi
three years in the 11th Connecticut
volunteers, hein assigned to Company
! of that oieani.ation, a compativ thai
lost' a total of lL'7 men during 'the ser
vice trom all causes, while the regi
inent 's total losses were 112(i.
Mr. Kenton was the fust of the re
emits to le subjected to medical ex
aminat'o n and young O'Crady, who va:
only an ilo-h or two over five feet, he
'ame anxious as to whether he woul.
he accepted because of his small stat
When it came his turn the suroeon
a!.ed him how tall he was. ''I'm not
sure, sir, whether I am five feet lo
B. E. WHITE, M. D. fUeticral Practitioner),
(flip room, 4 and 0, Crosby block. Hours:
ft to 0 a. m., 1 to 3 mid 7 to 8 p. in. Knsi
iemv 2l lirovn St. Telephone. 717.
JORDAN k SON, Optometrists, 1 KIIi.it St.
HpccuiliRta in the correction of defective vis
ion. K xaiiii nut ion, 'J to 12 a. in., 1.3U to 5
p. m.t KveiiinirH, Monday and Saturday, 7 to f.
A ppoiiitincnts at your convenience. Tel.. S3 M.
JR. A. I. MILLER, Hooker block. Hrattle
Vv.rn. Otie hours : H to !). 1 to i.30 to H.
t'R. C. . WHEELER. Onteopathlc Thyslcian,
10 OoHby block, tillice hours: 10 to 12 a.
tn., 2 to 4 p. m. Other hours by appoint
ment Telephone connections. 0 Spruce St.
DR. OKACE W. BURNETT. Physician and
-jrgon, Market block, Klliot St. Office
JiMiri: 8.30 to !.3'l a. ic , 1.30 to 2.30 and
7 to 8 p. in. Telephone. 711 W.
W. R. NOTES, M. D Eye. Ear, Nose and
Throat. 9 to 12, 1 to Wednesday and
.tnturday cvciiints. Oilier hours and Sundays
Vy appointment. Appointments for irkisses tit
tin? mad? by mail or 'phone. American Bldit.
DK. O. 8. CLARK, Dentist, Whitney block.
Mrattleboro. Telephone, f.9 3.
JOHN E. GALE. Attorney at Law. Guilford,
V. Telephone. 302.
HASSJNS ft SCHWENK, Attorneys and
Connfellori at Law, Itratllehoro. Vt.
ed the
old the youne; recruit
lotnes, saying, i on ii maKe a gom
soniicr. lie dni, too, is Air. ronton s
eminent upon the surgeon's prediction
The two friends went to a restaurant
nd, during their meal addressed eacl
other several times by the popular con
taction of his first name. A parrot itt
cage nearby hnally gave adicc to
the raw recruits, saving: "Pat better
home," repeating the advice sever
il times to the amusement of the com
Some months later as the two were
vittg with others of their command in
i comfit-Id shivering with the cold.
() 'C r.adv, his teeth chattering, asked
Mr. Kenton: "Do von it-member what
thft d d P'1'Tot told us?"
About 2."0 recruits for the regiment
were sent to r ort 1 rumble in Aew Lon-
oit harbor for several weeks where
they were drilled. On March 1'U, 1SC.1,
Ihev started for the front and arrived
FRANK E. BARBER. Attorney at Law.
t.ocm 7, Crosby block. Hrattlehoro.
ROBERT C. BACON, Attorney at Law
Kooti 1H. X'llery lioildinz, Hrattlehoro.
O. B. HUOHES, Lawyer. Telephone. 225-M
flll-MAN & HELYAR. Surveyors and Con
ir.Ttinjf Engineer. Tel. ;iss W. or 302 V.
13. 0. BILLINGS, recently First Assistant
t'oannissioner of Patents, Solictor and Attor
ney in Patent and Trade. Mar Cases, Spy
on our. Heymotir, Mrgrr.Mh A; Hillinjs. 71 Polwv
Vmw York: McOill Hlilif.. Washington, U. O.
. W. EDOETT t CO.. Real Estate and In
vestmeot; Notary Public, tit M:on St.
BARROWS ft CO.. Wholesale and Retail
Dealers In Coals of all kinds. Office. 0
Mmn St , Hrattlehoro.
MOEAN k CO., Undertakers. 19 Main St
! lepkone 3r4 2. Hrattlehoro, Vt.
Exclusive Undertakinq
tH, 1724. Vt., 27 28. N. II. 220.
tteaaouftbla Prleeg. Correct Service,
feet live
nsvver so pie
O'firady. Tin
surgeon that In
to put on hi
at Yoiktown after a 112-mile march,
soaked to the skin from a driving rain.
On May l Company (i was fortunate
enough to be assigned to a transport
which was a coal barge from which soft
coal had ius.t been unloaded. The men
were not allowed on deck although the
hatches were left open. The next morn
ing several plunges were necessary be
fore anyone could recognize his neigh
bor. They were landed at liermuda
Hundred and stinted on the campaign
for Petersburg and b'ichinotid. At the
Half-Way House O'Crady and about
2.1(1 others were captured from the 11th
Connecticut and the remainder of the
troops retreated to liermuda Hundred,
where the troops were set to digging
breastworks clear across the peninsula.
On June 1 the regiment started from
White Koitse landing and on the morn
ing of the .'id charged in the battle at
Cold Harbor. Kor seven days the men
of the 11th Connecticut and other
roups lay m trenches they had dug by
nelting their canteens and using them
'or shovcl-i with the dead ami wounded
ying on the ground in a stench that at
tines was overpowering. Kinallv a Hag
f truce was recognize. I and the troops
.'ere allowed to bury their dead.
iMiring this tenible time .Job Long
low ot l.rat t leboro, craw led along liom
he 11th Mass., of which he was a mem
er, and visited for two hours will
dr. Kenton. Kive minutes after he ha.
eft an officer informed Mr. Kenton that
us little frond had been killed. Mr.
'euton crawled to win re the body was
ying and. turning it uer, discovered
hat it was not his friend but the bodv
t an tdlner. He was mi pleased that
:e jumped to his feet and a shatpshoot
r promptly put a bullet through hi
lot lies that raised a ridge across his
o'cast. The followinir dav Mr. I.on"
Hid John Sears, the Litter from the
: tin ornionr, paid nun a viMt ami an
icer dubbed them the "three lis.
S'ldti air 'rwaiu llu-v were put on
'tiinspoits and sent up the James river
!t was a beautiful moonlight night and
Lieutenant iickiusoti a-ked Tom Klynn
f he had eve,' seen a finer moon than
nai. :Mir- 'epnel llviin. "vou
night to see the moon we have in
Oti June l." a start was made for
Petersburg and Mr. Kenton says tin
laroesT dav s worn ne ever did was on
he 1 St h of that month, when the regi
incut was 'deployed at 1 in the morn
tig as skiriuiher$ ami was out of wsi
er at lo ti Ylock and remained so nil
lay under n galling lire. After a ttii
a ic in i.enmida the regiment was
iii.-e mote before Peter -.bit r;r and re
.nained tle-ie practically all summer
ii -.ne iiaiu-.- oi .i:g. ; i i.oe that cr.v
he lemment vas so ile i nia t ed that at
roll call th:t night only men am
one captain answered to then names
.iter a time at t ort llarrisoti, where
Mr. Kenton was one of those detailed
as headquarters guard at (ieiteral Ord
headquarters, the regi mi lit had been
recruited up to bd() men ami went to
I'toadwav Landing, where it ri uiaiued
until after Thanksgiving. There Mr
ronton cast his lirst vote lor president
ai.i! voted for Abraham l.irnolti.
Ihev wintered on t hapin s taliu, sev
en and ono'lmlf miles from Richmond
wlwre Ccnoral I'. S. (Jrant and Presi
dent Lincoln, visited the troos ami
Presiilent Lincrdu spidce to them from
On the morning of April .". the 1 ."it h
Vow Hampshire was sent forward an
climbed the breastworks in front of
Itichmond as skirmishers signalled that
the place had been evacuated. Tie'
main body promptly fell into a column
of fours ah I a mile from the city the
mayor l.eariug a 'whit.-' Uag was met.
The column .of colored troops that was
marching forward by a shortvr route
was halted to permit the white troops
to enter the city lirst. With the brass
band of the Pith New Hampshire at
their head the column entered the city,
one portion of which was burning. The
streets were packed with colored peo
ple w ho 'dertnod the Union troops
with shouts and singing.
Arms were stacked in the square and
with hand engines and powder the
troops fought and extinguished the
months Mr. Kenton received news that
his father was ill and asked for a 'fur
lough of 20 days to go to Brattleboro.
General Devens, to whom the applica
tion went, demanded to know whom the
corporal know in Brattleboro and Mr.
Kenton promptly replied that he knew
the general's brother. General Devens
replied that he had no brother, but that
his cousin of the same name lived here.
He then made the furlough 30 days and
Mr. Kenton made the journey, catchim
up with las regiment at Lynchburg, "Winter's to visit.
Va. I he regiment was stationed for
some time t.t Newcastle, Craig countv.
Va., and linally mustered out at Hart
ford, Conn., arriving there on Christ
mas eve and the men being paid off
January 0, lMIfi.
1 . I C 1 - r i .
in idling nis war record M T. teuton
said: "There was L'l or 2o of us Irish
bovs who went to the front who be-
Ilarland Harris went to South New-
fane today to visit two op three weeks
with his erandnarents. Mr. ami Mrs.
Henry Smead.
Mrs. Addie Ttancer of Williston street.
has bought of Charles M iner.a lot on
Melrose street, where she intends to
build this fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Winter and chil
Jren who have been visiting at E. H.
Davenport 's, have gone to George
Mrs. Frank Covey and two daugh
ters of Dorchester, Mass., came M on
lay atterncon to visit her sister. Mrs.
r. K. Mixer, two or three weeks.
Miss Agatha Stafford, who had been
visiting relatives in Headsboro and Wil
mington, has returned home. Mr. and
Mrs. Perrv Davis of Wilrninirton .and
longed here. T hey went from different littlt daughter, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. John Stafford.
Mrs. Carner of Keadsboro and .Wil
mington came Mondav to spend the
day with Mrs. W. K. Mixer. This morn
nig iney leit tor jsosron to attend a
training school for corset litters. Thev
will return the last of the week.
Several operations were performed
by Dr. Lynch at the Melrose hospital
yesterdav. Joseph Dunlevv was oper
ated upon for necrosis of the jaw, Airs.
Hleanor Man-ion of Organ street for
acute appendicitis. Miss Grace Kitzger-
ald of Pine street and Donald I.eKav
of this village for the removal of ton
sils and adenoids.
states. 1 am proud to say that there
was not a coward or deserter among
Mr. Fenton returned to Brattleboro
ml worked a year on a farm for Al
frod Waite. lie worked for some time
in the gas house, one summer in Con
tteiticut and for nearly n vear on the
(instruction of the Hoosac tunnel. He
(turned here and worked in the ina
hine shop of I'erdinaml Tyler and on
Inn. .'i, ISSL', entered the employ of the
Kstey Organ Co., where he is still em
Mr. Kenton married, Mav fi, 1878
Saiah Mart, the ceremony beinr tier
formed itt St. Stevens s church, 2Stl
street. New York, by Kev. Father Cur-
ran. Mrs. teuton died March 1, 18!.-i,
lenviiur three children. They t,re John.
mployed by the Dunham Brothers Co.,
William, a plumber employed by Pat
rick Floiiiihir: and Miss Helen. who
eeps house for her father. Mr. Fen-
ton has also one brother, J. J. Fenton, aut ,la.v
a merchant of Bellows Kails, and three
sifters, Mrs. Daniel Sullivan of Bel
lows K.ills, and Mis. Luke Kerriter ami
Mrs. Patrick Kenton, both of Brattle-
He is a member of Sedwick post, G.
. Ii., of Sr. Michael's Human Catho
lic church and of the 11th Connecticut
Keg intent a 1 association.
The Hiver picnic will be held at the
mouth of Broad brook Aug. 20, or, if
that day is stonnv. on the next ideas-
Up to Him.
"Won't you get me an automobile.
dear?" said the young married woman.
'But the expense, wife!" replied the
"Oh. you know you promised to keep
nothing from me after we were mar
ried!" Yonkers Statesman.
was in Boston
Nims of P.rat
Mr. and Mrs. F.
in of Soiuerville
M.:r,cit Webster
C. A. Williams
first of the week.
Mis. Bessie Howard is spending the
week in Brattleboro.
Miss Nellie Star of CneasvHle, Conn.,
is visitini; her sister. Mis. .1. K. Colton.
H. King Caldwell of Ilattford is vis-
rtino at C. A. Parker s and callint; on
Miss Ruth B.irdwell visited her cous
in, Miss Jean I'arwell, in Montague
last week.
Mr. and Mis. Kred
tleboro are tniests ot
P. Britton.
Miss Mi Id it 1 Vint
fi.is been visii ing 'Mis
a few das.
Miss Sarah Minot spent laat voek at
Lake Pleasant, where she will stay the
rest of the summer..
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Flagg and Mr.
iind -Mis. Lo ward Oninn of Boston are
guests of Ah in George ami daughter
Miss Eulah Render, of La Grange
Geoigia, is visiting Miss Elizabeth Al
examler at the home of her sister, Mrs.
. . Stearns.
Kev. and Mis. Lewis S. Chafer left
last week for four conference engage
meats in V lrginia. West Virgin'ra, North
Carolina and South Carolina. They will
it turn about Sept. 4.
1 here will be some changes at the
steam laundry at Northheld seminary
in September. Much of the work will
be taken to the Mt. Hermon laundry
Earl Goodwin, who has been superin
tendent of the seminary laundry sever
at years, will finish work this week
Saturday and many employed there will
finish soon.
The board of registration of North-
field In Id .a meeting in the town hall
Saturday evening. to certify nomination
papers. At this time the nomination
papers ot ('. II, Webster tor registrar
ot probata for eases of insolvency
were certified. The board are F. A.
Holton, John Calloghan, Frank Mont:t
gue and . J. Wright. At the last
election there were in town 10.") Pro
gressives, 7. Republicans, 'M Demo
Robert J. O'Keefe, son of . Mr. and
Mrs. Cornelius O'Keefe, married Miss
Mary J. Bravtcn in New Brunswick, N
J., Monday, Aug;..!, before a large. gafhr
ering in the church of St. Peters. Mr.
O'Keefe is a native of this town. A
few years ago he went to New Bruns
wick and has been with Janeway &
Carpenter, wall paper manufacturers, in
the chemical department. The future
home of Mr. and Mrs. O'Keefe is to be
in Highland Park, N. J. Mr. and
"Of course you don't care for cheap
notoriety." ea!d the man of ideals.
"My dear sir," rejoined Senator Sor
ghum, "there Is no such thing as cheap
notoriety nowadays. Advertising of
every description costs something."
Washington Star.
A Case of Necessity.
"Do you write often to your hus
band when you go away for the sum
"Yes, I have to. He never gives me
money enough at one time to last very
long." Detroit Free Press.
Spirited Conversation.
"Isn't It strange how music intoxi
cates you?" asked the cheerful idiot
'Not at all," replied the boob. "It is
written In bars. Isn't it?" Cincinnati
As Usual. ...
Bill How did her singing strike you?
Jill Oh. as usual. I was the Innocent
bystander. Yonkers Statesman.
The cause that underlies a
case of delirium must first be
found, because the treatment will
vary in accordance with it. Few
of us are called on to deal with
delirium tremens or with the de
lirium of starvation or with that
terrible form known as acute
delirious mania, which generally
ends In deathsBut the delirium
that accomil'linies typhoid fever,
pneumonia or the acute infec- 4
tious fevers of childhood Is of T
common occurrence, . and it is
well to know that much can. be ;
done to prevent it or to bring re- 3
lief after it has gone and until 3,
a doctor can be secured. Seda-
tlve treatment, such as a warm
bath with cold applications to
the' head, will often ward off an
attack, but when there is great t
prostration of strength stimula-
T tion is usually necessary. Delir- 4
4. lum is always exhausting, bee 4.1
that the patient's strength is ' T I
kept up as far as possible and
never leave a delirious patient
alone, even for a minute. There
(liU LW U.J CI 11 J VUk7CJ V. OKA W .
4 pie falling from open windows. 4
i fc i jut 4 A J rtt i
Women's $3.50 Oxfords
We must have room you must have shoes.
Let's join forces.
Our new fall stock is coming in fast and we
want space to put them and money to pay for
them. That is why we are Offering most of our
$3.50 and $3.00 styles of Oxfords for this very low
price. Enough of them so that everyone can get
fitted and enough styles so you ought to get just
what you may want.
They Won't Last Long So Don't Wait
The Price for a Few Days is $1.98
Insurance Service
Every member of the office force of this agency has had from
eight to twenty-five years' experience and we are therefore able
to give you expert advice and service.
No charge for consultation.
Crosby Block
The latest productions in variety of colorings and tints suitable
for all requirements have never been equaled and are raade in
styles and prices to suit all requirements.
We carry a complete line of these latest productions.
JORDAN 8c SON 1 Elliot St. Brattleboro
State and Sectional News Second and
General News Epitomized Third.
That is why The Reformer is becom
ing invaluable to newspaper readers
in this section ; it keeps then! in con
tinuous touch with affairs in which
they are chiefly interested.
One Year
Six Months
Three Months
)i e Mon Ih
It's. too bad for Grace that the sale happened just at this time
I The Tne;BNTi Aod
wwt. , EXACTLY
(WELL CWEL(.!l fiTHlHK CltHLkc
y C ' 86TT6K U'OK
1 h zj ;tS
" -
ol bowl , EXACTLY f
s. I - " - i r . y i. . - " " ' i l
J I j I I ONB. '
T f OH! 5N7 IT I ( I
TWW0 M0K(4
tmbs look, -to ee.
i ...... . 1 l""-" .'aun
1 . : r- t
il'"l M
5.'" tft
Auto la Seasou.

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