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,.'.,'. ' ' i . .-'
f j ,ij. T. i
No. 49
k'niiMn N'.itii.-ni Uf-.-d.-U . t l'i;ittl
I urn v, :i ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 r fit' 'urn ! hi n v ( ', U I
i:'ii"iit I - y i 1 1 1 . -1 : t , tin' lil-t nt' til''
I Ii i ii i"i r riv i mt ii t - ti '.mi tiuni tin
:t.l'i III tin' l il kVlir. 'I'llr ir;:ininit
:;i :i Int nf IkimI tilitii', i j i:i 1 1 v
i'l tin' : 1 1 l iiuvs tt' tin" ;ir, :iinl Mr.
Ilt'-imls li.i. 1 1 is lull slrnr nt it. Ill" v;is
i 1 1 it 1 1 1 i"i I , ln,t i-j'itit tinK :i slmit tiiiM'
in 'mi In h i :i ( -ii-,mis. In-ill niii" H' :i
mi in I if r l;u writ' CuiK f V r ha II i I .
I.:ili r ii ififivf.l :i v.i.iiihI in
tlf i i .;li t urn ;: ml ; f f n 1 11:1 1 1
t rn n l'i i I f . I In ( 'mn ji;i n II. ni' t hf Kith
i i v, i nn ii t , f 1 1 i .i n 1 1 i f ci i '.
Ml". Ii"-iink v:i-i lufii in Tn'.s ll-lifll'l.
S'iil. I'!. I."il. ;i -nn of N:itli:ili ;unl
S.i in. i n t Ini ( linn h llf-ini'l. Ilf lelii'iiii
til in In- ii.it in - tu.n until iiis ipli-t
i:n nt f:u!y in li'il in 'mn pi n '. '!1
i I tii i r, t "ti!n nt ffi v. in I : i ;i f t If! m il 1 1.
Tin- 1 1 i f i ! t 1 1 1 !i:n'ilii I in i !i ; H i n ut n
:'in v:t in I t 1 1 . i ii:ii tl.f -i'ii.f
.IlMlf L'". Sunn !: t til i iU it w.'f-
Iiiii i nil tu W n -!i i ! t mi iiinl tu tin"
I'm. i I : ml .;i ! t i ' j ..i 1 1 i in t If !:. t If
it' Hull Kim. Th,.. 1'clliiu iii- -j.iiiif it
1 ' ' I ' i i ' . r i i 1 1 i m tln I! l -1 ;it ! . if i.t tn
1 1 i .' i i i 1 1 . 1 m 1 1
'i. I; Ni!. II.
! 1 1 1 ii .-I' '
1 if i ii v :i ." i t 1 1 1' ( I ' n .
In :i : ft ifit :;t S:i :i;.f
fn K w i::.' ft' m ". -i'
i i ui ini 'it w tin w i" f
' i i 1 1 1 f i !:'. t !i." t 'mil ..!': : . t . ..
1'nf. v . .,. f. !..-,i t" ! ; i I ; i n t ! I I
l'i i t 1 , ; i f wiii lif u ::s i n n !; nn I in
I.IM'V !i-mi. I. nt tli-n m l:i!!im;s :i it
I .:! li. f l-ili-r in 111." ;i :'. i'l'mn t'lelf.
willi titlifi- i'imiiiit-j. lif 'A:i- t i :i n -1 f I'
ll I to hi!!.. I-!. in. I. :i ti.it In-1 ni' tlm C.in
t i i r ; 1 1 1 ' 1 1" i-t.ii-'. Attfi' tvi Wi'i''i tlirri'
:i 1 i nt'ifi'i! : i.ii, i.i'.i'fil ii'if i :i i 'i n i ". ;.:
1 let -, I n , . , :, i.lf 1 ii iim .-li ti f
li'ilf- w if to form in liin . Tin' i li-ti.ii-'
v ! o :i inn-. Lot 1 n i. : in
l.;it tlf hiiivi' in i '..'it in. i'i. Mr n y of
tin in wmil'l nut f;iM in. tV Minn tli.it it
1 1 . : i Tit tln" ttriv I" If ; 1 ;'. Ii - f 'l If tl to
: tin i rVii-ifrt. f;, : t 'h:iHf in -H--mu'-
i,p i n in'; v ni.il tl''it tlif ir l iKtiii'f.-
I' ' ; r ir.'insi'fr v i 1 1 I 1 f if-
. ! 1 1 . - . I in cnn f i ; iif "K r. ? I :. Ift'M-m'k
ton!; tlif ( iintiff witli tlif ifu!t tlmt l.f
;i -no!i i-x t-1 n r . .h'mcs liflUlftt,
:: not ! . r ii"i.l it of M i'. I I. s. or !. 's emu
.;mv. ii t'n -. to 1,'i! f tlif f':i!i.'i :.:n
M i'. Il,-fork im it liritni . I him ftc! -v.
'I'lif t.ft ni. "!'':!" t!i"-f 'lin liml
fi.iiniil tlif 1 1 ii.' f'f innit'ifl to n
1 . 1 1 i I . ! '. n .' tli i" i n-f I !-' n:i n vin f' :i'nl
;,.t, ut tour inclifs MiiKirc. Tlu-y tmui ltf tl
lir-t oiilv a ilistiMict' of ;i!.ont rtnls
v. hf n tlu v well' to!.! to t.ill mit :iti'l
M'.i in lln" li:i'!f. That s:itisifi Mr.
!."r-. .i. !N tlmt tlify w.'if not l t i n t ii k f ii
to rnnllifl' ili:-on. for, li:"l tl'llt lift'll
ll-.f intfiitimi of tlioir t-nptors, tlit-y
Unihl lint llil f lifftl Ml fllltT'lll of
t In i r j liy t-i.'ti 1 com fort .
S",. :iftfr tlmy h:ol mnrilif.l witl
flfoiiftit rfrt-' M.int" three or fmil' miles
t'.f m.i'-'ts nt' M'Sm'Is c;im" into iew
Ti:f- were ma'flie.l to ;i 1 ; 1 1 1 . 1 i mm when
i niil'i'ili'iilli' H i-niiiT-i were 11 V lo'i .1 f il
from tlie issels ;ni.l their places ttiken
li- the I'ei'eraN. the echaiift" lifinu
.'(Vecteil at that point.
Mr. IIi'moi-Iv rejoine.1 his n'fimeiit
n after the l.attle of Maherii Hill.
,.t loiiu after that, as he was aiminit
hi ti;!e, a ! ml 1ft etitereil his liht arm
lii-i! the wri-t, came ol.t tif::r tin' fl-
luiW. anain e'lteretl the mils, le ff tin'
i. .ei aim ami came out near tlif shnul
ii, r. Ilf was taken w,ilh other woiin.l
t i to a schoo!hou--i' where the woumlo'l
w m f I -1 1.1 in rows on the s hnnlhonsi
li, 'i'l;e 'iMemi- wantf.i to amtiii-::t.-
his arm. I v i "t hf nlijfctf.l so -treiin-Mi!l
th.at they ilif-c.l tiie woiunis
mi i h ft him.
I If was 'jveatlv cheei e.l l.v a isit
f i .! . h a W. I': ost a mi I 'lln 'ni-e ier-
v of P.rat'lel.iiMi. Ahoat tlmt time
I, ,. !iili.lonk petitio'lfil for the es
; : i;.l.ii, "i! ..f a hosj ital at Hr-it l.-l.o-.
ami whfti t.af . was suit liorie .1
Mr. lifiv.'iii-K was m f the Vi'rnimil-
ei's who was sent to it for iarf an-1
tr-eatmerit. It was while in the hospi
tal in r.iattlel.mo that Mr. llfscod;
was t i en-fc l i ' 1 to 'mnp'Hiy of the
l.'-th ii L'immit. Vi tram K.sei "e mi's.
lie was in iharff of tilP vecepti!l
im;a a'll li'.iraiv of tin' hospital a Imm
time ilinii'L; his eoti v:'.es-one' ami was
there at the time of his Ihial ilis.hare
firnn the sf i "ut-. t rf .
Att". t"h .wav -"lr.-- 11mm m-I; .w as, e-'.-ifeil
in the Wells, machim' sl'.np ami
lor :'.H Years w:is in ihe employ of the
Ktev shops, wmrkiiiu at ca."-f makinp.
Mr. I Test-nek ma 11 if il Mi-s Kmm:i
( hasf of r.iattlelinio. He 1ms throe
chihlieit. Mrs. Arthiy llowo ai.d Mitu
Knl.v llesc'ick of llrnttlf lmro arnl
I'.than X. lies--tick, a ciil entiiaefr of
I'nfoklvri. He aNo has tv-.-fi sisters.
Mi-. Kho.li I.. s,i rnei.t of West Brat
th l.oto ami Mrs. Julia Harris of Brt
tlfl.'oio. Ilf is a nn ml. i : of Se.!;j;wick
each man wa
.en a
a f of l.ifi-l i post. !. A. 1'.
Sport in g Notes.
l'i,.. I ( ). -m r- ri has ln-ea n--mi-l for
in t sfa.ou l.v tin' Manchfstfr cluli of
the New I'to-laml Ifa.'i,.".
'I'l..- I'.i a! t If ;.(,r,, hiyh sell. ml footlmll
team went to S-i'mi l'itT tmlav t.0
pla v th-' ..:,s.ie wit'i X'ermniit T"!i.lrn)'
which '.'.' po tpofn la.t Saltvikiy
1 " 1 i o' rain.
: i
i . .In! lillV I . el- V. a , line tll'eit 1 1
l aia'le in 'I'l'iix , X. S'., h;s hoim
town, I't iii-jht. in wnnh wen- III
ha i ' I a u I ,1 e i ; I n pi i ti" i -1 . 1 ,
11 1 . t om, i , o .i' iii'.-h! I!ti- will Jis
si t in t In- hi-. M :i ra n -, i 1 !e , . 'e,; lion
a! the II, ,1. 1 Kim'.;.!!.
Excursion to New York
I'.re for the 1 1 m I ; . I triji from all
West l.'iir ilii-inii statimis ainl Brat
l!ei'o;f. s:;.."i,i; Soiitli Vernon ami
till. f
ic Ke:
on all iinnlir train- Oi-tn'ier ".'ml to
eouneit with the steamm' lfaiun Xt'W
l.nm'mi tin" i-Vfiiiiin of that ilatf. Tinal
11 'i:rn limit to .-af Xew ' t Ix up to
ami im iinimn h tol.fi ."."'h to atrie
hack at stai-tin:: p. mil ()to),e,- .1 st.
See l'yeis for tuither pal t icula is.
Germnny Consents to Admibsicn of
Kuppiics Collected V,y Americans.
WASH I XCTOX. O: t. 20. The Cer
man crie, fin men t has i ouseut ml to th"
ailmissim. ,f t'oo.l supplies for tlesti
tnte l'.i'!;.'ia as. The British amliassa
iior here ami American Amlm-sudor
l';i;'. ill I. melon h,ae heen iiotified liy
the state department.
Th'' staV , ! epa it men' ha lifeii urn
in: this action liy the (o i uiau rjo -ernment
for ne:iry a week ami had
a h 1 1 es.-eil two separate impiiiies mi
th" sulijei t to tin' foreinn office tlnoii;'li
A ml. :tss:i Im- ieni rd at I'.ei I'm.
As iimlerstno.l at tie' state .lepart
im-itt, the Ameri"au relief eommittei'
of w hi- h Brand V hi t Im-1;. American
minister to Belgium, is t h'' head, ha.-f-afliered
np almut lo'iH tons of foo,
supplies in 1. melon ready for shipment
for IVIjii miii. By the a rra nnement ef
tettf-1 with the lierman 1nrei'':i otttce
these supplies may enter i!ri;j;i!i!i' pro
v'nlfi tlrnv are foiisie;nei to minister
Whitlock. 'i'he British eovf riimfiit w;i
insistent on this point. desirine; t
make cert lin that the supplies wouh
not If list' ( I v the (ierman annv. ft
is not known what arrangements Mr
hitlock has made tor thy dispo.-it ion
of the food, hut it is taken for yrnnti
In" alreaitv lias create, a local com
mittee to deal with that pruldeni.
lisuraece Service - -
Every member of the office force of this agency has had from
eight to twenty-five years' experience and we are therefore able
to give you expert advice and service.
No charge for consultation.
Crosby Block
Importers and Distributers
Send for Price List
Jr iixlvoiLJ li II
Charles A. Prouty's Attitude Toward Colonel Roosevelt in 1912
Mr.Prouty was not a candidate for the United States Senate then
(From The Evening Star, Washington, D. C, April 27, 1912)
Charles A. Prouty's Attitude Toward Colonel Roosevelt in 1914
Mr. Prouty is a candidate for the United States Senate now.
(From the Burlington Free Press, July 28, 1914)
Tells Them He Will Accept Party's Nomination
For United States Senator ,
Vermonters in District Dine on
State's Product
Commissioner Prouty Says They
Prefer Killing Beasts to
Feeding the Hungry
Will Run as Independent But Not as Republican
State Convention to be Held Soon
"It is only when you find a man who would rather kill a rhi
noceros than give a hungry man a dinner that you find a man
who wants a third term.''
So asserted Judge Prouty of the Interstate Commerce Com
mission at a maple sugar party, given by the Vermont State As
sociation of the District at National Rifles' Armory last evening.
For a moment it looked as if he were going to make a political
address, but he immediately changed the subject, speaking in a
totallv ditferent vein.
A meeting of progressives from all parts of Vermont was held
at the Hotel Vermont last evening. The political Mt-.ation was
discussed as regards the party's candidate for United States Sen
ator and an overwhelming majority of the 35 men present de
clared in favor of C. A. Prouty of Newport.
The meeting was informed by Dr. II. Nelson Jackson and
later by Mr. Prouty that at an interview held at Oyster Bay with
Colonel Roosevelt the Colonel stated that he would endorse Mr.
Prouty as a candidate for United States Senator from Vermont.
Mr. Prouty appeared before the meeting and declared his po
sition. He will run as an independent and will accept the nom
ination of the Progressive party for the Senate. He further stated
that he had been asked by a republican if he w ould accept a nom
ination from the republican party and had answered no.
r n y
John L. Southwick was editor of the Free Press in 1907
(Editorial) from Burlington Free Press, June 22, 1907
''When the struggle began four years ago to unseat United
States Senator Smoot of Utah on the grouud that he was a polyg
amist people with that uuiversal disposition to go contrary to
legal requirements and hold that a man is guilty of any charge
until proven innocent, took it for granted that he had consorted
with more than one wife and should accordingly be compelled to
shake the dust from the upper branch of Congress from his feet.
"Investigation of the facts in the case, pursued at great
length and with infinite care, led Senator Dillingham as well as
various other members of the United States Senate to conclude
I hat if Senator Smoot were to be expelled from that body, it wrould
be because of his religious belief and the prejudice prevailing
against him rather than on account of violation of polygamy,
which another famous Vcrmonter, Senator Edmunds, was instru
mental very largely in having spread on the national statutes.
"In spite of these facts the report of the majority of the
committee took the ground that Senator Smoot should be unseat
ed, though Senator Barrows, who presented the majority report,
admitted himself that Smoot was not a polygamist, though an
apostle of the Mormon Church.
"Senator Dillingham who joined in the minority report and
who had carefully studied all the facts in the case, took the safe
ground that under our Constitution every man is guaranteed re
ligious liberty so long as his religious practices are in conformity
to law. A moment's reflection will show that this is the only safe
ground to take under our National Constitution, and it is signifi
cant that this is the view that finally prevailed in the Senate.
"President Roosevelt has written a letter to Senator Knox
of Pennsylvania, formerly a member of his cabinet, commending
him for his speech in support of Senator Smoot, and Senator Dil
lingham who spoke for two hours in his usual, able and brilliant
manner was also warmly congratulated by his colleagues for his
success in helping to induce theSenate to do justice to Smoot in the
face of an unfavorable report by a majority of the committee."
John L. Southwick is editor of the Burlington Free Press in 1914
(From Editorial, Burlington Free Press, Oct. 5, 1914)
"Mr. Dillingham voted to retain Smoot, the Mormon Sena
tor, in the United States Senate, holding that the charge of po
lygamy was not proved against him. We do not know as Prouty
has taken any public position on legal aspects of this whole ques
tion at length, but we do know that he with the great majority of
the people of Vermont does not for a moment endorse any close
affiliation between a Vermont Senator and a Mormon Senator
who apologizes for Mormon polygamy."
(From Editorial, Burlington Free Press, Oct. 15, 1914)
"Whatever position one may take with reference to the can
didacy of this man or that in the present campaign, Vermont
cannot for a moment be put in the position of condoning or palliat
ing, or even countenancing Lorimer or Smoot, the Mormon
United States Senator."
Do you, Mr. Prouty, and you, Mr. Southwick, expect the
voters of Vermont to "flop" with you ?
October 20, 1914.
Montpelier, Vermont

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