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Pains Disappeared After Use
of Lydia EL Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Wilmington, Del. "I was suffering
from a terrible backache and pains in
my Bide, with bear
ing down paina and
was very nervous.
If: t T wa always tired,
I iWvt 1 alway drowsy.
could not eat I had
four doctors and
each told me some
thing different I
read of Lydia E.
Pinkhflm'a Vofrttn-
ble Compound and decided to try it. I
got good results and I now feel better
than 1 have felt for years and I am gain
ing in weight I can gladly recommend
it to all women." Mrs. George W.
Sebold, 1611 West 4th Street Wilming
ton, Del.
Backache and bearing down paina
are danger signals which every woman
should heed. Remove the cause of these
aches and pains by taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, that good
old root and herb medicine. Thousands
of women have testified to its virtues.
For forty years it has been making
women strong, curing backache, ner
vousness, ulceration and inflammation,
weakness, displacements, irregularity
and periodic pain.
I f you want special ad vico write
Lydia I Pinkham Meriicino Co.
confidential, Lynn, Mass.
Iinliiri'! Jj'lihulil
Honest prices are an ;
indication of honest
goods, experience and
service that mean far
more to you than you
can possibly save by
getting cheap glasses. !
Everything we do to
help you see better
represents value that
"cut prices" and cheap
glasses can never
eqtial. "Better be safe' '
than sorry.
; Optometrists-Opticians
i tarn x
) Kryptok Invisible
rTo focuses in one lens
ther&is no line or seam to reveal
the fact that you are wearing
(Pronounced Crtp-tocks) are becom
ing to you besides giving you
the wonderful convenience of per
feet near and far vision in one pair
of glasses.
; . Optometrists
Old Style Bifocals
Mote objtctionabU line.
Brattleboro, Vt.
Railroads Plan to Wage Tlieir Battle in
the Courts Brotherhood to Leave
Case to President.
NEW YOIiK, Nov. 15. The inter
rupted roni'emice between representa
tives of the nation's railways and their
40U,)(M) Brotherhood employes, looking
toward an adjustment to their new
tliflVrenct's on the interpretation of the
Adanison eight-hour law, was not re
sumed here yesterday. Instead of
meeting, the railway managers an
nounced they would light the law to
the end in the courts, while the Broth
erhood chiefs who remained in the city
left for their homes, professing to be
lieve that they may safely rest their
ease with President Wilson.
The attitude of the railways was
summarized in a statement issued by
Chairman Elisha Lee after an all-day
meeting of the railroad representatives.
The statement read:
"We are all agreed to fight to the
end. The means to be employed were
fully discussed and the consensus of
opinion was that it was necessary to
file suits questioning the constitution
ality of the law in every Federal dis
trict court in which the affected rail
roads operate."
Warren S. ftone, president of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,
epitomized the Brotherhoods' side be
fore leaving for Cleveland. Mr. Stone
said: "The situation is closed insofar
&s we are concerned. We are not at
all alar.ned. We know what President
Wilson intended we should have. We
know the explanation he made to our
tiliO chairmen in the White House. We
feel confident that if the present law
iloos.i'i give us the eight-hour day, the
President will give us a law that will.
.JW-can't understand the attitude
of the railroad managers. They did
not file their first suits until' the day
after election, believing that Mr.
Hughes had been elected. Personally.
I believe they are either whistling to
keep up their courage or they are try
ing to scare the public into sympathiz
ing with them."
40 B
German Embassy Doesn't Think Papers
Came Even on Oscar II.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 15. The
German embassy does not believe that
Karl Armgaard Graves, self-styled in
ternational spy, secured from the steam
ship Oscar II, as he says, the letters he
is alleged to have used in an attempt to
extort sp.yiuu rrom countess von iiern
storff, wife of the German ambassador.
Graves will be arraigned for a prelimi
nary hearing here today before United
States Commissioner Taylor.
The Oscar II arrived at New York
November 1, having left Copenhagen
October 22. According to the German
embassy the latest date on the docu
ments taken from Graves is September
6. The packet containing the papers
probably was sent from the German
foreign office that date. It is unbelieva
ble, embassy oflicials declare, that the
packet could have been held nearly a
month and a half before being 'de
spatched. Extraordinary efforts are being made
to determine the identity of the messen
ger who brought the packet to the
I nited States and the ship he traveled
"Pape's Cold Compound" ends a
or grippe in a few
Your cold will break and all grippe
misery end after taking a dose of
"Pape's Cold Compound" every two
hours until three doses are taken.
It promptly opens clogged-up nostrils
and air passages in the head, stops
nasty discharge or nose Timnincr re
lieves sick headache, dullness, feverish-
ness, sore throat, sneezing, soreness and
stiffness. . -
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blowing
and snuffling! Ease your throbbing
head nothing else in the world eives
such prompt relief as "Pape's Cold
Compound," which costs only 25 cents
at any drug store. It acts without
assistance, tastes nice, and causes no
inconvenience. Accept no substitute.
Mrs. Angeline Gonyeo, of Montpelier,
Moves About House and Sews.
MONTPELIER, Xov. 15. Mrs.
Angeline Gonyeo, who is at the city
farm, observed her 100th birthday anni
versary yesterday and a little party in
her honor was prepared by the care
taker's family. Mrs. Gonyeo was born
in Canada i.nd has been at the city farm
for about 20 years, going there "shortly
after her husband died. She was the
mother ot z children, tlireo
The Needlecraft will meet Friday af
ternoon with Mrs. E. C. Chandler, 10
llorton place.
In the Odd Fellows' bowling league
team A will roll team C this evening,
and on Friday night the contestants
will be team 13 and D.
Edward T. Jackson, jr., a teamster,
and Mrs. Christine Chisholm (Faid)
Noble, both of Brattleboro, were mar
ried yesterday' afternoon in the office
of the town clerk bv Carl S. Hopkins,
The most positive indication of ap
proaching continuous cold weather is
.ui'iun - iiumini, inree 01 Whom """M'j; rwiunuuua ui vveauier is
are now living, Mrs. Jane Fisk of Kox-! the placing of the storm door on the
Imrv Vrs .Ini;i 1 ... -i . TiLc lln....n IVitU !,:, n a
........ ....... j-'ircii ij if ill II HUM linrfTfl
Gonyeo, of Northfield. There are nu
merous grandchildren and great -jrrand
Eow Young Is Now Serving a Life
Sentence for Crime Committed
in Springfield.
GREENFIELD, Mass., Nov. 15. The
finding of a true bill against Ban
Yeoung (Bow Young), the Chinese
murderer, for the murder of his laun
dry nartner in Greenfield nil Sintpmlur
i-, i!H;, was the most
ture of the renort of the "rand inrv
yesterday morning. Yeoung is at pres
ent serving a life sentence in state
prison and the bri:iging of the indict
ment against him is very unusual for
that reason. District Attorney Schoon
niaker had two reasons for the action.
Hirst, it will probably prevent Yeoung
from ever securing a pardon; second,
if pardoned, he would have to stand
trial in Greenfield. Springfield China
men who were active nuainst Yenumr
children. In spite of her advn.w.,l nrr
she is able to go about the house with
out assistance and does her own mending.
The inalienable right to think for one
self is not appreciated by many.
Try this! Brush Sage Tea and Sulphur
Compound through your hair, tak
ing one strand at a time.
WIh-u you darken your hair with fcn.r..
important fea-jTea Sulphur, no one can tell, be
cause it s done so naturally, so evenly.
Preparing this mixture, though, at home
is mussy and troublesome. For 50
cents you can buy at any drug store
the ready-to-use preparation, improved
by the addition of other ingredients,
called "Wvcth's Sage and Sulphur
Compound." You just dampen a sponge
or soft brush with if and draw tliis
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. By morning all gray
hair disappears, andj after another ap
plication or two, vour hair becomes
in the future his friends! 7 v"w " l,"" K11' 1,11,1
if some time
were able to secure a nardon for him
for the Springfield killing, that he
would return to Springfield and seek
revenge. His arraignment in Green
field was deferred by order of the
No bill against Elija May of Orauge
was returned by the grand jury. Mr.
May, night watchman at the Bolander
Parker shoe company's factory, which
was badly damaged by fire early in
October, was held for the grand jury
in connection with the setting of the
fire. Suspicious circumstances sur
rounding the fire have given it an in
cendiary aspect, but Mr. May has been
freed of any connection with it. Other
true bills found by the grand jury
were against Thomas Mason of Charle
mont, w ho is charged w ith breaking ami
entering the house of Herbert T.
Walker of Charlemont on August 2!,
last; Frank Collins, who is charged
with breaking and entering the Boston
and Maine railroad station at Ber
nardston on Aug. 15 last, and with the
larceny of 12 1,000-mileagc .Itaoks, 13
500-mile mileage books, 1J9 Bernards
ton to New York tickets and-a small
sum of money; Emery Strope and Stel
!a Woo.lard for adultery. No bill was
-found - aist ' Cowstawti - Sodaiti.-.
Sunderland for larcenv.
Gray, faded hair, though no disgrace,
is a sign of old age, and as we all de
sire a youthful and attractive appear
ance, get busy at once with Wyeth's
Sage apid Sulphur Compound and look
years younger. This ready-to-use prep
aration is a delightful toilet requisite
and not a medicine. It is not intended
for the cure, mitigation ' or prevention
of disease. Advt.
lirooUs House. With thi3 as a race
maker it is expected that the storm
lobby on the town building will be
erected in a few days.
Twice yesterday afternoon about 5
o'clock electric lights and power on
the east side of Main street were miss
ing. A fuse was reported to have
blown out in the local power house.
The same thing happened once Mon
day afternoon about 5.30 o'clock.
A timetable board has been placed
in the waiting room of the railroad
station with the numbers of the trains
on both the Boston & Maine and
Central Vermont roads indicated and
their advertised time of departure. It
is promised that .the number of minutes
each is reported late will be faithfully
bulletined in time to be of benefit to
patrons of the roads.
A box social for the benefit of Brat
tleboro chapter, I). A. It., will be held
in the home of Mrs. 11. A. Staten in
Vernon tomorrow afternoon under the
management of Mrs. Staten, Mrs. M.
I. .Reed and Mrs. B. H. Newton. Those
from Brattleboro may go on the 4.10
train, returning on the evening train.
The sale of boxes will begin at 4.:'.
Each woman is requested to bring a
box with luncheon for one. All are wel
come whether members) or not.
Yesterday was the 7.5th birthdav
anniversary of Mrs.'IAV. TenheV, and
in recognition of the Occasion a family
dinner party was held1 in her home on
Walnut street with eight present.
Many friends called and Mrs. Tennev
was remembered with' many chrysan
themums, roses' and carnations, also
with from 50 to 75 postcards from Ke
bekalis, Odd Fellows, members of 'the
Centre Congregational church and
others, and the day became one of
pleasant memories..
roses, $1 and $1125 a doz.
senger, Florist, 18 Linden
K. H. Mes
St Adv.
Bridge and 500 party by the Wom
an's club Friday, Nov. 17, at 3
o'clock in Odd Fellows' hall. Adv. 220
Everybody is going to hear the Lotus
Male quartet with reader at the First
Baptist church Nov. 22. Don't let your
friends miss this evening of pure joy
"Fifty-one engagements in one month."
Adv. 219-21
Mrs. Harriett A. Stone Now 92.
Mrs. Harriett A. Stone reached her
92d birthday anniversary yesterday in
the home of Miss Kate Wheeler, where
she makes her home, but there was no
formal observance. Her granddaughter,
Miss Maudie L. Stone of Brooklyn, N.
Y., spent the week-end with her, and
another 'granddaughter, Mrs. T. Chan
mng Moore, am
David Moore, of
were with her yesterday. In the after
noon she enjoyed an automobile ' ride
with her guests. She keeps comfort
able and reads and knits each dav and
is interested in the events of the "dav.
id a great-grandson,
f Bronxville, N. Y.,
Assistant to Mrs. Mathews.
Mrs. A. Ilerrick, graduate nurse from
the Farren hospital at Montague, who
recently took a post -"graduate course in
the Corey Hill hospital in Brookline,
Mass., began work in the Melrose hos
pital last evening as assistant to Mrs.
Helena D. Mathews, thv superintendent.
Chrysanthemums 75c, $1
doz.; carnations, 50c and
1.25 a
a do..;
Leon Martin, who is employed in Wil
mington spent Sunday at his home on
Melrose street.
C. A. Mather of Springfield, Mass..
was admitted to the Melrose hospital
yesterday for medical treatment.
Mrs. Albert M. Fox is visiting her
son, F. A. Fox. She spent the summer
in Poultney with her daughter, Mrs. G
A. Gilfeather.
The Woman's association of the Con
gregational church will hold a sewing
meeting tomorrow afternoon with Mrs
L. S. Bartlett.
Evelyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Perry, who fell Sunday morning
in her homo and cut a long gash in her
head, is out again, with her head ban
daged. II. F. Weatherhead is having his
house, which Walter Kobbins and fam
ily occupy, painted on the exterior.
Harry Sweetland and men are doing
the work.
Clarence Covey, Merrill Hamilton,
Francis Taylor and Clayton Rhodes
went yesterday to Duiniuerston hill,
where 'they will be in camp duriug the
deer hunting season. ;
Mrs. Lowell Patch, formerly a resi
dent of this village, who is now living
with her late husband's mother. Mrs!
Lowell Patch, in Putney, called on
friends here yesterday.
The social and card" "party held last
evening in Academy hall for the bene
fit of the piano, fund was attended lw
a fair sized number and was an en
joyable ' party! : Five hundred was
News has been received from Miss
Eunice Knight, who went to Deirv re
cently on account -ot the serious illness
of her sister, Miss Almira Knight, that
the latter 's condition remains un
changed. Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson and daugh
ters of Whatelv, Mas?., ere "priests
Sunday of their niece, Mrs. Frank H.
Martin, whom they had not seen before
for several years. Thev were on their
way by automobile from Wilmington
to their home in Whatelv
Made To Order Weather ,
,You can make any f oom in the house"
just as warm as you wish with the
Perfection Smokeless :Oil Heater.
You can carry a Perfection Heater
anywftere. It helps you dress, eat
and bathe in comfort. It is handy
and economical.
It cuts down your coal bills wonderfully
during these raw days, that need just a little
heat to drive away the chill and dampness.
No fires to build no coal to carry no
ashes to clean up. . .
Perfection Heaters are for sale at depart
ment and hardware stores everywhere. Ask
your dealer to show you a Perfection. De
scriptive booklet mailed free on request.
For best results use Socony kerosene
Standard Oil Company of N. Y.
Stove Dept. 23 South Pearl Street, Albany
Notaries Public.
Notaries public are said to have been
appointed by the primitive Christians
to collect such1 facts ns were obtain
able nbont the martyrs of the first cen
tury. The office afterward took a
legal form and had to do with the at
testing of deeds and other writings.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at
the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, act gently on the
lowtls and positively do the work.
People afflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets. The pleasant, sugar
coated tablets are taken for bad breath
by all who know them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gen
tly but hrmly on the bowels and liver,
stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire system. They do that which
dangerous calomel does without any of
the bad after effects.
All the benefits of nasty, sickening,
griping cathartics are derived from Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets without grip
ing, pain or any disagreeable effects.
Dr. E. M. Edwards discovered the
formula after seventeen years of prac
tice among patients afflicted with bowel
and liver complaint with the attendant
bad breath.
Dr. Edwards' Oltv Tablets are pure
ly a vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil; you will know them by their
olive color. Take one or two every
niijht for a week and note the effect
VJc and 2;c per. box. All lrugg:sts.
Th Boum ot Kappobimr
. l8.v " i ".V.
The Urgent need of ready money .induced, an
overstocked manufacturer to sacrifice . two -hiMf?d"
and ninety-seven Men's Suits and Overcoats'. Our "
buyer happened to be on the spot at the time and
secured one of the best bargains in our history.
The suits come in all sizes, including stouts and young men's.
Value ?jp)) I
N HO UDVOtTASlte Come in browns and greys, in
fact all the popular shades of the
season. Better get yours now.
Now on
:ljfw '
ir I :
J, '
Copyright 1916
The House of JtuppeoheimeV '
Thtf 11 diet ffe all-wool, fast color, in brown, grey and
11V MBtO blue mixtures and serges. The materials are
' cassimere, worsteds and serges.
Operators of Thirteen Cash Stores
- American Building, Brattleboro, Vt.

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