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6 cents a tins first Insertion ; 21-2 cents a line each subsequent Insertion
Cash In Advance. Minimum Charge, 20 cents '
VAXTKI (irl or woman, to iron.
Brnttleboro Custom Laundry. 33-tf
VANTiII fattlrt and horses for
my i-nsturpN. L. It. Itbhnrdson. rt4 -t f
V ANIT.l) Hard wood ai-hi from
near-by vicinity. V. Hamilton. M. I).
. 2'.i:J-tf
WA.NTIU At the Austine institu
tion, a Kitchen helper and an 'upstairs
girl. 36-tf
WANTKI Washings to do at home.
Mrs. D. II. Krls.y, Kural 3, I'.rattle
tKiro, Vt. o-n
WANTKI iiil for general house
work. Mis. V. A. Thompson, 33 Wcst-
ITfl A VP. ."'.) tf
K()K SAL1I Indian twin cylinder
nioton ycli two speed, S'i h.p. in Rood
ei'.'ur. Write or call and see me. i.
M. Carb-y, South Londonderry, Vt.
ToTl SALK Kitchen tTble a n d
chairs, bed and dresser, refrigerator.
.urlor stove, Morris chair, rocker ana
a' few garden tools at 4 Myitle street.
VANTKI iii I for general house
work. Mrs. Frank L Harbor, 31 West
rrn Ave. :'. t f
W ANT Kl Position as stenographer
bv voting woman. Tel. 1 i-W bit ween
H a. in. and ." i. m. ?""'
WAN! "LI Woman with two chil
dren wants position doing housework
M. A. Howe. .lilMlltii'il, N't.
Big Ship with 293 Americans
on Board Was Last Re
ported March 4
FOIt SALK Seed potatoes. White
Hethfl. Will be ready for market in
!i() davs and a good winter keeper.
I'rire, $l.."e per bushel. II. R. Brown.
34 -JS
FOU HA L K First run Maple syrup,
$.i..i per gallon, ! in lots ot live ai
Ions or over; also good buggy. L. A.
Cumiell, Tel. 211-16, West Urattleboro.
FOR SALK Hatching c?gs from
Sheppard's famous Hose Comb Anconas,
$2.50 per 15 $4.50 tor .",0; also eggs
from single comb Rods, $1.50 per 15
$2.50 for 30. L. S. Kawson, Brattle
boro. Vt. ' 4.V
WANTLI (iirl for general house
work. Can go home nights. Applv to
Mrs. W. It. I'roctor. 61 High St. 35 tf
WANTF.D Young man in our com
posing room, with or without experi
ence. The Vermont Printing Co. 8-tf
W ANTF.I Oirl or middleaged wom
an for general housework, in family of
two. Mrs. (). K. Moore, I'utnrv, Vt.
' 3$-n
WANTLD .Now is the time to list
yonr farm property. Wo are having
calls for all kinds of country property.
Kdgott & Co. 16-40
WANTKD Married man for general
farm work. Good tenement, fuel, etc.
Address W. K. Adams, Dickinson Farm,
Urattleboro, Vt. 14-tf
WANTKl) Man and wife, man for
chores and general farm work, must le to KF.XT Modern flat. K
good milker; woman for housework. Ad-'per.
drpHS A-5, Keformer OOjco. I4tt
FOR SALK On account of ill health
must sell 21 acre farm one mile from
Fast Northlicld, good set of buildings,
three houses lor loil hens, l.lentv ot
wood, home timber. For quirk sale only
t2,ooii. jifirt cash. Hert C. Abbott,
N'ortlili.1.1. .Mass. 30-40'
The Housewife and tfeeW ar
(.Special Information Service, United States Department of Agriculture.)
FOR SALK The so-called Washer
farm owned bv Dr. (Jwyer, situated on
Hummerstoti Hill. House- in good con
dition, other buildiugs in fair eondi
tiou. Farm contains 225 acres in good
state nf cultivation, cutting about 3'
tons uo.l jjviji lity hay, all machine
mowing; good young sugar lot; plenty
of all kinds of other wood growing on
place, soini' readv to cut. Inquire of
J. X. Bettcrlov. " Tel. 314 2. 37-30
M. An-13-tf
Was Bringing a Cargo of Manganese
from Brazil One of Officers C. G.
Page, Assistant Paymaster, cf Hyde
Park, Vermont.
WASHINGTON, April 15. The big
naval collier Cyclops, carrying 57 pas
sengers, 15 oHicers find 221 men in bet
el ew, has been overdue at an Atlan
tic port since March 13. The navy de
partment announced yesterday that she
was last reported at a West Indies is
land Match 4 and that extreme anxiety
hi entertained as to her safety. The
vessel was bringing a cargo of man
ganese front Brazil.
Alfred L. Moreau CoUs-dialk, l'nit
States consul-general at Ilio da
tieii'i, was the only civilian among the
paSM-ng'Ts on tin' collier, me oiin-is ne
ing two naval lieutenants ami 51 naval
enlisted men returning to the Tinted
states. The Cyclops was commanded
bv Lieutenant 'omniander !. W. Wor-
f 'i2
? ,k
i R,,Tt.. '-fwx r r-
Converted Dry Goods Box, Warmed by Oil Lamp or Electric Light, Provides
Proper Temperature fcr Bread Raising.
WAXTKD A farm, am willing to go
a reasonablo distance from railroad sta
tion, flomcthing between $1,200 and
$2,000 preferable. Hox lit", Brattle
boro, Vt. 10-40
WANTKD I'upil nurses attheTaun
ton 8tate Hospital, alo attendants,
male and female. For particulars ad
dress Dr. Arthur V. Goss, Superintend
ent of the Taunton State Hospital,
Tanntnn. Mass. 155 tf
TO ltLNT Seven-room cottage. 2:it
KUiot St. 303-tf
United States naval reserve
I 119 B8UUU
I!KXT Cosv tenement on
WANTKD Several men in a chair fae- ,St., April 1st. ICdgett & Co.
TO HKXT Storage
tredge 11 a skins.
Kit -Hi
TO UKN'l 1 citcmciit.
ton. Hi Thomas St.
Lillian Xew-257-tf
TO LKXT Nice ti-room tenement on
Lirge St. Holden & Martin. 200-tf
TO UKXT Six tenements,
from .S to .15. Tel. 73!)-W.
tory for bench work, fitting saws, seat
fitting machine and back knife lathe;
nlho h watchman. Can u.-e a few girls
for putting in cane seats. Steady work.
While Lher Chair Co., Urattleboro, Vt.
lO lih.N I Large turntshed room
with .bnth. The Abbott, suite 0. 2d floor.
TO KKNT Tenement of five rooms
Inquire of James Lyons, 214 Elliot St
lev of till
The- Cvdops lctt the West ltelies
. . ' . 1 A . 1 1
Willi one ol iter two engines uain.eu.
but th department said this fact would
not have prevented her from commun
icating by radio, and all elVoits to
reach her by that means hae been un
successful. A thorough search of the
course she would have followed in Cum
ing to port has been made and con-
tiiiiH.; it. v!w iiniinmiced.
There have-' b-en no reports of der-' Therrncmeter
man submarines or raiders in the ln
cality in which the collier was, the
department's statement said. The
weather had not been stormy and could
hardly have given the collier trouhie.
Device Is Easily Constructed and
Removes Uncertainty of
boii'm Market.
-Seed corn at
TO KKNT Furnished large second
story front room. All conveniences. 4t
High St. 32 tf
Cottage Street.
-Few laving hens. 7
gett i: Co.
FOR SALK Xew incubator, very
ehenp; 23 Western Ave. 37-3!C
FOIt SALK or to rent Two pastures.
Inquire of J. Henry I'rntt. 20 tf
FOH BALK Furniture and Kanges,
flew and nerond-hand at J. B Dunton's.
FOU S.LI Csed typewriter, stand-
ard make. Fred C Hrown, Bullock St. j.;(ipt.tt &, Co.
TO KKNT Tenement
building after April 15.
in MarkctLhat
Inquire at
TO b' KNT About May 1st a modem
six room apartment on Oreen St. Ivl-
Enables Baker to Ob
tain Desired Temperature Special
ists Advise Production of More
Sugar Crops.
War kitchens must be efficient. Corn
. .11 ... i ... i .i , r.Ti . .ii hi in. ti inn L-n rnum wi.
mtsstiiL'- near v a niontn occamc khuuh . m.vv ..... ...x .
at Washington Thutsdav. The naval A home-made sponge box or bread
censor reciuested the Associated Press raiser will help make the bread bet
not to puidish the fact on the ground terr It enables the housekeeper to
that the ship had not been given up f keep her .sponge or dough at the right
lor Just, n lit t that ti puuiis.ii tr.e i aci lemneraturo so that it will rise In less
TO 1IKNT Two furnished rooms for
light housekeeping. Mrs. J. Y. Bailev,
U Oreen St. 22df
TO LKXT (J round lloor tenement
with furnnee, bath, near Estey shops.
FOU SALlv Peerless bicycle in first
classi condition, cheap. 73 So. Main St.
' FOR SALE Rhode Island Bed eggs
for batching. W. 8. Betterley, Rice
' Farm. 17-tf
FOIt SALK Driving horse, extra
pood driver, single or double. Sanford
Smith. 3130
TO UKXT Six room tenement on
Chestnut St. with barn if desired. S.
W. Edgett & Co. 20 tf
TO BENT First lloor tenement of
5 rooms at 22 Thomas St. Inquire at
14 Prospect St.
TO REXT Downstairs tenement at
04 High St., all modern improvements.
Inquire at the house. l-32-tf
she wn o verduemiht expose the
Cvdops to submarine or other enemy
attack while she might be disabled on
the high setts. The oliicial announce
ment by the navy department yester
day does not give the ship up for lost,
but merely says: "The navy depart
ment feels extremely anxious as to
her safety."
The Cvclops was one of the largest
and newest colliers in the navy. She
was completed by William Cramp
Sons of Philadelphia. November
19 lo. and registered 1!,370 tons. She
was 542 feet long, 'i5 feet broad and
had a speed when fully loaded of 14.iil
knots. Her completo coi-t was 023,
000. C. (i. Page of Hyde Park. Vt.. assis
tant paymaster, was one of the ollicers
on the Cyclops.
good laying strain
Tel. .1. E. Ib.geis.
15, tenement of 7
White b-nhorn cockerel, rooms and bath. 11. Enouire SO Wash-
17 Terrace Street, ington St. Tel. 40. 2S!)-tf
FOIt KALE Second hand automobile
in good condition. Inquire of Howard Urattleboro
Merrill. Mauley s garage. .'.2 tf
TO KENT Land for war garden, to
reliable patties. X. P. Etiierv. West
Tel. 30 I X ;;0-4I
FOU KALE Xew milch cow
two heifers, 15 months old. Martin
Hall, Rural 4, West Brattlcboro, Vt.
TO UKNT Six room modern tene-
also Intent on Maple street. Apply to George
Holden, 10 Organ street. 37-tf
kept its near SO degrees Fahrenheit as
possible (80 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit)
when bread is W ing made in the quick
way. If a sponge is set overnight Co
to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the better
temperature until the dough is made
in the morning, after which the tem
perature may be increased to SO de
grees Fahrenheit. The temperature in
the box may be varied by. raising or
lowering the llame of the lamp or by
using warm or cold water in the shal
low pan.
TO KKNT Looms for light house
keeping, all furnished. Hot and cold
FOU KALE New milch cow and calf water and bath. Charles Miner. 232-tf
(Durham). Inquire of Bert Jacobs, Tt) KKNT Six-room, first lloor tene
Bonnyvale Road, West Brattlcboro, Vt. ment at Hi Organ St. Apply to B. H.
t . k . . 30-4 I .Brown at Lovell Brown's, or 'Phone
TO KKNT-The "-1. 2!M-ti
Senate Unanimous Against tho Nation
al German-American Alliance.
WASHINGTON. April 15 Repeal
of the federal charter of the National
German-American alliance was ap
proved unanimously today bv the sen
ate judiciary committee. The bill of
Senator King of 1'tah for annulment
f the organization's charter was or
dered favorably reported, despite the
recent vote of the organization volun
tarily to dissolve.
Melrose, 11 Linden street. Suitable for
two tenements. Apply to W. H. Proc
tOT: 233-tf
FOR SAKE Two desirable building
lots on Belmont Ave. or would exchange
for tultrv or fruit farm. Telephone
T3-M. 20-42'
FOR SALK Having been drafted I am
forced to bcII my Grand Union tea route.
rlii i a money maker. If interested
call 37-X.
TO B KNT May 1, 0-room upstairs
tenement, all modern, hot and cold
water, electric lights, on car line. 172.
Western Ave. Impure of II. I,. Nichols.
SHAMPOOING and Manicuring. Miss
Mary A. Griffin. 130 Main St. 220-tf
FOIt SALK Top callage, surrey.
Old Comfort fleigh, three driving har
ness. Inipuire of Hcnrv Gilfcather,
Iutnev Road. Tel. 273-W. 3S tf
SEWING Machine Needles and supplies
31 tf of all makes of machines at J. B. Dun-
ton's, 43 Flat St.
Abe Mat tin says: "You kin tell u hen
a feller's patriotism is in his wife's name
by th' amount he eats at a restaurant."
CHIROPODY and Shampoo parlors.
Hair goods made up to order. Mrs. 'E. 1.
IJailey. 117 Main St. 'Phone. L"i7-tf
Administrator's Sale
1 will sell at Public Auction on
premises of the late Fleet a To wet
Friday, April 19
Wanted Bookkeeper
For Summer or All the Year
Northflold Hotel Co.
East NoithQeld, Mass.
FoodlVill Viin theVar
Let me help you pro
duce it by taking care of
your garden.
I also take care of
102 Western Ave. 'Phone 373-W
To Settle an Estate Two acres of
land and modern steam-heated house
with barn; land lays level; some fruit.
1 lve minutes lroni 11. II. station, school,
etc. Apply to S. W. Edgett, Admr. Es
tate of Chas. E. Davis.
To learn to set type.
For Quick Sales
Try The Reformer
Experienced machinists at rates of
42'2 eenta to 4.j cents per hour to
work at New Haven, Waterburv, Dan
bury, Fnst Hartford, Willimantic and
Apply to C. D. Perkins, N. Y., N. II.
& II. B. R., Boom 41, Railroad Station,
New Haven, Conn., or 43 Portland
Street, Boston, Mass.
Teacher of Ballroom Dancing.
Prtomte and Group. Afternoons and Evenings
8 Cottage Street 'Phone 42-M
at 1 o'clock p. m.,
personal property, consisting
iiittsehold furnishings, including a nice
ook stove, lot of carpenters' tools
some stove wood, shingles and lumher
I will also sell PS-yea r-old horse, weigh
iug l,100 lbs., sttfe for woman to drive
Concord buggy, single harness, robes
pair driving harness, buggy pole, Cham- j
pion horse rake, and other things too
mrmerous to mention.
A. V. J. Wilkins, Auctioneer.
time A sponge bos or bread-raiser.
therefore, takes much of the? timer
taiuty out of bread-baking. It cau be
made from an ordinary dry goods
packing box.
Placing the Shelves.
A box 2d by 20 by 20 inches is a
convenient size. About 10 inches from
the bottom of the box a shelf made of
slats or strips of wood rests on cleats
fastened to tho sides of the box.
second shelf is placed four inches
above the lower one. The shelves cau
be removed when cleaning the box
Below tho lower shelf n sheet of gal
vanized Iron slightly wider than the
shelf is inserted. It is curved in or
der to make it slip in and stay in place
securely. This prevents scorching of
the lower shelf when a lamp is placed
below, and also helps to distribute the
heat more evenly. The door is hinged
and fastened with a thumb-latch or
hook and staple.
Several small holes are bored in the
lower and upper parts of the sides and
ia the top of the box to promote cir
culation of air. A cork which has
been bored . through the center to ad
mit a straight thermometer is inserted
in one of the holes in the top of the
box. A Fahrenheit chemical thermom
eter that registers as high as 100 de
grees can be used. Such a thermome
ter may be ordered through a hard
ware dealer or directly from an Instru
ment dealer.
Make Safe From Fire.
To avoid all danger of fire, the box
should be lined with asbestos or tin
when a kerosene lamp is used for
heating the box. If an electric light
is used, the lining is not necessary. A
lG-candlepower light will heat the box
nicely. A small and inexpensive night
lamp is placed in the bottom of the
box and a shallow pan of water is
placed on the lower shelf so that the
air in the box will be kept moist.
The bow l of sponge or pans of dough
are placed on the upper shelf. The
temperature of the box should bo
Filter Peanut Oil at Home.
Unrefined peanut oil can be pre
pared for household use by filtering
through ordinary filter paper obtain
able at drug stores. A Georgia
woman, the wife of an oil miller, had
been paying her grocer nearly $2 a
gallon for cooking oil while her hus
band sold his unrefined oil to a re
finery for about $1.20 a gallon. She
sent a small sample of the oil from
her husband's mill to the bureau of
chemistry of the United States depart
ment of agriculture with the request
that, if possible, she be told of a meth
od by which it could be made suitable
for household use. The filter paper
L methsjdv -p ,
which came to the department later
tho success of the method was de
scribed as "surpassing my best ex-pectntions.'
Sour Cream Salad Dressing.
Potatoes can be used to advantage
in many ways in the school lunch. Po
tato sahvl is one wny. The attractive
ness of the salad depends largely on
the dressing used. A good dressing
can be made as fellows :
i teasroenful mu Vz teaspoonful sugar.
tard. 1 eg?.
i teaspoonful salt. U cupful vinegar.
hi teaspoonful pap- 1 cupful sour cream.
Beat the egg until very light, add the
other ingredients, and cook in a double
boiler, stirring constantly until thick
ened. Remove from the fire and beat
well. If this dressing is cooked prop
erly, it will have, when cool, a thick,
smooth consistency. If it is over
cooked, so that there Is a tendency to
sepa-rate, it should be strained before
Oatmeal Cookies for Lunches.
Oatmeal cookies, a toothsome and
wholesome sweet for the school lunch,
may be made of one egg, one-third cup
ful granulated sugar, one cupful rolled
oats, two teaspoonfuls melted fat, one
fourth teaspoonful salt. Beat the egg,
add sugar gradually, and stir in other
ingredients. Drop a spoonful at a
time on a well-greased tin and bake
in a moderate oven.
Milk Is Good as Meat.
If milk is 10 cents a quart it Is as
cheap a protein food as sirloin steak
at 22.0 cents a pound or eggs at 27.9
cents a dozen. At 12 cents a quart it
is as cheap as sirloin steak selling at
27.4 cents a pound or eggs at 33.5
cents a dozen. To supply energy at
equal cost when milk is 10 cents a
quart, sirloin steak must not be more
than 14.2 cents a pound, and eggs not
more than L'5.3 cents a dozen.
Fine Woolens for
Spring Wear
In aU the latest styles, made up in
the latest fashion by expert
tailors for your individual wear.
Come in and look them over and
let me take your measure.
Custom Tailor Elliot Street
CIALISTS. Satisfactory substitutes for sugar may be used to a much larger ox
tent, says a paragraph in the department of agriculture's agricultural
production program for 101 S, which will be of interest to the housewife.
While urging maintenance of the acreage "of sugar cane and sugar
beets and increases where these crops are well established or are nec
essary to sound agricultural practice, the program states that an ex
tensive increase jn 191S is not possible because of the time required
. to grow seed cane stock and because of the limited amount of beet
seed available. " ','-' ' .
The larger use of sorghum, corn and cane sirup, maple sugar and
sirup, and honey is urged. The maple sirup and sugar production can
and should be increased in those areas in which maple trees are grow
ing in sufficient numbers to warrant the expenditure of the necessary
time and labor. Maple sirup and sugar are produced in 19 states, the
annual output exceeding 14,000,000 pounds of sugar and 4,000,000 gal
lons of sirup. Those figures can be increased. The production of sor
ghum sirup in 1917 exceeded that in 1910 by nearly 4,000,000 gallons.
Sorghum sirup may be produced in nearly every state in the Union,
and an increased production of sorghum sirup will enable the public
still further to conserve the sugar supply In the most available form
for transportation to our soldiers. '
f . -- . : -
- ""ri" ?
2 N. I,'
To get a shoe that is very comfortable and serv
iceable at a reasonably low price is the desire of every
man. This has been our principal thought in select
ing the stock we carry. Style, too, must be considered,
but never at the sacrifice of quality.
With the present increased cost of all shoes we
consider it' particularly important to offer you only
such, merchandise as we know is the best that can be
Whatever the size of your purse our Quality is
the highest our prices the lowest.
T Hf - - M . v
mm i
8 i5; H
H Xres3 82T5
M i
jurA'.f1 d
(For April)
makes dozens of delight
ful suggestions, many of
w MWWtlfcHvnt in
to your plans for your
Spring 'wardrobe. Mc
Call Patterns show ex
actly how to carry them
out to the best possible
McCall Patterns
Skirt SZ7Q
Sound Investment Judgment
Now bars both speculation and profitless hoarding of funds. It coun
sels investments where stability of income and safety of principal are
to the greatest extent assured. These features have distinguished our
First Mortgage Real Estate Loans and Tirst Mortgage Bonds through
out the uncertainties of recent years.
We offer such investments from Montana, Idaho, Washington and
Oregon, based on our own conservative valuation.
Wholesale Price
11c to 15c per 'lb".T. ,
13o to 14Vsc perb.v.
1.5c to liy,c per lb.
13c td"14y2c per lh;
Commodity Eetail Price
..Beans, Lima 18c to 19c per lb.
, .Beans, Pea 17c to lSy2c per lb.
..Beans, Red Kidney 17c to 13yac per lb.
, .Beans, Yellow Eye 17c to lsy2c per lb.
48c to 53c per lb Butter, Creamery 53c to 58c per lb.
2CQ to 2Sc per lb Cheese, Whole Milk 31c to 33c per lb.
23c to 24c per lb Compound : 26c to 28c per lb.
5c to 6c per lb ....Corn Meal 7c to 8c per lb.
40c to 45c per doz Eggs, Fresh 45c to 50c per doz.
6c to 6y2c per lfy Flour, Bread 7c to 7y2c per lb.
Cc per lb. Flour, Pastry 7C per lb.
17VL.C to 19c per lb i ... Flour, Potato 20c to 21c per lb.
7y2c to 8c per lb 1 . . . .Flour, Rye 8y2c to 9c per lb.
CV4c to 7V4c per lb Meal, Rye 7c to 8c per lb.
7'2c to 8c per lb Flour, Buckwheat 8y2c to 9c per lb.
28ac to 29y2c per lb Lard, Pure 31c to 33c per lb.
1 to 2c per lb Potatoes 24c to 22c per lb.
10c to 11c per lb Rice, Fancy HVic to 12Vfccc per lb.
I-' 8c to 8y2c per lb Rice, Broken 9y2c to 10c per lb.
. ue ro oc per id liouea uats ?c to 9c per lb.
$7.41 to $8.10 per 100 lbs Sugar, Brown 80 to 9yac per lb.
$7.91 to $8.43 per 100 lbs Sugar, Granulated -9c to 10c per lb.
Skimrued Milk Cheese is sold for about five cents less per lb. t Very Old
Cheese commands a premium over these prices.
Advertise in the Reformer Persistent Advertising PayspBesl
...... vt- .i -- .w''a-n-----n.--- .illiiriiii r, - ft--

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