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VOL. 8. NO. 121.
Overcomes Lead Shamrock
Had When Starting Line
Is Crossed
Needs Only One More Victory to lift
the Cup Had the Luck Yesterday
Hard Battle In Progress This After
noonMuch Maneuvering.
HANDY HOOK, X. J-, July 21.
With two victories to ner rrruu .
rock IV led across the-
: incXmro nn a nort tacK. as me
vaehts approached each other Captain
dams drew Resolute over on the star
board tack, whereupon Shamrock came
about, again on the port. :
Resolute w-ent about at 2.0.) and both
vaehts stood' inshore, toward Monmouth
beach Both vaehts tacked to 'star
board at 2.06 with Resolute still to
windward. The yachts keeled over in
the strengthening wind as they stood
awav from the shore.
With no breeze from, any quarter at
K o'ftlock this morning there was lit-
i r.Twnfrt for a race today between
Rhnmrnck IV and the Resolute in
the America's cup race.
Postponement at 15 minute intervals
was ordered at 11.30 o'clock today by
committee. At 12.10' the breeze
still was very light, and there was
:i:n;n nf a loner wait if not
a postponement for the day.
With enreelv a breath of air on
ba'v Resolute and Sham
rock idled around the lightship, the
...;, nnint awnitincr a blow. Both
crews were impatient. Shamrock's
, h-nr fo JIM d a third victory to
their string, which would mean that
frnniv would TO duck. ii
- i , .1
. v.r-Ua n while Kesoinie nopeu
their task or winning
today's race for the
starting line
America's cup
defended by Resolute. The Tipton
sloop needs but one more victory to
lift the cup.
After sounding of the staging signal
at 1 o'clock Shamrock crossed at
1.00.22 and Resolute at 1.00.41, official
time, and breezed away on the first
iK-mile lef? of their 30-mile windward
- e?
and leeward course.
At 1.40 Shamrock was well ahead of
Resolute. It looked as if she would
have a margin in crossing of several
hundred yards. At 1.50 Shamrock was
within two miles of the Highlands and
.... m n 1 I f t rii?ht into the
rrriw . v - - r o
arms of speetat6rs who lined the shore
At 1.52 Shamrock cut out to sea,
T?ut-r.into liohl onto the wrt tack and
Ikl . B 4 - . - - " " "
the two yachts began to converge
Then Resolute managed to cross Sham
rock's bow at 1.55 and then kept to
i.o utarKnnrd. Shamrock messed to
........... .
port a minute later, but Resolute li
h.lf mine about and established hen
..i. shamrock's weather auarter. A lit
iia. lfitpr Tfesolute was leading by 100
As the two sloops stood in shore
Shamrock again endeavored to outt'oot
Resolute hher -inter tEe' wintl. lotn
yachts seemed to lose speed as they
idiot under the lee of the shore.
At 1.58 p. m. Resolute was leading
bv 200 yards and the wind had breezed
to sit knots. At 2.01 Shamrock
u'iint nvvr on the starboard tack and
approached Resolute, which was work-
straight races.
At 12.-52 the regatta commune nui-
signals for the course. a neat
south bv west to a point anoui eigry.
miles off Asbury park witn a run uac.
to the Amorose nauun s'""i"
Each leg is 15 miles.- Two minutes
before a new breeze from tne soiun.
southeast gave some indication ui
holding. .
'rim riTPnjirntorv sicrnal was blown at
12.45 for a start at 1 o ciock.
wind was very light.
si.nmroelt loosened yesterday an-
. . . . - - - r . - . -
Inch has been holding the
Amer ca's Cup here since isoi, au'i "j
winnine has two victories to her credit
in Tiod one more race to carry away
the famous trophy, and Resolute,- tne
defender, must win three straight to
tonn it here. The race, over a truing
------ - .-il
lnr f-nnrse of 30 miles, was sancu in
a fitful wind, which was from west by
nt the start and ended coming
frr.m ivont southwest.
Tlipre was no windward work at all
Jnufon.l thpre were two lerrs or
Sustains Compound Dislocation of In
step in , Automobile Accident
Sight Seeing in Oregon.
News of an accident to Miss Jessie L.
Hawley, who is spending the summer on
tha Pneifie coast, was received bv her
State Makes Good Progress
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Hawley,
In Pettibone Murder Trial yesterday in a telegram from Dr. J. M.
I .Short OI l oruaiiu, "ic, mamis
Elawiey vas in an accident Monday and
suffered a compouuu uisiocaiion oi nei
left instep. The physician further stated
that they hoped to be able to prevent
amputation. Mr. , Hawley telegraphed
Mr. Ferris, Portland representative of the
Kstey Organ Co., and received a telgram
from him this morning saying that he
had called on Miss Hawley, found her
resting ouietly and still cheerful. An
other telegram from Dr. Short received
about 0 o'clock this morning told the
cause of the accident. It read as follows:
"Miss Hawley, with most of the other
passengers, jumped irom a sight-seeing
automobile here yesterday when jt
seemed to be beyond the driver's control
going down a steep grade. She is resting
nicely today with as yet no unfavorable
symptoms. She is' in excellent spirits
. . ...i vii tanr. i
HlSmiSSeS ArtlCle Keiating feWal inspection in Festival hull to-
Roomer at Pettibone Home Tells of
Attempt Sunday Before Murder
Pettibone Asked Doctors Not to
Mention Poisoning.
MANCHESTER, July 21 The prose
cution in the trial of Byron M. Pettibone,
and one of a run with spm-
chareed with the murder of his wife at and feels everyone is very good to her.
T,:;t n tml.iv This and her own good health encourages
Universalist Church
Annual Lawn Party.
Wp.lnesdav. July 21. The annual
lawn party will be held at the home of
Scott. Oak street. There will
i. tl.e onle of aprons, fancy articles,
ice-cream and cake in the afternoon. Sup
ill be served from 5 to 7 o'clock
Menu: Salads, meat louf, rolls, ice-cream,
take, coffee. Tickets, 50 cents.
First Baptist Church
Wednesday afternoon Annual Sundiy
n'ii-.ni t f'reamerv Flat. Entire
i ' n ulraii til
Shamrock won by 9 minutes 2 sec
nn.ls elapsed time, or 2 minutes 26 sec
onds after the allowance of 7 minutes
1 second had been deducted. On the
first leg after a woful start Shamrock
beat Resolute .i minutes .so seconds ac
tual time. On the second leg she added
4 minutes 54 seconds to the first gain,
and on the third leg she outsailed the
Resolute by 5S seconds.
It was a most interesting race to
watch but a very hard one to sail, be
cause it- was a battle of nerves and
ur. mtlr'nor On eacn'vacht the
manv different puffs of air coming first
ono way and then another were noiea,
and then the skippers had to judge
which was the better move to make.
Skipper W. P. Burton on the Shamrock
. , .1V.l1 .1.1.
retiicved himself and saueu tne yucm
n a masterly way, and, after overcom
ing a handicap at the start, the Sham
rock ovchauled the Resolute. " Then.
getting the luck that usually comes
to the leading yacht, he succeeded in
getting across the finishing line well
in the lead.
The Resolute, too. was sailed well,
as always is. ao serious errors m. juu-
ment or of handling wre made. She
was outlncked with the wind, but that
is a fortune of war in yacht sailing,
It was a surprise to the majority who
watched the contest that Shamrock did
so well in what was generally termed
Resolute weatlier, but the extra sail on
the Shamrock told well for her and ill
for the defender
in its enort xo esiaousii mat ivm",
who was an undertakers assistant, poi
soned Mrs. Pettibone because of his al
leged infatuation for a nurse. The trial
nioved rapidly after the jury was chosen
and the state is expected to complete its
case sometime lomonow.
Further .testimony that Mrs. Eva Tet-
tibone was in fear of death by poisoning
at the hands of her husband was given
todav. Mrs. Bessie Wright, a neighbor,
i i. i. - i.... j
said that during a supper wmcn sue
at the Pettibone home at which the tea
was prepared by the defendant, Mrs. Pet
tibone asked her husband what he had
put in the tea, said it was very bitter
and calling him a harsh name asked if he
wis trvimr to poison tier. Pettibone pie-
1 a fresh ciin which ins
us to expect good results."
In a compound dislocation an exterior
wound is caused which communicates
with the joint.
wife drank
without complaining, the witiies said.
(Voss-examination t Mrs. yngru
f.ir- li defense developed
she could remember little other conver
sation between the Pettibone. that .ie
had not testified to the suspicion of -Mrs.
Pettibone previously nor had she men
tioned the incident to anyone until rc-
"Dr'B H. tone testified that an au
topsy was performed on the body of -Mrs.
I..- -i,;Mi the oruans were
for analysis. It is charged by the
killed his wite
siae unit ." - ;-- , . Dna
i.hninisteving poison win, a
The personnel ot tne jury """"..'"
nest BWbe of Rupert, farmer; xwumm
O. Wilcox of Sandgate, farmer; Frank
Sheldon of Rupert, tarmer; r.a.-
ton of Woodford, himberman- WiUiatn
nf Slmttshurv. cieiN", wv.lf.
Settlement of Irish Question Suggested
Meetings Within Three Miles of
Cork Prohibited.
LONDON, July 21. The Sinn Fei
and the British governments are pre
pared to discuss, if they are not already
discussing, a rtasis ot prooaoie settle
ment of the Irish question, accordin
to a statement recorded by the Daily
Mail's Dublin correspondent.
Pederal Inspection in Festival Hall To
night Instruction Iast Night
. Complete Foster.
Instruction was civen the men of the
new uompany i, Vermont
Ouard. last etenina- in Festival hall Vy
Cant. Roy B. Miner preparatory to the
to Purchase from C.
L. Stickney
night'at 8 o'clock. rlhe adjutant gen
eral and a federal officer, Major Gib-
ill romi here to make the in
All commissioneu anu noii-commiB-
c;nno.1 nffieprs have been named. All
the commissioned officers ami most o'.'
Merrill A. Stark of Brattle-
boro to Start
tbc others and some of the privates are rjr y A TNJTSJnTTNrF.
SCHWENK RE-ELECTED overseas men. Following is the com- YVIjLLj AJNJNMUV1
plete roster as it stands today:
Captain Koy u. ivimer.
1st lieutenant Charles A. E.
Cressv Elected Tax Collector and Sal
ary Is Increased from $300 to $500
Tax Kate of 100 Cents Voted Only
29 Voters Present.
Twentv-nine voters, includinz the clerk
and chairman and three women, trans
acted the business of the annual meeting
of the incorporated school district, No.
in the high school room last evening,
which included' the voting
tax rate which will raise
Judge A. F. Schwenk was re-elected a
of a 100-cent
over 170,000.
win. -
2d lieutenant Edward U. vail.
1st sergeant James II. Bastian.
Mess sergeant Clarence E. Shaw.
Ximnlv sereeant George II. Lane.
Serjeants Alexander J. Exner, Ed-
wnrd J. Oncer. Frederick w. ttyan.
Corporals John H. Carpenter, Wil
liam H. Cudworth, John J. Jvuuerry,
Theodoro E. Gustafson (company cleric ),
Fred M. Newton, Sanford A. Smith.
Cooks George A. Haskell, ioya tu.
Mechanic George F. Stephens.
Bugler Edward F. Lindsey.
First class privates Byron S. Ains-
crnrth. Earl A, Barnard. Josepn ii.
Brouillette, Daniel "F. Curtain, William
E. Dolan, Cyde W. Falby, cnaries ,.)
member of the prudential committee to Gav, Webster II. Gay, Clarence P.
Makes Two Brattleboro Men in Field
Descendant of Gen. John Starks
of Revolutionary War Fame and Is
World War Veteran. -
Merrill A. Stark of Brattleboro an-,
nonnces in The Reformer today his can
didacy for the office of senator from
Windham county in the state legislature,
lie is the sixth Windham county man to.
enter the field and his entry make it
certain that the names of two Brattle- .
boro men will appear on the primary 1
ballot, George L. Dunham of this town
Meetings Prohibited.
CORK, Ireland, July 21. A sensa
tion was created here today by the is
suance of a proclamation by Maj. Gen.
Strickland, commander in southern Ire
1'ir.d ivrohiMtin?T meetings, assemblies
and processions within a three-mile
limit of the Cork general poMoffice.
The proclamation wiU become effective
tonight. ... , , . . ,
Army Airplanes Continue Their Flight to
ERIE, Pa., July 21 United States
730 Regular church prayer army airplanes 1.2 and 4. members of the
squauron iiytng irom jnneoia 10 .onie
Alaska, got away trom tiranu liapius,
Mich., this morning. Plane No.- 3 arrived
there jesterday.
ncrrptrution invited ' and asked to tur-
nish provision for supper from 5 to
o clock.
Masonic Temple
J. Young
E. Livingstone ot lKrset, unn..-. , -
AOUUIV ll 1J" " r-
t,o,. f r.nst Dorset, farmer;
Surrenders Himself Alter TWO xears
of Draft Dodging Judge Eoemig
Also Gives Himself Up.
serve three years, it
tinue the employment of a school nurse;
Fred Cressv was elected tax collector to
succeed W. A. Sham way at a salary in
creased from $300 to $500, and the article
relative to buying Lmd from C. L. Stick-no,-
-u-ns n;is8sed over. These were the
..X j I
more important matters of business.
Moderator Frank E. Barber called the
meeting to order and Clerk Clarence E.
rr;it rpad the warrant. Mr. Barber
was re-elected moderator under article 1
The printed reports of the treasurer and
...,i.rtiMl committee on the expenses of
the district the past year and the present
condition of the schools were accepted
and adopted under article 2.
These officers were elected under article
3- Clerk, Clarence E. Merrill; member of
the prudential committee for tnree years,
A. F. Schwenk; treasurer, Charles G. bta-
.les; "collector of taxes, i red Cressy; au
ditor. F. X. Barrows. . ...
Voting to continue to receive nunuu
minils. on terms to be arrangea uy uie
prudential committee, disposed of tUi
next article.
Tf n-aa 'voted under article o to con
nue to have medical inspection in the
schools by a school nurse, on eiitn terms
... tl. r,nijn( a fOTnlYllttee miKUV I '
il LUC ,j -
was voted to con- Goodwin, Joseph E, Martell, Sampson F. J already having begun a campaign for the
Mptr Clarence O. Kintret UUt'Ties it.
Wells, Robert A. Mauley, Raymond W.
Walston. -
PrivAt.es Clifton W. Adams, William
T Afbfi.s. John H. Annerson, iiarK jj.
i.nn,l PiSarlea T. BarilCS. lidwara JN.
Beaudry, Bernard M. Cavanaugh, James
E. Desso, Earl A. Falby, John A. Gad-u-nv
Svlvn. A. Gairnon. Forrest I.
Grapes. Carl n. Hardy, William Holt;
Howard C. La Duke, John B. Manley,
John J. Manning. Thomas M. -Manning,
Edward J. Morrisseau, Edgar R.
Moreton, Edward M. 0"Connor, Anthony
J. Ouger, Henry E. Renaud, Arthur O.
Romprev, Ravmond S. Shippee, Thorn-
i Tier, Altreu ojcnics, uuucn. a.
NEW YORK. July 21. Erwin R
Bergdoll, younger half brother of Grover
Cleveland "Bergdoll, who disappeared from
his Philadelphia home about two years
ago and since then has been sought on
charges of draft evasion, today surren
dered at Governor V island. With Berg-
ine ;--. stored doll surrendered Judges .James J. Koem
formed 7 r the of lhiIadelphia, a personal friend of the
a pica cu . .UnMaM v,e Rercdoll family, who himself is under in
respondent nskeu ln -lictment in connection with Grover's
t...i"i f stum ford, null worker; V ly
4, iwc fnrmer: John D. Flynn
of "Dorset, farmer; Cecil J. LJgerton of
Manchester, laborer.
As soon as the jury nau ien
1,1. ind etment reaa ana im- j".'
the room.
; Wednesday. July 21 Stated conclave of
Beauseant Commandery, No. 7, Knights
Wednesday evening, July 21, 7.3ft
of Beauseant
o'clock Stated conclave
Commandery, No. 7, K. T,
Odd Fellows Temple
Red Mens Hall
Thursday, July 22, 8 p. m Regular
meeting Pocahontas council, No. 4, 1). of
P. A good attendance is desired.
Friday, July 23, at 8 p. m. Regular
meeting of Quonekticut tribe, No. 2,
IinpM O. R. M. A good attendance is
The past noble grands will hold their ! requested as there is business of im
pienic July 31. Details will be announced portance to be transacted.'
ater- Dance Saturday night.
Great Fire, Smoke and
Water Sale
Will continue till the entire stock that was damaged by
fire, smoke and water is disposed of.
Going to sell it all out and put in entire new stocks.
E. J. Fenton
include physicians, something out bf the
i;narV even in murder trials, laken
in connection with the close cros ques
tioning of Dr. Gardiner, the action may
l taken to mean that the respondent
will consider the treatment prescribed by
the physician when called on the night
Mrs. Pettibone died.
The opening statement to the jury was
ade bv State's Atttorney Graves who
said that the state would introduce ei-
Aanna tvllifd, WOll Id tend to show that
Mrs. Pettibone died on the night of April
f, 1020, an hour or so after she had
drank a dose of salts which contained a
bi dose of strychnine placed in the po
tion by the respondent, Mr. Tettibone;
that shortly after going to bed, Mrs
Pettibone was taken suddenly ill; that
nhe died at 11 o'clock, about an nour auer
drinking the salts, and that neither Mr.
Pettilwne nor Mr. Rice, a roomer ai me
Pettibone home, who also took a dose
of salts, suffered any ill effects. The
ni,tnnv performed later on the body of
the woman showed the presence of.
enough strychnine in the stomach to
caue deatii. counsel declared.
Two witnesses were examined yester
day, Dr. E. M. Gardiner, who was called
to "visit Mrs. Tettibone, and Eugene Rice,
who roomed at the Pettibone home. The
doctor rrot only told how he was called
and fonnd Mrs. Pettibone at 10 o'clock at
night going into successive convulsions,
with calm intervals netween mem, um
added that when he and' the second doc
tor who was called and who arrived j
after Mrs. Pettibone had died were
leaving the liptise. Pettibone accompa
nied them to their cars and said: "If
you have any idea that there has been
poisoning here, I wish you wouldn't say
anything about it on account of the talk
it makes in a small town."
The doctor testified that in his opin
ion, formed on a report from the. state
chemical laboratory Mrs. Pettibone
died of strychnine poisoning.
The next witness was Eugene Rice, the
lodger in the Pettibone home. He also
went over the events of the fateful night,
but he also added a new and sensational
incident to the porry tale.
farmer-Labor Party Candidate Asks
Harding And Cox To Help.
DENVER. Colo.. Julv 21. Parley P,
Christensen, Farmer-Labor party candi
date for president, today telegraphed to
Senator Harding, rcepuoncan nominee
and Governor Cox, Democratic candi
date, suctrestinff that all ioin in a de
mand upon President Wilson to immed
intelv release Eusrene V. Debs from
iiiji.. ... , . ii,
ri.ic brought the business down co ing
estion of buying from t. u. cmu-kiu..
rS lrmd adioinmsl the SCHOOl
' (Continued on Page 8.)
MoRlems Charged wun u yie,
Against Foreign Occupation
of Turkey.
ciated Press.) Wholesale arrests were
m'nde here today in connection with an
alleo-ed plot to promote a general up
r;rr f Moslems asrainst foreign oe
. " .,7;, Tim nnfession of one plotte
is reported to have implicated high ot
ficials of one of the entente powers in
- . , V - 1
n..,i nnncmrupv which as i
rected chiefly against the iruisn.
Fair Tonight and Thursday Little
Change In Temperature.
WASHINGTON, July 21. -The
weather forecast: Fair tonight and
Thursday. Little change in tempera
ture; Light winds, mostly west and
southwest. .
Jonas. Shot bv "Soul Bride," Will
Live, It Is Said.
CHICAGO, July 21 . Hope of sav
ing the sight of Julius Jonas, who is
recoverinsr in Montrose Avenue hospi
tal from the bullet wound inflicted by
Miss Pauline Meclice, his "soul bride"
last Sunday before -she shot and killed
herself, was abandonedyesterday, fol
lowinir a. consultation of specialists.
Donnitp Jonas 's improved condition
Dr. Herman Moike stated that there
ivna nn hone of savins his sight. He is
totally blind, specialists assert.
Charged 'With .Manslaughter After Kill
ing His Opponent In Boxing Match.
T.AV"RF.VCE. Mass., July 21.
Joseph P. Madden was arrested today
ti o rl,nrre of manslaughter after the
On the Sunday night previous Mr. and death of Frank Russo, with whom Mad
Mrs. Pettibone, Rice and a Miss Bessie den engaged in a boxing match las'
Wrhrht had supper in the Jt'ettibone marht. roiice omciais 11
kitchen. Pettibone himself got. out the
meat, the bread and butter, and made the
tea. Mrs. Tettibone tasted her tea and
then said to Miss Wright and Rice:
"Does your tea taste funny? Mine tastes
awful bitter." She also bb id: "I won
der if someone is trying to poison me."
nrolmldv was accidental, but said Mad
j ......
den would be held pending a report 01
the medical examiner.
office. W mdham county is entitled to
two senatorships. Following is Mr. "
Stark's announcement:
Editor of The Reformer:
Through the columns of , your good
paper I wish to announce to the voter 1
of Windham" county that I am a candi-1
date for one of the senators for Windham
I make this announcement and decision
after 'consulting many of my friends,
and I wish to state that if 1 am elected
I will do everything in my power for the
advantage" and good of the people of
Vermont and will promote every iue v
which has a tendency to reduce the high
cost of living and to raise wages up to
the standard where every man can Up-
Iport and educate his children the war
they should tie supported and educated.
I am. for better schools, better roads,
better enforcement of law and for every
issue that makes b'lltef! Americans and
Miss Gladys Stoodley Injured in Smith J tha promotes happiness' and prosperity.
j will announce me piaiiK 01 my pim
Shop in- Putney Part. M.JHer ,
- Hair Pulled Out.
(Special to The Reformer.)
PUTNEY', July 21.
Mi'ss Gladys Stoodley of Chester, an
mploye at the Denton Smith corporation
shop, was injured badiy wnue at r,
yesterday atternoon. "i
ating a wood turning lame ner
caueiit on a shafting and was wound up
bv it
form in a few days, and will begin an ac
tive campaign.
I desire your support. .
Very truly yours,
Brattleboro, July 21.
Mr. Stark is a descendant of Gen. John
Stark of Revolutionary war fame, and is
himself a veteran of the World war and
saw service in France. Mr. Stark has
Some of the hair was pulled out served three enlistments in the army
n'A ta i-niincr woman's scalp was loos
ened. She is in lied, attended uy w.
H. Buglee, at her boarding place, J?reu
Fuller's in this village. v
Mr. Smith heard Miss btoodley s cries,
but thought at first that the outcries
were, by boys who were paining in a
near-by brook. He finally located the
source'and then went to another part of
the building and shut off the power.
and holds three honorable discharges.
Court Declares Rev. 0. J. Kvale to
BENSON, Minn., July. 21. The Rev.
O. J. Kvale of Benson is disqualified as
the Republican candidate for congress iu
the seventh Minnesota district and Rep
resentative A. J. Volstead, author of the
prohibition enforcement act, is declared
to be the "duly nominated candidate" 'in
a decision filed here yesterday by District
Judge Albert Johnson, who heard the
suit contesting Kvale a nomination.
Volstead was defeated by Kvale in the
June 21 primary. Kvale was indorsed by
the Non-Partisan league-
Attorney Robert Twitchell of Bellows
Falls Enters Field Third to An-
I An eiaht-vear-old Polish bov recently
Attorney Robert Twitchell of Bellows j paye(j twenty simultaneous games of ches
Falls is a candidate lor election 10 me in par,a and won tnem an.
office of state's attorney for indiiam
Irish Made Unsuccessful Demonstration
For Release of Prisoners.
tmtrttv July 21. A demonstration
. . . . 1 : . m 1 1 . r 1 1 t, 1 1 . i. v in nia v . . w . - - 1
ii,a movement for securing the release ot ,p
1H, . - I , .
to Tjirkin from prison in America. israiuenoro.
cneral strike was ordered, put uie re
sponse to the call was not general.
procession planned to demonstrate in
front of the American consulate was par
ticipated in by comparatively few work-
ers. It passed rne cons mute
o'clock. A strong police lorce was on
guard at the consulate.
county. He is a member ot tne law nrm
of Bolles, Thompson & Twitchell.
There are three candidates for the
office, the others being Attorney Fred B.
LPingree of Bellows Falls and Attorney
fl-Mward S. Jones of Wilmington and
Official Announcement Regarding Peace
Treaty Greek Invasion.
D . Jfl? I V
' " '
be Kicked i
oblwion IF
1 civouGH!
Taking A Day Off Previous To Notifi
cation Ceremonies Tomo row.
MARION. O.. July 21. In prepara-
iir, fr the notification ceremonies to
morrow of which his acceptance speech
will be a part. Senator Harding, Repub
lican presidential nominee, arrangeu xo
spend most of today in rest and recrea
tion. He had only a lew caners on jus
day 's program, which included among
lother things a long automobile ride
and a game of golf. . 1
- ,
Workers Still
Wage Award.
CHICAGO, July 21. Danger of an im
mediate strike of railway workers ot the
country apparently had dissipated when
1,0 o nnn rnresentatives of the 16 rail
way crafts resumed their conference here
this morning to consider the $600,000,000
wnce increase cranted by the railway la
v.nnr.-l in ita decision handed down
A scientist has made the discovery that
native of South both X-rays and radiuin m chihk !, f.rst of its class in Great
. TV. ;r,rrl,.ilj oTinke. a
Africa, can throw a spray of poison a I color and add to the
distance of fifteen feet. ' ' stones.
ciated Press). Turkey . has decided to
sign the peace treaty, it was announced
officially todav. The Turkish war office
was advised todav that the advance
That "just-as-good" ' suit
of underwear become 3
ashamed of itself in a month
guard of the Greek army had entered or IW0 and then yOU gO back
Adrianopie. . nnrl W fhP WP -knttPfi.
standard, article, that you
Supply Sergeant Little Shoots. Himself Were talked OUt of at the
I M- Am
With Revolver. biarb.
eeant C. H . Li
i;!1!; We. don't i sell Vjust-as-
troops of the" third cavalry at Fort Ethan gOOd" COliverSatlOll 111 thlS
Auen, commuieu uiciuC m .... j sHOT) out a iine oi sumuaru
shooting himself with a 4.-calibre reyol- - - ...
to the wise money spender..' v-
Excellent Summer Under
wear, at $1.00, $1.50, $1.75,
$2.00 and $2.50 per gar
ment. '
Chinese Commander Ready to Give Up
PFTCTNG. Julv 19. Peace terms
amounting to complete capitulation of
the military party have been offered by
Cen. Tnnn Chi Jui. the army com
mander, it was stated here today.. The!
oT-ma oro heme communicated to tne
leaders of the other factions.
Tim T ?,rlnn School of Medicine for
Britain, was founded in isti.

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