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G. E. Sherman
Clear Policies
General Insurance
Automobile Service
htTri; 2d Trip
l.rave . m. m p. m.
Tt.vnhend, Chaie'i Stor, 6.30 11.38
Newfane Inn. MS 11.50
Wiltiamtville Station, 7.05 12.05
West Dummerston Store, 7.20 12-2i
Arrive Brattleboro, 7.40 12.40
Brattleboro, Root's Pharmacy, 9.20 3.45
Vt Dummerston Store, 9-40 4.05
Williamsville Statior,, 9 55 4.20
Newfane Inn, 10.10 4.40
Arrive Townsliend, 10.25 .01
Order book at Root's Pharmacy, Brattleboro.
Towntfcend, Vt.
Pbon Newfane 34-31.
Stops Hair Coming Out;"
Doubles Its Beauty.
A few cents buys "Danderine." After
aa application of "Danderine" you can
not find a fallen Lair or any dandruff,
besides every hair Bhow9 nevy life, vig
or, brightness, more color and thick
nesa. .
Automobile service Tel. 264-W
DR. E. L.vTRACY. Physician and Sureeon, 214
Main St. Office hours: 8 to 9 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m.,
7 to 8.30 p. h. Tel. 256.
Dr7B. E. WHITE, Physician and Surgeon,
Barber Buildiniz. Rooms 205 and 206. Hours
1-3 and 7 8 p. m.. Office tel. 717-W; res., 717-R.
DR. C. B. HUNTER. Office at residence. West
Brattleboro: Hours: 8 to 9 a. m.: 1 to 2, and
6.30 to 8 p. m.. Telephone, 318.
DR. THOMAS RICE, Physician and Surgeon.
153 Main St. Tel. 291. Office hours: 1 to 3,
and in the evening.
W. T. KAINE, M. T., Physician and Surgeon.
Office, Room 10, Ullery Building. Hours: 8.30
to 9.30; 1.30 to 3.00; 7 to 8. Office 'phone, 429-W
Residence, 75 Frost St., 'phone 429-R.
CR. ALDRIChTm. D. Hours: 12.30 to 2.30
7 to 8. Office 'phone, 165-W; house, 165-R
X-ray work a specialty.
C. R. ANDERSON, Surgeon and Physician
Kureery a specialty. Office and residence
Brooks House, 128 Main St. Hours: After
noons. i.30 to 3; evenings, 7 to 8, except 'lues
days and ; Fridays. Sundays by appointment
only. 'Phone, 246.
DR. GRACE W. BURNETT, Physician and
Surgeon. Market btock, Elliot St. Office
hours: 8.30 to 9.30 a. m., 1.30 to 2.30, and 7 to 8
, p. in. Telephone, 744-W.
DR. n. P. GREENE, Physician .and Surgeon
OJhce. Bank block. Hours: 9.30 to 10 a. m.
1 to 3. and 7 to" 8 p."m. Residence, 88 Green St
Telephone connection.
EDWARD R. LYNCH, M. D.. Surgery a spe
fidlty. Office, Park Building. 'Phone. 540.
Hours, 1 to 4 p. m. : 7 to 9 p. m. Residence
141 Canal St. 'Phone. 177. Sundays by ap
pqintment only.
Dr7aTi7MII.I,ER. ifooker block. Brattle
boro. Office hours: 8 to 9, 1 to. 2, 6.30 to 8.
W. R. NOYES, M. DTEye7 Ear, f oe and
Throat. 9 to 12, 1.30 to 5. Wednesday and Sat
urday evenings. , Other hours and Sundays by
apj ointment. Appointments for glasses fittings
made by mail or 'phone. American Bldg.
DR. HENRY "TUCKER. Residence. 12 C.Tw
St.; telephone. 258.. Office, Leonard blorfe.
IUiurs:l30 to 3, and 7 to 8. Telephone, 29-W.
DR7H. Lt WATERMAN. Office, 117 Main St.
Oyer Kuech's store. Hrs.: 1.30-3, 7-8. Tel. 42-W,
Vf. R. ANE,M.D., H7 Main St. Hours:
1 to 3 and 7 to 8, except Sundays Tel. 739-W.
DR. C. G." WHEELER, Osteopathic Physician.
10 Barber Bldg. Office hours: 10 to 12 and 2
to. 4. Treatment by appointment. Tel. 219-W. ,
JOHN-Er"GALETAttorney at Law. GuilfoTd.
Vt. Telephone. 302-W. - ' I
DR. C. F. BARBER, Dentist. Union block,
, Brattleboro. . - . j
CHSEiHtJGHES Attorneys; practice in
all State and U. St Courts; 63 Main St. Tele
Vhone, 914. I
HASINS4 SCHWE"NK. Attorneys and
Counsellors at Law. Brattleboro. Vt. (
FRANK ErBARBERTAttorney at Law. Bar
ber Huitding, Brattleboro. t
BARROWS & CO., Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in coals of all kinds. Office, 37 Main
' "ratl'eboro. - .
BOND SON, Exclusive Undertaklaj. Auto
mobile. service. Telephone 264-W.-;
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sargent of Hart
ford were in town Saturday.
Gordon Davis of Newport, N. II., is
visiting Wayne Butler a few days.
Mrs. John Clark, who was working
in Londonderry, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. George Allen are car
ing for Edson Allen, who ia no better.
Mrs. Roe Tavnton is suffering with
heart trouble. Dr. Gale is attending
Mr. Stevens and daughter, Miss Ber
tha Stevens, are guests at the Jamaica
Gilbert Clayton of Pikes Falls is
working for George Eager in Land-
grove. -
C. II. Jackson and Miss Clara Simp
son of Wardsboro were in town on busi
ness last week.
Several were interested in watching
the aeroplane which passed over the
town July 14. ,
Olie Cole and family of South Wards
boro have moved to A. B. Stark's farm
near Ball mountain.
Miss Vera Martin entertained sev
eral of. her little friends Saturday, it
being her sixth birthday anniversary.
Madame Cushman and Miss Addie
Cushman of New York city were visi
tors in town Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mis3 Lucille Noble of New York ci
ty is visiting her grandmother, Mrs.
Mary Sherwin. Mrs. L. J. Noble came
with her.
Mrs. H. E. Tost and son, Herbert,
and Misses Edith and Addie Pendleton
of New York called on Miss Edith
Clarke Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rue have been
entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Fred White
and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hulsart of
Freehold, N. J., recently.
Mis Betty Anderson, who has been
visiting her" aunt, Mrs. R. J. Daggett,
a few days, returned to her home in
Brattleboro Tuesday.
Mrs. P. Loomis, who spent the win
ter nnd spring with relatives in Brat
tleboro came last week to live in Am
anda Allen 's tenement for the summer.
Mrs. Edgar Butler entertained the
Jamaica W. C. T. IT. Frhlay afternoon.
A picnic lunch was served and a re
port of the Brattleboro convention was
Rev. and Mrs. L. II. Sprague were
in Wardsboro July 14 to attend the
wedding of his nephew. Fay Sprague,
and Miss Edith Wilder. Rev. Mr.
Sprague performed the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson and
three children, Betty, Lawrence, and
Dorothy, came from Brattleboro Sun
lay to visit at R. J. Daggett's until
Tuesday. On Sunday they visited Mrs.
Anderson's grandfather Belding's old
home in Londonderry. i
R. E. Robinson has a new Dodge car.
Miss Mildred Patterson went to
Iveene Mondav.
Miss Clara Ranney of Saxtons River
s visiting her aunt, Mrs. Vroina Howe.
Adren Allen of Northampton, Mass..
was a guest at u. it. uieason a uisi
Miss Inez Bucklev of West Towns-
bend is staying with Mrs. Mary Pat-
A. L. Howe and Clifford Herrick have
een helping Raymond Howe with his
Fred Howard of Putnev was here
Thursday gathering up cows he had
Merle Potter returned to his work
"n Wilbraham, Mass., Monday after a
two weeks' stay at home.
' Mrs. M. Park Osgood and two chil
dren visited Mrs. Osgood's brother,
Carroll Doane, in Londonderry re
George Battles, who has been cared
for at M M. Sage 's the past few
weeks, passed away Saturday, burial
in Wardsboro the first of the week.
Mr. Battles has been a great sufferer
for about four years having met with
an accident in whieh his back was
While Guy Pierce was in Brattleboro
July 14, he suffered an attack of ap
pendicitis and was taken to the Me
morial hospital, where he was oper
ated upon July 15. Mr. and Mrs. Ned
Pierce and son, Clarence, Guv s par
ents and brother, and Dr. G. T. Gale
of West Townshend went to the hos
pital to see him the day of the opera
tion. Mrs. Pierce and Clarence visited
him again Saturday, when they were
accompanied to Brattleboro by Mrs.
Ethel Patterson and daughter, Lois
Mrs. Patterson's mother, Mrs, W. C
Lippineott, who -had been at the hos
pital for an operation on her mouth,
returned home with them. The many
friends of -Mr. Pierce are glad to know
lie is making a good recovery.
Sprague Wilder.
A nrettv weddintr tool nl Wpi1hp
. n i - - - - . '
day evening, July 14, in the Methodist
, l....V. Vf: x.i:t. t nr?,i
.iiuii u. nuru iiirs j-.uuil lj. vil(ier
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ti G. WihW
" r
and L. H. Sprague, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ij. P. Sprague, were married by
Rev. L. H. Sprague of Jamaica, an
uncle of the bridegroom. A double rinrr
service was used, the ceremony being
Clancy Kids
Just Like What A Son
Would Do
tr ih McCltir Newspaper Syndicmt
pcrfi rn-cd under an arch of ferns and
daises in the presence of a church full
of friends.
The party entered the church and ad
vanced to the alter as Miss Carrie Ware
played Mendelssohn's wedding march,
the bride being escorted by her father.
The bridesmaid was Miss Ruth Hebb of
Brattleboro, the best man was Martin
Gleason of Wardsboro, and Miss Doral
Johnson of Seymour, Conn., was ring
bearer. The ushers were Gerald E.
Sprague, brother of the bridegroom, and
Roy Wilder, brother of the bride.
; The bride's gown was white georgr
ette over white silk with pearl trim
mings and. she wore a veil and cap.
She carried a boquet of white roses.
The bridesmaid Wore a dress of laven
der voile with hat to match, and car
ried red roses.
The bride's gift to the bridesmaid
was a gold pendant set with pearls,
and the bridegroom's gift to the best
man was a pair of gold Masonic link
cuff buttons.
Mrs. Sprague graduated from Leland
and Gray seminary in the class of HUH
She taught in Pikes Falls the past year
Mr. Snrairue's parents came here
from North Adams. He graduated
from the Drury high school in North
Adams in the class of 1913. He tausht
school one year and for the past year
has been engaged m i. M. C A. work
at the naval submarine base at New
London, Conn.
They received many beautiful gifts
of silver, cut glass, useful mJcles and
Many relatives and guests were pres
ent at the wedding from Wilmington,
Seymour. Conn., Sprinefield, Mass., Bel
lows Falls, Saxtons River, Brattleboro
and North Adams.
After a reception at the Wilder tiome
they left for a wedding trip.
T. W. Plimpton and Wales Tlimpton
of Greenfield, Mass., wTere at home over
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Morse returned
Tuesday from a trip to Rutland and
Lake George.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eddy of Towns
hend visited their cousin, Mrs. Maria
Johnson recently.
Mr. and Mrs. ;V. E. Allen are moving
to Pikes Falls to keep boarding house
for John Tibbetts.
Mrs. George Hollendbeck and son,
Earl, of Lislon, N. H.. visited her
aunt, Mrs. II. E. Knight, last week.
Rev. and Mrs. Ashfield Ashford and
children,. Jennie and Robert, of Isle
La Motte visited friends here last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Whitney of
Worcester, Mass., are visiting Mrs.
Whitney's sister, Mrs. F. B. Kidder.
Cloves C. Stone of Northboro, Mass.,
visited Miss Ethel V. Parsons a few
days last week while on his way to
Montreal. Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Honkinon of Cam
bridge, Mass., and Mrs. Andrews are
staying with his brother. Dr. G. IIop
kinson, at his summer home.
Ward Plimpton, who spent two weeks
it his hone here, cet timed to Bristol.
Conn., Monday, necomjvanied by his
sist-r, Miss Genie Plimpton. ,
Mrs. Howard Wright and son of Sax
fons River attended the wedding of
Miss Edith Wilder and L. H. Sprague
anI called on other friends last week.
Mrs. Maud Grearson of Southern
Pines, N. C, has been a guest of Mrs.
L. A. Derby the past week. She went
to' visit relatives in Newfane Wednes-
James Gloason of Springfield, Mass.,
and Mrs. Lawrence Holeomb and two
children of ' West field, Mass., came'to
attend the wedding of Miss Edith Wil
der and L. H. Sprague and visited their
father, J. E. Gleason.
George Battles, a former resident.
died Saturday at Bert Sage's in East
Jamaica, where he had been 10 days.
Mr. Battles injured his spine two years
ago and had been in the Memorial
hospital until brought to Mr. Sage's.
funeral services were held at the house
and the burial took place in the vil
lage cemetery at Wardsboro. Rev. A.
J. Green officiated.
Herbert Barrett and threo children
of Brattleboro called on relatives Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Hall of Vernon
A Regular
Morning Dish of
with cream
or good milk
makes a fine
start for any
days work.
Needs No Sugar
! I
rwe hohcto hy pop
evef? OAST HM
IT- flor houj CH I
spent Sunday with Mr. nail's mother,
Mrs. J. B. Sage
Mr. and Mrs. Royce Severance of Si
monsville visited Mrs. Severance par
ents the first-of the week.
The community club will h61d an
ice-cream social at the church vestry
Saturday evening, July 24, at 8 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cobb and chil
dren visited relatives in TJandville Sun
day. Mr. Cobb's mother returned with
Miss Mary and Miss Anna Grindly,
who spent two weeks' vacation at John
Lowe's, have returned to their home
inj Bridgeport, Conn. , 4V ,
Miss Mildred Lowe; ,who .lias been
spending two weeks with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs.- John Lowe, has returned
to her work in Holyoke. ;
C. C. Culver went to Townshend Mon
Mrs. Frost and two daughters have
returned from Derby Line.
Rev. H. L. Ballou of Chester will oc
cupy the pulpit next Sunday.
Mrs. Lloyd Marten of Chester is a
guest of her aunt, Mrs. Etta Hall.
Maple Home is open with several
guests and others expected Saturday.
Miss Pricilla Gallup of Bellows Falls
is a guest of Miss Hazel Treadwell.
Mrs. L. J. Rich, nnd Miss Helen Rich
of Boston are at the Tavern for the
The Ladies', missionary meeting has
been postponed to Friday of this week
at- the chapel.
Mrs. Edgar Mylod and Miss Edith
Mylod of Providence are at the Tavern
several weeks.
Dr. William Freemantle of Philadel
phia will occupy the pulpit the last
four Sundays in August.
Miss Phebe Walker, who has been
at her home here two weeks, has re
turned to North Stratford.
Mr. and Mrs. J L. Alger of Prov
idence are at Fruit-ledge, their sum
mer home, for a few weeks.
Carlton Park, jr., of Boston, came
July 13 to visit his grandparents, Mr.
Mrs. Farrar, who had been a guest of
her brother, W. E. L. Walker, has re
turned to. her home in Springfield, Mass.
Mrs. Hall and Miss Hall, Mr. and
Mrs. Pardons and Miss Parsons of
Springfield called on friends in town
The postponed annual meeting of
Graftou Memorial and Improvement
association will be held at the town
hall Saturday evening, July 24.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson A. Powell and
family of Old Chatham, N. Y., who
are touring New England on horseback,
stopped over night at the Tavern last
Miss L. J. C. Daniels and Miss L.
E. Daniels, who had been on an auto
mobile trip 10 days, returned home
Friday, Miss L. J. C. Daniels re
turned to Boston Monday. .
Attention has been called to the
fact that the name of George W. Di
mond should appear in the list of sol
diers in the Civil war. ne was a mem
ber of Company H.,' 2d United States
sLrivWter. jx-rn?al ,o, ,fiw.dijit
of this company shows that two other
names have been omitted: - Albert L.
HTdland, and Loring Wyman.
week. .
Miss Elid.i Frost is working this sum
mer for Mrs. Fred Campbell.
Mrs. Lora Bell of Natick, Mass., is vis
iting her brother, George Pebbles.
The Ladies' Aid society met Thurs
day afternoon with Mrs. Rollin Ran
ney for supper.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lake and family
of Grafton were guests Sunday of Mr.
and Mrs. Roland Chapman,
i Harold. Hailow of Boston and Maiden,
Mass., is spending a two weeks' vacation
with his aunt, Miss Alice Goodell.
Mis. Stephen Bacon of Jersey City, N.
J., and two children are visiting her
mother, Mrs. Walter Curtis, at the par
sonage. Lawyer Frank Camobell of Melrose.
Mass., came Sunday to spend two weeks",
vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Fie 1 Campbell. i
George Bell returned Saturday from a
visit with his daughter. Mrs. Grace Perry
of Maiden, Mass. Although 8o years of
age he mado this trip alone. J
News has Wen received of the birth of
,i son, George, jr., to Mr. and Mrs. George
tampbelt ot Niagara, N. Y., and grand
son to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Campbell of
this place.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ilakey and sons,
Raymond and Marvin, of Bartonsville
came Monday to visit Mrs. Hakey's fa
ther, George Bell. Mr. Ilakey and son
will do the haying for Mr. Bell.
Roland Chapman and familv and Mrs.
George Gould and daughter, Lydia, of
Windsor returned July li from an au
tomobile trip to Red Hook, N. Y., where
they spent several days with Mrs. Chap
man's and Mrs. Gould's sister, Mrs.1
George HuLbard.
, Edward Campbell of Baltimore, Md.,
came last week to visit his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Campbell. He was joined
Monday by his wife and her little brother,
who had been visiting relatives in Prov
idence, R. I. They will return to their
home in Biiltimore Saturday.
Dr. Ned D. Goodhue and family and
IKnou) Hours L
oor of ir.
i'u 'hang neseif.
etc ir
Dr. Arn and family of Dayton, Ohio, came
Wednesday to Brattleboro, going Thurs
day to Spofford lake. This week Dr.
Goodhue's sisters, Mrs. Henry Dunham
and Mrs. A. F. Schwenk, and families al
so went to Spofford. They will occupy
three cottages for a month. Their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Goodhue, will
be with them part of the time. Dr. Good
hue and Dr. Arn have been guests here
of Harlan Goodhue several . days, while
fishing. Nellie Howard went Saturday to
work for Mrs. Goodhue and Marion Ben
son went Monday to -work for Mrs. Dun
ham,2; while they are at the lake.
' Mrs. Londigan of Agawam, Mass., is
boarding with Mrs. Luella F. Bingham.
Miss Abbie Goodell, who has been at
Earle Taylor's, in Marlboro, is at home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Miller and son of
Brattleboro are with her father, Mar
shall A. Moore, through haying.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Bailey and son,
Donald, of Greenfield, Mass., were at Ira
M. Ingram's Sunday and Monday.
Miss Maud Edwards, who has been
working for Mrs. Mary Ballou, has re
turned to her home in Wardsboro.
Herbert C. Ingram of Lawrence, Mass.,
came Tuesday to remain with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. Ingram, a few
Mrs. Josephine Setters and daugh
ters, Misses Dorothy and Evelyn Set
ters, came from Oxford, Mass., and are
at their summer home.
Dwight E. Bailey and sons, Charles
and Chester, of Agawam, Mass., came
Wednesday and are at his camp on
Stratton hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Allen of Spring
field, Mass., also Mr. and Mrs. Allen
and son of Bellows Falls, were callers
at Mrs. Samuel Morse 'a Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ingram
have sold their farm on the Marlboro
Branch road to Mr. and Mrs. Page of
New Haven, Conn., and will give pos
session Sept. J.
Mrs. Arthur (Annie Ball) Strugnell
of London, England, a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. E. Milton Dexter, left Monday for
New York. She will sail Saturday on
the New York. ' .
Mrs. John D. Blake and two daughters
and Lyle Mellen, all of Minneapolis,
Minn., motored here Sunday afternoon,
having spent two weeks en route. They
are at the l.lake summer home.
Newly arrived boarders at Mrs. Frank
E. Bruce 's at Brook side are Miss Hat
tie Newton, Miss Mabel Clark and Miss
Alma Vivina of Springfield, Mass., Mrs.
J. Brower nnd Miss M. Brower of
Mrs. Ellis and two children, Mildred
and Earle. of Paxton, Mass., are guests
of Mrs. Wallace A. Johnson. Miss Amy
Hume and Miss Bertha Searl of New
Britain. Conn., w ill eome today (Fri
day) for a week s stay.
Mrs. Nellie (Dexter) Thompson, her
brother-in-law, Mr. Bates, and two chil
dren and sister, Miss Bates, of Troy, N.
V., who are making an automobile trip
to New Haven to visit relatives, were
callers in the village Tuesday.
Recent arrivals at Mrs. Marv Bal
lou 's are; Miss Emily Dunn of New
York pity. Miss Blanche E. Ramsav
'and Miss Mattie A. Ramsav of Cam
bridge, Mass., Miss Frances Fisher,
Miss Mary Cnmmins, Miss Edna J.
La very, Miss Helen Creagh and Miss
Margaret Creagh of Bridge port. Conn.,
John Baptist and daughter, Miss Doro
thy Baptist, of Bridgeport. Conn., mo
tored in Thursday. Miss Baptist will
remain until Sept. 1. Her father left
for home Sunday. Miss Belle Aitken.
.Miss Elsie Herschlin, Miss Florence
Aitken, Miss Minnie Smith and Miss
Euphemia Stewart, after a stav of
two weeks, have returned to Long Is
land Citv.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Metcalf visited rel
atives in Brattleboro Thursday.
Maude Moore visited relatives in Brat
tleboro from Friday to Monday.
W. S. Bowhay and son of New York
are boarding at A. E. Jones's two weeks.
Mrs. S. H. Yeaw of Brattleboro is
Friending a few days at W. J. Metcalt's.
Willard Bugbee of Bellows Falls visited
his half-brother, A. E. May, and family
this week.
Mrs. Grace Hill . and two children of
Halifax tH')t a few days this week with
her aunt, Mrs. Diantha Nilcs.
A. J. Howe of Ohio came Tuesday to
visit his sister, Marion Howe, and
brother, W. D. Howe, and family.
Ieone Turner returned home Tuesday
from Spofford lake, where she spent three
weeks with Fred Adams's family.
Mr. and Mrs. Sabin Yeaw of Brattle
boro visited at D. S. Prouty's and A. E.
Jones's over Sunday and called on other
Mrs. Proctor and daughter, Mildred,
Mrs. Ralph Moore and Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Yeaw of Brattleboro were. Sunday
guests at W. J. Metealf's.
Mrs. George Mundell and children, who
have spent 10 days at Charles Edwards's,.
went Sunday to Brattleboro, where they
recently moved from Millers palls.
On Tuesday afternoon 2) ladies, neigh
bors and friends of Mrs. Rua Adams,
commonly known as Aunt Rua, went to
the home of Mrs. Adams to help celebrate
her 80th birthday anniversary, which was
on July 9. They enjoyed a very pleasant
afternoon, and refreshments of salad,
sandwiches, cake, ice-cream and cookies
Yen what?
W 7
were terved on- the large porch. They
left Aunt Rua a small token of their ap
preciation of the large iimo int of work
she has done for the Ladies' Aid society
of this place. All left wishing her many
more happy birthdays. The visit was a
surprise to Mrs. Adams...
Roger Monroe Aiken of Putney and.
Miss Mary pianette Turner of Last Dover
were married July 3 in Burlington by
Rev. Mr. Robbins, and after a short trip
to Montpelier and other places they
came here to the home of her parents,
Mr., and Mrs. "Charles Turner, where a
reception was ' held Saturday, July 10.
The lawn was trimmed tastefully with
Japanese lanterns. Over 73 persons were
present. Refreshments of cake, cookies
and ice-cream were served. Mrs. Allen
graduated from the Brattlelxro high ;
school in 1913 and from the Castleton
normal school in 1015. Since then she
has taught in Dummerston and Putney.
Mr. Aiken graduated from the Brattle
boro high school in 1014. He served in
the World war and was in camp at Paris
Island and later in Cuba. They are keep
ing house on Oak Street in Brattleboro,
Mr. Aiken being employed, at E. Crosby
& Co.'s grain elevator.
Mr. and Mrs. Aldace Wilson are
spending a few days with Mrs. Wil
son Ts sisters, Mrs. W. J. Snow and Mrs.
C. J. Upton.
Gladys McRay has been visiting her
friend Dorothy Ottignon, at Mrs. Mary
Electric Fan
Other sizes at other prices
$6.50 to $60
Lawrence Garage
Townshend, VI.
All kinds of automobile repairing and over
hauling done in first-class shape.
Standard makes and sizes of tires and tubes
carried in stock. Tubes vulcanized.
Complete "up-to- the-minute" acetylene weld
ing outfit 0 '
Automobile livery service, day or night, con
nected. Call and see me. :
Tel. 32-16
A Good Buy
250 Dozen Cups and Saucers, for the" lumber
camp; cup and saucer, for 10
For the Boarding Jlouse, cup and saucer, 20
For Your Home, cup and saucer ..... .... 30
For the Ladies' Tea, china, direct from Japan,
cup and saucer for 40
I have had more call for cups and saucers
than for any other article. Now I will try to sup
ply everyone.
IM CoiV To I
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Noyes and the'
hitter's sixter and family motored f roiii
Hoosick Falls, Sunday to jit their -aunt
and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. J. K.
Atwood. , j
The . people from the Cold Brook
neighborhood, with invited guests,
held a picnic on Palmer Hill Tuesday.
The weather was fine and the day was
much enjoyed by the. attendants'. . . f. V-
Mx. and Mrs. John Evans of Benning
ton visited at J. N. Plumb 'stover the -'
George B. Hawkes of-Morristown.-N,
J., called on friends in' town last week. ,
Mr. Hawkes taught two terms of school '".
in the Hall district 33 years ago. With
him was "his brother, Chief-of-Poliee '
Arthur Hawkes of Templetown, Mass.
Iiunanx parts of England it is a belief
among the women that rosemary worn
about body strengthens the memory, and 1
adds to the success of the wearer ' in
anything she may undertake.
By means of an instrument invented
by Dr. J. S. Owens, secretary of the
British committee for the investigation
of atmospheric pollution, it is possible
to measure and record the dirt in the air '
over a town at any and every hour.
To be in the dumps means out of spir
its. The phrase is said to le derived from
Dumops, king of Egypt, who builjt a pyr
amid and died of melancholy.
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