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otwear :
; 1 For the Entire Family '
;'' ..... ' ' t . :
At Great Price-Reductions
1 Unusually large assortment of styles to select from, including Dress
Shoes, Street Shoes, Work Shoes, and Comfort Shoes, as well as Durable
School Shoes for the young folks, at savings worthy of your consideration.
Men's Department
Men's Dress Shoes, Mack and dark tan calf
leathers. .Welt- soles, snappy styles,
English and broad toe lasts. All sizes
in the lot. Values $9.00 to $10.00,
Bargain Price $G.9S
Men's Work Shoes, made of high-grade tan
leathers for hard service. Medium and
heavy weight. All sizes. Values $8.50
to $1000, Bargain Price $6.98
Men's Dress Shoes, black and tan calf leath
ers. English and medium toe lasts,
welt soles. All sizes in the lot. Values
$7.50 to $9.00, Bargain Price $5.98
Men's Work Shoes, medium and heavy
weight tan leathers. Single and double
soles- All sizes. Values $7.50 to $10.00,
Bargain Price S5.98
Men's Dress Shoes, English and medium
toe lasts, sewed soles. Dark tan Calf
leathers. All sizes in the lot. Value
$6.50, Bargain Price '$4.98
Men's Work Shoes, durable tan calf and
grain leathers. Medium and heavy
weight. Single and double soles. All
sizes. Values $6.50 to $9.00,
Bargain Price S4.9S
Men's Work Shoes, in black, tan and
smoked horse leathers. Double soles.
Army lasts. Nearly all sizes. Value
$6.00, Bargain Price S3.9S
Men's Work Shoes, made in dark tan calf
leathers, Army last, double soles. All
sizes. Value $5.50,
Bargain Price S3.47
Women's Department
Women's Dress and Street Shoes, black pat
ent, kid and calf leathers, also dark tan
kid and calf leathers, including many
suitable styles in school shoes for
young ladies; with medium Joe and
low heels. ' Nearly r rill sizes. ' Values'
$7.50 to $10.00, Bargain Price $5.98
Women's Street Shoes, in dark 'tan calf
shoes, .low heels. Also dark brown and
gray kid leathers. Welt soles. Good va
riety of sizes. Values $6.50 to $7.50,
Bargain Price S I. 98
Women's Street Shoes, made in dark brown
kid leather, brown cloth top to match.
Welt sole, short vamp. Nearly all sizes.
Value $6.00, Bargain Price $3.98
Women's Dress and Street Shoes, welt
soles, medium and narrow toes. Black
and dark tan, kid and calf leathers.
Louis, Cuban and military heels. Near
lv all sizes and widths- Values $9.00 to
$HX)0;-;; Bargain1 Price $G;9S
Young Women's School Shoes, made in
black calf leathers, medium and broad
toe lasts. Very low heels. Nearly all
sizes. Value $5.50,
Bargain Price $3.9S
Young Women's School Shoes, made in
black calf leather. Medium toe last.
Very low heel Sewed sole. ' All sizes.
Value $5.50, Bargain Price $4.45
Boys' and Littlemen's Department
Boys. Dress Shoes, made in dark brown calf
leathers. English and broad toe lasts.
Sewed soles. All sizes 1 to 6. Value
$6.00, Bargain Price $3.98
Boys' School Shoes, in black and tan calf,
durable leathers- English and broad
toe lasts. All sizes 2l2 to 6. Values
$5.50 to $6.00, Bargain Price $3.59
Youths' School Shoes, made in black and
tan calf leathers. English and broad
toe lasts. Sizes 1 to 2. Values $4.50
to $5.50, Bargain Price $3.23
Boys' Shoes for Hard Service, odd lot, va
riety of styles and leathers. Light, me
dium and heavy weights. Broken sizes
1 to 6. Values $4.00 to $6.00,
Bargain Price $2.98
Littlemen's School Shoes, in black and tan
calf leathers. English and broad toe
lasts- All sizes 9 to Uy2. Values $4.00
to $5.00, Bargain Price $2.83
Littlemen's Everyday Shoes, in dark
brown calf , leather. No seams to rip.
Orthopedic lasts. All sizes 8 to 2il2.
Value $2.85, Bargain Price $2.23
Misses', Children's and Infants' Department
Misses' School Shoes, in black calf leather. Infants' School Shoes in black calf leather,
Sensible toe last, sewed sole. All sizes Orthopedic last, sewed sole, spring
1 14 to 2. Value $4.50, heels. . All .sizes 5 to 8. Value $3-50,
Bargain Price $3.47 Bargain Price $2.59
Children's School Shoes, in black calf leath-Infants' Dress Shoes, odd lot, black kid high
er, Orthopedic last, sewed sole. All lace styles. Medium weight soles,
sizes 8x2 to 11. Value $4.00, , Spring heels. Broken sizes 4 to 8. Val-.
, Bargain Price $2.9S . ue $3.50, Bargain Price$2.47'
i ' . ' - - ; .- , T ' '
' ' -. V.) .v . ..... .- ' . i i ,
' -. - - -- 'i
4 Many bargain lots of left-over styles from the Sumhiqr season are here,
marked at greatly reduced prices to close out, enabling you to pick up an ex
tra pair! at prices lower than those in effect next season.1 ; Thrifty buyers will
consider Hhis remarkable opportunity to save,
Home of Lower Prices
Mail and 'Phone Orders Given Prompt Attention.
f , ,
Classy Twirler from f Athol to, Heave
for Brattleboro ; i Game wit&
"Wilmington Here Sunday.
The team' from Wilmington .-will play
here tomorrow with tc Athletics and
will have : two players who Jiave per-
ionneu lor tne local team inn . season.
Underwood, who haa' been playing -at
short and in a large measure is respon
sible for the game, claiming that the
team from Wilniingtort ". ran defeat the
locals, will cover his regular position for
the visitors, Moore who haa done good
work, for the Athletics this season will
do the twirling for Wilmington and the
fans may he-, sure; that her wiljl do his
best to make a snow oi ms iormer team
mates if such a thinar is possible.
The Athletics realize that the team
from over the big hill are a lot of bad
odors with the willow and have made
preparations which will no doubt put a
crimp in their batting records.
The real speed artist of the season will
do the twilling for, the Athletics in the
person of Lowney, the lad who pitched
such a good game at Athol under the
worst handicaps, a 1M .umpire. hiu
thU lad working right -the fan can ex
pect to see some of the classiest pitching
that thev have seen lor some urne a?
his performance at Athol stamped him
as the best that the Athletics had seen
this season, bar none.
The game will be culled ;&t 3 o'clock, on
the Valley fair ground.
Yesterday's E-esttlts.
Cleveland 2, Chicago 0.
Washington 3, New York 1
New York 2, Washington 1
Philadelphia 10, Boston 9.
. Detroit 1G, St. Louis 8.
Standing of the Clvfrs.
Won. , Lost. Pet.
Cleveland, 02 53 .03.5
Chicago, r2 3 .621
New York, fl 5 .011
St. Louis, 73 72 .50-1
Boston, SO .439
Washington, 153 70 .444
Detroit, 5! . - SS .401
Philadelphia, 47 T 99 .322
Games Today.
Chicago at Cleveland.
Washington at New York.
Philadelphia at Boston.
Detroit at St. Louis.
Yesterday's Results.
Pittsburgh 12, St. Loui 7.
Philadelphia 8, Boston ..
Chicago-Cincinnati, rain,"
. Standing of. th.CluJi.
New York,
Cincinnat i,
St. Louis,
. Pet
Arthur Ingram has sold his place in
Williamsville to Mrs. Colo Nido of
Newfane, who will take possession at
The Cheerful Worker . of,-, the , Uni-
yersalist Sunday school held a meeting
yesterday in the church parlors and
plans for the coming year were : dis
cussed, after which a social hour was
enjoyed. '
The dates of the rummage sale to he
conducted By; the women; of. the Centre
Congregational church will , be Friday
and Saturday, Oct. 15 and 16.. instead
of Oct. 17 and 18, the dates furnished
with the notice of the annHaL meeting
of the association yesterday. .;'
The Baraca class of the First Bap
tist church will have its annual corn
roast next Monday evening on E." E.
Covey's lot on Brattle street, opposite
the Ifopkins greenhouses. Members of
the church in general and the young
people in particular are invited, each
to carry cup and spoon.
All the young people of the Centre
Congregational church are requested to
meet the pastor, Ilex. Dr. II. 1
Woodin, in the chapel at' 7 o'cloek to-
morrow evening for a sing and to dis
cuss practical ways in which the church
can do more for the young people. Ee-
rreshments will be served.
Chief Engineer P. C. Streeter of the
fire department has arranged to have
in alarm sounded from some box on
the fire circuit every . Saturday after
noon at 5.15 o'clock. This is in addi
tion to the 7.30 o'clock stroke each
vening. The Saturday afternoon sig
nals will be given from different boxes.
The annual reunion and dinner of
Company F, 4th Vermont regiment, was
held Wednesday in the home of L. D.
Taylor on Oak street. Mr. Taylor en
'ertains the veterans each year in mem
ory of his father, the late Col. Herbert
K. Taylor, who was a member of the
ompany. Those present were John A.
Jrout of Townshend, Franklin Stock
veil of Brattk'boro, Henry W. Hutchins
f Bellows Falls, Ferdinand Klinge of
'-lasthainpton, Mass., and George I.
March of Athol, Mass. Lewis W.
Lynde of Dummerston was unable to
e present. His re?ignation as secre
ary and treasurer was sent but by
inanimous vote it was not accepted.
Mr. Taylor will act as secretary and
re a surer for the present. Miss Eliza
ieth Brasorwas elected an honorary
nember of the association.
Dancing, Island Park, Saturday. adv.
Games Today.
Boston at Philadelphia (two games).
New York at Brooklyn.
Chicago at Cincinnati.
St. Louis at Pittsburgh.
The Hooker. Corser & Mitchell Co.,
on account of unfavorable conditions
in the textile marketV closed ita over
all factory yesterday until after the
Valley fair.
The Fort Bummer cotton mill has
been running on a 37-hour basis this
week, and unless Instructions 'Jitf'th'-"
ceived by the superintendent different
from those already in hand the same
schedule will be followed the coming
week. For the past few weeks, previ
ous to the present one, the schedule
has been 28 hours.
!l:TnTfTT7rc ill
:y if
Removed by Lydia E. Pink
Ham's Vegetable Compound.
Mus:eo7i. Micht-"For six years I
xi'd 'so' weak in my tack at tines that 1
could hardly walk.
Lydia E. Pfnkham'g
Vegetable Com"
pound was recom
mended to me and
it made me good and
strong again so that
I am able to do all
my work. I highly
recommend your
nu-icine and tell
everyone I meet
what it did for me."
Mrs. G. School-
field, 72 Oak St., Muskegon, Mich.
Woman's Precious Gift
The one which she should most zeal
ously guard is her health, but she often
neglects to do so in season until some
ailmentpeeuliar to her sex has fastened
itself upon her. When so affected
women may rely upon Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, a remedy
that has been wonderfully successful in
restoring health to suffering women.
Tf "yoif" have the slightest doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound will help you, write to Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential),
Lynn, Mass., for advice. Your letter
will be opened, read und answered by a
woman, and held in strict confidence.
3 P.M.
Bratllehoro Athletics
Wilmington has, as in the past, a strong team and will be
augmented by Underwood at short, and Moore pitching.
The Athleticsplan to show the fanS'some reaUpitchirig,
having lecufd the services of tht wizard, Ldwney. C fi
Come up and see one more real game.
:Houghton & Simonds:
Houghton & Simonds, after a care- ,L
ful survey' of the? market, ; believe the j
time has arrived to revise many lines of
dry goods down to the basis that must 1
certainly be considered within the next ;
thirty days. , t ; , Vi ? v V;
" With a few exceptions, manufac- '
turers are well up with their present (
orders and new business can only be v
booked at lower prices. .With this in-
formation before us we believe it will
be a genuine benefit to our customers T,
to hurry these reductions along, per
mitting us all to get back on a solid V 1
foundation with the least delay. a
Therefore, for a Week
- - '
Our Whole Stock
Colored Outing
One-Third Less
Than Regular Prices
j? Prices as low as the lowest wholesale "
; cost today. 'K
:r Thousands of yards All new stock J
r and new patterns.
AH 39c Colored Outings,
For a Week at 1-3 Less
26 c
All 49c Colored Outings,
For a Week at 1-3 Less O
" Yard
' AH 59c Extra Heavy Outings,
i , ..; - . . : ' ' .
For a Week at 1-3 Less
All 59c 36-inch Outings,
For a Week at 1-3 Less
r 4
IS- -

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