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Close of Fcotball , Season Marked by Good Sportsmanship High Sehool
Dahee Friday Night.
s z
ftl tttfM Ml HICI tit VI If tf Hlf It IfWt Mil fP
At chapel exercises yesterday. morn
ing, Mr. Wanen tnoke of ' the -many
things to be Uhankftii for at the close
of the football season in srlto of t."e
adverse scriit Kutjand. There is the
pplendid support given, the team through
out the seasoi4,by the H'hool and towns
people, evident! by. "the attendance at
the games, fhe season" unsurpassed
cheering sedjorui'thet send-off and the
welcome givn -ka. .teaja' last week, and
the number f 'olcwii.TS'ho made the trip
to Rutland, -25l. Never has a 15. II. S.
team had fine ; support'. There is the
fact that, with , one exception, the boys J
returned safe and uninjured : Nixon, too,
' apiieared at school yesterday, tnougu. ne
,i;,i nt vnriilnT!v nttfvml because of the
ininrv refeived. There is also the fact
that 'the Rutland game was a clean
suappv game. In this important game
Timi-ithrrr wns not once penalized. Ill'
individual members of the team and
Coach Stolte were enthusiastically
I mill the follmvinK .song was
"Cheer for our High School !
They didn't win ;
But they're all good sports
And will try it again;
Rutland, we warn you .7
Thev are not done : :
They'll get you in '2l." ;
The Rutlanil fund benefit was so suc
cessful that it is possible to give each
pupil who attended the -''game -a rebate
of $3.50. In addition the expenses of
the chaperone, of Jane iJaley and Osmer
Fitts, who managed the .benefit, and of
Christine MeGarj igle, who so!d 100 tick
ets, were paid. P,
The high school will. .bold, a dance in
Odd Fellows' tewple Friday, Dec. from
K o'clock to ll.W. Thi dance wi'l be
given in honor, of the football boys.
F.ell and Blanche Dube. The second con
test Was of a' tlifferent nature. It con
sisted of each pupil drawing a picture
from directions given in French,. When
the, .juclurer were finished J a iFjencfi
title uak given each, j f
The second meeting of i : the Flench
bags for Fhillips and Fred Toffenbarger
to pick up.
Collins said he did not know how
much cash he found in the mail bags.
He said he gave half of it to I'offenbar
ger and kept the rest. When Poffenbar
ger was arrested the Tuesday following
the robbery, Collins told the inspectors,
he became so frightened at the prospect
of arrest he destroyed both money and
bonds, believing the currency was
marked. ....,..-i , .?
c'ub .will be held tomorrovf n;ght. 'Then
the members of the French ;III-A,-club
will cive the first act of Le- Voyages de
will incl
inas, and games
The editors
Trees in 'Many Flaces Burdened with
Seven to Eight Inches Snow Two
Feet Deep on Some Highways.
While the depth of snow in the village
The Ladies' Catholic Benevolent asso
ciation will have a social in Knights of
Columbus hall Thursday night. Lach
member is asked to invite a friend.
S. W. Edgett has sold the little cottage
house on the Wilmington road, formerly
is not large, one has only to go into some i owned by Charles Asquino and wife, to
of (he near-by towns to find
blanket of 18 inches to two feet
t j 1 - c t. .. l 1. :.. . e
ft Know 1 Aivi uki 1. c. jLiru uuu suun, idi
M imerly of Chester,' I'a. The house is lo-
.1. 1 ,.. K I 1. . v.rrlv ..... u u .
Ul l,JC .-iw"'ua.i.a'i u Jwas rPCpntiy burned on Mr. Bowen s farm
out and travel is difficult on some of the and Mr. Bowen and. his sons will occupy
Coach Stolte plan 'to give a call soon
for volunteers' for 'fin 1 interclass meet, in
the form of a, . -et'ossTCountry run. lie
jilans to havp.'ttro or three try-outs or
preliminary Tuns before the final meet.
It is expected-that Festival hall will
soon be in readiness for basketball practice.
Recently members of Miss Wallis's
English class FA-were' given- the privil
ege of going to the public library for in
struction which will help greatly in their
future work. Miss Pratt explained the
use of the card 'catalogues, told the types
of books kept tn the different alet.ves.
and their c'a.-)itieation numbers. Site
explained the use erf the-Reader's Guide
and other reference books.
French I-A held its firth game-hour
Wednesday,. . Nov. 24. . -Holland Smith
was cnairman. xne nrst -game, a vo
cabulary match, was won,' by John Rus-
Mr.' Henry Plant of Bridgeport, Conn.,
visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Clyde
Butler. ' ' ; -
Mrs. Clara Stowe and Miss Carolyn
r Perrichon. The program also ' Hamlin left Saturday for a visit of a few
ude French poems about Christ-! weeks m Dempster, N. II.
The schools in the Academy bunding
of the Dial are busy this opened yesterday after the Thanksgiving
week getting the material for, the Decern-. recess, with the entire faculty present,
ber. the Christmas, Dial ready for the1 The Select Ten club is being enter-
printers. They were glad to read in a tained today in the home of Mrs. Horace sary to shake off the snow in order to make
recent letter troni .Miss L.aura w ai-, y. Prefontaine. A chicken-pie dinner was passage over the highways possible,
bridge her favorable impression of the served at 1 o'clock. Israel B. Hall, who drove here from
first issue of this year. "When 1 had irnrold B. Perrv returned vesterdav I" est Halifax yesterday, said that not in
main highways. , !
In some sections the trees are laden
with snow and ice. almost to the breaking
point, in fact many limbs and branches
already have broken down. Rain which
froze to the trees gave a foundation of
ice to which the snow clings, Tiending the
limbs low under its Weight, in some nlaces
forming beautiful arches across the high
way. At various points it lias been neees
it during rue winter ana until a new
dwelling can be erected on the ruins of
the old one.
finished, I felt that I must write and tell from Greenfield, where he visited over the! ft" years had he seen so much snow on the
uch I enjoyed this num- Week-end, He will have charge of the 1 trees, it bem
0 , siirvevine- of the federal road nroiect in
well balanced. nu 00 you Know, 1 Guilford.
the Board how m
ber. It is a wonderful
like it in
its old."
Dial and
new suit' even better than
At the English conference to be held
here next Saturday Mr. Warren will
lead the discussidn on Methods in Teach
ing English, and Miss Wallis will lead
that on Silent Reading. Refreshments
will be served under the direction of Miss
g seven to eight inches deen
011 the branches.
The Dorcas Society of the Swedish
Lutheran church will hold a needlework
sale at the church Dec. 2 at 8 p. m.
Grab-bag and refreshments. 231
I have opened a Christmas sale of
aprons, bags, novelties and rost cards.
Miss Susan Houghton, 172 Western Ave.
Adv. 228-232
Beginning to play chess when she was
twelve years of age, Mrs. A. B. Steven
son now holds the proud position of wo
man chess champion of Great Britain.
The certificate of the school's member
ship in -the Roosevelt memorial associa
tion has been framed, and will be placed
in Mr. Warren's office.
. On the bulletin board in room 0 there
is a very attractively lettered motto:
"Ah. but a man's reach should exceed
his grasp, or what's a heaven for?'"
The design was finely worked out by
Dorothy Rice of the sophomore class.
The first report cards of the year
be issued Dec. 17.
The American School Citizenship
league has sent to the Brattleboro high
school an announcement of its annual
prize essay contest, open to senior stu
dents of this school. The subject this
year is The Essential Foundations of a
Co-onerating World. Each essay must
be accompanied by a topical outline, and
a bibliography with brief notes on each
book. Essays must not exceed 5,000
words (a length of 3.000 words is desirable.)
'Pape's Diapepsin" makes
Disordered Stomachs
feel fine at once !
Lumps of undigested food causing pain.
When your stomach is acid, and is gassy,
sour or you have heartburn, flatulence,
headache or dyspepsia, here is speedy re
lief no waiting.
Eat a tablet or two of Tape's Diapep
sin and instantly your stomach feels fine.
All the indigestion pain, pases, acidity
and misery in the stomach caused by acid
ity ends.
Pape's Diapepsin tablets cost little at
any drug store but there is no surer or
quicker stomach antiac-id known. Adv.
The Brattleboro Free library .has pre
sented to the Brattleboro high school
The Star Spangled Banner, by Oscar (J.
T. Sonneck. Its history is interesting.
In 1007 the Congressional library pub
lished a report including the various ver
sions loth of text anl of music with
notes as to the historical evoluton of
The Star Spangled Banner, Hail Colum
bia. America, and Yankee Doodle. In
1014 the Library of Congress decided to
;ssue the chapter on The Star Spangled
Banner separately in a revised and en
'arged edition in honor of Francis Scott
Key and celebration of the centenary of
our national song.
Miss Charlotte Bobbins left Sunday
afternoon for Boston to resume her
studies in Boston university, after spend
ing the Thanksgiving recess with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Bobbins.
Mrs. Kate Smith of Hinsdale, N. II.,
was operated upon yesterday by Dr. E. R.
Lynch in the Melrose hospital for goitre.
Her condition is satisfactory. Miss:
Falby, a graduate nurse from the Frank- j
lin County hospital at Greenfield, is car-1
ing for her. I
Mrs. George Ludzus of this village, who '
had been in the hospital six weeks follow-1
ing a serious operation, was discharged :
yesterday. Mrs. Maria Hartnett of ,
Greenfield, who had been a patient three j
wccks ionowing an operation, returned
home Sunday.
My Soldier Girl All Dressed I'p.
My rvddier uirl. with a brand new .
book, music and production, is coming
to the Auditorium to-morrow night with
gorgeous costumes. elaborate scenery,
clean, wholesome comedy, haunting mel
olies, a splendid cast and a brigade of(
bewitching girls. William Moore, the1
leading comedian, is the bright particu-
lar funmaker in this new musical show,
with a big company of nearly fifty en
tertainers. My Soldier Girl is the work '
of J. Lorch Baber that he succeeded
in his efforts is attested by the remark
able hits scored by this brilliant musical
comedy. Comedy predominates My Sol
dier Girl, but the delicious foolishness
is interspersed by charming musical 1
numbers introduced by a remarkabb
chorus of singing and dancing ensembles
fetchingly. No more gorgeous costumes t
have been designed for any of the great (
successes than are included in thisbril-,
liant spectacle. The scenic effects are
bewildering from the opening of the first j
act, showing a grand lawn fete in pro-j
gress at Colonel Stone's home, Miami,1
Florida, to the last act presenting a
gorgeous Follies setting on the roof of
a New York theater during a dress re-
hearsal. Seats selling at Fenton's. Adv. '
Wednesday Specials
Fancy Tea Aprons
Bungalow Aprons
Apron Ginghams
Always Something New
At a recent faculty meeting it was
voted that, each member representing the
faculty in the Student Council should
servo two years, and at a meeting of the
Council yesterday afternoon and E. Ken
neth Wilson was e'eeted to fill the va
cancy resulting from Mr. Crosby's res
"gnation from the teaching force. The
faculty will therefore be represented thi
vear by Miss Henshaw, Miss Tucker, and
Air. V, llson, in addition to the princ
KtTz -X-" ' h
I (C0UGH Pi?05PS I
S CA Briggs Cq JfA
100 per cent Pure Worsted,' gray,; two-ply., in
skeins. Used in single strands for socks,
and double strands for sweaters, etc. Per
oound . : 79c
By parcel post add 5c for "first pound
and lc for each additional pound
(Armv Surplus Supvlies. N. ' K. T)ivi.ion)
ii. i;. IIAKKIS, Sales Director
- 37 Essex Street. Boston
Other distributing depots in Boston: Oppo
site .South Station, Adams Sq., 16 West St..
Iover El Station. Also Lawrence, Haverhill
and . Wdlcester, Mass.; Manchester, N. U.;
Portland Me,
Will Be Distributed in Tublic Schools
Here Tomorrow Mrs. M. M. Tuck
er Ioeal Agent I'ries Offered.
The supply of Christmas seals to b"
sold' by local school children to raise
money to light tuberculosis have been re
ceived and will be distributed in the pub
lic schools tomorrow morning.
The seals are printed by the National
Tuberculosis association, are sold for one
cent each, and are on sale this month in
every state and territory of the United
States. They are used particularly on
Christinas letters and packages, and the
profits from the sale, with the exception of
five per cent, are used in the states where
the feals are sold.
In Vermont the sale is in charge of the
Vermont Tuberculosis association. The
association announces that arrangement';
have been completed to have the seals on
sale in every town in the state. This has
been made possible largely by the co-operation
of the Vermont Federation of
Woman's clubs, the school teachers and
.the children.
Mrs. W. V. Slack, president of the
Vermont Federation of ..Woman's , clubs,
has written to every club urging it to as
sist in the sale of the scads. All over tin
slate there are thousands of leagues of.
Modern Health Crusaders. The children
of these leagues, led by' their teachers, are
all willing to sell the seals.
The Vermont Tuberculosis association
offers three prizes to children as follows:
For sellincr ."0 seals, a year's subscription
to the children's monthly health paper, the
Modern Health Crusader; for selling 100
seals, a bangle pin ; and for selling L'OO
seals, a health ruler.
l'.anners also are given to the towns
selling tlio highest number of seals per
capita. Last year the winners were St.
Tohnsbury, P.enninston and Tim n I in
TIi' highest per caoita salo w-n uarnn
The Brattleboro acrent is Al AT at
Valets1 lietting l"niforin.. Ready
Constantine To Wear In Athens.
ATIIKXS. Nov. :). Former ' King
Constantine's - valets have arrived here
with his boxes and trunks. Today they
were busily engaged in caring for the uni
forms he intends to wear when he re
turns. The French legation staff packed
up today in anticipation of orders to
leave Alliens.
Warships For Protection.
PAIilS, Nov. -HO. ( Associated Press)
The foreign office explained today that
several French and British warships
"ere being .sent to Piraeus, the jxirt of
Athens, to assure protection for French
and British nationals in the event of
disorders during the plebiscite of Dec.
." and after it.
The names of star baseball players
have been bestowed upon everything
from cigars to railroad stations, but Mme.
Luisa1 Tctraz7.ini., the fajmous prima
donna, lias the distinction of leing the
only celebrity to have a brand of spa
ghetti named after her.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Ql'IXIXE. tablets. The genuine bears
the signature of E. W. Gove. 0c.
uThe Specialty Shop"
JAPANESE GOOPS Novelty and utility combined.
BOXED' GIFTS-Unusual and attractive.
BASKETS that are different.
BAGS Decorated and practical. '
PICTURES Choice and artistic.
INCENSE BURNERS Many varieties.
OLD HAMPSHIRE POTTERY Distinctive, beautiful.
DAINTY GIFTS, for the baby.
ARTISTIC NOVELTIES that are useful.
You can Just tell by Its healthy,
Stimulating odcr, that it is
going to do you good
THOUSANDS of men and women ,
when the least little rheumatic
"crick" assails them, have Sloan's
Liniment handy to knock it out. Pop
ular over a third of a century ago far
more popular today.
That's because it is so wonderfully
helpful in relieving external aches and
pains sciatica, lumbago, backache,
neuralgia, overstrained muscles, still
joints, weather exposure results. A
little is all that is necessary, for it soon
penetrates without rubbing, to the sore
spot. No muss, no stained skia.
All druggists 35c, 7Cc, $1.40.
v ;
Confession liy One of ; Robbers" Indicates
That 17-Year-Old Boy rer-
; formed Major Part.
KANSAK CITY, - Mo., Nov. 30.
Keith Collins made a clear confession'
vesterdaj'; it pnsst; office inspectors here
of the part he played in the biggest mail
train robbery in history. lie admitted,
getting a laree amount of currency and
bonds. coord ing to the inspectors, who'
say Collins asserts he became frightened,
and destroyed by fire all the booty.
The confession will not be made pub
lic. Joe V. Johnson, inspector in charge.'
said, until a few scattered ends of the
big mail car robbery have been collected
to terminate the case. Then, he said,
further details will be given out. 1
Enough was disclosed to show Collins
p'ayed a minor oart to the master role
ff Orville Phillips, seventeen-year-old
vuiU piler. who conceived the robbery.
Collins's part was to pick up the bags
of mail thrown from the train. He did
not -finish the task, he said in his con
fession, lie gntheredia few of the bags,
lost his nerve, and left several other
5 1
Rabbit Meat
Fifty years ago there was not a rabbit in Australia.
Three rabbits were taken there from England and 10 years
ago Australia shipped 25,000,000 frozen rabbits and 96,
000.000 rabbit skins in one year. They are now canning
the rabbit meat and shipping to America. The first lot to
arrive in Brattleboro came this week.
Universalist Church
AT -
Latchis Theatre
On December 1
Matinee 2.30. Evening 7 and 8,
I ; irriTrrnMTnTKtifHTniTi-iiiniiiu'iinH'inin'Tinnnr -
r.wrn ;8 I H A '
Sir -T -fin "A- 'f.A..!- UMimiiiHi n 1 1 nn n in I n "f -nn
Some of the clever "ponies' coming (o IJrattlehoro with the 1920 edition of
the,, mu.sieal ...novelty. 11".Tj-, djier Cir;', ,1 hp .uiKtorium Wednesd:y . nisht,
:Houghton & Simonds:
Which Began Yeiterday
Is the Greatest Bargain
We) Ever Planned, In
Rich Silk Dress Goods
The items below demonstrate more
clearly than mere 'words can describe
the manufacturer's great sacrifice which
is your gain.
Regular $2.98 Heavy Crepe de Chine, 40 inches
wide, in 20 colors. Both staple dark colors
and evening or party shades, Q-jJ ffQ
Sale Price Only
Regular $2.98 Heavy Georgette Crepe, 40 inches
wide. In 30 to 40 colors, g-g ffTQ
Sale Price Only . . . . ,
Regular $2.98 Taffeta Silks, 36 inches wide. In a '
good assortment of staple and fancy
shades, ,. Q
Sale Price Only V-.tJ
Regular $2.98 Messaline Silks, 36 inches wide ; 40
-colors. 'Comes in dark, medium and light
shades, Q'g Q
Sale Price Only 9?JL0&
Regular $3.50 Fine, Black Duchess Satin, 36
inches 'wide,1 0 QI!J
Sale Price Only t?M.Utf
Regular $4.50 Heavy, Black Duchess Satin, 36
inches wide, . Q9 OQ
Sale Price Only
Regular $1.50 Silk Poplin, the very best quality.
Very lustrous; 36 inches wide. In black,
nigger brown, gray and navy, . . Q
Sale Price Only . JLmJLU
Regular $.298 to $3.50 Wash Satin, the best quali
ty of wash silk, 36 inches wide. In flesh col
or, turquoise and coral, . QQ U Q
Sale Price Only ftpi9jL&
Regular $5.00 Heavy Charmeuse, an extra qual
ity, 40 inches wide. In navy, seal brown and
black, v Q&
Sale Price Only 9?d&U
Splendid Values
in the Great
Sale of New Winter
Sacrficed by the Manufacturer
All New Models
$35 and $39 Coats Selling at
$45 Coats Selling at
Stores at Brattleboro, Springfield, and Newport, N. H.
A k

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