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Mrs. Meyer Finally Found
Relief and Health in Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Orange, Cal. "I always' feel very
rrratefui to you, as some twenty years
ago tnree doctors
said I had to have a
serious operation. I
had a tumor, and ul
cers which would
gather and break. I
had displacement so
badly that I could
hardly sit down at
times, and it seemed
as if I sujfered every
thing that a woman
could suffer. Then
I some one advised me
to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and I took it until 1 waa
cured and saved from the operation. I
have told women of your wonderful
medicine times without number, and I
am willing that you should use these
facts and my name if you like. I also
used your Compound during the Change,
and I can do all my own work but the
heavy part, and can walk miles every
day as I help my husband in the office."
Mrs. J. H. Meyer, 412 South Orange
St., Orange, California.
It is quite true that such troubles as
MrSf'Mey--r had may reach a stage where
p.n operation is the only resource. On
Jhe othe r hand, a great rn::ny women
have 1; :.-en .-cs'orcd to health by Lydia E.
rinV - n'j Vegetable Compound.
fry v , '
Plans for Memorial Day.
Flans for Memorial day observance
have been made as follows : Pro-memorial
exercises will beheld at the graded school
on Friday afternoon. May 17, Tneludiug
drills, recitations ami song. On, Sunday.
lay "U, Memorial Sunday will be observed
at Newfane. with lie v. Mr. Hyde as
sm-aker of theNceasion. On Monday, May
:.. Memorial day, exercises will be held at
Townshend beginning at 10 a.m. llev. V.
V. P.ishop will deliver an address and
there will also he exercises by the school
children and special music. IMrectly after
the exercises the line of march will be
formed and will include members of the
('rand Army. All soldiers and sailors of
the World war present, soldiers and sail
ors of the Spanish war. Sons of -Veterans,
members of the Iielief corps, school chil
dren and all other patriotic citizens who
care to join the procession. Automobiles
will be furnished for the veterans and as
many of the Helief corps as wish to ride.
The inarch will be directly to Oak wood
cemetery where the (irand army service
will beheld .aud graves decorated. On the
return of the procession dinner will be
grossing rapidly under the direction of
Will Scott, who has had much experience
in such work. Tlie field is being graded
and it is expected will be finished in time
for use on the day of the town hall dedi
cation. Mrs. Will Sanderson and two children
of Savannah, Ga., came this week to the
home of her husband's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Will Sanderson. Her oldest son,
little Jack Sanderson, who has tpent the
winter here with his grauliirents, is in
serious ill health.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Northup of
Sharps. Va., and Mrs. Charles F. Tibbs
of Saddle Itiver, N. J., motored from their
homes, arriving at Green Mountain farm
on Friday to remain-for a few days with
their mother. Mrs. M. A. Northup, and
brother, J. II. Northup.
In the Christian Endeavor contest
Newfane and Townshend each gained 10
points nu Sunday evening. The points
now stand: Newfane 12.". Townshend 73.
The topic for uext Sunday is My Fa
vorite Saving of Christ's and Why. John
(rO.'-ftS. The leader will be Earl Vin
cent, i
I Miss Leone Franklin, who has boon-attending.
Rrattleboro Itusiness Institute,
beginning last September, has brushed her
. -
William P. Rand Die at 81.
William 11. Hand, SI. died in his home
about 5 o'clock Thursday morning from
dropsy. lie had Ikh-ii a stares ul and
prosperous fanner having dealt in short
horn Durham cattle during the 33 years
he lived on his farm below the village
" on the Wilbamsville road, lie always
enjoyed good health and until he began
to fail last fall had not called a doctor
I lor 40 years. For the past few
he had been a great sufferer.
' r.orn in Townshend Julv 2P, 1H.W
was the youngest and last surviving
'member of a family of five children. He.
attended the village school in Towns-'
bend and later was a Ktudent in the
w'ulimii- at West, Unit llo In iii i where he
'gave jes.ons in writing during the
he I
Miss Alberta Knight in North Spring
field, Vt.
John W. Whitakcr, master of Newfane
Grange, and F. A. DcWitt went Wed
nesday to Winchester, N. II., to attend
a Pomona Grange meeting, to which all
the Grange organizations in the county
were invited.
On account of the serious illness of
William Hand, Mrs. Margaret Wilcox
has been called to help care for him.
i Mrs. Rand, who is suffering with rhema-I
If You drink Green Tea,
You should certainly try
served in the town hall dining room
Those taking part in the procession withf,,,,, as stenographer aud received a di
their families taking precedence at the plonia the past week. Her examinations
tables ami others to be welcomed later as nd standimr have been unusual v liieh
things now
Come In and arrange
for your family's future
and for an income for
yourself if sick or in
jured. Get it paid for
while you're young and
N. A. HOWE, Agent
Brattledoro, - Vermont
Connecticut General Life
Insurance Co. Hartford
Largest U'.splay of Caskets.
Finest Parlors. Ch-el.
Professional Mortician
Aat. Equipment, Perfect Sric.
Tel. 26-W at 264-R.
Bond Bid., Brattleboro, Vt.
long as the provisions last.
Veterans of t,he World war are espe
cially requested to take part in the exer
cises, lwth on Memorial Sunday and
Memorial day, and to appear iu uniform.
W. M. Snarks and t'eorec Hush will liave
charge of the exercises for Memorial day !
and Mrs. F. II. Lawrence and Mrs. II. F
Howard of the dinner.
Officers of New Electric Eight Co.
As the next step after the granting of
a charter to t he Townshend Electric
Light Co. by the public service commis
sion nt Newfane courthouse May 17 a
meeting of the stockholders was called at
the town clerk's office Saturday evening
and a board of directors and officers
chosen.- These include: President, J. II.
Ware; Secretary and treasurer, C W.
Cutler: directors, J. II. Ware. Dr. J. E.
Hair, C. II. Willard. C. C. Robinson, C.
W. Cutler. 11. W. Blood and Dr. F. L.
Osgood. Wrok on, .surveying a liro to
join the power line of the Twin State
("as and Electric Co. at Newfane was
begun Monday and has been practically
completed and the line staked and it is
expected that the work of setting iioles,
etc., will be begun as soon as satisfac
tory terms can be made ami other ar
rangements completed.
throughout the course. She came Friday
to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
II. II. Franklin, for a vacation before tak
ing a business position.' ,
At the regular meeting) of Tiirehard
W. It. C, in the town hall Saturday after-
moon. a class of nine candidates was ini
tiated, three of the number being from
Newfane and six from Townshend. Three
members of Itirchard post, O. A. It., at
tended the,, meeting to make announce
ments in regard to Memorial day exer
cises, which will be held in this village.
(During the afternoon the Relief corps
'charter was ceremoniously draped in honor
of the departed member of the Grand
(Army, W. II. Miles, who was a charter
meniber,of liirchard post. After the busi
ness session refreshments of sandwiches,
icake and coffee were served by the Town
shend members to-all present. The regu
lar meeting of Birchard post was held
ton the same afternoon at the home of
Johu Grout with live members present.
..- Tia)(lBi...
. if
IJ.xseball .Meeting Nevt Monday.
A baseball meeting is called fr Mon
day evening nt 7..".0 in the town hall. All
interested in the sorf should be present.
The near completion of the ball ground
under the energetic management of the
Community club committee gives promise
of some local games in the near future.
surgeon, 714
. 1 to J p. m..
R. E. L. TRACY, PByslclan ana
Main St. Office hours: to 9 a. m.
7 to 8.30 p. m. Tel. 256. ,
DRTBE7WHITE7Physlcian and Sargoon.
Barber Building, Rooms 205 and2U6. Hours:
1-3 and 7-8 p. m. OrKce tel.. 717-W re.. 717-R.
DR. G. B. HiTRrOffice at reaidence. West
Brattleboro. Hours: 8 to 9 a. m.; 1 to 2 and
6.30 to 8 p. m. Telephone. 318.
W. J. KAI N eTm. D., Physician and Surgeon.
OrHce, Room 10, Ullery building. Hours: 8.30
to 9.30; 1.30 to 3.00; 7 to 8. Office "phone. 29-W.
Residence, 75 frost St., 'phone, R.
C. R. ALDRICH, M. D. Hours: 12.30 to i.30.
7 to 8. Office 'phone, 165 W; house. lfcS-R.
X-ray work a specialty
G. R. ANDERSON, Surgeon and Physician.
Surgery a specialty. Office and residence.
Brooks House, 1-3 Main St. Hours tter-'t some
ti'jotjs, UO to 3; evenings, 7 ti 8, except Tues
days and Fridays. Sunday by appointment
otily. 'l'hone 24t.
DR. GRACE W. BURNETT, Physician and
Surgeon. Market Block, Elliot Su Office
hours: 8.30 to 9.30 a. m.; 1.30 io 2.30. and 7 to 8
p. m. Telephone, 7W-fW.
DRTTjp77;REENET Physician at Surgeon.
Office, Bank block. Hours: 1.30 to 3, nd to
8 p. m. Residence. 83 Green St. Telephone
Mnuection. Morning and Sunday by ap
pointment only.
EDWARD R. LYNCH, M. D. Surgery a pe
cialty. Office. Park Building. 'Phone. 50.
Hours, 1 to 4 p. m. ; 7 to 9 p. m. Residence,
Putney Road, 'l'hone, 177. Sunday by ap
pointment only.
A. I. MILLER, Hooker bl
Office hours: 8 to 9, 1 to 2,
ck. Brattle
6.30 to 8.
W. R. NOYES, M. D., Physician and Surgeon,
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Glas-n-s fitted Hrs.
-12, 1.30-5. Wed. and Sat. Eve. Am. Bldg.
DR. HENRY TUCKER Residence. 12Groe
St.; telephone, 258. Office. I-eonard block.
Hours: 1.30 to 3, and 7 to 8. Telephone, 29-W.
DRTH. L. WATERMAN. Office, liF: Main St.
Over Kuech's store. Hrs.: 1.30-3. 7 8. Tel. 42-W.
Miss Marion Cumniings of Newfane
spent the week-end at home.
Miss Cora Mason of I'ellows Falls is
stopping at the home of Mrs. C. II. Wil
lard. Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Pike and daugh
ter silent tho week-end with relatives in j
Kast Dover.
Mr. and Mrs. V.. AV. Sage have moved
to the Fitch bungalow which they re
cently purchased.
Miss Kvel.v n Mann of Itraittlebor has
been a guest at the homo of Mrs. I. S.
Say re the pat week. '
Jlr, Klin Mason f Ucllowx Falls came
Sunday to visit at the home of her daugh
ter. Mrs. L. .1. 1'aiker.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davi anxl family
of Westminster were guests at .1. II.
Ware's for the week-end.
Much necessary work on the roof of the
seminary building is being done this
week byU. D. Phillips and son.
(Jood report are received from Town
Clerk W. Cutler, who is recovering
from an operation in the Memorial hos
pital at ltrattleboro.
Several aut.iniboile loads of young peo
ple, about HO in all. attended the Sunday
school convention at Athens Sunday. The
Itoy Scouts went in a body.
An interesting rcxrt of the Older (Jirls'
conference at I'.rattleboro was given at
assembly Thursday monring by the dele
gates from I, eland and II ray seminary.
Mrs. Martin Sparks and daughter, Mrs.
Ralph Cole of Saxtons River, were
guests Sunday at II. M. Sparks. Miss
Unth Sparks returned with them for a
Mrs. I'ertha Whitaker is spending
time at Iirattlelxiro where she is
taking electrical treatments. Her daugh
ter. Miss Florence Whitaker. is visiting
at her grandmother's at Dumnierston
Two automobile loads of West River
tirange members went Wednesday to
Winchester, N. II.. to attend a joint Po
mona Grange meeting to which the mem
bers of this district were invited.
Harold Gale's little son, Wetzel, is very
Mr. and Mrs. Dorr .Tennisou of ltrat
tleboro were at Arthur Jenniso-n's the first
of the week. :
Mrs. E. W. Holden atteni!ilhe funeral
of her cousin, George l'routyfin ltrattle
Imro Monday. .
Miss Nellie and Misci Fannie Fdwards
of Iirattlelxiro were visitors at . Walter
Deceit's recently.
Mrs. Veda Edward- of Massachusetts
visited her sister, Mrs. Archer Wheeler,
the lirst of the week. ,
Z. C. Sleeper went Thursday to Ver
shire to spend some time with his sou.
Rev. William F. ltissell accompanied him
as far as I'.rattleboro.
One of II. C. Stratton's new pair of
horses was cut badly by a kick recently.
Dr. Snyder of Townshend was called and
12 stitches were taken.
The Work and Win club nf the village
school has earned and received a new cabi
net to hold their vitrola and records. The
victrola was earned by the school two
years ago. The club also recently placed
iu the school room a beautiful framed
picture of Washington Crossing the Delaware.
At the age of 21. iu SeptemiK-r, lSi'Ifl,
he married Miss Lizzie 11. Itutter of
that town, where they lived about 14
year before coming to Newfane. After
living on the farm, about .V years he
sold out and came to the village to
live. In September. 1'.ki'J, Mr. and Mrs.
l;ann eeleOrate.t iiieir golden wedding
anniversary. Her death occurred Aug-1
us-t 1!14. During tlkat year, Mr. Rand!
iKiul.t his present home and on Aiuut
4. 1:11.1. he married Mis. Alary Gardiner
Ktiowlton of this place, who survives. I
lie was a kind neighbor, thrifty and
devoted to home duties. At t lie nue of
l'.l he united with the church in Towns
hend and later with the Congregational
Lchuivh iu this village, in ls!H he rep
resented his town in-the legislature, wa-s
a, corpoiator of the Windham County
Savings bank 2.1 year and served his
town as lister. Mr. and Mrs. Hand
were charter menilwrs of Newfane
Grange, he s'-rving us master the tiist
cr and she as Merotary several years.
The funeral will lo held in the home
today at 2 p. m. and the buritl v. ill
take place iu the lamily lot in lowns-hend.
Mrs. Hat tie Elliot came Wednesday
from Northlield (Vt.) to visit her father,
11. R. Willard.
i Judson 1'erry. who works for 1. E.
Stratton, went Tuesday t his home in
J Ne a fane on account ot illness.
I Margery Williams, Itertha Gray and
Edith Putnam spent Monday night in
.Newfane with,their teacher, Mrs. A. II.
Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Thomas of
(Ware. Mass., were visitors 'Sunday in the
home of Mrs. Thomas's brother, C. R.
Cheshire County Pomona Grange in
vited Windhauf County Pomona Grange to
neighbors day in Winchester. N. II..
Wednesday. The visitors had the pro
gram in charge and the Cheshire Countv
Pomona served dinner. Those from Wil
liamsville ('range, to attend were Mrs. (J.
It. Williams, Mrs. J. W. Williams, Mrs.
'C. F. Aldrich. Mrs. E. R. Willard. Mrs.
J. F. Lewis. Mr. ami Mix F. E. Fisher,
Mrs. A. L. Timson ami Mrs. Luella P.ing-
he will spend
St. Hour:
Tel. 789-W.
W. H. LANE, M. D., 117 Main
I to 3 and 7 to 8. except Sundays.
DR. C. G. WHEELER, Osteopathic Physician,
1 10 Barber Bldg. Office hours: 10 to 12 and 2
to 4. Treatment by appointment Tel. 219-W.
HASKINS4TSCHWENK, Attorney and Coun
ellors at Law. Brattleboro, Vt.
DR. G. F. BARBER, Dentin. Union block.
Brattleboro. .
FRAN K E. BARBER, Attorney at Law. bar
ber Building, Brattleboro.
6. B. HUGHES, l-awyer. 212 Barber building.
Telephone 1106-W.
BARROWS & CO., Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in coals of all kind. Office, 37 Mam
St., Brattleboro.
BOND it SON, Erluive trking.
mobile service. Telenhone 20V.
Moran & Rohde
Automobile Equipment
Brattleboro, Vermont
Mrs. Lois Harris of West Townshend
came Sunday for an indefinite stay at the
home of her couiisin. Mrs. IL S. Kidder.
Peter Penor accompanied her and went
Monday to Walpole where
the summer with relatives,
Seventy-two tickets were sold for the
community club dance Tuesday evening
and all present thoroughly enjoyed 'the
affair. Music was famished by Snow's
five-piece orchestra.' Ice cream was on
sale during the evening by the seminary
junior clas.
E. I?. P.atchelder. who has been stay
ing at the home of his daughter. Mrs. F.
L. Lowe, at lirattli lioro during his witesi
illness, was at home this week to plant
his garden, etc. He reports Mrs. IJatch
ehler as progressing favorably. '
Work on the town ball ground is pro
Cpsrations Unnecessary
Dr. Leonhardt says Ilem-Roid should
Completely relieve any form of Piles. It
gives quick action even iu old stubborn
cases. It's an iuternal treatment that
removes 'the cause. The ltrattleboro
Drug Co. sells and guarantees it. Adv.
Miss Miriam Reed, nurse, was called
this week to Waljxde, N. II.
Walter Kent of Concord. N. II., called
on old friends in town last week.
Mrs. William Creaser returned Tuesday
night after spending a few davs in Spring
field,. Vt.
Mrs. A. C. Walker entertained a few
women guests Tuesday afternoon in honor
of ier sister, Mrs. Lilla M. Reed, it being
her birthday anniversary.
Edward P.emis of Westmoreland. X. II.,
who spent the winter with Mrs. Itemis in
Swampscott, Mass., is a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Leslie Rills. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. George Recti
of Newfane were guests of Mr. aud Mrs.
Rills Friday.
The graduates from the eighth grade
met at Guilford 'Center Wednesday after
noon and chose the following officers:
Pres., JohiiiC. Gale; vice pres., Ernest
Wordcn ; sec, Archie Aldrich ; treas.,
Cedrie Revis. The class colors are blue
and white. The graduating exercises
will be held Friday evening, May "J7, at
the Grange hall.
C. II. Waste has 'this week put in his
store tor Ualrymple & Kobinson a new-
Detroit computing scale, and an
date system of gas lights, costing
Howard Oslorne spent the week-end
in Rurlington.
A telephone has been installed at til
liam l.'and's, 1.1 11.
The spring term of county court
closed t his week.
Carlos Jones of Yarmouth, Me., spent
Sunday with his nephew, Ray .bancs.
Plans are being made. to hold a Chris
tian Lmkavor t-ocial t he last of next
i. ... i i
Mrs. M. K. lid linger of New York own
city wrtM a guest of her cousin, Mrs. II.
I.. OsImhiic, Sunday.
Newfane Grange will furnish a hot
supper for the ounce to be given in
I'nion hall Friday evening, Mv 2o.
Mrs. Lyman Rills was called to West
Dummerston the tiit of the tveek by
Usui, has had t lie entire care of her;
husband several wetks.
Rev. and Mrs. F. M. Wiswall went to
Marlboro. -N. II. . Mouday to attend the
funeral of his brother, Herbert Wisvall,
whose death occurred in Keene. iThe
funeral was held at the old home of
the family in Marlboro.
Mr. Young and Mr. Adams, plumbers
from Rrattleboro, who have been plac
ing a furnace for W. II. Newton in his
new home, were obliged to defer for a
few days the work on water pines, but
will return next week to complete the
( ha lies Skinner, a former resident of
Newtane.-Vame Tuesday- to his old home
to move furniture that had been left
when he and his wife went to ltrattle
boro to live. The recent death of bin
wife made his visit to Newfane doubly
sad. His many frieuds extend sincere
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Sargent and son,
Robert, of Northampton "ent Sunday
at the home of her father, .1. 11. I'n
dcrwood, returning home Monday. Tjjey
were accompanied by Mrs. Joseidunf
Howe, who has Ik'cii a guest of he.
granddaughter, Mrs. Sargent, hi no.
March 1 amj who will remain in NV.v
fane for the' summer.
M. and Mrs. .1. W. Perry, w host-ent
the winter in their home in Hypo'u: o
Fla., have, sailed for Jacksonville, aiil are
enroute to Newfane, planning to sto, in
Connecticut to visit friends before open
ing Rent cottage, their summer bom-; on
Newfane hill. Mrs. Mary Perkins it tx
iected -oon at her summer home, Th
Nutshell, on the hill.
The V. P. S. C. E. meeting was led
Sunday evening by Lewis Whitaker,
whose home is iu West Rrattleboro. An
unusually large number were present.
Reports were given by Miss Mildred
Eddy, Miss The! ma Martin aud Miss
Florence White, who attended the girls"
conference in Rrattleboro last week. Mis.
Lawrence, their teacher and chaperone,
added words of much interest.
Union hall society held its annual
meeting in l nion hall Juesday evening
for the election of otiicers for tho ensu
ing year. The warrant was read by the
clerk. A. G. Warren, s. G. J'.rown was
elected moderator. All the otiicers of
the past year were unanimously te
electrd as follows: Clerk anil treasurer,
A. G. Warren; prudential committee, L.
1L Hiiigiiw. 1). A. l'.enson and .Mrs. F.
W. t nderwood; auditor, Ward II.
Mrs. Tra Moulton. w ho has b -en in
ill healih the past few years, owing to
injuiies from an attack by a cow, met
W'th another accident Sunday evening
w hile r turning to her home on New
fiiii' hill after attending the church
service. Owing to some defect in the
carriage sh was aliout to alight when
her foot caught in the lap robe and
'he fell, face down, to the road, cutting
her face and lip. A physician, took
stitches in dressin. the wounds, and
sh? scenns to be making a good recovery.
forty-two were present at the mect
ini; of the Farmers' club Friday. The
"program t'dlows: Sniaing by the club.
I recitation, Harold Whitakcr: solo. C. L.
I llescock; readings, Mrs. Hescock dnd
. Miss Jackson: discussion, members of
(club. From the discussion one might
..dwWu-e that, iti-i-pit of unfavorable ion-
d'lions. the tanner must take a broader
The flavor is infinitely better than that cf ordinary
Green Tea.
Send us a postal card for a free sample. Address: SALADA
TEA COMPANY, Boston 22
Put the Battery with Isolators
in Your Ford
Vibration in the Ford car tends to unduly
shorten the life of the starting Lattery.
The Vesta battery with its "Isolators
(patented construction) is the only battery
t .i i r 1 'li I
juaue witn a ueimiie liiuuut provision
overcoininsr this condition. '
The "Isolators" in the Vesta battery are the
outstanding reason why a Vesta is the most
practical battery replacement you can make
on your Ford.
m i
fff $ V? i-V
'tU I m Li lor t t Ktu injf
Vesta Isolators lock the
battery plates firmly apart.
They cannot chafe the sepa
rators and cause a short cir
cuit. Naturally the Vesta
lasts months longer.
Come i n and sec for yourself
v.'hy this is so. Wemayalsobe
able to help you, get some
exira service out of your
pnvsent battery.
Manley Brothers Company, Inc.
Battery Service Station
f.ra t
first time I
at th
tic? illness of her damhter.
Albert l'.rown. who broke
winter, was able to to
woods Wednesday for the
since the accident.
11. M. Oooilenough's men
stalled electric lights in Ward
two house and are doitii; other
the village this week.
Mrs. A. H. Waite. wife of
finite Waite. of Ixnidonderry, is
iiij; the week in town as a irust
indhant-t'ouiity House.
Klecti ician I!itton I). Walker rf r.ruf
tleburo has lcn in-tallint electric lights
in the new home of. Mr. aud Mrs. W.
H. Newttrn on West street.
Albert Patch of Med ford, Mass.. came
MoiiiLu evening to visits in the familv
of his brother. Alfred Patch. He will
r main with them a few days.
. Mis t'urobnc P.Iiss of
arritcd Monday niltt ami
summer home, We-like-it, soon. Mie is
soeudinn a few days in the village.
I)r. John Hurnham and frietul, L. L.
Lewis, of Portland, Conn., have bee ft
recent quests in town. s,toptiit2 whil-.?
here at the Windham County house.
Pre-Memorial day exercises - will L
IkM in I'nion hall Friday afternoon,
May 27, when tlie school in the I'nion
tisiiict will unite with the village
school. v
Mrs. Viola (base, wl.v own the for
mer I'.irchard place, has had new ce
ment walks laid to connect with the
ulla-je walk. H. J. r.atcheldcr has been
loiiii; the work.
Mr. and Mrs. 1'ujctie Thompson and
Mr. ami Mrs. Ccore lteed went Friday
to vi.it Mrs. Thompsitii s brother, ys
lie 1'ilis. and wife at their home in
La-t Dummerston.
Mrs. F. A. DcWitt was in Uellows
Falls Frutay to attend the l'daek I'iver
I'nion Christian Knihavor -onventiou.
Afterwards she visited triends and rela
tives in hestor ami returned home Sun
day. '
Charlie V. Howe of this village, and
bride, are visiting at the home of his
Lowe. 1 hey were mm
at the home t,f the bride,
his lex l't their weddm.
work in thejieal selection
Tuwnshnid. Chaa'i Store,
. Newfaiir Inn.
j WilliamsviJIc Station.
1 t Duii'nifrston Sr,
than to limit - production to Jji
needs and these of his immediate
family. F. A. DcWitt spoke of the li
i:ancirl relation of the tlie farmer and
the business man. Salads and sand
wiches were served. '
Ur. and Mrs. Oeoi'e F. Heed were
pleasantly surprised Saturdav evening,
when several friends came to their home
at Mr. nd Mrs. Kns?ene Thompson's
I to celebrate the second anniversary ot
(James were played, ran-
...... -1 ,1.. nr.. it n nv.sl. - -
IIHin I tr in unit. H.iin Aii'i I . .. , .
i .. 1 1 ..,-...-u I umiuruui i.
riiwiiOKiii I'll nnc viij".ru sun iriimr 1 rave
nicnts were served. It was a pleasant jrattl h.iro, Root' Phar
have in- occasion for the ounn people, precedina- macy.
Header's the dejiaiturc of Mr. and Mrs. Heed to West Diinmertin Store,
work in ! Ward-d.oro. w here lie lias contracted to YViiiiatnsviiie Mation,
I . ... . .. . . C I
transport the mail trom the railroad
assistant ' stat 'on t,ie l"sto!tice. I hey plan
cave their rreseni uome Komeume
To fill the vacancy in the position of
postmaster at Nwfiine, 1 1ft l'nifel
States civil service commission has an
nounced, at the request of the postmas
ter general, an oocn competitive exami
latiou to be held onfune l Ht Brat
tl luir.i. This office has an annual com-
"ensation of 1 .mi. To lc eligible for,
the examination an applicant must be a
I citizen of tin United States, must ac-
Akron.v Ohio ! tuallv re.i.le within the delivery of the
will lier IMiston.ee in w hich i ii- imniirj
1st Trip
6. IS a.m.
C M a. in
6 SO a.: i.
7 U5 a it.
7 J5 a m
2d Trip
H JO a in.
.1 50 it in
U.tiS ...i.:
I2.2i i ..
9.15 a m '.(
9JSani. 4'
9 55 am.
10. HI a. in
it 25 a m 5 '
Pharniary. I'm.
I. S. SAVKK. TtiwiislieioL Vt
Telephone. Newfane, 31-31.
Irwtatie Inn
Arrive Townihpnil.
Order book at Koot's
I mt:st
MTe so resided for at least two
years next preceding tlie date the pies
ent vacancy occurred, must 1 i cool
idivsii-al- condition, and Ditist not
l.-ss than 'Jl nor more than ft.) years of
htc. loll information and application
blanks mav be obtained at the post
otl e or from the I'nited States civil
service commission, Washington, I). C.
un to- lather. Frank
$o00. j lied March
j ".Miss Mildred I'lirlingham of Sprin
feld. Mass., was a week-end guest of her
aunt, Mrs. A. K. Yeaw.
Mrs. 11 O. Wettyen of Cedar Orove,
N. J.. is at the Lyon farm and at W. 11.
i Castle's for a few days.
' Mr. and Mrs. l'.mtun Durrows and
fami'v of Oreen field were guests Sunday!
' of her sifter, Mrs. IU. W. Legate.
I J. II. Thayer has moved the household'
' j;:M'ds nf 10. I'. (Joodnow to llrookline this'
j w eek. Mr. Simmons and family come to
their new lioirfe this week. j
i Mrs. II. C. Injrrahani, M"rs. .T. II.
iTha.xex. Mrs. K. W. Legate and Mrs.
Leach attended 'the birthday party of
jMrs. Lllen Miner Tuesday afternoon.
I Daniel Lyon returned home Tuesday
from a weeks' visit with friends and rel
atives in Uellows Falls, Manchester and
I Jamaica. Mrs. Lyon visited last week
In Uellows Falls.
Thomas T. Brittan
4 Acciderv-
Liability Ljif
Wilder Bldg.. Brattleboro
Write for Full Prjticulars
and Terms
Patent Lawyer
624 F. St., N. W., Washington, D. C
I' I
j ?t us t. w r..v-
jhcr.'E n,rrc ploni li-.rj
Ycu can have a really teautiiu
box fcr a very small cost ccn
the great pleasure
derive from it all suinme;.
VVe are at your service.
! Hopkins The Florist
j By
Clancy Kids rT. ?& ) ' 4
Thought ii '"'r - 1
J I - . tm-M -iib-MM...l-MMMMMMMi-a-MM"M-M
;.r nr i ink KhMMjM iii iiuMfiimfT-
w .
n i -iiit -i-ti-ig--g-wnrttf wjiiwiii iniiiiiii ..mi.iiiii"-i -nn"ini'nrmr-"'",",,xr':" .... .. ,. . , "
' ' " j " x ' x

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