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50 good cigarettes
lor lUc from
one sack of
si 1S
Decide for Yourself
Don't sHo.r that sHui. eye strain you
experience wlit-a reading, to become se
rious and permanent. Let us examine
jour eyes and determine whether or not
you need glasses. Oar advice carries the
authority o long experience. Why no
consult at ont and avoid possibl
&csiers contiequei-ccs.
n PIT) M FT R ! ST Si
of an article does not
improve its quality. It
may not be a bargain
at any price.
As the high-priced raw
material is used up, the
manufacturer can now
buy in a better market
and the cost of his
product is correspond
ingly less.
Hence the retail price
must be less, not for a
week or two, but per
manently, or until
something happens to
increase the cost of the
raw material.
The above applies to
washing machines, too.
Horton D. Walker
Leases Winchester House 8 m. m., 1.15
p. m.
Leaves Mann's Store (Hinsdale) 8.30
a. ni., 1.53 p. ni.
Return Trips
Leaves Root' Pharmacy 10.30 . m
4.30 p. m.
Daily Except Sunday
When Wc Call for Your
aslt , for claim cheek -.h!ch saves you
from losing your baggage. '
Witt QxMltbvw jStformq?
rmbllihed Eery Evening
Except Sunday at
The American Baildinf Annex.
Min Street,
Brattleboro, Vermont.
Addre All Communication to
The Reformer.
Single Copiea Three Cent
One Week . Eighteen Cents
One Month Seventy-Fire Centa
One Year Eight Dollars
Entered in the poatoffice at Brattleboro ai
secoad class matter.
The Hcfoimer Telephone Nrnmber la
For Bniineia Office and Editorial Rooms.
Transient advertising Run of paper. 50 cent
an inch for first insertion, 30 centa an inch
for each subsequent insertion. Limited apace
on first page at double rates.
Space rates on application.
Classified advertisements Fire nt a line
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each subsequent insertion without change of
copy. Minimum charge 30 cents. Cash with
Reading Notices Twenty cents per line first
insertion with 50 per cent discount for each
subsequent insertion without change of copy.
Heading notices are published at foot of local
It it the aim of the management to secure
efficient service in the delivery of the aper
each night,, and it solicits the co-operation of
subscribers to that end. Prompt reports should
be given of each failure to receive the paper
on the morning following the omisison, in
person, by telephone or postal card, thus en
abling the cause of the error to be promptly
and accurately discovered and the proper rem
edy immediately applied. It is only by this
method that the publisher can free are the de
sired service.
Member of The Aaaoclated Press.
The Associated Press is exclusively en
titled to the use for publication of all news
despatches credited to it and not otherwise
credited in this paper and also the local new
published herein.
The Reformer is on sale every evening by
the following news dealers:
.Brattleboro, Brattleboro New Co., C T.
Cleaveland, S. L Purinton (Eateyville).
Brooks House Pharmacy. Allen's Depot News
stand, Gilbert J. Pollica. 297 South Main St.
(F,rt Dummer district).
West Brattleboro, T. L. StockwelU
East Dummerston, M. E. Brown.
Putney, 11. G. Williams.
Newfane, N. M. Batchelder.
West Towu8hend, C H, Groat.
Jamaica, R. J. Daggett
South Londonderry, F. H. Tyler,
South Vernon, E. B. Buflum.
West Chesterfield, IT. H., Mrs. W, Streeter.
Hinsdale, K. H., W. H. Lyman.
Greenfield, Mass., Greenfield News Co.
Greenfield, Mass., C A. Riyt.
The Port of Missing Men
Today's Events
Festival of St. Rosa li Uma, the onl
canonized female saint of the Ne
A meeting lias been called for Rich
mond today to reorganize the Demo
cratic state committee of Virginia.
Sessions of the thirteenth congress of
the International Law association are to
begin today in the Peace palace at Th
Hague and will continue until Sept. 3.
Raymond V. Schuck and Frank J.
James are under sentence to be electro
cuted at Trenton, X. J., today for the
murder of Bank Messenger Paul in
Eminent representatives of the hench
and bar from all parts of the United
States are to gather in Cincinnati to
day for the annual, meeting of the
American Bar association.
A triple celebration is to be inaugu
rated today at Annapolis Royal, X. S.
in honor of the tercentenary of th
grant of the province of Nova Scotia
to Sir William Alexander; the bicen
tenaiy of the founding of the lirs
court administering the English com
mon law in Canada, and the centenary
of the arrival in Annapolis Royal of
Thomas Chandler Haliburton, the fa
mous Canadian author and jurist.
That Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Has Extraordinary
Curative Power in Cases of
Woman's Ailments
: Ckuutnbus. 0.- "I suffered very much
pain during my monthly periods and
iVtxHt, I down. I tried many
remedies and the
doctor said I would
J, J , I ave w nave an op-
ifre my baby was
born I had terrible
pains in my cides. I
mW ' took Lydia E-pink-
liMr 4 , ham's Vegetable
ItW '' Compound and it
able to walk upstairs to take a Saturday ent campaign of publicity is confined to
night bath. St. Johnsbury Caledonian. exhibition of Vermont matters at the fairs
It makes him weak to think of that held in the state of Vermont and likely to
awful handicap of soap, towels, washrags rea(.l, only a comparatively small number
outside of the state; but if we once get
ana no eompauj. olir own I(0()j,ie acquainted with what Ver-j
mont has to offer in many lines of activity)
'Jlind vour own business clubs" are a we shall have made
recent suggestion. Their
We hear much of unemployment now
adays, and with reason. The government
is keeping track of it, as it does of indus
try, and its periodic statements show the
magnitude of the nation's ailment
should be borne in mind, however, when
we consider such statistics, that there is
and always has been such a thing as
"normal unemployment" in America, and j
that it ha
timi'ti nr 1oj; tluirmisrlilv for voars. !
For instance, the best estimates
a start toward en-
organization . ,,. .
Prill ni rum U!Uik'LFii Liftswt t k nnw.im.
would surely leave some people without age lK.OI,ie t0 com(,' to Vermont tempo
any occupation to speak of: jraiily or permanently is not possible until
I we ourselves know Vermont and learn
Last week completed our fin year of 'nfil..nrf .in the opportunities and attrac-
, , , . tions that the state affords. '1 hen. hav-
equal suffrage and the world seems to be ing iH,eolne acriuaintcd with our own state
going along pretty comfortably in spite and having become thoroughly convinced
of prophecies of the antis to the con- f excellence of the things which the
t . state lias to offer we shall become better
y advance agents and boosters in presenting
i to other people what the state has to iu-
Don't grumble because vacation is terest outsiders. So. the campaign by the
over and vou must get back to the job. ' Vermont Hotel Mens association to place
There many a fellow who hasn't a Job ialln.rr ?i 'fT
It; to go back to. the Prattleboro fair, will ko 'far toward
building a firm foundation for a wider
Vermont Senators. publicity later on. We can advocate to
i doom s day the desirability of "seeing er
1 mont first" without imiiressinsr unon anv
Little Benny's
Note Book
In The Iay's News.
Tames E. Boyd, who has declared the
new federal child labor law to be un
constitutional, has been judge of th
United States district court for th
western district of North Carolina fo
more than twenty years past, being oi s
of t lie oldest of the federal jurists in
point of service. Horn in North Caro
Una 76 years ago. he received his acad
emic training at Davidson college, aril
while a youth still in his teens saw ac
tive service as a private in one of tlu
North Carolina regiments of the Con
federate states army. After the war
he studied law and ia ISf.S was admittel
to the North Carolina bar. His tirs
j.'ublic service- was as a member of th
state legislature. Previous to his eleva
tion to the federal bench in 1900 Judya
1'ovd had served for five years as -,i
United States district attorney for
three years, from 1S07" to 190. as assist
ant attorney-general of the United
helped me wonder
fully. I have had
two children since I began taking your
medicine and did all of my own work in
cluding washing while carrying them.
I can also recommend Lydia E. Pink
ham's Sanative Wash. Ifou may use
this latter as a testimonial if you wish."
Mrs. Thomas L. Christy, 704 West
Mound St., Columbus, Ohio.
Such a condition as Mrs. Christy was in
points directly to a deranged condition
of a woman's system, and by following
her example taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, women may be
relieved from such ailments and be re
stored to normal health and strength
just as she was.
If there is anything about your condi
tion you do not understand write Lydia
K Pinkham Madicine Co., Lynn, Mass.,
in regard to your health.
A teacher training course is to be added
to Vergennes schools this fall.
(New York Times.)
Vermont is entitled to two senators at
been studied and tabulated "asnmgum. out lor a Kenciauu.i iu,-;
may oe ine same luuiviuuais. luuauuu
lis the custom in many states, but a Ver-
are nionter would be shocked if he were asked
tliat hetivoen li'MTJ nnd 1 !7 the 'average to change his senators. Once a senator
i , , i . T'-.:,.i from Vermont, always a
number VI uiieiujuiry ru in nit- i unci, , , raSi;.lt;(1I1 ,i(Uwi 1(,l,MVir
States was no less than . 00,000 or. is. exp-ted ami never lacking,- A' Ver
slightly less than 10 per cent of the na-! nionter always knows who his senators
tions normal labor supply. Today the are If he is getting on in years, they,
T . . , T , . . 0 . . . . probably represented him when he was a
Industrial Information Service estimates (ov a convenionce aml a reUt.f to ;
that the excess of unemployed over the Ju1(w that they are still on the job. lie- j
normal volume will not exceed 2,500,- election is a matter of course, automatic,
.w-. t r , i- i. i .i The innior senator is likelv to be an old
nnj. II tuese ngures ue correct, ami iut- - - --- ... . ... ,, ent torni
considerable number of Verm mt people
mat ermont has a great deal to offer.
Possibly if the hotel men bring it forcibly
to the attention of the general public at
the fairs by means of visual proof the peo-
senator subject a,j then became nrrsistcnt advertiser-i of
their state, just as Floridians and Califor
nian are for" their native' or adopted
I ' 1C0O-
Ma was imbroidering iinbroidery ami
I was watching her and thinking, and
after a wile 1 sed, Hay ma, sipposing
you was in a big high bilding and it
eawt on tire and the ony way you could
excape was to jump out the window in
to the tiremens blankit, would you do
it. ma' ,
Now wats the use of sipposing sutch
a thing as tflat? sed ma.
Well gosh, ma, jest sippose, I sed
its no diidvrace to sippose.
In i he feist place I wouldent be so
silly as to stay in a btrning bilding so
long, sed ma.
Well sippose you was asleep, ma, and
jest woak uo in time to smell the
snioak and jump out the window, I sed.l
-.,,.1.1 .1.. ; :e
MII'l uu uu 11 11 ou. ,t imr iUClliCll ico-
i. i i : ... " . il.-l.:. .1 ai
iioiuing imi ineir inaiiKii uow n ineie.
and ixpecting you? 1 sed.
Well of corse, if there was no other
way. naturally, sed ma. and I sed. So
would 1, ma. ony its a pritty hard of a
thin:" to do and a pcrsin awt to have a
little practice ferst, dont you think so,
ma 7
I sinpose so. ony -rsinaHy Id jest as
-non be ixcused, sed ma. Meening she
would drat her not jump unless she ab-
.-ilutely had Ui. and I sed. Well gosh, (..,
Today's Anniversaries.
-King William was forced to rai.-a
the siege of Limerick after sii:--
taining great loss.
(reneral Washington withdrew his
forces to the city of New York
from Long Iland.
John F. Mercer, Revolutionary
soldier and governor of Maryland,
died in Philadelphia. Porn at
liarlboroiigh. Va., May 17. 17."0.
1S50 Tohn W. Webster was hanged in
P.oston for the Parkman murder
The total number of automobile acci
dent reports to the secretary of state's
office this year has reached 1,720, and
probably another f0 will be added when
the week-end reports reach the office.
Several tons of coal in the bin at the
canning factory in Essex Junction became
ignited a few days ago and it was neces
sary to remove all of it before the fire
could be put out, as it started at the bot
tom of the bin.
Quite a thrilling accident occurred in
Williamstown gulf Saturday afternoon.
A Ford, turning out past a truck, is al
leged to have collided with a Buick tour
ing car coming from the opposite direc-
1S35 Feargus O 'Connor, leader of the, tion. Another car, which was following
the JJuiek very closely, was unable to stop
in time, and added its own body to the
pile. All three cars were badly damaged,
but fortunately none of the people were
injured. The names of the drivers and
occupants are not known.
Senator Page's Pet irement.
(Pennington Panner. )
enator I arroii n. rage i,as announced J wui t to get eawt in a berning bilding
that he will retire at the end of his pies-l .nd half to jump into a blankit for the
t,at tr mt a (.mniuir.llirt.lv Cllt Icrill. WHICH Will DC M.ircll 4. IWJ.i. .Vr-t til!,., witluuit l)v nrnrtipo linlnv
are the best ttie country nas available, lllan Iu Vermont there is really no such Viator Page will then be SO years old j moak-. ma. And ma kenr on iinbioid
th slump in business in the past year thing ns old age iu the conventional sense. says that he has had enough of puldic 1 intr and I kejp on watching her and
1,00 ,.r i,r.r.Tl-r, Cr monv men mil nf wnrt Tlie other day in Jutland a native iT- ',Lr- ciucie.i H.imcs w npn ' - i ti k i og, and unity soon 1 sea, i uaa
oir.e prai'i ce t ni
Chartist iurisim; in threat Prit
ain. diel in Ijoudon. Born July IS
-More than 3oo lives lost in the
wreck of the caix? mail steamer
Teuton in Simon's bav.
-The Dr. Cronin murder trial be
pan in Chicago.
-Lord Chief Justice Russell of
Kn gland addressed the American
Bar association at Saratoga.
One Year Ago Today.
Serious rioting continued in Belfast.
Many lives lost in a typhoon at Man
Today's Birthdays.
Fritzi SthefF, nonular actress and vo
ma, I" bleeve in practice. I do, I dont j cabst , born at Vienna, Austria, 41 years
...., i ..-.. , i,-. if., .,.., ...:i
as many have supposed. documented, for he could be traced back.
In any event, the situation is a griev- .t(ip Dv step t0 the little red schoolhouse.
ous one. and there cannot but be general Centenarians are not uncommon in Ver-
regret that the richest country in the ont. Dr. Harvey Wiley could not ex-
, , . .. , . , plain them, because they never diet nor
world, and the one which offers every m,d b(Kks on ,,tft,rrwl (M ag Thev
worker the greatest opportunities for consume those things made in the farm
self advancement, should find itself in house kitchen' that the hygienists warn
this predicament. . mankind against. Perhaps if they dieted
, . , , . , and went through W alter tamps dailv
It is worth remembering, however, dozen exercises with the arms and legs,
that there is good reason to believe that they would go on. like the brook, forever,
those who complain most volubly of the It is announced from Hyde Park, Vt..
unfortunate condition and who urge upon ' in
us various economic nostrums for its i.r;i. Vermonters will regard the news
remedy, have seldom been numbered as a sensation. Up in the (Jreen moun-
elected representative from Ilvde-
he wa
lark .' years ago. lor a good share off ' played firemen and
in.-ii nine ne nas served ine state or the jrank't under our parlor
nation in some public capacity, generally
with credit and sometimes with distinc
tion. There will now lie the usual uproar
as to who will succeed him. but it seems
to the Banner that Congressman Frank L.
attirnoon, ma. us tel
we held the j
window and I
:ook teri-s jumping into it to save our ;
1't'es. Wieh ma jest kepp on imbroider-1
inir. emi I seI. I lie onv truitoie was
ago today .
Marion IePov Burton, president of
'he Fniversitv of Michigan, born at
Brooklyn. Iowa, -17 years ago today.
Warren .1. Moult on. president-elect of
Ihimror Iheoiocieal seminary, born at
Sandwich, X. H.. frfi years ago today.
Sir Ernest Rutherford, one of the
most eminent of living physicists, born
in New Zealand. 50 years ago today.
Ft. Rev. Herbert Shirman. bishop
hat the blankit ripped rite in half wen'
Puds Smikins omitted, and if vou dont
(Jreene is the one logical man and the one ' bleeve it wy iest look on mv bed ami
uSFrairan to the Enisconal Lisbon of
.New iork. ttorn at Lexington. Kv
years ago today.
to give the most distinguished ser
His record iu the lower house- war-
his promotion.
among the regularly employed, even
the busiest year. It was ever thus.
Easing Their Minds.
(Greenfield Recorder.)
The announcement bv I'nited State
Senator Carroll S. IVis-e f Wrm.int ti,-t'
ne win renre at the end ot Ins mesctit
oull see it there in 2 peeces insted of
Being a hint to toll her whose blinkit
we used, and she ran up to see atol got
iest as m;'d as if she had found it out
for herself.
jn tains a man of 80 is supposed to have two term will ease the minds of numerous
i recti .Mountain state aspirants for
higher political honors who have been
markedly restive for some time.
For Safety's Sake.
(Rutland Herald.)
Loose planks in bridges are causing a
few accidents here and there in Vermont.
A good way to drive over bridges is with
the imver off ami the brake on.
, Not Strong for Sorghum.
(Burlington Clipper.)
During the flush years a lot of people
learned to eat grapefruit for breakfast
that don't relish going back to plain oat
meal and molasses.
And He Did!
or tnree lustrums ot useiuiness leit in
I him, especially if he is a United States
senator. Justin S. Morrill, who entered
THE PEACE TREATY. the senate in 1S07. was SS when he died.
Whether it be regarded as it is in a!1"'!1"- . IIis ""sor as Wil-
, ham 1 . Dillingham, who represents the
some quarters as a victory for Ger- sta, e at "Washington at the age of 7S. The
many, or hailed as a triumph of Amer- span from Dillingham to Morrill as a be
ican statesmanship, the signing of the ginuer in the senate is thus "4 years. Sen
peace treaty between the United States aU"- I'age summed Redtield Proctor, who
' . ser.-ed onlv 1 years, in lS'Jl succeeding
and its enemies in the World. war is an ( ,rge p. Edmunds, who had served 2o
accomplished fact. iyerrs. Senator Proctor was 77 years
Prior to the actual signing by repre- wh n he died in ltX)S. Mr. Edmunds re
... ... i i ii .i. signed at the age of t., an unusual act
sentatives of the powers involved all the fo,. ft Vermont senator, but he lived to be
work of its preparation was conducted in which is not unusual for a Ver
secret. There were many rumors, and nionter.
much preliminary gossip too as to the' ThJ" average quality of Verinont sena-
stipulations of the treaty, but through siC;ly they wear welL Morrill and Ed-! arh-t flowers stand drought better.
them all the state department worked on munds were a wonderful pair. What,'"1 uli
in silence. .ott.er state, it any, eoulu match tlicm lor
r,-, ., , t . . .,, ., pultlic usefulness? And they represented
When the full text of the treaty .as & smaU tiparsply poI)u,ited i-om.non-
finally published there was no demon- wealth ! It is to be noted that Vermont's
stration either in Berlin or in the United senators usually come from little audi
States. Most persons appear to look oft,'n remote townships, where cows in the
, ,.. n., pastures may be more numerous than men. :
upon it as a mere formality. There are, The stranger straving down the elm.;
of course, honest citizens who regard it shrded main street of Cornwall on the1
as a shameful and dangerous thing, and Otter such a sequestered, placid place !
others equally honest who rejoice greatly'0"1.11 be treading : the sanie ground that )
1 , , . A, Tinew the respected form of Solomon Foot,:
at its successful consummation. But the wLa was president pro tempore of the.
majority of Americans will continue to I'nited States senate in the stirring years
take it calmlv enough. i?f 1'!1",6:V -Tuin Morrill was born in!
mr "i t-t t .- i, TT,-t,i Strafford, in Orange county, which is still ;
The treaty has retained for the United w lnHes rom ft rai)road 3'FAmumU nrst
States, all the rights and privileges which saw the light in Richmond, on the Winoo- j
would have accrued to this government ski, in Chittenden county, which may j
under the Versailles treaty, and has ,1'11fMJ inhabitants today. Hyde,
Iflrtml oiiniAc-'fnHit nil rhn Ahliffotinns . " .
uuuvu cue cv.-i uu. a. ii
which were so fearfully
fciJp f. thtk Atlantic AVhnf.
in i,;,f mmoinc rt Ka fitor Dillingham originated, is an incon- i
11 . siderable town except for the honor he;
seea- j sheds upon it. Senator Froctor was of !
Proctorsville, celebrated for marble but i
Tliere should be better health in many; not for population. Burlington, Rutland,
New England homes and fewer calls for 1,arre and Montpelier do not produce;
the doctor in minor injuries if the Red ! L"?,. ?fnatorS It is necessary to
J , f?0 WAV hflek inrn tho PAiintpr f finrl !
Cross nursing classes continue to do the them.
Rumor That He Will Succeed Morse; If
Palter Resigns Tax Commission.
MONTPELinil. Aug. liO. The ru
mors about the resignation of M. (.
Morse as state tax commissioner started
the usual train of talk about a succes
sor. Among those mentioned is Clyde
Cuff rin. the present deputy ami the man
who knows more stxuit the office than
nty man in the state except Charles A.
Pmmley, former commissioner and now
president of Norwich university. John
M. Avery, who served as commissioner
for a few months, is another who is men
tioned iu connection with the office.
Tremont Trust Treasurer Asks 8:100,000
Damages of Bank Commissioner.
BOSTON. Aug. HO. Benjamin II.
Swig, treasurer of the closed Tremont
Trust Co. son of Simon Swig, vice pres
ident of the bank, yesterday brought suit
for S.'iOO.OOO against Bank Commissioner
Joseph C Allen, ns an individual.
Mr. Swig said that he might bring
suit at a later date against "certain
other conspirators," but for the present
he will devote his attention to his suit
against Mr. Allen and to gathering evi
dence for possible use against other in
dividuals. 'Really. I have nothing to say," an
swered Commissioner Allen wh-'ii asked
late yesterday afternoon regarding the
The Roman bridal wreath was of ver
bena, plucked by the bride herself.
The first large party to go through
Smuggler's Notch from Stowe to Jeffer
sonville made the trip on Saturday,
through the courtesy of Highway Commis
sioner T. W. Dix, w ho made the road tem
porarily passable, pending the completion
of the highway. The party was made up
of about ."0 people from various parts of
the country who were r en route from
Springfield, Mass., and the White moun
tains to attend the dinner at the Hotel
Vermont Saturday evening. Among the
states represented were California, Geor
gia. Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey and New
Hampshire. All the members of the party
were very enthusiastic over the scenery
and the ixissibilities for tourists when the
road is finished.
Experts Not Sure Whether It Is Sea
sonal or Permanent.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 30. A general
revival of business and industry is un
der way in the United States, according
to Secretary of the Treasury Mellon
and to reports being received by the
federal, reserve board and other agen
cies. Reserve board reports indicate that
the general revival in buying and com
mirciul activity, generally, is greater
tuati at any period since the depression
of last September began.
Administration officials, however, are
not prepared to commit themselves
fully to the prophecy of a general busi
ness boom. Mr. Mellon offers the sug
gestion that the renewed activity may
be seasonal, or it may be the forerunner
of the general boom that is expected
with the return to normalcy. It is
pointed out that business always picks
up in the early fall, after a period of
midsummer dullness, but usually this
sVnsonal actiyity does not particularly
manifest itself until September,
People in olden times wore the emerald
in tiie belief that it prevented giddiness
and strengthened the memory-,
hs For? I'll Move it AND
FiKin out
M , ,
tbe obligations , wuntyt . and the birthplace - of Senator j
regarded on thisPage. has never been populous. Even'
Vhat will be its , Waterbnry, on the Winooski, where Sen-'
7 -V 1 V.
good work they are engaged in. Women j
and girls numbering 6,281 have- received !
Good for Vermont Indicated.
instruction in the elementary principles! (Barre Times.)
of the care of the sick minor illnesses and j The degree of energy and enthusiasm
emergencies, in 420 classes in home hv-'2Yuich Vrm.ont1 H,otel aasocia
i .i t-. i i t i tion and its individual members are put-
giene under the New England Red Cross, ting into the preseut campaign of pub-
this year. - - ; jlicity for Vermont is an augury of consid-
, j erable good to the state of Vermont and its
The kid who can walk several miles to various and varied industries in the years
go into the swimming hole is scarcely immediately ahead. To be sure, the pres-
' ' - r -J
A Paradox: It takes ovens
of 500 of heat to make this
cooling breakfast
ost lomties
best corn flakes
Also it's a cold fact that unless you say "Post Toastles"
to your grocer you're liable to get ordinary Corn Flakes.

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