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Page 2 Tcday
a I ri an y A A. j
! 1 1 SI
n i h h -ari -p. b eepv kh h a h h i ub
VOL. 9. NO. 161
v v "v
inly Daily Newspaper in
Southeastern Vermont
Six Known Dead In City
Believed 500 Lives Lost
Property Loss Reaches
Into Millions Troops
From Fort Sam Houston
Patrol City
Estimate of the
damage is dim-
Jugoslav Delegate Protests Admission
of Albania South America Will
Vote for Hoot.
Three Killed and Three Injured on the
Detitschland Many Others May
Have Perished.
v in . soci;.ted Preset LIVERPOOL, Sept. 10 (Associated
.'.'..,.. Lt.t i.n.lt. their first' Press). A tremendous explosion of the
I'll till .-,., w ....... --- ... , , -1. i. II I
111 1 ll, OellllTC III (' K'tMIl , ,VI LI .-..w.l,,. 1 u. j .........
in tne lea inie or iimii.ui, vnm-n
reaches as
tire officials.
west side
Eubstantial f'ains In Prices Severely
Punish Short Interests Mex
ican Oils Strong.
K VKK, Sept. 10. The most ac-
ro,ir0 nf Rivers Strewn
With Wreckage of Houses
Automobiles Are Swept
Away Heaviest Loss In
Mexican Section Tor
nado In South Dakota
SYN WTOXIO. Tex.. Sept. 10. Six
al-e "known to be dead and property in
the central portion of the city has been
damaged to the extent of several Million
... fl.,.-.,i which swept through
San Antonio last night,
loss of life and property
nit earlv this morning.
Troons from Fort Sam Houston are
patroling the city and aiding in rescue
i rrl. ... ,- cii,i,-il- IS Cllt Oil as
WOI'li. 1 lie .-"I'l--.-
tin. electric lisht ami telephone power
Intimates of the loss of life
Id eh as oOO by police
Water from the San Antonio river
which winds through the city and from
it tributary, the Olmes creek, flooded the
K.,5n section of the city for many
lyif. -- ---
l..u.l. to a depth of from 10 to !
Ti.. SJ.ni Pedro creek on
f r-itv which runs through the Mex
. .1 -.strict overflowed and joined
vaiPis from the river and swept
the southern part of the eitr. Both -banks
of the San Antonio river are strewn with
tli wreckage of houses. A number of I president Will Spend Werk-Enri at Coast
automobiles were swept away. Resort.
rri.wMiiriiniit the nicht the ea.-t and west WASHINGTON. Sept. 10. Prr
l i,,p citv were cut off from each dent Harding arranged today to spend
Miles of the ot wue cut i wwk.(.n(, af At,.,nfu. city living
other and it was only at dayiignt nun Washington shortly after noon by aulo
the waters had receded sufficiently to per- (,ilt for the coast resort,
mit rrossin" bv one bridge in the north- Two or three days will h; spent lu
nar i )sm"0 . 1,r(,si(1,Mlt ,,t Atanti(. ritv v.liich he
ein part. wj,. unable to visit last week because
- Newspaper plants were flooded, but tn. tui pr(w;c!(nl ;al yacht, Mayflower, was
San Antonio Light issued on extra on a prevented by a storm from .docking,
hard press at 0 a. m. Alarming reports' After Ins visit at Atlantic City the
..... ., !,,, ii,,, s-iii ' ''resident plan.- to pn k up t ho Mav
of los of life in the valley of flu San SOTnVxvll(1,.0 n,, tll,l roast aml
Antonio river south of the city aie com- , ,. for a f,.w n,ori, day. retunii-ig
inff in. hut Hie l.iRin i uiiaun- in ;i-n i nu i on ine uiiici iiuii 01 liic
them. It is believed that uie giciiiei
f life occurred in the .Mexican tus-
at JJirkenhead across
Liverpool killed three
three others today. It
at the
of the
.1 L.IIII I ,1 II
( ount Albert Mcnsdortl-l'ouiliy-i'teci-..;.,
ili.i iiwtriin Oelemte. took
.i . .! i.;o , sofiik on the1 manv others perched
work of the counsel of the leasue.
M. Spalaikovitch. the .lugo-Slav del
egate made a bitter attack upon Alba
nia and criticised the action of the as
sembly last year in admitting Albania
to the lea mio.
Arthur J. Balfour, the British repre
sentative relieved the tension result -
iii from. M. Spolaikovitcli s speech in
correct ing what he said were mistaken
('.eductions. Albania he said had a per
fect right to appeal from the counsel
'f the league to the assembly for a
settlement cf the entire dispute be
tween Albania. Greece and .liign-Slavia.
i:iihu Root will receive the unani
mous vote of the South American del
egates to the league of nations assem
bly when the election of judges for the
permanent international court of jus
lice is held Wednesday, next.
the Mersey front
men and injured
is possible that
ubniarine was being dismantled
time of the explosion, which oc
in Hie eniiine room from an tin
cause. The Detitschland was one
submarines surrendered bv the
Structure to Be Opened
Public Will Be Ac-
cepted Soon
Car Containing Superintendent isurns
and Timekeeper Charles Crosses This
Morning liridge Satisfactory to En
gineer StOlTS.
Traffic will be resumed tomorrow morn
ing on the lirattleboro-Hinsdale bridge
crossing the west branch of the Connec
ticut river from Bridge street. This
Conference as to Chester-ficld-Brattleboro
I'neuual Stress on Cables, but Anchor
aces Secure Abutment Settling. Prob
ably Iiecause of Undermining Large
Crack in Masonry.
That the P.rattleboro-Chestcrfield sus
pension bridge must be strengthened at
once was the decision reached yesterday
, afternoon at a conference between the
New Train Schedule
Must Be Convenient
under the terms of the peace
fact was definitely announced last
bv lload ('-imuiissioner Charles J.
night' selectmen of
Dube, j attended by
the two towns,
Engineer John
which was
W. Storrs
Interned Men Ciet Away
of Tunnel Required
Dl'BUN. Sept. 1 ; Associated Tress!.
A tunnel requiring many weeks to
construct was employetl Thursday night
in effect i n i the escape of some To in
terned Sinn Feiners from the Ctirragh
internment camp in County Kildare,
where about 15m prisoners were under
live week-end session ut the year was
witnessed on the stock exchange today
when fitrt her substantial additions to
recent gains were made. Dealings in the
iwo hours were lioo.Ooo shares. Short
interests were auain severely punished
') the upward movement which ranged
fvsmi Oi-A r, fivft nninl Afvie'lii iiis
were the features on the satisfactory , everything of value,
outcome of conferences between Amer
it a ii oil interests ami Mexican tavern
Steal Everything of Value and Escape
Got $100,000 In Bonds :md Un
known Cash.
PULASKI. Va.. Sept. 10. Il-.bbers
last night blew open the vault of the
hank of Hraper in the town of Prajn-r
I four miles from here and escaped with
including an nmle-
1 termined amount of cash and S10O.IO0 in
1 bonds.
who has tinished planking the bridge and
who is now grading the approach at the
Vermont end.
Direct communication between Ver
mont and New Hampshire at this point
has been interrupted for so long a per
iod that the resumption uf traffic has
been awaited with particular interest.
The old bridge went out March 2S, T.fJO,
the temporary pile bridge was carried
away Pee. lo, and the falsework carry
ing about two-thirds of the steel for the
new bridge collapsed Tune Hi. landing
the structure in the bottom of the river.
The American Bridge Co.. builders
promptly fabricated a new -bridge with
the exception of the pieces remaining in
the yard here, and finally the structure
was successfully erected and is ready for
In order that the people of the Ash-
uelot valley in 'particular may know that'
the bridge is ready ftr travel the Brat-!
tlcboro Chamber of Commerce today
mailed about ."OO printed notices to res
idents of Hinsdale. Winchester anil Ah
uelot. which read as follows: "The
Bratlhboro Chamber of Commerce
pleased to inform
II., and Attorney Philip
of Concord. N
Faulkner of Keene, representing the
( 'hesterfield selectmen.
The conference was held in the select
men's room in the town hall building
here, the full boards being present, con
sisting of
Harold E. Kandall, Roger C
and George A. Tuttle of Ches-(
terheld and S. A. Kichmond, W. E. Sttll-
man and Freeman Scott of Brattleboro.
As it appeared that the north part of
the New Hampshire abutment had
cracked off and was settling it was voted
to instruct Mr. Storrs to make soundings
and estimate the cost of strengthening
the east abutment end to prepare speci
fications and plans from which bids w ill
be akcd.
To make the desired repairs it will be
necessary to build a cofferdam and en
large the abutment by building on to the
n uth and wc.-t sides sufficient to prevent
further settling. The anchorages to
which the cables are attached are sup
ii'iMd to be ample. The cue on the Ver-
iTiont cud is known to be sufficient, as it!
The anchofage at
end is of masonry.
the ;
Xc tr
At S a. m. the waters were receding,
tut were not yet within their banks. Sol
diers were bringing out people who had
been marooned throughout the night. The
weather is still cloudy and further rain
is in prospect. Unless there tdnuhl be
unusual precipitation in the Olmos valley
it is not believed there is further danger.
Two Counts of Murder In First Degree
Against Him.
BOSTON. Sept. 10 Charles A. Wells,
who vesterdav shot and killed Ella A.
Wells, who had divorced him recently,
and her counsel. A Louis Altnieyer. on a
crowded street car in the West Boxbnry
district. was indicted today on two counts
'of first degree murder.
Two Killed in Tornado. .
SIOUX FALLS. S. P.. Sept. 10 Two
men were killed at West Sioux Falls and
many small farm buildings were de
stroyed in a tornado which struck just
outside the Sioux Falls city limits early
last night. The towns of Ollis, Hartford
and East Sioux Falls are reiMirted hard
hit but telephone and telegraph commun
ication is demoralized.
IJnn I). Taylor to (Jive Report at
xvt Banquet Speakers.
NEWPORT. Sept. 10. The 1.1th an
nual "meeting of the Vermont Association
of Insurance Agents will be held here
next Wednesday. The business meeting
will be held at 10 o'clock in the morning
at the Mcmphremagog Yacht club. It
will include reports by President Walter
A. Clark of Rutland. Secretary-Treasurer
Dana J. Lowd of Bellows Falls and
C-hairman Linn P. Taylor of the execu
tive committee.
R, W. Crowther of the Springfield
Fire and Marine Insurance company will
give an address on "Use and Occupancy
Insurance." and Stephen C. Porsev of
Rutland wiil talk on "Legislation of In
terest to Insurance Agents."
The association men, hers will take a
cruise on Lake Memphremagog in the
afternoon. In the eveninx 1 here will b
ja banquet at the Newport House, at
which tune Uie following .peaKers win
be heard : Warren S. Shaw secretary of
the New England Advisory board : Joseph
fi. ISrowti. insurance commissioner of
Vermont : Frederick M. Sise, president
of the New Hampshire association:
.lames W. Cook, president of the Rhode
Island association : Geo. A. Vermille, secretary-treasurer
of the New Hampshire
association; A. J. Murphy, special agent.
you that the
nccticut rivr hiKlge will be
irntlU- tomorrow. We are
this information at the earliest possible j cables at
moment as we know the people of your; has been
town .will welcon.' tin- thought that di
rect communication -with Brattleboro is
A fact of interest at this time is that
the suiwrihteiident of the crew who
erected the hridtre. "dipt."' Pan Burns
uf Richmond. Va.. and the
and his wife. Mr. ami Mr
is a big ledge.
X . . . t- I 1 1 i , i.. Ii i ftM
. ' " - - j
A cracK appeared in ine east uouimeui.
last year, probably due to an undermin-
j mg or t lie aimimcnt. -s uie norm sec-
KH.m. e.mt iimii.i tit settle tlie cracK lias
new Con-1 widened, beine about four inches wide
open for, in places. This settling has thrown out
sendinir vou i of i.himb the north tower supporting tne
In the face of figures showing rev
enues to be far below operating costs
it will probably be difficult to ad
vance conclusive, arguments against
the proposed train schedule curtail
ments, but if Brattleboro business in
terests cannot prevent the cutting off
of trains tlfey can at least make a de
termined effort to secure satisf aetoity
service from those that are left.
In considering the matter of service
as it affects Brattleboro and adjoining
towns the first question is that of
convenience for the large number of
people who make this town their
business center. It is of vital inter
est to them, as well as to local busi
ness concerns, that train service in
and out of Brattleboro is so arranged
that they can leave home and reach
home at convenient hours.
The proposed schedule will not be
convenient for the many people who
come to Brattleboro from the south
for the reason that it contemplates
no south-bound afternoon train be
tween '2 p. m. ami " p. m.. the Boston
& Maine proposing to discontinue
their ."..K5 train and the Central Ver
mont to advance by two hours or so
the leaving time of the present 4.10
train. No train schedule should meet
with the approval of Brattleboro that
does not provide an afternoon train
having for the south late enough to
give outside shoppes a good part of
the afternoon here and yet get them
to their homes in Vernon. Snuth Ver
non and Northfield. Mass.. by supper
time. As to the talk of making Brattle
boro the terminus of the Vest River
branch instead of South Ijondon
derry. it is difficult to see how this
can lie done without abandoning the
northbound Tate afternoon train, ami
such a course of action would raise
a storm of protest all along the line.
No service on the West River road
would be r-onsidered anything like
adequate that did not provide a train
from South Londonderry to Brattle
boro in the morning and a train from
Brattleboro to South Iondonderry in
the Jute afternoon.
Prefer to Spend Surplus In
come In Brattleboro But
Do Not Believe Money
Should be Used as Substi
tute for Support That
Town Would Have to Pro
vide if Fund Did Not
Since Court Has Given
Trustees Right to Spend
the Surplus Where They
Please Town Should Co
operate with Them so
That Benefits of Fund
May Be Retained
The Reformer presents herewith
A letter from Richards M. Bradlev .
outlining the position of the trustees
of the Thompson Fund relative to the
exjienditure of money in Brattleboro
under the "kindred, charities'' clause
of the will and decree ;
A suggestion of its own for bring
ing townspeople and trustees together
to work out a mutually satisfactory
arrangement for such expenditure. t
For botli it bespeaks a careful
reading, and consideration based on a ,
hope for future amity rather than
recollection of past misunderstandings.
he timekeeper nut as
R. E. Charles are f.
,.i i... i.-;.i.,.. I ii ;.
the east end of the bridge, it
discovered also that the stress
ou the cables is not equal, some carrying
a heavier load than others, and no way
is known for euualizing the stress.
This bridge w as erected by the Perlin !
Construction Co. in 1SKN-V.I. and while it J
was nmiue tor tne irauie oi mai i one n is
won Id
MUST PAY 59.86
of Selinsgrove, Pa.,
this morning in Mr
bile on their way to a new job at North
Stratford. X. 11. This was the 4irst ve
hicle to cross the new bridge. ' Road
Commissioner Pube prepared the ap
proach so that the car could cross. Sev
enteen of the crew who were here have
gone to the North Stratford job. the
others going to a job for another con
cern in Springfield.
After the hridiie is opened there will
substantial as
ir present -day-
be Iwiilt to!
. . However,
The Position of the Trust ees.
Editor of The Reformer :
1 have been asked to explain the atti
tude of the trustees.of the Thompson Fund
on the matter of expenditures in Brattle-
jboro for purposes other than for the sup-
. iW OVPTJUlTTTT' TSJATI? IK'rt n' seamstresses, needlewomen and
- j u riiunjn, vji-Ei h9PJdrl8 in t(M2iporary neP(j; in otlier
" j words, expenditures that come under the
Suit of Miller Against Worden in Mu- "kindred charities' clause of the will and
nicipal Court Offset Claimed for j the reoent decree.
i nuer me most recent court decree, it
will be remembered, the expenditure for
Board Disallowed.
doubt that if the towers can
tipping over and the abut-
Showers Tonight or Sunday Tempera
ture Remains Mild.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 The wea
ther forecast: Local showers tonight or
Sunday. Mild temperatures. Light
touthe:ly winds.
Sullivan Makes Fifth Attempt to Swim
English Channel.
LONDON. Sept. 10 t Assodiate.l Press)
Henry Sullivan of Iowell. Mass.. who
left Poyer Friday afternoon on his fifth
attempt to swim the English channel.
was toreea to abandon the attempt lie
cause of rough weather 'early today
when he was eight miles off the French
coast. Sullivan was lli'i hours in the
still be more work to be done in the way
of grading and ens-ting permanent rail
ings at the approaches, also in laying the
sidewalk which will be on the north side.
Road Commissioner Pubt
hauling gravel across the bridge before
night for use on the New Hampshire ap
proach. Engineer John W. Storrs of Concord.
N. II., the engineer employed by Brat
tleboro and Hinsdale to design and se
cure the bridge, was in town
afternoon and inspected the
crossed tne bridge 'there is little
Charles's' automo-!be kent from
ment strengthened to prevent iurtiier
settling it will stand for a long time.
dmrt action has been begun in New
Hampshire to have all of the towns in
Cheshire county share in the expense of
a new bridge when one is built, ami a
part of the expense will be borne by
Brattleboro. There is no fixed rule as
Mass. to what Part of the expense this town
s opened there wiil shall bear, but when the present bridge
was voted for Brattleboro appropriated
.Sl..i0O and Chesterfield Ss.(Mm. and it is
'the understanding of the town officials
Ithat each town finally paid a little more.
.' feet long, which is nl-i
expects to be The bridge is .":
Universalist Church
Torrential Rains in Texas Threaten Fur
ther Crop Shortage.
NEW YORK. Sept. 10 Reports of
torrential rains in South Texas inten-
i'ying the fear of a low grade as well
as a stiort cotton crop were followed by
active buying and further short recov
eries in the market here this morning.
Edwin P. Woad, Pastor.
Sunday. Sept. 11.
m. Morning worship and
mon. t lie pastor s topic
What Is a Skeptic?
11.45 a. m. Sunday school.
3.00 p. m. Service at Guilford
Secretary Mellon Asks Ministers of
nance to Meet In Washington.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. Secretary
Mellon, as chairman of the inter-American
high commission, has addressed a
call to the ministers of finance of all the
Latin-Amei ican countries for a series of
meetings here and in the other respec
tive capitals to discuss the international
exchange situation.
most as long a the P.rattleboro-Hinsdale
A record of the number of cars passing
over the bridge was kept on live days the
past summer. On July 4 the number of
vehicles crossing in l."5 hours was fXt'2.
yesterday ' On the four other days the number yvas
structure, between 4(H) and ."iOO.
To a member of I he Reformer staff .Mr.
Storrs said the bridge was all right in
evcrv wav ami would be accepted, but
final acceptance will not lie made until j
it is till 1 v completed. One or two posts;
to support the ends of the railing on I
the south side have not arrived, these Dot-line in Wheat and Oats, While
IciiiL' made l.v another concern than tne
American Bridge Co.. but they are
President Harding Awards Congressional;
-lines. :inil Tdb.-irco Show
. i .i : . . I .. . . . in it. I "
peeled soon, am! wnen tney are in u;u-e -
the bridge will be accepted. The towns WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. Recovery
have .".0 days after acceptance in which jpf tf1(. ,.ru cnip ,i(irins August from
to make final payments. j t)0 s,,,.jou damage sustained from July
Mr. Storrs was asked what the carry--w)j,)tlipr .oni;t j0,u; featured the Sep
ing capacity of the bridge was. His re- t(, ,.,. fcr.iin re)ort of the department
plv was that it would cary a double line f .jciU,,,-, issued yesterday. Fav
of lo-ton automobile trucks extending , ((.0(j vj,n cmj growing temperatures and
the entire length of the bridge. 'plenty of rain in practically the entire
Some persons have thought that the )-orn (,lt th. 1(f.0,i,1(.r j,,n force? st made
bridge, which has a roadway of '21 fret.!,, 0f l.-,4.(KMiM) bushels, bringing
should be wider. .Mr. Morrs says it is .. ;1H.r(,.,SO(i production to :.1SO.((00.000
The suit of Gilliert S. Miller of Town-j these general purposes is left wholly to
shend against Adin C. Worden of West the discretion of the trustees and in using
Brattleboro to recover i4 on a note was that discretion they are bound to do their
tried yesterday before Judge V. I). E. best to tind what they consider the best
Stowe. The court found for the plaintiff , use. They prefer to make expenditure of
to recover S.V.l.St;. The defendant claimed two-thirds of this surplus money in Brat
an offset for the board of the plaintiff tleboro and adjoining regions, provided
should be allowed as well as an offset for such expenditure can be made an effective
some phosphate which he sold the plain-' use of the endowment.
tiff. The court ruled against the claimed ' Whether this is so or not does not in
allowance for board, while S"4.14 yvas al-' their judgment depend upon the trustees
lowed for the phosphate. The note was alone, but upon whether the people of
for Sl"4. of which 8100 already had been ' Brattleboro undertake and carry on effee
paid the plaintiff by the defendant. ! tively real civic activities such as hospital
Attorney A. V. P. Piper was counsel and nursing work; which the trustees can
for Mr. Miller and Attorney E. S. Jones , help. The trustees do not believe money
ot lhumgton lor the detendaut. trom tne lliompson fund should be used
as a substitute for civic work and finan
cial support which a community without
such an endowment would have to provide
through some form of public enterprise.
The fund must be made to aid and
strengthen such work of the people, not
used for independent and separate work of
its own.
They wish to state frankly that at the
present time the situation is unsatisfac
tory. This is not the fault of anvone in
particular but rather the outgrowth of a
misunderstanding of the trustees' position
and of the terms of the trust.
Too much has come to be expected from
the Thompson Fund. Brattleboro people
in general have honestlv hcl
Will Put on Amateur Show in
torhmi in October Aliout
Persons Will Take Part.
Plans are well under way for the larg
est amateur production ever attempted in
P.rattlebiiio. to be staged at the Audito
! rium in October under the auspices of
Company I. Vermnot National Guard.
I The best talent in Brattlelxiro nuniber
.ing 1'2 persons, yvill take part in the per
I forma nccs, which promise to eclipse any
' thing ever seen locally, as no expense will
be spared to make Company 1's initial
amateur effort one long t.) be remembered,
j The proceeds are to l" used for a furni
ture fund for Company I quarters in the
proposed armory -community house. More
particulars, including the dates, yvill be
announced in a few days.
their duty merely to watch the wheels go
(Continued cn Page 3.)
First Church of Christ, Scientist
better not to have it wide enougii ior
ttir.wi mil. .n. ..1. ilc--. as that would tend to!
Medal to France. 1 5,1(mo,, t)le driver of a car to cut between
PARIS. Sept 10. President Harding two other cars and would increase the
has awarded the congressional medal ot ,i.,!1P(.i. ,,f accidents. rh city cf Man-
or only
st vear's
With continued
4S.thM,(MH bushels less'
eron. the largest ever!
honor to the unknown
France. Mvron T. llerrick
can ambassador, informed Premier liri
nnd todav. M. I-riamI asked' Mr. ller
rick to thank the American government
for the gift of the medal. The present a
tion ceremony yvill oeer.r in October.
soldiers ot , .,1.,,...,,,. v II
the Amen-. tin,.i-ower than
Odd Fellows Temple
Mondav, Sept. 12, 7t p. m. Regular
meeting of Wantastiquet lodge.
Tuesday, Sept. 13. IMs) p. m. Rebekah
ir.it it ion. Refreshments following the
Wednesdav. Sent. H. District me
ins. Supper at 6.1.i. .
Two hundred members wanted to join
membership contest. Sign up at the
Putney Road.
Sunday services at 10.4." a. m. and 7..10
n 111 Sill 1. Shtivit- 11 ijulitl ani.il 'Tim
Wednenlnv .venl.or' ,,,'oeiinn- which in-is: starved at one period during the war,
.... . . .... , . . .... - - -
eludes testimonies of Christian Science
Great Britain was within DO day of be-
healing, is at 7.4" o'clock. The reading
room in church foyer is open daily, except
Sundays. Wednesday evenings and legal
holidays, from 12 to 1. 3 to .", and 7 to !)
o'clock. All are welcome.
t I Centre Congregational Church
Rev. Herbert P. Woodin, D. D Pastor.
Sunday. Sept. 14.
10.30 a. m. Subject of sermon, Our Need
of God.
12.00 m. Sundav
Business Men
If your suspicion
aroused regarding your
business affairs, write
us for consultation. Xo
has been
private or
or phone
d. ll that n Detective Agency
may lawfully do under the laws
of the Commonwealth of Massa
chusetts. Highest references.
Industrial Service Co.
Phone Fort Hill 3133.
stated the prime minister of Australia recently.
Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. Chmles C. Chayer, Pastor.
Sunday, Sept. 11.
a. m. Morning worship. Theme,
The Dignity of Man.
m. Sunday school.
p. m. Vesper service. Theme
sermon. Manifestations of Jesus.
Knights of Columbus Hall
Monday, Sept. 12. at 8 p.
of tluv-e who wish to help in making up
ine military winsr set.
Those who plan to attend the conven
tion are asked to communicate with
Mrs. W. J. Kaina as soon as possible so
that reservations mav be made.
is building a sieei oruigc
this one.
Name plates riveted to the end chorus
.1.. f 4 1,-
Ul tlie arcnes give ine name m mr -
Hctmen of the towns of Brattleboro and
Hinsdale at the time the bridge yvas con-
I than la
ditions. this year's production may yet.
! huniinn n record crop. Indications are1.
favorable con-1
now out of dan-;
I that most of the crop i
' per from frost. '
I The wheat crop, showed a decline of
S.OOO.OOO bushels with a total of 7o4.
,(M)0.oi0 bushels indicated as this-year's
Oats yvill be a short crop this
John Bozka Complains to Ilolyoke Po-i
liie Sllsopi'lc .loseoli Veiroili Whn I
Disappeared Last May.
I harvest.
John Bozka. who is employed at the
Fort Pumrner mills, made a complaint
yesterday to the Ilolyoke police of the
loss of .$127. stating that he had reason
traeted for. also tne names oi tin1 rM,,-V,.ar the indicated production having de- u ueueve mat aosepu .eiroua ot in
tractors, the United onstruction to.. 471MXXHIO bushels during August, nver street yvas tlie person who relieved
of Albanr. N. Y.. the builders, the Amer- ... to'tai ,.,-op of 1 .000.n00.OO0 bushels him of the roll. The theft was committed
ican Bridge CV.. and the bridge engi- j for,.f.ast. That is 4n0.0OO.0O0 bushels last May. but Bozka did not report the
neer. Storrs of Concord. N. II. The plate sinKi,.r 'than last year's crop and ?A'X- matter at that time, as Neiroda had disap
af the Hinsdale end gives the names of JmmVmm) bushels less than the average for pea red. Xeiroda has since returned to
Select men . 1. Stearns. 1 yy . iajioritj)(, nvp years previous to last year. Ilolyoke and Bozka now wishes to
and E. B. Pike, and the one at the; l'otMtoos showed an increase of 7.000.- the charge against him.
Bratfh. Ixiro end the names of Selectmen (M(() bnsjuis ovrr n month ago yvith a to-1 ,
!. A. Richmond. A. I). Wyatt and .t i )f :,':. (Mt0.(MM bushels, but the crop ; Probably the greatest poultry mart in
E. Stellman. AH the names are in raised - aimost 100,000.000 bushels smaller the world is IVtaluma. Calif., yyitk an an-
Mrs. Luther Clay Willis, the first Ken
tucky woman to receive nomination for
the 'office of magistrate, is a prominent
clubwoman of Shelbyville.
Dance Academy Hall
Car After Dance
Mondav. 7.P.0 t). m. Meeting of the
official board in the vestry of the church
Tuesday evening Regular meeting of
41... AT.-... f,wl.i;.j A.I .i l-.. of ttiu tinnm nf All's
. ,. i t in' unit .-. . m.-. ti ii.v IV ' -.".
m. .Meeting' ir ? iviu-d. Vs thw
is the first meeting of the fall, all members
are urged to be present.
Wednesday evening. 7.30 Regular busi
ness meeting and election of officers of the
All Men's class. Rev. Eldc.n II. Martin,
pastor of the Methodist church of Belloyvs
Falls, has been secured to address the
meeting, and Mrs. Martin yvill be present chapel Saturday
to furnish violin selections. The All
Men's class extends invitation to all mem
liers of the adult Sunday school classes to
be present. Refreshments yvill be served.
Fridav evening, 7.30 Regular prayer
meeting in the vestry.
First Baptist Church
Clark T. Brownell, D. D., Pa-stor.
Sunday. Sept. 11.
10..'0 a.m. Morning worship.
A Matter of Life or Death.
11.4." a.m. Bible school.
7.P.O p. m. Evening service.
On Sacred Ground.
than last year and almost ;iu.ixnj,ihh nual business of s:
bushels below the average of the five, , ,
years previous. I
T obacco production l mucin ions suoweu
an increase of .V.f.OOO.OOO pounds over a
I month ago. yvith a total of J14X.000.000
Hounds. The improvement yvas confined
almost entirely to the northern tobacco
producing states. There were only minor
changes in the indicated production of
otlier ,crops. j
Loss of Uf
The Philalhea class of the- First Bap
tist church will hold a food sale in the
from .? to .i p. m.
m. Boy Scouts.
p. m. Christian
lleaw Damage and Some
In Trinidad. i
rol.T OF SPAIN, Trinidad. Sept. 9
(Associated Press). A tropical storm
of great violence which struck Trinidad
Thursday caused tyvo deaths and did
damage estimated at ?15i.d(Mi. -
a u.,.i t i n .
'r..i"J 't!Ni n in. -"-riiristian Kn-1 The present year marks the centenary
deavor meeting ot the birth of Samuel Wetherill, a Phila-
Fridav, 4 p. in. World-wide Guild con- delphia inventor and scientist, who was
feernce and rally ; 7.30 p. in. church the first to produce metallic zinc commer
prayer meeting. cially in the United States.
Do You Believe
in Magic?
You surely yvill if you
will let
"The Magic Paintbrush"
transform your old chairs,
tables, etc.. into attrac
five furnishings for your
home. .
All Kinds of Painting. Decorating
; and liefinishing
The Abbott 2 Canal Street
Telephone GG1-M
Something New
Tell the World
Van Hensen
The Greatest Improvement
in a Collar Ever" Made
The Comforts of a Soft
The Appearance of a
Starched Collar
Can be washed at home like
a handkerchief. Will not
shrink. Will not wrinkle.
Will not wilt. No chemi
cals. No artificial stiffening.
No saw edges. Saves your
laundry bills. Saves your
shirts. Saves your ties.
- - - Main Street
Opposite Vt. Nat. Bank

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