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I. i - . . . I. Mm in i
inly Daily Newspaper in
Southeastern " Vermont
VOL. 9. NO. 165
Death of Virginia Rappe,
Film Actress
.$224,000,000 SAVING
rv",OO.GOO.oo;) Return Expected From
Goods of No More Use to
United Stales. '
WASIIINGTt N, Sept. 12. Director
,f the I Snlir't Dawes is making a new
rimrirrfl With CailiniT the lr5v' Kaist Pvernmental waste by lur
IldrUU Y1UI VUUuij, 1.41V. r limiting purchases of .supplies ami
toning onioiais to restrict men- nccu
closely as possible t; stocks already avail
able in government supply warehouses.
His estimate of six weeks ago that
$112,000,000 would bo saved out of appro
priations made available by congress for
(he present fiscal year may be doubled as
a result of new methods.
Existing contracts for supplies of
every character arc being cancelled or
amended, and the future spending is being
shaped after a "cut to the bone" policy.
After a month's survey of the surplus
stocks in all government departments,
there now is in practice a new system of
transferrin?: needed supplies from one de
partment to another..
The government supply inventories,
which will tell accurately just how much
may be lopped off of current appropria
tions, probably will be completed within
the next CO days.
Officials as they proceed with tin1 inven
tory problem are more confident than over
that the treasury will lie enriched by al
most ."CtOO.ooo.ooo through the disposition
of' surplus supplies that are not required
for future uses. Now surveys revealed
large amounts of property not listed as
surplus, but which will be put on the auc
tion block for such prices as they will
District Attorney Says Arbuiklc Seized
Wttman and Dragged Her Into Fed
rooin Nurse Gives Affidavit of Miss
Rappe's Charges Hearing Tonight.
SW I. r: X('IS( !. Sept. 12. A for-
liai;;o ot nrst in
lr.lr.r t be
in enai;;e " msi v.,
police announce, will be preferred to
day ayatnst Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle,
notion picture comedian, under arrest
here in connection with the death hist
Friday of .Miss Virginia Rappe, lilm ac
tress. Miss Happe's death followed her
aCendaiioo at a party given in Ar-
's su te at a local noioi. ne uicu
1 juries which District Attorney
and other authorities allege weie
d bv Aibuvkle. Arbitckio is held
of i:
inriic ed
without ba
Thi case
before the
I in
is s
the hall of justice nere.
a-b-edolod to be brought
Francisco coui.ty y,rand
jury to;.iIit . District Attorney l.rady
o! Situ Francisco county in a statement
s-aid that evidence in liin possession,
showed coi,eIus'iely eillier that, assault
or an attempted a-sault was perjK'-
'Mis- Kappe died as a direct
of interim! iniury." Mr. I'.rady's
n. cut said, "'lhe evidence discloses
ond question
that this was caused by
.u buckle. We know 1 loin the evidence
tnat Arbuekte seized .Miss Kappe and
(t,.,.. :. d her into his bedroom, statins.
lave waited' lor you for five years
and now 1 have got you."
An impiest will bo held Thursday.
Miss 1 lappe. who died Friday, was
removed from Arbuckle's rooms in a ho-
I List Mondav in a critical condition
, The whole question of surplus supplies
will be determined by the President. He
may be called on either to uphold the
budget bureau, or to approve the recom
mendations of certain departments in
which there has been a certain decree of
reluctance to follow the hu-iness stan
dards laid down by the budget oiiicials.
Department heads are to ho allowed, in
cases ot differences of pinion, to submit
supplemental reports hearing upon sur-
I pins proHrt.v. especially when :uioh re
ports may be warranted as a result Vf mili
tary or naval policy.
I It has been decided th.it there shall be
no "dumping" of surplus government
stocks upon any commodity markets. The
government's holdings of certain classes of
goods are so large that to release them
in any great volume at one time, officials
declared, would have a disturbing effect
I upon markets, and perhaps react ruin-
hamiiing such corn
is to convert the
Tanks of Imperial Oil
Destroyed Citizens
In Panic
BOSTON. Sept. fJ2. The Ameri
can Woolen Co. may import manu
factured goods from Germany and
other European countries where
easts are lower than in the mills
here. Piesident William M. Wood,
on his return to his desk today from
a trip to Europe said he expected a
report within a day or two tovrring
tiiis possibility from Chester L.
Dane, president of the American
Woolen Products Co.. a subsidiary
who has jti-t completed an indeitend
ent investigation of conditions
.Mr. Dane later said there was no
proposal to bring into this country
any goods that might coniete with
the products of the company's mills.
There are certain products of for
eign count rii made at low prices
that aie not produced here and it is
in such ftoods only that interest for
American iuiHrtiiig lies, he explained.
People Pour From lieds In Night Clothes
Thought No Lives Are Icst Be-J
Heved Missing Workman Tied Into
Woods No Serious Injuries. :
, Halifax, x. s. sept. i2.-T!o ox' DAUGHERTY MAY
plosion ot nve taiiKs or me imperial
Oil Co. 's plant av Dartmouth on the
today i
homes .
Flood at San Antonio Leaves
Great Masses of
ABOVE $5,000,000
east side of Halifax har-ior early
caused flu evacuation of half the
of lia!ifa. Those who had gone
through fke explosion of December,
iPIT , when a munition ship blew up
ami wrecked a third of Halifax with
loss oi J.'Jdo lives, thou-'Iit it was
other such disaster. When th
sions wen over, hoveer, and the tire
r'.ib.dued all indication
had ivH-n neither loss
ous injury.
!t was a little after 4 o'clock that
was shaken by the t.rst c:;
riends Want llim t Lnter Senaturial
Fight In (HMO Think He Could
Heat Cox Gang.
V'A-iiIX;T().', Sept. 12. The o.ii
ial announcement is expected soon ot
uc ision ot .t iornev - t ienerai
were that there
of life nor seri-
Ileavy Damage to Automobiles Kail
and Wire Communication Still De
moralized In State Unprecedented
Kains Last Friday and Saturday.
SAX ANTONIO, Texas. Sept. 12.
Debris and damaged property were to
day's principal reminders of the Hood
early Saturday morning. JUisuiess out
side of the inundated district was almost
normal. Increase in the number of dead
was not disclosed today, but reports as
to the number of bodies found vary from
l." to 47. Checking of the list and search
for more bodies continued.
The wreckage in places was tangled
to a depth of I'd feet. The property dam-j
Halifax wa
sion which
;rd a third
lUi.Ut ll, OIK
also toh them,
enhotio service
ously upon industries
modifies. The plan
hieh live men
; said de
alter the parly at
four women were
Autopsv surgeons said ileatli wa
to peritonitis, superinduced by an
ternal injury.
Sensational evidence in the lorm
ialavit signed l.y Airs, acan .lamc
ihe iiuise who attended Miss
at her death, was sant to nave
basis of the nolo
stocks into cash as s.uui as possi
the idea to he followed will be
Swiss Man (
the t.rst c:;plo-
sueceeded bv a second
bin a t'-y seconds. D.irt
:!e, and F.astern Passage
in varing degrees, iel
w;is disorganized.
Aroused l'rom sleep oeoph rushed to
the streets. Manv left their homes in
tiio'r night clothing. Some were bare-
footed. Families in some cases carried;
their household oueets. Soon police ot!i-j
c'als estimated half ot Halifax was in i
tl " open. I
'there were seven men working in the
vicinity of the refining mills when thej
I -re started. bio of their number wasj
nrssiag several hours afterward, but as!
b" v.i's sf-cn runinng wth others trom
1 he set ,-ie it w as believed lie had taken
to t
case against i
an at
been the
Arbuckle. The atlldavit. as made publicj
by the police, quoted Mrs. dameson as
s :i i ! 1 1 ! ' :
'She said she 1 lamed Arbuckle
ber iiiiuries and wanted him puni
... ;t Tliot w;is iiist ttofort' she died.
which' was about 1 o'clock in the alt-' lions .today.
.... ,..a Q I liiitieod abrasions' r.llhu Loot ha
l,r 1....U- her ..ft I iici and her Uli-;'' consul- eo nil ciecinm as jin.ge
T th i.l- -111,1 s in ami lie in u ! nai 'una i cooiioi nsiiccniu
made hy Arbuckle. i I lesfram to i)r. Mauley . Hudson, w ho is
tin.. Kliiienicnt nun o liv neie ,u i lie r:i niiniv oi .niei .c,. it o-j-
per right
thev were
"This is
en Honorary Flection
Root Definitely Declines
CFA'F.VA. Sept . 12 I Associated Pressl
for, (Jnstave Ador. former president of
bed Switzerland was elected honorary pres
ident of the assembly ot league ot ua-
h-:initolv decli
W It hout
reward. '
old and
at ten -
me, freely and vidmit arilv
of punishment or hope of
Miss Knnoe was 2a year
l.-orn in hicaco. She attracted
linn in that citv in 101:5. it is said
advice to young women to create or';-;i-;
l.al methods of making a living. She
was then making sU.nini :l year as a trav-j
cling art model, she said. Miss Rappe
came to San Francisco in VM and for'
a time designed gowns and wore them
as a model. She liegan acting in motion'
pictures at Txs Angeles in 1017, and
took leading parts in several. 1
Arbuckle was born in Kansas 31 years
aco. When eight years old he apiearod
us a pickaninny in a stock company at
Santa Ana. t a!. Ten years later he
sang popular songs in a San Jose vaude-'
ville bouse. Afterward he sang in a
San .lose vaudeville house. Afterward
be sang in a Portland. Ore., burlesqus'
theater, and later was a dancer in Oak
fear server
j unabh
to s.
hired he
court b.
Shatters Sensational Romance of
Years Ago Spikes Says She
Can Stay.
P.ALTIMnKi;. Sept. 12. The ro
mance of Mrs. Emily Knowles Spiker.
which created a sensation two years ago
when as the mother of Perloy Spiker's
child she came to America from England
been 111
i dis-
to wed Ins brother, liny SpiKor. has
shattered. Mrs. Spiker. who lived
(lav Spiker in East I'altimore. ha.-
The English girl b ft her home several
weeks i'Ro. according to her husband,
leaving a note saying that she "no longer
cared lo live with him." She went of
her own free will, said Ony Spiker last
night, "and she can stay." Ony Spiker
has been out of work for some time and
his wife lost employment. For more
than a month it is understood she had
been employed at a military camp.
an-. t in
explo- latnJn'tty to resign from the cabinet.
i u is anna Htaaiiy report eu thai .nr.
. i ..... i,.,.i. i- i . !......,.,., .,
date lor I iiiti-d S'.aies senator 1 toi l aK ' ''""' "irici w as esumai
, Ohio. It i- understood that lie expects d at from S.".( M H .( X tt to KM )().( KK).
to ipiit the cabinet sooii that he mav One of the Rreatest losses to nnv line
ivturii to his native slate and prepare of i,IISjm.ss WslB suffered bv automobile
.lor the contest tor the senatorship the (i,,al(,rs- ln.inv ,1)nv 4.rs hi;in (.l!n.l!:((l
winning ot whah would in. hi a. lon:.-(in warehouses or on display room i! :.,r,:.
.existing ambition ami immediately Tll;lt lllSS ,vas estimated at Sl'MWHt.
maue mm uie aummiMiai.on leaner m r,-ear damage was dne to th
the upiKi- biam lt ot cn.gie-s. nients of the citv. manv entire
.lr. I'augheity has telraineu t lom ' b.-in- washed awav. E..ss a!s( was
'making a::y puohc stHte;:icnt as to his ,.,us(., bv a so,,,,, of fuel oil released at
i plans, but so ooiihd-iwiy is his resi-na-; ollt. f u. (.ny ,unipins: stations and
jtion expected in administration circles !lt various manufact uring plants,
that two candidates mne already ap-j ,s the waters receded the oil was left
pea re. 1 in the held tor appointment lo ,. the buildings and their contents. At
the attorney-generalship, while at least the Sau Antonio Express building the
Uw others are considered as strong pos-j current at the crest of the flood was
sihilities. i estimated at 12 miles an hour. It was
It has been known foi onie time that . so strong that heavy floating timbers
Mr. D.unJierty has been ui-ed to enter caused much damage to buildings,
the ran- for the senate. His friends teclj A number of obi landmarks on side
that he can, at the oh'ciions in li22, du-j streets in the business section di
plicate in Ohio what he did for Pre.-i- pea red as completely as thouj
nt Harding last Xoc;.:ber. At that had melted awav. Some of these struc-
inif he lv.i r.ol overwhelmingly the hires were more than 1(h years old. All
'olitical comiilcNion of the Uuckeyo ' were small and were occupied by mis
iiite, which had three rimes out of celllaneous business enterprises,
our gone heavily Democratic. but! it was impossible to obtain accurate
Republican by the estimates of the number of dwellings
washed away, but according to one po
run'lieo report the figure was placed at 2NF.
mi-! Of the 27 bridges that crossed the San
In! Antonio river in its 11-mile winding
hist 'course through the city, mly one actual-nar-ilv
wa sheik awayr but nil except four were
etate next year. Ail 1 actions of the
Democrats there seem to In- united.
The woik of organization to a large ex
tent U in the hands of .lames M. fox.
Fay L. Kllis of Dlakeslee Street Stricken
with Heart Disease Wife Was
Away 'Visiting Relatives.
Fay Ii. Ellis. C,:?, of 2 Pdakosloe street,
fell dead of heart disease Saturday aft
ernoon as lie was entering the union rail
road station to buy a ticket, intending
to board the train which leaves south
bound at l.Mi o'clock, lie bad just
reached the door when he was stricken.
He was assisted to a settee by persons
waiting at the station, and it was soon
apparent that he was dead. Dr. Harry
1. Greene was summoned and came at
once, but life was extinct when he ar
rived. Mr. Elli.-i intended to go to (Jriswold
vilie, Mass., to visit over Sunday with
his son. George Ellis. His wife went
two days Ix'fore to West field. Mass.. to
visit relatives. Mr. Ellis had been sub
ject to heart attacks about two years.
He was born in Jamaica, a son of
I lent?- and Sedelia (Kent) Kllis. He
married Mary Grout, who survives with
one son. George, and one granddaughter.
They lived in Jamaica and Wardsboi-o
until about seven years ago. when they
came to lirattlehoro. Mr. Ellis, who was
a carpenter by trade, had boon employed
by the Est oy Organ Co.
P.esides his wife ami son Mr. Ellis
leaves throe sisters. Iletsoy. wife of Eouis
Savage of Jamaica. Seihdia. wife of Les
lie iiensoti of S nith Londonderry, and
Fannie, wife of .if 15. Savage of Wards
bo ro.
The funeral will be held at the home
at 2 o'clock tern: : row. IJev. Dr. II. P.
Vi.(lin of the Ceufre ( ouuregat mnal
(hurch ofHciating. and the burial, will
take place in M rningside cemetery.
Collision in Hinsdale Car
Over Embankment in
isa p-
t hey
The desire to
for tin? senate
usual political
view of the I
..ear the Den.ocia
iiig to strain everv
hiiure ot -PHt.tioo.
have Mr. Daugherty
is prou-pted by an
situation in Ohio.
b-publicfth landslide
: uariy :s pre
clKrt to redeem
damaged, several almost beyond repair.
Democratic nominee at the last
election, who
i iv a n izat ion
comeback his chances
tion again are worth
It is the expei tat ion
ratie ticket
Flood Damage Elsewhere.
IIOESTON. Tex.. Sept. 12. Rail
ami wire communication throughout cen
tral Texas continued more or less de-
rcali.'.es that unless his moralized today, but was slowly ro
an stage a spcctaculari turning to normal. The Hood of the
for the nomina- Colorado. Rrazos and other central and
next to nothing, southwest Texas rivers was caused by
that the Demo-1 almost unpioeedontod rains on Friday
will ite headed ly Senator and Saturday ot last wook. ueporrs oi
At!-!' Poiierene as a candidate for re
election and by George White, chair
man o!" the Democrat :c national com
mittee, one of the foremost lieutenants
Forbids Arbuckle Pictures.
MKDFOPD, Mass.. Sept. 12. Mayor
Haines '.odav notified all motion picture
l.oiise.-i in this city that films of Kos
coe Arbuckle would be barred until Ar
buckle's ease has been disposed of in
the courts. In one picture house an Ar
l.uckie tdm was withdrawn this morn
ing on the mayor's orders.
Society Preparing Campai
for Last of October.
NEW YORK. Sept. 12. The Ameri
can Society for the Control of Cancer, 2."
West I'orty-tit'th street, is oreparing tit
observe National Cancer Week, from
October :; t November ."i. The society
m the week win try to uissenun.-iie in
formation about cancer treatment to as
many persons in the I'nited States and
Canada as may be reached. There will
be lectures in New York and oilier cities.
The oo-nporation of nurses' organizations,
insurance companies, chambers of eom
, merce and other civic bodies has beea
Among medical mom supporting lhe
! society are Dr. Charles A. Powers an l
Id. Robert Abbe, two recognized authori
ties on treatment of the disease: Dr.
I T - 1 . - ... f ....... I I I
.lames cwiug. pa i noiogisi .u iunuii
Medical school; Dr. i. 1.. Armstrong or
Montreal. Dr. Joseph C. liloodgood of
Johns Hopkins. Dr. William J. Mayo of
Rochester. Minn., and Dr. Clement Cleve
land, for many years head of the Wom
en's hospital in New York.
P. W. Ar.dersan Dies in Greenfield Hos
pital Months After Injury.
GREENFIELD. Mass.. Sept. 12.
Paul W. Anderson. 1. son of Rev. and'
Mrs. William Atvlersoni f Montague, I
died Saturday at the Franklin county'
hospital as a result of an injury to his
right kmc sustained last winter. IIe;
had born a student at Mount Ilerinon1,
for one year and was planning to rot irn'
there this fall. Resides his parents he
is survived by three brothers. James,1
John and Samuel. The funeral will bo 1
hel l at the ('.mgregational clui'-ch. Mont-j
egi'o Mondav afternoon at 2. .".II. Rev.'.
F. W. Pattis'on of North field offb-iat i ng. :
Rurinl will be in the cemetery at Moore's
ulidate for governor.
It was recalled that at the
Mr. Paughert v 's selection for
general the report went the rounds that
be had accepted the post temporarily.
The cabinet post was tendered, not only
hi1 cause of Mr. Daugbert v 's ability a-s.il
lawM-r, but also as a reward for iiis po
litical services to Mr. Harding. Mr.
Dauehort y had ltoen the campaign nian
a.er for the President.
Now the honor has been had Mr.
Paugherty is said to be anxious to 'jret
back to the work he really likes, v.h'uh
is politics.
the drowning of a large number of Mex
icans at Taylor had not been continued.
Georgetown rcitortod two persons dead
and unverified reimrts placed loss of life
Luncheon at. Country Club ard Dinner
at Pine Grove Springs Visitors
Appreciate Hospitality.
Ideal v.-oat !kt conditions favored the
bankers of the state for their summer
meeting in Brattleboro Saturday. The
visitors gathered here about noon and
wore entertained at Tiincheon at the
Ihattloboro Country
there bv automobile
where' the afternoon
spent at Pine
club, i.'oing from
to Si to fiord lake,
and evening were
Grove rsprmgs. Dinner
. m . . . . ... . - .1
was served at .,;o to artout too, includ
ing local bank otiicials and their wives.
Ret ween courses the hotel orchestra
furnished music for dancing, and after
dinner there was a program of read
ings by Mrs. Kllerbee Wood Zundel!
The visiting bankers were lavish ni ex-
prosii'; their appreciation of the ho
pitalilv of their Brattleboro associate
The otlieers of the Vermont State
Rankers' association are: President,
Charles G. Staples of P.t attlcboro; vice
president, lltdlis E. Gray of Winooski;
secretary. Clarence S. Webster of liar
ton: treasurer. Harold E. Perkins of
Rethel: executive council. A. II. Chand
lor of Relh w s Falls. Levi H. Rixby of
Montprlier, Gilbert E. Yoods of St.
.lohnsbwrv. F,. C. Mower of Ibirlington,
D. D. llurditt of Pittsford. George II
McIm.mI of Hardwick. C. L. Lelxuineau
of White Piver .Tinution. I. E. Gibson
of Rennington. P. R. Corliss of St. Al
bans and ('. A. Simi.son of Rutland.
John MeAuliffe of Hinsdale in Melrose
Hospital Dr. Gordon's Daughter In
Memorial Hospital Former Still Un
conscious. A collision of two automobiles near
the foot of Sand hill about a mile from
Hinsdale on the lirattlehoro road about
0 o'clock last evening resulted in the se-
rums injury of . John MeAuliffe of Hins
dale, who is employed in D. M. Meany's,
meat market, and severe bruises to sev
eral others, besides damaging both cars
badly. Mr. MeAuliffe, who is alout 22
years old, is in the Melrose hospital in
West Brattleboro with a fractured
skull and internal injuries. lie Las
been unconscious since the accident. .
Mr. AcAuliffe was riding in a Ford
owned and driven bv Morris Jacobs, a
woolen mill employe in Keeiie. N. 11..
them was Arthur lloule of
They were driving towards
and met two cars coining
hill, the second one being a
owned and driven by 1 red
2iJ Canal street, who is em
T. J. Coogaa 's moat market
street. With .Mr. Fisher were
and daughter and his mother
Judge Iandis Will Give Rehearing on
Clurago Wage Award.
CHICAGO. Sept. 12. Union officials
in the building trades today were making
efforts to induce all workers to remain
on the job. following word from Judge
K. M. Lnmlis. arbiter, that a rehearing
on the wage award would be held Sept.
Rritish Cruiser Dauntless liringing Home
ZR-2 Victims.
NHW YORK. Sept. 12. The British
cruiser Dauntless assigned by the Brit
ish admiralty to bring home the bodies
of Americans who lost their lives in the
ZR-2 disaster will arrive in New York
next Friday afternoon.
Odd Fellows Temple
Mondav. Sent. 2, 7.0 p. m.-
meiting of Wantasliqiut lodge.
Tuesday, Sept. 13. T.fcO p. r.i. llebekali
initiation. Refreshments following the
Wednesday, Sept. 14. District meet
ing. Supper at 7 o'clock. Tickets must
le obtained by tonight (Monday) of
George Rood. Harold L. Smith, Frank
Strong or Duane F. Farr.
Two hundred members wanted to join
mernltership contest. Sign up at the
Berlin Newspapers Unable to Appear
Today As Result.
BERLIN. 'Sept. 12. All electrical
Mrvieos in Berlin were tied up today
bv a strike of electricians. Newspapers
were unable to appear.
Methodist Episcopal Church
Knights of Columbus Hail
Monday. Sept. 12, at S p. m.-
of those who wish to help in making up
the military whist set.
Those who plan to attend the conven
tion are asked to communicate with
Mrs. W. J. Kaine as soon as possible so
that reservations may be made.
Clapp & Jones Company
Leaves Atlantic City for New York
Spends Evening at Theatre.
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J.. Sept. 12.
An early morning golf game today was
the closing event n President Harding's
seashore vacation. After a round on the
Sea View club
planned to
evening nf
club links the President
motor to New York for an
a t neat re ami then hoard the
residential yacht. May Howe:
cruise enroute to Washington.
Relieved Barton Will Re One of Irish
Plonijiotcntiaries lister
Parliament Sept. 'M.
DFBLIN. Sept. 12 (Associated Press)
A courier of the Rail Kiroann "left
I n: tli n tins morning tor Inverness,
j Scotland, where Premier Lloyd George
'has boon making his headquarters,
t Robert C Bart nn. who was the offi
cial Rail courier in the la
notes with Mr. Lloyd G
make the journey tins time, mis was
to strengthen the rumor that
lie one of the plenipotenti
the projioscd peaee negotia-
st exchange ot
i urge did not
ho would
aries for
Delay in National Lawn Tennis
PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 12. Rain
today caused n postponement of the 12
o clock matches in the third days play
lor the national iawn tennis sin
l ister Cabinet Meets.
RKLFAS'i", Sept. 12. Sir James Craig,
the l ister premier, returned to Belfast
this forenoon and presided at a meet
ing of the cabinet. 'I no CIster parlia
ment will open its sessions on Sept. 20,
the date being the same as that set for
!,. pintnJllii' proposed Irish peace conference at
Vermont National Rank Also to Con
tinue to Assist Young People in
Purchase of Live Stock.
Sufficient money to provide for the
traveling expenses of the new county
boys' and girls' club agent has been voted
by the directors of the Vermont Natio-nal
bank, who also have voted to continue to
assist the young people in the purchase
of live stock.
The bank has shown a keen interest in
! Roys' and Girls club work for several
i years and frequently has taken bank
notes on pigs and calves, making it pos
' sible for country youths to own and grow
live stock. I hose notes have been given
when the animals were bought, and paid
when the stock was sold at maturity.
A year ago several purebred calves
wore-nought dv ooys and gins in the
i county through the bank. Five dollars ai
t calf was paid down, the balance to be
(paid in. three years, at which time the
j animals should be returning profit to the
During May and June interest seemed
to be keen in organized club work in sev
eral parts of the county and there seemed
to be work for a. county club agent. The
bank learned of this interest and asked j
County Agent R. Wilton Harvey to at
tend a conference, when it. was stated that
the directors would be willing to have the
institution assist materially in financing
the project. Steps were taken at once to
ascertain the amount of money which
might be expected from the federal and
state governments. It was found that
only sufficient funds
from those sources to
Probably 200 Went Over Saturday Aft
ernoon and Evening and Much
Larger Number Yesterday.
Traffic is now in full swing on the new
Connections river bridge. The time for
ojtening the bridge to the nublie was an
nounced by Road (unmissionor C. J.
Dube to bo Sunday morning, but the
work was so well advanced that cars be
gan going over Saturday afternoon, and
daring the afternoon and evening it was
estimated that 2m) or more machines
crossed the bridge. .
Several hundred machines crossed the
new structure yesterday, but on account
of unfavorable weather the traffic was
not nearly as heavy as it otherwise would
have been.
Not even a btttlo of apolliuaris was
broken by Road Commissioner Dube. to
mark the' opening of the now bridge.
Dies of Attack of Hemorrhage in Cedar
Street Home.
Mrs. Eldotia L. (Gray) Stark, 41, wife
of George M. Stark, died at 1.4.1 o'clock
yesterday afternoon in her home at SI
Cedar street of hemorrhage of the lungs
following a severe attack of asthma. A
son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Stark
Thursday, but lived only a short time.
Mrs. Stark was born in New Hamp
ton. N. II.. Jan. 4. 1SS0, a daughter of
Fremont and Grace (Lampson) Gray
Her first husband was Don Rurpee of
Rristol. N. II. She later married Grover
Dicey of Wilton. N. II. On Nov. 17 last
she married Mr. Stark.
and with
down the
Fisher of
ploy I'd in
on Elliot
his wife
and stepfather. Mr. and Mrs. W. O.
tih of Frost street.
.Mr. Fisher says the car ahead of him
passed Mr. Jacob's car all right and
that Mr. Jacobs then swung into the
street so far that it side-swiped tha
Chevrolet and was overturned. The
scene of the accident was near William
E. Walker 'a house. V
Dr. E. D. LaC'haine of Hinsdale, who
was called, found Mr. MeAuliffe to be
the most seriously injured, and he was .
brought to the Melrose hospitaj in Jo
seph Butler's car of Hinsdale. Mr. Ja
cobs received a cut on one knee and
some bruises on his head. Mr. Route
also received some bruises. The Jacobs
car w as taken to II. I. Streeter 's par
age in Hinsdale. Some of the wheels,
the windshield, top and other, parts ,
were damaged.- . - .
The Fisher car did not tip over, but
one side was smashed, including lamp,
mudguards and running board. Mr.
Fisher was hurt on one forearm so lie"
was unable to work today. Mrs. Fish
was almost thrown out of the car. She
received some bruises. The ear was
brought to Brattleboro.
W. B. Burnell of the New Hampshire
vehicle department is making an inves
tigation of the accident.
Another automobile accident of a serious
nature happened near Fred Pierce's about
a mile below Williamsville on the Rrat
tleboro road Saturday noon,- in which
Lillie Gordon. 11. dauehter of Dr. ami
Mrs. L. R. Gordon of Williamsville, sus
tained a fracture of the skull over the
right eye and the bone of her right leg
was cracked near the hip. She was
brought to the Rrattleboro Memorial hos
pital and attended by Dr. G. R. Ander
son. The car was not in a collision but
went off an embankment and turned a
somersault with four passengers, and it
was damaged seriously. That more pas
sengers were not injured seems remark
able. Dr. Gordon had bought a Ford car in
Rrattleboro and came here after it with
bis daughter and Carlton Clark. 12, son
of Mr. and Mrs. John Clark of Williams
ville. Clarence Rice of Rrattleboro started
to drive the car to the new owner's home.
he and Dr. Gordon driving on the front
seat, and when near the Pierce place, not
far from the cemetery, the machine struck
some sand and was turned out of its
course, going over a nine-foot embank
ment to the left.
of the German-: Inverness
pionship on the courts
town Cricket club.
The rain continued at noon and all
games scheduled for today were post-iwmed.
Monday. 7.fU) it. in. Meeting of the
official board in the vestry of the church.
Tuesday evening Regular meeting of
the Mary Goddis class at the home of Mrs.
E. E. Covev, ST Western avenue. As this
is the first meeting of the fall, all members
are urged to be present.
Wednesday evening. 7.30 Regular busi
ness meeting and election of officers of the
AH Men's clnss. Rev. Eblr.n II. Martin,
Meeting pustor of the Methodist church of Rellows
Falls, has been secured to address the
meeting, and Mrs. Martin will be present
to ' furnish violin selections. The All
Men's class extends invitation to all mem
bers of the adult Sunday school classes to
be present. Refreshments wilt be served.
Thursday. Sept. lo, nt p. m. The
Woman's Foreign Missionary society will
meet with Mrs. O. L. Wyman. 20 Pine
street. Members are urged to be present
as this is the annual meeting. Will all
who have mite boxes please bring or send
them to this meeting.
Friday evening. 7.30 Regular prayer
meeting in the vestry.
Universalist Church
Meetings in Vestry.
Monday at 7.30 p. fn. Meeting to or
ganize church council.
Thursday. 3 p. m. Mission Circle.
There will be reports of the state conven
tion. A full attendance is desired.
Friday, 7.30 p. m. Meeting of Sunday
school teachers.
P.esides her husband she leaves two
could be expected !SOIls. Claude Rurpee. w ho lived with Mr.
pay the salary of ;,! Mrs. Stark. Lewis Rurpee. who lives
a new agent, thus leaving nothing for.jn the West, and one daughter, Elizabeth
traveling expenses. It also was learned ; Dicev. who lived with ber mother. She
that two other counties were seeking the ' ais leaves a brother. Ralph Gray of Wil-
t..;..i. it it...:., I I -in -urn ri' "i" i" """hj ' con ami a naii-iiroiiier, ernou iarsiiau
lush Official Language. , perfected its plans first would receive the I r Wo,-.1 v if
i;iM..p s , sept., i-. irisn nas wi n moriey. The funeral will be held in the home at
declared the ofhcial language of the) This information was reported to the'io o'clock tomorrow morning and the
Irish I. cpiihlican parliament, declared! j- j assraiu.0 vas eiven informally K.tni -.,-;it t,t,, t ;.. ti. wi Ttrn.
tleboro cemetery.
Da i-lie
men. '
in addressing the Waterford
festival. The Rail Firearm, be
"will make Irishmen out of the
of Spaniards or Englishmen and
make Irishmen out of Orange-
First Baptist Church
Monday, 7.1." p. m. Ray Scouts.
Tuesday, 7.30 p. m. Christian En
deavor meeting. j
Friday, 4 p. m. World w ide Guild con
feernce and rally; 7.30 p. in. church'
prayer nictating.
a prominent iicpumioan that the institution would lte wil imr to
give sufficient funds to make the .work pos
sible. On this assurance Miss Viola M.
Cameron was employed, the Farm Rureau
feeling that it could keep its expenses
within the average of those in other coun
ties of the state whore similar work is be
ing done.
Miss Cameron began her work early in
August and has been devoting her time to
getting demonstration teams ready for
work at the Valley fair, which will be
held here Sept. 27 and 2S. As soon as
the fair is over she will assist in the or
ganization of new clubs ami will make an
effort to get more of the young people of
the county interested in owning their own
live stock and financing their own crops.
Author and Editor Victim of Heart Fail
in e in Cambridge Home.
OAMRRIRGE. Mass., Sept. 12
Lindsay Swift, an author, ami the editor
of Boston Public Library publications,
died of heart failure at his home here
last night. He was born in Roston 7t
years ago.
Start Trouble With .Moorish Tribesmen
at Melilla.
MADRID. Sept. 12. (Associated Press)
-The new Spanish rebellion against the
'0 Regular drill of Com- Moorish tribesmen in the Melilla area
at- was begun at dawn this morning, it was'
officially announced here this afternoon. '
Company I, V. N. G.
Tonight nt 7
pany I. All members are ordered to
tend. -
Increase in Experts and Imports
During August.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. Exports
increased approximately $."4.(H0,000
and imports altout $17,000,000 during
August a: compared with July, according
to monthly foreign trade summary is
sued today by the commerce department.
Showers Tonight Cloudy Tuesday
Lit tin Temperature Change.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. The
weather fore-cast : Showers tonight.
Tuesday cloudy, not much change in
temperature. Fresh south shifting to
northwest winds.
Make New IjOw Record in New York
NEW YORK. Sept. 12. German
marks which fell below one cent each j Queen Elizabeth of England was very
last s,aturiay lor me nrst time made an-j loud ot tans, which she declared were
other new low record today opening at j the only present a sovereign could ac-
.1)3 of a cent. . cept from a subject.
Thousands Left Without Shelter On
Windward Island Few Lives
Were Lost.
ST. VINCENT. Windward Island,
Sept. 12 (Associated Press). Postal com
munication has been resumed, bringing
confirmation of the extensive damage on
land and sea caused by the cyclonic storm
which swept over the island on Thursday
last. r ew fatalities are reported, but
thousands of iersons have 'been made
homeless by the storm.
Philippine - Investigating Commission to
Visit in China.
MANILA, Sept. 12. Maj. Gen. Leon
ard Wood and W. Cameron Forbes with
the other members of President Hard
ing's mission to Philippine islands sailed
yesterday for Ilong Konsr. China. After
a three days' visit to Hong Kong, the
mission will go to Shanghai, where they
are to be the guests of the CAiinese government.
Three Regiments Still On Duty in West
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Sept. 12.
- - - - r, - . m u. j'uiiviiiviw!, VIJ1U IMIf (fy-
ing troe.ps in the southern West Virgin'a
coal fields where recently disturbances
and clashes occurred between armed men
on the border of Logan and Boone coun
ties, left today for 'Washington. Three
regiments remained in the field.
Was Enroute to Famine Sufferers of
Russia Mostly Rice and Flour.
MOSCOW, Sept. 12. Seventeen car
loads etf American Relief administration
supplies were damaged and delayed bv a
freight train wre-ck late Saturday night
between Riga and Moscow. - '
The amount of the loss is unknown.
The shipment consisted chiefly of rice
and flour.

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