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- .'
it's toasted, of
course. To seal
m the flavor
Decide for Yourself
Don't allow that slight eye strain yon
experience when reading, to become se
rious and permanent. Let us examine
yonr eyes and determine whether or not
yon need glasses. Onr advice carries the
authority of long experience. Why no
consult ns at lo and avoid possibl
serious conseqnences.
Extra Qaalif
Anvoro ran lay it properly. No
skill h;;i except your own are
n'v.lv i 'o .j. y Certain-teed right.
All m-iteiva's required and easily
lollo" d Directions for Laying are
pac. -" in tho center of the roll.
P.ecaus'3 Crrtziu-tocd is so easy
i." lay, fo economical and so ef
ficient and durable, it is preferred
for practically every kind of build
ing, largo or email. It is immune
to almost every form of roofing
attack. It is rot-proof, rust
proof, fire-resistant, and water
proof. And it is not affected by
acid, fumes, or gases.
Certatn-tecd Roofing is guaran
teed for 5, 10 or 15 years, accord
ing to thickness. See U3 before
you buy.
P. - "1
i i
' ,11 t'im. -! nin'tJl
Leaves Winchester House 8 a. m., 1.15
p. m.
Leaves Mann's Store (Hinsdale) 8.20
a. m., 1.55 p. m.
- Return Trips
Leaves Root's Pharmacy 10.S0 a. m.,
4.30 p. m.
Daily Except Sunday
When We Call for Your
f K-irrBaggage
nsk for claim check -which saves yon
from losing your baggage
Tel. 530 W
PmblUhed Erery Evening
Except Sunday at
The American Building Annex.
Main Street.
Brattleborq. Vermont.
Addrea All Communication! t
The Reformer.
Single Copies Three Cent
One Week Eighteen Cent
(One Month Se-enty-Fie Octt
One Year Eight Dc'it
Funeral Notice Later
Entered in the poatoffice
ecoad clata matter.
at Brattleboro a
The Reformer Telephone Ji amber ia
For Buaineaa Office and Editorial Room a,
Transient advertising Run of paper, 50 eenta
an inch for first insertion, 30 cents an inch
for each subsequent insertion. Limited space
on first page at double ratea.
Space rates on application.
Classified advertisements Five cents a line
first insertion with 50 per c.nt discount for
each subsequent insertion without change of
copy. Micimum charge 2) cents. Cash with
Reading Noticea Twenty eenta per line first
insertion with SO per cent discount for each
subsequent insertion without chance of copy.
Ream notices are published at foot of local
it -.
It is the aim of the management to secure
efficient service in the delivery of the aper
each night, and it solicit the co-operation of
subscribers to that end. Prompt report should
be given of each failure to receive the paper
on the morning following the omisison, in
person, by telephone or postal card, thus e-.-abling
the cause of the error to be prompt! T
and accurately discovered and the proper rem
edy immediately applied. It is only by this
method that the publisher ati secure the de
sired service.
Member ct The Associated Press.
The Associated Press Is exclusively en
titled to the use for publication of all pews
despatches credited to it and not otherwise
credited in this paper and also the local news
published herein.
The Reformer is on sale every evening by
the following news dealers:
Brattleboro, Brattleboro New Co., C. VT.
Cieaveland, S. L. Purinton (rt.yT-!';),
Brooks House Pharmacy, Allen's Dej.if jwv
stand. Gilbert J. Pollica, 397 South Kata St.
(Fort Dummer district), i
West Brattleboro, T. L. Stockwcll
East Durnmerston, M. E. Brown.
Putney, M. G. Willi am.
Newfane, N. M. Batchelder.
West Townshend, C H, Groat.
Jamaica, R. J. Daggett
South Londonderry, P. H. Tyler,
South Vernon, E. B. Bnffum.
West Chesterfield, H". H., Mrs. VT, treetrr.
Hinsdale, X. H., W. H. Lyman.
Greenfield, Mas., Greenfield New Co,
Greenfield, Mass., C, A. Hays.
Americans who have been going over
the border into uebee and either con
suming or carting away large quantities
of liquor will not have such a good time
from now on. Hereafter the Quebec li
quor commission will sell liquor to Amer
ican visitors to the province only if
the American government permits the
It is not stated just what procedure
will be neti ;irv to get a permit from
the government, though it is indicated
that the would-be purchaser must be pro
vided with a certificate of eligibility.
There are some fine points as to the
He-Ms of the individi'.:"; :' olved, too, but
:. lnn probably can bo worked out. M'."
' .elso
i :
. t
, -Ti
Our faith in Alton has wavered since lie
told us last spring that July would be
abnormally cool.
More tha'n UO.(MK) people saw the rac
ing at the Rutland. Vt.. fair. Vermont
seems to have ready money. llolyoke
Yes, and some of them have been
getting it ready wnce last fair time.
Scallops are quoted at !?l..rt a quart.
We leave it to you to guess how much
they will be by the time they reach the
hotel and restaurant menus.
The 1'. S. Treasury is considering a
plan to reduce tho size of paper currency.
They must think ;that the "long green'
is too long.
The old savin;
come to an end'
our local ferry.
: that "all
includes the
good things
business of
Stirring Up the Question.
( Iennington Kanner.
The state newspapers are stirriiv? up
the question as to who will succeed Frank
L. Greene as representative in congress
from the first district when Mr. llreene
goes to the senate, as it now appears that
lie will on the expiration of Senator Page's
term which ends March 4. l'.i'J.'i. Among
those who have been mentioned are Mar-
Vilas, Warren It. Austin and II.
iMl 1- a i"' Stafford and Howard L. Hindlev of Uut-
diould help to prevent the buying of h-htnd. Uedtield Proctor of Procter. Elbert
pior in undue amounts, put a check upon S. Prigham of St. Albans, and a few
'others. Probably most of these have not
'given the matter a thought and are sur-
unseeinly revels within Canadian borders
and interfere to some degree with the
merry pastime of bootlegging.
That Quebec lias lecn driven to such
measures is a disgrace to the United
States. Canada has long resented being
the stew-pot for inebriates from this)
side of the border, anil it is with good j Thev
reason i' at she plans to make their pat li ' e luisett
is difli- ..It as possible.
prised to see their names printed. Two or
three of those mentioned have shown signs
of being interested." but none of them can
be fairly said to have entered the race.
The o1 1 crockery or copper cuspid. ir,
vulgarly known as a "spittoon," and the
sawdust box which served the same pur
pose, are gradually disappearing from
the public oTfes and courtrooms of the
country. .i'i disappearance is large!
due to woman's advent into public life.
If her coming had wrought"" no other
change, this one thing would have made
her efforts worth while.
Even in the old days when health and
sanitation were less understood tfyan
they are today, the filthy habit of spit-
On the Right Track.
(I.arre Times.)
are on the right track in Massa
: the commissioner of agriculture
nd the commissioner of public safety
have de-;. d that objectionable shows
shall be barred from the midways and
from all parts of the agricultural fairs to
be held in their state. It is said that the
prohibition lias practically driven the ob
jectionable exhibitions out of business, as
far as Massachusetts is concerned. That
means, however, that the other states in
close connection with Massf"''uscrfs viU
nave tneir problems; ma -i .';! : . -
y : . .1. .: r : .
inims. unveil irom one '. .'. :; ;T.. er
certain to try ousines- , . ( .. .h...is.
, Adulterated ! Ice.
(St. Albans -sender.)
The state laboratory has found many in
stances of adulterated milk in Vermont
this summer. Probablv t he niTulterntion is
are today, the tUtliy hahit of spit- C1.,v,t(,r in Mimnier than winter because
ting and the mistaken habit of providing many farmers drop a chunk of ice in the
accessories for the art were inexcusable. ! milk can to keep the -onU'nts cool. As
; tin ice melts the adulteration takes place,
iln most instances of this kind it is not a
Of late years medical knowledge com-
om.Mi am mi a wmer apprcciauon ot tne purposeful offence, but it is a violation of
iieeencies ot mo nas indicated plainly tne law. nevertheless, and is a practice
i.' i legation of both habit and equip.
Today's Events
; i more
Celebration of Old Defenders' day in
Dr. Francis E. Clark, founder of the
Christian Endeavor movement, is 70
ears old today.
A Made in Carolina exposition will
be opined at Charlotte today and con
tinued to Sept. 2!!.
'1 lie annual national encampment of
the United Spanish war veterans opens
today at Minneapolis.
The Seventh .National Exposition of
1 lie mica 1 industries will have its open
ing today in New York city.
An international commercial exposi
tion in celebration of the Mexican cen
tennial is to be inaugurated today in
the City of Mexico.
A referendum on the question of plac
ina the local sale of liquor entirely in
the hands of the proincil authorities
will bo taken today in the city of Quebec.
Ear ton, M.I.
Oct. , lSiH
11G Cd. .Jefferson Davis charged Fort
Tencria, Mexico, at the head of
the lirst regiment of Mississippi,
- Ex-Provident Kruger abandoned
the Transvaal and began his jour
noy to Europe.
-Eugene V. Iohs was convicted in
Cleveland of violati'ig the Espioi:
iis" act.
P.ilO the British government pro
claimed the suppression of the
n Parliament and the
1! h -
plaints have been made to the depart-!
nient of island fisheries and game rel-1
alive to alleged depredations of the
beavers. I
"On Wednesday, June 29, the fire
visited on the center line of township
7, range. , is around a beaver pond of
about three acres, giving them plenty!
of water,'' says Waruen Cumniings in!
his report.
"The brook the beaver pond is on is
dry abyv ;ul TjcIoavv the jjond,"' contin
ues the report.'
"Its of ltfle . -trout died .in these
small brooks that are so nearly dried up
and some quite so. ...
"The big tire on township 7, range 3,
on the northwest side of the railroad,
the first of .lum-, was also checked by
a string of beater pojids a mile long on
township 7, range '4. in an alder swamp.
It gave the tire lighters a chance to get
it under control. Jt is on the same
ground abonf which complaints have
bo en made about the beavers and some
wanted it opened to trapping. The
leavers were doing no harm whatso
ever. "Tho heavers on " those wild lands
should never be exterminated. If there
is a certain section "where they are do
ing: a little damage, ch-mi that portion
out but our water supply is growing
less everv year as the forests are cut
away. There are many cases where the
beaver yards save the trostt as welt m
our forests." Bangor Commercial.
Something to
Think About
By F. A. Walker
Little Benny's
Note Book'
r : f i l e;n organizations
lit Ireland.
One Year A.o Today.
National council of the Ceneral Fed
eration of labor at Milan decided to
place the lalnir movement in tho hands
of the federation and the Socialist
part v.
In TheI)uy' Newt. -j -
Dr. Francis E. I lark,' who roaches th
age of t hree score -a nil-ten today, wil
receive the good wishes of thousands o
members of the Christian Endeavor so
cioty, of which great organization h
was the founder and is stil! the active
head. Dr. Clark is of New England
parentage, althou.h born in Quebec. At
the age of 7 lie was left an orphan and
went to lie with aa uncle in Auburn
dale. Mass. lit. attended Daitmoiuh
college, graduating in 17". ami then
spent three wars in the stu.lv of theol
ogy at Andover. Shortly after leaving
the tlioolog'eal seminary the oung cler
gyman took charge of his lirst church
:;t Portland. Me., tho famous Willistoit
church, where hr'tinn Endeavor was
lorn, and where the lirst little service
was held, just forty years ago. From
this humble btjinning the society has
spread to nearh every civilized country
of the world.
Keith Barney of Springfield has been
awarded a scholarship at West Point,
by Congressman Porter II. Dale.
The 4- guarantors of the Community
Chautauqua, which gave a -ries of mi
tertainmi'iits in SpringtieM this summer,
had to pay S'JL'Jl a piece to make up the
di licit of !s:.T.s2.
I had to go to tho store today and
Pud: Simkins was setting on his fnint
steps, me saying. Hay Puds. I ot to go
the store, come with us, will you Puds;
Eiko fun, I in too comfortable! sod Puds,
keeping on setting there, and I sod. Aw
come on. you lazy bum, aw come on.
Mooning it more like a compliment than
a insult, ony Puds took it more like a in
sult, saying. Who you calling a "lazy
bum. you poor simp.
P.oing a reel insult, and I sod. Hay.
d.-nt get ruff, keep your insults to your
self, cant you take a joke? I sod." You
little sawed off hammered down hunk of
fat. I scd.
Hay. who you insulting? sod Puds.
The ony thing that keeps you frum hav
ing ciiy sents is because von ainf nit tiv
j bra ties, lie sod. and we kepp on insulting
teach other fcr a while and then I went
(to the store alone, thinkinc. Ileck. 1 .-iior
i going to speck to that guy eny more, that!
guy unit worth spooking to. I
And I bawt the things at the store in-1
Hooding" a duzzln plums, ami, wen I went!
b:t-k Puds was still setting on his frunti
steps, me having a grate ideer. and I
stopnod and stood still on the next pave-j
m:-nt and took a plum out and started!
to eat if with a ixpression as if I could
ent of injoyod myself eny more if I tried,
thinking, (I. look at him trying to look
-is if ho dont give a darn, he cant fool
And I tool; out another plum and ate
nt'd I did that with four luore plums,
king as mutch noise eating tli,.in u T
I Could to add to the in im-iniiit ln.l ,-.t
saing enyiliing to mo and me not sav
ing cnything to him. and jo.t then his
mother came homo from soni mace snv-
IIow do you do.. Penny. 1 see von like
Baxter Brothers" canning
Essex Junction will put out
largest output of any year
when the factory had a roc
) far, canning l.L'O'UKXi cam
faetorv in
this fall the
since P.HI.
rd -breaking
. Seventy-
a holt.
f him
five pcop.e have been employed there dur
ing the canning season. About !((,(MM1
cans will bo put up this year.
Valuing his "violin
Albeit F. Smith of
known musician and
has brought suit in
court against I.oren J.
arm" at
violin in:
Smith i
a Well
t motor,
count v
.f West
Kutlund to recover the amount stated
on the ground that he was injured
through negligent driving of an automo
bile by the defendant.
Tcdty's nirthclays.
Bt. Hon. II. II. As.iuith. former
ish premier, born in Yorkshire, ti'.t
ago today.
Princess Ulvia Sultana, eldest (laugh
tor of the sultan of Turkey, horn 2
years ago today.
Sir Ceorgo Perley, the retiring Can a
dian h'gh ( (uniuissioiier in Ixunlon, bor
at lb:uion, X. II.. 04 years ago today
E. Hart Faun, representative in con
.-ess of the Hrst Connecticut district
born at Hartford, tV5 years ago today
Il'T.ry J. Allen, the present governo
of Kansas, born in Warren county, Pa
52 wars ago today.
:noi,l to the pages of history which pre
ferably are glued together.
The nasty objects long since were ban
ished from every private home with any
pretensions to real decency. Now they
have been forced from one of their gi.. f
est strongholds, the courtrooms. Lot the
gxnl work go on to hotel lobbies and
Pullman cars, and then we shall be get
ting somewhere.
i iro n
which the milk dealers should re-
Some grown-ups with good memories
will sympathize a bit with the thr
boys !f Manchester, N. II., tho oldest 1!
vears old, who left their respective
homos for school Wednesday morning
tnd mysteriously disappeared. They re
turned to their parental abod - Friday,
tired and hungry after trying life in the
woods for two days. The glamour of the
freedom of the open has been dispelled
for a time at least.
A "Memory" Will.
(Rutland Herald.)
"Warner Graham of Hollows Falls, judge
ot probate, sitting in a Halifax will case,
mad" a n i.linr that is interesting from a
leg.:) -t.idp,.mt. A will drawn by Judge
Word, o had been burned, but he went
,into court and reproduced its substance
from memory, his testimony being verified
by the witnesses, who signed the docu
ment. Judge Graham sustained the "mem
ory" will and it will bo admitted to nrn-
Today's Anniversaries.
Francis I. king of France, who
nearly lost his reason while a pris
oner in -Spain, born at Cognac,
France. Died May 31. l."47.
-Sir William Dugdale. who pre
served to posterity England's an
tiquarian records Up to the 17th
century, born. Died Feb. 10. ItiSO.
1777 Gen. Gates with the Northern ar
my encamped nt the mouth of tho
Mohawk river.
1K! Philip F. Thomas, governor of
Marvland and secretary of the
treasury under Buchanan, lorn at
And He Did!
bate. J his is mysterious
man. but it goes to show that
drawn and witnessed will is a
orous instrument.
tuff to the lay-
a properly
pretty vig-
Thirty-three P.aptist churches in Ken
tucky have started a campaign against
motion pictures, dancing, immodest dre-s.
aiixed bathing, divorce, Sunday baseball,
horse racing, gambling and violation of
the prohibition laws. They have under
taken something of a job.
Judge Wilson ought to be able to de
ride whether marriage is a failure or not
after he has heard tjie 104 divorce cases
oming tip on the Chittenden county court
docket this month.
A. P. Elmer, the Boston weather
prophet, comes to the front with the pre
diction that the coming winter will be
much more severe than that of last year.
Attar of Roses Commands $20 an Ounce
Musk Worth $so.
Last year's harvest of Bulgarian roses,
on which the perfume manufacturers de
pond for attar of roses, was one of the
worst on record.
Consequently the price of the essence
has gone up considerably, though it is
not even now so high as during the last
two years of the war, when the best at
tar sold in the London markets at from
to "S3." an ounce.
The wholesale price just now is around
about $20 an ounce. Before the war it
was $7.."0.
Civet is worth wholesale just now $2.")
an ounce, and musk $S0; ambergris,
which forms the basis for nearly all the
tost quality scents, costs SOO an ounce.
i These prices refer, in the case of per-
I f . - H. .! "I .
juo.es, in mo- ffscmuii ons, one or two
drops of which will make quite a decent
sized bottle of scent.
Only dealers in precious stones carry
more valuable stock in a small space than
the dealers in these highly-concentrated
essential oils. A safe in the office of a
firm or wholesale perfumers will fre-i
lonently contain stock worth $12.",)00. J
Stray Stories. '
AC i've got to borrow some
(this note 5 J
(DUE TO OftVH (7
Secretary of State Black lias taken
the automobile operator's licenses from
the following persons: W. G. Kimball.
Enosburg Falls; Violet Derrick. St. Al
bans, and John Koonan. suspended (lit
days for causing accidents; E. L. Pen
noil, Swanton, and Glen Griffith. .Water
bury, revoked for year, having been con
victed of operating a machine when in
toxicated ; J." E! Hosier. Manchester,
sm-p.nded indefinitely; J. E. Barber.
Benson. Xoel J. Lachance, L ndonville,
suspended indefinitely, alleged to be un
fit persons to have licenses ; H. M. Shaks
hobor. Bennington, suspended ' days
for causing an accident : Victor Young,
Bennington), suspended indefinitely for
alleged intoxication when driving a ma
chine. '
Heavers Saving Fish and Woods.
A very interesting fact in relation to
the beavers oc Maine lias been brought
out by the recent forcl tires, being dis
closed in the weekly it-port of Special
Warden D. E. Cumniings of Houlton
and from a section about which com
plum, plums are rne front that I
cant get Charles to eat. if I put
barrel of lovely plums in frunt
oe v. ouiiiei'r loutcn one.
Me thinking. Hck. holey smoaks.
And I put back another one that I was
jest going to start to cat. and wt n I got
homo and ma saw how meny plums was
ei t there she gnvc me holey beck and ."
icarse cracks, the worst nsrt iilumt
that I dont
think plums are much
When the Season is Sop(emlor.
When the bronze bacchante Autumn.
On the wood her splendor spills.
When lik" foam-flung Aphrodite
Vapors hover on the hills.
When the summer has departed
And tho blue bright days are brief.
Then tho season is September -
And the red is in the loaf!
When the cardinal flower in scarlet
By the hrooksidc is attired.
When the gentian shy refuses
Secrets we have long desired.
When i ho cornfields are invaded
P.y the jay. that merry thief,
Then the season is September
And the rod is in the loaf!
When the sloop-inspiring crickets
In the withered grasses call.
When the tiro-baptised nasturtiums
Blaze against the somber wall,
When even nature's lids are drooping
And her summer days are brief,"
Then tho season is September
Am! the rod is in tho loaf!
When the wind is like a wizard
Making spells of sorcery.
And the groat All Perfect Artist
Paints His meaning on th sky.
And the pleasure thro" us thrilling
Has an undersong of grief.
Then the season is September
And the red is in the leaf!
West Brattleboro.
TANGING In the offices of one of
the best' known businessmen In
this country5, Is"; this motto:
, "You cannot :getout of a'man what ":,
God Almighty" did not put . into him.
You must suit the man "to the job;
not the job to the man." .
Perhaps there is & simpler and..
more direct way of putting Jt than
that. Perhaps you. can tlo it better. If
you can, there is a job waiting for
you in the office ofthe man who first
wrote it because he is a man always,
on the hunt for writers who can say
things with a punch.
There are a good many young men
who try to succeed In lines for which
they are not at all fitted.
Ambitious parents often insist upon
mapping out the life work of their
children when they would do a much
more kindly thing to let the boys and
girls follow their own Inclination.
A tree that is bent Is never so good
as a tree that grows according to na
ture. Thousands of excellent carpenters
have boon spoiled In the making of
poor doctors and the world Is worse
off for the experiments.
Almost every child shows an In
clination toward some special thing.
It enjoys work of a particular kind
when other efforts are drudgery.
The wise parent will seek to find
out what that inclination Is and offer
every aid to the highest endeavor.
A child's mind Is not essentially
different from the mind of a grown
r.p. Both offer resistance to doing
what Is unpleasant and Irksome.
More than that Individualities are
just as distinct and different each
from the other as one kind of matter
(HCers from another.
They have different uses and differ
ent applications. ,
To attempt to drive aj nail with a
sponge would be just as -fruitless, if
not as destructive, as to try to wash,
a window with a hammer.
To try to make a boy who loves me-
uiics and wants to study machin
ery into a professor of Greek is to
misapply his talents and diminish his
Every child should be studied.
There is no greater and no more
interesting process in the world than
the development of the human mind.
The baby with his fist in his eye
Is the seed of the man that is to be.
' Put it in the wrong soil, give It too
much or too little mental food and
water and the final product will be
distorted and twisted.
Put it in the right surroundings?,
give it ns far ns is proper Its way
ami it will grow into a strong and
sturdy plant; a source of joy to itself
and you.
Don't plan too much for your chil
dren. Let them have a little of their own
way in following their inclinations
as to what they shall be and do.
Remember that you cannot get out
of a boy or a man what God Almighty
did not put into him.
When I-get-blup
hopeless -as 'the
6L00M !
Divorce cases in England have more
than doubled during the past year.
What's in a name? Everything"!
Unique flavor appetizing crispness
substantial body all mean
Post Toasties
best corn flakes
And to avoid setting ordinary Corn Flakes, ask
for "Post Toasties" by name. Costs you no more.

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