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E H B A n -H- .89 - H 'B .a "H-"ra H M el U I! R ' U
SEPT. 27 and 28
VOL.9. NO. 166
7 8taf0
i ....
Rejects Theory That Fitzpatrick Killed
Himself Two Sliots
Believes Undue Influence
and Pressure of Sinister
Character Has Been Ex
erted Upon. Certain Wit
nesses Miss Provost
Tells Different Story to
Grand Jury
Prosecuting - Officers Un
able to Find Alice Blake
, Not Sure About Arrests
Arbuckle Sent Back to
Cell After Hearing tes
timony Against Him Pre
meiit expressing
noriurv had lon
tli.. .'lit-! it nc.-HS for t
t t lw uraiul nirv intv
i.i.dr. of the death oi Mi
CO. Sept- 1-.. A state
the conviction that
nutted by one oi
io pn isceution
ligation last
of the death
Kjuh-o. '.Am actress.
r.urdor Rom-oc I, Fat
d-r a 1 3 t . v -s!Hil
lv l.stri. : An..7M y
l'.tiiet Attorney P
ri;eiit also charged
ui.due itfiurTjee
or wiiose
here eari
:.s u,r.
today Brady,
at the
Spreckles Tells of Miss
Distress at Reins Present
Such a Party. -
SAN FRANCISCO. 'Sept. 13. Ros
eoe (Fatty) Arbuckle. niotion picture
comedian, was formally arraigned in I;
i;o hvro vosterdnv on a charge of
murder in eonneetion with the death
Miss Virginia Rappe. motion picture
tress, which occurred late t riday.
inc n nnrtv in Arbuoklo's rooms
St. Francis hotel last Monday.
The complaint against Arbuckle. the
second to be lodged against him since
his arrival here from Los Angeles on Sat
urday, was signed by Mrs. Rambina Del
niont. a friend of the dead woman. The
first complaint, made by police officials,
was for the purpose of holding the come
dian in custody pending further investi'
gat ion.
When Arbuckle appeared before Judge
Daniel O'Brien yesterday he refused to
talk of the case. Through his attorney
a continuance to Friday was obtained
and the prisoner was returned to his cell.
Representatives of the district attor
ney's office continued their questioning
of those known to have attended the Ar
buckle party last Monday and from them.
District Attorney Rrndv stated, was ob
tained evidence which will he used
against Arbuckle at his trial. Among
those tpu'st toned was Mrs. Sidi Wirt
of the
Leon Parks Confesses His
Part In Killing Auto
NEW YOHK, Sept. 13. That
.7. Fitzpatrick, federal narcotic
was murdered in the washroom
Atlantic avenue ferryhouse last
morning four hours after the spectacular
drug and liquor . raid on the steamship
King Alexander, was the opinion ex
pressed yesterday by Wallace K. J. Col
lins. . I'nitod States attorney in ltrooklyn.
The murder theory is based on the be
lief that two shots were fired at Fitzpat
rick. the lirst bullet missing him and go
ing through a thin partition. The second
bullet passed through his heart and was
found lodged in his back. The first bul
let has not yet been found.
Directly opposite where Fitzpatrick's
body was discovered there is an open
window, the sill of which is about four
feet from the floor, leading to a blind
passageway from the washroom. The
'shots could easily have been tired through
this window, according to Mr. Collins
"I do not believe that Fitzpatrick com
mitted suicide." said Mr. Collins. "I be
lieve the lirst bullet was lired at him
while he was passing the window and he
drew back when he saw a revolver thrust
at him. the hrst bullet missed, but the
second went through b ltzpatrick's heart.
I ar ' '
or lo't
r t-t l
aii. w
In his
1 hat he t
ar.d pressure oi a si
La- !(!: broucht
njioj'j ccri.ii
an jutci
u ivh L i
v.uLl del-
vtoihl be oafi
st. M'hcther
charged that
r.ur. he
Zcv I'Aron had chanu"l
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Wants to .loin Southern Parliament
' Dail Eireann's Reply Made
Public Soon.
! prULIX. Sept. 13 (Associated Press).
' nfnrials of the city nf Londonderry
v..icHi liere today the desire that their
'iry should be associated with southern
rather than with northern Ireland, the
'mayor of the city and an influential dep
utation of its elected public representa
tives put before Kamonn DeYalcra their
objections to the I'l.-ter parliament hav
ing jurisdiction over their municipality.
The reply of the Dail Kireann to the
propot-al of Premier Lloyd George for a
conference at Inverness Sept. 2(1 on the
question of an English settlement iim.v
be given out tonight, it was said here this
sfternoon, but it was indicated as more
probable that the uubUeation would be
mi kr;OW'l as
her testimony before the grand jury
from .that -she had given previously to
the police and oilieials of the district
attorney T otiice that Miss Kapi-e had
told lier Arbuckle had. caused her in
juries. District Attorncv. Brady's state-'
.. 1 . I- fll,..o . 1
-We luvvV OTt MiM Tyvron home 'deferred until midday tomorrow
under surveillance. The girl changed het ' T-.T
etoT-v completely le.fore the grand jury. , ftU V lEj 1 & LLAlil
Whether or not v.e sluill arrest lier ana
thare lier with perjury will depend on;
turther developments. I am convinced, j
however, that perjury has been com-'
milled by lier. I am convinced tiuu
undue influence and ressure of a sin
ister character has been brought to
bear on her and other witnesses, one of
whom, Alice Blake, has mysteriously
disapiMiired from her home in Berke
ley We have been unable to lind her.
Aibueklo. the last witness summoned by
the t'land jury during his H-hour ses
sion wa aroused from a sound sleep
i.l.out 1 o'clock this mnrntns. Arbuckle,
it is said was in the grand jury room
He Assisted
Jury Finds
Is Held
Both Church and Parks Say
In Murders Coroner's
Church (Juilty of .Murder
for (Jrand Jury.
CHICAGO, Sept. 13. Two confes
sions obtained last night and early todav
were believed by the authorities to clear
up the mystery surrounding the murders'
of It. J. laugherty and Carl A. Ausmus, '
automobile salesmen.
Harvey W. Church at whose home the
men are alleged to have been killed
Season's First Meeting
Attended by Over
100 Members
at University of
Trousers, Watch
I.edotix Says He Will Follow Same
Method as In Itoston I'nem.
ployed to Have Parade.
NEW YORK. Sept. i:t. I'rban a
doux. also known as .ir. Aero, who auc
tioned off men on Iloston common, said
he would hoi da similar auction next Mon
day near the New York public library fol-
J lowing a parade of unemployed up ltroad
1 way.
after! He said that not only would lie put
Church had led them there to receive men on the Dim:;, strip them to the waist
tiavmeiit tor an automobile he nrctended and sell their services to the highest bid-
he' wished to purchase late last night, der. but that he would also auction off
confessed that he was aided in commit-1 the services of any unemployed women j
ting the crime by two accomplices and im-1 who n:j;h apply. Asked if his methods
plicated I.eon Parks, employed in a ga-!with women would lw the same as with
rage where he formerly worked, and
Clarence AYilder. another friend, as ac
Chairmen of Committees Outline Possi-
bilities for Winter's Work List of
Committee Appointments Supper
Precedes IJusincss Meeting.
More than M) members attended the
first fall meeting of the l'rattleboro
Itusiness ami lrofessional Women's
club, which wa held last evening fol
lowing a supper in the Odd Fellows'
temple banquet hall.
No program of entertainment was ar
ranged, the time being devoted to out
lines of plans for the winter's activi
ties, pven by the chairman of the va
rious committees, and to the transac
tion of busimss.
The club appropriated -Slo toward tli3
Rrattleboro Student
Vermont Loses
and Kings at Iieach.
Jle.'iry Lavrton of Brattlcboro, who
has just entered the l uiversity of Ver
mont, and who lives at the A. T. O.
fraternity house at the corner of Col
lege and South Wiliard streets, reported
to the olice Saturday afternoon that
there was stolen from, him from a
locker at the North Ueach money and
other articles amounting to nearly $100.
An.ong other, articles stolen were Law
ton "s trousers, lie could-not leave the
park to report his loss for some time,)
.... I,.. 1....1 ... 1 l . .
j.c- ii.i'i iu m-imi jiit-ims iu ins loom
Shippers, Business Men jmd
Traveling Public Aroused
Over. Curtailment in Con
templation by Boston &
Maine and Central Ver
mont Roads for Sept. 25
dunior Achievement
expenses of tin1
clubs who will go to Sprintiiield, .Mass.,
to give demonst rat ions at the Kasteru
.lait J .A I'Ul l It'll. JllVlf IMUKt? OJS-' - i
to get Ji.m another pair of trousers
lore he could leave the immediate
emity of the bathing beach.
Accordini to the storv Pv I.awton to
I the j.oliee, he, in company with other
college stuoents, went to the north
! each Saturday afternoon to enjoy a
dip. They ail secured lockers in the
locker house, and took especial care to
lurk their h-rkers after they had placed
their clothes ami valuables therein.
They returned from their swim in about
;it minutes, and I.awton went to the
office to secure the key to his locker, lie
lid not IiimI the k
itl not tiiwl tile kev- in the eiitm;ii-v
...(.........I ... 1.:.. i - i. t. . ' t
...... iriuii.ru IU inn lUClvei WHICH lie
oiK-n. and a larire amount
r i ... . .
the club room, but toe decision was !r,u" . w"':!"Jn-s ,J-;s,.r!- . .
i . . 1 t I I Hi" kPr til il T I UfVInn f.Am.
lCIt to Hie governing Oo.lld. . , ....... , . vt";' ll,n,KM o,l tha frarnl',., miKli nonorallv
r-.ti.iw,,. j,,i ni.'.i i( i; u K'Ut'U UUl IlOlll-I c . -
of his
Criticism Aimed Particular
ly Against Rumored Serv
ice on West River Branch
and Hours of Arrival of
First Morning Train Over
B. & M. and Afternoon
Train on C. V.
A far-reaching protest against the pro-
, posed train changes on the Iioston &
Maine and Central Vermont railroads
seems to be in the making.
Knowledge of what these changes would
mean to shippers, merchants, business
the chairman of
tin absence ot
tne entertainment committee
C ret hen Coldsmith, who was ap
pointed to that orhev, haviug resigned
and her successor not vet h
appointed, the president, .Miss J,esie
1.. i'urntui:, mentioned some activities
ving beet, ., .
: oi al s
in: vus reported misii!j.
has developed an overwhelming sentiment
schedule which the roads pro-
tui.cics uitttoii reported as leing against the
"in h gout aiiii, a pocKeioooK . . . . . . .
il oiu sjo in n.ouey, a gold watchjIK)se to put into rffect Sept. J...
at;'I two 'gold rins. One had an Telegrams of protest already have been
tone with a Titian v ?ettin'. while:
I'urks confessed, according to the po
lice, telling the parts the three had
played iu the two murders. Wilder is
in the custody of the jiolice today and is
being questioned to verify essential de
tails as told by his alleged confederates.
, men he said. "Why. certainly, if
, sary, and called attention to the nudes
j of dress of women in llroadway musical
comedies and on Fifth avenue.
onl- three minutes.
District Attorney Brady's statement
was taken shortly after the grand jury
had concluded a five-hour consideration of
the case and adjourned without voting
an indictment.
Fair Tonight and Wednesday Cooler
WASHINGTON, Sept. VA Weather
f ..recast : Fair tonight and Wednesday
Russian Famine Relief Committee
IManned Overthrow of Present
LONDON. Sept. Uevelation at
Moscow following the arrest of members
of the Russian famine relief committee
are said to prove the committee was plai
ting to overthrow the Soviet government
under the loak of carrying on relief work,
says a despatch to the Daily Herald from
the Russian capital. An extraordinary
commission is said to have discovered let
ters showing a widespread conspiracy.
There was found a note outlining a scheme
for reorganizing Russia under a supreme
ruler with a federal duma. regional and
parish dumas. and local governors.
tonight. Moderate - northwest 1
IjOW Water Cuts Off Electric Power at
St. Albans.
ST. A LI JANS. Sept. VA. The Central
Vermont railway shops were closed yester
day afternoon on account of the shutting
olT of the electric power owing to low
water. The shops will probably be closed
every afternoon until heavy rainfall re
lie yes the water shortage.
Coroner's Jury Says lie Killed Two
Chicago Automobile Salesmen
Held Without Rail.
CHICAGO, Sept. 1Xt-A coroner's jury
itnt-stigatiiur the deaths ot Bernard d.
Oatigherty - and t ai l A. Ausiittis. auto
mobile salesmen, returned a verdict yes
terday iinding that they cam:1 to their
d.alhs through external violence in
llicted by Harvey W. Church and rec
ommended that he be held to the grand
jury on a charge of murder in both
cases without bail.
Church, a "2il-ycar-o!d youth, heard the
verdict calmly. 1 1 is f.ice showed no ner
vousness or emotion j;s he faced a
crowd of several hundred jeering men
after the impiest. It was necessary tor
the police to clear a way through the
threatening crowd for the prisoner.
Sunday, according to the police.
Church, confessed that he killed the two
men to obtain possession of a $."). au
tomobile for which he was negotiating.
'I he body of Dangherty was found
Friday in the Dcsplaines river and that
of Ausmus in a garage behind the
Church homo on Saturday. Church was
arresled Friday nijtht at Adams. Wis.,
where he bad gotie in 1h ear fir a visit
to his former home.
Indicted for Shooting His Divorced Wife
and Her Attorney on
Electric Car.
LOSTON. Sept. 13. Charle.
pleaded not guilty today to an
A. Wells
charging murder in the lirst degree for
the shooting of hi former wife. Mrs.
Lleanor Wells and -Imt attorney. A.
Louis A It nicy v-- on !a "street car in West
Iioxbury district la-t Friday. No time
was set for the trial.
which it was hoed might be carried'
out this year, with the co-operation of!
the melnlM'l-s. Miss P.eltlul l'iggott.
neces-j chairman of the educational committee,
suggested the formation of classes in
several lines provided it was the desire
of the members to iuud classes of in
struction or study. Mrs. Katherine
Voetch, chairman of the finance com
mittee, spoke of the pla;;s of that com
mittee for raising money with which
to maintain the club, calling altentloQ
to several fpeoiiic features for certain
months, including the oss;lility of an
ic carnival should the weather bo fa
vorable, a bazar, thrift Pale and other
money-raising schemes.
Mrs. l.iKy Wells Iuizcll, chairman of
the social service committee, was unable
to be present, but she sent some sugges
tions of possibilities whieli were read
1v the wcrctary. In the absence of
Miss Adeline Shattuck, chairman of the
1 ... ... 1 .... 1... ,1 l . . .. I . ' 1
lit in,, to .1. V r f l"T- 'Withe Boston & Maine and Central Vermont
tution to tins, the thiet or thieves had . . . . . .
(also taken a pair of trousers and a companies, ami plans are being considered
I meal ticket on the Burlington lunch on 'for a monster protest meeting to be at
; Church street. Lawton told the police ! tended bv representatives from Brattle-
ithat he leit the two rings on his watch 'v n - , , i( i n
' j..,:,, boro, ernon, Northfield, Mass., and all
it was stated that there was only one!f the territory served by the West River
attendant at the locker Ionise at the line,
time I.awton and his con: nan ions were
. . I s, ,
mere, a -Mrs. ing. who was in charge.
i she did not see anyone enter the locker
j house and take ltwton 's key. It was
(also stated that Mrs. T.ong had charge
j oi Horn tne men s ana women's Jocker. tleboro'
t rooms so would have some difficult v in imatoiv
. . .... , - i....i.v...
i waTcning tHth places.
(Continued on Page 8.)
Fall Term of Coun ty Court
Opens Today in Newfane
Universalist Church
Thursday, Ii p. m. Mission Circle.
There will be reports of the state conven
tion. A full attendance is desired.
Friday, 7.30 p. m. Meeting of Sunday
t-cliool teachers.
First Baptist Church
Tuesday, 7.30 p. m. Christian En
deavor meeting.
Friday, 4 p. m. World-wide Guild eon
feernce and rally; 7.30 p. in. church
prayer meeting.
Odd Fellows Temple
Tuesday. Sent. 1.1. 7."0 P. m. Rebekah
initiation. Refreshments following the
meet ing.
Wednesday. Sept. 14. District meet
ing. Supper at 7 o'clock. Tickets must
be obtained by tonight (Monday) of
; George ' Reed, Harold' L. Smith, Frank
Strong or Duane F. Farr.
1 hnrsday. Sept. 13 Regular meeting
of Oasis Encampment. As the Golden
Rule degree team will work the Golden
Rule, degree at district meeting Oct. 11.
will all member! of this team please 1k
present at the meeting Thursday night.
Two hundred members wanted to join
membership contest. Sign up at the
temple. -
Knights of Columbus Hall
Tuesday, Sept. 13, at S p. m. Regular
meeting Brattlcboro lodge,. i3, Loyal Or
der of Moose.
Tribesmen Do Not Resist Offensive
Regular Forces.
MADRID. Sept. 13. Moorish tribes
men Hod from their positions near Mel
illa when Spanish forces there began
their offensive yesterday, says an ofiicial
statement issued here this morning.
Methodist Episcopal Church
Tuesday evening Regular meeting of
the Mary Gcddis class at the home of Mrs.
E. E. Covey. K7 Western avenue. As this
is the first meeting of the fall, all members
are urged to be present.
Wednesday evening. 7.30 Regular busi
ness meeting and election of officers of the
All Men's class. Rev. Eldon II. Martin,
pastor, of the Methodist church of Bellows J
rails, lias ooen secured
meeting, and Mrs. Martin
to furnish violin selections. The All
Men's class extends invitation to all mem
bers of the adult Sunday school classes to
be present. Refreshments will he served.
The meeting of the Women's Foreign!
Missionary society which was to be1
Criticizes His Opposition to Ron us Rill
Unbecoming to a
CLEVELAND. Sept. 13. President
Harding. Secretary of Treasury Mellon
and the I'. S. ("handier of Commerce
were attacked by I'.rig. Gen. J. R. Mc
Ouigg. state commander of American
Legion, in an address hevo last' night f"r
their attitude on "adjusted compensa
tion" for veterans of the World war. "It
unbocomes any president to characterize
as 'menacing' the efforts to obtain a
bonus for the men who fought to pre
serve the nation he temporarily repre
sents," General McG iigg declared.
The September term of the Windham
, county court convened about 11.30 o'clock
this morning at Newfane, Judge
Frank L. Fish of Vergennes presiding,
with A. I!. Waite of Londonderry and
Tyler P.. Goodell of Readsboro, assistant
judges, in their chairs. Rev. F. 15. Hyde,
pastor of the Congregational church in
Newfane. offered prayer. J. G. Sargent
and W. W. Stickney of Ludlow were the
only attorneys from outside the county
(who were present. The calling of the
'docket was completed this morning. Sev
j oral cases were entered as settled and
discontinued and one case was dismissed.
The case to be taken up this afternoon
was the l'ellows Falls case of Oeorge Page
(and others against the Henry Wool ley es
itate and Mary Page YVool'ey. which is an
appeal from the probate caurt. George A.
Weston nf l'ellows Falls is counsel for
Mr. Page, the appellant. Stickney, Sar
gent & Skecls of Ludlow for Mary Page
Woolley and P.olles S; T hompson of Ilel
lows Falls for Francis Palmer, the execu
tor. Cases entered this morning as settled
and discontinued were the following:
Edward D. Rnnney of Rrattleboro
against Charles II. Clark, which was a
suit for damages for alleged alienation of
affections; Tony Rardaklis against Theo
dore P.ellu. both of Rrattleboro, which was
a dispute over' an automobile trade; the
Perfection (hate and Supply Co. against
the Mi Hire &. Thompson Paper Co. "'f Rel
lows Falls, an action of contract; Ella D.
Stebbins, administratrix, against Otis R.
Dauchy of Townshend. The case of 1).
Auerbach & Son against A. A. Allen, an
action of contract, was discontinued.
The chancery case of Elbert A. Knight
against George E. Crowell and others in
Rrattleboro. which was begun in llXV.t.
was discontinued.
The divorce case of Alice Mabel Patch
against Walter A. Patch was dismissed
because neither party had an attorney in
court. These two divorce cases were enn
tinued : Mary E. Perkins against Ed
ward W. Perkins; Ella II. Rarnes against
Truman Ha rues.
One of the late cases, to be entered was
a motion by Attorney E. W. Gibson, coun
sel for Miss Julia S. Frost of Vernon, that
the court direct John E. Gale, counsel for
Mrs. Josie (Johnson) Oakley of Vernon,
to elest which count he would stand on
in the trial of his suit against Miss
Frost. There are three counts in the
declaration, one being for alleged libel,
one for alleged slander and one for al
leged malicious persecution.
E. E. Styles of Jamaica has brought
suit against John C. Harris of Newfane
to recover damages of .$r00. He claims
that on Aug. 1(1, 1021. while he was
driving his car on the right side of the
road in Andover the defendant drove his
car across the highway against the plain
tiff's car by reason of which the plaintiff's
car was overturned and damaged. Attor
ney A. W. Rutler of Jamaica is counsel
for the plaintiff.
Anyone Planning to Hunt or Trap Will
Do Well to Get Copy of Laws at
Town Clerk's Office.
planning to do any hunting
It is also probable that efforts will be
made to put the public's side of the case
before the Vermont and Mass-aehusetts
public service commissions.
Under the proposed arrangement Brat-
train service would be approx
as follows :
South Round ,".0 a. m., 8.43 a. m,
l.-V p. m.. - p. in.. 0.0S p. tu.
North Round 11 a, a. 11.40
a. m.. G p. in., 10.1." p. m.
The foregoing figures are not official
but are based on tentative schedules made
by the companies Their inconvenience,
however, is obvious. On the south-bound
schedule, for example, there would be a
Roston & Maine train leaving at l.o." and
a Central Vermont train a few minutes
Iaer. with no other south-bound train
until ti.OS p. m., and that the last of the
day. On the north-bound schedule the
first train from the south would not ar
rive until about 10 o'clock, meaning that
Anyone phi
or trapping this fall will do well to get.
a copy oi the new Jaws at the town
clerk's otiice, as there are many,
changes. The onen senson oti rsibbits K-
gins Sept. 15 and ends March 1. One ' Im'nl .business houses would not get theirs
.n.i.tt .... l...... ;., l,;., , .......... :.. morninar nmil from Roston and New York-
auiti.i. i.irvi t n.t r ill jus I m r-.vcioil lt
morning mail trom J.oston and New lork
until nearly noon, and there would be no
train north between 11.40 a. in. and li
p. m.
The strongest protest seems to be aimed
at the hour of arrival of the morning
only iiurnig t he. mo::t h oi October; bag tram irom .-pringneiu. .wass., ami the
limit, four of each per day. The open j hour of departure of the Central Vermont
season for otter, marten, raccoon, Hsh- afternoon train. In the case of the
cr-cat and skunk is from Oct. 25 to Feb. 'hitter, which now leaves at 4.10 and
15. Foxes may be taken and possessed ' serves Vernon, South Vernon and North
at any tiiiie. except that they can be j field it i.s pointed out that changing it to
taken by trapping only from ht. 25 to, approximately 2 p. in. would deprive per
l"cb. 15. Mink and im:.-krat can be'ons in those towns from havinz more
ore time n ore than rive rabbits. There
is a clor-e season on grey squirrels until,
Dec. I. V.y2X On ducks and -eese the
season is open, from e;:t. lij to Jan. l.t
Partridge and woodcock may be taken1
the. month of October; baa
Renorts from Cities Outside San
tonio Show Increased Loss
of Life.
SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 13. Flood
claimed from 100 to 150 victims in south
and central Texas Friday night and Sat
urday exclusive of those known to be
dead in San Antonio, according to spec
ial despatches from correspondence of
San Antonio Light received early today.
drowned and miss-
A. -11 - - A. I I '
u. aouiess me i.raoti(.aiv n (,f the
will lie present : ,,.,. :,a
1.- Ill ...............
Outlook for Yield of About Half of
Sept. 15, has been post- -
Clapp & Jones . Company
hehl Thursday.
toned a week.
Friday evening. 7.30 Regular
meeting in the vestry.
TRENTON. Sept. 13. A
Action Taken' Iist Evening Favorable
to Joining the Vermont Regiment
Others in Proctor.
Ever since the Rrattleboro Military
band went to the railroad station to nc
ompany Company I. Vermont National
Guard, to the armopy on its return from
muster at Camp Devcns there has been
a crowing sentiment among the members
Red Men s Hall
Wednesday, Sept. 14. 8 p. m. Regular
faceting of Triumph lodge, S. F. of A.
Friday, Sept. In. Ouonekticut tribe.
No. 2, I. O. R. M., Chief's degree. A
rood attendance is desired. AH mem
bers of the degree team are requested
to be present. Corn and venison will
be served.
Masonic Temple
Tuesday, Sept. 13. 7.30 p. m. Stated
communication of Columbian lodge, No.
30, F. and A. M.
in lavor ot enlisting in a regimental
,, band, and a definite step in that direction
yield of- , ,.........:..
7 205 (00 bushels nf notatoes s in. cated " s i"ueii last ingm, -' i .......,
'for this year, as compared with 14.S20.000 to enlist.
entitled to a band of
is not likely that so
largo a number can be Nccurcd in one
place. Fifteen musicians already have
enlisted in Proctor, so there is in sight
in the two sections 3S men.
It is probable that the Rrattleboro mu
sicians will have a room in the new ar
iiinrv. but where the .regimental band
headouartcrs will bo remains for the ad-
iutant general to determine.
Rov R. Miner, formerly captain of
Company I, enlisted last night as a pri
bushels last year, says the monthly crop' The regiment a
report of the New Jersey department of '4S ' pieces, but it
agriculture. . This indicates a crop per
cent of normal as of Sept. 1. although less
than half the size of last year's crop.
The sweet potato crop was said to be
85 per cent of normal, with a probable'
yield of 1.S74.0OO bushels, as compared
with J.OO-'.OtKI bushels last year
S.ops Wheat Threshing Operations in
Region of Lethbridge.
LETHRRIDGE. Alberta. Sept. 13.
Wheat-threshing operations were checked
throughout this region yesterday by a
snowfall of five inches. Cutting of the
wheat crop had beeii completed within
the storm area.
Although the beaver's chief use for
its flat, trowel shaped tail is for swim
ming, it has another purpose. When
beaten upon the water it becomes an
alarm signal.
MoJor Traffic Officer Arrests Driver of
Car Which Ran Into Fred Fish
er's Car in Hinsdale.
(Special to The Reformer.)
KEENE. N. II..' Sept. 13.
Jacob Maurice of Keene, driver of
the machine at Hinsdale Sunday in
which John McAuliffe was injured, has
been arrested by William R. Rurncll.
state motor traffic officer, on charge of
reckless driving. He wj,s released on
S200 bail for hearing in Winchester. The
Maurice machine collided with a Rrattle
loro ear driven by Fred Fisher. The
date of the hearing will not be set until
it is ascertained whether Mr. McAuliffe
will recover. Mr. -McAuliffe has not re
covered consciousness.
Four Families Awarded Derision Against
Short Weight Drivers.
EVERETT', Mass.. Sept. 13. Four
families here will have their ice chests
filled without expense until Jan. 1 as a
result of a police courut decision today.
The free ice will be paid by three ice
wagon drivers found guilty of giving
short weight.
The collecting of "mascots" to guard
against any ami every form of bad luck
is said to be spreading in popularity.
taken and possessed only from March
15 to April 15. fall trapping for these
animals being cut out entirely. Anyone
trapping for fur-bearing or noxious an
imals, other than bears, shall within 12
hours notify the owner of the enclosed
land on whieli he lias set trans of the
number and location of such traps, and
.ll!ltl VKlt tilS i ril ? of li.Qt r. il .... in
...... ..... ... .U'. c ... r. i . mil
cry 21 hours. Hear traps have to be' the
guarded by a substantial fence, and vis
ited at icast once pi everv 48 hours.
than a few hours in Rrattleboro and
'would practically destroy any reasonable
connection with afternoon trains on the
(Ashuelot division.
i Just what the Central Vermont plans
in the way of a schedule on the West
, River road is not officially known, but
.there seems to be a definite belief that
.J.-.!. 1 - . 1. .... .
iiuiriuiK iiimcui naif maKinz isrartieooro
terminus, operating one imssencer
train from Rrattleboro to South Iondon
derry in the morning and from South Lon
donderry in the afternoon, with possibly
a mixed train starting north between 2
and 3 p. m. and returning late in the
Such a schedule, of course, would be
exactly the reverse of anything approach-
River School Has Enrollment of '"l .a',"i,.,alf' ervioe. -vs. one merchant
T.m ..nil 4- I""- i"is morning: "it woulu make it
Three-Day Celebration to comnarativelv e.isv for l!mtn,iM ...,.i
Re Regun Friday. - to go to Jamaica and South Londonderry
.1 . it i . . ... .
Vermont Academy at Saxtons River.l V,'-" ' '., ir DUSi ,oss impossible for
after being closed a few years, opened kYI?., , , a 1 -v. l0oMe lue
yesterday with an enrollment of ap- , J juat purpose,
proximately 125 students, both boys and Residents of the valley naturally are
sirls. A three-day program of ceiebra- up '-n arms, at the lJea "ch so-called
tion beginning Friday will mark the re- srT,.c' are rpa,,y l '' anything
opening of the school, for which occa- w,tmn lleir Pwer to prevent the pro-
sion several noted speakers have been 105i ...ame .
secured. , 1 an - Hopkins, president of the Erat-
Several hundred thousand dollars I c cooro i. hamber of Commerce, wired
have been spent this summer in repairs'!l'neral 1 assenger Agent Ilanley of the
and enlargements at the academy. jtentral ermont road this morning to
Among the sm'akers who will be at . "n ont definitely what was proposed in
the aeademv this week are Judge Frank 11,0 vav of changes on the West River
L. Fish of Vergennes, class of '00; John!roa1' telling him frankly that there would
Harrett, '84: former director of the Pan! ho a monster protest if the intimated
Vmericun Union; Rev. Charles A.! changes were put into effect and also
1 'rooks, ox-'P:, secretary of the Baptist
Hoard of Koreimi Missions; Kev. W. A.
Davison. L.L. 1).. secretary of Vermont
Baptist State- convention.
Close Sea-
Rrattlehoro Military Rami to
son on Common.
The Rrattleboro Military
give the last band concert of
tonight at S o'clock on the
the following program will b
March. The. Hikers,
Overture. Mosaic,
Waltz. Blue Danube,
Fox Trots:
( a ) Love .Bird.
(b) Nestle in Your Daddy's
Selection. Jack O'Lantern,
March. Rahy Roo,
Star Spangled Ranner.
band will
the se'asoa
common when
rendered :
Arms. i
Arkansas Mui Had Been Sick Several
Weeks in Washington.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 13. Reprei
i-entative Samuel M. Taylor of Arkan
sas 'died at his home' here early today
after an illness of several weeks.
strenuously objecting to the proposed
change of the afternoon train from Rrat
tleboro south ever the Central Vermont
road. Mr. Hopkins also wired General
Passenger Agent Grant of the Boston' &
Maine in protest against the proposed
Roston & Maine schedule.
Persons familiar with the plight of the
railroads realize that their tables of oper
ating costs and revenue returns form a
strong argument in behalf of curtail
ment, but. they contend, if there are to
be fewer trains it is all the more impor
tant that those trains best meet the con
venience of the traveling public. In the
case of the proitoscd schedules for Rrat
tleboro and vicinity the general opinion
seems to be that railroad officials have
given the public scant consideration.
There seems to be no good reason why
Rrattleboro should not have a morning
train from the south at an hour early
enough to bring New York and Boston
mail here in time for consideration before
dinner, and an afternoon train going south
at an hour late enough to enable subur
banites to spend most of the afternoon
here and still reach their homes by sup-Ir-time.
So far as service on the' West
River line i.s concerned it is ridiculous to
think of any -arrangement that does not
provide a morning train south and a late
afternoon train north.
i f
' r
4 I
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