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Information for Income
Taxpayers Under New Law
Exemptions Allowed, Re
turns Required, Time for ;
Filing and Payment
of Taxes
To what extent will the average tax-Ia-r
be benefited by changes in revenue
and deductions under the revenue act of
l"gilationV What are his exemptions
1021 compared with the revenue act of
1!1X? Hundreds of such questions are
reaching the bureau of internal revenue.
The purpose of this article is to answer
l hose most frequently presented. Later,
by direction of Commissioner of Internal
Kevenue, lhivid II. Itlair, there will be
prepared for the press a series of informa
tive articles telling the taxpayer in de
tail how to make out his income tax re
lurn for 1!21.
Probably the most important change
:'ff-fir.sr the man of moderate income is
in the exemptions. T'nder the li21 act a
married man with a net income of
(( and less is entitled to an exemption
of .2."i( M I. I'nder the revenue act of 1!)1S
this exemption vis limited to S2.(M0. The
revenue act of 1H21 also provides for each
person dependent upon the taxpayer if
such per-on is under IS years of age or
incapable of self support because ment
ally or physically, defective an exemp
iiou of S4(i. The exemption under the
revenue act of 1H1S was .$200 for each
such dependent. Thus, a married man
with two dependents whose income for
1!21 was .$r.0M) will pay this year a tax
.f .i;s. compared with'H)4 on the same
income for 112.
1021 Exemptions.
The exemptions of .S2.."i00 applies also
in the head of a family whose net income
for 1H21 was .$.. MIO or less, an increase
if .'."(M compared with the litis act. A
head of a family, as defined by present
treasury regulations, is "a person who
actually supports and maintains in one
household one or more individuals who
arV closely, connected with him by blood
relationship, relationship by marriage, or
by adoption, or whose right to exercise
family control and provide for those de
pendents is based upon some moral or
lesj.il obligai ion.
The normal r:.te of tax, 1 per cent on
the first .SUKKl df net income above the
exemptions, and S per cent on the remain
ing net income, remains unchanged. This
applies to citiens and residents of the
I'nited Slates. Alien non-residents are
t.ie( to the full S per cent on income re
leived from sources within the I'nited
States. Non-resident aliens are allowed
only a single personal exemption of $1,
(too. To overcome the disparity in the
amount, of normal exen ption, the other
being just within the higher .S2,."0 ex
empt ion the act provides that the reduc
tion of the personal exemption from !2.
.". to S'2.000 shall not operate to in
crease the tax. which would be payable
if the exemption were $2,.r00. by more
than the net income in excess of S.j.OlM).
For example, a married man or head of
a family has a net income for 1121 of
'."i.OK. ' Assuming that he has no depen
dants, his tax. if he were allowed only
the .2.(Ml exemption, would be .$120.40.
T'nder the benefits of the above provision
however, his tax is 110, 4 per cent t he
amount of his taxable income of $2,000.
o- .Slot), plus the amount by which, his
.$100. plus the
income exceeds
net income of .S2.."o0, or
amount bv which his net
Surtav Kiites.
Many inquiries are received relative to
the surtax rates. '
Taxpayers in the preparation of their
returns should be careful to note that the
surtax rates for the calendar year 1121
remain unchanged. The surtax rates on
incomes for 1H21 range from 1 per cent
on the amount of net income between
$r,.(MAI and .SO.00O to v per cent on the
amount of net income in excess of .Sl.
OiKMNHt. 1 For the calendar year 1122
and each calendar year thereafter, the
surtax ranges from 1 per cent on the
amount of net income between $t".0OO and
$10,000 to ,"0 per cent by which the a
moiiiit of 'net income exceeds .S2O0.000.
Ke turns Required.
Returns are required of every single
person whose net income for 1121 was
ijtl.OOO or over, every married person not
living' with husband or wife whose net
income was .Sl.OOO, 'and every married
person living with husband or wife whose
net income was ;2.00) or over. Every
person whose gross income tor the year
was .S.".onO or over must make a return
regardless of the amount of net income.
This requirement was not contained in
the revenue act of 1D1S. Every married
couple living together must make .a re
turn, either separate or joint as desired,
if their aggregate net income was over
.S2.00U or over, or if their aggregate gross
income was MH) or more.
(Iross income includes practically every
dollar the taxpayer received during the
year 1121. Net- income is gross income
less the exemptions and deductions speci
fically provided for by the act.
Period for Filing Returns.
The period for tiling returns is from
January 1 to March 1122 when made
on the calendar year basis. If the tax
payer ma-kes his return on the fiscal year
basis, the return must be tiled on or before
the fifteenth day of the third month fol
lowing the 'close of the fiscal year. Non
resident aliens must make return on or
before the fifteenth day of the sixth month
following the close of the fiscal year, or.
if the return is made on a calendar year
basis on or before June ir.
The commissioner of internal revenue
may grant a reasonable extension of time
for filing returns. Except in the case of
taxpayers who are abroad, no such ex
tension shall In- for a period of more than
six months. The return must be tiled
with the collector of internal revenue for
the district in which the taxpayer lives
or has his principal place of business.
If th1 taxpayer has no legal residense,
the return must le filed with the col
lector of internal revenue at Ealtimore.
May Pay In Installments.
This year as last, the tax may be paid
in full at the time of filing the return, or
in four quarterly installments, due on or
before March 1. June ., September l.",
and le-einber 1.1. If any installment is
not paid when due. the whole amount be
comes ilue and payable upon notice and
demand from the collector. The penalty
for failure to tile a return or pay the tax
within the time prescribed is a fine of not
more than Sl.OOO. For "willful refusal"
to make return or pay the tax on time the
ptnalty is a tine of not more than .SI 0.000,
or one year's imprisonment, or both, to
gether with the cost of prosecution.
New York Plasterers Union Assessed
Foreigners Who Did So $19 Each.
NEW YORK. Dee. 14. A story of
h.tw a plasterers' tinion .fined a group of
its Jewish. Italian and German' members
Slf each for working on St. Patrick's
day last year was unfolded yesterday be
fore the Eockwood legislative committee
investigating housing conditions.
"Why should Italians. Jews and Ger
mans be fined for working on St. Pat
rick's day." Michael P. Gallagher, record
ing secretary of the union, was asked by
Samuel T'ntermyer. committee counsel.
There was no answer.
"Do you think it is a very American
plan for a labor organization comprising
in its membership men of all natiolaities
and creeds to pick out such a day as St.
Patrick's, which is not a legal holiday, to
tine members for working on that day?"
The witness said he had never given the
matter a thought.
The list of those fined was then read and
Mr. Fntermyer commented: "There, is
not a single Irishman in the whole list."
"No. that is why the others worked,"
Gallagher said.
Commander MacXider Gets Assurances
from Congressional Leaders.
IN'DIANAFOLIS, Dec. 14. Enact
ment of the veterans' adjustment coin pen
satioti bill will be completed by congress
within 10 days, according to information
given to llanford MacXider, national
commander of the American Legion, by
Senator McCumber, author of the bill in
the senate, and Representative Fordney of
Commander MacXider wired Lemuel
Iiolles, national adjutant of the legion,
this information at the national head
quarters here yesterday.
"Leaders in the house and senate as
sured me." said MacNider's telegram,
"that congress believes in the adjusted
compensation measure and realizes that
immediate action is necessary on account
of the present financial condition of many
ex-service men and women."
day to attend the annual meeting of the
Vermont State Grange.
Jed Yancor of Saxtons River is board
ing at Jiert Houghton's while working
for Mr. Tavlor.
Rev. Walter Curtis officiated at the
marriage of Miss Gee and Mr. Ross
in Putney Saturday evening.
Many of the farmers are now busy
killing pi"s and cattle for their winter's
supply of pork and beef. Ernest Bemis,
who .has been coniintr weekly with a
meat cart will not come any more for
the present.
Cards have been received here an
nouncing the marriage Saturday, Dee. 3,
of Irene Lillian Sullivan of Detroit,
Midi., and Fred Earl Wilcox of Spring
field. Mass. Mr. Wilcox is a son of Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Wilcox and has nianv rel
atives and friends in Westminster West,
who extend best wishes.
Cat her in Chase Dies at 23.
The news of the death of Catherine
Addie Chase, 2., at Ler home Sunday eve
ning saddened the community, though
her many friends have realized for some
time that the girl's tay would probably
be brief. She was taken ill a little more
than a year ago atid except for a few rides
in the summer had been confined to the
house and her room since.
' Catherine Chase was born in South
Windham Sept 13, lsjS. the youngest
danshter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving K.
Chase. She came to this village with her
narents at an early age' and had lived
here since. She attended the village
school and was a graduate of Leland and
Crav Seminary, in the class of 1117. She
worked during her spare time as clerk in
her father's store while in school, and
dtiriiiK her father's long illness and after
his death, which occurred Jan. 21. 1120,
she ami her younger brother, Merton
Chase, had entire charge of the store,
showing remarkable business ability for
such young people.
She was a girl of cheerful and pleasant
disposition, a favorite with older people
as well as among her younger friends.
She was able during the summer to at
tend a reunion of her Seminary class
mates, the occasion giving her great plea
sure. The deceptive nature of her dis
ease, pulmonary tuberculosis, gave rise
to the hope of a slight improvement this
fall but a turn for the worse came Satur
day night and she died about 1 o'Hock
Sunday evening.
She leaves besides her mother, two
sisters. Mrs. Merle Willis of Waterbury
and .Mrs. Perlie P." AHbee of this village,
also one brother, Merton ('base. Another
brother was drowned when a lad.
The funeral will be helj at the house
this afternoon at 2 o'clock and will be
Miss Mary Lewis lias been teaching
music in Toledo for .1.1 years.
n .- .-'' v. .aj' "Cat ?-.a; s.
The Greatest Com
forter A Woman
Could Have
Herc'a a -wonderful, new Auto
Boot (or women the latcct ad
dition to the famous Top Notch
line of rubber footvear. It's an
aristocratic-looking, hi;h-hcclod
protector apainst snow, slush,
sleet and winter's cold. Wl'ifci
fleece-lined to its top it keeps
the feet and legs warm as toast.
Shapely and very durable. 9
1 Whether it's rubbers, arctics
or boots 1 op Notch rubber
footwear will save money for
you. It's the best-looking, finest
fitting, and the longest-lasting line
made. Top Notch rubbers are
"balanced" rubbersthe patented
heel lasts as long as the sols.
Baldwins Boot' .Shop
Fred F. Clark. Prop.
No. 1
Three Bravas Sentenced For Assault
On Miss Ilutler.
JUP.XSTAttLE, Mass., Dec. 14 Judge
Ln minus in the I'arnstahle court yester
day sentenced the three bravas who were
eoiivicted of assault on Miss Gertrude
Ilutler to from 20 to 2o years in state
prison at Chariest own. the first day of
which is to be solitary confinement.
The prisoners sentenced are John Dies.
Benjamin Comes and Joseph Andrews
f Onset, convicted Dec. 9 of assaulting
Mis Butler.
They will be held at the County jail in
Barnstable for 30 days, durinp which
time their counsel will be permitted to
tile excent ions.
A motion for a new trial on the al
legation that one of the jurors was in
tovieated the day before the trial
started was denied.
at to fake for
IT6 a 2od dose of Carter's Little Liver Pills
-then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after.
They cleanse your system of all waste
matter and Regulate Your Bowels.
Mild as easy to take as sugar.
Genuine bear - , Small Pill: Small Dose:
Small Price
Signature Sie?
Department Store
Going !
Going !
Gone !
Mrs. John L. Ormshy is ill. Dr. F. L.
istiood of Saxtons' River is attending
her. . . '
Miss Nettie Butterfield went to Brat
tlehoro Sunday to work for Mrs. Wy
man. .
Cleason Brothers are busv with their i.
'ow sawing outfit, sawing wood for the,
farmers. - f
.Mr. and Mrs. Seyrr.otir Minard and
Carlton TToldcn went to Rutland Mo?i-
The opportunity to secure a GOOD EIGHT PER CENT INVESTMENT
is now practically a thing of the past. The year 1922 will, in'all probability,
find such an opportunity entirely gone, leaving only the memory of the won
derful investment bargains that existed in 1521.
We now offer the public the unsold balance ot our
$100,000 Issue of 8 Per Cent Cumulative
Preferred Stock
at par, $100 per share. Exempt from local and noimcl Federal income taxes.
You have never had an opportunity to buy PREERRED STOCK of the
VERMONT LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY before',' and such an opportunity
may never come to you again. The business has been established for thirty
Eve years with a highly successful record. .
All legal matters pertaining to this issue hav been passed on by Harvey,
Maurice & Fitt3, Attorneys, of Brattleboro, Vt., and Lawrence H. Brown,
Attoruey,' of Spokane, Wash.
Only 1,000 shares of this Preferred Stock were authorized and issued and
a large portion has already been subscribed. Prompt action is imperative if
you wish to take advantage of this swiftly passing opportunity. Subscriptions
fcr one or more shares will be allotted in the order received as long as the
stock lasts. Interest at eight per cent allowed on all subscriptions received
before January 1st, 1922. Special circular on application.
I Vermont Loan & Trust Company
ing ls an Easy-Ma tier
- s. . rrr
The very fact that our Popular Downstairs Dry Goods Store specializes the
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Christmas Stationery j
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