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The Brattleboro daily reformer. (Brattleboro, Vt.) 1913-1955, December 23, 1921, EARLY MAIL EDITION, Image 8

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LllC lA I"
. i.
Vai ions Ways of . Keeping Clean in the
: Animal World.
Whilo humans journey far to disport
(hfiiiselves in the waters of lake or ocean
iiml trouble themselves much over ques
tions of one or two-piece bathing suits,
their animal cousins' thow an instinct for
eloanliness and a variety in fashion of
with all the zest of a small boy playing in
the samf.- The' lark also flutters along
the ground and bathes itself in this way.
"Bats, moles, hedgehogs and such? an
imals comb themselves with their nails
as with a fin-tooth comb. Spiders and
other insects bmsh their anteiiae. and
iuandibles with tlx-ir forelegs. -
Kven '' reptiles are not -content to re
main unclean. N Though they cannot con
venientlv Wash themselves, they -discard
their old skins for new ones several times
a year. and face the world with complete
new raiment every few imnths.
The bath seems to be acquired taste
among human beings. The small boy
does not take to it kindly, while his
ytung tdsfer often feels q,uite satisfied if
only her face, neck and wiists are clean.
Primitive folk do not expend much en
ergy keeping clean. Doctor Grenfell
rotes among the people of Labrador a
itifliiTprence toward cleanliness.
"algllllWtWWIIWttMB '
I Gdodnow, Eearson & Hunt I
Mix it with a M'oon. exclaimed the
clerk, somewhat surprised, "that will take
me three times as long and I'm busy !"
"But it must be mixed with a spoon!"
the little thing at the counter exclaimed.
"Wliv?"' asked the clerk.
'Well," she replied. "1 can't stand the
unisi flint- that soda iiiixer makes. It
Chittenden ctiuntv' is' to have an en
larged county fair, presumably to be lo-;
rated at Essex' Junction, although the
exact location has not been decided upon, j
AVilliam U Godfrey died Dec. 12 at his 3
home in Kairlee. lie was a native of v
bathing at ojtee interesting and instruc
tive. After friend squirrel, the other morn
ing, had siorted On the porch roof to his
heart's content aud taken his morning
exercise bounfliug from limb to limb of
oak' ami elm, he decided to take'his bath.
S; lie helil one paw with the other while
washing it, and changed so rapidly from
one to the other that he seemed to be
clapping his hands together in very joy.
Tabby, the cat, has a constitutional
aversion to water. Nevertheless, the puts
her rough tongue to good tise and brushes
herself with the vigor of a hairdresser;
Domestic fowls share the feline dislike
I Brattleboro's Department Store
Unt Stfln Inmouth'when he walitriVthat town' and had spent 61 of hi. m
i- i - 1:1... !.... Alio-
make a tilling, it maw me creep u "'L7 :;
' . ..... , 11 1 Vttl ! Ill Tflf IlllIllO "WIllI'Il WHS iiim miiiu
over when 1 bear it." Nevy York Sun. s
'20 years and was widely known as a busi
ness man." . ' ' ' ' -
l -. . 4 iiMit r ra oqih rr
? ? ' u -v ' .'- 'V f l . '
business ,can be done without advertising Xathauipj T -v C8 tlie1 Mon.
but it 8low work. "' day cf heart failure at bis home in Plain-
r.. -,.. .. r,T.r: ..v.. W field.' Mr. : Taw was a life-long resident
of PlainfieM where he, owned a farm, and
But most of the four-footed and feath-Min-j-.xhnw
air instinct for clean-
people while you were away:
, Mrs. Lpngwed No, not any.
visited fiv . husband's folks.
Glbe; ''j,
" " - -i - - - , nr I'hiinlu
V nnlv-one f tD0 oldest
citizens. Besides,
li.,pss Seme of them are even fastidious
Ttn ins wiie mere remains a uroiuer, m
JJObiou , . , i, t, , ,
i - r - t a1. tl'Mi t?
I age i isarre; rwo sisters, jirs. j-.uwum
Lambkin tf Whitd Plains. N. Warn! Mrs.
to bathing, but they roll in cleansing dust J
in the matter. '- -
Merton Bobbins also of New York.
ronKv" xfti.l the stenoirranher to the hOiIST 4-,ir ' J I i v '' . ' . fcr -. ?- ,., ;- -. , ?:
, 7i, . ; ;7 -iti, ,lnnn J.,. I A Here are 4irospeCTS-tiraT a tuocamimi-
ffiof 4heect l$kVirn. !. of Abin,3ton, MaJJ-
JUlTillt- 111 trl'l UIKUl'lll. I ( I
4 "?
Plenty of
Assorted Chocolates in
boxes from 3. to 5. lbs.
Ribbon Candy, Stick
Candy, and Fancy Cuts
in glass jars.
CmiM fm Christmas
A '
SunTMaid Raisins in 5c
package handy for
Xmas decorations.
Holly Boxes of Dartmouth Chocolates, 1 lb., 75c
Huylers, IMaillard's and Belle Mead Sweets
Page& Shaw
Mi lb. .
1 lb. ....
1 lb., nut
lbs. .
. r. 65c
. $1.25
, . $1.25
'. $2.50
. $3.75
. $6.00
J$ Xmas
1, U, lb.
1 ib.
2 lbs.
ffijjb 3 lbs.
JtmJS 5 lbs.
. . . 50c and 65c
$1.00 and $1.25
......... S2.00
.... S3.00
I I RooVs
, A A' ' ' - A; .
Let us pack for mailing Candy that you are going to send out of town.
.' ' . There is no charge for this service. -
the Store with f ile Stock
Dr. Charles Bradley Doane died Sun
day at the Massachusetts General hos
pital in Boston following an operation for
cancer. . Dr. Doane was a graduate of
the Lnivcrsity of Vermont and had prac
ticed in Jamaica and in Springtield. lie
moved from Springfield to Allston, Mass;,
where he was making his home at the
time of his death.
The Bellows - Fall Woman's club held
a Ciiristmas party at the club rooms Tues
day afternoon at which about 73 school
children wer entertained. A short mu
sical program was given by the children.
led by Miss Alice Jackson, instructor of
music in the public scnoois, alter wnicn
refreshments were nerved. Santa Clans
distributed candy to the kiddies. 1
J. (I. Sargent of Ludlow, chairman of
the Vermont Bar associat ion's comrpittee
on professional conduct, ami four m um
bers. C. D. Watson of St. Albans. B.-lK.
Healey of Bennington. S. 11. Jackson; of
Barre, and F. L. Laird of Montpelier, met
in Montpelier Tuesday evening. The
committee has among other powers tnat
of inquiring into matters leading to dis
barment proceedings. No statement wa
given out by members-of the committee,
but as the meeting of the association
comes next nonth it is thought that pp
cial business was under consideration.
A report received by the enmmi-iSM.'ter
of Industrie rom the - Woodstock Kiee
trie company gives the account of a pe
culiar injury by electric current, which
was recently, "sustained by Mrs. Clarence
Washburn of Taftuville. High tension
electric wjres oufsiife the Washburn resi
lience broke and ' fell across telephone
wires leading into; the house. The cur
rent followed the telephone wire to where
it was grounded on a sewer pipe in the
cellar. .Mrs. Washburn was standing
at the kitchen sink with a wash basin in
one hand and the other hand resting on
the water faucet. She received the cur
rent from the pipe through her arm and
the palms of both Lands were severely
burned. ,
A : A' .- i A
4. 4... m.
A A 1 ' A
k fk
wall with revolvers, and sr
rom tLeafe. f , 4
ftice -liPy; fharb?s Davis, re- el
m' ffn t-frand, saw the holdup
Nf.510 Office Boy Ctels One Bobber of
... Fmployers Office Four Escape.
1 NEW VOBK, Dee. 2-V-One automo-
bile bandit was slain and o seeoud se-
ritnisly wounded in a pistol i:lit after k
an attempt. lAte yesterday t loot the
jothees or a real eutate tirm in V et C-M
street xienr! Broadway.-! Four others e-
The lamliU, finding Mr. Iary .Stock-in-ier,
apartment HCHtinj siierinteiKientt
lllfiftl ill tlA rkulttr rkHiftAi liol.l lirtr
ugmiisL w-au wiin revolvers, ana
took jroi
A colored
1 Iii oiicIl witidow ' nriM-nrpi. his nUtnl
in n nearbfv room.' and wbetv tie bandit
f merged openel fire.' One fell ead, shot
througU, the .heart. Betwrning the tire,
the others jumped into their taxi, and
sped west.
A policeman fired at the car as it
turned down West -end avenue, and an
other bhievoat Waved, awav a bl k fur
ther south, the bullet, shattering the jaw
of the driver, whose name was given by
the police as John Little, He drove on
for six' Mocks, and then, weakened bv
los of blood, lost control and the car
smashed into the curb. Little's four
companions esce-el. He refused to give
their names when taken to a hosmtal..
t.htv largest and most complete line of Phonographs to be seen m
m under one roof for many miles. As several-have expressed it: They did not g
m suppose there were as many Phonographs in Brattleboro as we have dis-
1 played.
We sell the following well-known makes:
They Are
.4-' is-? ..-.
Open Evenings Until 9 o'clock Until Christmas
A Spanish " lady
street alone.
rarely goes into the
The Weldon Hotel at f.reenfield, Mass., V
will serve n special Christmas dinner on
Mondny, December UHtb. from 12.00 -m.
to .1.00 p. in. ' Bring your friends and
enjoy the Christmas holiday at the Wei-
don. '
New Year's Eve
j ' - !
The annual New Year's Eve good time J"
dinner dance will be held at the Wei- P
don Hotel Saturday evening, December
.'Ust, from 7.(H) to 12.00 p. m. Music by
Dolan's famous dance orchestra of
Springfield. Souvenirs of the occasion. V
noise makers, and a general good time '
for everybody. Dinner starts promptly nt (s
7.00 p. ra. Reservations for tables should
be made in advance. Address Mr. J.
Tennyson Seller, Manager. fj
Tonight and tomor
row left to buy that
present Come here
You'H save time
and get what you
Initial Belts, Cuff Links,
Combination , Sets. Ties,
Scarfs, silk &nd wrjolen ;
Stockings, silk, cashmere,
woolen, lisle; Golf Hose,
Gloves, dress, Saranac Buck,
woolen; 'all in attractive
Christmas boxes; Bathrobes,
Sweaters, Shirts, Pajamas,
Mackinaw s, Sheep-lined
Coats, Has, Caps, Helmets
Toques.. ' : .
., 4 . 't -..
Co., Inc.
':. In every department ,qi the store we find that there are
small lots of ssonable.nierchandise bought especially for the'
Chnstmas season.
Rather thaq pack them away and carry hem oyer to sell
next year, we haye , decided to put them on sale tomorrow at
such low prices that they will all be sold before closing time
Saturday night. f ; .
Make Your Final Selections Here
Final Reductions On Gifts
, for Women !
Final Reductions On Gifts
for Men
Women's Initial Handkerchief and! Men's $1.00 Four-in-Hand Tiest m
also Fancy Handkerciiiefs iril - all colors.
twp lots at HALF PRICE):-' terns and plain colors IV, . 25
Two Lots of Box Stationery at near-! aic ci o-nrfli tt
'- ly half price, i . , 3959i box I Me 8 WoolHwm feather
. -r . I " mixtures, with or without clocks.
Another Lot of $1.00 Stationery, ing A11 new stock. All sizes. . $1.00
large boxes, at .... ... 75 box g : . ... w
25c Talcum Powder, three kinds, "V.! 00 Pure Sil1 in blaj"
, : Now 15 eachl cordovan, gray and nav'. All
Lot lary Garden Talcum Powder, j sizes ... . . . .-. . . . . , . , . .'. 75
-T,0c Glebeas Perfumes, htM and Bath Robes, in
251 blue, brown and green patterns.
Best 5Qc Toilet Water, big assort-i Roll collar,; V-neck: Three pock-
mentv.w.i.;.,....... 39 ets. All; sizes . : . . .. .. ,li . S4.50
Other Toilet Waters and PeffumesJ Men's $12.00 Bath Robes, in' blue,
r Roll collar, V-neck. Three pock-ets.-All
sizes r .x V: . i . 8.50
Glen's $2.00 Pure Silk Four-in-Hand
Ties, in dots, checks,- stripes; allt
over patterns and plain 'colors, i .
"r'' .' A ?1.50
1 Glen's $1.00 Wool Hose, in . 4several
shades ' of heathers Warm . and
up to $1.50. Now HALF PRICE.
New. Lot Women's Umbrellas This
,lot of fine silk Umbrellas came to
us too late for Christmas trade, j
$7.50 assortment. ' 1
Choice Saturday at $5.00 eachf
Finel Reductions "on Christmas Jew-1
elry. j
One Lot Fancy Pins, gold front,
One Lot 75c Chains and Pendants j Men's 35c Initial Handkerchiefs with
V Now, 50 fancy stripe -border; ; .4. ;V 25
Lot 50c apd 73c Fancy Pins Men's $850 and $10.00 Bath Robes,
cti.rA.-A r Tj xrw; nS m red; blue; 'green and black
oc Silvente Bar .Pins. ... Now 50 patterns. ; Roll collar, V-neck.
$1.00 Silverite Bar Pins. . Now 751 . : Two pockets. All sizes. .. $5.98
$1.25 Silverite Bar Pins. . Now 95! Men's $15.00 Bath Robes, in green
$1.50 Silverite Bar Pins, Now 1.19 1
All Our $2.00 Bead Neckiace, - ' ' I
A A Now $1,251
All Our $2.25 Bead Necklace, i 1
A '--:-y.Ar:-' t; NowSl.501
All Our $2.98 Bead Necklace,
Now $1.98?
Final Sale of Ivory All our Ivory J
sets, also all separate ivory f
pieces, to close at less than cost. I t
wnwiuinHmtHraMmiiwn;m;;afl:nnffliii!a:iiisffl: BoyS 50C Four ln.Hand TieS, 1U plain
- coiors. jn arrow vwiatn. . . i .
' - - j r
gray and blue patterns and mix
tures. .Roll collar. Three pockets.
1 All sizes A AAi AAti : . $10.00
I :ii:;;aiiHi;i!::1!ii;.'i!::::i!jni:(:!i:i!!!!::K;bii;:!:H!irf3ni!i:eii;
c : s ; ', ' , , -:j .
I Final Reductions On Gifts
for Boys
Final Reductions On Gifts
for Children
. f . - ? .-. . - "v w -
- - ' ' - : . - f i ; s v
Women's $7.10 Beacon Blanket
Boys' 50c Black Ribbed Hose, good
quality. For school or play wear.
. Sizes Gio.to,". ; . ... r. :V. 15
. . . ... -. . ... - t-
Boys' A $5.00 Bath Robes of blue,
f i ' r tZlr J : brown, .green and red, in fancy
terial, figured Patterns, ' fixtures and Indian Idesignl.
T ''ff Two pockets .... . $3.98
One Lot of Women's $3.00 Scarfs, mi . , 1 , -
a' good assortment of colors, ; i f Boys$1.00: Blouses, Jn light ' stripe
patterns. Breast' pocket." t All
oi rr rcv K
For Saturday Only $1.50
Games The balance of :our Games I
- at a discount of 20 percent, ; '
For Saturday Only j
Dolls-Many different kinds . and
styles of Dolls, including dressed i
and undressed, sleeping and talk- Boys' $6.00 Bath Robes, in Indian de-
Boys'' 75c Leather Dress Gloves,
fleece-lined. .;. Snap at the .wrist.
Excellent quality ...... . . 49
ine dolls. Choice of our entire!
stock at 20 per cent discount, '
" For Saturday Only
signs and fancy mixtures of blue,
brown, green and red. Two' pock
ets . $4.98
H H H SSESIsl a la a
' - . -. u ... . . ,-r.rwroT-Ti';,--;--
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