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Dr. D enton Soft-Kriit
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St. Albans. Vermont
L 2eeJJj
Possibly Sales Tax Will He InausuVateu
to Pay PolitiVal I.ait to Soldiers More
Ilomis May Be Demanded ; t Next
Flection. ' , v "
(Special Dispatcli to The Kefonucr.)
Copyright l!r'2. '
WASIIIXtJTOX. Jan. 10.-A 11 i(H.i
that the AnTerican stddiers will he paid
a nouns out or the proceeds ot the alli'i
war debt may he abandoned.
TheYn--vi!l he a biUius paid, however.
It will be raised by direct taxation.
President-" Ilardinif annnuuees that he
favors the enaetnient of a bonus law nnd
that, he will. 'npt" oppose a sales tax as
the metluxl of raising the mnnev. Whe-
sentiment will approve an
imp)"sitio!i is quite "another
Republicans believe it Is es
success in the full elections
put the measure thfouh-and
to do so within tlie next few
doov.wmm (im busv:) 'whvoontjt ; (vnwiwa.khm
i.. ' V
77" f02t QUESTION 56S VOu DO IT. C GOOb i!
i "v l O"? OWN MV5E LF t- f
. ' "j oi
tiler public
other tax
matter but
sential to
that they
they plan
Practical obstacles have arisen to pre
vent the linking up of the bonus with the
proceeds of the allied war debt. .One is
the fact that the original Liberty loan
acts provide that any payments made on
the principal of the money lent to for
eign governments shall be placed to the
payment of Liberty loan bonds and inter
est thereon. If the plans which have
been discussed for the last 'week to col
lect interest on the foreoifrn debt and
pay it to the soldiers were to go through.
it would mean the repeal of that pro-'
vision for the Liberty loan act of Sep-j
tember, 1017. anil would compel the fed
eral government to keep on taxing the'
American people not merely to collect
. I : . . . 1 : i . ' i. i i
i ne Miieresi on uie l.ioei ij worms uui
tlu principal as .well.
Would Have to Keep Borrowing.
As matters stand now. the government j
here must annually provide about .S!7..-,
0OO.(MM to pay Liberty bond holders the
interest that is due them. AVhere is that'
money seeurcil .' lsy the income lax. cor
poration fix. and ;nll the other levies of
the u'w revenue act. Relief from this'
immense burden one-fourth of the an-j
Dual budget lias been expected to comet
eventually from the payments by foreign!
governments of the interest and princi-j
pal of their war 'debt. If. instead, the!
soldiers get it. this means that llie gov-
eminent would have to keep on borrow
ing from the American ieople bv regular
bond issues and would not be able to re-
dnee the tax burden for a "genrratinu at
l.ilHM'ty bonus ami ictory lonls now
adays are around par and the govern
ment is gratified that they have returned
to- normal value, but fears are enter-
RICIJMOM. Intl., .Ian. 10. On
the background of an experience of
more than J.11 veurs, during which
the (Junker church has relied upon
''silent waiting before (.oil" as the
source of spiritual discernment', its
members, known, as the Friends, to
day still believe in the power of si
lence. Walter I'. Woodward, ueueral
secretary of tie- Five Years Meeting
of Frieiids in Ameri'-a and editor of
the America u Fj iend. in a statement
issued here todav said this reliuioiis
group still Im'Iicvcs that the world
may be puriiieJ and strengthened
through the power of a liv'ing si
lence, j
"From the constant cla-h and
confusion whiih. distract it." he
said, the world must retire to the
inner chamber of tlw nnseen realitv
of the soirit, if peace ami gotxl-will
are to become regnant.
"The world is .now .stirred as
never before with .aspirations for
world brotherhood.- To become fruit
ful, these aspirations must be based
upon the will to peace. The attain
ment of this -will is primarily a spir
itual, rat Iter than art intellectual
process. U must come through spir
iiiut'. communion with Find, and
throiieh Mini with man. the brother.
Herein lies the power of silence,
through which we niav become in
tune with the infinite."
Sizes 0, 1, 2. . . . ; Regular price $o.are
Sizes ,3, 4, 5. . . . . V Regular price are ,95 .
Sizes 6, 7. . . . . . . . Regular price $1.50- are $1;20
These are style C-15 with drop seats'.
1 09 Main St. Butterick Agency . , Thone 694
Schenie of Relief to Be Discussed at
tional Agricultural t onferem-e.
WASllINFi'lON. .Ian. 10. ln.sura-
of crops as a method of stabilizing prices
of farm products is' expected to be one of
many suggestion- put forward at the na
tional agricultural. conference which opens
here Jan. '?'. for iiu-Iusinn in a permanent
tuim! tlt-ii if tl)t ltiu-ritiw fK thn nllicd
. . ... . , ...If...
war debts- are somehow made pnvable o.mou.h nim
to the soldiers as a bonus, the Libert v' niscuss,o witi.m th- eonferen.e wou.d
bonds held bv so manv millions of small expect.nl to (ev4p whether the pro
invetors will be advcrsclv affected and l"nents would recommend that the msiir
the resultant impression on the elector- ance be carried by the farmers co-j. perfl
ate so far as the fall elections arc con- tivcly. by private companies, or thn.ugh
cerned is to be taken into consideration government aid. .
bv the administration as a possible Hail insurance has already been tried
l,oonier.iii!r. There are somethinsr like hy tobncc,- growers ami storm insurance
10.(NMI.(M)0 bondholders. There are is in force in some sections of
4.S(V.(H soldiers and many of them hold but for the first time experts
bonds, too. I see the question presented for
1 he tendency therefore will 1 to ster ( a rice aga inst all enq
clear of the allied war debt and timli
some other means t raising the lionus.l
The sales tax has executive sympathy.!
though not full approval vet. because it'
Commercial Ships to Capture
Trade Also Working for i
Of her Nations.
KIEL. (Jermany, Jan. 1(5. The ma
chine guns of peace, -pneumatic riveters,
are rattliug day ,and night in the former
war-, luvj bor of Kiel, w here a score of
large, commercial Uips,are under con
structnwm the-. majority of them for use
in the Campaign Germany, is waging for
control of the maritime commerce of
t lie world.
All of the treat shipyard- are active.
but not all of them are working toward)
increasing, the Cernian commercial fleet.
Scores of Scandinavian, Dutch and Kng
lish ships are docked here, undergoing
repairs or being remodelled. The cost
to the foreigners is negligible, and the
Germans are willing to work.
The mouth of the Kaiser Wilhelm ca
nal is congested with the traffic that is
cutting through from the North f,o the
Baliie sea. It -is ui-on this traffic that
Kiel hopes to build its commercial fu
ture: this and the hipment of cargoes
to the north, when commerce with Rus
sia flourishes again. '
Laborer, at Kiel are paid 4(H to .U0
marks (fer week, and skilled labor runs
in some cases to 1..T0O marks .a week, for
an ei-.-iit -hotir d:t v. The unions are
strong and have forced the payment of
time and a half for overtime. 'The cost
of livimr is low.
The Krunp works are the busiest, and
flu'o Stinnees. Germany "s chief indus
trialist, is the best natron. He built
freighters and tankers ont of former
l.'-.boat . Two of these recently made
round trip t o.lrxkw. W.rS"U!j..tUV..iV'Ji
without accident.
01 i:kr
. -
Chinese .Methods Differ From Those I
of the West.
O not wait until you have accumu
lated a large amount of money
before investing.
Our service to investors is hot f
...... i.
measured by the amount of the invest- i
ment. i
Your inquiries will receive our -prompt
'f .vu;iii .. .'iv i; i i .j i
ThSne 55
Room 1 , American Building
to be
the West,
expect to
an insur-
;ri:kn motntaix cli it mkkts.
means the inaugural ion of a new system
of taxation which its advocates insist
will eventually make it possible to do
away with the present levies of the
revenue act. especially on eorjKiratious.
iand give the government practically all
-the revenue desired for the Annual bud
get. Some of the champions of the sales
tax are so ardently in favor of it that
they really welcome the soldier bonus ns
a way to demonstrate the practicability
of this new method of taxation.
Means Added T;i Rurden.
j Some of these, however, who have
nothing to do with the re-election
troubles of members of congress, point
out thaf. whatever name it may 1x
called sales ' tax or anything else it
means an added tax burden to Atuerican
business and that the real danger in the
soldier hoims it that what appears to
be a single expenditure of $1.MMI.HH.-
(HM) now may easily become a triennial
or a quadrennial affair, dependent upon
American inlitical contests, anil that the
the grant of a Imiiius now will establish
an important precedent for the future
The American government lias been pay
ing an average of rvUTo.fHMMiOO during
the last four years to Civil war veter
ans and the fact that the United States
has paid pensions to the soldiers of other
wars will be seized upon, it is predicted
as a justification for making the soldier
bonus si permanent source of income, es
pecially if the sales tax is once imposed
and the money appears to be easy of col
lection from that source.
Treasury officials say that no matter
what the title or form of taxation, the
new sums must come out of the pockets
of the American taxpayers as a whole.
It is beginning to look as if the issue of
the next congressional campaign will be
a postponed reconstruction with a bonus
to thos. who made sacrifices during the
war or an uarly reconstruction with
promises of increased prosperity to sol
diers as well as civilians.
Knjoys Feast in Mountains Kast of Rut
land Snow Three I Vet Deep.
RUTLAND. Jan. KiThe w.nter
meeting of the Green Mountain Club,
Inc.. which (.pened Saturday with a busi
ness session, including a dinner Saturday
evening, ended yesterday with a sleighride
and hike into the mountains cast of this
city, the party of 11 visiting Sherburne
Pass and Deers Leap. Dinner was eaten
in t h" woods.
The snow averaged about three feet on
the level through much of the territory
covered. Willis M. Ross of this city
acted as chef. A big barge and a three
seated sleigh carried the party from this
city. Sections f the Long Trail were
crossed by the hikers. The visiting mem
bers of the club left on evening trains
is simply placed
bench and held
passes round the
which has
pieces, j
1 1 be
Old Copies to be Sold.
a ml
a rtists
of he
pies of the mastcrpicees of the
e oy unknown or struggling
long stored in the basement
museum are to be sold.
Most of the copies have been in stor
age for more than thirty years, almndoned
and forgot ton by those who painted them.
Some tell stories of ambitious beginnings
and discouraged endings. Many - copies
are but half finished, while stiil others
are but dabs of paint.
Many American names appear in the
corners of these pictures of students who
have long since left Paris.
I A majority of the names are impossible
jto read, but a few have been discovered
of men and women recognized in the
world of art today. For obvious reason
the youthful efforts of these are not to
be exposed with the names apparent.
The lovers of art have beet! invited
to come and see these unique picture
and to buy them at their own prices so
that tile .basement jiay be cleared for
another hatch of abandoned efforts.
New York livening Post.
Wc Always Carry a
Complete Stock of
Poultry Feeds
One Quality Only The Best
One Golfer .Makes Good.
The young 1 golfer., a "hopeless nu.K ice.
possessed good intentions. His first" job
after joining-a golf club was not to sludy
the game,; lnt to' study the club rtiies,
lie was a sfjklcr for obedience.' .1 , i
lie went riujwcl the course alone at iif . 1
having r.o ''desire tti worry his' friends!
with hisrftf play. Wlien , at last ) hey ,
saw him returning they were mrpihscd I
newcomer to uin.i can urui
interested in watching the work that
(n in a carpenter's shop. The
methods nre s. different from those to
which we are accustomed, and at the
win'o time so simnle.iiml liraetical.
I t . i. ti,..i... i,,,ti,;n.r ;.. ii,,.
nature of a damp or vise for holding
down the piece f wood that is being
worKeu upon.
If it is quite small it
against a stop on the
firm by a string which
carpenter's foot.
l'r.r larger and mort
such as a n old beam
stood on end for sawing into planks the
carpenter will rig up some impossible
Health-Robinson arrangement of levers,
weights and ropes which fullills' its pur
p.,se surprisingly well.
Circular or band saws are almost un
known lalor is far too heap and it
is n common sight to see huge logs being j
nride into planks, by two men. This is.
done by leaning them in a sloping position,
against a rough trestle, one end resting
on the grnund. One man stands balanced
on the log nnd the other staml or sits
on the ground uuderneatl). ' while both
(Work it long snw up and down between:
The moo j'-ang. as the carpenter is
trailed, is very skillful with a form of
tool which may best be described as n (
! cross between it Luropoau hatchet and
a pickax. It has a sharp cutting edge
perhaps f.air or five inches long as in
the former case, but the edge of the
j blade is at right angles to a long .handle
as in the latter. ' '
i The man will stand on the piece of
,wocl he is shaping and use the t ol in
"much the same way as a navvy uses u ,
pickax, swinging it so as to strike into'
the wood a few inches jn front of his fo-.f.
It is a terrible business to watch, for
it. seems as if sooner or later he must in
evitably make a slight misjudgieent and
cut .off his toes. Hut he never l 's. . ( )uit e
intricate shapes, such as the paddles for a
boat, are made in this manner.
The Chinese device for making holes
is a drill, consisting of a steel bit mount
ed in the end of a wooden rod about a
foot long, at the top of which is a pivoted
socket for pressing the drill down into
the wood by hantl. - I
i Two strings are wound round the rod
in opposite directions, one from the "top
and the other from the bottom, and
these are attached to the ends of a stick
i which crosses the drill at right angles.
I I y working this stick to and fro acioss
I the drill after the manner of a violin
bow one of the strings; is unwound., thus
rotating the drill, while the other is
wound in), and the bit is made to turn
rapidly first ijj one direction and then in
t he other. London Iailv Mail !
in Price of
Light Four
i ouay
Today's Heauty Talk.
to find (hat' lie was w heeling ji
.liarrnw. 1 J "
"What on earth hav
they asked.
"Turf." replied the novice,
ing to replace it." Pittsburg
big whcel-
you got there''1"
"I'm go-Chroniele-
''elv VlO'k WfUUMll s:i s I lttii-jk iiund
'Parisian sage two weeks, and my hair has
.'wonderfully increased in beauty, seems
much heavier, "and is entirely free of
dandruff. We guarantee it. Root's
Pharmacy. Advertisement.
Crosby Grain Store
Godfrey Crosby, Prop.
Rear of Harmony Block
Tel.' 135
small boy. overheard their
say : "If tuberculous people
l-.eir children are always tu-
Iwrri'Jur.s." 'Later. Ih-;.. tln nursery:
'Nanny. 1 lien r I mother telling Miss
llnmiif thai if two" buflars marry.
not her
heir children
s thai trueV
tx aljvnyst two burglars.
LomloU Tit-Bits.
' "For' chapped hands and. cracked fingers
use Victory -(Veaim --!;; --Root's PJiar-
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative P.ROMO QIJIXIXK tab
lets. The genuine bears the signature of
K. W. Grove. (P.e sure you gft BROMO.)
oOc. Advertisement. - . "
' F. O. B.
' -
- . , ...;-.v;iv
$200 cheaper than in 1 921 for a hew
and better car, equipped with-cord itires y
genuine leather upholstery ' and thirty
other quality features '
and let us tell you about this wonderful car
Haskell Garage, Inc. -.
FLAT 'ST. ; '
:'! :n;.;i o .; . . i; , , i!
::: 7- . tel? B35: '

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