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The Brattleboro daily reformer. (Brattleboro, Vt.) 1913-1955, January 30, 1922, EARLY MAIL EDITION, Image 3

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Congress -; Determined to
I Pass Bonus Bill to Catch
Soldier Vote
Wluii Establrsheds It ; Is. IJfeely J(r (-
) main IWaM :f3.T?'IMIl 'f&?r.,:
Ifiaill oil . 1 4,K,nur jr .: wtip it. t,-"
!ar S4ttrV' ' iW'sWnt Tliaii J I-aUflr.
(Spw-iiil Dispatch to 'Hie IMoin'fJf
' Copyright 1! . - i ; 'y f
1 WASHINGTON. Jan. :;0. Congress, is
i-torminV(r -to' enaot. a loinis IVil.L ,;Th'
situation is truly alarming ifor no oiii:
prehonsive plan has yet Iweu oflVri'd by
anylKtdy whereby tho funds can lu raised
without adding to the ost of living and
the already numerous burdens under
which American business is struggling.
Senator McCumber, chairman of the
iiuancp oimnittee. favors a sales tax -for
the first year and expects the bonus t;
be financed, during the second year out
of the proceeds of the payments of inter
est by the allies on the war debt. Chair
man Kordney of the house ways , and
means committee -has nxre or less the
same idea.
The truth of the matter is noUody be
lieves anv money ' will be fort hcmiiing
from the-allies during tne::x.Vond. year.
and members of congress know ivertectiy
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Sheets and Pillow Cases
hi consress. I ncJ emowats are
the Kep'uhlicotism by openly advocating
a bonus and by, .advocating a direct ap
propriation' from the treasury aiidthe
sale of 'bonds. The Democrat" know this
will. only. ciebnrrnV-s Secretary - Mellon's
refunding plaits ian'd4 'jnirkc itharder for
the jjoWfiinTer -trt iV' treasury' certifi
cates -wherelii- bi Minis 'sxr being" -borrowed
now at rftHjjimab;-' rairt1 of;intei st
to T);r flu- yiiefiiry fiionds 'jvv&ich; ; -me
iLu'e- in lhc 'next few "yea 'WS' V J f in '
oms" 'have t Je.,floatedv Jpfest . rates
will tend to -;' ujV and this r will Uilso
ffect 'buimessl openrtjjns "and.. retard ttia
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Kansas Stands Highest In Nalional, and
Tennsjivaiiia In Sfalp Or-' ' ' '": "
ganizations; ' .
TOPEKA. Jan. :50. llembershin in!
state ami ' national teachers association
has arow n bv leais and lounds in the
la-il tour Years jliroiijiront the United;
Ntiites. In a coiupilution issued by the
SaLion:iJ Kdueation association. Kansas
it .1 . 1 I . I lilt 1 . . r f- JLv II. . . I . . . ...
well tnni oy raw any prtn--vo im.vs oi inirriMnv " c?niiii"jnj- innnrim i,, n.,.n tlie bi 'hest rating' in cr capita
allies must. go .toward paying itu-pnncj- a 'y0sn- 'uj,. jTtft tin-Democrats arc f,. membership Kor everv iMp'ulr-
il and interest- on liberty Immi.is. i.ui m pawei' 1 hv, jre not. ctiarged witii 'Utc ion . the Kansas State Teachers as-
t lie guhsiir is "That .U-tm-:in
if.ild tluit a' sAles tax
for mib out year the new. burden will ne
easier to impose. "Then 'when the sales
tax is .working and the people have gotten
accustomed to tin' sales tax and it beeomes
evident that no money can be expert el
from the allies a simple resolution ex
tending the sales tax indefinitely would
be adnpted.
lav iil Articles.
The sales would lie imposed on al.ut
14 article- im-luding clothing, foodstuffs
and manufaetured prodnets. It will be
paid at t'ie s..ni'C-e-by Hie liiamifaet urer
(,r protlucer and the eousumer wilMfecl it
iu increases! prices fur llie ne'eities of
Jife. Thus the soldier who gels the bonus
will be able to buy much ' less for- hi
money than be can now without the
American peoples. resMinsUiiiity 4f t ho moment' ami as usu'al'
is to be enact hI vill lie "a "minority party. Tlht offer un
workable Jttan knowing ftill weH that
ther4 isn'ta icb4ncci iVf seeing ' thi ac-"
ceiitsl. It's a gWwl deal" like the tilfuation
that exists 'w hoif'ti tariff bill' is Hif the
Kepublicans or lemocrats prop6se -inas-'
ures which site sure of a presidential -veto
and they then go oiU fo the electorate and
blame the party,; in power for Vih-jHictiii
necessary legisbiMou. "l " 1 ' " '
I 'ears" Soldier Vote. '
Congress is jii flie moment afraid .of
the soldier vole. It's larger and consid
ered more influential .than the Labor, vole
of 011 .ol!iirt so" formidable has arisen
except possibly tin- agricultural vote..
And there si-cms to-be nome kind of an
understanding between the agricultural
bloc and the friends of. the bonus. The
! revival of bomus. agitation comes with the
lb.it this is a
"resmen think tile soiOif
irrespective rtwhet her it is
economies. Representative
accession of Senator McCumrwr of North
Dakota 'fls; chafrmah of the finance com
mittee, rresiileiif Harding had to go to
congress hc-t-iSiimmer to squelch Me
Cumhyr's revolt from the -party program,
and the big ciuestion now is whether the
l'rt-sident will stick by he position of his
treasury or wjierher he will surrender his.
convictions- to a . political congress. It
will be the turoing piiint of his adminis
tration. He las told callers that until
way-ofire provided to- raise the money he
will -not sign a: bonus- bill. The ways are"
being priviUtit-raddittonal taxation' "di
rectly iijmiu il ivBsumer. Talk of a
jiresidential veto prow., trtt tiiiv. jrera,
many Ihi Ihiiik the ' l'residenl will' liow
l congress up iwlievc be will oH'er success
ful resistaiK-e." , . '
Ship as Aviators With Ainandson Kx
' liedition n To I'se Airplanes for
Final Dash. 1
Two Xorweifth
(mulal anil Scrse
i-ompanv Roald
r ami con-
want cash
good or bad
Frear of
Wisconsin, a Republican ways and means
committee " member, how e cr, has- spoken
i)ohlly what many Republican" them
selves know, namely, that a sales tax may
vV'ev the entire "Republican paifv" out of
poWer nr the next congress. 1 lie wiser
ones are already scared ior tney nave
lu anl of the disconteitt of - the country
t hat 'congress didn't ''rcdm c existing taxes
sufficiently, and now to mt 101 more taxes
To furnish money for a soUlier Ixmus
"ftOutd'bc th btii,rd ; m'eui higher .the fnperal
i. .... . " " - . i,'- -n i - . -.,;n.-.
.McCiunber Claims Kxaggeiaifion.
Senator McCumber answers-most of the
criticisms liy saying the estimates as to
what tle lxHins would ist are grossly
exaggerated and that it wouldn't cost the
country more than S.T.O.iHMi.iMMl to
.S4UM0,n(M the tirst year.
Secretary Mellon, however, has done a
!t of close liguring and has made enough
! muuiries as to the psychology of the re-
turned soldier to know that out of the
i various forms of soldiers aid from grants
j of land, vocational training, paid-up in
surance certificates .payable at death, and
'cash bonuses of Soil every three months,
' t he" average soldier will take the cash.
.It is .argued, of course, that if everybody
took cash tin total government expense
: would be less than under any other plan
for the whole thing would be over wilh
sooner and the big administrative ex
penses in vocational training and land aid i
would be reduced to a minimum. l'ut
.while this may mean a smaller total pay
ment it means a much more difficult one
to finance, for, the " whole burden
come at the start and tins is just tlie j Spitsbergen ami to
time when . tiie treasury cannot stand ; from the Norwegian
any more strain. . .Mr. .Mellon estimates 1 Stavauger.
that the cash bonus plan will cost
...imi. iMHMHHt and . that the first year
would require at least .$sr,0.(MM).(MMI. One
of the treasury officials who makes it hi
business to furnish statistics on every
kind of tax has said that the soldier Itonns
will tax every eight -persons to pay the
b oms of a single soldier, i
Soldiers Will Have to Pay.
I'.ut there's still another" effect which
the treasury hasn't 'emphasized hut
which students of government finance
know to be true the soldiers themselves
will have to pay the-bomis through indi
rect or direct taxation and the consequent
effect on tht'ir-own business opportunities
will be considerable. Jir in tintes of
business depression they suffer like t(ie
rest. , ' ' -'
The treasury is afraid of the bonus
afraid tins tT if will react so unfavorably
on, business ns to cause n greater jhrink
age'irr tax rif-eipts than is apparent iit
present and that -entirely aside- from the'
necessity ,oi keeping ii 'sales tax for pay
ments on the soldier bonus more reve
nue will have to be collet fer to make up
1 deficiencies in oiher parts of the revenue
iw-- -i:. -:-t- ."' '
" Doiuo'rrats . nW; iviu'ik. ' : .. "'
The Democrats. jfi icniigress are-for a
bonus, too. : .Tliey ,;e , praying that the
Jicpuniicans w up enact , the , sales tax.
for ,they . proclaim it enthusiastically
inc jisi way iney Know t to regaiivjiowAr.
: tion.
sc-mtion - lias i..I menilK'rs or l;5,
:l out - of h state population of
lj7ja)(257... MemlKTship of the Kansas
State, Teachers assoiatkjn has more
than, doubled in four years. Jn
tjiCflast lour years the National Kduea
tion. association has grown from 4S,Slt,
to -S.1,r21 iticmlM'rs. the report says:
Xcarc.-f apfij'oucliiiig Kansas in this
respect is Cidoradji with a percentage -of
r;!; Maine, ,1.S-,, Iowa. tiJ.S; 'North Da
kola, oI.-J; begoq, ;;).!.'; Oklahoma. iVi.l.
Florida 4th with a Hrcentage of 5.1.
A' number of slate asxH-kitions h;ive
show n phenomcn:'. growth." The largest.
assK-iiftfcm ' in 'membershi" is that of
IVnnsylvauia fd.MH). In fOis. it l,n,l
but 1S,T'i;. Illinois, second has grown
from lT.'-'ld to -Hi 'i-2-2 in four vears; Ohio
liojn 7vVhi to 17,1H; Iowa", from 10.077
In l",hi:i; ' Texas, from 2,940 to lt.fkHI;
Oklahoma, from 3,K)0 to lJ,).-.; Michi
gan, from 2,so:j ot l.l.fi.io,- bissahtisctts.
from r,MM to :.'K Colorado, '-2.'2 V) to
(.D: Arkansas, .'.."iilf) to 8,7.70.
New Vork, the largest state in. popu
lation, with a teachers association of l. -JfV
tnember: has a per capita rank
(er lo.lHH) of H.rt ranking. 41t jiniong
the states. ...
In some parts of rural Kngland, t here is
a superstition that reading the eighth
Csalni over the heads of infants three
times three days in the week, for three
consecutive weeks, will prevent the babies
ir..ni riecoiiiin'" jll. ... !
'I n i .i
Norway, .Ian. 'AO.
avhitrirs. Lieutenant
ml dd Dahl. will ar
Amuiidsen when he
f.... i, '
starts noit h' uga in from Seattle,
m-Nt May ami will make a da-h
North I'ole by' airplane.
They will carry a moving ' pict nre out
fit and about rjU.oAd feet of film. Two
extra men have "been engaged here by
"AniundM'ii for the expedition.
Roth Omdal and Da hi are expert-wireless
oncrators and cxitert to keen the
would i Maud. Amundsen's shin in touch with
receive rnessuges
wireless station at.
The two aviator, will join the Maud
at Seattle. The airplanes to be used in
the North Pole 'dash will have motors of
Ob horse-power, accommodate two pass
engers and K piovided with skis 'and
wheels. .
Only one machine will be Used at a
time and the other held in reserve. As
the Maud does not offer suUieicnt space,
a shed must ,le built on the ice for them.
The Norwegian army and navy have
presented to. Hie explorers . arms .and,
munitions they may need and 00 boxen
of specially selected provisions, tested
by Professor Torup of the physiological
jalmratory nf the ("tiiveisity of ' Christ-'
iania. will be sent to Seattle for their
use. . i ' . .. -
'" " " "' i
For. Gold on the Chest
Musterole is easy to apply and it
does not tdistef like the old-fashioned
mustard plaster.
. Master oie is a clean, white ointment,
made with oil of mustard. Simply mas
sage it in gently with the finger tips.
You will be delighted to see how quickly
it brings relief. . V' ' ' ' - '
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35 & 65c, jars fit tubes; hospital size, $3.
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The Vermont Loan and Trust Company is an Investment banking company,
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security, without the loss of a single dollar to any investor. It has over seven
mfllion dollars of outstanding business, representing a good will, the value of
which it would be difficult to estimate. -
The Company is also fortunate in its representation as farm mortgage cor
respondent of the Prudential Insurance Company, of Newark, N: J. This
connection has proven, a very satisfactory and profitable one. As a further
mark of confidence, in the Company and its officers, the Insurance Company
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million dollars of additional business already developed, which will increase
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From a small beginning thirty-five .years ago, the Vermont Loan and Trust
Company has grown into one of the- largest fa mt mortgage banks in' th
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Gives Compositor Time for Better Display
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' .TACKSOXVII.TJV Flat,- Jan. .",(. '
IVtlcial. prohibition officials here inter
ested in Iliinini, ' the mihiII British .is
land 40 miles eitst of Miami which1 since
the ontlawiiifj ' of John Barleycorn by
the I 'nitcjl, States has become a jnccca
ttVr thovo '. whose j( hirst was iitqnnclictl
by the-ls;tli auwulmcnt and'vhich also
Is" said to be t lie 'soiirt 0 of 'ruuHi of the
Ikiuor smusfrUMl' infrt.l his ountry.i have
asccrtaincl t bnt Bimini wasjaippofeed to
have been tlv sLie- f tlie 'fount.'linc of
jonth" of wU'.Hf FN4kvv "tie - Leon iVasJ in
search ""when iieJi4li.sl)vcrM FlorhM. ;
Bimint ,r' 3 feently.,Mablisied ;
in,sJt"Ui'M 'n. it hns developed, v for, inoro ;
nviW"4(() years ago it.lienre in Ihc nows
repjyU-ijtif fhe' day ''bythat tfauic. I'obce-'
' 1 v'TwJn Rca f 1 of U 'wTiile inT,o'iT llico.
in irJ.',h.iH: liccn old brrtlw Indiana
there "oiljJiislaHd W-alleft Kkafni, vbcre"
there was nincli fold and a treasure cen "
more precious than gold a fountain'
whose waters would make young forever
all.KM;tns should drink of it," as
one chronicler puts it.
i Prohibition oflhinls credit the Inlians
of I'orto liico' with having known what
they' were talking bout when they told
I'once de. iMtn -What he would find at
I'hnim'.--'-' i;,?"h''" -.. . . ' -.
Biinriu' running Over with gold
tlc-e Cu"'H;"'said one official, 'and it is
cetajJi:jfia''iT-the experience we have had
wifh Iifiyj.riiBncr JJn'fJst year or two
4i!fr -jr; Jn-x-'on ' waters of the fotin-
"Universal possesses
the . biggest thing' in
river scenes v.-ever
screened. . . . . There Js
not a dull moment jn
the whole picture. . .
We were constantly re
minded of 'Way Down
East only D. W. Grif
fith did his picture in
the winter andv Carl
Laemmle did his in the
summer." . '
Is the Universal Super
.".v. With ; ; .
Priscilla Dean , j
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Herbert Rawlinson
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Latchis Theatre
Special Music By
Mr. . Gunzinger
at the. organ,,
s' :
5-A Horse Blankets
The Famous 5-A HORSE. BLANKET .will
never be on sale again owing to "the "war con
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The old firm of fifty (50) yearsf standing has
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