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S cents a line first insertion; 2J cents a line each subsequent Insertion.
Cash in Advance. Minimum Charge, 20 cents.
WANTED Carrots
Dr. (J. W. Burnett.
horse feed.
WANTKD Good driving horse for its
Vt. Tel
FOK SALE Good stove.
Tel. 77:vw.
FOK SALE (ilenwood
Joel M. Stearns, Brattleboro .stove Tel. LD.'.-Y.
240. JXi-tt FOH SALE A few watches.
parlor coal
WANTED 1,000 fowls. a pound Howe, 117 Main St,
C. L.
rr;Vii- SfTid r.ird. 31. Black. iox
2S3, Brattlcboro. , :jl tt
"""WANTED A Bourbon RedTom t-ur-kev.
Sergt. C. J. Howard, Fort MeKin
Portland. Me. 288-20'.)
-rfF '
FOR SALE Furniture and ranges
new and second-hand, at J. B. Duntou a.
"FOIt SALE Dry hard wood, chunks
or split. E. E. Mather, Tel. 13-5. 174-tf
FOR SALE Larfte size rlour sacks. 2"i
"WANTED Choppers for cutting for S1.70. Brattleboro Baking Co. 2M)-tf
ri..:if-J l't nn-ii -
w LJ rinUnT V'87-"i I FOR SALE Fresh ground beef scraps
Weatherhead Hollow. -ir- Iot,j w v Tj;Miar,in rv. 214-tf
FOR SALE Light one-horse traverse
sled. Brattleboro Grain Co. Tel. f27.
FOR SALE Four-ft.1 wood or sawed !
own to order. G. J. Perkins & Son. Tel. 9-22.
FOR SALE Four-foot wood, $8 a cord,
stove lena:th. 9.50. D. H. Wright. Tel.
13-2. 24Stf
FOR SALE Dry bard wood, split or
chunks. II. rs. Newcomb. Guilford, Vt.
Provision business, cheap.
if taken at once. Address "Bushm's
care Reformer. 200-202
FOR SALE Beech and Maple wood
nriee S. S10 and 12 ner cord. F. E. (iam-
mell. Tel. 211-12. 211-tf
FOK SALE Hard wood, stove length,
split or in chunks, price reasonable. A.
Furlotie. Tel. 71-22. 2s.)-2! :i
FOK SALE Pair ot Pay Horses, as
eood a pair as there is in the county.
WAXTEIl TO RENT. Mav 1. sinzle D. M. Brosnahan. 105 Elliot St. 2.7.Mf
bouse seven or eight rooms, with garage j FOI SALE OR KENT Typewriters
and all modern conveniences. .rainny T?Pm:nrj0n :ul(i (tlier makes. Fred C.
consists of three adults. Prefer nortn or itro,vrr : nllock St.. Tel. 204 -J. 2S-tf
Mb n St. hr dae. Address "foingie, lie
WAVTF.1 Position bv hish school
boy afternoons and Saturdays, Address
Box Goo, Reformer office. 202-204
WANTED Woman for general house-
. wnri- ond enre of two children. .Mrs. 11
D. Wilbur, West Brattleboro.
FOR SALE One pair good horses
cheap or will exchange for poultry: will
sell together or separately. Tel. .'124-1. .
..A.. 202-204
w VTICFi At Vernon A. C. Home a
good general cook: must be an all around f"un K
' titfhpn woman. A only to W. W. Nr- iLhJiT
ett. So. Vernon. Mass. 20(-20:; FOK SALE
WANTED To rent on or before April
1, a tenement or cottage house of at least
tiro rooms with modern improvements,
by a familv of three persons. Box 102,
Hartford, Vt. 2GS-t f
WANTED Job as board sawyer in
portable or stationary mill by thoroughly
experienced, all-around saw mill man.
Bet of references furnished. Address
P.O.Box 212, Winchester, N. II. 200-:,,01
former Office.
FOR SALE Dry .wood, maple, birch.
juu o.if'-iO'i V..J'J load. C. L. Amidon, K. 3. Tel. 17-5.
to sell women's and children's wearing ap
parel, wliole or part time; big money tor
hustlers: selling experience not neces
sary; write todav. Box Milton. Mass.
127 Main St.
STEADMAN, dressmaker.
Tel. 102-R. 209-205
FOK SALE Thirty tons haled hay,
MM bu. table potatoes from certified seed;
iA.) cords 4-ft. wood. II. L. Millington.
FOR SALE Sixty cords of nice dry
stove won1. Order now while it last. NO
a cord. Frank Sears. Vernon. Tel. 17-24.
I 2sl-tf
go and see Dr. Wilder, room 12. Cilery
Building. 2SC-31Q
FOR SALE Stock and horse hay,
well then Green Mountain potatoes, cabbage, sec
ond run maple syrup, fccott farm. lei.
227-Y. 272-tf
PulP SAL fl
at Dr.
-Fur coat, large size,
Bailey's office, 207 Barber bloclr, 'pftone Ul. r- "-
COG. Residence 439-J.
favorable terms on single subscriptions or
on reduced club rates. Send for booklet.
Brattleboro News Co. 1-tf
""MARCELWAVING, Bob furl, Mani
curing, Swedish Scalp Treatment. Plain
and Clav Pack Facial. Mrs. Pearl C
former Otlice.
ftili SALE ottage liouse ot six
rooms- with bath, a good barn and about
!i ot an acre of land. Inquire of Harry
Hildreth. VI 'ai:al St. 2.-,-tf
FOR SALE We ire now ready ti de
liver a nice lot of strictly dry slab wood.
X ,iy n. ..... ....... i , . . . . , , , - . - . ,
v ...... iiA!,i c. -r-,: t r-. irun
BABY CHICKS ISc. up ; Bred-To-Lay
popular breeds; prepaid guaranteed de
livery. ..Send for circulars ; brooders ,'4.75
up. Rov Clark. East Hartford. Conn.
29 1-200
H IROPRACTOR Dr. Otto Rysse at
FOR SALE One pair chestnut horses,
weight 2410 llis. ; 1 pair black horses, I
weight 22(X) lbs; 1 bav horse, weight 1150 I
Ins., and some good driving horses.
Brooks House Stable, Tel. 30(i 277-tf
FOR SALE Ten horse power General
Drr-Or.-T-flneV office, 42 Elliot street. V- au n ? 86
rr.,.i tiit i r.,i Electric Alternating Current elvtnc
w..i, v,;,k. .r. JJ .tr, formerly used to drive cylinder pres.
n m. ' "r"Jl r 243-tf Ia condition. Taken out to make
p' '. i" Z .... roAEi for Ja,. variable specl motor. Also a
. MAU AZI -X Ecj Ar lAfWIWX' -PKlVKt quantity ' efrTd.a-ftlujj ones, pulls. ere.
-Write me about what magazines you Low price for cash. Inquire of E. II.
want for the coming year, l can get mem Crane, Manager ermont Printing Co.,
for you at money saving prices. Mrs. G. Brattleboro. VOO-tf
M. Love, Magazine Specialist, bouth .New-i
fane, Vt.
drapery curtains freshly laundered now, I TO RENT After Feb. 12. furnished
ready to bans when housecleauing is over, room at :.l Green St. Tel. 750-R. 202 tf
Fine laundry work only, individual
laundries a specialty. All work called
for and delivered. - 'Phone 14-24. 285-300
LOST A .small hrindle and white
spayed female dog, with a new unmarked
locked collar on. Tel. 100S-K. 291-293
LOST Sunday, between Linden
Organ streets by way of Canal, gold wrist
watch. Finder please return to 10 Organ
202-20 Is
For Sale
1922 Ford Car
Price $100
Address Ford, Care
Carload of Ohio Chunks
arrived Friday noon. February 3.
at the Brooks House stable. One
pair red roans, weighing 2,500 lbs.;
one pair black roans, weighing
2,600 lbs.; one pair bay mares,
weighing 2,700 lls.; one pair dap
ple grays, weighing 2,800 lbs.; two
extra nice saddle horses and a
number of good horses ranging
from 1,000 lbs. to 1.500 lbs. These
are as good a lot of chunks as have
been in Brattleboro for a long time
Tel. 300
Having Installed Running Water
In Our Rooms, We Have
50 Black Walnut, Mar
ble Top Commodes
10 Black Walnut Bed
steads All first-class condition. Will sell
at bargain prices to move them
At a Bargain
1919 Nash Touring Car
1920 Dodge Truck
1919 Essex Touring Car
Federal Garage .
Door Checks
For office, shop or home
the new model does
trick is positive in ac
tion and will outwear
any other. Ask to see one
taken apart. .
Letter Soxes
House Numbers and
fresh Eyeready Flashlights.
38 Main TEL 3 38 Main
Autostrop Safety Razcra 30-Day Free Trial
Carl A. Mitchell
Lady Assistant
1 80 Main Street
Telephone 83-1-W or 831-Ii
Good Tools
Good Mechanics
Disston Saws
Plumb Axes
Plumb Hammers
Russwin House Hardware
Corbin Pad Locks
BUV7 NOW your Spring
supply of Paints and save
from 10 to 25 per cent.
Joel M. Si earns
Brattleboro, Vt. Tel. 249
Greenfield, Mass. Tel. 635
Missionary. Tageant Presented.
The. missionary juigeant given by the
girls of the World AVide- guild Tuesday
evening, was a unique entertainment and
proved a pleasing success.
The plot - showed iirst a secne in a
church with two women dressed in the
costume of ."to years ago. Tht time was
17 and the rtrst UaptUt Women's Mis
sionary .society had just- been organized.
As in a vision "Such Stuff -'tis Dreams
Are Made Of there appeared a band
of girl of the present day who told of
the woik ami success of the World Wide
guild and planned and talked, with a
freedom which shocked the women of the
older generation.
The parts of the present day girls
were taken by Misses I Seat rice Cmn
mings. Mabel' and Elaine I'olumbus,
lliith Sparks" and J)oris Tenncy. The
girls of .""( years ago were Miss Eunice
Heath ami Miss Marion t'ummihgs. As
the guild gathered about the table the
missionary' song. We Are (Joining from
Afar, was sung in an adjoining room and
representatives from Africa. China.
Japan,' India. Egypt, Kussia ami
Alaska, all in costume, entered and sur
rounded the working girls. The last
verso was sung in chorus..
I'.esides the pageant the program in
cluded a piano solo by Miss Clara Green
wood ; song, K.m kaway Iaby. Helen
Nohbs, with doll; recitation, The Old
World's l'rogrt ss. Miss .Mary Wright;
song in costume. The Jap Doll, Elaine
Columbus; recitation, a story based on
Judges 1:12-1:;, Margaret I Joy den ; ac
tion Muig, Kose. Rose, Kose, Electa
1 Wood.
Ice cream was sold by the girls after
the entertainment and games were
played under the guidance of Miss Cam
enui of JJraltli boio. . who was present
for the evening. About iS'2 was cleared.
Telfer& McKay
Brattleboro's Oldest Reliable
Hardware Store
Brattleboro, Vermont
TO IlEXT Four-room tenement, mod
ern improvements, adults only. Inquire
SO Reed St. 271 272-tf
TO KENT Tiie second floor of the
Woohvorth building; suitable for offices.
Edgett & Co.. Agcuts. 240-tf j
AVAILA1J1-E FEU! ?A pleasant
sunny six -room apartment witn modern
imnrovements. John K. Smith. 71 West.
and orn Ave. Tel. 3-1-W or Js.'iS-W. 2sS -tf
Established 1012
Herhert E. Post
Manufacturer of High Grade
French and American
Ice ('ream
Home-Made Lunch Served at Noon
Charlotte Kusm. in !cs to eir
ry home, fresh daily. 5c earh
Fancy Ice (ream Puddings
made to order.
18 Years Experience in
New York City
family, reliable people only. Steam heat.
I lnrpe living room heilrrw-iin lirw rlnvnl
T r.onn , . . . y .. I : 1 I " " '
iKjnx ijeiweeu vireen jviver jnui iiui- Dath room, kitchenette. Possession given
tleuoro, a DiacK coyeren vwnn iiusiciFeo j. I'ricc $30 a month. Address
hook. Finder please puone it. i . " ens ..Apartmcnt." e-o Keformer Ofliee. 27l)-tf
l. JTinung K1. ni l i
Silk Umbrella
Willi crooked silver mounted han
dle. C. V. engraved on side of
handle. I'eward if returned to
New Ford Cars All Models
Touring; Runabout. Coupe. Sedan, .
1 rucks and Iraetors.
K. L. COANE, Ford Car Dealer, .
Guilford Street
Husband and Wife
See Taylor
Cleaning and Pressing
Dry Cleaning and Repairing
We collect and deliver work
Call 182-1
55 Elliot Street
Church Served as Theatre.
An ilein noticed in The Reformer's
."iO Years Ago column in regard to an
'"exhibit ini" given at West Towilshend
Jan. 20. ls72. when The Cynic and All
That Glitters Is Not Gold, were pre
sented, calls to mind the staging of plays
uid up to about .'!S years
The Brood that Is Brooded
Over by a
Buckeye Brooder
is the best brood for. vitality and quick
development. '
The method of Heat circulation is such
that all crowding is obviated and sweat
ing which leads to colds and diarrhea,
the destruction of so many chicks is al
most unknown. Why waste your eggs.
lose the results of all your labors and
reap '
when a small amount of money, wisely
invested in a
Buckeye Brooder
will give such satisfactory results.
Choosing An Executor
of that
The little village contained no public
building but the church and there was
no stage in tl- vestry, therefore when
an "exhibition" whs in progress the pul
pit was moved from its position and a
stiiae built across the platform.
This being in the days when the choir
occupied a place in the gallery, the seats
on each side of the pulpit platform at
right angles with the main audience
seats, made a strong foundation for the
staging, allowing width for wings and
dressing rooms.
M :!. ec;lier t plays were given in
this improvised theatre with no damag-
to the church or morals of the members.
Probably the same thing was done in
many other small towns.
Of the old set ot actors, who very pos
siblv took parr in the two dramas men-
tii i' d and who undoubtedly could give'
points to many present day amateur-,
two at least are still living at West
Townshend. Mis. Lucy Stratton and
Washburn A. Kidder. I
About l.ss.5 the then young iieoplc of
the villase formed a Dramatic club an I j
fitted up the old tannery building (now)
W. W. Van Ness's blacksmith shop) and
for about 10 a ears the village entertain
meats and dances were held here
end at the home of her sister, Mrs. A.
L. Howe, in West Townshend.
Mrs. Robert ('ashman" of Vonkers. N
Y., has been a guest at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mis. J. II. Wore.
Mrs. IJ. II. Phillips has been ill with
grip. Mrs. I. S. Say re has taken her
place as teacher in the graded school.
Here s hoping that IJr'er Ground Hog
inquisitive nose in the
than the afternoon on
pushed up his
.morning rattier
candlemas day.
I The regular
j Woman's Relief
' Masonic hall in
afternoon of this
, Mrs. Annie Clark returned
from West Townshend, where
meeting of Itirchard
corps will be held at
this village Saturday
she had
By. appointing this bank executor of your
will, -there is absolutely no reflection cast upon
either relative or friend, . ,
; ' The successful management of estates re
quires knowledge of the law, experience, .in
formation' regarding values and a careful system
of accounting.
A person appointing this bank as executor
or trustee may feel sure that the provisions of
the trust will be carried out in letter and spirit.
Vermont National Bank
Mr. and Mi-. Walter Timpson
begun work at Willaid's mill.
Rev. W. II. N'ohh has bought
J. ' Tart's ;f'oid automobile.
Miss Rntii Palmer .--pent
at home f roiiit ef school in
Mrs. W. R. Snjder visit
Mrs. Daniel McCarty. at
Mrs.. P.ertha Whitaker came Monday
to remain ai the home of her daughter ;
for a time. I
is recovon n
con fined her
; troin
to the
Mrs. W. L. Moor,
an illness which has
house several weeks.
P. P. AHhep and Merton Chase made
a trip to Manchester last week, return
ing with two pairs of horses.
Mrs. II. II. Franklin spent the week-
Mrs. Elizabeth Clark of Springer St
South P.oston, writes: "I have used Dr. t
True' Elivir. the True Family Laxative
and Worm Expeller and it has aided
me very much in regard to constipation.
There is no laxative that could come up
to it."
Mrs. F. E. Smith, 112 Huntington
Ave., tltostnn. wrote: "I have been tak
ing Dr. Time's Elivir, the True Family
I-avalive, for constipation and find it to
iw more effective than anything I ever
Mrs. P. Z. Curtis. Natick. II. I., says:
"Dr. True's Elixir is the best family
medicine we could get; I have always got
relieved from indigestion."
neen caring lor tier son, Osmer,
broke his leg recently while slidin
i- recovering rapidly.
The seminary senior play. When IVilly
Disappeared, a comedy in four acts, will
be presented at the town hall Friday
evening. Feb. 24. The comedy is a live
,one and lins been well rehearsed.
An operation was performed by Dr.
G. R. Anderson on Mrs. Lauren II. Pike
at the Memorial hospital in liratthboro
Thursday. Her condition proved seri
ous, but she is comfortable at present
and gaining slowly. Mr. Pike went Fri
day to Drat t leboro and is remaining
! there for the present.
Mrs. Susan At wood is the possessor
of a beautiful orange tree, upon which
. 1( clusters of blossoms can be counted.
The perfume of the Mowers scents the
entire house. Mrs. At wood jias been in
i'l health this winter ami unable to be
'out of doors much so the remarkable
beauty of this plant has been of much
pleasure to her.
Washington dailies describin in de-
tbe week-end I rail the work of the rescuers at the ter-1
Westminster, j j-iide Knickerbocker theatre tragedy have
d her sister. ! been received by relative of Miss Lot-)
Jamaica last ' He Jones, who ' vaS" in the city at the J
time. Miss Jones, who has wen a clerk'
several years in government employ in 1
Washington, recently was "transferred to'
Philadelphia. She had a choice between t
this and a position in California, but
preferred to remain nearer her home
town in Vermont.
A neighborhood party was held Fri
day evening, at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
E. E. Knapp. which was attended by
nearly -lo guests. Old and young joined
! in games and other pastimes. Refresh
ments of coooa. sandwiches and cake
veri served. f A similar party will be
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 15. II.
Prentiss next Friday evening. Such so
cial gatherings do much to promote a
i friendly spirit in a community aud help
j iieighlsrs to get more thoroughly ac
' (piainted.
The entire corps of teachers from the
village schools attended the convention
at l'rattlolwiro last week. Principal J.
H. Wright and Superintendent C. H.
Strait iff went by train Thursday morn-.
ing in order to be present at all session, j
Jliss Mary Plumb, Miss Angeline Simp
son, Miss' Lillian Deans. Miss Carlotta
Lawrence and Mrs. O. W. Follett went,
by team Thursday afternoon. Frank Ad-j
anv. furnishing the conveyance. Mrs. .
Louise P.oydcu and Mrs. 15. R. Phillips!
went by train Friday morning and the)
entire party enjoyed a sleighridc home j
at evening. An address was given by
Mr. Wriidit. chairman of the state-
Others have been helped bv Dr. Trues library commission, on the topic, laurary
Elixir, the True Family laxative, so Work in the School, and Miss Simpson
whv not vouV Made of pure herbs and' and Miss Deans each gave a talk on
seeds-, pie' tUlc $1.20. Advertise- Correlating Current Events with Eng-
aieltt. Hsn
Sec. 3916, Revised Statutes, says
your tax must be paid prior to
February 15th or you cannot
vote in town meeting.
My accounts with the town must
be settled Friday, Feb. 10, and
I. Gleason is away this week.
U. E. Robinson spent Tuesday in
was in Brattleboro Feb
r Violin Teacher
Call Tel. 670 M 10 rutney Koad
We are now prepared to furnish a full
line of livery Iwrses, also sleigh ride par
ties at reasonable prices.
H. L. Brooks, Prop.
' " V "Tel. S00
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Satisfaction Guaranteed
; Prompt. Service
Brooks liouse Barber Shop
A. 1
ratth boro
V. M. Butler
a ml ti.
Miss Ruth Allen returned home from
Brattleboro Tuesday.
I Miss Mollie Capen was in Brattleboro
the first of the week.
Mrs. M. II. Gleason and child of,
Wardshoro visited at W. F. Cutting's
Our school teacher. Miss Edith Clarke,
and L E. Grout were in Brattleboro
Thursday to attend the teachers' con-
all taxes not. paid at that time Guv IViree went to South London-
... . ,,., . I derrv Friday to attend the play. Dust
will be collected as the law re-' f the Kartll ,ro etayed to visit friends
lates to delinquent taxes.
My husband looks at .''Husband and
Wife" every night, approves of what the
husbands do, and savs, '"That's so" of
what the wives do. M. T. C.
What Does Your Husband Do?
Copyright, V)2, George Matthew Adams
Stinehour's Auto Livery
7-passenger closed car, 50 cents for one
or two passengers; additional passengers
i5 cents each,'- within the village limits.
TeL 38-W or 226-M
Carney's Auto Service
21 -Thomas Street. Tel. 681-K
F. CRESSY, Collector.
Is your wife the residuary
legatee under your will? , Ten' years ago
this may have , been all , right. Today,
with the' various new estate taxes, a dif
ferent provision is necessary. .Consult, us
on. specific insurance to pay Income and
Inheritance Tate. National Life lus.
Co. of Vt. j(Mutrtai:) "
F.'C. DINES, Special Agent,
r Brattleboro. Vt. :
Talking Machines and Records.
127 Main Street' Telephone 23!)
over mux lay. . -
.Tel. 1113-VV
l.YJ Main Streets
Keene" Liquor Hound Thought
Suielled Contraband Drink.
KEENE, N. II., Feb. tl. Instead of
finding contraband liipior or moonshine
in a suspicious looking package carried
by a man of foreign birth, the local police
found three ttouuds of herring and six
pounds of cheese after the package bad
been opened.
The police received a tip over the tele
phone that a man alighted from the train
with a suspicious, looking bundle, w hich
he "handled very carefully enough to ex
cite the suspicions of eveinl persons. The
man with the bundle -went to a local res
taurant and used great- cn re in selecting
a place for his 'bundle. -and asked permis
sion to use the telephone.
lie called someone and said: "I have
the fish and cheese." This added more
to the suspicions of persons as to the con
tents of the package. A John Doc war
rant was made out and the officers of the
law went looking for the man with the
package: A search fotiud tin man at a
local store. The officers requested the
man to open nis package, wtuen ne din,
and disclosed the fish and cheese.
The Value of An Early
The habits of youth stay with us. That is why
it is wise to teach young children the habit of
thrift ' . ; -
Conservation of time, labor and material is fully
as important as financial thriftiness.
Practical thrift lessons are taught easiest
through the use of money. Tangible growth in
pennies or dollars is attractive to any child.
Open an account for your children now.
Brattleboro Trust Co.
circular (copy furnished on request):
Tbe Vermont Lean and Trust Company is an investment banking conrpasy,
amd hss been in successful operation for over thirty-five years, during which
time it has loaned for its clients over twenty million dollars on farm mortgage
security, without the loss of single dollar to any investor. It has over seven
million dollars of outstanding business, representing a good will, the value of
which it would be difficult to estimate.
The Company is also fortunate in its representation as farm mortgage cor
respondent of the Prudential Insurance Company of Newark, If. J. This
connection hss proven a very satisfactory and profitable one. As a further
mark of confidence in the Company and its officers, the Insurance Company
is now turning over to the Vermont Loan and Trust Company some two
million dollars of additional business already developed, which will increase
our outstanding business to over sine million dollars.
- From a small beginning thirty-five years ago, the Vermont Lean and Trust
Company has grown into one of the Largest farm mortgage banks la the
Northwest. The Company maintains offices at Brattleboro, Vermont, Spokane,
Washington, Lewistown, Montana, Salem, Oregon; and another office is to
be opened soon in southern Idaho. '
The entire proceeds of this stock will be used ia the conduct and expansion
of our rapidly growing business.
The Company is in an excellent condition financially. Its credit Is excel
lent both in Spokane and New England. It has operated at a profit contin
uously since 1896, and has an unbroken dividend-paying record, on a high
earning basis, of over 17 years. It can look into the future with confidence.
This stock is free from local and normal Federal Income taxes.
It is preferred as to assets and dividends and is non-assessable. Div
idends at the mfe of 8 pr cent per annum are payable January
first and July first each yea-. This stock is being rapidly subscribed
and will soon lie entirely sold, at which time there will be no more
of it at any price.
Price $100 per share, and accrued interest from January 1, .
1922. to net 8 per cent.
Vermont Loan & Trust Company
Established 188C
F. 15. PUTNAM, Vice President - BRATTLEBORO, VT.
The Important
document , '
your WILL
The Important '
! your choice of
Executor and Trustee
Peoples National Bank
Boy Scouts of America '
"Do a Good Turn Daily"
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