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Indigestion, Nerv
ousness and Head
aches Gone and I
Gained 10 Pounds On
says Airs. Lorctta Tur
ley, 2028 S. Lawrence
St., Wichita, Kansas.
Many women endure
these complaints for
years without know
ing just where to turn
relief. Tanlac has restored
thousands to the enjoyment
of perfect health just as it
did Mrs. Turley. Get a bottle
today at any good druggist.
101 Years Old, Poverty
Stricken, Now Stone Mason
Crash !
Tlio Misilini v of Vollisiiui lurks
al evrry ertisM'i-j. When yen Ihiii?;
into trouble with an automobile
oiueboly lias to pay. Invest in
ami b't the insurance company pay
for you.
It pays to be careful but it pays
better to have insurance, tliat
promptly reimburses jou for u
Some particular one of the poli
cies this asency issues is just the
one you are 50111;; to need. Shift
your probability of loss to a re
liable company. He insured Ttl
i).Y before it is too late.
The rate is low.
II. E. Taylor & Son
"Insurance you can depend on"
Brattleboro, Vt.
1. Health, and 2. Opportunity
are necessary to secure life iiiMiranee,.
1 )eiiiimstr.ite 1 : we furnish 1'. Consult
us. National Life Ids. Co. of Vt. (Mu
tual I.
F. C. DINKS. Special A5ent
III attli bi.ro, Vt.
Baku's Former Oil King
Resumes Labor After
:: . , Soviets Seize His
Fortune ;
the a-c tif 101 ycar.s 1 Ia-1 ji Ta'icv, Ba
ku's former oil kin, who was ruined by
Soviet nut ioealizatkm of his property,
has started to rebuild liis fortunes where
he ban as a stone mason.
Hadji Tasiev is an optimist. "A man
isn't tll so long as lie can work.'' he
declared and', like a true Mussulman, he
continues to dvc hi white beard brown.
lie is usiny: his spare moments in
leartiinr to write. For more than 80
years he had sipned his name to busi
ness papers by making his mark with a
blunt stick dipped in ink.
'One must keep up with the times,
he explained to curious friends when the
centenarian began to take lessons.
, V '' :
Tagiev is known to Americans, tliroiiIi
Lis reception in" his "iSakH palace two
and it hair years ago of the- Ueneral
Jauiea. If. liarborJ mission. lie was
and is known throughout , Ku.-skt and
the Middle Kast as au example of a joor
mars who became immensely wealthy,
lirst. as a house builder and then, CO
years ugn, through the purchase of a
nit eo of oil lar.d t hat yielded abundantly.
Ihis was in the days when oil - was
gathered close to Hie surface and taken
from wells in buckets.
When the Azerbaijan republic was
scvulized by Mosi-ov.'. his palace, was.
converted into a children's orphanage;
and its treasures of art and tapestry'
senlttred. While trving to take fnmp of
his siiver plate jitv.l paintins to" the
country in ox carts apparently laden
with straw, a red, sentinel at the out
skirts of the citv discovered and seized
the escaping wealth. Ta-jiev was beloved
by the workmen of Baku and was not!
harmed in person. i
He is now livin-r in the village cf
Mania Khani, near here.
dance in Landgrove Friday night, and
in Weston Saturday ii;;l.t.
Talbot Hrydcn and Seth Walker are
carrying on the Reynolds sugar lot.
Church services were held at Kev. V.
P. Tavh.r's home Sunday, on account oil
the church floor being recently painted.
Mrs. Ida Stevens has gone to Alien
;mvn.Fn., tfth her mu. Albert, who has
m.-t fully recovered from an operation
for appendicitis.
Mildred and Virginia N'orris of this
village atte'ided the 'birthday party
eiven for Muriel Loyntcn at Iliverside
Inn Saturday aft ernoi.ji. Seventeen of
her young friends were present and a
very pleasant afternoon was spent.
May Kebuihl Ceneral Store.
Mr. and Mrs. tSeorge Walker plan to
b-ave Florida April 4 for Westminster.
In a recent letter from Mr. Walker lie
spoke favorably of rebuilding the general
store and postofliee. recently destroyed by
tire. This is most welcome news to the
Mrs. H. II. Chamberlain is visiting
her daughter in Hartford.
Mrs.. Fayette Howard is seriously ill
at a r.rattleboro hospital.
Mrs. T. II. Parker is suffering with
pleurisy, resu'ting from a severe cough.
Charles Dowd of Springfield was a
guest of Miss Beth lirit ton over the
Mrs. Howe of Holyoke is isiting her
daughter. Mrs. George McKvnn, on IJir
uani road.
Mrs. Frank Whitman is convalescing
froin pneumonia at JJawton hall in
Mrs. Charles It. Field is convalescing
ill ik
at Law ton hall
and Mrs. tiny
the Sutherland
recovering from
THOMAS RICE, M. D. American Building.
C (ffitt Injurs: l-.i and 7-8 p. m.
DR. E. L. TRACY, Physician and Surgeon, 214,
jidin .t. wince ii'jurs: d 10 y a. m., i io . p. m.,
7 to 8..K) p.ni. Tcl.25a. '
DR. B. E. WHTEPhysicTan and-Surgeon,
Barber TSuihiing, Rnonis 1105 and 3!6. ll nirs;
1-' and7-8p. m. ( iiice tel., 717-W. tv.,717-R.
IR. G. B. HUNTER. OfTicc at rcsideiKcTU'est
Pr;ittlcl.ro. Honrs: 8 to 9 a. in., 1 to Z, and
6..;o to 8 p. m. TeletIione, 313.
W. J. KAINE, M.D.r P jtyskiandTSargeon.
Ot'ticr, Room 10, Cilery building. Hours: R..V)
to 9..W; 1..T0 to 3.00; 7 to 8. Otrtce 'phone 429 AV.
Residence, 75 Krost St., 'pluine, 42V-R.
cTrTa t d r i c hm7 biYJvirsTTj. 3otiioii,
7 to 8. Office 'phone, Ib5-V; house, 165-R.
X-ray work a specialty.
G. rTAN D E R S ON'T" S urgeoa and Physician".
Surgery a specialty. Urrirc and residence,
Hrwiks House, 1J8 Main St. Hours: After
noons, 1..50 to .3, rventng, 7 to 8, except Tues
days and fiidays. Sundays by appointment
only. 'Phone
Surgeon. Market Block, Elliot St. Ollice
hours: 8.30 to 9.30 a. m. ; 1.30 to 2.30, and 7 to 8
p. m. Telephone 744-W.
DRThT P7"G R E EN EPh7slcianncTs 1 ur geon.
tltice, Bank block. . Hours: l.ZQ to 3. and 7 to
8 p. in. Residence, 83 tTrecn "5t. Telephone I
connection. Mornings and Sundays by ap
pointment only.
EDWARD" R". L.Y N C H ,H T D. Sm c7ry ITsi.e".
cialty. Orficc, Park Bmiduig. 'l'hone, 5X1.
Hours: 1 to 4 p. in., 7 to 9 p. m. Residence.
"i:lney Rond. .'Phone, 177. Sundays by ap
pointment only;
D Rr A. 17 M I L IE r71 biok e7r7ulcB"r7ittie
horo. tlilicc hours: 8 to 9. 1 to 2, 6.30 to 8.
W. r7 N O Y E S, M. D7 Physician and Surgeon,
Ivye, ICar. .nt and Throat, filasscs fitted. His
9 1 IJt) $. d. and Sat. Eve. Am. Bldg.
DR. HENRY TUCKER. ResidenccTl "Vtrove
Sr.; telephone. 258. Oftire, Leonard block.
llotirs:J.30 to 3, and 7 to 8. Telephone, 2"J-W.
DR. H. L. WATERMAN. OtnceTl 17 Uin"St.
OvT Kuech's store. Hrs.: 1.30-3, 7-8. Tel. 42-W.
W. H. LAKE; M. D., 1171ain ST Hotir:
1 to 3 and 7 to 8. except Sundays. Tel. 78-W.
from her recent
in Urattleboro.
The children of Mr.
lilossoni. v. ho live in
house, have measles.
Howard lbxie is
grip. His little daughter.
now has the disease.
Miss Certrude Cullender has tauhf
the history c!;ism ef Prof. F. L. Duley
last week and this week.
Mis. Lav, fence Lezeife spent the lir-t
of the Meek in "e-t IJrattleboro with
her I Pd her, Mr. Spraiie.
Norlhticld seuiiTiary clones Thur-ilay
noon, this week, for IO l,'i s' vacation.
Kast hall will remain open.
The J ley wood Asricult u ral society of
Moutit llerinon hiampictcd at lbtel
Noithtield Satunlav tveninjr.
Mrs. II. II. Philbriek and son.
left .Monday for Atlantic City.
they v. id stay a few weeks.
Mrs. Herbert Woodward and
mond V.'oi d have irone to northern
mont to visit a few weeks.
Joseph Morgan of Contoocnok. N. II..
spent the week-end with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Kdw;'rd Moi-a;i.
Helen Macomher has pone to New
Hampshire, where she is ro tutor under
a niece of Mrs. J. V. Cro-sinan.
Mr. and Mrs. Havis of Fairlee. Vt.,
and son are with their father. Fayette
Howard, while Mrs. Howard is sit "the
Miss Mary Towne. who live at Mrs.
11. K. Long's and attends; the seminary,
lias gone to Keimebunk for a two-weeks'
Mis Helen Cablwdl and Miss Mtrry
Il.ikcr of Mount Hermon peut Saturutoy
titol Sunday in I'.rattleboro. quests of the
latter's ciimii, tj. T. Pailey.
Mrs. Charles P.olton of Leyih-n spent
the week-end at the home of her father.
l' I'. At wood. She is substituting as
teacher in a school in Leyden.
Miss Marion Webster returned March
!) front Iloston. having
She is ret .iver'nig. She
given by Kricsler whiN
The little sol) of Mr.
who live in the Wilber house
land avenue, is seriously ill.
lyear term .and a cemetery commissioner,
whose term will expire in 1!L L
i V.. V. Howard spent the first of the
week in Uoston with his sun, Philip,
j who is convalescing from an operation
'at the Peter P.ent Prigham hospital. " He
i cypects to leave the hospital the last of
: this w eek.
! Ambert fJ. Moody returned from his
western trip Monday. (hi Wednesday
j evening he was a cu.-st of the llcnium
Hartford club at Hartford, Conn. This
completes his schedule of visits to-IIcr-
ncn clubs.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maynard will
celebrife their L'."th wetlding anniver
sary Moinlay, March They extend
an invitation to till their friends and
neighbors to visit them from 7 to 10
o'clock in the evening of that day.
Mrs. Oro 1). Adams.
The community was saddened Thurs
day morning. March U. to hear of the
death of Cora M.. .VI. wife of Uzro i.
Adams. She had been ill only a few
days with pneumonia, which developed
from a cold of many week-1.
She was an estimable woman and be
loved by all who knew lnr. She hail
suffered many years from rheumatism,
being in a nearly helpless condition, but
through it all had held her courage and
ambition ami made many friends by her
cm-rcniiil and pleasant ways, ami had a
kind wcrd for everyone.
She vviis a member of the Ladies P,e
nevolent society, also correspondent for
rcveral pipers.
She was a daughter of the late Ilenrv
P.. ami Maria (Caldwell) Parker, and
wis In in in Northticbl Aug. K. 1st!.
She married zro I . Adams of P.rook
line. Vt.. April .".0. 1:0. F.sides her bus
bund she leaves a daughter. Florence II..
who has given her constant care; twit
brothers. Arthur II. Parker of Worces
ter. Mass.. Charles A. Parker of Xorth
i. U, Mass.. and one sister, Mrs. Charles
W. P-rne of AVe-t P..irringt"ii. R. I.
The funeral was held at the home Sit
uruay af:erno"ii at 1 o'clock. Ilcv. F. A".
Mrs. Krnest Wright is on the sick list.
The best maple syrup is now selling for
i?2..""0 a gallon.
John Mcllugh of Hatfield, Mass., was
in town last Tue- day.
, llobins were reported March 11 ami
song sparrows March L'!.
Mitchell AVright of Charlestown, N. II.,
was in town last Monday.
I: P. AVright of Springfield (A't.) is
spending the week in town.
Little Marv AVilliams, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. L Williams, is ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fndcrwood are mov
ing into the Joseph Fnderwnod place.
Kev. Mr. II. A. M. P-riggs and Cf.-orgc
C. Wright spent Monday in Rutland, Vt.
(lay Kingsley has accepted the position
as farm manager at Kurn Hattin Home.
Kev. M. (i. Tapper of St. Johns
bury was entertained over Sunday by
Mrs. Maria Pond.
The Mothers' club presented Mrs. Albin
Nelson n framed Wallace Nutting picture,
as she is leaving town.
it is expected that a candidate from
the Hartford Theological seminary will
occupy the pulpit next Sunday.
P. II. Fleming has resigned as school
director and John II. A'ondell of l!agc
vil'e has Iwcn appointed by the selcctm'-n
to till the vacancy.
At a recent meeting of the selectmen
C. V.. AVilliams .is cb-ctd chairman of
the Ixiard. Judge W. IJ." ( I la hum of 1'el
lows Falls was elected town counsel.
Poydcn 1 1 range will hold a regular
Cr;inge meeting Friday evening. March
17. The following program has been ar
ranged: Koll call, to be answered by tin
question. Are the People of the Country
More Careless of Their Health Than Un
people of the CityV: an essay will be
read on The A'alue of the Diet in U-da-tion
to Good Health, by Mrs. Jerome Col
lins. .Miss Frances Coolidge of p.ellows Falls
assisted at the Mothers club meeting in
the home of Mrs. Krnest AVright last week
Thursday afternoon by telling stories to
the children and playing; games with
them. Some of the storms were drama
tied by the children, niTording t hem a
good deal of amiiM'meiit. The nut hers
sewed. P-uintif ill rcfrcidsments were
served bv the hor-less.
of Kast NVrtkficbl otlicint :ng.
Selections, vvcj"i su2. by. '''- "'i'l Mrs.
Philip Porter." There 'was a profusio i
of lieautiful flowers, showing the high
esteem in which she was held The burial
took place in AVest Northticbl cemcteiy.
Kelativi-s and frb'tids from West P;r
rington. It. L. AA'orcester. Holden. (Jp-en-tiehl.
Orange. Montague, Mass., and AVe-t
P.rat tleboro. A't.. attetclej.
contracted grip,
heard a concert
and Mrs. Lewis,
on High
Mrs. K.
M. Co-vles is helping care for him.
Miss Mary Iteunett. who has lived
with Mrs. F. C. llritton. while study
ing music at the seminary, has gone to
her home in Kcnncbunk for two weeks.
The Ladies' Sewing society will serve
a public supper i:i the vestry of the
Unitarian church Thursday evening." A
short St. Patrick's dav program will
Mrs. Haiti" P.arker AVard plans t,
move about April 1 t Pratt loboro,
where she will continue dressmaking.
Her daughter, Mrs. Klsie Sfeadman, is
now a dressmaker there.
The Republicans of Nerlhlicld wi'l
hold a caucus '1'uesdiy evening, March
L'l, at the town hall. Nominations will
be made at that time for town treasurer
to complete the term of one year, se
lectman for the balance of the three-
DR. C. G. WHEELER. Osteooathic Phvsician
110 liarher Bid?. Ollice hours: 10 to 12 ami 2
to 4. I reatmei: byj appointment. Tel. 219-W.
scllors at Law. Hrattiehoro, Vt.
iR. O. F. B ARB ER, Dentist. Union block,
I'rattieboro. - ,
FRANKTe". BARBER, ATtorney at Law. Bair
hcr buil-.lind, Jlraltle.ioro.
J 8
I are an escential factor in
jji v;jiiJHii ii-.j. itiij mj iuri (-i
I soluble A vitamine
than cream. It aids JVj
1 growth builds health!
ft PKICE. $1.20 and GOc. 21-1
Mrs. James At wood is ill.
J. A. Davis is suffering with grip.
Mary P.ovd. who has been ill. is able
to be out.
School dosed Friday for a seven
weeks' vacation.
AViiliam Upton, who has been ill three
weeks, is able to be outdoors.
Miss Har.il Davis has returned home
from the North Adams hospital.
A'tetor Olson has moved his fami'y
from Siarsburg back to his farm.
Some of the farmers have scattered
their buckets and a few have tapped
their trees.
Krnest Pease and Roy McRae were in
St rat t m, and AVcst AVurdsbero Friday
and Saturday.
Mrs. Jennie Peterson and daughter
and Mr. and Mrs. John Madiila 'have
moved to Mountain .ALUs.
Arthur ("base of recti field. Mass.,
has come to work for Leon Logic and
AViiliam Harris during the sugar season.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harvey were in
AVest AYardsboro Saturday to see Mrs.
Harvey's sister, Mrs. Kdgar Pike, who
i,: ill.
AVnlhtee Partlett ;uid sons. Hallicrt
and Ivan, and Kdward Houghton have
'moved to Mr. Rartb-tt's farm to stay
through sugaring.
Mr. and -Airs. Kenneth Jones and
lit.le. daughter spent (he weekend with
Mrs. Jones's parent. Air. and Mrs. AV.
D. Howe, in Kast Dover.
The schools have closed for the s-ugar
I.'dgar Howard is working for Hora;;
Alexander. Charles Alexander ia working for Wil
liams Pros.
AVilliams Rrothers have begun their
sprint; sowing.
Frank Simonds has been building a
new suar hou.se.
Catherine .Starr is home from her
.school in Ita wsonyilk'.
A load from this village attended , a
New Organ of Balance.
Dr. (. Vitali. ti e Italian naturalist,
has discovered that' birds ami bats
have a sn;t!l snn' orratt or vesicle
situated on - the Middle wall of tlit
tyinpanie (drum) etiviry of their cars.
AA'lien this Is remove 1 they seem to
have no sense of balance. Vitali con
cludes that this orp.m. which reacts to
variation- of pressure within the
niiddlo-ear, thus enables the 1 rd to
determine the density of the air
through which it is moving", -n.,) regu
lates its nmscular movements accord
Headaches from Slicl-t ('o!d
Laxative PROMO (UINIK Tablets re
lieve the Headache by curing the Cold. A
tonic laxative and germ destroyer. The
genuine bears the signature of K. V.
tlrove. ( P.e Mire urn get PRoMU.i ,".0c.
"I Was Ail Vtad Op
and Coughed Most
of the Nigh!"
"Cerirane has worker! wonders for me,
and for a number of frica to whom I
have recommended it."
Mr. Josiah J. Cobb says thi. He i
lived for forty-eipht years in IV.vtucke
If. I., and is chief day watchman fur a iare
manufacturing plant.
"I was all whr-ezed tip and couched mnc
of the night. Thought my throat would
Fp'it open, the cough, tlrj-ncas tni pviu
were so terrible. Kvcrv time the weather
changed I caught cold, and each col l
eeemed to he added to all the other-- tlia'
I hal before it. I tried a dozen different
medicines. None of them were any real
help. The cough syrups I took tips" t mv
stomach and put me all out of sorts. Then
1 pot Cerizane. and I never !.rif-v rnvtl.tn-r
to net so nuickly as that medicine did. It
loosened the cough right up, took the heat
nnd soreness out of mv throat, stopped
the chet pains and made me perfectly lit
in less than a week."
f'erizane is one of th? famous line of
A insol prcparationa. It contains no
chloroform, opium or any other harmful
'niR. New Kngland doctors have used
it for nearly a hundred years.
Any reliable druggist will supply Ceri-rane.
Si-hooks in town closed Friday for the
r.nrg vacation.
William Newton spent the week-end J
With relatives in pringtield.
W indham Count v Pomona Grange will
meet March 1U, w ith ernon Grange.
A'crnon (irange will confer the first
and second degrees on a class Saturday,
evening, March IS.
Mr. and Mrs. George Uutterfield of
Gui'fortl were in town Sunday viitin
relatives and friend-i. !
A dance will be held in ("range hall,
Thursday evening, March 10, uader aus
pices of A'crnon Grange. i
Mrs. K. C. Tontiy pet:t several days'
with her daughter, Irs. Harry. Rurring-1
ten. i:i Pratt icboro last week. &
Miss Iri-ni- Fairman went. March 9 to
Rcrnardslon, where idu2 will visit in the
home of her si.-ttr, Airs. Leo.i Rurrows.
Sunday services in the Union church:
Morning service at 10:13 with sermon by
the pastor; Sunday school at noon; evc-i
ning services at l.'.''
Albert Doolittle, who was taken iiil
while at his home in " AVi nclu ster. ltaa !
been brought to the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. George Stebbins. where he is
making a good recovery.
The ladies' Circle will hold its annual
business meeting and election of oliiccrs ;
Wednesday, March The women are!
asked to go prepared to sew for a needy
family. Dinner will be served at noon.
Raymond Fairman is moving his fam
ily from rooms in the Grange building
to the St reefer house recently vacated
by George Turner and family. Mr.
Turner and family moved to Leominster
lilanchard. Gates &, AA'oodard. who re
cci tlv bought wood lots of J. T. Wright
and II. A. Staten. are moving their camp
to their new uuartcrs. Autin ". dill
son and Robert Clark have a'ready be
gun work for them.
Violators cf Au'cnsnbde and Lor'.ited
Vehicle Law i'ay Penalties.
RENNINGToX. Liana Acting
Municipal Judge K. -C. P.ennctt has im
posed the following tines: Ralph A.
AVhite of North Pennington ."-dtt. for
operating an automobile without proper
registrat !n plate: John Crummick of
Troy. ?". Y., - f.ir operating an auto
truck weighing with load more than i'-j
ton-; Harold Simpson. Harry Simpson.
Harry Klwell. and Kldred Thompson of
Pennington. .S.", for ierating ji h rse
drawn vehicle after sundown without
lights; Ray AVaite of Arlington !2-". sec
ond offense, operating an unregistered
car; AA'alter Pronson of Renningt-in. J? 10.
((crating an unregistered car. There
were c sts tf .$7.0 in each case.
Complaints were made to State's Attor
ney George A. Mathers by Inspectors
Griggs and Pierce, who were in Penning
ton and vicinity over Sundnv.
"I "was bothered a lot with indi
gestion, dyspepsia, and a b!oa.ted
feeling" brought on by excess gas.
Fainting spells would attack me
suddenly, and I was in dire distress.
I tried Jaques' Little Wonder Cap
sules and quickly had decided re
lief." AValter Furmin, Richfield
Springs, Y. Gas ia tha stomach
bringrs on dizziness and fainting
spells. In acute or chronic indi
gestion it often stops the heart ac
tion. Jaques' Littlo AVonder Cap
sules break up the dangerous gaa
and give prompt relief. j
No Success Without Honor.
The man without a code of honor Is
like a ship without a port, and is just
as certain sooner or later to go to
pieces on the rocks.
Pile Sufferers
Don't become despondent try Dr.
Keonhardt's IIRM-ROII) no greasy
salves no cutting a harmless remedy
that is guaranteed to quickly banish all
misery or costs nothing. Brattleboro
Drug Co. Advertisement.
No. 1
Some Similarity.
"Do man dat pays back what be
owes," sai'l Uncle Eben, "kin be a
friend In need, de same as one dat
lends you money."
rWIiattTiii "for I
1 ST'i
Take a good dose of Carter's Little Liver Pills
lkcii Ldive o ui o ior a iew nignis alter.
Tkey cleanse your system of all waste
matter and Regulate Your Bowels.
Mild as easy to take as sugar.
r3Rgg Signature SstaT&l?trC
Small Pill; Small Dose;
Small Price
" -Quality Stays Up
The. comfortable riding quali
ties of the Overland can be
compared only with those of
higher priced cars, for its
spring base is 130 inches long
longer tPian the wheel
base of most large heavy cars.
Its 27-horsepower motor
drives the Overland farther on
a gallon of gas than any other
car. Owners report 25 miles
is common.
Touring $550, Roadster s550, Coupe.
850, Sedan 895; f.'o. b. Toledo.
Ox crland oAlnays a Qood Investment, ortf the greatest c,hitoniobiie 'Value in cAmerica
25 mil?s per gallon . . . Triplex Mather vanadium steel springs . . . 130 ir.ch spring base real comfott ... 27
brake horsepower . . . Seamless all-steel body . . . Finish, enamel baked 450 degrees . .'. Trar.smi-sacn, three
speed . . . Four sale, adjustable brakes . . . Auto-lite, electric starter and lights . . . Electric horn cn steering
wheel . . . Stewart-Warner speedometer on da3h . . . Real one-matt top - Demountable rims, tire carrier.
r' greatest oAutomobiU
cAr" stui;b3
Always Yelling At a Feller!
Protected by George Matthew Adams
lf Eilwira
2i2 Barber Building.
O. B. HUGHES, Lawyer.
Telejione 1 l'J6-V.
BARROWS & CO., Wholesale and Retail
dealers in coals of all kinds. Office, 37 Main
St., Brattleborn.
BOND & SON, Exclusive Undertaking. Auto
mobile, service. Telephone 2W-VV. .
'PHONE 354-W
Moran & Rohde
Funeral Directors
Automobile Equipment
Brattleboro, Vermont
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