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, NLY Daily Newspaper
ALLY Ts Column
on Page 7' Today
in Southeastern Vermont
VOL. 10. NO. 14
i jcs n -Hi it v7 i at ii 4 ir v r w t j 11 n ajiss. v als
; , .
Decision Made by Old South
African Industrial Fed
Sultan Will Assume Title of Kins of
Egypt Action Expected After Rati
fication of Termination of British Pro
tectorate In That -Country.
JOHANNESBURG. Union of South
Africa, March 15 Associated Press).
The strike of miners, which lias held
South Africa in it,- grip for" more tlian
two months, has been called off. The de
cision was taken by the old South African
industrial Federation- as shifting from
the federation augmented executives. It
announced first that the general strike
was null and void: second, that the aug
mented exocnti vex is to cill -ofT the mine
strike: and, third, that complicity in the'
revolution against the government is n
pinNatcd by the federation.
Claims Sovereignty.
CAIRO. Egypt. March Hi (Associated
Press I. A rescript issued by the Sultan
Ahmed Fualri Pasha last night nnnouitc-cri
that Egypt had become nn independent
and sovereign nation and that the sultan
will assume the title kii!g of Egypt.
. if -i l ll 111!- I.lIUdMI lliUCS
last week said the sultan was expected t
assume the title of king upor, ratification1
by the P.ritish parliament of the decision
to terminate the protectorate over Egypt.
l ne i.riusn parliament "t .vet passed
an act lifting the protectorate.
Litters from All Over Country Indicate
it Reproduces Beautifully First
Wireless Organ Recital.
In view of the great development in
radiophone work the readers of this paper
will be interested in the following excerpt
from a letter dated March 11 from Lyon
& llealy. Chicago, to the Estey Organ
Co. relative to an Estey recti organ, two
manuals ami pedals, ot the largest type
of organs which the company builds:
'"It may be of inlfest to you to know
that the style T-GT Estey organ, now
functioning "with the Wcstingbouse Uariio
phono company, is meeting with n great
deal of success. Letters from all over
I he country indicate that the orgau repro
duces beautifully, and that the layman
Mho listens over his wireless telephone
cannot distinguish the quality of tone
from that of a genuine pipe organ. The
writer likewise has been requested to give
an organ recital on the 'Juth of this month
at 7.4-" p. in. The program will include
two numbers by Dubois and one by Ralph
Kinder. Needless to say, every effort is
going to be put forth to make it a suc
cessful appearance. So far as Ave know
this will be the first organ recital given
over the wireless telephone."
The Prince of Wales is also Earl f
' hester. Duke of Cornwall, and. in the
Scotch peerage. Duke of Rothesav, Karl
of Cm rick, iiaron of Renfrew , and Iau iI
of the Isles.
Originally the famous diamond mine
of Kiniberlcy. now controlled by onej
group of capitalists, -were worked as
'2')h separate claim, each ."1 feet square,
with a seven-foot roadway between every
pair of claims.
Red Men s Hall
Thursday. March 10, 'at S p. m. Spe
cial meeting of Pocahontas council. No
4. I). of P. Adoption. Corn and veni
son. A good ftttendance is desired, es
pecially members of the degree team.
Friday, March 17. S p. in. Special
meeting of (uonekticut tribe. No. J
I. O. R. M.. Adoption degree.
Dance every Saturday mul v
Gbodnow, Pearson & Hunt
i i
r e
Women's tind Children's
7 ;-' T
Wearing Apparel
Until the Close of Our Expansion Sale
Saturday, March 18
- i
i i
i i
Confident - of Suspension of - Mining of
Hard and Soft Coal on First
f . of April.
INDIANAPOLIS. March 10 Count
ing of the strike ballots cast by union bi
tuminous coal" miners of the United
States and Canada was begun today at
the Internat rnnal headquarters here of
the Fniteri Mine Workers of America.
Union officials predicted the canvass
would show a large majority in favor of
a suspension of work on April 1.
Minn leaders here felt that the two
sides would be so far apart that no set
tlement would be reached before April
1. resulting in the anthracite miners join
ing in the suspension of work.
Mrs. Matenauer Says She Threw Glut.
bach Out of Her New York
ST. LOUIS. March 1(5 f Associated
Press . Mrs. Margaret Mataenauer. in
a statement to the Associated Press to
day, denied statements of her chauffeur
husband. Floyd Glotzbaeh. that he hail
deserted her and emphasized that she
."threw him out of my New York apart
ment Jan. 'Ji."
The diva asserted that she has pending
in Xew York proceedings for absolute di
vorce on alleged ground of Infidelity, nam
ing -as c'o-ieskondeiit "an old lady of
about ."(" of Carmel. Cal.'.anri that pa
lters wen' served ou Glotzbaeh Jan. -7.
No Violence. Kcuorted Rhode Island
-House Passes IS Hour Week Hill
By Strong Vote. :
I'.urircRi::', u. i.. March ic
AIx ut "HO p'u kets wen- on duty at the
plant t-f the Crown Manufacturing J'o.
across the ,!iiie in Massachusetts today.
Att'elwiro police commanded by special
officers were on guard on the Massachu
setts side of the line, while Pawtuckct
policemen ami a few deputy sheriffs were
on duty on the Rhode Island side. There
was no violence.
Joseph (Ut. agent of the Royal Weav
ing (. said today that unless condition
improved, the silk department will be
dosed all summer.
House Passes liill
PROVIDENCE. R. I.. March 1V Aft
er a bitter struggle, in which repeated
efforts were marie by opponents of the
measure to have it shelved,' the house of
representatives late yesterday passed the
Lavender bill providing for a 4S-hour
working .week for women anil children
under 10 years of age. The vote was 0-1
to -'".
The hill, which now goes, to the .state
senate, was amended with the consent of
Representative James F. Lavender of
Rristol. who introduced it. to permit of
exceptions in case of "Seasonal occupa
tions". Women ami 'bilriren engaged in
!"x-ii cccupatiuiis. which the state board
of labor is to define, may work a max
imum of,5J hours a week, according to
this provision.
Senate and House Conferees Favor
500.00!) Aid to Farmers.
WASHINGTON'. March 1(i. A i
promise appropriation of S 1 .."( H M X m
federal aid to farmers for purcha
seed grain was agreed to yesterday
senate and house conferees on the
Cumber bill as a substitute for the
tHMi.lMMi appropriation proposed by
senate and .J.HNUXtO by the house.
Final action on the bill. howc
went over.
for iug
Saving His Face.
He entered' a bote! after midnight and
managed to get service at the (lower
stand. " I "in getting home rather late."
lie remarked to t lie clerk, "and I want
to take along some (lowers to appease
in j wife.''
'Roses, sir?'' asked the clerk.
"No: too many thorns. Give me some
thing that won't scratch when she er
returns them to me." Roston Trftn
seriiit. First Baptist Church
Thursday. ;.(M) -Woman's Society so
cial and business meeting with Mrs. Ar
thur P. Simonds. 11 Western avenue.
Friday, t p. m. Junior . Endeavor ;
T.v.0 Regular church prayer meeting.
I i
? 5
Holds 'Up Train . Enroute
From Belfast to Dublin
This Morning
Twelve Persons Injured. Four of Them
Seriously Ulster Constables Seize
Seven Alleged Republican Police and
Place Them In Jail.
15 KL FA ST, March Hi. (Associated
Press.) . train proceeding from lcl
fast to Dublin was held up near Xewrv
this morning by an armed gang who
carried oiT the mail. A similar hold-up
occurred yesterday on the southern side
of the Ixnrier.
I Ister special constables today
moved from Cro.ley Tender near
donderry seven youths who said
had come from Donegal, which is
State territoiv. The iiiisoners who are
understood to be Republican police were'
lodged in Victoria laria-ks in London
derry charged with haying arms in tiieir
possession and with unlawful assemblv.
Itomb Thrown in Daylight.
liF.LFAST. March 10. (Associated
Press. i Dclt'ast had the imiisiuil experi
ence tilav of daylight bomb throwing
which resulted in the injury of 12 per
sons, four of whom were serioii-lv in-j
jureu. ao ucatiis nail icen recorded up
to an earlv hour this afternoon.
Iibor Hoard to Look Into Its Lease of
Shops and Contracting All, j
Shop Work,
CHICAGO. Match ir.. Federal investi
gation of the Erie railroad action in
leasing' its shops ami contracting all
shop work to tlie Meadville Machinerv
Co.. of Meadville. Pa., was ordered by
the I'nited States railroad labor lioard
today. The board authorized a member
of its personnel to invoke "the aid and
counsel" of the department of iustiec
and to go over the property of the road
in obtaining evidence (ust hand.
Grccnfichl Man Who Shot Hoy Stral
in? Fruit Not Indicted.
GREENFIELD. Miss.. March 15.
The grand jury in the sooerior court
here yesterday reputed no bill against
Frank C. Frizzeil. y contractor of '-'KM
Davi.- street, who accidentally shot and
seriously wounded Francis Fiynn. a 14-year-old
boy, on the night of Sept. l.
while tin" boy and a companion were at
tempting to stal fruit from the prem
ises of Mr. Frizzeil. Mr. Frizzeil was
tried in the dictlict court, charged with
assault with a dangerous weapon.
He and Marnuis Curon to Attend Genoa
LONDON'. March 10 (A ssociated
Pi ess i Prime Minister Lloyd George
and Marquis furzon. secretary f r for
eign affairs, will be among Great Hrit
ain's delegates to the Genoa economic
conference, it was announced in the
house of commons- today by Austen
Chamberlain, the government leader.
Fair Tonight and Friday Slishtly
Colder Tonight.
WASHINGTON. March hi. The
weather forecast : Fair tonight and Fri
day. Slightly cohler tonight. Fresh to
strong northwest winds.
Rritish airplane operators and mechan
icians have formed a trade union to pro
tect the interests and remedy the griev
ances of the aerial tavi driver. The pre
sent pay of pilots is sixty dollars a week.
Universalist Church
Thursday. March 10. at ." p. ni. Mis
Mon circle will meet in the chnrch par
lor. Friday. March 17. Meeting of 'the
Junior union.
It is expedient for the
present (since that which
I MI ST say will be re
ceived with jests) that my
identity be kept a se
cret and that you know
lne only as the Mistress
of the World.
A RARE Miss Mary Potter, . Contralto
TREAT v and
Mr. Arthur Klein, Pianist
Annual MasicaleD.A.R.
Congregational Church Admission 50c
Lieut. R. L. Jack of the roast guard
lias been marie "admiral" of the new
ly created prohibition "navy". He
will be in charge of the nine submar
ine chasers being made available for
the enforcement of the national pro
hibition act in the waters of the.lt
1 a n tic coast.
Dr. Lucile Eaves of Hoston Will He Pres
ent to Explain Canvass Now He
ing Conducted ' Here.
The survey of gainfully employed
women of Health-born, which was started
a few weeks ago. is well under way. and
work on individual schedules will be
started next week, when Dr. Lucile Eaves
of tin Women's Educational and Indus
trial Fnion of Hoston w ill be here to as
sist officers of the Cosiness and Profes
sional Women's club in organizing plans
for filling individual schedules.
The Rusiness Women's club set Hie ball
rolling for a survey of employed women
of the town and from that start a stupen
dous task has been undertaken, which it is
hoped will result in direct benefit feat
ures for employed women.
Information obtained through the sur
vey and the rilling of individual schedules
will supply a foundation for additional
studies needed in order to plan intelli
gently for a benefit project which may
be worked out later. Such schedules also
may be useful if th1 club develops plans
for assisting unemployed members. It is
hoped also that ultimately a card catalog
of members, showing the business expe
riences and other data, may be prepared.
Such a -omplefe registration of services
which may be obtained from local women
would be of great value both to the club
members unri to the Hrattlcboro employ
ers. Miss Fressa Haker and Miss IJcatricc
McConnell. who are working under Dr.
Eaves as d ins-tor of the survey, have been
here since Feb. ! and have copied pay
roll records of many employers in order
to make possible tabulations of annual
earnings and the amount of lost time due
to illness or periods of uncmplox incut.
When these figures are combined in sta
tistical tables a complete picture of the!
productive services of the employed
women of Hrattlcboro can be presented.
A meeting of all employed women in
Hrattlcboro w ill be held at S o'clock Mon
day evening in the club rooms of the Hrat-th-lstro
Rusiness and. Professional
Women's club, when Dr. Eaves will 1h
present to explain the purposes more
East Kingston. N. II.. Give Misu Web
ster Extra Appreciation of $MM.
EAST KINGSTON. X. II.. March 10.
One of the few women officers to be
chosen ut annual town meetings in this
section is Miss May Webster, whom the
voters clecteij fo the position of highway
agent for this town. She was given an
fiti.i appropriation amounting to Smi
for road work during the year.
Miss Webster is -i former school
teacher, teaching in Exeter for several
years, and is well actpuiinted with the
highways by freouent travel bv team to
ami from her teaching duties in Exeter.
a distance of several miles. Miss Web
ster is a Republican.
' The ISridge Guilder.
Ait old man. traveling a lone highway.
Came at the evening cold and gray.
To a chasm deep .and wide.
The old man crossed in a twilight dim.
For the sullen stream held no fear for
For he turned when he reached the other
And builded a bridge to span the tide.
"(!ri man.-"' cried a fellow pilgrim near,
"You are wasting jour strength with
building here.
Your journey will end with the endiug
And you never again will pass thi way.
You have crossed the chasm deep and
Why build a bridge at eventide?"
And the builder raised his old gray head.
"Goori friend, on the path 1 have come,"
hi said.
"There followeth alter me todav
A youth whose feet will pass this way.
This stream which has been naught to
To that fair haired lov may a pitfall
He. too. nuist cross in the twjlight dim.
Good friend. I am building this bridge
for hint. "
The Nation's Rusiness.
Centre Congregational Church
Oriental Fete.
The children will enjoy the entertain
ment, which will include a Japanese
wedding ceremony, at Festival hall Sat
unlay afternoon, and you will find a good
assortment of home-cooked food, salted
nuts and candy, also flowers, fancy work
ami aprons. A Japanese tea ganlen also
will be a feature of the fair, which will be
the-nuiiual event by the children of the
Sunday school. Doors open at - o'clock:
entertainment at o.o(.
WANTED A two-.jMutcd teapot for
children's fair Saturday. Call Miss X. E.
Monroe. l-ll-'-W.
Masonic Temple
Thursday. March 10, 7..".o p. ia. Hoys'
club meeting. . .
Unable to Raise It and Prob
ably Will Stay In Jail
Until July
Alleged She Forged Note and Check for
S IPO Each mi Greenfield Savings
Rank larceny Charges Total $22.
47 l.:i." Still Examining Hooks.
GREENFIELD. Mass.. March 10.
Following the indictment of Miss Eliza-J
beth Kenney of Northtiehl by the grand
jury ou 24 counts, contiuuaitce of her case
until the July sitting of superior court
esterriay. bail was increased to SlM.(KM),
ti." court tixing SlO.iHMP as the sum on
each indictment. Following arraignment j
the young woman was taken back to
Franklin county jail. She will stand trial
at superior court at the July silting.
A rumor at the court house yesterday
afternoon was to the effect that another
arrest might be made. Another outstand
ing feature in yesterday's events was the
replacement of Attorney Milton L. Davis
of Springfield by Attorney Frank J. haw-
ler of Greenfield as Miss Kenney 's coun
sel. The forgery and uttering indictments
contained eight counts as follows:
li iftr mr iii-.miissorv mite (if Si 1 "M M I
on the Greenfield Savings bank, purport
ing to be signed by Elizabeth E. Kenney.!
Warren J. Wright and Phineas T. 1
Wright, his brother. J
For uttering above note. j
.". Fr forging a check of 81.2UO on
the Greenfield Savings bank, signed by tl;ei
treasurer, llhain F. Aiken.
4. For uttering the above check.
.". For forging signature to a check
for SIM. signed by Warren J. Wright and
livable to Amos Richter.
. For uttering the above check.
7. For forging indorsement on a check
signed by. Warren J. Wright and made
payable to William Dresser.
5. For uttering the above check.
The sees nri indictment was for larceny
covering 10 counts as follows:
1. From tow u of Northtield
Same . , . . . .
Greenfield Savings bank.
. 5,-TTl .:v
. lo.(Mtun
." M ). M 1 1
.".(Ml.tHI j
.".(MUX 1 1
c.i Mime
riiMi.tM) '
;um.m J
'. s.
Warren J
Phi n.
T. Wright
Total .,i,2.47i.:r.
Efforts are now being made to secure
bail for Miss Kenney. When the amouiuf
was fixed at XItUM none could be found
who were willing to go her tmuri. With
the a moil lit doubled it is-assumed by offi
cials working on the case that Miss Ken
neys stands in a fair way of remaining
in jail until July. Northtiehl. where the
young woman worked for eight years in
the treasurer's otlit-e. has plainly shown
her that bail will not be forthcoming from
that town. Her relatives have thor
oughly canvassed the scene of her alleged
defalcations and none have offered to aid
in securing her release from jail.
State Auditors Fcntoii- and Dine, who!
are still- working on the b.ioks ot former
Treasurer Warren J. Wright of North
held, in an attempt to find out just how
much lllonev is inissinur luive l isi-oven-tl
that the amount already exceeds SJ.".(HH. I
.Mr. Wright, in tiling an attachment on;
-Miss Kenney s property, named that
amount, but it is now helieved that the'
original nguie or .M..tMHi as the amount
embezzled, will be largely increased when
all the facts are known.
Safety First.
One snappy day recently Johnny's
mother sent him to the store in Imlt
a iloceu eg. On his return he handed
her a paoer ba containing six articles,
which, though egg-shap. were certainly
never laid by a hen.- 1
"What are theser" said his mother.!
It was eggs I sent von for." j
"Well. ina'' said .lolnuiv "(lie'
streets were awful slinoerv. an ' so .
thought 1 u netter get lemons instead.
-hoston transcript.
St. Michael's Church
Friday. March 177 at 7.-10 p. ui. Evensong-
and address.
Saturday. March IS. at .". p. m. The
Junior Auxiliary will meet in the parish
Methodist Episcopal Church
Thursday, at .'1 p. m. -Woman's For
eign Missionary society meets with Mrs.
F. J. Fairbanks. 7 Myrtle street.
i Friday, at 7."0 p. in. Prayer meet
ing in the vestry.
Twelfth Night
Presented by.
-Sophomores, B. H. S.
Friday Evening, March 1 7
8 p. m.
Admission 25c, Tax Free
Odd Fellows' Temple
Gives Illustrated JLecture Refore Wom
an's Club Two Appropriations
for' Henevolent Work.
From T-" to KM members attended the
regular meeting of the Hrattlcboro Wom
an's club at Odd Fellows" temple yester
day afternoon, when Dr. Louis Smirnow
of Hririgeport, Conn., read an illustrated
lecture ou The Outdoor Theatre and Its
Future in America. The lecture was
preceded by two selections by the club
chorus, with Mrs. Glenham Jones ac
companist and Miss Izetta M. Stewart as
director. "
The meeting opened with a business
session, in-which the club voted to'appro-
C. A. camp
scholarship and - to eipup a - bed at
the Kinstead Shelter Home for deK-nd-ent
children at Montpelier. A nominat
ing committee, to prepare a list of of
ficers for presentation at the annual
meeting in Mav. was elected, consisting
of Mrs. Fred W.'llall. Mrs. William 11.
Richardson and Mrs. Frederic" C. Adams.
The president. Mrs.. Clarence L. Stick
ncy. announced that instead of the lunch
eon at the time of the annual meeting
in May. when Mrs. Slayton, state presi
dent, will he present, there would be a
high tea after the meeting. Sue also
called alien! ion to the annual uuisicalc
of Hrattlcboro chapter, D. A. R.. this
evening in the Centre Congregational
church, and the exhibit of Russian hand
Work, which, will be ou display in the
ltrooKs House parlor tomorrow afternoon
by Mrs. Foster Stearns of Constantino
ple. Mention was made of a demonstra
tion of electrical cooking appliances
which will be given April 4 by Prof. Al
len of Hoston for the Twin State Gas &
Electric Co.: also of a course of 12 lec
tures on applied psychology to be given
by Ernest J.'Goridarri. principal of -the
Hrattlcboro Rusiness lnstituta It is
planned to start the series March -s.
IVi.sons interested should consult Mr.
Godriarri. Mrs. .W. J. Higeiow. chair
man of the program committee. an
nounced that the speaker for the next
club meeting.- April .". would be Dr.
Charles F. Daltoit of Rurlington. secre
tary of-' the state board of health, whose
subject will be. Federal and State Health
After selections by the club chorus tlx
president introduced the lecturer, whose
address began with the history of tlie
outdoor theatre in Greece in the early
ages, showing lectures of ruin of - old
theatres which have been brought to
light by excavations, ami traced the
theatre from those beginnings up to the
present time, when the outdoor theatre
again is coming into its own. The slides
not only reproduced the. fruit of excava
tions, but showed the progress of the en
closed theatres and many of the new
outdoor theatres in California and other
Sections of this country. His pictures
also showed the simplicity of the casts of
the plays of earlier ages as compared to
those of the present time. The- three
kinds of outdoor theatres, those of classi
cal or Greek achitecture. the natural
theatre and the garden theatre.
In th course of his lecture. Dr. Smir
now stiileil that research tiad revealed
that every kind of play was presented in
the earlier ages, from the Shaksperean
classics to the ballet dances, but that
in all the earlier pYoriuetions the co
operation of the audience was essential
to a marked degree because of the fact
that there was no change of scenery, this
necessarily meaning that imagination
must be vivid.
Rule. Adopted by High School Athletic
Advisory Council Baseball and
Tennis Discussed.
At a meeting of the Hrattlcboro high
school Athletic Advisory Council
last evening plans for the baseball
and tennis seasons were discussed, the
need of new baseball equipment was in
vestigated, ind several new athletic rul
ings were proposed and adopted. Twelve
members of the council were present.
Howard' Page outlined plans for the
Imseball ami tennis seasons, and the coun
cil voted to ask Fred II. Harris to coach
the Hrattlcboro high school tennis team
this year. A committee consisting of four
members of toe council was appointed to
investigate the needs of the high school
baseball team regarding new equipment
and to rcHrt on the question at the nest
meeting of the council.
A member of the council suggested that
a new. clause be proposed for addition to
the Vermont Headmasters' athletics rules
providing that no pupil could participate
in any form of athletics who entered a
high school after he had completed one or
more years in any other high school. This
would tend to prevent a pupil from chang
ing schools simply for the sake of better
ing his tosition in regard to athletics.
A new rule that t he ma lingers of nil the
athletic teams of the Hrattlcboro high
school shall not smoke during the train
ing, season of their team also was pro
posed and adopted.
Handy to Have.
Pop. what do we mean by an elastic
An 'elastic conscience, r.iy sou. is what
enables a man to stretch the truth with
out breaking his word. New York Sun.
. Harhered.
Patron How come this hair in
ice cream 1'
' Waiter Sorry, sir, it must have
slipped in when they were shaving the
ice. Wisconsin Octopus.
In rural Kngland there is a supersti
tious belief that if the wind is east on
Easter day. if i a wise plan to draw wa
ter and wash in it,, as by this --mean
one will avoid the various ill effects from
the east wind throughout the remainder
of the year.
In Kurdistan music of any kind is
looked upon as i Tumoral.
Odd Fellows Temple
Thursday. March 1(5. Regular meet
ing of Oasis Encampment. No. 5. Work;
lioyal Purple degree, followed by buffet
Dance in Academy Hall
All Round Dances
Philharmonic Orchestra
Car Waiting After Dance
Judge Stowe Fixes Bail at
$500 in Stratton
Brother Surrendered by Bondsman ill
Case. Involving Same (Jul Both
Brothers Now in Hrattlcboro Lockup
Will He Tried at Newfane.
The Ii'iio brothers. (Jarduer and Ern
est, of Stratton were in the municipal
court yesterday afternoon. Gardner be
ing under arrest charged with placing
Laura Moulton of Warrisboro "in the
custody of Jack Howard of Stratton fin
immoral purposes, and EVnest having
been surrendered by Attorney C. S.
Chase, who became his bondsman in the
sum of S1.ihm a year ago in connection
with an alleged offense with the same
Moulton girl, who will be is years old
April I lot Ii brothers were brought
here from Newfane jail by Sheriff Frank
L. Wellman. Gardner I.cno having; been
held there Jo await yesterday's hearing'
and Ernest Leno v having ' been placed in
jail Feb. IS in default of bail of Sl.OOO
for trial in county court on the charge
of criminal assault on Delia Cobb, lo,
of Warrisboro Feb. S.
State's Attorney Ilarolri E. Whitney,
who preferred the charges, appeared for
the .state yesterday afternoon at .-.the
hearing, which was to determine wheth
er Gardner Leno should be held for trial
ut the April term of county court. Judg?
F". D. E. Stowe assigned Attorney Chase
to defend Leno. and he asked Attorney
E. Gibson, w ho was counsel for Ern
est Leno iuiho Cobb case, to assist him.
The question arose as to whether Attor
ney Gibson was counsel for Gardner
Leno, the court stating that if he was
the assignment of Attorney Chase at
the expense of the state would be . re
scinded. Attorney Gibsyn said he was
a member of a committee of American
Legion men to see that the rights of
former service men charged with crimes t
were .profit ted. but was not retained by'
anybody as counsel for Gardner Len'
further than that Attorney Chase had
asked him to assist.
The state chaigeri that on Nov. 17,
1?' I . Gardner Leno placed Miss Moul
ton in Jack Howards keeping for im
moral purposes. The defense put in! in
evidence aiid claimed that the evidence of
the prosecution did not indicate immor
ality under the statute, there being no
Vermont statute against the conduct
which the stale's evidence showed.
State's Attorney Whitney contended
that the evidence plainly showed
a violation of the law and he asked
that the respondent be Irclri for county
court under IhmhIs of Sl.tMMi. Judge
Stewe stated that the case involved an,
interpretation of the statute, and ho
continued the case until Friday morn
ing. Both brothers were taken to tho
Hrattlcboro lockup. This morning Judge
Stowe notified the counsel that he had
reached a riis-ision, so the respondent
was taken into court and Judge Stowe
said he had decided to hold Leno for
trial in county court. He fixed bail at
S."i(M, which Leno could not furnish and
so was taken back to the lockup.
Freeman E. Laxelle of Warrisboro,
guardian of Mi.-s Moulton. was the first
w itness, but was 'asked Viily a few ques
tions.. He said the girl worked for Dr.
O. V. Hellion of Warrisboro at the time
of the alleged offense. She knew Leno
but had rejected him. the witness said.
The girl testified that sho had known
Leno several years. She said one night
in November he put a ladder up against
Dr. Ileliion's house, climbed through her
bedroom window and threatened to
shoot her if she did not go with him.
She said she was afraid as he had a re
volver in his pocket. He remained until
she dressed and then took her to Jack
Howard's, where there was a woman
whom Howard said was his wife. She
stayed there two weeks. Leno coming
flo-re every night. Then he took her
to Wilmington to the home of his sis
ter. Mrs. P.oyri- where she stayed a
week. Mr. Lazolle came after her after
Mrs. Hoyri hail written him that she
was there.
Cross-cxaminetl by Attorney Gibson,
the girl 'siiid she saw nothing out of the
way at Howard s and thought it a better
place to stay than at Boyd's. She said
she wrote Leno six or seven letters while
living at Dr. HerHon's. also received let"
ters from him.
Attorney Gibson slewed the girl sev
eral letters which she admitted writing
to Leno. They were of an endearing
nature, and in one of them. written
Oct. -4. was the sentence. "1 hoio you
will be my loving husband." In another
letter written at Howard's she asked
Leno to take her to a riauee. in South.
Lonrionrierry. In response to a question
by the court the girl said she did not
know Howard until she went there.;
'"Don't you like him a little now?"" in
cpiired Attorney Gibson, to which the.
girl replied emphatically. "No. I don't."'
'"But you said so in your letters." the
lawyer added, and Miss Moulton flashed
hac k. "I don't .care- what the letters
State's Attorney Whitney declared
that the letters were immaterial ns they
constituted no defense.
Sheriff Wellman testified that he once
had a warrant to serve on Howard for
New' Hampshire- parties charging hint
w ith Vtaf utery offense. This was brought
out asj tending to show' the character o
And She Did.
"And . vvliy are von writing 'personal'
cm that envelope?''
"I want the man's wife to read the
letter.' Chicago Herald and Kxaminer.
What lie .Cot.
Disappointed Wife A on won't gcvfj
me' the money for that beautiful flit
coat. 1 cook ami bake for you, and
what do I jfet ? Nothing!
Her husband You're lucky. I get
indigestion. London Answer.
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