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uciary Matters
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.., i
Don Eddy is working as engineer at
me taic mine.
Merrill Gordon has bought a second
hand Jlupp touring car of Guilio (Juisti
Elthea Eddv of Bellows Falls is at the
home of her brother. Don Eddy, for a
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McKellip are stay
ing at the home of their parents, Mr.
ana Airs. J. U. JUeKellip.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Mattison have re
sumed housekeeping and are staying at
Ernest llolden's in Simonsville, where
iur. jiiaiiison cas worK.
Visitors the past week at P. E. Sher
win's were Mrs. Sherwin's sister, Mr.
Moore, and mother, Mrs. Rogers of
Springfield (Vt.), and Guilio Giusti of
frovidence, K. 1.
Townspeople were shocked to learn of
the accident Monday evening to Mail
Carrier William A. Lawrence. lie has
been on the job regularly for 13 years,
ana it is nopea he can soon be on the
job again.
Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Wood, Mrs. F. II.
Harris and Miss Katherine Holbrook of
Chester were in town Sunday. The
Harris family do not exoect to ODen
their house here this summer, except for
a unci i line ior repairs.
Miss Clara B. Whitnev. teacher of the
West school, who was called to her home
m JL'hiilipston. Mass.. Sundav bv the seri
ous illness of her father, probably will
not. De a Die to return. Kev. K. Ii. Tre
Fethren is substituting temporarily.
The school entertainment was held on
a rainy nieht. Ihursdav. but was rea
sonably well attended. It consisted of
a play by several girls and sone-s and
recitations. Ice-cream and candy were
on sale. About was taken in, which
it is nopeu to use in talcing an automo
bile trip the last day of school.
The Farm Bureau moving pictures
were attenaeu by over IUO. Iartrelv
women, and children. The pictures were
considered lirst class, much better than
it would be expected could bo shown
here. The West and Central schools
were dismissed so that most of the pu
pils of both schools were present.
The canvassing team for the Farm
Bureau covered the town Monday, and
proved themselves persuasive canvass
ers by enrolling 24 members at $10
eac'il. Outside of tli four -nien who
carried the canvassers around, not more
than one or two men who joined were
present at the meeting and pictures Fri
day. The meeting of the Glebe Mountain
Sunday school association May 17 was
fairly well attended and profitable. In
the forenoon State Secretary Robbins
conducted a discussion on Increasing
Sunday School Attendance. In the
afternoon Rev. C. L. Ellinwood of Lon
donderry gave a fine address on Making
the Class Work Interesting, and Secre
tary Robbins spoke on the Pailv Vaca
tion Bible School, and Week-Day Re
ligious Instruction. Officers elected in
clude Roy Moore of Weston, president;
George L. Dutton and the various super
intendents, vice presidents, Mrs. Made
line Vaile of South Londonderry, secre
tary; and Mrs. Gladys Davis of South
Londonderry, treasurer. An invitation
was extended by the South Windham
school to hold the fall meeting with
E. L. Cooke of Iladley, Mass., has
bought the Will Strong farm near
Miss Jessie Pearson, who was taken
to the Brattleboro Memorial hospital
Monday, is better. '
Mrs. Ned Whitney was taken to the
Memorial hospital at Brattleboro Sun
day and is n a critical condition.
E. W. Knapp of Massachusetts is mov
ing into the tenement of the Riverside
Inn basement, where he will make re
pairs on all kinds of leather goods.
Rev. Edward Eno is to be the speaker
Memorial day at the hall. It is a great
disappointment that the band cannot
furnish music as usual, as they have
been unable to get together to practice.
Over 40 different wild flowers have
been brought into the grammar school
and identified by the children. The book,
How to Tell the Wild Flowers, which
should be in the library, is not there and
if someone has it who isn't using it, the
grammar school would appreciate get
ting it.
Many will be sorry to learn of the
death of Gypsy, Judge A. E. Cudworth's
little pet dog, a Boston terrier. "Gyp"
was a village pet and an unusually
smart dog. Some time ago she under
went an operation in Brattleboro for
tumors and then seemed apparently
well, but a recurrence of the disease
made another operation necessary and
she died while being operated upon last
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Howe of Brattle
boro were visitors at W. S. Allen's Sun
day. Judge and Mrs. F. M. Butler of Rut
land were guests at E. M. Butler's over
Will Page and daughter, Edith, of
Putney were callers at A. W. Kidder 's
Mrs. J. II. Peck is ill with heart
trouble. Mrs. Mary Patterson is assist
ing her with her work.
Mrs. Annie Stone returned to A. W.
Kujder's Saturday after a week's vaca
tion in South Londonderry. Her young
est grandson came with her to spend
the day.
Mrs. George Damon was taken to
Brattleboro to the Memorial hospital
Monday for treatment.- Her youngest
sister. Miss Iva Adams, accompanied her
as nurse. Another sister and their
father are staying with her family
during their absence.
Merle Cobleigh of New Hampshire is
in town in the interests of the New York
Life Insurance Co.
The pastor, Rev. L. II. Sprague, has
invited the war veterans, the Woman's
Relief corps. Sons of Veterans and
school children to march in a body to
the service next Sunday morning. There
will be special memorial services. On
Monday the pre-Memorial day services
will be held by the school children.
Dclard Perry and family moved Mon
day from George Bush's farm to their
own place.
Mr. and Mrs. Dominique Belleville and
Mr. and Mrs. Don Belleville were at A.
A. Austin's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin were in South
Wardsboro last week to attend the
burial of Mrs. Austin's uncle, Herbert
Kidder, who died in Wilmington, last
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Howe were in
Brattleboro last week to attend the
Odd Fellows grand lodge session. Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Howe attended the
meeting Thursday evening.
Mrs. Irving Grout and sons, Leo and
Roy, and daughter, Amy, and husband
and two grandchildren, also Mrs.
Charles Austin and daughter were re
cent visitors and callers at A. A. Aus
tin's. Callers at the Wellman home Run.
day were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cutler, Mrs.
Miles and Howard Cutler of Townshend,
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stebbins, Mr. and
Mrs. Hubert Stebbins and Miss Celestie
Stelbins of Brattleboro.
22. .21
5 -J .15
27 -r"
23 I3
O 12.
44 4S 54
39 43 .
4; V -5.
Of whom are the boys afraid?
Draw from one to two and so on to the
Memorial Day Committees.
There was a special meeting of the
-wn.-j uj. veterans uimnurv iv pnnpsi av
io noiu memorial services for the sis
ters who died durins the vpnr.
The general committee nf the various
patriotic orders met Wednesday to com
plete the arrangements for the program
for Memorial day. The following have
Decn cnosen: President of the day. O.
E. liutterfield : first vice rjrpsidpnf.
Charles H. Parmelee ; second vice presi
dent. Eli II. Porter; chief marshal, F.
aj. assistant marsnais, fttepnen 1j.
Bond and Fred C. Aldrich of the Sons
or veterans and Paul Whitmaa and
Fred Howieson of the American Legion ;
commiuee ot arrangements, u. E. But-
leriield. F. K. Kav. C. C Barlow. Mrs
Mary M. Biekford. friaries R. AIIpti
Mrs. W. E. Howe; committee on music,
vocal, Gladys C. Bassett, to choose her
own assistants, instrumental. S. L. Rnnd
ana e. Jones ; committee on decorat
ing nail and monument, O. C. Barlow
and Mrs. Maud E. Fitch : committee on
dinner. Mrs. Alice J. Barlow. Mrs. Ca
lista It. Carpenter, Mrs. Celia B. Bas
sett, Miss Georgia Medbury: commit
tee on flowers, Mrs. Ella Busby, to
cnoose ner assistants ; committee to des
ignate graves, V. E. Ray, II. E. Hotch
kiss, Leland L. Andrews : bridge cere-
mony committee, C. O. Barlow, Mrs.
Gertrude Sage.
Rev. J. Duke King of Rupert will be
the speaker of the day. Miss Edith
Sage is to deliver the Gettysburg Ad
dress at Memorial hall. Music is to be
furnished by the Wilmington cornet
band, 'lue parade will form at Grand
Army hall at 9.45. The Grand Army.
Sons of Veterans, Sons of Veterans aux
iliary, American Legion and Legion aux-
uary will be in the parade.
Lyceum Course to lie Held.
At the Parent-Teacher association
meeting at the high school assembly
nail k riday evening about 4.j were pres
ent. A representative of the Syracuse
Lyceum Co. was present and spoke In
regard to the town s arranging for a ly-
ceum course to be held here during the
coming winter. A vote was taken to
leave the matter with a committee which
met at the close of the evening enter
tainment and decided to hold such a
An interesting address was given by
Kenneth Preston, also remarks by Mrs.
Buckley,, president of the association,
and a recitation by Mr. Turton, entitled.
Green Grow the Rushes, Oh. Special
musical numbers included a motion
song by members of the second primary
department, piano duet by Misses Saw
yer and Sullivan, and singing by Mrs.
Fred Cheney and Mrs. Wayne Garner,
with Miss? Gladys Bassett frs accom
Elsie Burbeo of Townshend is visitine
1 i xi "m r f t ' ' . . .
ner granumotner, iurs. iuanin uieason
The date decided upon for the annual
Wilcox Fund prize reading and snellmir
J , T,'.-J T t r a
Rev. Walter R. Curtis will be the U
morial day speaker at Saxtons River
for the lourtn successive year.
Pre-Memorial day exercises bv hoth
. i -ii l -i T . .. .
sciiooia win oe neia m the town hall
Monday atternoon at 2 o'clock.
Rev. Walter R. Curtis attended the
installation of Rev. W. R. Illaekmpr of
the Congregational church at Saxtons
Kivcr .Monday.
The sympathv of the fwmmiinir.v is
extended to Mrs. Alberto Barnes, whose
father, Charles H. Nichols, died May 12
at ins uuuie in ieiiows rails.
Dr. and Mrs. Ned GodhuA Tctnrnpd to
tlieir Jiome in Davton. Ohio, last week
after spending two weeks at the home of
Dr. Goodhue's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Harlan Goodhue.
Mrs. W. R. Curtis returned home Tues
day after several weeks visit with her
daughter, Mrs. Bacon of Jersey City. N.
J. On her homeward triD she visited
friends in Sunderland and East North-
held, Mass. -
Rev. William F. Bissell of West
Townshend has boucrht the nlace of Mrs.
Duane Taylor, which was a part of the
Minard farm, in the north part of the
town near Saxtons River and moved his
family here. Mr. Bissell was a class
mate at Amherst college of Rev. W. R.
Blackmer and Prin. Raymond McFar-
land of Saxtons River. We are glad to
welcome him and his family here.
Mr. Russell and George Smith of Ran
dolph made a house-to-house canvass
for members for the Windham County
rarm Bureau last Iridav. Ihey were
taken around bv Walter Buxton, Rollin
Isanney and Seymour Minard of this
place. Miss Viola Cameron, boys and
girls club leader, brought and took them
back to Jiellows Falls in her automobile.
All the Farm Bureau men are making
their headauarters in Bellows 1 alls while
conducting the campaign in this part of
the countv. Mrs. Cameron was a guest
of Mrs. Seymour Minard that day.
Mrs. II. T. Coe and Miss Fanny Coe
of Boston are at the Coe summer home
Rev. C. II. Moorhouse is in Ludlow this
week attending the Baptist convention,
E. II. Miller and daughter of Dum-
merston sang at the play, June, Tues
day night.
The Last Putney Community club pre
sented June Tuesday evening at the
town hall with a strong cast of charac
ters, all of whom did their parts exceed
ingly well. Considered from the stand
point of their being very nearly all aina
teurs in tneir nrst appearance means
they were drilled by a clever artist, Mrs.
C. II. Pratt.
The services at the Community church
for the week of May 28 are: Preaching
by the pastor Sunday at 10.4.1 a. ra. All
ex-service men, vt oman s Keliet corps
ana lauies auxiliary are invited to at
tend. A service at Pierce's hall at East
Putney at 2.30 o'clock. Sundav school
at noon ; Christian Endeavor. 7.30 n. m.
Topic, Lessons from Great Foreign Mis
sionaries. Leaders, Mrs. F. P. Cole and
Ix)uise Fellows. J
Thursday at 4.15 p. m. Topic, What the
.missionaries Are noing for India and
Burmah. Leaders, Violet Jelly and Bar
bara Smith.
The garden sale of nl.ints. fculhs
by the woman's Bible class of the Com
munity church was held WpdnPidar
afternoon and evening. Afternoon tea
was served by Mrs. F. E. Robertson, Mrs.
G. T. , Aplin . and Mrs-L. IT.
There was a candy table presided over bv
.xi imve uioou; garden table, Mrs. F.
P. Cole and Miss Bessie Braley; a mis
cellaneous table, Mrs. Alta Phillips and
.ms jt-iinie iDboit. in the evening
there was a free entertainment of songs,
recitations and an exercise hv si linio
girls. Constance Knight entertained hpr
audience while eutertaing her sister's
Several went from here to attend a
Masonic meeting in Brattleboro ednes-
day afternoon.
Mrs. II. D. Elmer of Marlboro is car
ing for Mrs. John Bussieres and infant
son, Harry George.
The Wilmington high school baseball
team went to Brattleboro Saturday to
play the high school team there. The
game resulted in a victory for the Brat
tleboro team.
There will be union services at Memo
rial hall Sunday morning instead of the
regular services at the various churches.
The patriotic orders will parade from
Grand Army hall to attend in a body,
starting at 10.30 a. m.
Rev. and Mrs. F. M. Bissell, who re
cently moved from here to their summer
borne on Ilieley bill in Marlboro, mo
tored to North Adams, Mass., Tuesday.
They were accompanied by Mrs. Clar
ence Corkins and daughter. Miss Gen
In a spelling contest in the seventh
and eighth grades of the village school
Monday .the winners were Ruth Turner
and Leta Thurston. xnese two girls
were taken to Brattleboro Tuesday aft
ernoon to participate in the county
Pre-Memorial day exercises will be i
held at the Memorial na Friday after
noon by the pupils ot all the schools in
town." They are to meet at the high
school bin dine at J.JO P. m. and march
to the hall for the exercises. Everyone
is invited to attend. Delegates from the
various districts were appointed as fol
lows: Village school, F. E. Ray, Mr.
and Mrs. M. F. Barber ; Cold ' Brook
school. Mr. and Mrs. i . J. Davis; Cut
ting school. Mrs. Charlotte Smith and
Mrs. Christie Moore; Jjitcn school, Mr.
and Mrs. Peter Reando; Raponda
school, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Spaulding;
Medburyville scnooi, airs, i-ennie xvey,
Harry Covey; Mountain Mills school,
Mrs. ( ; arinda Moon, Mrs. isarati b ra
zier; Dix school, Mr. and Mrs. George
P. Hubbard.
Bridges Crossed.
Considerable dissatisfaction across the
water because the poet laureate did not
warble a few notes on the princess's
marriage. It a really too bad. How
ever, what does the rhymer say:
' Tis very easy for the state
To make a bard a laureate:
But it is something more than hard
To make the laureate a bard.
Zina Goodell moved tliia wool- tn tv.a
farm he bought of E. II. Pratt.
Miss Leone Turner of TtrnHTl
spent the week-end at her home here.
Earl eaw is ill with scarlet fever.
Dr. Wright of Wilmington attends him.
Mrs. Alva Jones nnH
tne week-end with rplntiva t8toti,
v 4'i av lie-
Mrs. Mary A. Coodpll
week with her daughter, Mrs. AV. IL
Moore, in Williamsville.
Rev. and Mrs. C. O Thinl.am htv
Diantha Niles. and Mrs D, At Tioil -n ..V
Monday to Ludlow to attend the Bap
tist state convention.
Mr. and Mrs. C. .T. Lanolin f t?oi
boro spent the week-end at Snow Bros'
-sir. ana jurs. Merton Jazelle of Brattle
boro visited there Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton ITallaa-ir ot,,i
two children Stewart and Louise, of
Providence. R. I., visited in iha
of Mr Halladay's father, W. C. Halla
day, Wednesday and Thursday last
Morning worship at 11 o'clock wth
sermon by the pastor, Rev. C. O. Dun
ham. The service will be a Memorial
service. Bible school at r.,. r,-0
Clara Converse from Japan will speak at
7.30 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening at 7.30.
' P YE M
con today. W jf-'r
Havm delicious, r' 'Jr.-
crmamy mashed it tSFfv
pataloci at T
your next meal. e.Si-: tr
MaLed potatoes
lighter and more
Saves time and
RyzoN should be
put in mashed po
tatoes before re
moving from the
fire. Less whip
ping is needed.
The results will
surprise you.
We have just unloaded a car of SIIEETROCK the greatest lioard on
the market. This requires no plaster as it is a plastering in itself.
We handle the EPSON wall board and it is conceded there is none bet
ter on the market. We also carry NEPONSET board in stock.
We are offering all of these boards at very LOW prices, QUALITY
Practically everything in the line of lumber, inside finish, etc, at rock
bottom prices.
See us before you build and you will not be sorry.
Holden & Martin Lumber Company
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The Travelers Insurance Company
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& Convertible Debentures
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a Bonus of 30 Common Stock.
This, in our opinion, is an opportunity to make a
sound investment yielding a high rate of interest and at
the same time obtain a block of common stock, which
should eventually return a handsome profit.
We also have a limited amount of the
7 Preferred Stock of Hie
Parker-Young Co.
Full Particulars Upon Request.
Vermont Investment Corporation
Phone 55
Room No. 1, American Bldg.
Brattleboro, Vt.
Effervescent Milk.
The fart that, miro cinuf ,:n.
of the most wholesome and nourishing
Tv.uftva io leu iu many attempts to
niKi a method of m-psprvino- if a
lias reeentlv bppn pmntp n
of preservation by which milk is con-
imo au eiUTvcsccnt beverage
which mav bp kent. fr.r ir 1,
much as grape juice or ginger ale is now
xupmar .uecnanics Magazine.
3 4
That 4 O'clock
can be over
come quickly
and pleasantly
with a steam
ing cup of de
licious LIPTOM'S TEA
Largest Sale in the World
Most men are very particular concerning their shaving
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