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ft. I II
Florida Judges Recommend
Change In State Legal
Also Recommend Appeal on Technical
Opinions by Lower Courts Presiding
Judge Should Decide His Prejudice
Other Changes Suggested.
TALLAHASSE, Fla., (Jet. 0. Recom
mendation that the state legal code be
amended so that "majority" verdicts in
both criminal and civil cases would suf
fice, was contained in the report of cir
cuit judges who met here at the call of
Governor Cary A. Hardee, to formulate
a proposed revision to the legislature at
its next session.
The judges recommended that in cases
where a jury of 12 men is required, the
verdict of 11 be accepted while in panels
of six men. the opinion of live should pre
vail. Under the present state law, all
except capital cases are tried by juries
of six men.
Another recommendation deals with
present procedure under which u judge is
automatically disqualified in a case
where two electors sign affidavits that
he is prejudiced. The judges suggested
determining whether he would be allowed
to sit in judgement of himself in de
termining whether he would be preju
diced if the allegations set forth in the
two affidavits were true. As an effort to
tliwnrf llie freim nf Inw vinl.itnra fin
technicalities, the judges' conference pro-1
posed that the state be given the right 1
of appeal from the judgement of lower j
courts where cases are dismissed on de
murrey, quashed indictments, or tile like.
The provision in the code that counsel
for the defendant shall have the last argu
ment before the jury when the defendant
does not take the stand, would be elimin
ated in the proposed changes. The con
ference also adopted Governor Hardee"':
suggestion that the jury election method
be stabilized by establishment in each
county of a jury commission who would
draw up for prospective iury service the
names of nnt less than 2!M) nor more than
Ti'.'A) qualified "male" persons. It is with
h view to improving the personnel of
No provision has been made in this
date as yet fr service on juries by
Th" present law rlso would
amended to allow the removal for trial
to another county of criminals when, in
the opinion of the governor, circuit judge
or sheriff, a fair trial would not) be ac
corded in the immediate community.
Simendinger, Holy Cross star, who has
been playing at onarter. will switch to
the position' of halfback in future games.
It will require the best brand of grid
iron play to beat the Princeton Tigers
his season if Bill Roper's pupils con
tinue to show the pep they have dis
played so far.
With this car, Dodge Brothers have literally created
a new type of sedan.
They have combined open car ruggedness with closed
car protection and smartness.
They have demonstrated, once for all, that a sedan
can be as practical and almost as inexpensive a3 an
open touring car.
The body is built of hand-welded steel because steel
i3 sturdy, and will take a permanent, oven-baked
finish, eliminating forever the cost of repainting.
The seats are upholsteicd hV attractive, genuine
Spanish blue leather, because leather will wash and
To further enlarge the car's usefulness, the rear seat,
back and side cushions, seat frame and foot rest are
quickly removable, giving sixty-four cubic feet of
flat loading space m the rear compartment,
manifold uses made possible by this unique
are readily imagined.
The top and rear quarters are of non-rumbta
construction, conforming with the present at
vogue. From cord tires to curtain cords, thr r
inside and out, are distinctive and complet
In fact, every detail of the car emphasizes
ing adaptability to business as well as sc
Federal Gars, Inc.
About 9 000 to Bo Placed in Spofford
Lake and 1,000 in Swanzey Lake
xrout for Asliuelot River.
A shipment of landlocked salmon from
the New Hampshire state hatcheries is
expected in Hinsdale, N. II., early this
month to be placed in Spofford and Swan
zey lakes. About 9,000 will be put into
Spofford lake, where there is already a
quantity of salmon and about 1,000 will
be placed in Swanzey lake, where there
are none at present.
The work will be done by State Fish
and Gatne Warden William J. Callahan.
Sometime during the month, he expects
a shipment of rainbow trout which he
plans to put in the Ashuelot river and
the branch. There are a few rainbow
trout in the nearby brooks.
Assembly of Health and Welfare Work
ers in Burlington This WTeck.
Judge John E. Weeks, director of state
institutions of Vermont, and Herbert 0.
Parsons, state commissioner of probation
in Massachusetts, are among the speak
ers secured for the 8th Vermont confer
ence of social work, which will convene
the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 11, in
the chapel of the University of Vermont,
Burlington, at 2 o'clock. Wednesday
afternoon wilt be devoted to problems of
child helping. The conference will con
tinue through Thursday. At 2 o'clock
Thursday the Vermont Children's Aid
society will hold its fourth annual
corporation meeting. II. Ida Curry of the
New York State Charities Aid associa
tion, president of the Child Welfare
League of America, will speak on Child
Helping in a Rural State. The uni
versity, conference and society unite in
extending a cordial invitation to all who
are interested in Vermont social condi
tions. The Knrn Hattin Homes at Westmin
ster will be represented by Rev. Clifford
H. Smith, who speaks on the work of
Kurn llattin. Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Roy Thelps is working for the
Cde Paper Co.
John Adams, Miss Edith Adams, Miss
Ethel Follette, Miss Alta Cooley and
Miss Corabelle Wheeler, went Sunday to
Miss Toilette's home in Weston.
Arthur Hoyt and A. O. Johnson, who
fame from Poultney Oct. 2 to work for
the D. J. Smith corporation, returned
to their homes Saturday on account of
the accident of Mr. Johnson at the shop
Oct. 4.
Miss T.uelhi Smith was given a sur
prise Saturday in celebration of her ISth
birthday. Games and guessing contests
were played and all enjoyed a very
pleasant evening. Refreshments of
cake and cocoa were served.
The auction of Mrs. Emily D. How
ard on Kimball hill was well attended
in spite of the threatening weather. W.
!. Pierce of Bellows Falls "Was the auc
tioneer and A. M. Corser was the clerk.
A few pieces of old-fashioned furniture,
including a bureau 112 years old, were
disposed of at good prices.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Watermond came
Saturday to spend the week-end with her
sister. Mrs. Elwin Hall. Mr. and Mrs.
Hall recently came to work at Elm
Leigh farm. Mr. and Mrs. Watermond
are living at present in Rutland, where
Mr. Watermond "is driving one of the
cross-state busses from Rutland to
Chieken-tde supper will be served In
I the parish house of All Souls church
Thursday, Oct. 12, under the auspices
or tne ljauies aiu socieiy or me Swed
ish Lutheran church.
Mrs. Lawrence Barber and Mrs. E. C.
Moaatt will be hostesses at the Country
club Wednesday afternoon, when bridge
will be played at 3.30. Supper reserva
tions should be made with the steward
by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.
The second in the series of socials and
dances in Masonic temple will be held this
week Friday at S p. m. The affair is
open to all Masons, their families, in
vited guests nnd members of the Eastern
Star. Woodard's tive-pjece orchestra
wilt furnish music. Refreshments will be
served. . The proceeds will be used to
ward paying the debt on Masonic temple.
The first supper of the Feason for the
Brotherhood of the Centre Congrega
tional church will be served in the
chapel tomorrow evening at 6.30 o'clock.
Following the supper Charles Brasor, a
former Brattleboro man who recently re
turned after a year in the Far East, will
give an interesting address on China and
five Chinese. All men of the parish are
Friends of Miss Afnrinn T?-m-o
lem, Mass., field representative of -the
Ne1 England division of the Red Cross,
will be interested to know that she has
returned from Latvia, where she was
for nine months in charge of relief work
around Libau. Latvia, on the Baltic sea.
During that time most of the Red Cross
work has been in child health in feeding
centers, holding clinics for examination
of children, and special baby clinics. She
says the children, scantily clad, walked
four miles to et a single meal, often
times reaching the feeding stations with
frozen hands and feet.
Funeral services for Charles R. Hig-
at 3 o'clock in his late home on West
ern avenue, were largelv attended bv
relatives and friends. Rev. Edwin P.
Wood, pastor of All Souls church,
officiated. The floral remembrances were
many and beautiful and testified to the
esteem in which Mr. Higley was held.
E. II. Miller sang two selections: Cross
ing the Bar, and Prayer Perfect. The
hearers were J. L. Stockwell, Walter
M. Rohbins. Charles Abbott and L. W.
Jackman. The burial took place in
Meeting House Hill cemetery. Those
who attended the funeral services from
awnv were Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Reid
of Hartford. Conn.. Mrs. William Holton
of Athol. Mass.. Miss Sadie Winchester
of Woodmere, L. I., and Rollin Harris
of Greenfield, Mass.
'"This is a nice canoe, isn't it, Maud?"
said the tall, dark young man.
"Very nice indeed, Charlie," replied
the pretty girl sitting in the stern.
"There's just one objection to it," said
the young man.
"Indeed! And what is that?" she
"Oh, well you see, if you try to kiss
a girl in this canoe there's great danger
unsetting it, and then both the fel-
- 22 .'23
27 .
16 is !
8 42
to 7l'Ni w
14 -4o-
13 ? .11 3
On the cirrus grounds you know
There's a Punch si,ow.
Draw from one to two and so on to
the end.
low and the girl would be thrown into
the river."
"ph. indeed !" said the girl reflectively.
And she sat silent for a while. At
length she remarked softly: "Charlie.
I can swim." London Tid Bits.
Saved Himself a Licking.
The farmer "What are vou getting
up there in that apple tree?'
B.y "The stomach ache, sir." Bos
ton Transcript.
At the annual meeting of the Vermont
League of Vomen Voters in Burlington
r riday. the Rev. Mary Andrews Connor
of Rochester, Mrs. W. II. Jeffrey of Mont
peher, Miss Luna A. Converse of Wood
stock, Mrs. Gertrude 1. Ritter of Man
chester, nnd Mrs. Grace IMerce of Roch
ester, were selected as a committee on
organization work in the state. Miss
Carrie W. Ormsbee of Brandon will act
as chairman of the committee on educa
tion and citizenship. Resolutions were
adopted urging tfie enforcement of all
laws and legislation for scientific meth
ods of cutting and reforestation in Ver
mont. u
65 . 47
6J 52 51 .49
60 " 5? 5o
. .53
These Lower Prices
Change All Motor Values
(Effective September 22nd)
Speedster - -7-Passenger
Coach - -Sedan
- - - -
Freight and
With these reductions Hudson of
fers the greatest value in its history-
The new improved Super-Six mo
tor, introduced a few months ago,
makes it the smoothest most de
lightful of all the Hudsons to drive.
It has charms in performance that
owners of earlier models never
Everyone has conceded Hudson
top place in reliability. ., For seven
years it has led in fine car . sales.
Manley Brothers Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Thomas of
Ware, Mass., were week-end guests of
(leorge Robbins resumed work today at
the Mosher garage after having been
ill several days.
Benjamin Blodsett was in Gardner,
Mass., last week to attend the funeral
of his aunt, Mrs. G. 0. Upton.
-Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thayer and two
sons of Burlington came Saturday eve
ning to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrsi
II. D. Thayer.
Mrs. William Holton of Athol, Mass.,
who came to attend the funeral of her
..e. Charles S. Higley, is remaining a
few days with Mrs. iligley. '
Mrs. Amy Ryan, who spent several
weeks in Gardner, Mass., returned to
her home Friday evening. She resumed
work today in the offices of the Holstein
Friesian association.
Movi Diversions.
In one's travels, it is interesting'
To' note the various habits
Of the Movie audiences.
In the far West, the Movie audiences.
Seemed to be stock-holders
In rigley's Chewinpr-Gum.
You could almost hear the process
Of mastication
And you never failed to find it
Parked under the arms of the chairs.
In another place Middle West,
The audiences hummed all the familiar
Played by jthe organ or orchestra.
And now I am going to tell you
What they do in Portland, Me.
It seems to me that the Movie audi
ences In Portland, Me., have lots of music
In their SOLES,
Yes, I have spelled it correctly.
Some evenings I have heard"
Ninety-nine out of every hundred people
Keep time with their feet
To every familiar tune.
Pon't do it it is annoying to those
Who have music in their SOULS.
Portland Press-Herald.
Off Her Hands.
Morgiana had just poured oil over the
Forty Thieves.
"There," she said with a sigh of re
lief, "my canning is done for the sea
son." Boston Transcript. v
For All Occasions
Hopkins the Florist, he.
Tax Extra
More than 120,000 Super-Sixes are
in service. The new prices and the
Hudson of today with refinements
in chassis and body give it a value
attraction careful buyers of fine
cars cannot ignore. .
Of special interest to those who de
sire a closed car at little more than
open car cost is the Coach. No
car of its utility and price advan
tage is to be found within $500 of
its cost.
Gosselin Says It
Helped Him in
Every Way
"It would have meant torture fcfr TOe
to eat pork a short time ago, bo t today
I ate a pork chop and it hasn't troubled
me a bit. That shows how Tniac.hai
helped me, although I have taken only
three bottles and wouldn't sav ontright
that I am fully recovered vet'' declared
E-ngene A. Gosselin, 100 Vai'rview Tve
iraie, Rutland, Vt. ...
"My trouble had me puzzled, Tut mr
aaomaeh must have been in bad shatwTin
fite of the fact that I - hJd a ?ood
nough appetite. About a , year ago I
had myVfirst attack while I -as at work
;when I would grow weak .idMT&7S
with such a pain inr nr stomach ir
would double me up. . A-other fme 'f
woke up in agony from thse pains, and
Jiad to send for help. I Mould bloat up
with gas so bad I could hardly stand h.
and the pressure on my ;hest and around
my heart caused me pe rfect misery.
,.. ? bad P"8 since I be-
pan taking Tanlac anfl have been able
to stand a great deal more exertion T
relish my food better, ,nd feel altogether
much improved in ev;ry wav. Tanlac iV
a splendid tonic and, I am willing to let
TnnT ur;d, n commending it."
-Idvirtiseme"id ?Jy .uggists. .
Mixed Paints
To close this stock out
we will sell at
Per Gallon
Walter F. Spear
43' Elliot St.
4 ;
J i

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