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"Frult-a-tives" Broogii!
Gompieta Relief :
Feminine Topics
Asiiford, New York.
I tried several kinds of physic'for
over three years and, of course, whilt3
I took il every night my bowels would
move ; but as soon as I stopped
taking, physic, I would be Constipa
ted and wouM have Piles terribly.
I bought one box of "Fruit-a-tives'
and took them. Now I am not
troubled any more with Constipation
or Piles. "Fruit-a-tives" or "Fruit Laxo
Tablets" left ro after-effects and now I
do not have o use phvsic".
. LOc a box, G for $2.-0, trial size 23c.
At dealers or from F KCIT-A-TIVE3
Limited, OGDEXSL'UP.G. N.Y.
How to Be Rid of
Dangerous Dandruff
If you ha vp dandruff you must get rid
t it 'quiek it's positively dangerous and
will surely destroy your hair if you don't.
Dandruffy heads mean faded, brittle,
gray, scrasgly hair that will not grow
then you are bald and nothing can
help you.
The only "sure way to abolish dandruff
for good is to destroy the germ that
causes it. To do this quickly, surely,
and safely there is nothing as effective
as P;iriian sage, which you can get at
any good druggist's such as Root's Phar
macy, who guarantees it to keep away
;d! ihi in-ruff, stop itching scalp and fall
ing hair, ami stimulate a new growth, or
tiie ost, small as it is, will he refunded.
Pariian sage is a scientific prepara-r'.-n
that supples nil hair need-; an an
tiseptic llq'sid. neither sticky or greasy,
easy to use, and daintily perfumed.
Ad erl Kemet.t.
l ;y Js iV-Vij' ?( i
p.- p.- --at?" ,.OK r'v.'.s
Milk Plant Sherbet: Take four cups
of Milk Plant milk, the juice of three
lemons, one and one-half cups of sugar.
Mix juice and sugar and add milk slowly
while stirring constantly to avoid curd
ling. Freeze and serve.
j of finely chopped raw potatoes, a table- hjman Gale, Mrs. Stubbs and Miss
I spoon of grated cheese, and fry as usual, j Evelyn Turner will be the hostesses.
' m:.. m.. ti,.(t -i:..t:4.
. . . , . ,, . , Vviai tx iiuu uiiiu, umiuci nurse.
One is reminded by the window dis- ami the teachers of the graded and high
play at Thompson s this week that a few . school attended the community recreation
pieces of silver hollow ware are so es-! program at Brattleboro Thursday and
sential in the home that to give them as J Friday. All returned much interested in
wedding gifts is certain to make the I th work-
bride keenly appreciative of the giver's ! , . .
good taste.
Cracker Tlum Pudding: Three pints
milk. 4 eggs, cup molasses, IVi cups
sugar, HO common crackers, pound
raisins, pound citron cut line, tea
spoon each of salt, cinnamon, nutmeg.
Soak the coarse broken crackers in the
milk over night, heat the eggs and add
with other things in the morning. Pake
four hours in a slow oven. This pud
ding will shrink in cooling. Serve cold
with whipped cream. Will keep quite a
long time.
Pop corn until you have three quarts
of perfect grains. Put in large kettle,
melt one tablespoon butter in a saucepan
and add one cup maple syrup and one
half cup sugar. Bring to boiling point
and let boil until mixture is brittle when
tried in cold water. Pour gradually,
stirring all the while, over corn which
has been slightly salted. Shape into
balls, using very little pressure.
ileal Contracting'
Mo?bf.r nitii
r "I
Dolls have been rather expensive for
some time past, hut now there's no rea
son why every child should not have a
dolly with prices starting as low as 35
cents at Simons Shop Unique and I also
saw dolls there of good size and with real
hair for only $1. These are but two
items of a moderately priced stock of fine
Fine linen, such as infants' clothing,
pocket handkerchiefs, etc., that has be
come yellow, may he whitened by boiling
a strong suus made with yellow soap
?id milk and water half milk and half
ater. Boil for half an hour, wash in
.'dinary suds, rinse in clear hot water,
;hen in cold blue water.
Miss Drown at ?.9 Main street has
been showing me some of the desirable
things slie has to sell. Pretty wool chal
lies, very handsome patterns in damask
linens, some fine values ,in hemstitched
luncheon cloths and napkins, also good
quality of sheets and pillow tubing. Her
prices are always consistent with quality.
When hot flannels are wanted in ill
ness, try heating them in a steamer and
you will then avoid the trouble of wring
Do you like hot waffles right from the
iron, with maple syrup? Hall & Farwell
serve them at their Sunday night sup
pers. Hot chocolate with whipped cream
and hot chocolate sundaes are nowfavor
ite after-the-movie specials there. '
The News Store has three very inter
esting and useful booklets to sell. The
one telling how to make sealing wax
jewelry, vases and novelties will help
you to make many pretty Christmas
trifts; another tells bow to make paper
flowers, while the third gives instruction
in making fancy costumes from crepe
White kid gloves should be rubbed
gently with soft 'bread crumbs after each
wearing and they will keep clean a long
If your hair is getting thin and harsh
a scalp massage by Miss Griffin and the
use of her special preparation will be
found very beneficial.
f!rape Cocktails: Place 5n each glass
three tablespoons grape pulp (seed the
'raies and press from the skins). Place
one tablespwm diced sweet pear .in each
-tlass and cover with chilled grape juice.
This is an individual portion.
When beatinsr carpets give the hard
est blows on the wrong side. Too heavy
a beating on the right side may spoil the
In Emerson's west window is a timelv
display of a handsome dining room suite
arranged and decorated for a Halloween
party. This suite is but one of many
which they can show in walnut, mahog
any and oak. Plenty of separate din
ing room pieces also.
Ice-cream oroonettes are made bv
grinding n cupful of browned almonds;
to these add a cup of dry sifted macaroon
crumbs, then dip spoonfuls of hard
irozen cream and roll each in the nuts.
Serve at once.
Thirty women have registered in the
Red Cross home hygiene class. They
have been divided by Miss Hoff
man into two classes, one to meet
on Friday and one on .Saturday after
noon. Miss Hoffman has classes in
South Londonderry the first of the week.
For Colds, Crip or Influenza
and as a Preventive, take Laxative
BROMO QUININE Tablets. The box
bears the signature of E. W. Grove. (Be
sure you get BROMO.) .TOc. Advertisement.
Men of great ability
have a constitutional infirmity of trying
to do too many, things. They are apt to
leave involved estates. Adequate Life
Insurance for family protection is a ne
cessity and a balance wheel. Consult us.
National Life Ins. Co. of Vt. (Mutual.)
"P. C. DINES, Special Agent. -
Brattleboro Vt. .
The chrysanthemums are coming in
fast at the Hopkins Flower store now.
Every day sees more colors and bigger
blossoms. Because of their lasting
qualities, chrysanthemums are line to
send away when one wishes to -say it
with flowers."
An excellent fig filling for layer cake
is made by putting one pound of figs
through the food chopper, cooking to a
pulp with a cup of water and two table
spoons sugar and the juice of a lemon.
Christmas neckwear could easily be
selected now from the enormous "stock
at the Goodnow, Pearson & Hunt store.
The new styles are all in and there's a
big assortment of Cheney's, the Wear
plus ties, which wear so well and don't
wrinkle, a fine line of knitted ties which
look expensive but cost only .$1 and the
new silk and wool in all the new col
lege stripes and other designs. It is a
stock which shows care and taste in its
Those pretty and convenient Hudnut
compacts, containing both powder and
rouge, have been difficult to get, but
the Root pharmacy has plenty of them
now. These little golden cases make
charminir feminine gifts and are a pretty
trinket for the handbag or the dressing
Tomato Cross makes an excellent
inheon or supper dish. Select fine
pe tomatoes of uniform size. Butter
."lids of bread and lay a tomato on
.I, one in a shallow pan. Sprinkle
:. vith s:ilt, pepper and sugar. Cross
very thin strips of bacon over the
op of each,, and hake until tomato is
' e.
"A hunting we will go" is the message
hroades'sted by Bobbins & Cowles's win
dow this week. It is filled with a fine
display of shot guns, rilles, ammunition,
hunting knives, compasses, flashlights
and other hunting paraphernalia.
PliO I i s I ON AL C ARDfcL-
Violin Teacber. Tl.
DR. W. D. LAMBERTON, Veterinarian, of
fice at Tucker's Livery Stable, Flat St.
Candles burn better and more slowly
'f they have been stored in a dry place
ix or seven weeks before they are used.
The man who gets "hot under the
collar" when his tie doesn't slip easily
won't have any cause for such a state of
mind if he has his collars done at the
Custom Laundry. They seem to have
perfected the art of roiling a collar just
Oysters are now in season and a cook
Mibmits the following recipe for Im
proved Oyster Stew : Strain the liquor
carefully from two dozen good oysters,
ee that no bits of shell remain; cook
oysters in the liquor until they curl;
have ready a white sauce made by mplt
insr two tablespoons butter with four
tablespoons flour, cook' until bubbling
and add three cups cold milk, gradually
stirring all the while. Cook until thick,
then add the oysters and liquor. Add
one-eighth teaspoon white pepinr and one
tablespoon finely chopped sweet green
pepper, and serve at once.
When makine buttonholes in th in or
sheer materials, try rubbing a very lit-
ue norary paste on the wrong side and
allowing it to dry before cutting the but
tonholes, ihis gives a firm surface to
work on. and does not discolor the most
uencate laoric.
hours: awl 7-8 p. ni.
Cutler Block. Office
DR. E. L. TRACY, Physician and Surgeon, 214
Main St. Office hours: 8 to 9 a. m., 1 to 3 p.
.v.. 7 to 8.30 p. m. Tel. 256.
DR. B. E. WHITE, Physician and Surgeon,
Barber Bldg. 'Phor.e 717.
'DR. G. B. HUNTER. Office L-onard Block,
Residence, West Brattleboro. Hours 1-3 and
7-8 P. M. Tepehone 318-W Residence. 318-R
W. J. KAINE. M. D., Physician and Surgeon.
Office, Room 10, Utlery building. Hours: 8.30
to 9.30: 1.30 to 3.00; 7 to 8- Office 'phone 429-VV.
Residence. 9Q Frot St.. 'phone 429-R.
C. R. ALDRICH, M. D. Hours: 12.30 to 2.30.
i to 8. Orfice "phone 165-W; house, 165-R.
X-ray work a specialty.
G"r7 ANDERSON, "Surgeon and Physician.
SuTpery a .pecialtv. Office and residence.
Brocks House, 128 Main St. Hours: After
neons 1.30 to 3. evening! 7 to 8, except Tucs
l,-,v ?nd Fridavs. Sundays by appointment
! v ' ! "-..m
DR. "GRTce"w. BURNETT, Physician and
Surgeon. Market Block. Elliot St. Office
To save a new broom from breaking
when sweeping under furniture, draw an
old stocking leg over it.
For Women
In Middle Life, In Maidenhood,
Womanhood, Motherhood. At all
those periods Women Should Heed
this Advice
Albany, N. Y. "When I came to
middle life I began to go down in
health. I would have nervous
spells, my Etomach was bad and I
was miserable. I began taking Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription and
I had taken only a bottle or two
when I felt much improved. I kept
up its use and was completely built
up in health. I feel grateful to Dr.
Pierce for the wonderful help hia
Favorite Prescription gave me and
I am always ready to epeak a word
In its favor to other women who
Buffer as I did." Mrs. Wm.
Stephens, 291 Livingston Ave.
"Women" who suffer from head
ache, backache, flashes of heat, diz
ziness, fainting spells, nervousness
or exhaustion should go at once
to their neighborhood drugglsti and
pet a bottle of Favorite Prescrip
tion, In tablets or liquid. Or write
Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel in Buf
falo, N. Y for free medical advice.
There are a lot of pretty white blouses
at the J. F. Austin store. I saw some
very satisfactory tailored models and
plenty of the more dressy ones of voiles
and batistes. One very attractive one of
voile had trimmings of Irish crochet.
Nothing has displaced the wEite blouse
Never forgpt to add a little baking
powder to a flaxseed poultice. It will be
much less soggy.
One could not ask for finer dates than
those which have just come in at Ab
bott's grocery. They are . clean, very
meaty and mellow. In many families
dates are always kept on hand for vari
ous uses. They make, too, a very health
ful sweet for the children.
Try slicing apples and baking them
slowly in a glass casserole with bits of
butter and brown sugar. Serve for a
first course at breakfast, with thin
h-ur: ?.3i.' to ?..
m. Tt-leoV.o!
i. m. ; UO to Z.JU, ana 7 to 8
744 . V
DR. H P. GUEENE, Physician and Surgeon.
ffir -. Hdnk block Hours 1.30 to 3, and 7 to
e tJvii.imce. W Green St. Telephone
c-cirv't'T. M 1'i'inf. :;nd Sunday by -
liDWARD R.'lYSCH, K D. Surgery
.1 .in ( X'nr.- i'arlc RiiilriinB. 'Phone. 5-".
H.'iut: 1 to a p. m., 7 to 9 p. m.
If you are in search of some extra
fine silk hose and some which are heavy
enough for fall and winter wear, do see
those at Dunham Brothers which they
are selling for only $2.7.1. They have
them in black, brown and gray and J
know you'll be pleased and surprised
with the quality. They consider them
one of the best hosiery values they have
ever had.
Funeral of E. B. Batrhclder. "
The funeral of Edward V,. T!a
who died Wednesday, Oct. 2o, was held
at the house Friday afternoon at 2
o clock. The rooms were filled to over
flowing with neighbors and friends The
officials and trustees of the Windham
County Savings bank of Newfane, of
which Mr. Bateheider was president,
were seated in a body. Members of Wst
Hiver lodge, I. O. O. F., also attended in
a body. ICev. C. II. Smith of Ludlow, a
former pastor of the local Congregational
church, officiated at the service at the
house, and the impressive Odd Fellows'
service was conducted by West Kiver
lodge at the cemetery. The bearers were
Oeorge Bush, Ceorge Osgood. F. Itobin
son. II. F. Howard, II. Stevens and Lewis
Higgins. Among the many beautiful
floral tributes were pieces from the
trustees of the bank, from Leland and
tiray seminary, the Congregational
church, and West River lodge I. O. O. F.
The burial took place in Oakwood ceme
tery. ,
Among relatives from out of town
were: Arthur ; Bateheider of Granite
Falls. Minn.. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Lowe
nn son, Howard Lowe.' of Brattleboro,
J. K. Bateheider and daughter. Mrs.
Claude Campbell, of Bennington. Mrs.
Edward Swift and Mrs. Nellie B.-itcliel-
der, Mrs. Addie Lakin and Marshall j. !
Ilapgood, nil of Peru. Mrs. Henry Chase J
and Mrs. Helen Boynton of Ludlow. Mrs. ;
Ltta ard of Greenfield. Mr. and Mrs.
A. E. H.idlock of West Townshend. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Harold Garfield of Hinsdale. X.
II., Mrs. Fred Clark. Mis Addie Morse
and Miss Grace Morse of Brattleboro. In
addition to these there were ninny friends
from Newfane. Londonderry, Brattleboro
and other towns.
Slip a rubber washer over the faucets
in your sink ; you will be less likely to
break or crack your china and glassware.
It has been some time since one could
buy a good alarm clock for a dollar or
less, but II. M. Wood is selling while
they last a lot. of fine guaranteed alarm
clocks for only 90 cents. It is the same
make of clock which not long ago sold
for $2. One will be a real friend these
dark mornings when it's hard to wake
Red Cross Canvass Begins. ' (
A house-to-house canvass for Red Crrtss
memberships is being held this week.
The work of the new district nurse. Miss
J Hoffman, in this village brings the mean
ing of the Red Cross health campaign
clearly home to all. and in addition to
this the fact that with the organization of
the local branch of the Red Cross, one
half of the membership fef received re
mains in town to be used for local pur
poses should be an incentive to every per
son in town to aid the work by at least
one year's subscription. Pea op-time Red
Cross, though not as spectacular as war
time work, is vastly needed and the help
being given the children throughout the
country is invaluable.
i rid '.('hone, 17,
Sundays by ai
, T;-i-l.t -,nU
f;R. A. I MILLER. H(;ker block Brattir
i r (.;. i,u!r: 8 to J. 1 to 2. iMo 8.
V.. P. . NOYrs, M. X Phvs'cfln and Surgeon,
T-v,. ! r , -I.i Thr.ai. 01a-ef fitted. Hr&
: v v. .i f.vc. a. Bid.
T.. WATERMAW. O.brc. 117 Main St.
'T re Hi.: 1.30-3. 7-8. Tel. 42-W.
V. H. L.AriE, M D., 117 Mun St. Hours:
1 . .; t s s. fxtti.l Sundays. Tel. 789-W
VF. C. WHEELER, Osteopathic Physician.
i ; fi--er H!.i. Otiice hours: 10 to 12 and 2
I i 4. "t :;: '?: I.v appointment. Tel. 219 W.
KASKINS " SCH WENKT Attorney! and
."f.-jnUors .t Law. 'Brattleboro. Vt.
T. BARBER, Attorney at Law. Bar
! if C? nervous headache
213 3irbr HuU-
SXRROWS fi. CO.. Wholesale and Retail
:6S.U-s i-i ccsls ct all feints. Othce, il Main
An omelet pan should be used only for
omelets.. Never scratch it in any way.
If any piece of egg adheres, put in a lit
tle fat. let it get hot over the fire, and
the pieces will come off easily.
Not much longer will one have the
pportunity to get a Dr. West tooth
brush for 35 cents. The Thomas phar
macy is still selling at this price in or
der to introduce this correctly made and
shaped brush and one from which the
bristles do not fall.
Potato .fritters are somethine new
To the usual fritter batter, add a cup vestry on Wednesday of this week
Wilbur R. Snyder spent several days
at Springfield, Mass., last week for ob
servation and treatment at the New Eng
land laboratory.
Mrs Stella Holden of Keene, N. II.,
and Mr. and Mrs. Will Marvin of Sax
tons River were guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. II. U. Gale last Aveek.
Mrs. Letty Dutton went Friday to
Brattleboro, where she will remain sev
eral weeks and possibly through the win
ter with her daughter, Mrs. Bessie Lind
sey. Mr. and Mrs. Austin and Miss Abbie
Follett of Weston and Raymond Austin
of Brattleboro high school were guests at J
O. W. Follett's and Mrs. Mattie Turner's i
last week.
The November meeting of the Dorcas
guild will be held in the Congregational
This is No. 3 of a series of political advertisements
issued by the opponents of Mr. Barber's candidacy for
representative in the next legislature. Their object is to
show why Mr. Barber, is not justified in asking re-election
why, in the opinion of his opponents, he is not fitted
to represent Brattleboro.
Personalities will have no place in these advertise
ments, no more than they will in the campaign so far as
Mr. Barber's opponents are concerned.
Frank E. Barber tries to "explain" the 40-cent direct state
tax (which cost Brattleboro taxpayers $34,681.93, including $450
the Barber family paid,) by pointing to ten specific appropria
tions endorsed by Governors Clement and Hartness, the budget
committee and the board of control, and saying, in effect:
"There's where the money went. Wasn't it necessary?"
F Unfortunately, both for Mr. Barber and Vermont taxpayers
in general, the matter isn't as simple as that.
The direct 40-cent tax -twice as large as that of the previous
year was .not voted for certain specific projects, as Mr. Barber
would have folks believe, but because approximately $1,009,000
necessary to meet the appropriations of the 1921 legislature.
These indirect revenues which amount to nearly $4,000,000
for the current biennial period used to be enough so that no
direct tax was necessary. Had Mr. Barber, as chairman of the
house appropriations committee of the 1921 legislature, been a
sincere and staunch advocate of economy they would have come
far nearer sufficing for the past two years.
His intentions may have been economical, but his perform
ance was mighty expensive. Are thoughtful Brattleboro voters
going.to endorse that performance?
: y (To be continued.) ;
The Edward R. Lynch Independent Campaign Club
Headquarters: Hotel Billings, Room 30
Cap Is So Thoughtful!
Protected by George Matthew Adams
By Edwina
Huh It & SO if, J.sclaMY Vnmfciag. Auto-
i PHONE 354-W
!i Morrni & Rohtfe U
Funeiii Directors
Automobile Equipment
Bratdeboro, Vt
FS " II (GEE! THERE'S Lsuil kvjoti rr A II , L"00 VJAIT'-TiU. ITS ttosr w A'tt CAVRV T
IP) V mBTua J WHU mRTLEy & cou tore .you srm j (vour boohs Hons:
' Jf (STUBBS. OWVJ J ) f h I A SMOOTH CM ON OVER AN" lL . '.i.. V
' " , H , U M, mi ,

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