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Steadlly, stoadlty, little hand
Stcadlly-lhat ls the way
Over tlie rorka and the ahlf llng aands,
Over ttio breathless bay.
l'nll Bway, ptill away, little mate,
Keep tlma wlth Iho ptaahtng oar.
What wlll tliey My wlio watch tho bay
AVhcn they ace ua pull to shore V
tlttlo brown harnln, bnl 1 know they rnake
Alwonderfnl channe to mc
1 fancy the old bont for thelr sake
floes merrlly over tho aea.
Many a tltno wlicn my heart ls aoro,
And tlred of Its wcaty part,
lf the little brown flngcrs touch the oar,
I frcl tlie touch at my heart.
When the wlnds blow rough and foas mn hlgli,
l've a tnate that ls atrong and bold
For a suinmer ana and a summer aky
l've iny little lx-year-old.
Then over the beaullfnl bay we float,
Far out f rom the hot dty land,
And merrlly, merrlly goe s tbe boat,
If ahe only lends a hand
Calm and liappy I) my little mate,
And calm and bappy am I;
And stlll I pray that my darltng's fate
Itea summer aea nnd akyi
That her llfe-boat may pleaiantly float
TJnderalovlng comm&nd;
And sorrow pass tho dear little lasa,
80 harpy to " lend me a liand."
Harper't Batar.
A Slrnwborry Short-Cnkc.
" Ob, Janey I do you think you conld
make a strawberry short-cako V
Little Robort Converse had been run
over by a great cart as he was trying to
dispose o a lot of evening papers, and
the life had beon almost crushed out of
liim. But he was better now, and though
he could never walk again in this world,
and mnBt always bo cared for and waited
on by somebody, he was nevertheles9 quito
cheerful, and at times almost joyous.
"I guess I could make a strawberry
short-cake." the boy's sister replied, " if
jiow mind you, Itobby if I hadthestraw-
berries and tbe othor tmngs, ana u i
knew how, but "
" Three ifs and one but," the invalid
interrupted. "That isn't a bit like you,
Janov. I have cot tweuty-ftvo cents, you
know, that Boyd's friend gavo me. Won't
Ibat cet the strawberries and thinns?
AVhy, I could stir up a short-cake in two
xninutes and a nait."
" How would you do it V" Janey in
quired, her pretty forehead puckered a
little as the magnitude of tho job loomed
up before her.
" Why, I should take sorae flour, and
water, and strawberries, and stir 'em all
'toeether. Then I should put the stuff in
the oveu and bake it till it was as light as
a Xeather."
" You mean till it was as heavy as leatl,"
Janey replied, laughing heartily. " No,
no, Robby, that's not the way to make a
fhort-cake. But if you can trust me, and
promise not to be disappointed, if I don't
aucceed, i-n see wnat i can ao."
" Oh I Janey I suppoae this money isn't
enough to get the thinps with ? Won't
it be too bad, now that l've set my heart
on ltl
The boy's eyes were full of tears as he
handed tbe londly-chenshed silver-piece
to his sister. But llobby was only nine
years old, and was still very weak from
the terrible pain he had so lately under-
"Now, Robert Converse, you don't
mean it," said Janey, as she took the
money and tossed it gaily from one hand
to tbe other. "it anytbing should hap
pen, it is not likely that you would cry
Ofer a short-cake."
" But, Janey"
"You don't like 'buts,' you know.
Say, llobby, supposo a soldier should sit
down and cry because he couldn't have
strawberry short-cake for hia supper, what
would you think of him 7"
Robby laughed quite merrily now.
" 1 should say he'd better run hoine and
stay with his mother," he anBwered. "But
isn't this different, Janey ?"
" There is not so very much difference,"
said Janev. " You're a soldier, are you
not ?"
" A funny kind of a soldier I am 1"
llobby replied.
" But didn't you tell me the other day
that you'd try to be a soldier, Robby ?"
" Yes ; but you just think, Janey, of a
fellow being a solaier and an enemy too I
There isn't so inuch fun in that."
" I guess there isn't much fun in figbt
ing anyway," Janey responded thought
fully, "but mamma used to say that
very day brought its battle with it. To
day, Robby, ttrawberry short-cake is the
" Oh 1 I can conquer any amouut of
strawberry short-cake,'1 Robby replied
with a bright smile, and then his sister
took off her little white apron, put on her
liat, and hurried out to make her pur
chases. Janey Converse was father, mother, and
sister to her two brothers. Boyd, flfteon
years old, was a clerk in a hardware store
aud earned four dollars a week. Janey
lnended stockings for several f amilies, and
did a little fme washing and ironing, and
eoniotimes earned two dollars in the
course of a week. But Janey, with all
her capability, womanliness, and philos
opby, was not quite fourteon, ond the re
spoiiBibility of her position seemed en-
tirely out of proportion to her years and
sirengin. uut janey was courageous, laitb
f ol, and trustinjr. When her mother was
dying she had said to her weeping little
aaugmer, uememDer, Jauoy, tbat noth'
iuR can really hurt vou from the outside.
You may be perplexed and troubled, but
you canuot be destroyed unless you de
8troy yourself. If you do your duty, and
are cheerful and unselash, you will be
happy yourself and make those about vou
liappy. Keep the windows of your soul
opeu to tne aunsbiue, and your beavenlv
Father will see tbat you have light and
love as long as you livo."
All this Janey uudorstood perfectly,
and, Detter stui, believcd it, and so was
strong to do her duty. There had been
oome doubt in tho young house-keeper's
mind about her duty in this short-cake
business. A very sraall matter, one might
say, out it was only by tbe closest calcu
lation tbat Janey could provide the abso
luto necessanes for her little f amily. Tbe
following week Boyd must have a now
pair of shoes and a hat, aud these tliingu
had to be arrauged for. Twenty-flve cents I
What a triiling sum to most people, and
what a fortune to noor little Janev 1 Ua.
der the oiroumstances, strawberry short
cake was curtainly a pieco of reokless ox
travagance, but Robby had not slept well
the night before, and had seemed unusu-
ally weak and restless all dav. and Janev
declded it waa her duty to be extrnvagant.
So she hastened from one store to another,
and when she had made all her purchases,
consisting of a pouud of flour, iivo cents ;
tbreo cents' worth of lard, half a pint of
milk, two cents ; and a box of strawber
ries, seven cents ; half a pouud of sugar,
fivo cents she stopped for a moment at a
house whore she was iu tbe habit of going
after stookings to meud, and inqulred of
tho cook how to put the short-cake to-Setbor.
" 1' alth, and 1 dunno," tne cook repued.
' It's moself that's sore at heart with all
tho talk about strawberry short-cako.
Two of 'em l've made the samo as I'vo
made aforo and the mistress wouldn't
touch a blto. It's beoause sho's sick and
f ussy, I suppoae. 1 took about four eggs,"
the cook proceeded, " and nigh onto half
a pound of butter, and two cups of sugar,
and "
At this polnt Janey burst out laughing,
" 1'm not Rolng to make that kind," she
"Make it your own way then," said
her companion, good-naturedly, " but I'll
tell yo one thing. Yo've got to have a
good oven."
Janey's face foll. Her oven was a mls
erablo affair at beat, and in tho afteruoon
it never would bake ; and this fact had
entirely left her mind.
" You can bake it here as well as not,"
said tho cook, " if ye'll be after takiug
the trouble."
" Oh, thank you 1" said tho little glrl,
heartily. " I'll bo round in a jiffy."
" Leavo your strawberries here, and I'll
help you hull 'em,'' the kind-heaited do
mestic went on, and Janey transferred
the strawberries and hugried home.
Now Janey had no cook-book, and no
one to ask a siuglo question of. But she
had made biscuit, and if she could make
nice biscuit, why not a certain kind of
strawberry short-cake ? It might be an
original kind, but Janey waa pretty confi
dent it would bo eatable.
" Oh, Janey, did you get 'em 7" Robby
inqulred, aa his sister took off her hat and
put on a cooking-apron.
" All right ao far," she replied ; " but I
must hurry just as fast as 1 can, so as to
be in titue lor Boyd. Oh, Robby, won't
he be surprised to finda strawberry short
cake waiting for him I "
" Oh, yes 1 " said Robby ; " but, Janoy,
I want to ask you sometbinp;. While vou
were goue I thought about praying for
prayiug for for what I wanted. Would
that have been right, Janey 7"
" Why didn't you say what you began
to say, Robby 7" his" sister inquired.
" Praying lor strawberry short-cake."
" 1 don't know," Robby responded, with
a llusbed and puzzled face, "only it
sounded foolish somehow."
" Ihat's what I think, ' said tho small
"But why, Janey 7 Mamma used to
say that we must ask for everything we
" No," said Janey, " for everything wo
needed : and tbat's a very clilterent tbing,
"That's so," said llobby, "and 1'm
clad I didn't do it."
All this time Janey was getting her
thincs tocether. She broucht out a little
yellow bowl, a molding board and roll-
mg pin to matcb, and a tiny sieve. In a
very few moments the younti cook had
two layers of short-cake ready for the last
process. Iben in a twinkling the con
coctiou was whisked over to the neigh-
bor s aud lnto tbe oven. Jlhe strawberries
were washed and sugared, and then Janey
ran back to set the supper-table for Rovd
At last everything was ready, even to the
extravagant short-cake.
A9 Janey, with the treasure in her
bauds, was passing out of the basement
door, the geutleman of the houae entered
and accosted ber.
" What have you there, little girl 7" he
"A strawberry short-cake, sir," Janey
replied, " aud iindget was kind enough to
let me bake it in her oven.'
" Did you make it yourself 7" waa the
uoxt question.
" les, sir."
" Would you mind mv takine it up
stairs and showing it to my wifo 7" the
gentleman went on. " I have an idea that
tbia la just tbe kind of short-cake she bas
been wishinc for."
" I'm alraid it isn't." Janev reaponded,
earnestly. " You see, bir. I never made
one before, aud I just made it up out of
my own uead. '
iJut before tho cirl had finished the
gentleman waa half way up-atairs.
" xne mistress' mother and brother
have just arrived from the country,"
Bridget told Janey, " and dinner is served
iu tbe mistress sittinc-roora. Yourshort
cake is going the rounda of the company,
Iu about two minutes the gentleman
" Your narae ia Janey Converse, I be-
aeve t ne said.
"Yes, sir."
" Well, Janey, I will cive you two dol
lars for this short-cake."
Oh I no, sir 1" Janev exclaimed. " it
didn't coat twenty-hve centa, and "
" iwo dollars for the short-cake," said
tbe gentlemau, laughing. " Uan I have
it, Janey. Going, going ''
" L made it for my brother," Janey in
terrupted, fearing he would say " gone '
before ehe could enter her protest, " and
his money bought the things," she went
on, " but I'll run home and ask him. It
won't take me five minutes "
" All right," said the gentleman. " Brid
get can keep it warm till you come back.'
'Ubi Janey I Vberes tbe sbort
cake 7" Robby inquired, as his sister ap-
peared witb empty bands, and an oager
lace. iben Janey told her story and
waited for a reply.
"Janey, Janey 1 and I wanted it sol"
poor little Robbv murmured. " I have
thought about it every minute this after-
noon, and i can t, 1 tell you, 1 can't give
" Very well I" said Janey, calmly. " It
is your short-cake, Itobby, and if you
tniuK k ngnt, ru go and bnng it home.'
" Two dollars for a short-cake I" said
Robby ; " and two dollars will 'most get
iioyd s euoes, won t it, Janey l
" Yes, llobby."
"Aud you think I ought to give it up,
don't you, Janov 7"
" I don't think it epeaka very well for a
soldier," said Janey, " to be so particular
uuuui wunt ne uas ior supper.
Robby smiled through his tears.
" You said I'd have to fight short-cake 1
he replied, " and it's awful tough."
" What, the short-cake 7" Janey asked
llobby lauohed outricht now.
" I hope they won't find it tough," he
said. " Go back, Janey, and tell the gen
tleman he can have it. Go quick, or I
may geii oui oi me notion oi it.
" Not a bit of danger," said Janey, as
she bont over and kissed the wau little
face. " You're a good soldier, llobby, and
a gouu sumiur nuver runs.
" Well 7"
Tho gentleman was waiting for his an
"Robby is willing," Janoy replied.
" And horo's your money," eald the
owuer of tho short-cake, hauding her a
out. iiy wne aiso wisbes mo to asic you
to come and eee ber to-morrow. '
Janey did not look at the bill until she
stood by her brotber's bedaide again, aud
ncr consternation at linding it a iive iu
stead of a two can be better iraaglned
tnan uesorioed. And wheu a !ew miu
utes later Brldcot camo cllmblng up the
stairs with a pieco of Janey's short-cake,
witb mistress compliments, for itobby, it
was all tho little cook could do to keop
from having a good cry.
" It's juat tho kind that mistress has
beon trying to describe to me," said
Bridget ; " and it's a good thing for you,
Mlss Janey, that you Btartod on a short
cako to-day."
Uridcet'a words were nrophotic, for the
very next week Janey Converse was aent I
to a cooKiniviohooi, and is now a pereon
of much inlil'ortanco in tho family where
once sho only mended stockings.
itobby bas lougbt many battles since,
but he thinks tho nardest one he was ever
engaged in was tho short-cake battle.
hleanor Atr, tn Chrutian Union.
Story of n Iliumuny.
While the Boulevard from Macomb's
Dam bridge road to tho park waa crowded
with all kinds of pleasure equipages about
seven o'clock Tueaday eveuing, great ex
citement was produced in the vicinity of
Uno iiundred and Jbortieth street by a
frantio cry of " Clear the traek I A runa
way I Drive on tho sidewalks I" A man
in a light road wagou was driving his
horso toward the park on a ran and
screaming this wanung to tho drivers in
tne street. iiebind him, in tho middle ol
tho broad thoronghfare, a powerful roan
horse waa dashing raadly down the street,
drawing a top buggy, which swayed from
slde to side, while a little girl of thirteen
years clung desperately to the lines, with
wnite lace and stroaming hair. Jivery-1
body gave tho runaway vehicle a wide
berth. Men in light wagons whipped
their horses frantically upou the sidewalk.
coachmen drovo their carriaees hurriedlv
to the side of the road, ladies and gcntlo
men on horseback galloped wildly to the
fences, and although sympathetio women
in their carriages screamed and men
turned pale, no one made tho elightest '
effort to assist the child, who, witbout ,
looking to the right or left, waa scream-,
ing: ' Ob, won't somebody save me I Oh,
somebody stop him I AVbat shall I do I i
Ub, what shall 1 do 1" I
A qutet looking man in a clencal frock
coat, who waa meditativoly driving a
large " buckskin " horsa before a light
road wagon toward the city, heard the j
warniug cry of the man who waa trying
to clear the road, and looked around just
as tbe roan horse, on a frantic run, was
passiug One Iiundred and Thirty-ninth
street, and all the vehicles were crowding
to the left band side of the road. The
quiet man, without a moment's heaitation,
put his horse, which was a fast oue, to his
speed, and drove awiftly beside the run
awav steed.
"Don't be afraid I " he called coollv to
the child, who clung to tbe linea like a
little heroine. " Now, do just as I tell
you 1 Hang on to the lines, and pull most
on the left, and when I tell you to jump,
do it. Will you mind what I say 7"
" Yes," answered the little eirl : " but
save me, oh save me if you can 1 "
Tbe quiet man gave tbe buckskin horso
a cut with his whip, aud the animal broko
into a gallop, and brought the seat of his
master'a wagon even with the runaway
horse's head. The man quickly wounti
his linea about hia right hand, and with
tbe leit seized tbe runaway horse s bridle.
The frantic beast plunged and jerked his
head away, almost draggiug the man from
hia seat, and dashed on, the man losing
his hat and whip. But he at once drove
alongside the horse's head again, and
again seized the bridle, which was again
torn away from him. He drove up again
and made a third attempt, and met a like
tailure. " Don't give up," he called to the
child, who was losing courage and crying :
ti - t 1 a 1 1 .1 ,, m i
jubii uungon to ino lines." xnen, in very
vigorous language, be exhorted soine of
the borsemen whom they were flying past
to come to his assistance, but not oue re
sponded. The two animals, in this time,
had run down to One Iiundred Twenty-
Pr.klL la L 1 1- - "V T T
uijjuw oucoi, auu ueiweeu uno iiun
dred Twenty-fifth and One Iiundred
Twenty-sixth streets liea a heap of stones,
inortar and bricks, where a building
is in process of construction, and toward
this jagged pilo the quiet man, who
was etill driving beside and encourag
ing the girl, saw that the runaway horse
was beaded, and knew that bo must make
a fiual effort to stop the animal at once.
He drove up beside the head of the beast
again, Beized the bridle, dropped hia lines,
aud, calliug to bia own horse to stop, he
sprang to the ground, dragging the runa
way horse's head with him, and, after a
sharp struggle, brought the brute to a
standatill and took the child, who waa al
most fainting, from the buggy.
The little girl said that her father, who
had been driving with her, had been run
over at One Iiundred and Thirty-sixth
street, and that tbe horse had run from
there, a distance of more th'an a mile.
The quiet man drove back to look for the
father, and met him driving down in a
grocery wagon to look for his child, whom
be expected to find dead or dying in tho
road. He was not very badly hurt. He
said that he stopped in the road to cbeck
up his horse aud gave his little girl the
reins. Some other horses came up behlnd
and startled the animal, and it bolted.
He clung to ita head and was dragged a 1
block, when the beast got away and the
wheol of the buggy went over his own
leg. The quiet man drove them both 1
home, but deolined absolutely to say who ,
he was. His name is very well kuown in
New York, however, for the little girl's '
rescuer waa none other than the famous
" Billy " McGlory, who is a fine borseman, (
and wbose previous trainine has been cal-
culated to give him tho nerve and courage
he displayed to so good effect. iV. Y.
Times, June 7.
A little girl who bas noticed the absonco
of seeds iu bananas, wisbea to know how
the fruit is grown. From cuttinga or .
sboots which first send up two leaves
rolled tightly together until the green roll
is two or three leet high, when the blades
uufold. At the end ot the nino months a i
purple bud appeara in thecenter, followed
by yellow blosaoins whioh mature to fruit, j
growing in Dunoues ol soveral hundrod.
The plant dies down as eoou as tbe fruit
is formud, but the root-stalk soon begins
to send up now leaves again. lianauas
are found in all tropical countriea ; a piece
of grouud of a sizo to grow enough wheat
to teed oue man, will, if plauted with ba
nanas, raise fruit enough for twenty-flve.
A ' wiustlinq buoy " has been placed
in the ocean at Southeaat Ledgo. That's
right. There are a nuinber ot whistling
boys in this towii who should bo placed iu
tho oceau as uear tbe bottom as possible.
Norristown Herald.
" Is your fatber a liberal Demoorat V"
asked oue little Austin boy of another.
Cau't tell until after Christmas. He
wosn't muoh of a liberal Demoorat last
year hardly got anythiug last Uhrlstmas."
Mm Stlverffamtenfa.
miAJsn new rich :oxoox5
And wlll complctrly chnngtt tho lilnoil In tho rntlro ayntcin In throo mnntiin. Any pcr
on wlio wlll tnlio 1 l'lll cnch nlght from 1 to 13 wcotts, may l,o rpatorrd to nmiiul
lu'Hltli, lf (itich a thliiR lio posMble. For cttrlnc; Fcmnlo Cnmnlnlnts Uicbo 1M1U havo no
cqttnl. l'liysleliuin ugo tliom Iu thelr prnctlrn. Sold pvnrywhorc, or m-nt liymnll for
Plelitlcttcr-BtnmpB. Scnd for clrcnlnr. I. S. JOIINSOX & CO IIOSTON", 3IASS.
lllHH I HhKlfl
N'ctiralRla.lnflupnza.SoroLtmpa. niocdlntr at the Lunga.ChronlclIoarsonpaJlacklnfrrmifih, Whnoplng CouRh,
I'lironlc llticimmtlsm, Chronlo Dlarrhcca, Chronle Kyaontcry, Cholcra Jlorbua, KldneyTronblcn, Dlscases of the
Splne and Lnmo llack. Sold cvcrywlicre. Scnd for pamphlct to I. S. JoilssoH ic Co., Hostox, JUsl.
An CnslMi Votcrlnarv Snrccon andChcralst. I
now travflinR ln this country, naysthat most I
of tho Horse and C'attle l'owdcrs sold hcro I
are worthlcss trash. llo saysthatShcrldan'al
Condltlon l'owdcrs aro absolutetv Miro and
Immensclyvalnable. Ji'othlnir on rarth wlll make hfns
ful to 1 plnt food.
Sold cvcry where, or scnt by mall for 8
Iiidian Blood yrap
Cures all Dlsoasea of the Stomnch. Liver, BowelB, Kid
neye, Bkin and Blood. MILLIONS testify to its effi
cacy ira healinar the above named diaeases, and pro
nounce it to be tho BBST RBMEDY KNOWN TO MAN.
Cuaranteed to CUre Dyspepsia.
Uboralory, 77 West Third Street, New York City, - - - Druggists sell it,
IlARnAM8ViLI.it, New Kent Oottnty, V Iralnla. flr. Clart Jehnioni Your (IreiU Tndlnn Illood Syrnp
ls a wouderful medlclnei lt hss entirely cured uie ol Djtpcinla. It 15 all tlml It is satd to be.
Mks. Matilda Dandkidoi,
I'ublio Bonofactross. Mrs. S.
A. AU.EN hasjustly earned this title,
ond thouvinds are this day rejoicing
ovcr a finc head of hair produced by
licr unequaled rrcparation for rcstor
ing, invigorating, and beautifying the
Hair. Hcr World's Hair Rcstorer
quickly deanscs the scalp, rcmoving
3).indrulT, and arrests the all : thc
hair, if gray, is changcd to its natural
color, giing it the same vitality and
luxurious quantity as in youth.
hair is'now rcstored to its
youthful color ; I have not
a gray hair left. I am sat
isficd that the prcparation
is not a dyc, but acts on
thc secrctions. My hair
ceases to fall, which is cer
tainly an advantagc to me,
who was in danger of bc
coming bald." This is
tne testimony of all who
use Mrs. S. A. ALLEN's
World's Hair Restouer.
"O110 Bottlo did it." That is the
cxprcssiun of many who have had
their gray hair reitorcd to its natural
,color, and their bald spot covered
with hair, after uing one bottlc of
Mks. S. A. Allfn's World's Hair
Restokek. 1 1 is not a d ye.
B Tho Greateat Blnnri PnrlflAr
Thts GrcntGcrmnnjredlcIno lscom-X P
Bosea 01 leuow jjoci:, jsianarnl:o, S
cntlan, Dandollon, Jtmlper Ilor-
rlcs, ctc, corauincu Ulttt tho Y.x-B t
tract ot Sulphur, whlcU mnlioj ir
tho Crcatcst Blood I'uxlllcr
knovni. Donot ovcr tako to
or arsenlo, thov aro dcndly.i'oi"" I'W
1'lnco your trust in &ULr.n?y.s a,rc
t'nuniiiTTEns, tho rur ?"i.ofQTI;ilT:r,
mmado. ix-
aro e'lcl:. no
matter tvhatnUs
wlth a yollow Btlclry . .
substanco? Ia .your5,i nlnii BiiinM
brcath fonX nndof-.
acU 13 ptltOt orilerflrQ tnir.nllr' nr
JEO BUI.rilUXCarB Hnt nn Snrffly
S0rP?;iCulWTI.o Invalltl's rrlend.Q
, Iho ymms, tho ngcd nnd tot-
IT IS J'tcrlngaro soonniadowcLl by
. itsuso. licracmber vrhat you
o mram uere, 10 may eavo your!
ts uoa'S-xvaituntu to-morrow,
Try a Bottlo To-Dayl
B B Aro yon low-plrltod and woak, or
1 f so, BUL1UIUK lllTTUUS WIU cur
Dell's One Minute GureforToothachejS
IrIco, twcnty-flTO centa.
18 VODIt
Jfany neopte thlnL
1 IAiilrM(ctanldoc
toror Mdney or Urtr Iroublet, or ifjwirjufii, wAI(
ifthttruth xctre Xnoicn,t!u realcnntt ttatththeart.
The renoicncl Dr. Clendlnntng, ttartttuglv
The heart welghi aloutntne ounett, amlyit mm'i
hcenty-elght poundi of llood jan through It once
in a minute and a-haf, reMng not dag or nlght t
Surely thlt lubjtct ehoull hatecanut attentton,
Dr. Grarei n celibrated phgitclan hat prtpttred a
tpeciflcforall heart troublce and llndred dttordere.
Jtlt InotciKit Dr. (iriivi'H' Ilenrt itcaulutor
and can he obtalned at yourdruggMi, tl.perbotlle,
eijc bollltt for 5 by tiprtte. Stnd ttamp or Dr.
Grute' thoroughand exhauttlce trtaUte. (1)
1 E. Ingalll, Solt Amcrlcan Jgtnt, Concord, y, it.
-VJ au ,nar6nt, 1th or Ithout advertlwmwits on
thoui post frw, for ten 1-cmt rtaium 3uO, all itlnVrent,
f 1 i 100 bnnilHiinii Soran ltook ricturea.SJcnils. Addrens
UMON CAK1) OOMI'ANY, Mnntiwllrr, VI.
dayathonioeaHllyinudo, Costly
Outllt tre. Address Tu A Uo., Augusta,
tancouily rcllcro thtao terrlblo (li.cn.cs, and wlll poaltlvcly
cure nlno cascs out of tcn. Informatlnn that lll tavo
many me cnt freo by mall. Don't uclny a momcnt.
l'rcvcntlon Is bcttcr than cure.
(For Intrrnal and Ex
layllko Sherldan'i Condltlon Powdcrs. Uose.l teaip'n-
lcttcr-itampi. L 8. Jounsom & Co., IIosion, JUso.
By tho contral position of its Une, connccts the
East and tho WcBt by tho ahortcst route, antl car
ries passencera, without chango of cars, betwcen
Chicago and Kansns Ctty, Counctl BlTtfT3, Lcaven
worth, Atohlson, Minueapolic and St. Paul. It
connecta in Union Dcnotn wiih nll thn nrinnfnnl
linea of road between tho Atlantio and tho Facmo
Occans. Its equipment ia unrlvalcd and magnlfl
cent. beinff compoecd of Most Comfortable aud
xteauiiiui uay (joacnes
clininj? Chair Cars,
X'uUman'8 Prettieat Falace
Sloeplne Cars, nnd tho Best Uno of Dinlnff Cars
in tho World. Thrcc Tratns betwcen Chlcaeo and
Missouri uiver Potnts. Two Tralns between Chi
cago and Mlnneapolis and St. Paul, via the Famoua
A Now and Direot Line, via Seneoa and Kanka
keo, haa recently been opened between Richmond,
Norfolk, Newport Nowb, ChattanooRa, Atlanta, Au-
fusta.NaBhvillo.Loulaville, Lcxinston.Clnclnnatl,
ndlanapolla and Lafayctte, and Omaha, Mlnneap
olis and St. Paul and lutermediate polnta.
AH Through PaaBengen Travel on Iast Expreas
Tlokets for aale at all prinolpal Ticket Offices ia
tho United Btates and Canada.
Bacgage chccked through nnd ratea of faro al
ways as low as compctitors thatoifor lesa advan
tauea. For detalled tnformation, get tho MapB and Fold
crs of tho
At your ncarcst Ticket OtUce, or address
frci. & Uea'l M'e'r, Uea'l Tkt. & I'tn. Xgtn
No. 70 Stnte StM opposito Kilby, Boston
SecurfB ratentB In the UnttM Statea; aloo ln Oreat
llrttxiiii Franca aod other foreign coupiiIpp, Coplesof
thoclrtlntB of any I'atnt furnlshwl hy remltttng one
(lollar. AMlrnnient rtcoidd Ht Washington. A'o
AQticy tn tht unitfd statcs pouesset mpertor jaein
tiea for otianuQ I'atentt or atcertainwg the patcnt
II. II. EDDV, Sollcltor of l'atenta.
" I recard Mr. Kddy a on of tho moit eovable and
iuccessful practltlonera wlih whom 1 havw hul olHcUl
"C11AS. MASOX, CommiflMoner of Tatents,
" Inventora cannot employ a pernon more trnatwoi thy
vurnuio (XfiiffnitrrHiiuu ni uie i meiu umce.
"KUMU.SDllUItKK.lateCommUslonerof I'atcnte.
IIostok, October 19, 1870.
"It II. Eddy. E$ t Dear Sir You procured for
me, lnlMO, my ilret pdteut. Slnce then you have actel
for antiftdvi'rtl metu lmmlreU of cumta andprocured
many tiau-iiM, reisut anti eitei)ionn. i nave ocra
alouallY emplovfd tlie best nKenr ie ln New York. 1'hlUv
delphU aud WaMiliifiton, but I otlllglva ou almost the
whole of my burtne, ln your Une, and advle others to
empioy you. loura irtiiy, (ihUKitc miAi'&n;
Huaton, January 1, m. 7723
Crlclc. Spralns, 'Wreachc,
Iihcumatbm, Xouralgla,
Bclatlca, l'lcurlsy ralni,
IStltchtnthaBidc, Blow Clr
culatlon of tho Dlood, Heart DUcascs, Boro Musclc,
l'alnla tho Cheat, and all palnsandachoa clther local
or dccp-eatcd aro lnetantly rcllevcd and ipccdlly
cured by tho wcll-lcnown 1op J'laster, compoundcd,
as lt , ot the mcdlclnalTlrtuesof freehIIop,Gum3,
llaUama and Extracta. It U lndecd thebestpzln
kllllDg, itlmulotlnfr, eoothlng and itrcngthenlng
riaatercTerinadc. Ak for tho llop J'laster atanjr
druit store. l'nco 23 cents or flvo for (1. IIop rias.
tcr Co., Proprlctors,
Ag'ti, Bolton, Msbs.
Ropp's Calculator Diary
MaKts l'nictlciil Arlthmetle enar for nll. Sltupll
llen the art ot coinputatlon, and enablrs every
Varmer and Tra(leiman to make correct and ln
atnntnneuua caleulatlons In all thelr kualnens train
actlona. Ii worth lts welKtit lu gold to every one qulck
ln flgurea, lt Is neally prtnted, elegantly bouud, aO'
comiwnM by a ItasKwiHLi DlAry, Silioate Hlate,
rKKritTVAL Calendar and Valcablk I'ocket llnolt
Aliiroooo, tfl. Sent potnld ou rreelpt of prlce,
AKonta WBiit"l. Sells rapldly. Addres
68-S9wrJ ItlnliniH, New York.
1SS3. Xhe SWV rAI.HXDAU of tho 1SSI
liesullfully Illuttrattd M pasei. SIJWT J'ltUi: to
youriclt and muitcnl Irln'la. Beivlnaniei and addreeses
io K.TOL UJKK, Franklin Sn llottnn. Mats.
The iMroestand best appointed Muile I.iterary nnd
M, (,),, l.ll
cw dvtvtimntntji.
"Themnvt rmnrknhle rmeiJu nf thnme."
Taluablo in rcmoving
I.A1IF.rsS BMr.l.MMI
or Iiin.tnin.tion,
prcparation that vrill,"
w wllhnnl hlittf r or blrmllB,
Undl.pntcd 1'oiltlTo r.Tlilencc of Ab.olutc Cnres.
where othrrs fall
tho worhl, and
n mr.iitv F.APnri'rn
bpuxts, nisonor.') it,
A.Tlin lir.KTornllllor.o licniclc.
vrlth tostlmonlals,
fient frrvon Appllfallon.
wlll oonvlnoe evtry ons,
Brnl namonstiilf
We prtparo Condlttnn l'owdcrs and Iloof Olntmtat.
lleave 1'owdi-r. Worm rowderaml Collc Powders,
All thcse on sale at Druffj
j rrico of Ellls's Spsvln
IcuresM.OOpcr bottlo,
storcs and harneds dealcf-s.
For partiail.ir, froo books, pir., wrlte to
MMT1.1 luitr. co.,
0 Hndbu ry St.. llo.ton, or lir (1 4th, Ave., New Torlc
Insurance Agency,
Capital Represented, $150,000,000,
In thfisn rlava nf rlnnht. nnH nnpArtnlnfw
in business, espeoially in the standing and
soivency oi lre ana Liiie insurance Lom
panies, the attention of insurers is reapect
inllv called to thn follnwlnrr liat. nf refinllji
and substantial Companies represented in
Life Oompany.
Connecticut Mut. Life Ins. Co.
A. 0. BROWN, General Agent for Vermont.
Tlllrtr-llfth Alinnul Stntinpnt.
Assets, December 31, 1530, ...... $49,493,629 U
Hurplus 3,311,1M 4
Katlo of eipenae of mauagement to recelpts, 7." per cent,
Fire Oompanies.
Northern Insurance Company
Organized ln 1830. - - Assets, 825,223,590.
Impcrial Fire Ins. Company
OrganUed ln 1803. - - Aasew, 812,270,090.
Phcenix Assurance Company
Organized ln 1782. - - - Assets, 85,107,123.
Pennsylvania Fire Ins. Comp'y
Organized ln 1825. - - - Assets, 1,500,000.
Philadelphia Fire Association
Organized ln 1820. - - - Assets, 84,000,000.
Insurance Co. of State of Penn.
Organized ln 1794. ... Assets, 8650,000.
New York City Insurance Co.
Organized in 1872. - - Assets, 8425,000.
Continental Insurance Comp'y
Organized in 1852. ... Assets, 83,100,000,
Manhattan Fire Insurance Co.
Organized In 1872. - - - Assets, 8900,000,
Connecticut Fire Insur'ce Co.
Organized ln 1850. - - - Assets, Sl,500,000,
First National Fire Ins. Co.
OF trOJtOESTEll, 3TAS8.,
Organized In 1808. - - - Assets, S300,000.
The Royal Insurance CompVy
Organized ln 1845. - Assets, gold, 820,000,000,
London & Lancashire Ins. Co.
Organized ln 1801. - -. - Assets, 87,500,000.
Commercial Union Ass'ce Co.
Organized in 1801. - - Assets, 819,331,071.
Lancashire Insurance Comp'y
Organized ln 1852. - - Assots, gold, 810,000,000,
La Confiance Insurance Co.
Organized In 184-1. - - Assets, gold, 86,700,000.
Travelers' Insurance Comp'y
Ol' llAllTFOHD,
Pald-up Capital, 8000,000. Assets, 84,955,990.42.
Beeure a Oeneral Accldent Follcy for a ejfecined am,
to be pahl ln oue of death by accldent, or a weekly tn.
denmity lt Ihelnjury uholly dlaables the lntured froiu
his einployment. It wtll be wrltten for one or more
montha or a year, as may t dealred, and tbe coat la ao
low aa to place a oointorlable Insurance wlthln the reaeb
of almost every man whooe tlnie and labor are of any
value to blm and bls tamlly. Une ln slxteen of tbe ln.
iured have recelved cash poymeuts under thelr accldent
Large riaks placed at a moment's no
tice, and at equiiable rates, Losaea ad
justed and paid at this oillce, and dua
notica of expiration of policioa given.
Correspondence, and ordors by mail or
telegraph, faithfully atteuded to.
Gexkral Insueaoe Agent,
Montpelier, Vt.
DANIEL M, F0SS, Proprietor.
Foss' Beac Rye, N. H.
This houae ls a l'rlvate llimrdliiK llouso.andls
locrtted un a blgh elevuilou ol btud, wnu a good law u ln
Irout, coiumaudmg u inagolncent vlew ot tbe Iilri of
Mioauumi the bvaulliui coail of Itye aud llauipton,
white tbe ae view ls unsurpatsed. lt is also wtthtu ftve
rod. ot oue ot the nutat balbmg beacht-a tn Itye. two
iinlea lu eitent. Uoou Hahlug troiu tbe n k or lu boats.
Ibu house baaacooituialuuge. i'oat-oltlce address,
I. SI. FOSS, l'ortamoutli, N. II.,
llox 3CI, Take Foas' lleach coaeh at I'ortsmoulh for tbls
buuse. .Se4.ri-t houae to tbe twach. Mall twlce a dsy.
iioaul J to SW iwr eki (.htldieu J per week, ol-uj
all d0erent, anu rut iHMt-ukl for ouly four 3-cent
umii Upcka lor twenty .Cent atauips. Addre
VSIOS CARU CO., Montpelier, Vt.

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