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Orange County Court.
AVllllftm Derjsmore, tho resportdent who wns
found Kullty nt ono nssnnlt upon nno Scrlliner,
wg pentencod to p.iy u flno o( $25 nnJ costs.
Tiiftilno wns pald.
Jol) Slack vs. Geore W. Clevelnnd. Thls
wag An nctlon of npprnnpsittorecnvern Vialiince
between n note for S310 and ono for SHO. Tho
clfllra of tlio plnlntlfT was that ln tlio sprlng of
1878 holoaned $300 to tho deOudant. Somo
tlmo pubcqnPnt to theloanlne, dnfendant gave
hls note for tho nmount Thfro wnn nt tho
gamn tlme n book Hccotintexlatlnir botwcen the
partles who both reslde nt Chelsea. Slnck In
tondlnp to leave town, called upon thfl defend
ftntand the two gpttlcd tliolr mittual bookao
connts the S300 Inan, wltli accnmulated luter
est it was nirreed should be nnt tnto n now
note, for 8340, whlcli wan to boleftut the Chel
sea bank tn bo endotsed by one Iltint, brothnr-in-law
of defendant. Pliilntiff gnpposod thls
to liave been done, but dlscovored when the
note was pald that it had been madn for SHO
ingtead of SMO. To meet thls olalra defendant
lesttfipd that at the settloment referred to he
pald tho plalntlff about S100. and thnt on n
provlous ocnHou he lent plalntlff S30. He
gtated that S140 was the propor balance due
the plalntlff and lt was put lnto a note at the
bank by plalntlff 's dlrectlon. He called the
oashler, John C. Clark, who corroborated the
defendant nnd tostlfied to hls ImprosMon that
the plalntlff pald the note shonld be for S140.
Judament for thn plalntlff. S238.20 and costs.
S. B. Hebard for plalntlff, G. L. Stow for
Ida M. Koberts vs Kdear F. Uoberts. Pet!
tlon for dlvorce; Rround nllegpd. intolerable
severltv. Tho partles were mnrrlod ln October,
1870. tho petltloner then belng ln her 17th yoar,
her hnsband ln hls 24th. They llved most of
tho tlme at St. Johnsbnrv slncn tliclr marrl.iRe.
Contlnual jars marred thelr dompstlc fellelty,
and lt was apparent on the trlal that thev
could never Hvo topethor )iarmonlou1y. BIU
granted, and bougeliold fnrnlture, wlth certaln
exeeptlons, jrranted to potltloner. Denlons
for petltloner ; Harvey Blodcett and Pliin
Charaberlln for defendant.
Edwln II. Llllio vs. cstato of Eltsha Llllie et
al. Thls was a petltlon to be allowed an appoal
from a rtpcree of the rjrobate court for the dls
trlet of Randolph. Charlps R. Granger, Rttar
dlan of the petltlonpr, testlfied to hls under
standlng that he had done all that was
neceppary to be allowed an appeal. The judge
of probate testlfled thnt he expected petltlon
er's counsol to perfcct the taklnc of thn appeal,
whlch was not done, and the llmlted tlme hav
ins; elapsed, an appoal was deslred. Apneal
allowed upon the eround of " nilstako." Don
Json s for the petltloner; Colonel. F. V. Uandall
for dcfendands.
Elmlra J. Stevens vs. Angelo M. Steveng.
Both partles ln thls cae petltloned to have
thelr matrlmonialbonds sovered by the judlclal
Rword; she upnn the eround of hls Intolerable
severlty, and he upon tho ground of her al
leped adultpry. The case proceeded as far as
pnttlne ln aU tho testiraony on behalf of tho
wlfe, when by arranjjernent, the husbind wlth
drpw from the contest and a bill was granted
to Elmlra upon the eround of Intolernhle se
verlty. Th" partles were married ln 1871 and
realded ln Npwbnry, and later at Lunenburg.
K. M. Flarvpy for petltloner; Alexander Dnn
nett and Phln Chambprlln for cross-petitloner.
The following cnses were also heard, and bllls
were granted wlthout oppopltton, as follows:
Geortre W. Carr vs Laura J. Carr, adnlterv;
8. B. Hfibard fo petltloner. Carollne V.
Gaffleld vs. Moses V. Gaflleld, blll grantpd upon
tho ground of intolerable severlty; Dickeys.
Sophla Lnce vs. ntram S. Lnce, blll gwnted
upon the ground of Intolerable severlty; Per
rin and MpWain for petltloner. Nellle B.
Fullam vs. Henry II. Fullam, notlcn, marrlage
and resldenre proved : blll granted for deser
tlon; custodv of rnlnor chlldren given to petl
tloner; F. N. Holman for petltloner.
The capo of Addle E. Grow vs. Alonzn D.
Grow, in whlch both partles ask a separatlon,
comtnenced on Frlday. Thls is a etrongly con
testcd oase, and although lt was hoped to have
conclnded lt by Satnrday, lt was impos'tible,
and a recess was taken untll Monday. when
the hearlrg of the case was resumed. It Is a
cause cekbre In the llne of dlvorce cae.
In tho state casos agalnat Klly and Rnnahue
chargpd wlth reslstlng an offlcer, in whlch the
regpondent's bail was called and forfelted,
the motton to cut down the amonnt of the bail
wag overruled, and the full amount is forfelted.
Railway Ilearlnfr.
Tho followine is the fnll text of the court's
declsion in the case to whlch it relates:
, SrKCiAi, Tkrm of SornEiiB CorniT, 1
' June 22, 1883. (
Central Vermont Hatlroad Company, Jleceiver
and JVinaoT. et al . Petitinners. vs. The
Montpelier X- Wells lilver liailroad Company,
Jfetltionee ;
That nart of tho award made by tho com
mlsslone's in above entltled caue, flled June
21st. 1883. whlch awards that the petltlonee
shau recelve the parlor ana bagenge cars with
thelr papgengers on through tlckets. and bag-
gage on tnrougn cnecns, irom sam wontreai
and Saratoea express tralns at Mnntn'ller. and
transport the same over its road to Wells Klver
in not excepdlng one hour nnd thlrty-five mln
ntes, and after the return of the same from the
white Mountalns to Wells Klver, In llke man.
ner recelve and transport the same to Mont
peller. in the same tlme. so as to connect with
the petltionnr's express trains golng wcstward
over its road, and that the petltlonee's trains
ghall make close connectlons wlth those of the
petltloner golng east nnd west from Mont
pelier, and that the petltlonee shall recelve a
rjro rata snara ol tne earmngs ot sam llnes.
provided that if tho petltlonee shall be com-
peuea to run an extra train in connection wlth
gald llnes. the petltloner shall pay the petl
tlonee such sum ln addltlon to Its pro rnta share
oi earmngs as snau oe requirea to gave tiifi pe
tltlonee from losi in oonsequence of runnlne
g'nch extra trains. Tlils arrangement shall
commence on the second day of July and con-
tlnue nntil the twentleth day ol Sentember ln
each year whlle this nward shall remaln in
force. And thoso parts of the Bupplemental
award, made by the commissionors and flled In
tue causn, tnat award tnat tue partles sqrii r&
gpectively recelve thelr local rates instcad of a
pro rata dtvlsion for the trnnsportatlon of
frelght, and that the petltlonee shall at all
tlmes, whlle the award is in force, recelve from
tho petltlnner's road pasengers with through
tlcltets. witn tneir rmggage on tnrougn cnecKs,
Is connrmert ana ludgment renaeren tliereon
with the followine oualiflcatlons and unon the
followlng conditlons: The petltlonee. insteadof
oelne llmlted to a pro rata snare of the earn
ings of pald llnes, shall bo entitled to be pald
nt tho rare ol not less than ono and tifty hnn
drcdths dollars for each and every passenger
that lt may so transport over its road; and
montmy gettiements snau ue made by tne par
tle, and anv eum that may be found due the
petltlonee upon such settlements shall then be
pald by the petltloner to the petltlonee. Thls
arningement shall commence on the elghth day
of Jnly for the yoar 1883, instoad of the second,
a llxed by tne award. And berore the petl
tionee shall be requlred to run any extra
trains to transport such cars, the petltloner shall
execnte a bnnd in the penal sum of S10.000, to
be approved by the county clerk of Washington
connty, nnd deposlt the same with hira for the
benoflt of tho petltlonee, rondltloned that the
petltloner wlll nay tne petltlonee all loss and
damage that lt may mismln in conseqnence of
rnnnlng such extra trains, except such ns may
resuit Irom the rault or negllgence ot tno petl
tloneo. The costs of tho proceedlng, Includlng
tne lees ot the commlssloners and the cnmnensa
tlon of the judges, to be pald one-half by the
petltloner and one-half by the petltlonee. No
wltness or attorney feea before commissioners
to ue taxed.
IIOMRit E. Royok, for the Court.
Cold Storngo aml III gli Ilutter.
TbeBoston Commerclal IluUettnBayn: " Somo
peopie in vermont wno ao not make butter
gend to Boston for that artlcle, and experlence
no dlfflculty In obtaining the best. Vermont
la emlnently a dalry stato, but, paradoxlcal as
it may geem, good butter makers ln Vermont
otten nave no butter. lt is not an nncommon
thing for a dalrv famllv to send to ' the store
for bntter, TliU state of things Is one of tho
cnrlOBltles of tue market, but no less curloua
than lt ls torthe shoe-maker to be almost ehoe
less. An outgrowth of the cold gtorage of but
ter Is the tendency of uccumulatlon for higher
prlcos. At one tlme, durlng the past twelvo
rnonins, somo ten tnousana pncuages ot tn
best Vermont butter was locked up In the cold
storage houses in Boston for the purpose of
forcing ud prices. The housekeeper was com-
polled to pay forty-elght cents per pound for
an nrticie tnat cost twenty-turee cents at &t.
Albans; and Vermont congumers, perhaps
Bomoof those who made the butter in nuostlon.
had to pay as lilgh as ilfty and elxty cents per
pound rlght at horao. Ilow much money dld
those butter raakers net, provlded they bought
elxty-cout butter in conslderable quanftj? Tho
prlnclpal butter-buyora liave agents who ecour
the state, and representlng that the artlcle ls
llkely to bocome a drug In the market, and
that Mfyou want to get anythlng for your
butter, you bad better gell now,' succeed In
sendlng lnto the cold storagn hnusoa, nt the
dlstrlbutlng points, nbont all tho nvallable
good butter In tho country, Were it not for
the presorvatlve advantages ofcold ptorage,'
thls ' ppecles of a cornor ' In ono of the most
necessary artlcleg of food would be nvolded,
Henco cold storage makes hlgh prlccs posRlble.
Prlres of butter nt tho head cfintras of the trade
in Vermont at prosent aro low. bnt good butter
is golng lnto cold gtorage hero and prices aro
pteady and stronger. Butter dealers say that
tho nrtlrle is ' golng to boom rlght along,' and
cold gtornge Is no doubt the factor behlnd the
' boom. for wlthout thls It wonld bn dlfflcult
to concnntrate nny large quantlty of the artl
clo for a consldorable perlod, The locklng up
of butter by the cold stornge process, however,
has Its rlsks, aa somo dealors know by n sad
experlence. Speculatorg cannot conttol tho
wcather nor chango the lawg of trade."
Vermont Stnto Nows.
OnwKLL has held a centonnlal colobratlon.
A MirntoDiaT church is belng bullt at Me-
Annir LoutsK CinT-RATMOND Is gummer-
lng in St. Albans.
A man ln Holland recently found two wolves
playing wlth hlsdogfn tho yard.
A TELnriioNE llne is to bn pnt up between
Canaan, Vt,, and Colbrook, N. II.
Tiik woolen mlll at Proctorsville has ahut
down for threo weekg for lack of bnslness.
Chesteu nronoses to have an old-fashloned
celebratlon on the Fourth, for whlch a Bum has
been ratsed.
Tiik Mlsslssnnol vallev camo-mentine aao-
clatlon hold tho camp-meeting at North Shel
don, August 22.
IlAttnY. son of Landlord Johnson of Chester,
wns struck bv a broken ball-bat and qulte se
verely Injured last week.
M. C. Rice of Orwell lost thirty-five ilne
sheep recently owlngto the bot weather, they
not havlng been ehoared.
HiitAM Hnojir.KY of Danbv. need elghty-
eight years, was kicked by hls horso tho other
day nnd dled the next morntng.
Cauu youneest son of Frank Gallup of
Windsor, was drowned in a pond last week,
havlng fallen in whlle playing nround the
CruitLES Lafok. from Hatley. P. Q.,
elghteen years of age. was drowned in tho
Clyde rlver nt West Derby last week whlle
Last week the anthorltles of Colchester
gathered ln several promislng yonthg, fining
them flve dollars each for playing base bail on
Patuick McCaiik of Shelburn. eighty-fonr,
trlcd to cut hls throat on Wednesday, and fall-
lng, hanged himself to a tree, Ile wag poor and
tired of life.
A FitnionT traln went off the swltch at Bethel
Fridav nlght and three cirs loadod with rall
road iron were derailed. The englne was some-
what demorallzed.
James E. White of Shelburn has the raa-
terlal at hand and has commenced the manu-
facture of seven thousand barrels for use In
shlpplng frult thls fnll.
Ciiarles Bates. for twentv-flve years mae-
ter machinlst of the Eagle Square company in
Shaftsbury, dled last week. He was a rnom
ber of the Vermont leglslature ln 18G0-1, and a
promiuont Mason,
At Braintree a barn was struck by Hghtnlng
and a cow and a hog kllled. Twenty-three
sheep and threo lamba were found dead ln the
pasture, killed by Hghtnlng.
Tue Bennington puln mlll. whlch has been
run by tlio Andropcoeein num company of
aiaine, wiu snut aown nnauv ln August, nav'
ing " gone on the inortgago."
Mrs. Pond, the mail carrier between Ver
gennes and Addison, comnleted the second
year of her contract Wednesdav last. She has
not mlssed one trip durlng aU that period.
Cavtain F. A. Nasii. late treasurer of the
Northeastern mutual life in9urnnce company,
and one of tho dlrectora in Waite'g broken
bank, has been takoa to the Hartford insane
Garkbtt J. Ross. charirpd with nolsonlne
hls mother. Mrs. Amanda Ilawlev. at Middle
bury june 2a, by putting parls green ln nor
wnisKey, was reieasea last weanesaay lor iacK
oi evioence.
Tom Lahnard of Somerset. less than seven'
teen, recently had one of hls traps carrled off
by n bear whlch wascaughtin it. Hefollowed
the bear, pitched in with a club and jack
knlfo and flnished hlm.
S. M. Field of Newnorh who Inmnnd hls
bail nt the recent term of Unlted States court
at Indsor, and thu escapnd trlal for connter-
leuing, is iiving at Mansonvllle, 1". U.. where
lt is lumored hls famlly wlll soon joln hlm.
The Central Vermont road's woodsheds at
Luase cut. between Bethel and Itandnlnh. tn,
gether wlth two carloads of lurnber, burned
I uesday afternoon of last week. The fire is
tnougnt to nave caught from engine sparka.
THE vallev north of Rutland, has nnnthnr
mild marble boom. New openings nre belng
made, nnd farmers who think their pastures
cover marble, run up thelr prices for foar some
corporations may buy them out " unbe
PATltlCK C. Donahue. aered slxtv.flvo voara
waB found dead on the track In the rallroad
yard at St. Albans Satnrdav momlncr. nnd It la
snpposed that, inperformlnghisdutlesas nlght
waicuman in tne yara, ne was Knocked down
ana Kiuea oy lue cars.
C. P. GlLSON nrobablv han tho nnlv hnrso
nuve inac servea ln the r irst Vermont Cavalry,
'T!. , 1 .1 . , 1 l 1 . iiit rt a. "
xuo uiuuu uu Hiiouiuer u. o., ana j.
lor the companv. are as nlain ns when nnt on
The horse is apparently not a day less than
miriy years oia, ana is stiu a good drlver.
An old man named Glover, nired neventv.
eight, in the west part of Holland, fell recently
and broke hls hlp. The broken bone was pet,
but from hls age and Infirmlty it is hardly
wruuauiB mai ne wiu ever recover tne use ot
hls Umb. Glover is an Unlted States pen-
The Passumnslc Rollroad nassenifBr denot In
oi. jounBi'ury iook uro ai eignt o ciock Mon
day mornlng In the nttlc ar.d waa badlv dara
aged by fire and water. The stock of tlckets,
books and apors was savod. The upper story
was occnpiea oy u. u. uenderson, ticnet agent,
uuu u. i.. uauara; notn lnsureo.
TiiErearof the Connecticut Rlver Lumber
Corapany's blg drive of seventv-fivomllllons of
lumber left Mclndnes Falla the 25th. Wlth
the present pitch of water it wlll requlre some
nuy or sixty uays to reacn tue comoanv s
mlllsnt Holyoke nnd Hartford. They have
been oblfeed to leave about a million on the
r'itteen Mile Falls.
The state insann asylum hns bought the
private school wlth twenty acres of ground
north of thelr old bulldine at Brattleboro and
fltted lt npln attractivegtyleaaasummerhome
for the tractable patlents. There are nccom
roodatlons for sixteen patients, and the curable
cases wiu ne given a netter cnance, wltn recre
ation out ot doors.
The followlng px-governora of this state are
ociogenanans: iiuand liall, nennington; Ky.
land Fletcher, Cavendish; Jnliua Converse,
Woodstock ; Paul Dllllneham, Waterbury
freaencK iioibrook, lirattlPhoro. Other ex.
governors Hvlne: Pace and Proctor of Rutland
Stewart of Middlebury, Farnham of Bradford
ano smnn oi 6t. Albans.
The badly dccomposgdbrTily of a l
found at Swanton laefwcek Monday, '
man was
whlle th
flumeof Smith'ssash factorywas belng cleaned
out. From the bot evldenceobtained lt seems
Brobable that it is the bodv of Ciiarles Rou
eelle, who dlsappearod last fall after n drunken
suree. The lntest developments have shown
that lie probably fell through the rallroad
brldgo by accldent.
Emsiia Colton of Sherburne, it would soem
ls fairly entltled to tho championshlp in bear
huntlng, havlng caught flve last year and two
this year. Mr. Colton is nearly sevontv years
old, but he stoutly malntalns that he ls good
for all the bears In tho world, If hocan have
hlg favorlte weanon. an nx to klll them wlth.
Ona of the sklns captured this year Is a vnrv
flueonoand.Mr. Colton hag been offerod S15
ror lt.
The reductlon of the natlonal debt dnrlng
the flscal venr wlll bA In rnnnfl nnmhnra .
000,000. )n only one year in the bistory of our
publiadobt has tho reductlon been as great.
Last year lt was 8175.000,000; the veac before
that it was S31.000.000, nnd In the previous
year n was (o,uuu,uutJ.
A nocic wlth elght hundred thousand feet of
lumoeron it leu lnto tue lane at wusitegon
Mlchlgnn, last Frlday, preclpltntlng twenty
men lnto the water, three or four of whoru
were drowned. A boy waa crushed under forty
tuouiana leet oi umuer.
Snmmnry of Nows.
The North Carollna peach crop ls n falluro.
Now a Boston man clalma tohavedlscovcred
perpetual motlon.
The debt stntemont In Juno wlll show a re
ductlon of over 813,000,000.
New natlonal banks have been oreanlzed for
the past slx monthg nt tho rate of one a day.
The New York nldermen havo adonted An
ordlnance prohtbltlng the sale of the toy plstol.
The recclpti from ootneo stanmn for the
quarter ended March 31, 1883, were 811.329 171.
The llabllltlos of McGooch. Everlneham &
Co., tho Chicneo lard dealers recently falled,
are now get nt 8G,000,000.
A iieavy raln torm last Wednpsdav dld
great damngo on hong Ilmd. the damage to
cropg belng esttmated at 820,000.
The nnraber of drownlnir accldnntH thls snn.
gon Is very great. tlio deaths of twelve peopie
ueing noucca m oaturday'g teiegrams.
Eiohteen thousand immlffrants nrrlved at
Montrenl durlng June. Tho Domlnlon gnvorn
ment has nppropriated 810,000 toward n Castle
unruuii inere.
StX of tho dllimnl of Ynlo r.olloffn woro nr.
rested on the campus last Wednesday evenlng,
whlle holdlne a jolllflcatlon wlth cannon, fire
crackerg nnd Roman candles.
The Boston & Malno rnllrond maphlnn ahnna
at Prison plnt, Ms., were destroyed by fire
Satnrday nlght. Threo englnea were burned,
nnd the loss wlll reach 8100,000.
INDIANA hns slx nrealdnntlnl rnndldAfpa.
The democrats present fonr Hendrlcks, Mc
Donald, Holman and Nlblnck; and tho repub
llcans two Harrlson and Gresham.
A DAUOIITEIl of .Tnhn T.Bnnnn nf TiVnnrt
N. Y.. prlcked her fnrohfind wlfh a tnnlr ro.
cently. Blood pnlsonlng ensued, nnd she dled
in convulslons a few days afterward.
It is stated that not over SfiO.OOO.OOO wlll bn
pald out for nenIons thls vear fVimmlaalnnnr
Dudley Inlended to dlBburao 8100,000 000, but
jiuus inai ne cannot accompllsh the task.
CONTHIimTION aro flnwlntr In nt TTnlnntnwn
Penn., to the aid of the famlly of the late Cap
tain Nutt who was kllled bv Dukea. who was
in turn slain by Captnln Nutfg son James.
At New London. Conn.. ItarvArd wnn tho
university race tho 28tb, defeatlng the Ynle
crew by twonty-five lengths, rowlng over tho
courso ln twenty-four mlnutca nnd forty-sovcn
rETHOLKUJl has been dlscovnrpd at Tllnh
Hlll, Mo. A well sunk slx hundred foet struck
a heavy vein equal to the flneat oll of Pennsyl
vanla, and now there ls great excitement ln
uiu region.
The first victlm of tho tov nlsrol for 1883 Is
reportea. wii le (Jnandler. n nbw Jprsov liov
of thirteen, haa just dled from blood polson-
int, ine resuit oi an injury to Uls nnnd irom
this Implement.
FlFTEEN tons of molten Iron burst nt a hlnst
furnace of the North Chlcairo rolllns mllls ono
mornlng recently just as the day men cameon.
Two men wero horribly burned and fifteen
uwierH niore or less nurt.
TlIE travel over tho Hrnnlrlvn hrldirn Vina
dropped to about Itg normal level. In the week
endlng Thursday, the foot pasongers numbered
or less man on the Munday preceding
the fatal decoration day dlsaster.
The Ohio sunreme court rendered a dep.Ulnn
on Tuesday of last week that the saloon-tax-
ingstatuto called tho Scott law is constltiv
tlonal, and lt gons lnto effect at once. Thls
law Imposoa 8200 tax on every place where
uqunr is aoia, or t?iuu, ii tne tramc ls exciu
slvely inbeerorwine.
NOUTHA3IITON. Masa.. has bnen trnatpd tn n.
sensatlon by a young man calllng himself the
Kine aentlat. who nfehtlv oxtnifta tfioth fnr
the crowda free. and as the natients env. wlth
out any paln. He has already taken out over
nve nunarea rcetn, and the local dentlsts wlll
pe Kept busy lor some timepnttlngin new ones,
A miOTHEH of Professor E. R. Rii!files nf
Dartmouth colleize nrrlved at Ilannver. K. II..
last week after twentv vears' nbence. Hls
frlends have been wlthout any clne to hls
whernbouts or clrcumstances. He comes back
In ailluent circumtances. havlng fnr years anc
cessfully engaged in stock raislne In 'Wyoming
tetritory, where he now owns (30,000 head of
TlIE Cleveland. Akrnn and Cnlnmhiifl llln
railway has made a new denartnre In its tlme
tablea. The hours are numbered from one up
to twenty-four, the latter belng mldnlght. The
coniusion wnlch bo often exlsts between a. ji.
and r. m. Is thus avolded. One traln departs
from Columbiis at 17 o'clock and arrlves in
ueveiand at 19.30.
A WHITE peaco ilr ' mado bv Hartford
Conn., woraen ln 1803, was shown for the first
tlme durlng the receptlon of the gouthern vls'
itnrg. It was given to tho Hartford Times
when made, but the edltors were persuaded
not to hang lt nut for fear thelr bullding would
be mobbed. Slnce then, if usod, it has been
coveroa witn the Btars and stripes.
IlKNItY WAIID Beechkii was snventv vo.ira
old Monday, June 24th, and the eve'nt was
celebrnted by a great publls receptlon in tho
Brooklyn acaderay of music. An Immonso
crowd tllled every part of the room, many dls
tinguisbed neonle were on tho nlatfnrm. ad.
dresses wore made, and resolutions of love, re-
epeci ana esteem were adopted by a rlsing vote,
Litcrarv Notlces.
Tiin Readinq of Books: Its Pleasures.
Profita and Perils, by Charles E Thwine. Bos
ton, Lee & Shepard. Aftor a short discussion
ot the advantaees of reading, tho authnr en
ters upon the conslderatlon of the dlfferent
classes of books blographlcal, historlcal, trav
els, works of fictlon, Doetrv, relieioua books,
booka for chlldren wlth suggestlons as to the
best authors. He then consldcrs nlana for
formlng a library, and glves in an appondlx n
very good BOlectlon of authors iu the dlfferent
departmenU Tho little raanual is preoared
wlth excellent jiulgment. and wlll bo of good
service to tne readers. ror sale by I'hlnney,
uiuiul,k ftOB, oyjonepn iienry Alien. lloston
Roberts Brothers, Profpasor Allen Is the lect
urer on EccleiHstlcal Hlstorv at Harvard
The present volume deals wlth the mlddle nge
of tho Christlan Church mnonc the natlona
the feudal age, in the church the pacerdotal age
pre-eminentiy. inia ls a caretully stndled,
very thoughtful book, whlch wlll be read wlth
great interest by Btudents of church hlstorv,
whether they subscrlbo to all of Professor A'l
len's conclusloua or not. The work indleates
careful research and thorough acqualntance
wim inH suuject, toi aaie oy iiiinuey.
rnce ci. jo.
Kathlkkn; a Love Slory, by Mra. Frances
Hodgson Burnett, nuthor of "Theo," "That
Lags o Lowrle s. " Prettv Pollv Pemberton.'
etc. is published by T. B. Peterson & Brothers
Philadelphla. " Kithleen " Is written In Mrs!
Burnett' h best mond, and is as uatlietic aa anv
one could wish. It ia Issued iu unlform atyle
and price wlth Mrs. Burnett's "Theo," and
" l'retty Pollv Pomberton." and wlll have
large sale, as its prlce la but Flfty Cents a copy
and it wlll be found for sale by all bookBellers,
or coples of it will be sent to any one, to any
place, postpald, on remittlng flfty cents In a
leuer 10 tne pubiisners, i, u, t'eterson
Brothera, Phlladelphla, Penn.
The Imaoination and Othku Essayh, by
George Macdonald. Boston: D. Lothrou & Co.
The novela of George Macdonald have long
neia tne popuiar neart, ana tnis voiurae oi
essavs urxin varlniia anhlerta la nnt nnwnrthv
of the author'a gonlus, though hardly n crlte
rlon by whlch to judge lt. They seem to be
luii oi piums or blts ot cholce eplgrammatlc
wlsdom. They nre Introduced by Dr. A. P.
Peabody of Cambridge, wlth whotn, ns with
many others In the reading world, George
Macdonald, wlth all hla faults, ls a gpecial
favorlte. The aubiects ranee from " erave to
gay, from Ilvely to gfivere," and thelr treat-
mont ia marxea by neaithlness ot sentlment,
keen and nppreclallve thought, nnd happlness
ui Hxpression,
Tmiouon One Adminibthation. by Frances
llodgson uurnett. nuthor of " That Lasa
Lowrle's," etc. Boston, Jamea R. Opgood &
uo. I ius nnvei deais, although not ollenslvely.
with the love of a woman, who married too
hastily, for n man not her husbaud. It Is
sad and In some passnges a somewhat morbld
narriitlve, and, wlth occaslonal rollevlng toucheg
oi urigutness, it puta tue narker side ot wash
Ingtou goclal life before the rnader. One can
not lielu nitylng tho herolne. ndmlrlne tho hero.
belng plcased by Arbuthnot nnd one or two
others oi the lenuing porsonages, belng dls
gusted by the gllmpses of politictl corruptlon
anu sociai mennness aiiordeu, and recognlzln,
the skill wlth whlch both characters and Inc
denta often are descrlbed, Tho novel ot uu
happy mnrrlage Is a specles that haa been over
doneot late. but " Through One Adinlnltitra
tlon" la a atory that justlflea Itsolf by iu
lntrlnslo beauty und ita exblbition of a hlgh and
honorable ltleal. tot sale by Phlnney,
Tho Drcil Scott Infainy.
Mr. Edilor : Allow ino to oxpress ray
surpriso and regret that you ahould be
found cclioing tho ailly ohargo of The Ad-
vance, that I was gnUty of " slandor upon
our auprome court " ln RfTirming, as I dld
in tho Christian Regisltr, that it (tho
court) had decidod that " the negro had
no rights whioh the white man was bound
to respeot." I have already refuted tho
charge in The Advance, and that paper,
in a shame-faced way, has abandoned, if
not wilhdrawn it ; and now I must ask
an oppcrtuntty to moet it in your col-
Let me say then that I did not misrop-
resent the supreme court in merely repoat-
ing what has been aflirracd a thousand
times over by the most eminent statoamen
and publlcists of this country, and what
is so imbedded in the juridical and pollt-
ical literaturo of thi3 country that no in
genuity or sophistry can avall to hide or
eradicate it. My ohargo against the court,
so far from belng a slander, is literally
Of course, every well-informed person
knows that Judge Taney used the phrase,
" negroes had no rights whlch the white
man "was bound to respect," as desoriptive,
in the first place, of their status for moro
than a hundred years before tho Deolara'
tlon of Independence ; but his opiuion,
from first to last, is a lnbored argument
to show that neither the Declaration of
Independence nor the Constitution, nor
anything else in the action of the govern
ment, had in the slightest degree changed
that status; that it remained in 1850
exactly what it was in the colonial times ;
and tbereforo that Dred Scott, belng a
negro, had not and could not have any
standing in the court, moro than a horse
or a dog. True, the judge did not make
this comparison, but that is exactly what
the decision amounts to. Its whole sub
stnnce and spirit is summed up in the
phrase, " no righta which the white man
is bound to respect." Its infamy has no
parallel in the history of modern jurispru
dence; and it is no wonder that Judge Ii.
Curtis of Massachusetts, a conserva-
tive of the conservatives, who effectually
exposed its sophistry in a dissenling opiu
ion, was so disgusted with it that he re
tired from tho bench.
The statement of The Advance, that
" the whole tone of Judge Taney's lan
guage on the point is ttrat of sadness and
sorrow that such a public sentlment
should have existed," unless made in ig
norance, is an example of cheekiness that
is phenomenal. Xo language of " sadness
and sorrow " can be found in that opinion,
and The Advance, when challenged to
produce a line or a word to prove its state
ment, prudently declined to undertaketho
task. No Spanish inquisitor ever wielded
the piucers or turned a thumbscrew upon
his victim with less of sorrow thau was
manifested by Judge Taney. When you
;an succeed in extracting any sign of
tenderness or sympathy for the negro
from the Dred Scott decision, you need
not despair of seeing peuitential tears in
the eyes of Beelzebub, or of distilling
attar of roses from siluriau rocks. '
Olivkh Joiixsox.
101 E. 231 street, New York.
A stcpenduotjs rallroadjfcheme is developed
at Indianapolis. A number of persons from
various states throughout the West met there
ln seciet convention for the organlzatlon of
what is called "The People's railroad company
of America," whose purpose is to build two
llnes of double-track narrow gauge rallroad
from New York to San Franclsco, and from
Chlcaco to New Orleans. Three hundred mil
lion dollars of stock is to bo subscribed, ln
shares of say $50 each, so that every poor man
ln the country can ue a stocKhoioer in n rau
road. Earl Kennedv of indianapolis is at the
head of tho scheme, and has had men travellug
throughout the country soliclting snhscriptlons,
nnd they have procured over 8100,000 in Indl
ana alone.
WnAT wlll Brown's Iron Bltters cure? It wlll
cure heart dUease, paralysls, dropsy, kldney
disease, consumptlon, dyspepsla, rheutnatism
and aU nlmllar dlseases. Its wondorful cnra
tivo power Is siraply becauae it purlfles and en
rlches the blood, thus beginnlng atthe founda
tlnn nnd bv bullding up the system, drives out
nll disease. For the pecullar troubles to which
ladles are subject it Is invaluable. It ls the
onlv preparatlon of Iron that does not color the
teeth or cause headache.
Mn. Gho. D. Uandold, St. Jnhnbury, Vt.,
says: "l thlnlc lirown s iron uitters agooa
Rev. J. S. Cain, Lewisvllle, Ind.,says: "I
used Brown's Iron Bltters for nervous prostra-
tlon nnd found it entlrelv satlsfactory.
The banks nt Newark, N. J., have voted to
refuse trade dollars.
An Enthuhiastio ENixiitsEMENT. Gorham,
N. II.. Julv 14. 1870 Gents Whoever you are.
Idon'tknow; but I thank the Lord and feel
grateful to you to know that In this world of
adulterated medlcmes there ls one compouna
that moves and does aU lt advertlsea to do. and
moro, Four years ago I had a sllght shock of
palsy, whlch unnerved mo to such an extent
that the least excitement would make me
shake llke the ague. Lnst May I was induced
to try IIop Bltters. I used one bottle, but did
not see any change; anothcr dld so change my
nerves that they are now as steady as they
ever were. It used to take both hands to
wrlte. but now mv cood r cht hand writes thls.
Now, if you contlnue to mannfacture as honest
and good an artlcle as you do, you wlll accu
muhuo an honest fortune. nnd confer tho
greatost blesslng on your fellow-men that was
ever comerrca on inanKina. 11m iiurcu.
SoiisciiUTiojis to the now Unltarlan bullding
in Boston now amount to lUJ,o3ii.do.
gSjfWiTii Dlamond Dyes any lady can get
ns good results as the best practlcal dyer.
Everv dyo warranted true tonameand sampln.
I will sell you, and you and YOU, a pair of Eoots or a pair of Shoes chca)er
than you can buy them elseAvhero, wishing to decrcase my stock to invoice. You
will do well to give me a call. Ilemember tho place StGN of tiie Golden Boot.
Greorge H. Smilie
Walton's Block, State Street, Montpelier, Vermont.
WfxTiB' " Rouotr on Coiinh." 15c. Ask for
lt. Complete, permanent cure. Corns, warts,
Tiiky nre good for nothlng was naver sald of
N. K. Ilrown'a Iron nnd Qulnlne Blttera. Sold
by C. Blnkeley, Montpelier, Vt.
" Du. Bknson's Celory and Chamomllo Pllla
fnr tho cure of neuralgla nre n buccpsh." Dr.
G, P. Holman, Chrlstlanburg, Va. Flfty cents
nt drugglsts.
"UucntT-TAliiA." Qulok, complete curo, all nn
noylng Kldncy nnd Urlnary Dlseasoa. One
Fhom Mesars. E. O Honors & Snn, 222 Chest
nuf. Rtrept, Lvnn. Mass., comea tho followlng;
"EIHs's Snavin Cnrn cured one of our horsea
of a larye bone Spavtn."
Ladips should wear n. Ifop Plaster over tho
pmall of tho bnp'', ns It ctires all palns nnd
anhes. Twenty-five cents nt any drug storo.
All ready lo apply.
You wlll never rperet sendlng two thrpo-cnnt
a'nmps to pav pnstage to A. P. Ordwav & Co.,
Bnatnn. Miaa., fnr a o"ny of Dr Kanfmonn's
grcst Modlral Work; 100 pnges, rolored illug-
tratlons; of great valiie to every famlly.
Many a poor snfferer who snbmlts to thn
snrgnnn s knlfo hecsnso or inallgnant ores nnd
pcrnfnlnns awelllnes, mlght be saved, sonnd
and wholn, bv tnklng Aver's Sarsansrilla. Thls
wlll pnrgo out tho porrnptlons thnt pollute the
blnnd, nnd bv which puch complalnts nre or-
iginatea nna ica.
STlNrtlvn, irrltstlnn, Inflammatlnn, nll Kld
nnv and llrlnary Complalnts, cured by "Buchu-
1'aiua. une donar.
" Fire dortnr.i ; no ewl of ' mtdlc.ine : no rellef
Dr. Tlenson's fHn Cure hns driren avay nll
ernptinns anu l m ncariy iceu. Id-i U voung,
IlBinllfon, 111. Drugglsts keep it, 81 per
Rfwahi! or Swindi.fhi. We hivo ex
posed dnrlng tho lft year many swlndlers who
advertlso under tho nnmo of mpdlclnn, vlle
romponnds whlch onlv Incmaso hurrnn suffer-
me. lo all who need a purn mPdlrlne anrt
blood ptirlfler, wo rnn hnnestly recommend
Sulphur Bltters. Kdttor Snn.
cKinny men. "Wells" Hpalth nenewor" re-
stores health and vlgor, cures Dyspepsla, Im
potence. Ono dollar.
Mit. Gko. W. Knai-p of Walthnm, Mass.,
savs: " I have romoved an enlnrarmcnt on mv
horpo's knee whlch a V S. pronounced Incur
able. by the tfe of EIHs's Spavln Cure. I thlnk
thls l a very (lattoring tPstlmonlal." It Is only
nno nt many hundreds, however. Thauks, nll
the same.
Hcjion in the Stomach. Much of the dls-
tress and slckness attnbuted to dvspepsla,
chronlc diarrhosi nnd other rauseslsoccasloned
bv httmor in tho stomach. Several cases, wlth
all tho charactcristlcs of these complalnts.
have been cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Other
cures effected bv this medlclno are so wonder
f ul that the simplest statement of them affords
the best proof that it comblnes rare curatlve
ngents nnd wiien once usea secures the conn
dence of the peopie.
AiiTnJtns Wauii's "best" was hls definl
tlon nf re'tautant, given to the Prince of Wales.
Artemus and " Albert Edward had just re
turned. tired nnd hunerv. from a Bnffalohunt
"Kestaurant," sald Mr. Wnrd, is derived frnm
twn Latln words, viz: " Ues," a thlng. and
"rnttrtt.? a bull, a "bully-thlng In nll se-
rlousneas this Is what the peopie pay of Dr.
liraves lleart HPculator. lt ls orc-omlnentlv
a " good thing." and a cortain curo for all
forms of heart dlease.
In Montpelier. June 30. bv Itv. T) K. lliller. Amos P,
liartwell of .Montpelier ana ElH K. t oster or Jerlciio,
In Montneller. June 2''. hv Ilev. J. Krtwarrl Wrleht,
(ieorce . Laneor Kast AlontDeller ana Jeunie t. Har
In Korth Snrtncfleld. June 23. Fred O. Jiaeh and
Jllnnle Htnnley.
Tn Corinth. June 20. A. W. Ovltt and Lucy S. Tenney,
doiu oi uonnui.
Tn WoMMnok. June 23. Meda Baker and Una E. Weet,
both ot Sherburne.
In Tlethel. June 20, Ira Klnney of Randolph and Mary
lt juna oi uiieijea.
In Barton, Jupe 20, Charles H. Whlpple and Mary J
uraij, Dom or Miuion.
In St. Johnsibnrv, June 21. Ezra F. Hawklnaand Emily
Cota, both or st, Johnsbnry,
In Island Pond, June 21. J, C. Rawpon and Emma L,
Cadef, bothof uiand rond.
In ItPthel. Jun 2, Vt A Blodgett of Rochester and
Minntc j. AiKfiif or uarnara.
In St. Jolinpbnry, June 12. J. C. Tageof AVestmore
and ira. l,, i', itoweu oi Aioany,
In Uarton, Junn2fl, AllUon A.Tease of Aecot, V.Q,
and Mary J. McCollum or Lyndon.
In Veachatn, June 21, Joaeph Warren Blalr of Barnet
ana Junnie u. wnucneror t'eaenam.
In Lower Waterford, Junn 20, James Harvey and
Mary u. Lowrey, both or st. Jonnsuury.
In Westminster, Jnnn 25. Joel II. Holton of Burlington
and Cftthenne E, Wlley of westminster.
In Waterbury , Jnlv 1, by l!ev. . II. Wheeler, Amee
Blais And Rutli II. B.iiler, both of Waterbury.
In Waitsfield. Jnne 25. bv Rev. C. I TaDlln. F
BaniMter of Randolph and Jenule E. Sargent of Warren,
In Waterville, June 26, by Rev. (leorp L. Story, I lenry
T. Wntlinrlm ltiiP1lnr.in on.l Mirv U'llKnrnf WntPr.
In Eat Hardwiek. June 27, by Rev, Geo. B. Wheeler,
Jamea K. White of Greensboro and uolly Farr or wood
In Thetford. Juna 21. at the reatdenee of th brlde'
father, II, J. Klmer, by Rev, Ilarrv Hrlckeit, Nelson II,
Torter and Catherlne C. Klmer, both of Thetford.
In Barton, Jnne 23, 1'.ert Outlil, 9.
In Corinth, June SO, James Leach.
ln Winhall, Jnne 23, Jlarla Clale, 41.
In Lowpll, Jnne 23, Mrs. Anu Ilall.tl.
In Wlndwr, June 26, Carl K. Galluu,6.
In Shaftsbury, Jnnn 22. Oeorge Hulet,25.
In Tunbridge, July 2, James Osoilwln, 90.
In Brattleboro, June 27, Mary Ferrtter, 23.
In Marshfield, Jnne 29, Danlel Kewton, 74.
In Townshend, Juno 20, Ailln Holbrook, 81.
In VoOllstocl, Jnue 24. John Macauley, 89.
In Northfield, June 25, Walter llow man, 84.
In Marshfleld. July 3, Mrs. l'atty Englhh, T9.
In Jacksonville, June 20, Lovell Xorcross, 77.
In Townshend, June 21, Mrs. Susan Itand, 76.
In Ilunet, June 20, Walter Ullflllan, about 83.
In Fekhvllle, June 24, Mrs. l'rlscllla Walt, 77.
In South Shaftsbury, Jnue 25, Clark llates, S'.
In Chester, June 19, Mrs. Mary Jane Terry, 47.
In Bethel, Jnne 26, Mrs, Hanuah lt. Marks, 87,
In Brandon, June 26. Mrs. l'eter Cross, Jr 28.
In Korthfleld, June 23, Wllllam Dunsinoor, 86.
In West Woodstock, June 17, Eleazer Vood, 86.
Iu Kewiort, June 26, Krank niclunond, about 31.
Iu South Shaftsbury, J une 26, Katle Dowdell, 18.
In Wlndor, June 20, Mrs. Carollne F. Iladley, 68.
In l'eacham, June 27, Mlss Mary Scales, about 75,
In Waterbury, June 30, Mrs. Tliankful Kowell, 80.
In Jlanover, X. H Jnue 18, Carrte E. Kellogg, 25.
In West Wardsboro, June 23, Danlel CopelanJ, 69.
In West Brattleboro, June 25, Clara E.. Johnson, 15.
In East Burke, June 25, Mrs. I'auny Ollsou, about 56.
In Saxtons lilver, June 22, Mrs. Luctuda O. Smltu, 91
In South Sliaftsbury, June 23, Mrs. Clara Coiwland.faO
In Ludlow, June 27, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs, Qeorse
w. rrior.
In Bethel, Jnne 26, Ilanuuh It,, wlfe of the late Seneca
juarKs, i.
In East Roxbury, June 29, ot consumiitlon, Vlola
l uusier,
Iu Iiatnollle, IU., Jnne 22. Mary Siulth, foruierly nf
Waitsfield, Vt , wire of lMvld Wells, late of Lamoille, 7:
Boots & Shoesl
Vermont Mnrkcts.
3IOVTPF.MV.tl V. W Trl. 1rrt4.it...
1 .?"'.' ." w: 1 armenle r 76. Tiie fiuallty nnd pondltlon
or tliiit broiinht lnwaii not nnlta m goort lnnt wpcK
"nilt.!!n,rketwa nt " If'm. I'rlrep, 17lPe?? Ibi
pwn. 10 V ilozpni tiotKtocp, JSBtOc fi bnabrl. -Mr. l'r
tnntnr lo boiidtil 10 3 i-Mvpii, aml 74 bepp and
lntnb. I'rlopai lloa. Ht 1 lhi nhppn. 4n ai lbi lmh.
NOHTHFIF.r.Tl.Hflhlnmnl, Tt.l-.i.1ntit 11
cftlVM, ,he,,, Rn,i Lnilw, 10 oattlp. 600 tK)Und of
roultry. 47S dnzpn of pga, 300 ponnrt of butter, Qtiotn
tloni IJoK.SKofllb caivco. mWWnii Pbcep,4e
j;' l'nb, Bo ) ni inlloli cnwa, fMftM parht hfn!.
j"sio v. pi. iiirKoys, wqtviow lb: rbi-kn. 20C122C ?)
L f';7, "ozr-n i btitUT. 17020c ?1 lt,. Foultry
dnrop'to4onln'1'rOTlnf! "ll8hU)ri ll0B" wlu ProWy
Llvo Stock Mnrkct.
Tbe follonina ln A t.c.ara,.t ... ..
TnJifrt'v SmVS'V.?? ftn(l I,t8il" f" ' week endlog
Cattle. Sheen. lloat. Calrn.
At market thls week 14.M1 ,n(W m
iiu.i,wK.K 3,.yir, 14,(117 i4 r,7 j ing
oneyearago.... 1,817 15,079 16,477 4W
PltlCF.1, ExtrH, fAtnd tlMW tBTnli.n. ISM
-V25. .flr?1 n""litr. s 0"fsi.7S. ,wor, nuttiitVt Sixm
T.,.! Ihlnt niiallty. 8 J.W.71 per 100 IM on total pleht
of blde, tnllow nnd ftrowl beef, A few rholen iilniilp.
palrp, Jjra9.s.j i Ualln. etc.. 4 MR4.7V Wo kPoS
ZX$ V Hlr. --rn. 07125. Jlllcll IXmT.
if pinrtHw.uus eiira booii, sio wlth or wlthout
Ef!'"'" maybonm-eedi fnrro nid ordlnary, J18.W)i
.12X0. sioren. yearlln, S12.ri0Q21.n0! two.year-oM.
Sl.00f3t.00l thre.-var-oMi'. 24 H0Q4l.ro. been.2WCa
Pielr. 6?iacl lb-orl WC46.V)fihead. Lniiii."
Oraf'Oc ? lb. Nnritiern ttreMed ho. paoc 1 lb.
Vn enlveii. 3Wif6io V lb. HrinMrm bld, 7V'(ao
rinntry lot,70Oc. Calfklns, 12??12Je ) lb. Tahow,
'hfS'c V fti eotintrv. 45". Sbeared 2025o
encu ; couniry iou. ajifiix. L.anm sains, duibK0 eacn.
ItKMATtKS. Thfft hnft leen finmewbnt of a hrnbn
week ln tbe cattle lnnrket. Tbe toek Irom the country
dld not eome ln at nll reimlar. Conntry cattle were ln
llttlit ffurply, but recent ere lienvy from the went.
The rall wag hinderate, but lat week'a prlees were prnc
tlenlly held. Itnthnwair !r JnckMm koM elght cattle,
welahl"a 8,110 Ibi, at V 80 f? cwt, doventeen, welahlnit
i.-iv irp, at b-c, anrt tmriy-iwo, weiamnp 1.,970 rbi". at
'..clfllb: A. It Edn-prd of Vermont wildnonie OTen.
welahiDg I,300?l.cno lb ench, et 5)fJGe lb. llve;
tliroecountrv ruen, weliiblnt! 3 720 lbn, weroeold at 6)ia
?lb,llve. Mllch oona nere ln lluht demand. Veals
(old nit well as anythlng at market. The nheep market
waB fairly represepted. There wan no advnnre to note.
Vermont nent In 1.3H head for 'he week. II, V. Whlpple.
"old elclity lntnb". everace M Ib. at 8c, and twelve
heop.welhlni 1.200 IV, at JJfc fl fb : II. s. Macclienter
flo'd Mfty-twn i-mbf, welehlnj; 2.620 lb. at 7c. and oroe
ainiMM oc)i ai, romtry toia at hqiso Tjl lb, wlth
nearly two tonR at market.
Watfrhurv, In the tate of Vermont, at the close oC
buslness, June 21, 1883 :
T.onnf and dlscounts S128.717.0fl
U. S, Bonds to secnre clreiilatlon 10O.OHO.O0
Other stocks. bond, and niortcrnRen 2.26S on
Iue from apiroved reserve agents 8,89.h7
'urrent expensea anu laxes paiu i,ifh m
'remtunis nald A.uOO.PO
Checks aml other cash ltms P0.23
nuisor otner itanns 1,145.00
Kractlonal currencv (lnfludlna nlckelsl 20.31
Specle (lncludinK gold Treasury certlflcates).. 3,1.54.15
Lepal tender notes 650.00
Kedemjulon f unil wlth U. S. Treasurer (5 per
ceni oi ciruuuuiouj.... s,ouuiu
Total $255,652.19
Canltal stook nald In S10O.O0O.0O
Surplus fnnd 30.ono.no
undlMdert proiits xah n
Natlonal Bank Notes onUtandln 87.700 00
Indlvldual deposlta snblect to check 19,611 25
Demand certlflcates of deposlt 9,781.59
Total S25S,fiJ52.1U
STATE OK VEUMONT. ) I. Charles Wells. Cash-
Cors-Tr oe' WASHINT.TON. ss. f ler of the nbove-nsmpd
bank. do solemnly swear that the above statement ls
irue lo me ueBl oi my Knowjeone ann netier.
Subsrrlbed and sworn to before me thls 28th day ot
June. 1883. J. K. KL'I.I.KKTON. Xolarv J'ublic.
Correct Attest; PAUL mLLIMHIA.M,)
w, l'. Dii.i.lNUHAM,airecfor.
C. N. AKMS, )
Tbennderslcred.havlnn twn appolntpd by the Ilonor
able I'robate Court for the Iilstrlet of Washington. Com -mlaMoners.
to recelve, eatamlne and adJuBt all clslms anrt
dernandsof all trsnns agatnstthe estateof Mrs. Lucv
J. Rlce. late nf Wnltsfleld, ln sald Dlatrtrt, deceased, and
all clalms exhlbltfin in ouset inerew. nerepv give noucn
thst we vlll mePt fnr the tmrposes aforPflld at the store
ofW. A. Jones In Waltsfleld.cn the SOth day of Jnly
and 24th rtav of December neit, from one o'clock p. m.
untll four o'clock. r. m., each of sald davs, and that slx
monlhs from the 22rt-day of June, A. D. 1883, ls the tlme
llmlted by sald Court for sald credttors to present thelr
clstms to us for pxamlnatlon and allowance.
Dated at Waitsfield, thls ?nm aav or June, A. I). 1833.
OKVIS JOVE,J rommi,Iill0ner8
03-05 O. M. KATON. f
Thpnndprslinipd.havlnettepnaDoolnted hvthe llonor-
ahU rrobata ConrtfortheI)Ltriet of Washington, Com
mlssioners. to recelve, examlne and adjust all clalms and
demands of "11 persons against the estate of Justus Kln
nev, late of riilnfleld, I" sald nistrlct. decpaseil, and all
rlslins exhlblblted ln offset thereto, herPbv glve notlce
that we wlll mept for tue purposes nroresaui at tne laio
resldence of sald decespdtn I'lainflptd.on the 8th day of
August and Jlst nay nt Novemuer upxi, from one o'ciock
v. M. nntll four o'clock p. m., each of sald days, snd that
(It monlhs from the 29th dav of May, A. D. 1883, ls the
tlme HmltPd by sald Court for sald credltors to present
thelr clalms to us for pxnminatlou aud allowance.
IMtnlat l'lsinneid, thls 2,t navor jnly, a. u. 1S33,
JOSEl'Il BAltTLETT.l rmml,.
J. S.
The nnderslgned, havlng ticen appolnted by the Hon
able I'ronate Court for the Dlstrlctof Washington. Com
mlssloners. to recelve, examlne, and adjust all clalms and
demands of all persons against the estate of Jeremlah
Carlton, late of Barre, ln sald Dlsirtct. deceased. and all
clalms exhibitwl ln offset thereto, hereby glve notlce that
we wlll niet for the purposes aforesald, at the rpsldepc
of Carollne S. Carlton, onthe 13th day of Julv, 18S3. nd
1th day of Jannary, ls?4, next, from one o'clock, r. .,
untll four o'clock, r. w., each of sald days. and tliat slx
months from the 13th dsy of July, A. D. 1884, ls the t'me
llmlted by sald Court for sald creditora to present thelr
clslms to us for examlnstlon and allowance.
Dated at Barre, thls 2.5th dsv of Jnne, A. 1). 18S3.
L. K. ALDltiril,) . .
02-04 11. II. AVERILL, f .orumlaaiongrB.
STATE Or" VERMONT, Washington Dlstrlct. ss.
In I'robate Court, held t Montpelier, In and for sald
Dlstrlct, onthe lsihday of June, A. I). 1883:
An lntrument purportlnK to be the last Wlll and Tps
tament of WUUs I,ane, late of Marshfield, ln sald Dls
trlct, deceased, belng preeented to tho Court by Dudlev
It. Smltb, tlm Executor thereln named, for I'robate t tt
ls ordered by saltl Court that aU persons conremed
thereln bo notlfled to appear at a sesslon of sald Court,
to be beld at the I'robate Ofllce, ln Moutpeller, on the
9ih day of July, A.D. 1883, and show cause, lf any they
may have, against the I'robate of sald wlll: for wbl.'h
purpose lt ls fnrther ordered, that notlce of thls order
be published three weeks suecesstvely ln the Vermont
Watchman A Stata Joumal, prtnted at Montpelier, pre
vious to sald tlme apnolntl for heartng.
Iiy the Court. Attest,
01-03 A.C. AVERILL, Reglster.
!i. STATE OF VERMONT, Randolph IMltriot, ss,
Iu I'robate Court, held at Randolph, ln sald Dlstrlct,
on the 21st day of June, A. D. 18SJ :
S. M. Eleld, Admlnlstrator of the estate of E. C. FU"ld,
late of washington, ln sald Dlstrlct, deceased, nresems
hls adrolnlstration account for eiamlnatlon and allow.
anco, and makes appllcatlon for a decree of distrlbnt'on
anil partltlou of tbe estateof sald deceased. Whereupon,
lt Is orderrd hv satd Court, that sald account aml sald :
plicatlon bereferre! to a sesslon of sald Court. to be held
at II. A. Whtte's oftlce ln Washington, on the 20th day of
July, A. D. 1883, for hearlng and declsion thereon: And,
lt ls further ordered. that notlco hereof be given to all
persons lnterested, by publlcatlon of the aau:e tbree
weeks successlvely ln the Vermont Watchmau A StatA
Journal, a newspaper published at Montpelier, prevlona
to sald tlme appolnted ror hearlng, that they roav aptar
at sald tlme aniVplace, and show cause. lt sny they msr
have. why sald aorount should not t allowed and such
def reo made. By the Court. Attest.
STA I'E OF VERMON r. Washington Dlstrlct ss.
In I'robate Court. held at Montpelier, ln sald DUtrlct,
on the 18th day of June, A, I. 1883.
James II, Holden, Admlnlitrator wlth the -wlll sn
nexed of the estate of Wllllam Leet, late of Moretown,
In sald Dlstrlct. deceased, present hta adinlnlstratlon
account for oxamlnatlon and allowance, and makes ap
pllmtlon for a decree of dlstrtbutlon aml partltlou of
the estate of sald deceased. Whereupon. It Is ordered by
ntd Court, that sald account and sald appllcatlon ba
referreil to a sesslon thereof, to le held at the I'robsta
OHlcln sald Montpelier, on the 7th day of July. A. D.
1S83, for hearlng and declsion therwm; and, ltl further
ordered, that notlce hereof be given to all persons lnter
ested, by publlcatlon of the same threa week, succes
slvely ln tho Vermont Watchman is State Journal, n
neuspaper published at Montpelier, previous to sald
tlme appolnted for hearlng, tliat they may appear at
sald tlme and place, aua snow cause, lr any uie
any they may
ed, and such
have, wny saiu atouuui siiuuui ma w ntiuwe,:
iImtp made. By the Court. Attest.
01-03 A. C. AVERILL. Reglster

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