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VOL. 78. 4007. NO. 42.
lixtthmn & Jfoitmnl
Currcnt lUentloi.. j
A company has beon formed nt Snowsjvlllo to
bulld a telepliono llne from tliat vlllage to
West Randolph.
TnE next meetlng ln. tho Morso school-houso,
Kaet Montpelier, conducted by Her. Mr,
Wrlght, la to bo lield August nintlecnth.
St. JonNsiicitY has been declded upon as
tho place ot tho next encampment o( tlio Ver
mont mllltin. It wlll bo beld September 4-8.
Thk Calais Chrlstlan Sunday-school wlll hold
tbelr plcnlo In S. S. Fuller'a grovo, Wednesday,
AngustlSth. East Calais, Worcester and Wood
bury are cordlally lnvlted.
Refohmeh: "We would llke to inform tho
newspapera up north that Colonol Hookcr wlll
not begln that cnrrlago trlp tiirough tho state
untll ho gets tbrongh wlth hls Sabbath-school
Thk Sprlngfield RepubU:an Is authorlty for
the statement that ex-Governor Smlth has ln
formcd a reporter of tbe Washington Capital
that he has " no doslre to go to tho Unlted
States eenate."
One of tho most deccptlve countorfeit colns
ever Issued, a flfty-cent plece, bas made Its np
pearance in New York. The plece la, how
evcr, of llght wolght, and ls composedof nlckcl
nnd sllver, belng yalued at fifteen conts.
TnK Messenye sayg that thore Is a veritablo
Tom Thurab ln Bondville, Bennington county,
ln the person of Cbarles Tomple, who ls twen-ty-two
years of age and only thlrty-glx Inclies
ln hcigbt. He is qulte robust and hcaltby.
Nkws haa jnst been received from Mankato,
Mlnn,, of the deatb by suicide of Mrs. Carollne
Gilman Fayne, formorly of Williamstown and
wlfe of Rev. E. P. Payne formorly of Barre.
Cause, insanlty as tho result of poor health.
Thk thlrd annual reunion of tbe vetorans of
Windsor connty is to be beld at Hartford, Sop
tember 4th. It Is expected thnt thls wlll bo tho
largestand most successful yet Iiold by thls
organlzatlon. The reunion wlll close wlth n
grand camp-fire.
Ttta epeclal province of tho Aryus seems to
be )io read lectnres to Its contompornries, moro
esnWially tho Watchman, on the proper way to
condnct a " reputable " paper, and to set ltself
u"p as a model of that class. We beg to be ex
cuped, nll the same.
Miss Lizzik Jfffeiuks, tho neronaut, better
known ns " Zizel," who was here wlth Do
ris' clrcus, recently sustained Bevero injuries
by a fall nt Sprlngfield, Masp., and ls now in
the Massacbusettg General Uosplt.il at Boston,
where lt is thought she cannot recovor.
Hon. Fkank A. Fixweh, commlssloner of
statletics of Wlsconsin, has come to Vermont
to gather soino nddltlonal data relativo to
Matt II. Carpenter, whose llfe ho Is writlng,
nuu V II1LU Villl DUVU UD icnuj 1UI iuo inuc
ViiMuV'i-'.l'jil thls county during hls stay ln
the state.
Tiie vactncy ln the prlnclpalshlp of Barre
academy cmused by the reHlgnatlon of Profes
gor SlocuralbaB been filled by the engagement
of Edward .H. Dutcher, A.B., n teacher of ex
perience. Tho nsslstnnt prlnclpal is Mr. C. F,
Bailey and Mrs. II. P. Gale, n former matron,
bas been necured.
Wimjam Casf.y of Waterbury, E. T. Tarchor
of Middlesex, nnd II. F. Hersey of Calais, were
arrested Friday for Intoxlcatlon and lodged in
the cooler. Casey dlsclosed on a frlend, Hersey
couM not BOem to remember much about lt,
ftD-i Farcher dlsclosed on J. Cayhue. A trlal
by jury was demanded by Cayhue and he was
J. It. DAHMNd and A. J. Carpentorof Groton
wlll, by the rnlddle of August, begln tho ereo
tion of a steam mill ninety by thlrty f eet on
Hosmer's pond, a mlle north of the rallroad
llne. Tho lumber wlll bo dellvered at tho
summlt, threo miles west of Peabody statlon.
They bavo contracted to dellver to that polnt
5,000,000 feet of lumber.
SATunDAV mornlng as the New York exprcss
on the Central Vermont was approachlng Col
chester lt colllded wlth the rear end of a f reigbt
train that was settlng off on a slding, and badly
demorallzed several freight cars. ' Tlie pas
8enger train kept tho track and nono of the
passongers were Injured, although the engineer
was consldorably bruleod.
Fiiee Phess: "A proralnent nnd wealthy
cltlzen of Addison county Hon. Joseph Bat
tell has pnrchased twelve thousand acres of
land ln that connty for no other purpose than
to presorve the forests whlch now (lourish npon
it from dostructlon. Had the state a few moro
men as actlvely Interested ln tho subject, thore
would bo no noed of a forestry commlsslon."
BitOTncu Blakb of the ifonitor Ipsued hls
last paper Saturday lnstead of Monday and nn
nounces that he shall sklp the next issue. It
is probably only a susplclous coincldence, but
wo cannot help notlclng that Forepaugb ex
hiblted at St. Johnsbury last Monday and, re
memberlng that it takea some men n week to
gct over a clrcus, a posslble explanatlon ot the
whole matter Is snggested.
At the annual meetlng of the South Eastern
rallway company, at Montreal, July 19th, the
followlng wero elected dlrectors for the ensu
Ing year: Hon. Bradlov Barlow, Messrs. E.
Raymond, J. Thomas Voso, Boston; Duncan
Mclntyre, Montreal j B. B. Smalley, Burling
ton; A. B. Chaffee, Montreal; F. A. Metcalf,
C. N. Blshop, St. Albans; Jamea O'Halloran,
T. A. Macklnnon, CowanBvllle.
hospltal servico has notlfied the hoalth antbor
ities at New York, Phlladelphia, New Haven,
Providenco and Boston that several vossela
from Europo laden wlth rags purcbased in
Egypt after cholera appearedthoieuro on route
to New York and New England porta. Secre
tary Folger bas telegraphed to tho collectors of
customs to enforce tho law and regulatlona In
sucli cascs from tho mlldest to the sevorest, aa
occaslon eball demand.
II. G. Fav of Rutland, who was the hoad,
tall, and body of Maaon & Co. of thls vlllage,
liaB gued Edltor Atklcs of tbe Anjm for SS0O0
damagea on account of artlcles publlshed ln
that paper gaid to rellect on hls flnanclal repu
tatlon. An attnchment was eorved last Friday
and W. H. II. Blngham recolpted for tho prop
erty. All we can eay Is that, It Mr. Fay'a
flnanclal roputatlon wlll brlng 6000, .thore
must be a corner In the market and it Is a
grand tlme for hlm to dlspose ot it..
IN 1701 Hobert Lance, ono ot tho flrst tottlers
ln Cabot, wlth ono yoke ot oxen, dld all the
Boston toamlng thore was done for Cabot and
Peacham, Uoran one yoke ot oxen, and used
slx woeka In maklng a trlp. Ile drovo slx
yeara wlth one yoko and thon onlargod hls
wngon nnd put on two yokes. A yoar later ho
nddod anothor yoko nnd nnother wagon. Ten
yeara later he added another wagon nnd a palr
of horeoa. He waa In the buslncaa thlrty y oara
or moro, nsed horsea nltogetherat lns t nnd eold
out to Allen Perry of Cabot.
Joiin B. Paoe hna begun n llbel eult ngalnst
Cloment & Sona for tho Btntements contalned
In the recentclrcular of tho defondnnta In rela
tlon to the Rutland rallroad company that
Govornor Pago had used 880,000 por montli of
the funda of tho company wiihout paylng tho
Intorest and had fabrlcatcd a pass-book be
tween tbe company nnd tho Nntlonal bank of
Rntland, to decelvo the nccountant who was
exnmlnlng the books. Two hundred thousand
dollars damages are clalmed and the real os
tato and stocka of the defendanta nre nttnchod.
The total amount of internal rerenuo taxea
collcctcd In thls state for the year endlng
June 30th, 1883, ls as follows: On dlstllled
splrlts, SCOS.Mj speclal tnxes, S18,C02 85jon
clgars and tobncco, 518,133,01; on bnnks and
bankora, 88,209.19 ; penaltles, flneg, otc,
SB01.08; total, 810.0G2.27. Tho nmount col
lected tho prevloua year was 850,444.158, show
lng a decrease thls year of 810,382.31, but we
are lnformed by Collector Stenrna that, If thcro
had been no chnnge ln tho revermo lnws, the
amount collected wonld wlthout doubt bnve
been at lenst 800,000.
Rum had another vlctlm lnst week. Dennls
Daley, who llved nearwbatls called thoGravol
Pit ln Plainfield, and ls a Bectlon hand on the
Montpelier & Wells Rlver rallroad, is spoken
of as an Industrlona nnd generally sobor man,
but sometimea he wonld bavo n sproe. Friday
ho came to Montpelier to Bee tho clrcus, got in
toxlcnted and was sent home on the noon train
by eome of hls frlends. He lmmedlately hlrod
some one to brlng hlm back and hls frlends
ngnln eent hlm liomo on the four o'clock train.
It was wlth dlfllculty that bo was kept from
falllng off tho train, but he reached the Gravel
Pit and left tho train ln safety, and nfter the
train passod ho came back on the track and eat
down. Tho next mornlng he was found, ter
rlbly mangled, evldently haviDg been run over
by an englne whlch came to Montpelier during
tho nlght. Ono log was crusbed, tho otherwaa
cut off and thero was a frlghtful gash on the
back of hls neck. An inquest was held before
Hon. W. S. Martln, bnt nothlng now ;was de
reloped. Daley left a wlfe and two chlldren.
No blame Is attachcd to the employes of tho
road by tho ofllclals.
Tiie idea Beema to provnil that by tho laws
of thls state nny womnn is entltled to vote in
school dUtrlct meetlnga, but an exnmlnatlon of
the matter wlll Bhow that thls la a mlftake.
Sectlon621of tho Revlsed Laws reads ns fol
lows: "Women shall havo tho samerightto
vote as men have ln all school distrlct mcet-
ings, nnd ln the election of school commlsslon
ers in towna and citiea, nnd tho same rlglit to
hold ofllcea relatlng to school affairs." Sec.
tlon C23 saya that " persons resldlng in :i echool
dlstrict and qualified to vote In town meetlng,
shall be volers ln school dlstrict meetlnga."
It follows thon tbat a man or a woman must
have tho same qualificationa for votlng in a
school dlstrict meeting as in a town meetlng,
What theso qnalificatlons are may bo seen by
section 2,044: "malecitizens, twenty-one years
of age, whose lists are taken ln nny town at
the annual assessment next preceding a town
meetlng, or who aro exempt from taxation for
any cause, shall, while reslding ln the town,
bo voters in town moetings." It wlll be seen
from tbeso soctlons that only those women
"whose llsts are taken," that Is, tho90 who
hold property in their own names, can vote in
school distrlct meetlnga. There nre quito
number ot thls class ln thls vlllage and wo
hope to see them at tho gcbool meetlng next
Wednesday evenlng.
R. G. Hazakd of Rhode Island, representing
boldera of 870,000 of Vermont and Canada
Btock, has entered suit ln the Unlted States
Dlstrict Court against the Consolidated Rall
road Company of Vermont, alleglng that said
company, by coneplring with n majority of the
dlrectors and Btockholders of tho Vermont and
Canada, obtalned possession of the road wlth
out glvlng nny consideratlon therefor; and
thattle vote turnlng over the Vermont nnd
Canadi road to the Consolidated company was
lllegal and votd. In a simllar sult brought in
Boston tho American I-oan and Trust Company
has been tnjolned from issulng the bonds ot
tho new comi.any. Tho authorlty to issuo the
new bonds waa aupposed to be derlved from nn
act passed by thb last leglslature whlch readB
as follows: " Who.T two rallroads aro encum
bered by a Hon or llena npon the two roads,
the company ownlng either road may issue
bonds on the tlme and rnto of Interest provlded
by Bectlon 3,350 ot the Revlsod Laws, for the
purpose of extingulshing such llenorliens, and
compromlslng dlsputes, and tho samo may bo
secured by mortgage or mortgages of both
roada by vote of tho stockholders of the com
panlea ownlng said roada." Mr. Hazard al
legea that there is no constructlon of thls
Bectlon whlch wlll permtt the Consolidated
company to isaue to the stockholders of the
Vermont nnd Canada road one mllllon dollars
worth of tho now bonds in eichanyefor thelr
road, as the act ln questlon merely permits a
road encumbered by a Hen or llena to Isbuo
bonds " for tho purpose of extlngnlnhlng such
Hen or llena." There Is no tolllng but what
thls mny be the beglnnlng of a new litlgatlon
as longaa the old one, whlch waa thought to bo
settled, nnd the next step wlll be awnltcd wlth
Tiikkk years ngo In Aprll Alvaro Rlchardson,
n brakeman, waa knocked off a car on a nlght
freight at the dry irldgo over tho track on
Stowe Btreet, In Waterbury. He waa not
mlssed till tbe train reached Middlesex. Word
was eent bnck and the ronngled remalns ot the
unfortunato man wero found by tho track a
fow rods from tho fatal brldgo. Last Friday
nlght a through freight passed Waterbury sta
tlon about eleven o'clock and when it nrrivod
at Mlddtesox, Loster Clark, abrakemnn, known
to have been on tbo train near Waterbury, was
mlsslng. A message waa sent to Waterbury
and search waa nt once mado whero Rlchard
son bnd been klllod. No dlncovory was mado
and tbe eenrch was kept up during tho nlght,
men returning on an englne from Middlesex
and carefully examlnlng tho track. Hld lan
tern waa dlscovered ln tho ledge about a mlle
nbovo the statlon, but the mlsslng man waa
nowhere to be found. It waa feared he had
fallen from tbe cars near "gllp hlll" and
may have rolled down the embankmcnt Into
the rlver. Aa Boon aa It waa llght enough to
see, the section men went over the trackjn
hand cars, carefully scrutlnlzlng overy locallty,
About flve o'clock whllo tho statlon men nnd a
few pasaengers were walting for the Boston
express, a hatless man came down tho track,
hla garmenta covercd wlth sawdust, hls eara
and halr illled wlth sawdust, nnd wlth a be-
wlldercd alr wnlked into tbe telegraph ofllce
and spoke to tho operator, Whltcorab. He
was rocognlzod aa tho lost brnkeman. When
asked to explaln he could only sny that he
passed Waterbury statlon all ilght and tbat
was tho last thlng ho romoraberod. He bnd
jnst waked up nnd found blmself burled ln the
sawdust ln nn lco house n little way up the
track. That waa all he know about lt; how or
whcu he eot there he could not tell. He had
just recovered hls aensea nnd had come dl-
rcctly to tho Btatlon. Ho boie no evldence of
havlng recelvcd any bodlly Injnry. How he
got off tho trnln or how ho got Into the Ice
honse was, be malntatned, as much a mystery
to hlm as to tho bystandora. The lce house ln
questlon Is ln tbe ronr ot Edward Sheple'a
barn about a thlrd of a mlle above the statlon
and eleven roda from the track. The Bawdnst
showed plalnly that a man had laln thero, but
dld not Indlcato tbnt he had been burled up In
lt ns Clnrk at flrst descrlbed hla condltlon on
waklng up. Ho Is reported to be atrlctly tem
perate and a member of the Good Tcmplar
lodge ln Northfield. He la not known to have
been sublect to fits or to Bomnnmbullsm. Ho is
roputed to be an bonest fellow. Indlvlduala
havlng a fancy for tho mysterloua can nmuse
themselvea by conjccturing from present de-
volopmenta how he came In the lco house.
Accountlng for tho mllk ln the cocoa nut la
"nn easy one" In comparison.
E. Ely-Goddahd is now in Paris.
Ritv, Ray Paijieh, the noted dlvlne, Is at
Judoe Veazey and wlfo have gono to the
Gexehal W. W. Giiout haa roturned from
hls woBtern trlp.
Hon. G. G. Benedict of the Frcc Press is
visitlng the Adlrondncks.
Rev. J. O. Pf.ck, D.D., of Brooklyn, wlth hls
fnmlly, la visitlng hls father, Mr. J, J. Peck ot
Coixjnf.i, J. B. Mead of Randolph returnod
home last week from hls trlp to England, whero
he bas been to purchase polled cattle.
ritOKr.sson E. II. Hinucv of Middlebury Is
expectod homo from Gerraany, where ho haa
beon for the past year, In September.
Sf.natoh Edmunds wlll reraaln ln Burling
ton for the rest of the summer. Hla health
has been greatly bennfltod by hla long trlp.
Geokoe M. Claiik, tho bumorist and well
known minBtrol performer, nmusea hlmself nt
hls homo in Felchvllle by drlving n meat cart.
Pnoi'Esson C. C Gove, for tbo last four
years prlnclpal of Beeman academy, at New
Haven, has refused an offer of another posl
tlon at a salary of 81,500 n yoar.
L. E. Tuiteh, who has been prlnclpal of
Craftsbury academy tho past year, haa boen
engaged for another year. Tho hotcl has been
rcnted for a ctudents' boardlng housa.
Rr.v. AVilmam II. Hoyt, years ngo a clergy
man of the Eptscopal church, and rector ot St.
Albans, and from 1801 to 1804 edltor of the
Burlington Sentlncl, is now a Roman Cathollc
GnoitaK B. IlAiiVEY of Peacham, for nearly
two years cltv nnd sportlng reporter of the
Sprlngfield liepuhllcan, goea to Chlcago the
first of September to tako a Blmllar posltlon on
the Dally Xetes.
Genekai, Manaoek S. II. H. CrAitKE of the
Unlon Pacific rallroad, accompanlcd by hls
famlly, is Beeking rest nnd health among tbe
mountain resorts of Vermont and New Hamp
Bbire, nnd wlll remain East several weeks.
Rev. Daniel DonciiESTEit, Jr., a former
professor ln the Montpelier Methodlst somin
nry, haa been elected professor of Engliah lit
erature nnd polltical economy at Boston Uni
verslty, and will probably accept tho posltlon.
Mits. Mahina WmoiiT of Addison, now In
her one hundredth year, la a remarkable In
stance of preservntlon, belng ablo to walk to
and from her neighbora ln visitlng, In full pos
session of her facultles and phyBlcal vlgor.
She comes of n long-llved race.
A. C. Feiikin, A.B., a graduate of the Unl
versity ot Vermont, nnd Misa Emraa Ferrin, a
graduate of Mt. Holyoko Femalo Semlnary,
bavo accepted the posltlons of prlnclpal and
preceptre8s ot Essex Clnsslc.il Instltute, com
menclng the Bchool year ln August.
J. G. Mn.T.s, who attended the Peacham
academy ln 1809, and graduated from Dart
month In 1873 or 1874, was ralscd in Topsham.
On going West be settled In Colorado. The
Tellcr (Cal.) Jncr coutalns an account of the
kllllng of county commlssloners Webor, Day
and Dean, by Mllls and two others who were
oppoaed to certaln measurea they advocated.
In the tracas Mllls was nlao shot nnd kllled.
The firpt annual meetlng of the Vermont
dlvislon of the sons of veterans, to perfect a
pormanentorganlzatton.washeld in Burlington,
July 2Gtb, Delegntes were present from all
the campa ln the state and tho followlng ofll
cers were elected: Colonel, F, D. Proctor of
Rutland; lleutenant-colouel, Chaa. O. Meacham
of Brandon; major, Wells Valentlne of Ben
nington; chaplaln, ChaB. Woodbury of Burling
ton; surgeon, J. C. Rutherford. C. O. Meacham
of Brandon was elected delogato to the grand
dlvislon encampment soon to be held.
Tiie St. Johns JVeios snys that Mr. I. B. Fut
voyo ot tho Central rallroad, bad a norrow es
cape from a serlous accldent recently. Aa be
was crosBlng i the track from hla ofllce to tho
hlgbwaynoar the depot, ho waa strnck on tho
shoulder and burled to one slde by the tender
of a Grand Trunk rallway locomotlve, whlch
had backed out ot tbe englne honse unper
celved by hlm. Thougb momentarlly Btunned
by the force of theconcuaslon, very fortunately
Mr. Futvoye escaped wlth no more Berloua In
juries than n severe sbaklng up.
Thb tnothor of I'rofossor Foster of Middle
bury college fell dowu stnlrs Sunday evenlng,
July 22, kllllng herf olf instnntly. Mr, Fostor
had been visitlng her son slnce Aprll, She
waa Blxty-BOven yeara old and an estlmablo
lady. Her icmalna were taken to Sprlngfield,
Masa., her home.
liKAi) what Perry, Mason & Co , llodton,
publlnhers nf the Youth't Companlon, ssyi
" March 3, 1882. B. P. Carpenkr: Dcar Mr.
Havlng used n largo number of your organa,
wo tako pleaBuro in statlng that they have
glven great satlsfactlon, We cau recommend
them to all who wlsh a reliablo Instrument at a
fair prlce." G. A, Alnaworth, Williamstown,
Vt., la general agent.
SlontpoIIor. j
C. II. Fulleh has been aulte slck wlth ton
allltls. Mns. Geo. II. Ui'.nnett ls mnklng a vlsit to
frlends ln Canada.
Two chlldren ln the DoaAulnlera famlly are
slck wlth dlphtherla.
Rkv. W. A. Bushke of Morrlavlllo preached
at Bethany church Sunday.
Two chlldren of Benjamln Daley havo been
very slck wlth typbold fever.
A MoOTrEMEit lady Btarted for Russla vla
HaU's train Thursday mornlng.
Rkv. II. F. HiLi, wlll return In soason to offl
clate at Christ church next Sunday.
A. C. AvEiHLi,, the reglster of the Probate
Court, haa beon away on a vacatlon.
C'HARLKg Feiuun has just recovered from a
xecent lllness and la about onco more.
Mr. and Mns. .loim Tylkh of Claremont, N.
II., vlslted wlth II. S. Loomls last week.
Miss Maiy jAcoisa expecta to onter Wellesley
college thls fall, tnk'.ng n speclal courso.
Mk. and Mna. C. C. Ramsdell have returned
from thelr vacatlon, and are ngain on duty.
Mn. and Mns. 0. M. Fisiikh returned Satur
day from a wostern trlp of threeor four weeks.
Thk Montpelier assodation of Congrega
tlonal mlnlstera met at Bethany chnpel yes-terday.
Missks Cuiia and Belle Mead havo gone
West on n vislt to frlenda nt OshkoBh and Sbo
boygan, Wls.
Alvin Joslyn of Waitsfield hag been visit
lng hla son Eugene of the Montpelier and
Wells Rlver forcc.
Tiik monthly tempernnce meetlng will be
held at tbe Baptist church next Sunday even
lng at half-past soven o'clock.
CONsiDERAiiLE cotnpany la expected at the
Pnvillon tjils month, qulte a numoer oi rooma
having been engaged in advance.
Pkteh MiTcnELi, expecta to Btart Friday for
Falmouth Helght, on the fllapeacnusetta coast,
where he wlll spend hls vacatlon.
V. W. Bui.lock, a former rflsldent of thls
vlllage, but now alarge graln dealer ln Burllng.
ton, Iowa, Is ln town wlth hls famlly.
Stkphen IIoi'KiNS of Burlington, a brother
of II. D. nopklna, gpent Sunday In town, and
asaleted in tlie singlng at uetnany cnurcn.
Mk. and Mhs. II. S Loojhs have returned
from Saratoca. . . . F. W. Ilancrott spent Hun
day nt Richmond.... Frank Kendall Is at Old
Speak & Lane, drngglsts, have dlssolved
nartnershln. and the buslnesa wlll bo conducted
by Lane Brothers, Georgo L. Lano belng the
new member.
MisiEsiily L. Eaton, who graduated attho
washington (Jounty gramraar scnooi last juno,
wlll contlnue her studles ln Ney York thls
coralng winter.
One of thelesser liehts of Forenaugh's show.
who mlght bo termed a hewer of wood nnd a
drawer of wnter, got tlred of hls rovlng llfo
and Mred out haying wltli uoionoi iinow.
T. W. Wood. the well-known nrtlst, who has
been at Sprinefield, Masa., for a few weeks, la
now at the Pavilion. He is accompanied by
Mrs. wood, nnd will remain several weons,
M. E. Smimk and John B. Thurston have re
turned from thelr stav at Portland Harbor,
Thelr vacatlon wns somewhat shortened by the
severe lllness of Mr. SmilU's boy, who la now
Tjik villano balllff s ougbt to take some meas
ures to cloar out Worcester branch. Tbe most
cnBmU examination wlll convlnce any one tbat
such action la demanded by considerations of
InKrnv, a former att.iche.of the old
Pavilion. Ih now nearlv ninety yeara of age,
and, with hls conent, E. M. Irish has been ap-
pomtea ms guardian to iook aiter wnat prop
erty he hag, about 51,000.
Mn. W. Z. Bknnett bas been Dromoted to a
full profpsaorship ln tho chair of natural scl-
enco ln worcester university, uiuo, at a gaiary
of Sl,500. It la only fivo yeara slnce bo gradu
ated from Harvard college, having entered
that instltiition Irom our unlon scnooi.
Thb oxpenso of maintninlng the ITnlnn
school for the east year hns been SG.373.53.
The amount ralsed was sufllclent to rreet all
bills and reduce the ontstandlng debt 82.500,
The llabllltiea of the distrlct are now only 8500
and the assets are more than sufllclent to pay
Thb oldest inhabltant says that more llquor
was sold and more drunken peoplo were seen
on the Btreots Friday than for many yeara be
foro. Whero aro tho authoritlea that thla
should be allowed? If we remember correctlr.
It was reasonablvqnlot last year when Barnnm
was here, an ordor having been Issued by tbe
selectmen tbat tuo ealoons must be closed.
B. F. Biiown, a graduate of Amherst collego
in tho class of 1874 and a teacher of nino years'
experlence, has been eneaged ns prlnclpal of
the Washington County Grammar School at a
salary of 81,250. Mr. Brown ia a natlve of
Vermont, having been born at Lowell, but has
taught entlroly in MaBsachusetts, hls last posl
tlon belng at Athol. All tho other teachers
have been offered thelr old posltlons nt tho
same BnlnriPs ns heretoforo, and. tbe samo jani
tor, u. w . MoAlllster, wlll bo retainea.
Thk nnnual school meeting oocurs next Wed
nesday evenlng, and It is very deslrnblo that a
larger number should be in attendnnco than
craced tbis occaslon lnst year. About n dozen
composed the gatherlng then, nnd they prb
ceeded to elect nn entlrely new commlttee, with
one exception. We do not say that this mlght
not hnve been done with a fuller meeting, but
we havo very serlous doubts about lt. There
la no matter whlch more directly concerna our
cltlzena than thelr Bchool, and we hope they
wlll show a reallzatlon oi thelr reapouslblltty
by belng present.
A ainANTio monnpoly has been formed in
onr mldt. comnared with whlch the Westorn
Unlnn Telegraph Company nnd tho SUndard
uu uompnny lane into iniugniiicance. e aro
lnformed bv noRtera. whlch geem to have n klnd
of hpli-yourselMf-you-caii nlrabout tljem, that
Masters Henrv Farwell and Wlllle Stowell will
have tbo Sunday Ileraul on snle nt Barro dur
Ing the summer at elght centa per copy. Now
apply a few figuren nnd see how tho good poo
Dle of Barro nro llkelv to be mulcted of tlieli
Bavinga. SuppoBO thov sell 1,000 coplea; thla
wnuld amount to S80.00. and of that amount
830.00 would be wrung from tho comraunlty by
tnis monopoly, aa the prlco unuer competition
ia five cents per copy. If tbis is kept up two
months, tbo surplua ot the town would be
drained of S240. How lontr wlll the neoole nl
low thelr constltntlonal rights to be trodden
upon In thla way? P. S. Ve shall probably
expose thls monopoly gtlll further, unle9S we
are admltted an bonornry member with a copy
oi tne Jieraia, eacu wcok, ns a uiviaenci,
Thk reliablo historian is bound to record all
lmportant events, even lt they nre Bomewhat
late ln cnmlng to hla knowlrdge. So we are
comnelled to clvo some addltlonal and Im
portant facta ln oonnectlnn wlth the trlp to
Woodbury whlch wna taken by some of our
voung peopio ana urieny mentionea insi ween.
It snoma thnt. ln gplte ot Burnslde's dlrectton
to Mr. Holt to plck all tho pond Ullea so that
tneynung ladica cnum navo no possibie ex
cuko for asklng to go out on the pnnd, a bont
rlde wna proposod, whereuion George, with hla
UHunl fnreBlght, cboe a boat tbnt had just
been palnted n terra cntta color, probably bnv
Ing ln mlnd tho HtvllKh prnnensltlea of hla fal
companlon. It would hardly requlre n yoir'g
tralnlng nt Harvnrd to prophesy the reault of
slttlng on fresb pnint and eveu the nisthotlc
Rnmoo would not alllrm tbnt such decoratlona
Improved tho orlginnl boauty of the garments.
Nothlng could Dleter one ot tho pnrty, from
glvlng another ynung lady a rlde In one ot the
carrlages belonglng to tho hostelry, but hla ex
perlence soon taught hlm that the laws of
gravltatlon aro In force even ln Woodbury and
that It Is alwuya unplensnnt and sometimea
dangeroua to fool wlth them. Such nctlvlty ot
movement was never oxpected from hlm, but
necosslty, lllto some dlsctploa of Blnckstono,
knowa no law, Wlth these nnd simllar diver
Blona the dny waa passed and the party
reached home nt ten o'clock, two hours late.
FoiiBPAunii wns a Illndpaugh here. Tho
deralllng of n car In the tunnol nt Burlington
delnyed hls tralna so long thnt they dld not
re.icli town untll about eleven o'slock. Menn
whlle a larger crowd, probably, tlian thla town
ever gaw betoro had gathered nod waa dolng
Itg bOBt to possoss Its goul In patlence. But
tho delay gavo many nn opportunlty to see the
hlghly culturod and gorgeously arrayed em
ployog unload the anlmnls and put up the
tnuio. iiiio ncrvmi ns a paruai componsation
for the poor parado whlch wns very short. The
brlef tlme between thelr arrlval and the after
noon exhlbitlon would not allow them to make
tho usual dlsplay. The menagerlo tent wna
crowded nlraoat ag goon as It waa opened and
It was next to lmposslble to getnround so aa to
seeanything. Ono or two women ombraced
thls opportunlty to falnt. Tho oxhlbltlon of
nnlmala was good, thoro belng some whlch are
rareiy iouna in bucii biiows. Thero must have
boen about ten thousand poople ln tbo clrcus
tent during tho nfternoon porformance whlch
avernged good and bad some speclally attract
Ive featurea, though evldontly somewhat
abrldged. Tlie perlloua mld-alr feata of the
bllbona, the tlght ropo danclng, tho blcycle
rlde. nnd other gpeclaltlea wern Uhnrnllir nn.
plauded. The general verdlct geemed to be
that It waa a good ghow and well worth the
money, but ln aomo regpecta not equal to Bar
num'a last year. Whllo loadlng, tho Hon cago
was ovcrturned and two or throe horses gtrayed
away, sothat the tralnsdld not leavo tbe Junc
tlon untll five o'clock In the mornlng.
Qoitk the event of tho seaaon certalnlv a
thoroughly enjoyable one to tho largo number
of gentlomen nnd ladles who were so fortunate
aa to bo present waa the musicale glven by
mii's mary rninney, ai ine rcsidPnce oi ner
father, last Wednesday evenlnz. The niazza
nnd Bpaclous lawn wero taatefullv decorated
wuu unineso lanterns, nna comiortabie seats
proviaea lor nny wno choso to slt outslde nnd
enjoy the fine moonllght evenlng and the
muslc from wltbln. Wlth no pretentlona to a
"nrofeBsional" affalr. tho whole nron-ramme
waa glven ln n hlghly credltable and pleaslng
manner. ino ionowing was tno programme:
OllRrlfttl" " Tlio Trlton" Mnlln.
11 rs. ritkln, .Mln 1'hlDney, Jfe8t. ilancrott, Wheelock,
l'lano Duct ' I'dtlcnce " Sulllvan.
jiin i.owe, .ir. Ecrutner.
Bong " Oh, that Wo Two wcra Maylng" Ooiinod.
My Star" Coorcr.
QuartPlto " Nin' Chorns " Verdl.
AiisfieH t log, iowR, rninney anu KimDAii.
( Tlio rostlllon " Molloy.
ine ning-i unnmrion" wauon
Mr. Wheelock,
Duet " A Xlght In Vcnlce". Ardltl.
Mifa wwe, mt. lijiTicroii.
Tlano polo " La liello Heleno"
Quarlelti " PatJencfi". Sulllvan.
Song " Tliere may li" Ey " Mailame Favart,
.Mr. iancron.
o (" The lteller I.and " Cowen
'',"V' Shall I Wear a M'hlte Itose?" Farreer.
AIIdh Tblnney.
Song" Kntlceinent
Trlo " Awy, Away I " I'lrates.
AUah Kimball, AletlrB. uancroit and Uleaeon.
The Cottageon tlie 111)1"
JIUs Wing.
Trlo" Olve me a Cun" l'.lshor.
i iiiutit.y, ..lenin. jiuucruii nim l,ieai.un.
Duet" riralen "
31 Us KlmUll, -Mr. Iiancroft.
Whllo all performed thelr numbera well, there
were some that eeemed to ns BDeclally worthy
of mention, notably tho quartettes for femalo
voices tne iNun a unorus," by verdl, and the
selectlona from Patlence the voices belne
evenly balanced and blendlng admlrably. The
songs glven bv Mr. Bincroft "My Star," by
uooper, ano ineremny ue j!.yea, by siadame
iavari were nneiy renocreo. oir. uancroit.
in addltion to the possession of a good tenor
voice, nas an lnteillge.ice ln rendering bnth
secuinr nna sacrca muslc, expresslon nnd lln
ish, that lt is a rnre pleasure to listen to. The
songs contributed by Miss Phinney. Mrs. Pit.
kln, MIps Wlng and Miss Kimball, as also the
fine baritone Bongs " Tho Postilfbn" and "The
King g Champlon" glven by Mr. Wheelock,
wore well sulted to tholr volcts nnd rendered
in excellent stylo. The plano selections, the
duet piavea bv fllr. Nmbner and Misa Lowe.
and the solo by Misa Snow, were very pleaslng
and finely performed. Altogether Misa Phin
ney, and tboae who so ably assisted her, are to
be congratulated ln presentlng a dellghtful
evenlng'g entertalnment, pleasant to be remem
bered, and whlch for the sake of muslcal. as
well as gocial culture and onjoyment, la well
wortny oi imitation.
A Faiunns Outliif?.
"The four-twenty train. Saturday mornine.'
wero the marching orders isued by Edltor
Atkins of the Aryus and Pairiot, Friday nfter
noon, to hls typoa and lnvlted guests. On the
vision oi ine eiect tnero arose prospects oi a
8ail amid the glorlea of Lake Champlain, a
day on its grassy slopes at Camp Watson with
its open air freedora and pleasurea, boatlng
nnd fishlng benefnctlons whlch the proprletor
of the Aryus establishment had devlsed for hla
compositora nnd pressmen, devlla and quill
drlvers. The obstreperous din of an nlarm
clock called Thk Watciijian representatlve on
thls occasion from hls slutnbers, and when
noses were counted ln the speclal car attaohed
to tho mornlng express the followlng employes
of tho Argus olllce wero enumcrated: George
Blalr, toreinan, G. L. Lawrence, pressraan, E.
N, Kathan, Georgo A. and Henry Moore, Arthur
G. Woodbury, P M. Medler, Tliomas Stnthers,
Danlel Durgln, I. W. Cato, Geo. II. Almon,
Fred M. Peck, Sllas R. Dady. Chni. Alexander,
Mabel A. Poor, Mrs, Milllo Blair, IMen O'Niel,
Sarah E. Kennedv, Mrs. R M. Brewer, Mary
Dumas, nud Mrs. Woodbury. With Mr. Atkins.
proprletor, W. P. Hlll, tho orlglnal of T. W.
Wood's striking plcture, "TheLocal Reporter,"
and Thk Watciiman representatlve, who with
hls wlfe had been roped ln at Waterbury, the
excurslon numbered twenty-five persons. II.
A. lluso ot the yreeman, with Mrs. Huse, was
expected from the ofllce of the Green Mountain
dissemlnator of nowaand politlcs, but olther
the clrcus luterfcred wlth hla habltual matln
previousness or some other restralnlng cause
Intorvened, and there was no early bird from
the Frceman cage to gather ln thls dellghtful
worru. A breezy rlde down the boautlf ul valley
of the Winooski brought the party to Bur
lington where it was found that Mr. Atkins'
plans for lake transportatlon were dashed
by the fallure of the boat he had clmrtered
tocometo tlme. Ho quietly marBhnlled hls
guests to the hospltable halla of tho Van Nesa
liouee. Whlle the bungry prluters wero
filllng up their empty"cnses" aronnd Land
Iord Drew'a bountiful tablos, ontslde tho push
ot the Aryus edltor was apsertlng ltself.
Bound to bavo a steamer If he had to buy one,
he escaped tbe latter nlternatlve bv char
terlng the queon of tho Champlain fleet, tho
elegant stoamer Relndeer, whlch on lts arrlval
from Its regular trlp from tho north nt half
past ten o'clock wonld be at Mr. Atkins' dls
posal. The beautlful steamer was promptly at
her dock, and at a little paat eleven o'clock, the
clouded and threatenlng sklea havlng broken
Into cheerful sunllght wlth the brlghtenlng for
tunea nnd rlsing splrlts ot tbe excurslontsts,
swung oil into tho lako and took its windlng
way to Camp Watson. The dlstance In a bee
lino was but about Blxteen mlles, but owlng to
tho obstructlon of Sand Bar brldgo nt the
south end of South Hero, the route the boat
must traverso waa rroie than donble that dls
tance. Sklrtlng the westcrn shore ot South
Hero nnd threndlng between It and Its counter
part the chnnnel euphonlously called " tbe gut,"
a rlde of about elght miles to the southenst
brought tho party to Camp Watson. It had
come over hlstoric wntera, pasthlstoricplaces
tcenes of confllct ln the old colonial wars, of
encountera in revolutlonary tlmes, of McDon
ough'a famous victory. All around wai the
brlght lake nnd lts green lslands, a tempcrid
snnllght aud Invigoratlng breezea, a borlzon
bounded by Vermont's gresn range on tlie east
and on the west by New York's many-penked
Adlrondncks. Eyes whlch are dally cnnfrontcd
at short range by stnrlng sheets of pltlleas copy
fenstod on the plcturesque scenery, nnd the
pure oxygen bulletlncd messages on cheeks
blanched bv gas llght and leaden Inbora. Near
Ing camp Watson, at whlch vessela so large
aa the Relndeer nre not frequont callers,
" Squlbbs," who saya ho can watle In any p irt
of the lake, wna put forward to sound the
deptli ot tho wnter, nnd the vessel belng ablo
by roason of bold Bhorea to go well In townrds
the land, the amnll boata nt tho camp put off
to take tbe excursionlsta ashore. Just then n
fresh wind was blowlng nnd raln wns threaten
lng, The landlug wns made wlth unthing
more serloua than a sllght donslng or two aud
a tlmld cry from the ladlea unfamlllar wlth tho
nntlca of tbis fresh water cubnt Noptune. The
company will long Bnd moatpleaaantly remem
ber thls gnll on Chamilaln, made doubly enjoy
able by the courteslea and polito nttontlona ot
tho genlal Cantaln Rockwell of tho Relndeer.
nnd the presence ot the obllglng auperlnten-
uoni, a. r. ixjnani. ine aengntmi bont, to
whlch all regretfully bado good byo as she
steamed back to Burlington, vessel and ofllcers,
wlll nlwayg be most cordlally commended to
everybody by hor pasaengora on thls occaslon.
to wolcomo the comlng gueata were Miss Kato
Atklna of Montpelier, Mr. Atkins, Sr., of
Poughkeepsle, N. Y., father ot tho host, and
Mr. Kimball of Montpelier, who, wlth n com
petent corps of akllled nnslstants for the
kltchen nnd for the boata, " hold the fort " for
tho aeason. Camp Watson Is tho pet creatlon
of Mr. Atklna. Provlously famillar by expo-
rienco wlth the beautles of tho epot and Its
advantngea for boatlng and fishlng, in 1879 he
took a leaae of the locallty, gavo lt tho name
ofthe farmer on whose poaseulons ttia, and
convertea a rougn neia sioping to tho lako
Into n grassy lawn. He bullt a boat house and
kltchen, pnrchased capaclous wall tents, f ur
nlshed them wlth carpeted floora and theconve
nlencles of well-ordored sleeplng rooms. The
kltchen ls fitted up wlth all tbe appllances for
cooklng, nnd tho larder is generously stored wlth
nll that " camp appetltes " hold dear. To the
luxuriea oi tne season tne laue contrlbutes oi
Ita deltclona fish, and In wlntor tlme a spacious
lco-houee ia abundantly stocked with cool cryg
tal cubes. Camp Watson la "beautlful for eltu-
tinn. Behind it extenda a ridge of forest
hllls, ln front expanda the lako. In tho bluo
dltnnce northward llcs the Hero Island north.
Alnng the water front gtretch the Islnnda Ball
or Weldon, Potter, Butler and Wood, Grand,
aavago, lsh-bladder and (Jedar, with other
nameless tufts of green, and beyond, the Adl
rondncks rlse against the sky. A lako rlde and
a long fast rendered the dlnlng tent an oblect
of superlor attractlon In the panorama. The
host'a blnff call to dlnner cut short the aurvey
of land nnd water acapes, summoned the ara
phlbioua youth from thelr bathlngnnd the fisb
ermon from thelr boats. Thoso " camp appe
tltea " had been antlclpated wlth anaccuracy
born ot expcrienco. Tbo larder, tbe cooks and
host wero more than equal to the "run"of
the ravenoua crowd. The mcnu and the good
natured hospltality were allke lnexhaust
lble. Dlnner over, boatlng, sailfng, fishlng,
gamea and visitlng filled up the honra
till evenlng. By reason of the strlke of
the telegraph operatora the weather dlvln
lty was "at slxes and nt sevena"wlth hla
calculatlons. Sunshlne nnd clonds, thunder,
llghtnlng and raln were lnextrlcably tangled,
but thpse things gave varlety and enhanced
rather than marred the enjoyments of tho day.
The alternatlona of cloud and blue, of ghower
and mlst, produced magnlficent effects ot col
orlng on the wnters nnd contributed to a beau
tlful sunset by way of good nlght to Camp
Watson. Amld speeding cheers, teams took
the departlng guests, reluctant to go, to the
rallway statlon nt Milton, bearlng with them
to thelr homea and thelr labors recollections of
a most refrcsblng outing with feellnga of sln
cere thnnkfnlnesa to thelr employer, and of
keen appreclatlon of hls care and provision for
their comfort and onjoyment on this occasion.
Camp Watson may undergo a rededication on
a more enduriug slte nt some future day.
About a half a mlle north of tho present camp.
on Bean polnt, Mr. Atklna haa bougbt several
acres of land. A beautlful vlew north na well
ns south la bad there. The polnt has a fine
growth of trees and all the other requlrementa
for a dellghtful pleasuro camp. Thla he In
tenda to grade nnd adorn and there to pltcb hls
"canvaa halla" wlth more permanent nnd
elaborate surroundinga than on tbe leased
ground now occupied. Twenty-four tenta aro
now rnnged along the shore, and to-day guests
are oxpected to fill them. Appllcants for
accommodatlons greatly exceed the capacity of
the camp, but not the hospltable dlspositlon of
the proprletor. Courtesles and kindly atten
tlons bestowed in the true spirlt of hospltallty
aro gratefully acknowledged by the wrlter and
hearty thanks rendered foradayof unalloyed
Rodinson. One of Waterbury'g sturdy cltl
zens, a rugged type of a racn of whlch only
here and there a mre speclmen is left, died
Wednesday, July 25. Noah Robinson waa
born in Westminster, Vt., in March, 1802.
With hls brothers, whlle a youth, he went to
Stowe ln tbe eirly history of that town nnd
settled there. Ile waa n farmer, but hls capac
ity for affairs, his natlve lutelligence, brlght
as au uncut diaraond and aa hard and incislve,
mado hlm the managlng man ln town mattera.
He held tbo ofHccs of the town nnd discharged
meir auties weu. iie was aiwaya oeepiv inter
ested in politlcs, locil and general. He waa
one of that band of bold pioneera who bad tho
hardihood to form the liberty party in thla
state, and was one of the darine and desptaed
"319" Vermonters who In 1843 east thelr
votes for James G. Blrney for presldent. Ile
had just the quick perceptlon of rlght that
dlvestod tho questlon of slavery of all on
taugllng considerations of Interest nnd expo
dlency, and ho struck out for tho right with a
determination ns rieid and uncompromising
as flint nnd as full of fire, as thone who
tackled hlm learned. And this wa bis cli.ir
acterlstlc in other matters. It dld not take
long or much sounding to find out just
where Noah Robinson stood, and when
found, be wna sure to be rlght. Tbere was
no need ot anxletv nbout hlm afterwards. In
1854 he came to Waterbury and bought the
" Scagel place " at the Center, where he passed
the after years of hls llfe. Tbis place he
greatly Improved ln bulldlngs and tlllnge and
made it one of the most desirable fnrms in
town. He waa observing in farm mattera, an
original thlnker, and on his own acres he
wrought out ln hls own way the practlcal
points on whlch tbe auccesa of Vermont farm
era hlnges He waa aiwaya an interested
llstener nnd n close follower In the debatea
ln the farmera' meetlnga of the local club or
tho di'cussions of the state board, and fre
quently took leadlng hand blmself. Ile beld
many town olllcea in Waterbury and waa for
many years town agent. He managed town
affairs skillfully, working for tho best Interest
of tho town rather than himself, a trlbute as
rnr as It Is deservlng. Ho waa actlre and
proralnent In tbe tempernnce work, displaylng
in thla ns In nll thinga else, qualltieg ot do
clslon, Impatlence of shnms, balf-heartednesa
nnd paltorlng that dlarmed offense at the
brtifqueness wlth whicb be sometlmes,
when bis feellngs wero Btirred, devel
oped hls oplnions of men nnd things. Wlth
nll those hardy qualltiea whlch won re
spect nnd cnnfldence he had a merry humor, a
natlve wlt, thnt shone out in retort, repartee
and nttack, and was quito aa effectivo as the
rattllng fire ot hla serlous moments. Mr. Rob
inson waa twlce marrled flrst to Miss CalUta
Russell, who died ln 1SG7, and. second. to Mrs.
Jnlia ppckham. a slater of Mr. Fred E Smlth ot
Montpelier. Hls second wlfe Burvlves hlm.
Three chlldron by hls first wlfo nro llvlng, C.
C. Robinson of Waterbury, George D. Robin
son of Stowe and Adella, wlfe of Mr, Lorenzo
Brlan of Waterbury. Mr. Robinson was the
cnmpoer nt men llke Danlel Lothian and B. 11.
Fuller ot Stowe, II. F. Janes and Russell But
ler of Waterbury. Zenaa and John Wood,
Henry Y. Barnes, Hezeklah Wnrd and Joeeph
Somerby of Montpelier, and of many ot tho
distlngulshed of tbose daya, whose namos we
have not space to mention. He wlll be greatly
rataxed. At tho ngo of otghty-one he waa as
actlvo ln body nnd mlnd as most men aro at
fifty. At tho last state and dlstrict conveu
tlona ho waa a dolegate, nnd ho malntatned up
to the tlme when hls brlef lllness selzed hlm,
acarcely a month ago, n hale and hoarty phya
Imin nnd a llvoly Interest In current events.
Ile who knew hlm best mlght say wlthout ex
aggeratlon, "Take hlm fo? all ln all, I have
never seen hia llko."
Hosfokd, Died at tho resldence of her
dnughtPr lu Berlin, July 4th, Ablgail (Kinney)
Hosford, nged soveutyslx yenra. Mrs. Hosforil
was wlfe ot Deacon Jared Hosford, late ot
Thetford, nnd slster nt the late Deacon Justus
Kinney of Plainfield. She wns the younjest
nnd lnst Biuvtvlng member ot hor famlly. An
excellent mlnd nnd klnd boart, unlted to Chrls
tlan prlnclplo nnd n true llfe, made her a good
nnd fftlthful wlfo nnd motber and a noble
Cluiatlan womnn. It has been hor lot to Biiffor
for many years, whlch she bore wlth patlence
nnd Bubmfsslon to tho divlno wlll, walting for
the rest Into whlch she hna now entered.
I had sevore nttacka oj gravel and kldney
trouble; waa unnblo togot n medlclno or doctor
to cure me untll I used Hop Blttera, and they
curod ine In a short tlme. A Dlstlnguished
Lawyer of 'ajue Co,, y. Y,

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