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VOIi. 78. 4011. NO. 40.
$jgntchmmt t jfoimml
Locnl Itcms.
Wantrd A capablo woman to do house
work In n small fatnlly. Cnll nt thla ofllco foi
New and desirable dreas goods tn now
Bhndos, conslstlng ol ll&nnels, cnshmcros, otto
man cloths, wlth velvet to tnntch, jnst openod
by J. G. MoiclsoQ St Co., Montpelier.
Lost Somowhere on the rond between
Barre nnd East Montpelier, about tlneo weeks
ago, a lady'a water-proof clrcular. Tlio finder
wlll confer a great favor by leavlng It at thls
ofllce, or wlth Kldor A. S. llutchlna on the fair
Hon. W. II. Baiinum, judge of the circult
court, Chicago, 111., says: " I am glad of the
opportunlty to reeommend 1 Warren's Entire
Wheat Patent Flour,' and wlah I could do so to
every one. My own ezperlonce wlth lt haa
convlnced mo of lta great valuo, for I hnve
sufTered for yeara frora indlgestlon, and It
geemed Imposslble bo obtaln rellef frora medl
cal troatmentof any klnd. I flnally begnn tlie
use of thla flo'ar for all purposes aa food, and
have bo used lt for a long tlme, and I now en
joy better health than I have for yeara. It
makea the most light, palatable and nutrltloua
bread, and I cannot speak of lt too hlghly, nor
reeommend lt too earnestly for both tho gick
and the well." G. A. Alnsworth, Williama
town, Vt., general agent Franklin Mllla Com-
pany, Chicago.
1 Ciirrent Mciitlon.
Rutland ha9 npplled for the letter carrlor
The Eighth Vermont Reglment wlll have n
reunlon at St. Johnsbury on Thursday, Sep
tember Gth.
The stock entrles for the New England fair
at Manchester, N. II , are large, and Include
425 head of blooded btock, 131 sheep, 109
horsea and 91 swlne.
" One of tho miscellaneoua and peculiar con
glomerAtlon who ' edlt ' tho Aryus In tho nb-
Bence of 1 the old man,' " ta the fraternal man
nor In wlilch the Index putg lt,
It appeara from an advertisement published
elscwhere that a number of coplea of the Arer
mont Illstorical Gazettoer have been unlaw
fully taken from J. D. Clark's blndory and a
reward la off ered for thelr recovery.
The fall term of the Washington County
Grammar School begins Monday, September
10th, and we commend thla Institutton to tho? e
who are looking for sorno gond place to send
thelr chlldren. The tultlon is only 85 per
term, which brings it withln the reach of all.
Do not make any engagementa, elther for
bnsiness or pleasure, which wlll lnterfero wlth
going on the excurslon to the Weira Thursday
of next week. Ask any of those who went
before nnd you wlll find that it wlll pay you to
visit thla famoua reaort and the fare haa been
p!d go lowbythe management aa not to
rWti-'hiy-Irom going who desire to do so.
y.o oi hand with your sieters and your couslns
and your uncles.
Tnn chango in the postal rateg wlll have ono
queer eftect. A letter with a two cent stamp
mailed in tbe United States nnd directed to
any polnt in Canada wlll go throngh all right,
but one mailed from any polnt ln the domln
lon and addreased to another muat carry a
three-cent domlnion stamp. Thua a citlzen of
the United States writlng In hla own country,
can send a letter Into tlm domlnion for one
thlrd leas than a loyal Kanuck can commnnl
cate wlth hla frlonda ln the next town.
Akuamjkments havo been made by which
Vermont veterana desiring topaitlcipate in tho
excnreion to tho Shenandoah Valley may make
the trlp at greatly reduced ratea. Superintend
ent Barney haB made arrangements by which
round trip tlckets between Burlington and New
York vla Lake Champlain and Iludaon rlver
Bteamera will be Bold at 88. From New York,
tlcketa for the round trlp (with board) are
831 40. Those attending wlll leave Burlington
on Saturday morning, September 10th.
TnE Odd Fellows' lodgea of Montpelier,
Waitsfield and Northfield will hold a union
basket plcnic on the camp ground at Northfield
Friday, Auguat 31, at nine o'clock, a. m. Short
speechea are expected from prominent mem
bera of the order, and tho Northfield cornet
band will be In attendance ln the afternoon.
It is expected that the rallroada will carry for
half fare, and tralna at nlne a, m. nnd twenty
mlnutea paat four r. m. wlll Btop at tho camp
ground. All membera of the order will be
SprtlV'nPIITT.Tl TiFl.miT.inA-W. ' Tt Tnna ttQvrllir
a refreshlng spectacle which greeted two of the
large loserB through the peculationa and delin
quencea of Sllas M. Walte, lato president and
financial manager of the Flrst national bank of
Brattleboro, to see him stalklng into the Rut
land depot just before the departure of Fri-
day's Saratoga train, alone and unattended,
banding hla mail to the postal clerk on the
train, and lelsurely wendlng hla unrestricted
way through the crowded depot. Thla waa
indeed a painful exhibltlon of the facllltiea al-
lowed Vermont crimlnala and tho Inducementa
offored for increased crimes. Tho slght waa
sald not to be an unnaual one to those around
tho depot antl, indeed, it la clalmed that Waito
haB carte-blanche ln visitlDg about town."
l'.x-TitEA8UitEii J. M. IIaven waa arreated
Wednesday at Rutland by Sheriff l'cabody,
Grand Juror Spellman charging hlm with Issu-
Ing 4 717 false shares of Rutland railroad stock,
A hearing waa had Wednesday evenlng before
the munlclpal court, over which Judge Evarta
preslded. Mr. Ilaven walved exnmlnatlon,
and was bound over to await tho nction of the
grand jury, which convenoa witii the county
court, September 11th. llail waa fixcd In tho
sum of 88,000, and Haven's Bon Frank, became
hia bondsman. Ex-Judge Dunton appeared aa
counsel for Ilaven. Tho nanies of tho wlt
nesfles appended to tho complalnt wero ox
Governor J. B. Page, Lawyer A. F. Walkerand
Acoountant Rodnoy Mcl.aughlln, The penalty
provlded for the crlmo charged against Ilaven
ia a fine of not over 81,000 and imprlaonment
ln stato prlaon not over ten yeara nor less than
one year.
The Beml-annual encampment of tho depart-
raent of Vermont of the Grand Array of the
Republlc, wlll be hold at St. Johnsbury ThurB
day evenlng, September Gth, ln Odd Fellows1
hall. Another meeting will be held duringthe
day, Frlday, and In the evenlng, by Invitation
o( Colonel Greenleaf, a camp-flre wlll be held
ln the camp of tho Flrst Vermont Reglment
National Guards. It la expected that comradea,
not membera of the encampment, wlll be prea
ont In largo numbera, nnd reprosontatlvoz of
tho organlzallon of the Sona of Vetorana are
cordlally lnvlted to joln In the cainp-fire.
Tho Votoran of tho Tenth Vermont Volunteera
wlll hold n rcglmental reunlon on Frlday, the
7th, at the Avenuo houso at oleven o'clock A.
m. Tho Contral Vermont, Bennington & Rut
land, PasBumpslc, St. Johnsbury & Lako Cham
plain rallroada wlll take comradoa to and frora
St. JohnBbury for fare one way.
In tho dlstrlbutlon of the Bavlnga bant Imix
collectod by the state treasurer for tho bIx
montha (under tho old law) cndlng January 1,
1883, tho towna In Washington county get the
respectlve amounts mentloned below:
Barre 1179 67
llerlln 110 13
Cabot 45 70
Calais 129 47
Duxbury 18 F3
East Montpelier... 100 37
Fayston 2 21
Marshfield 70 27
Middlesex 87 79
Montpelier 669 22
Moretown f Sl 10
Northfield 4tJ 96
Plainfield 37 97
Roxbury 31 07
Waitsfield 23 77
Warren 41 61
Waterbury 89 43
Woodbury 17 41
Worcester 26 31
As thia la only a dlstrlbutlon of the nmount for
gix months--nll othore havlng been for a year
tbe amounts coming to tbe towna are of course
less, but they wlll show the comparativo
amounts of dopositB from tho several towns, aa
tho distrlbution is based upon the deposlta
from each town Jnly 1, 1883,
The Brattleboro lleformer camo out lnst
week ln an elght-pago eeven colnmn quarto f orm
and now prlnta more square inchea of matter
than any other paper in the state. The lle
former sometlmes gets wild on tho Bubjcct of
packing democratic state convontiona nnd " re
publican maladmlnlstration of state affnlra,"
but ln the maln it ia puahlng, candld and pro
gresslve. When lt Blin.lt have succeoded in gct
ting Ita folding, pastlng and trimmlng machlne
into worklng order, as it doubtlesa will before
lta next issue, we shall be pleased to glve it our
hearty congratulatlous for the good senso it
showB in followlng the lead of The Watchman
in ndopting modern Improvement.s. II our
contemporary Bhould follow our lead polltically
lt would itself be entirely happy, and Brattle
boro and Boutheastern Vermont would havo
what they noed, a wide-awake, aggre?sivo re
publican paper strongly edlted. Now Iirother
Davenport, wo shall wlsh you all prosperlty in
spite of your politics, provided, you do not try
to make a polnt against ua by aacriblng Thk
Watcuman's late mechanical improvcmenta
mado in Juno to the Iieformcr's posterior
The jurors for tbe September term of Wash
ington county court are aa follows: Grand
jurors E. K. French, Barre; J. S. Wheolock,
Berlin; George M. Webster, Cabot; A. D.
Pearce, Calais; S. M. Turner, Duxbury; Luther
M. Parmenter, East Montpelier; S. Johnson,
Fayston ; Mark Mears, Marshfield; C. C. Put
nam, Middlesex; M. D. Gilman, Montpelier;
G. B. EvanB, Moretown; NewtonMartin, North
field; S. B. Gale, Plainfield; Billlngs Spaulding,
Roxbury; J. G. Lowla, Waitsfield; G. B. New
comb, Warren ;E. B.IIuse, Waterbury; Joseph
Benjamln, Woodbury. Petit jttrors Wilbur
Shepard, Jude Town, Barre; G. W. Dustln,
Ilorace W. Strong, Berlin; W. S. Atkins, E. T.
Burnap, Cabot; A. C. Bliss, Calais; D. A. Gray,
Duxbury; M. D. Willard, G. II. Clark, East
Montpelier; C. D. Billlngs, Fayston; C. W
Wiggins, Williaro Iludson, Middlesex; John
Bowles, Marshfield; A. J. Sibley.T. R. Merrill,
Montpelier; E. W. Blabee, A. E. Lovejoy,
Moretown; S. F. Judd, J. L. Moaeley, North
field; A. F. Martyn, Plainfield; Loren J. Wlley,
Roxbury; L. D. Savage, Georgo W. Folsam,
Waitsfield; James E. Casa, Orvlllo Rlchardaon,
Warren; C. C. Coras, Dan D. Woodward,
Waterbury; J. D. Balley, Woodbury; Luke
Lawrence, M. W. Brigham, Worcester.
The Mechanlcsvllle correspondent of the
Vermont Tribunc haa severed hia connection
with that paper, wlth a valedictory of a most
touchlng nature. lta length (about half a col
umn) preventa ua frora glving more than a
brief oxtract, just to show ita style. Tho clos
ing sentencea are aa follows : " Human llfe is
a succesaion of meetinga, brief associatlons and
sadder partlngs. Verlly, llke the foam ilakes
that for a moment rlde the crest of the billowa,
and are Bundered for aye; and only the.whis
pera of the king nnd prince eternal come (loating
across the vistaa of tho centuries, llke eacred
muslc through hallowed corridors, speaking to
our approvlng hearts, 'ye Bhall meet agaln.'
Klndred splrlta are tbrown together for pleas
ure and labor, the tide HckB our feet. nnd
wlth the web of llfe all unwoven, the delicate
sllken threads are snapped asunder. We ex-
change farewella and pasa out on the tide.
Readera of tho Vermont TYibune, we have
salled our hoaven-bound crafta a few days to
gether. Wo are In aound of the breakerai
Give me your hand farowell I" Thla la all very
well In ita appropriate place, but ia a trllle
grandlloquent when coming from one whoee
vocation it haa been to note that John Smith
haa Bblngled hia barn, or Sarah Pringlo haa
bought anewgown, or James Joneahaspalnted
hls fence.
A hibpatcii from St. Albans to the Boaton
Journal aays: "Mr. Bradley Barlow states
that a contract haa been gigned by himself and
the syndicate, whereln he agrees to transfer hla
lnterest and relinquish hia right ln the South
eastern for a speclfic amount, and the syndi
cate agrees to purchase on condttion of lta be
Ing able to effect nrrnngementa forbuylng up
the claima which various partlfs have against
the road. The nttitude which the Canadlan
Paclfic railroad compwiy Bssumes regardlng
ita clalra of nearly S 1,500,000 againBt the
SoutheaBtcrn road wlll determlne the matter
of the proposed aalo. Mr, Barlow eaya that the
Canadlan syndicate wlll accopt a proffer of
raoney to aatlsfy thelr clalm, and wlll not stand
In tlio way of the purchase of the road by tho
Chapman ayndicato. Ile states that nelther
the Central Vermont, Grand Trunk, nor Can
adlan Paclfic road la in nny way connected
witli the Chapman syndicate In the proposed
purchase ot the Southeastcrn rond. Ile also
Btatea that lt la true that negotlntlona are in
progresa between the Canadlan Paclfic and ex-
Governor Ilorace Falrbanka nnd others, repre-
aentlng the InterestB of the St. Johnsbury &
Lake Champlain railroad for n perroancntloaso
or purchaso ot the lattor road, and the fonna
tlon of a llne by way of Rouses Polnt, Swanton,
St. Johnsbury, Portland and Boston."
Biiikv mentlon was made last week of tho
drownlng of Mrs. George Croaby wbile crosslng
a creek in Nebraska, It appeara that the naine
of the atream where tho dlsastor happened ia
Dry Creek, nnd thla deslgnatlon Ia no mlsno
mer , Tlie bed of the creek waa dry and paaa
able by carriageB. Mr. and Mrs. Croaby had
drlven into the bed of the atream, when, with
out a moment's warnlng, a flood of witor bnrst
upon them. It overturned the wagon and
swept It and tho hornea away, Mr, Crosby
atruggled to protect hla wlfe but finding him
solf slnklng, directed her to graap an over
hanglng brnnch and gustaln horself whllo he
Bhould oxtrlcato lilmsclt from the channel of
tho creek, Mr. Crosby reached tho ehoro
noarly Btranglcd and ovcrcomo by hls strugglo
with tho wator. Mra. Crosby, It la conjecturcd,
waa swept from her hold by the rlalng waters.
It la thought that Mr. Crosby mnst havo
awooned on reachlng tlie shore and that some
tlmo mtist liave elapsed betore ho recovercq.
Ile waa ln an almost helplosa condltlon and
waa barely nblo to rcacli a houBO and givo tho
alarm. Mrs. Crosby'B body waa found goveral
houra nftcrward, whcro tho reccdlng watcra
had left lt. Ilor malden namo waa Luetto
Kane. She had llved In Boston. They wero
marrled in February laBt and had just gono to
housekeeplng. Ilor roinalna wero taken lCnst
for burial. Tho Buddcn rlso of tho water In
the creek la attrlbuted to a " cloud-burBt."
Mr. Croaby was engaged ln cattle ralslng In
that gection of Nebraska.
"Whehe's that trunk been?" satd a ro
poitor to the baggageman polntlng to a dla
mantled hnlk that had evldently put In to re
fit from the sea of aummer travel. " I ahould
think that bandlo waa yanked off somowhere
up the North Central. Thoro'a a man at Eb
mlra, I thlnk lt Ia, whom wo alwaya know by
tho way ho loavCs hls handleB nlways tears
'em out on the aame end of one slde. When a
trunk la epllt nlong the back it's protty aure to
have been along tho Connecticut const. The
Stonington transfer splltB trunks llke a buzz
saw, but when you get the trunk stovo ln at
both enda, with the hingea off and the lock
collapsed, you may be pretty snro it's been
into Canada. There's where they do smash
baggage. You see they get so darned mad
handllng the chests of drawera nnd wasli
stands and woodboxea that pasa for baggage
ln that country that they viow every trunk aa
a natural cuemy, and they slngle out the good
onea like sharp-shootcrs lay for olllccrs.
" What'a your prlvate mark?" nsked tho re-
porter. "Oh, we don't smash baggago hcre.
Baggago smashin'B liko tho shakea In Jersey,
is alwaya In the next town. But I nin't got no
grudge ngainst these aummer Saratogas, any
wayl" asid, tho baggage man, looking in a
klndly way at tho model villago of two-story
woodon housea about him.
Pr.ori.E who travel between Montreal and
Boston, via tbe Central Vermont llne, says the
Messcnycr, nre to be glven an added ltixury of
travel, which, lt goea wltbout telllng, they wlll
proraptly appreclato. rhore havo arrived at
St. Albans two new nnd elegant puliman par
lor cara bullt especially for use on thia line, at
a cost of about S18.000 aplece. They bear the
names of " Sultana" and " Senorita," and are
the handsomest nnd most luxurious cara ever
put on thla llne. They wero bullt at the De
trolt, Michigan, works. Tho greater portion
of the interior is decorated with inlald work
which It is understood is very costly. Each
car seata thlrty-two persons, and la fitted wlth
rovolving armchalra, upholstered ln red velvet
plusb. At lnterrala small tables are placed,
and as tbe cara are fitted with refrlgeratora
gufilcient for the storage of a large supply of
eatables, the wanta of the pasBengers wlll bo
fully met in every directlon. Tho atteudants
aro summoned by electrlc bells, and at both
endaof the cara separato parlora are placed;
adjolning these again are lavatorlea, fitted
wlth raarblo washetanda. From the roof bIx
large lamps are Buspended, tbe ceillngs being of
oak inlaid and hnnd-painted in a most nrtistlc
manner. A new feature Is an Improved ven
tllator, which allowa tho admisBion of air to
tbe cntlre excluslon of dust or clnders. Bllnda
are fitted to the wlndows nnd unlque vases
filled with natural llowers are placed ln front
of mirrora at each end. An open glass buffet
is placed at one end filled with antiquo China
services. The lloors are covered with Wllton
carpeta. These carg wlll bo put on to tbe day
run between Montreal and Bolton, leaving the
former city at eight a. m., and the lattor at
one r. M. Seated in one of these cnrs, the
traveler wlll feel that he is in a veritable home
on wheeia, where nbundance of comfort doea
away wlth the usual tediousness of n long
journey. It Is probable that two more cara of
thls sort will be put on na aoon na they are
finiahed, to run between Montreal and New
" A iiici ault haa been commenced in the Rut
land county court," sayg tho Springfield lle-
puhlican, " against ex-Govemor John B. Page
and othera by Samuel F. Vilas of Plattsburg,
N. Y. In accordance wlth the directlon ln the
writ to attach property to the valneof 8100,000,
Sheriff Peabody haa attached Governor Page'a
resldence, which standa on the town records aa
IbelongiDgto Pago s flrst wlfe, now dcceased;
also tbe housea stnndlng upon the records aa
bolonglng to the wjvea of Page's two Bona,
Willlam R. Page and E. D. Page; and also a
plano, horsea and other personal property, na
the property of Page. The suit Ia brought by
Barrett & Barrett upon an allegedjudgment
rendered at Plattsburg ln 1880 against Page
and Peter Butler and George B. CliaBO of Bos
ton for about 852,000. Vllaa'a clalm has quito
a hlstory and haa been ln lltlgation since about
185G. Wbile a director of tho Montreal and
Plattsburg railroad he obtalned a judgment
against that railroad amountlng to about S2fi,
000, and causcd tho rolllng stock to be eold on
executlon and bid it in himself for about 810,
000. Tho trusteea of the mortgage bonds of
that railroad clalmed that thelr mortgage cov
ered the rolllng stock, and the recelver ap
polntcd by the court during tlio pendency ot
tbe foreclosuro proceedlnga took possession of
tho rolllng Btock nnd used it. In 1873, after
several years' lltlgation in the lowcr courts, the
New York commiislon of appeals (reported ln
51 N. Y. Reporta, p. 311)doclded that as tho
mortgage had not been filed ns a chattel
mortgage, as requlred by law, Vilas as an exe
cutlon credltor could sell tho property and
nrqulred good titlo aa agnlnat the mortgago.
Vilna then obtalned nn order signrd by tbe
judge dlrecting the recelver to pay tho clalm,
but lt was never filed ln court nor did tho re
celver know anythlng about it. About thls
tirae Oakea Araes, John B. Page, Peter Butler
nnd George B, Cbnse bought up tho mortgage
bonds of tlio Montreal nnd Phtttsburgh rail
road, Buuject to Vllaa'a clalm, and oporated
tho road for n white, but afterward dlspospd of
lt, and tlie road now forma part of tho New
York nnd Canada railroad llne, which is oper
ated by the Delaware and Iludnnh Cnnal Com
pany. Alter tho declslon ln 1873 Vilas brought
sult upon hls clalm against Page, Butler, Cltwa,
tho Montreal nnd Plattaburir railroad. the New
York and Canada railroad, Delaware nnd Ilud
son Cnnul Cotnpany nnd others, and ln 1880
obtalned ludgment in ono of the lower courts
of Newltirkat Plattsburg. The court ln Ita
judgment declared the clalra waa a llen upon
tbe old Montreal nnd Plattsburg railroad, but
rendered judgment against all defendanta.
The defendanta took tlie case to tho court of
appeals whore it la now pendlcg, and In the
meantimu Vilas haa begun suit lu Vermont. It
wlll bo notlced that Vllaa'a attorneya are Bar
rett & Barrett, who aro aleo attorneya for
jueaara. uiemeni oc oona.
Hon. S. S. Thomi'SON nnd famlly of Lyndon
ville nre away on thelr annual vacatlon at St.
Loon Sprlngs.
Misi Alick F. MoiiiulIj of Dover, N. II., hna
been cliosou to flll the chnlr of oratory at St.
Johnsbury Academy,
Thk Bccond daughtor of ex-Governor Froctor
of Rutland ia 111 nnd fearg are entertalnod aa to
tbe result of tho dlaense.
Hon, Danirl ltonr.itTS of Burlington has
boen electod vlco-prealdent for Vermont of tho
Amerlcan Bar associatlon.
W. E. Bahuett, formerly of tho fcfscnger
but now ot the Boston Athertlser, has been
calllng on frlenda In tho Btate.
At the pbotographera' conventton at Mil-
waukee, D. A. Cllfford of St. Johnabury was
elected vlco-prealdent for Vermont.
John W. Goiidon ot Bolton, a gradnate of
tho last clasa at Dartmonth collcge, has been
nppolnted principal of the- hlgh Bchool at Mll-
ford, Massachusetta.
A. J, Lano, bnslness manager of tbe Messcn-
ytr ofllce, hng gono West for n short stay, and
Mra. Lang and daughtor, who havo been West
for several weeks, will return wlth him.
Hon. Walteu E. Howahd of Fair Ilaven
has been appointed United States consul at
Toronto, Canada. He la a graduate of Middle
bury college, waa for a tlme principal of the
Catleton normnl school, nnd waa one of the
senators from Rutland county tn the leglsla
ture of 1882.
Maksh O. Pehkins of the Windsor Journal,
haa been tenderedan appolntmentby Governor
Barstow as ono of the delegates from Vermont
to the educational conventlon to bo held at
Louisvillo, Ky., nextmontb, but hng been cora-
peiled to decllne tbe nppolntment on account
of buslnesa engagements.
Chaiu.es P. Mahsh, Eq , of Woodstock, of
the. clasa of 1839, haa glven tothn Unlvorslty of
Vermont one thousind dollars for tho endow
ment of a acholarship to be called tho " Edwin
Wrlsht Marsh Scholarshlp," ln memory of hls
gon, a member of the clasa of 1872, who waa
dro.7nd in Liko Champlain during hla fresh
nwp year.
! sio.Nd tho diatlngnished guesta at the Mount
Mansfield house In Stowe nre Justlce Bradley,
ot t0 United States auprome court, and fam
lly, W. H. Bradley, hls son, attornoy for tho
Pei naylvanla railroad cotnpany, nnd wlfe, who
Is daughter of Dan Cameron, Judge Walter
S. ( ox of Washington, D. C, who preslded at
the Gulteavttrial, J. C. Gray, Esq., ot Boston,
a t' other of Justico Gray of the United States
sup 'emo court, and professor In Harvard col-
legc, T. L. Casey, colonel ot tho enginoer corpa
61 te regular army, at pro.ient auporlntendlng
the constructlon of tho Washington monument
at Vnshlngton, D, C, Mr. Lyrain Rhodea,
president ot the Morcantllo Safe Doposlt com
pan of New York, Mr. Bryant Forguson of
Phi'adelphla, J. L. Sntherland, Ejq., and Mr.
i. ( . Dana of New York.
.Iti. C. A. ,Rred ia expected from tho West
Mns. E. N. ScoviLr. haa been vlsitlng in
New Ilaven, Vt.
Ex-Goveunor SsttTn nnd State Treaaurer
DuBoia wero in town yesterday.
Si'eakku Maiitin and Inspector George II.
Bigelow wero ln town Saturday.
Mns. C. W. Willahd arrived home from her
westcrn trip Wednesday morning.
Rev. D. E. Millek preached at the North
field camp ground last Frlday afternoon.
Mies Emily Eaton left yesterday for Can
ton, N. Y., where she la to attend school.
I.i.ovd Claiik, a son of J, D. Clark, has
come on from hls home in Nebraska for a visit.
Mtsa Caiiiiie Cross will attend school nt the
Bradford academy, Bradford, Masa., the com
ing year.
The oxcurslon to Wlllsboro Point yesterday
attracted about elghty from here and forty-fivo
from Barre.
James R Lanouon has leased tho Nicholaa
block on the Berlin side nnd has warned out
the tenants.
A taiitv of fourteon, under tho leadership of
F. W. Bancroft, went to Williamstown Springs.
last Thursday.
Oscah Wfhster, a former typo at the Frce
man ofllcp, died Sunday night at his eister's
home in Marshfield.
Manaukk J. J. Phatt ia tryine to make ar-
ranzemonta to run the new liall which la to
be iltted up at St. Albans.
E. W. Baii.kv nnd fnmily of Chicago mado a
brief stay lu town last week, coming Wednes
day and returning Saturday.
Tiieiie waa a gllght frost ln various parts ot
the village Sunday night, but it waa not sufll
ciently heavy to do any damage.
Setii Joneh and Frank Felt are at tbe Dog
Uivor Vnllev fair ground ln Northfield trainlng
horsea, havlng ten now under thelr care.
The Unlon Mutual Flro Insurance company
of thls villago has levledan nsHessmentof three
and one-half per cent upon Itapremlum notes.
The famlly of George Jacoba go to Boston
Monday of next week, wbero they wlll hereatter
reside, havlng taken a house at the Hlghlanda.
J. W. Bhock of thls villago was mentloned
as receiver of the St. Albans Trust Company
and tho appointment would have been a good
A 1'Ahtv from thla village went to Berlin
Pond for a plcnlc last Thursdar, and, gottiug
caught In the rain, were pretty thorougbly
A I'AitTV conslstlng of Rev. J. II. Hinckg and
hia Blster-ln-law, Mrs. J. M. Poland and Ed-
ward L. Smith, vtsitod Mount Hunger last
Ex.GovKitNOit Paul Dn.UKanAM of Water
bury was in town Wednetday, looking aa hale
and hearty as many a man hls junlor by n
ecore of yeara.
Jodcir liEDt'iEr.l) has been quite 111 for two
or tnreo unya, nnd lt la aouuttut 11 no wm ue
able to hold court In Orleans county next week,
aa ho expected.
Rev. II. F, Hn.i, was at home last week to
attend tho funernl of Mra. C, A. Barnard and
wlll return from hla vacatlon bo aa to ofllclato
at Chrlst Church next Sunday,
Tnn Woman'g Christlan Temperanco Unlon
iioiu n meeting at i ricity vcatry tiua o eunes
dny) afternoon at three o'clock. to chooao del-
rgateg to the nnnual conventlon at West
WAi.TKit ScitiuNEit ot Havcrhlll. MaBsachu
eettn, brothor ot II, II Scribnor, who for two
weeks has been spendlng hla vacatlon in town
vtfiting relatlvea and frlenda, rcturns to bia
nomo to-morrow.
CiiAiii.ica O. Davis ot Springfield, Masa., late
01 montpelier, urouclit tlio rematna 01 nn ln
fant son here yesterdny, on hla way to More
town lor utiriai. runorai services wero uoiq
by Rev, J. II. Hlncka.
Comi'Any II propoae to nppear In the street
to-morrow ovening in thelr now unltorma, it
ovcrythlng la favorable, They Btart for the
muster next Tuesday, and lt they don't havo a
goou iime, it wm noc uo tnoir laun,
A I'Ahtv ot about twenty took a rlde from
Waterbury to thla villace last Wednesday.
etopplng at tbe Pavllion for dlnner. The boya
at tho insurance olllce across the way advlsed
inein. witu a 11111 cnoiua, to " Keep ln do mm
dle ob de road."
The regular monthly temperanco meeting
will bo held ln the vestry of Trlnlty church
next Sunday ovening nthaH-pant sevcn o'clock.
Tho exerclses wlll bo under tho directlon of
the Woman g Christlan Tcmpornnce Unlon, and
wlll conslst of ratijlc, readinga nnd recltations.
C. J. GoonwiN has ln Mr. Phlnnev's show
wlndow a hellotypo finely colored ln wnter
colora. Mr. Goodwln geema to be capablo of
dolng thla work Buccesafully. Indlviduala hav
lng picturea 01 tnia Klnd can navo mem trana
formed into tho semblnnce of a good wator
color by applylng to Mr. Goodwln.
Giioitais Wiiitnev waa nulto sevcrelv intured
at the cnb sliop last Saturday, A sharp plece
of wood waa drlven by a clrcular saw com-
pietniy turougn the llesliy part 01 tiis nand,
Dr. Reld dressod tho wound, nnd lt Mr. Wblt
nev haa no bad luck he will have the use of the
lnjured mombor ngaln byo nnd byo.
Mn. Hudson. a nativo India man of Amer
lcan oxtractlon, now gtudying ln a Luthoran
college In thla country, preparatory for mla
sionary work, wlll glve a free lecture In tbe
vestrv of Trinitv church thla fWcdnesdavl
evenlng, at half past seven o'clock, on the
cuBtoms, manncrg, rellglon nnd mlssiona in hia
nomo land. ue wm oxnimt specimona 01
heathon costumea nnd Idola, and a colloctlon
will bo taken to defray hia expenBea. All aro
cordlally lnvited.
All tbe needtul prnparatlona have been mado
10 the opening ot the Seventh Day Advontlst
camp meeting on the old fair ground to-morrow.
All tralns on tho Montpelier nnd Wells River
road will stop to take and leave passengera
and gpeclal tralns wlll run on Sunday bo as to
accomraodate all who may deslro to attend
from thls vlllnco. Somo of the bcst speakers ln
the denomination are expocted to bfl present
nnd those who go with tho desire of being bene-
ntted wlll not come away dlsappolnted
TiiRCedar Springs, Michigan, CTpperhastho
follnwing: '' On Friday last the Clieeney mlll
ln Nelson finlshed tbeir cut nnd shut down, It
wns 1ust two vears and slx months cutttae 32,
500 gblngles, avoraglng forty-six thousand per
day Mr. John A. Tatt was the genttemanly
superlntendent, nnd in our oplnion are but few
better; possesslng the right sort of business
puah nnd agreeable to his mcn." Mr. Tatt is
tho eldost son of Denison Taft ot thla villago
and haB been vlsitlng frlends ln thls section
alter an absence of nbout ten years.
J. J. Phatt, managor of Capltal hall, haa
mado tlio rollowing engagements lor tne com
ing nmusement season: Leavltt's mlnstrela
Soptcmber 22.1: Lvon's Mail Company. Octo
ber 4 and 5; Frank Mayo, October 15; How-
arth Hlbernica, a Double Irish Show, October
1U and au; Hentz-bantl.v mirlepnuo Uompany,
October 22d; Joseph Proctor, Sliakesperlan
plays, Dccerabcr 11 and 12, It is expected
tuat engagements wlll ue made wltn tho 11. ol
Smith Concert Company, Bennett & Moulton
Opera Uompany, hmersun Uoncert Uompany,
Komenyt and Aiadtson aquare ineater uom
Dluuno occaslonal vlslts to thls village in the
past slx or soven yeara. MIss barnh s. Dana
dauchter of Hon. C. S Dina. lato internal rev
enue collector at thia place, had made many
wnrra friends. These navo been deenly Inter-
csted in tho nnnouncement ot ber marriage on
tho 23, lnst., nt tlio present resldence ot ner
parents, in Kanaaa Clty, Missouri. Mr. Chester
Loomls, formerly of Syracuse, N. Y., now nn
artistresidentin Paris, Frnnce, haa been made
n Benedlct by thla ovent nnd it ia needleaa
to ay a bappy one. He onjoya n reputatlon
in Boston and New York as an artist of hlgh
merlt and it is asmring to knovr that he Is also
" a royal good lellow wnom tne unue a iriend
wlll cordlally approvo. Iho ceremony was
perfonned very qnietly in Grace church, in
the city named, and tbe bridal party departed
lor tne lvist.
We incllne to tho oplnion tbat only a few
hereabouts realize the enjoyment to be derlved
from a trlp to Mount llunger. A very good
road has been built to a point about half a mlle
from tho aummit and a good path, with flightB
ot atalrs at the steepest places, renderB lt com
paratively easy work to cover thla distance.
The view from the top on a clear-day is yety
fine. All the adjacent country is spread out
like a panorama at the feet of the observer,
wbile tho White Mountains on one side and
Lake Champlain on the other can be seen dis
tinctly. A pnrty of ten or twelve wlll be taken
by Mr. John Adams, the veteran driver, at
Sl 50 each, which includea the toll for the use
of the prlvate road. Mr. Adams ia a very safe
driver, handllng slx horsea On tbe mountain
road witu pertect ense 11 you want a good
tlme, get up a purty and go some fine day.
The hearing in the case of Redfield vi. Gloa
son was begun before Hon. James M. T.vler as
master ln chancery last Saturday, J, A. Wing,
Esq., appearing for Judge Redfield, and E. It.
Hard, Esq,, ot Burlington, for Mr. Gleason.
The snit wns brought by the oracor to compel
tue deienuant to carry out a certaln contract
made ln 187G with referenco to the sale by the
orator to the defendant ot hia tntercst in tbe
property known as the Riverside, alleging that
certaln suuis specified in tho contract remained
unpatd. The defendant does not deny the
contract. but seta up that there is a larce bal-
ance due to hlm from tho orator on nccuiint of
certaln other transactiona, and that the amount
due by hlm to the orator on thia contract
Bhould be allowed in offset of auch Btima. To
thls the orator replies tbat thia ia a specific con
tract and should be cnforced as stich wlthout
any reference to other deallnga. The court de
cided to admit tcstimony from the defendant
to prove tho atatements made In hls arjswer
and tben subrait the facta, and let the court to
which nls report la made determlne whethcr
such testimony should be allowed. An ad
journment waa then had, but to no Bpecified
Yestkkdav waa a field day for Justlce Clark
and contdertible businesa was put through the
miu. i'atricic alcuinn 01 soutu uyegate waa
up for intoxication and disclosed on a man an
awering to the docriptionof Humpbrey Camp-
uoil, wuo nas a saloon on south Maln street,
but when he was brought Into court the pris-
oner lalled to recognlzo hlm and he wna dla-
churged. McGinn then pnld hls fine of S'J 51.
On complaint of State'a Attorney Huse, Peter
Carr of Berlin waa brought in for disturbing
tho peace by an aesault upon hla wlfe, and waa
fined 810 G8 or givcn the oplion of ppendlng
one hundred and twenty slx daya in tho House
01 uorrection nt ltutland. uwlng to a trin
gency in tbe raoney market, he will probably
go to ltutland, out at present ne la bonrdlng
wlth Jailor Dudley. Alo, on complalnt of the
stato'a attorney, Goorge E. Spenr waa brought
before tbe court for luruisliinLr liauor to tho
aforosald Peter Carr nnd wlfe. Ile was ad
judged guilty and iined S10 G3, from which de-
cision ue tooic an appeai to the county court.
Thomaa Fitzgerald waa fioed the regulation
80 51 last Saturday for Intoxication nnd waa
disubargeil after discloslug on an unknown
party in New Hnmpshire.
Eianr o'clock last Thursday morning found
a party of oleven in ono of John Adams' large
wagona, drawn by six horsea and bound to Mt.
Hunger. The followlng persons made up tlie
company: Missea Ruth Jewett, Mnry Reed,
Fannie Fifield. Klttio Ilailev. Kato IlHllev and
Foster, Mesara. Burnrido Il.illey, Fred Dletnr
anti 1; u, iirown, nua Mr. nuit Alrs w. v.
Proscott. Tlmt tendency to sedateness, which
wouiu naturauy ue expected irom n party tuua
mado up. chaiacterized the dav's eniotment.
Jokes nud puua were fruwned upon (almost
cuntlnuously), and " no paina or expense were
spnred " to make this an excursion worthy ot
tho company, The only lapso from the strlct
est propriety waa wheu two or three of the
gontler aex attempted to get u peep at the sur-
roundlng country from the cupola of the
hoteU?), nnd thia little adventuro waa klndly
overlooked. The viow from the aummit of the
mouutain was voted to be, in feminlne par
lance, both "gorgooua" and " heavenly," al
tliuugh ulouds capped the aumtulta of most
of tho neighboriug peaks. The trip waa a
very onjoyable one, nnd wlll contrlbute manv
plcusnnt paasagea to the memorabll books of
tlioeo who aro inclined to that kind ot lltcrary
)ant Koilmry. I). P. Dodge and wlfe of
Montpelier nre spendlng n tow daya with hia
brother-ln-law, N. Paigo Several of tho
ItihabitanU of thU place iutend to attend the
camp-meetlug nt Bethel thla week. ,. . Addio
I'ulge wftscoirpellod toglve upteachlng gchool
thls fall on account of poor health Mra.
Clara 1). Rogera la at hor fathor's, A. J, Boyce's,
ior a iow weeKB.
Middlesex Ccnlcr. Thero was no gervlce
at the clmrcli Sunday, the pastor liavlne been
called to attend the funeral ot old Mra. Rich-
ardson at the village. l'rtiachlng next Sunday
at tuB uauai uuur, uau-past one o CIOCK r. M
Sloiitpcllcr Trnit Company.
Last week we rmbliskeri the annual statement
of the condltlon of tho St, Albnna Trust Com
pany. Wo hnve procurod tho statement of tlie
condltlon of tbe Montpelier Savfngs Bank and
Trust Company, nnd as a contrastlng plcture to
tnac oxniur.ed last woex, prosont tne game
Loans on flrst morlgnges of real estate In
vermont , yfo,tu3 il
Loans on flrst mortRBgrs ot real cstate else-
where S.V39I) 1
Loans on personal securlty (twoor more ap-
prored names) 119,134 M
Ixan to towns, vlllaccs, scliool dlstrlcts, etc. 16.0S4 04
iian on aeposu dooks. w
Loans on U, H. bonds l,t00 00
I)ans on bsnk stock 18,A95 00
Loans on otlier oollateral securlty tban abov.
mentloned,....., 14,413 78
Ttesl estate acqntred by foreclosnre 1.27ft 00
1'. H. Innds (fourpsr cents) 2V1.W 00
U. H. bonds (lliree per cents) 7,i0 (
HUte, clty, town, connty or other bonds 4S2.200 00
montpelier aauonai nanic stock, 2UJ snares., vtam w
Klrst National llank stock, CJ sbarrs C..V10 c
Waterbury National llank stock, 47 shares... 1,880 00
Cash on deposlt In Amerlcan Loan and Trust
uompany, noston. ,. liiw
Cash on deposlt ln Commonwealth National
llank, lloston 8,773 90
Cash on deposlt ln Flrst National llank, Mont
Cash on hand 6,291 09
pelier tdl 00
Total ;S18,4 9
Capltal pald In JW.MO M
Due deposltors 73V369 4t
lnterest account 3I..18J 64
Dtvldends nnpald 1A0O0
Total $818,4U m
Bv wav of addltlonal gtatlstlcs It may bo
stated that the bank declares an annual dlvi
dend of slx per cent on ita capltal stock; that lt
ha pald ln United States tnxes rturlng tne year,
S1.G57 41; state taxes, 83,03111; treasurer's
salary, Sl.roO; all other exnenses for the year,
83,120.13; totnl expenses. 58 817 fi5. The whole
numoerot rlnosirnr IS -'vio, luini siuuuni 01
deposlta, S735 3G9 45; nnmber of deposltors
resldent ln thi tnte, 2,422; amount of tluir
deposita, S717.771 38; non-resldent derosltora,
70; amount of thelr depn"!. 817,508 07. The
amount nf deoits exceeding S250 ln each case
Is S117.307 77; number of such deposltors,
1.G93. Twpnty-seven dep"ltor. havlng each
over 82,000. aggrpgato 883 800 38: sevonty
seven dpnnaitors. having oach over Sl,500, ag
gregate Sl(iS,2Ga 01
An Inappction of thn llt of " statrt. pty,
Connty nnd nthnr bonds " showg that 830 000 Is
ln New Hampshlre slx per CPnts nnd 820,000 In
Mlnnesnta four and nne-half per cents. Tho
clty bonds arn fairly divlded between the most
prfsperous New Englnnd and tho best estab
llshed nnd mnst llourihlng cIHps of tbe West,
Tlie town bonds, oxreding 8100.000. are ex
cltislvely of Vermont towns. While the total
par vnlno of theso bonda ln the nliove state
ment Is 8452,200, the estimated valne la 8484,
000. Tho rato of lnterest rangea from fonr and
one-half per cent to (In one inntance) ten per
cent; tlie prevaillng rate. however, Is five and
slx per cent. The bank'g deposlta comn In
grpat part from Washington county, and about
S250.000 Is from Montpelier aiono. The bank
has no connection with olther of the national
banks. It rents banklng rooms by itself, and
is na dUtlnct ln ita ofllcera and manngpment
from any nther banklng associntlnn as one na
tional bank is from another. Wlthout dlspar
agement to other slmllar banklne and savinga
lntitutlons in tho state, it la helipved that thia
Montpelier company, in polnt of god and safe
manngement, In tho deanness and valne of Ita
asseta and in thn tulfillment ot thepnrposn for
which it waa ehartered, can safelv challenee
comnarisnn with the best instltntions of the
kind in this or any other etite.
Cnbot. The Rev. Mr. Russell and wlfe aro
spendlng thelr vacatlon with frlenda in Con
necticut. He is expected to return and occupy
his pulplt next Sunday.
A (ireat improvement has been made In the
lookit cf the. tolegraph pu'.oa by iialoting them.
Dr. Wiswrll ia dolng qulte a job in pnttlng
nn addltinnal stndy on his house and finishlng
it with a French roof.
T. A. Town, wlth hla naual charncteristlc en
ergy and push, hn commenced the erpctlon of
a new lnmber mlll at the outlet nt East Long
Pond In Woodbury, recently christened, and to
bo hereafter known n, Granlte Lake.
Mrs. Srlina Cohurn, wlfeof AnsonCobnrn.
died In Cabot of pneumonla, Auguat 10th, nged
seventy-slx yeara. Sho waa a daughter of the
late Deacon O'good She had alway8 llyed ln
town, and by hor kind acts and genial ways
had endeared herself to a large clrele of ac
ouaintances. She waa alwavs rendv to per-
form actsof klndness, and her death la mnurned
by rich and poor allke. An aced hnsband.
with whom she had wa'ked tho checkered patti
of llfe for more than half a century, ia left to
continue we journey aione. sno was tho last
person that was presnt at tho organization nf
the first Sunday-school ln town in 1818.
She made a profession of relielon at tho time
of the groit rovivnl ln 182G, which was tho
greatest religiona awakonieg tho town ever
wltnessert, ann united with tho uongregational
church Aprll 23 of the samo year. remalnlne a
consistent member untll her death. Qulte a
portion of the tlme slnee 1843 she haa b"en an
invalid and some of the tlmo a great sufTerer,
over bearing her paln wlth a patlent resigna
tion to tho will of God, Her lst illness waa
Bhort. lasting only four dsvs, when sho qnietly
passen over tne rivor. un rriaay, tno litn,
funeral services were heid at tho Congrega
tional church, and, in tho absence of her pas
tor, tho services werekindlveonducted bv Rev.
Mr. Baxendalo of the Mthodlst church, who
gave a very interesting and aW sprmon, after
which friends and neighbors joined ln solcmn
procession and her remaina were borne to the
cemetery at Lower Cabot and lald to rest be
Blde her klndrod nnd friends.
Plainfield. The village school commenced
on Monday, Henry Thurston of Barre and Ger-
trudo Ureeley, teacliOM. The arrangment9
for wnrming the house have been changed so
that the heat comes from aperturcs through the
floor, so there will bo no more atiifering with
cold feet.
Colonrl F. V. Randall wlll dellvor a nub-
11c lecture at Tinkhflm'a hall in this place, on
inursnay evenlng 01 tlils weeK. to cmmnc9
nthalf past seven. Snljict: "Tho Old Ver
mont Brigade." Marshfield cornet band will
furnlsh muslc nnd will hold a promenade con
cert after the lecture.
Thk nnnual "gooso" plcnlc waa held in
Judge W. S. Martin'a grovo: some fift'en
young ladles wero present. We learn that
thelr very elaliorate proeramme waa carrled
out to the aatisfactlon of nll. Thn wnrd on
tho programme, " no gentlemen." nnd the
Latln motto, shnwed that thev did not Intend
to hnve any lovers' quarrels; but tho further
wordi, "allbring comtw," Indlcated thatthey
expected thero would be anme scratching.
A matchfi) game of baso ball waa playod
here Isst Saturday bPtween the Marshfield and
al'lilnfield cluba. Elght innlng. wer played,
iwltli a score of thlrtr-nnn fnr Plalnfild club
nnd twentv-lx fnr Marshfisld. .. .Dtn H'Mt haa
gnne to St, Johubury tn schnnl. . , . Fred Lalrd
and Willle Kir.ney liave gono to Dtrtmnnth
college.,,. Tho mlll dam that has been bulld
ing across tho rlver hfr N cnmplcted and the
milla are runulng with full torce.
Enst Montrtpllpr. Dr. Bassett and wife of
Chicago aro vlsitlng rolatlveg in town.
Slita Si'AKKOitn Stevens is stopping with the
Mlsses Ilamblln.
A twelve weeks term of school, tanght ln
tho Cutler dlstrict by Mlss Twombly, closed
The fall school in thn Morse dlstrict beglns
Mouday, with Misa Clark, n graduate of tlie
Union school, as teachcr.
II B. WoomvAitn is at home on a visit. His
son Wlll has returned from his summer'g work
ln Cabot to attend school at the semlnary,
Mit O, C. I'olanp. n Semlnary Uill gradu
ate ot tho clasa of '82, preached a thoughttul
discourse at the Centor last Sunday upon the
texta ot Christlan clmr'cicr and tho personal
presence ot Chrlst. His toxt was D.inlel 111; 25.
Lace curtatns, lambrequlna and wlndow
Bhadea ready to put up are fumUlied at short
notlco at iow prlcea, at Palne's f nrniture man
uiactory, 48 Canal atreet, Boaton.
Thk potato fielda throughout Orleans county
have been Btruck by rust.

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