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VOIi. 78. 1013. NO. 18.
jtgitfclnmm t onrmiL
Locnl Items.
Go to A. T. Strnw & Co.'g, Waterbury, for
new furnlture.
Rkad Uie advertlsoment ot tlio Nantasket
Roller Skato Co., ot Lowell, Mass., In another
Wanted A capable woman to do honse
work In a small famlly. Call at thls ofllce for
Exfukss chargog pald one way on 11118 ot
83 OOand over at Lewando's Frenck dye houae,
17 Teiuple Place, Boaton, U. S. A.
A. T. Stbaw & Co Waterbury, furnlsbed
the new boardlng-house at Waterbury Center
and have a little furnlture left for other cns
tomers. Lakok llne ot underwear, corsets, wool yarns,
cloaks and seasonable dress goods, just re
celved at J. G. Morrlson & Co.'s, State street
itoro. Look at thelr llno ot ladles dress
flannels and the undorvest tbey are selllng at
fifty cents.
CnAMiiER sets, lounges, tables, chaira, and a
lull llne and good aaaortment ot furnlture ot
all klnda, woven wire matresaes, husk and
halr mattresses, sprlng beds and everythlng
nceded for furnlsking a hoiiBe at A. T. Straw
& Co.'g, Waterbury.
Cnrrcnt Mcutlon.
The September term of Chittenden county
court wlll begin on Tuesday of nezt week,
Aboct flve hundred partlclpated ln the ex
curslon to Wolra lagt Thursday. The day waa
a perfect one and the trlp waa vory onjoyable,
The traln waa on timo golng and comlng.
We are Informed that a change wlll be made
ln the color of the new poatal notea when the
next lot la laaued. The present pecullar color
of the face rendera It dlfllcult to seo tho writlng
It now turng out that it waa St. Albana,
Maine, and not Vermont, where the financlal
crookednesa ln town affalrs occurred, which
waa referred to ln our extract frotn the Boston
Traveller last week.
TnE September term of Waahlngton county
court waa nonilnally opened yesterday, but wag
at once adjourned tlll next Tuesday when
Judge Iledfleld, who la now holding court ln
Orleans county, wlll be present.
Heceivkb Kioii of the St. Albana Truat Com-
pany haa gone wlth an expert to lnveatigate
the Norwood luinjjer property, and goon atter
his return wlll be ready to make a detalled
atatement of the affalrs of the Trust Company.
The men who wero iniurcd in the accident at
Colchester are all doing veiy well except the
fireman, Cblleon, who has improved but little
andlsstill suffeiing greatly. Ile larecelvlng
akillful medical attention and careful nurslng,
and It is hoped thut he may recover.
Last week a party of gentlemen began
sitrvey of tho b.ittlo-lield of Bennington for tho
purpose of- marking permanently the points
and placea of lnterest. Baum'a entrenchmenta
and the Tory breastwork were lald out the flrst
day, and the work wlll be continued untll
The Central Vermont railroad wlll glve a
grand excursion thia month from Burlington
to New York and return at the remarknbly
low rate of five dollara. Ticketa good to go
Wedneeday, September 19 j good to return,
leavlng New York, up to and lncludlng Wed
neaday, September 2Gth.
On Thursday last at Albany, N. Y., the Cen
tral Vermont Marble company waa organized
wlth a capital of 8500,000. The directors are
Green B. Raum, late commlssioner of internal
revenue, Jamea Gllfillan, late United Statca
treaaurer, and Coryden Karr of Buffalo. Thia
marble property is located in Pittsford, and la
very valuable.
Thk Montpelier & Wells River railroad ad
vertises an excursion next Satorday to New
port, Vt., where tho opera, Iolanthe, wlll be
presented ln tho atternoon. The faro for the
round trip, lncludlng admUsion to tho opera Is
aa followa: From Montpelier, East Montpelier,
Plainfield and Marshfield, 81.50; other gta
tlona on the llne, 81.25. The attraction off ered
and the low ratea of faro wlll doubtless draw a
good company.
A venjjoh of small beer, lemonade and pea
nuta at the muster conceived the Idea that he
had been defrauded of n fow pennies by the
" sojer boya " and asked Colonel Greenleaf for
a guard. The obliging colonel cheorfully
granted the request wlth instructlona to the
guard to allow noaoldierto approach thebooth
of the complalnlng keeper. Thla waa protec
tlon that protected, the only draw back ubout
it belng that it reduced gales and dimlnlshed
Tnu third anuualmuaicalfestlval of the Bur
lington riillharmonlc nociety wlll be hcld Oc
tober 0-12 lnclusive at the lloward opera liouse.
Tho followlng muslclana havo been engaged :
Misa Fanuy Kellogg, soprano; Miss Ita Welch,
contraltoj Mr. G. W. Want, tenorj Mr. D. M,
Babcock, basso; Mrs. Martha Dana Shcpard,
planlst; CharlesN, Allen, leader of orchestraj
Carl Zerrahu, conductor. A chorus of at least
two huudred arid ilfty voicea ia already as-
Bured. Further particulara wlll be glven aoon.
Euitou Ciiasu of the Lyndon Union has the
following appreciatire referenco to the present
proprletor of the Landmark, In hisaccount of a
trip to Maquam bay: " At Morrisville we told
him (tho Californlan) abont Morrisville
former lntellectual glant, A. A. Earlejof hls
newspaper expcilence in Irasburgh, Barton,
Bradford, St. Johnsbury, Morrisville and White
Rlver Junctlon; of his fight with Goneral Grout
and Dr. Bullard; of hia great horso trot in
Waitsfield, and of hls headlong lllght through
the Waitsfield uudcrbrusli, while attemptlng to
put dlstauce between outraged patrons of that
entertalnment and the projector thereof ; and,
lastly, we told blm about Earle's entire dlssira
llarlty to the Cardiff glant. In response to our
descrlptlon of Earle'a riae and progresa, the
Californlan pertlnently luqulrod: Why don't
Barnuru or Forepaugh catch that fellow and
make a fortune by advortlslng and exhlbitiug
the biyyest dunce on earthf "
A xikunion of the Tenth Ilegiruent Vermont
Volunteors was held at St. Johnsbury Septem
ber 7th. A goodly number were present. The
reglment is to contlnuo Ita reunlons with greator
lnterest than ever, The following olllcers wero
elected for tho year cnsulng: Colonel A. B.
Jewett ot St. Johnsbury, president; General
W. W. Henry ol Burlington, vlco-presldent;
Dr. K. J. Foster ot Waterbury Center, secre
tary and treasurer. It waa voted that as far
as posalblo tho secretary should keep n reglstor
of all the llvlng memberaof tho rcglmont and
to thla end It la desired that raembern gend to
thogecretary thelr namea and the namegof
otherg they may know with the letter of thelr
company and present address, Thoy should
also notlfy tho gecretary when thelr address is
changed. The asaoclatlon adjourned tomeet
next fall at the callof tho olllcera. Vermont
papora wlll obllgo the Tenth Reglment by glv
Ing thla notlco a place in their columna.
In WoodBtock the peraeverance of aomo la-
diea for a few years In behtilf of a free llbrary
hasachleved tho following reaulta: A collec-
tion ot some glxtcen hundred volumea haa been
secured, and aultably catalogued, and slnce
March, 1880, when the llbrary wag opened
wlth flvo hundred and thlrty-one volumeg,
theae bookg have been uaed by about eleven
hundred dlfferent peraona. Bookg may be
drawn Wedneeday and Saturday afternoona
andevenlngs; and at the present rateof ubo
more than seven thonsand ltsucs wlll bo made
In a yoar, the aeml-weekly averago of bookg
taken belng over seventy. And now, aa a glo-
rioug crownlng of theae humble but earnest
eftorta, a wealthy and benevolent 1'hlladel
phlan, formerly a resldent of Woodstock,
Dr. Williams, erects for the town a beau
tltul 830,000 llbrary bullding, whlcli our hon-
est and talented townsman, George II. Gnern
gey, is ongaged In constructlng. Ot course
bdcIi a bullding meang more bookg from aome
aource, and ultlmatoly n well endowed educa-
tlonal lnstttutlon of which Woodstock may
reasonably bo proud.
The St. Albana Messcnger la at length telling
tho plain truth about the St. Albans Truat Com
piny'g affaira. It calla for the Indictment of
Lawrence Bralnerd and the mnnngement ot
the company at the comlng term of Franklin
county court. Ot one palnful phaso of the
hlstory of thls affalrthe Messemjer aaya: "The
caaea ot lndlvldual hardships and dlstresa that
aro dally comlng to light aa a cousequence of
I'resldent Braincrd'a mismanagementare sufll'
clently harrowing; but no feature of the dla-
cloaurea is worso than the taklng of deposita
from poor people ou the last day the bank was
open to tbe publlc, when he must havo known
that hia bank wag not in a aound conditlon. It
thero are any clrcumstances to be plcaded in
extenuation of thia actlon they have not been
made publlc." Curiously enough the facta
upon which the itessenger basea ita strlcturea
and its call for the crlmlnal proaecution of the
olllcera of the company are none otiior than
those which The Watchman pub'.ished aeV'
oral wecka ago. In ertiinating the probabillty
of realizing on the Norwood property it ftp
peara to think tho figures given by our inform
ant were about rlght afterall.
Tiif. Baldwln mlll at Groton Fond was rabed
last week It la one hundred and eighty feet
long, thirty-flve feet wlde and two storieahlgh,
The workinon clalm lt wlll bo tho best mlll ln
the state. A boarding liouse ninety feet long
and two storles high is completed. Tho second
Btory contalna twenty-flve rooms. Tho flrst
story contalna offlco, kitchen, dinlng-room
twenty by twenty-Feven feet, and a numbor of
gmall rooms. The attic Is unfinlshed but haa
apace xor about twcnty-live rooms. Tpree
doublo tenement housea aro up and belng ftn
Isbed. Two moro are aoon to be ralsed.
Btore, thirty by tlxty feet, two Btorles, with
tenement ovorhead wlll be commenced very
shortly. The mlll wlll be fitted with new and
improved machinory, comprising double sawg,
cut-off sawa, jlg saws, edging and surfacing
and dressing machlnea, and wlll have a pro
ducing capacity of gome 40,000 feet of lnmber
per day. The property has reccntly been pur
chased of the Messrs. Baldwin by the Groton
I'ond company, in which Mr. J. S. l'otter of
Newton Center, Mass., is chlet owner. In ad
dltion to the 5,200 acres of woodland bought of
tho Baldwins, Mr. Totter haa purchased 1,400
acres additional.
oftcn paporg are etartod and sustalned by thoso j tlon la broad enough nnd glvea thom a porfect
Intereatcd In tlio navancement oi parncuiar i ngin iouo na iney navo aone ana inai uio con-
causes, purely as o matter of duty and charlty
Any pereon.or an organlzatlon that can afford
the luxury Is at llberty to prlnt a nowgpapor to
forward hls own vlewaj but journaU that must
pay their own exponses bavo to bo edlted wlth
regard to thetastea and prejudicesof thelr con
gtltuenclea, and the organg of particular phll
anthroplea ahould rccognlze that a journalnmy
be a frlond and allay ot good causes wlthout
fllllng Its columns wlth statlatlcg and lecturcg
for which mostof Ita readcrs do not care."
' Look on thls plcture nnd tlion on that."
A few weeks ago, ln a gpirlt of falrnesa, Tlin
Watchman publlahed a letter from an ag-
grleved lndlvldual ln reply to eome crltlclsma
npon hiaofllclal conduct, made by acorrespond-
ent In the prevloug iasne of thls paper. For
thla onr lnfalllble neighbor, the Argus and
Patrtot, read us a aevere lectnro aaylng,
nmong othor expreaslona of hyperrlrtuona In-
dlgnatlon, that " the Aryus, ln common wlth
all reputablo papera," htood by Ita correg)ond-
enta. Dnrlng tho absonco of the edltor-in-chlof
at Camp Watson thls summer thia lnden
tlcal Watchman correspondent "cdited" the
Aryus. For the gako of showiog how "a
eputable paper e practlco comportg wlth lta
eaay precepta, we publish below some extracta
from the paper aa "run" by tho edltor pro
tem, and gido by slde the uttcranceg ot the
edltor-in-chlet on tho samo subject atter hia
return from Cmp Watson. The concord ig
qulte aa strlking aa ln the famous anti-Butler
edltorlal and tho pro-Butler banquet apeoch
last wiuter:
From Ihr ArantoAvg. 29, From the Argut of Srpt.h,
under the eiiitor pro tem. i ine eattorwcmrj at nome,
Kectlon 207 ot the RevlHrd
Lawa kavh that an lntuector
of flnance. whonhall not be
a ntockhoMar or odlccr ln a
naTtDgs bank or trust roin
pany, thall be blennlatly
appolntedbythe Rovernor.
Tbe proprlety of mich a law
1H outiouh. 11 Beriun iimi
aome flx jeata ago I.aw
rence ltralncrd bnrroww
about $25,000 of tlio Na
llonal I.lfo Insurance Co.,
and pU'ile'il 25U sliaren ot
the St. Altian Trmt Com-
mny an fecurlty ror tne
oan. Theinooevhftcnever
buen renaUt. amf tbe Insur
ance companv lia ponttn
nfd to lioui tne biock uniu
now. Tbe dlscovf ry of tbin
factlisa made a good denl
of cominotlon amonK tlie
depoKltors at St. Albans,
and poine palntut reflec
tlona are east upon tlio na
nons whlcli Induwd Jlr.
Dewey to psss uy tne con
ditlon ot tblngs. whlcli he
dlscovered ln July, ln sl
lence. We do not belleye
thrre ls the sllghtcst fonu
datlon for thcse crlttcNins,
et we must admlt tnat tne
lOK.Inir of the stock ln an
unfortunate clrcuiustancc.
Of course tbe clalm can be
iroperly tnane Ihat Air.
)euev blmself doea not
and nevcr dll hold any
stock In the trnsWompanv.
un tne oiuer nanu, as me
more angry of the depos
Itors ay, Mr. Uewey Is the
head ana ironioi tne ra-
tlcnal LUe. and ls as Inter-
eted ln anr stock whlcli
that company liolds as If
he holds It hlmsclf, and
conspqnently the splrlt of
the law, If not Its letter,
ls vlolated by hls Hpjiolnt
ment. As far as M r. Dew
ey' f fliclency as lnspector
ls concerned. we do not be
Uevethat tbelioldiuirof the
stock by hls coinpany had
any unfarorabln liifluence,
ytt ue are jrte to ay tnat
under thectrcumttances he
ouaht not tohate taken the
ot cet and we do not belleve
that tbe ifovernor would
bave appolntfd blm had he
known lt. The Xational
l.fe erpeett to lose the
toan, as the ttock. of
couriet wtll le utpeti out
ty thefatlure.
Tosay that a man tthoutd
not be mtpeetor vf Jinanee
beeause a company that he
is an ojjtcer of happens to
hold stock of a trust com-
vany as conaierai jor a
loan,s puerue in tne ex
Tbe flnance comtnlUee ot
the Natlonal Llfe Insur
ance Companyls composed
or non.uuaries uewey, ,
H. II. IMnaham and tien,
1. 1. 1lll-in IMwa Inan r. .
gis.WW tn the (it. Albai- f
Truat Couipany was ap
proved by them All, and
would have been consld
ereil a flrst-claM lnvi-Bt-ment
by any onn lmvlng
money to loan. That " the
Xational Ufe ezpects to
lose the loan" isentirtlu
incorrect; infact,the A'a
iioi.uI Life expects to rml
ite a good percentaneof the
The Frec Press had a very neat burlesqu
one day last week on the Vershire veterans'
reunlon, glving a full report of such a gather
Ing together wlth an alieged poem which was
credited to " Colonel " C. S. Forbea. We glve
the remarkable metrical production in full:
I.lften, my chlldren, and yon shall hear
Of tbe terrlhle rald on fair Vershire,
IIow tr.o brave inllltl t caiue rldlng down
In charcoal carts to Kly town.
'Twas at the dawn of a summer day;
The mlst on the liills hung thlck and gray,
And the drowsy star-worlds one by one
riank In the llgbt-waves from the sun.
No tramn was tliere of martlil feet,
Or biule'ii 'laruin or drum's sharp beat,
llut the crAiinchlng sotind on the grltty road
Of the pranclug carts that tbe troopa bcstrode.
A Unndred and Ftfty wlth bated breath
KUltng lnto tbe Jaws of death I
Kor who could lell behlnd what trce
The mlner and hls gun julght be'
lloldly they roile for the state they loved.
Wlth thumplng he.irts but brows uumoved;
And anon wcut round the whlspered word
" rrepare to aiiack tne renei norae."
Jnst as tbe sun sprang up ln heaven,
The oider, Oet ont of the carts 1" was glven.
Then up tbe hlll Iho soldiers crept,
lnto tbe town where the rebels slept.
All ln u uiomPnt the thlnu was done I
Was ever h battle so qulckly w on V
A strlnplng ol bedclnihes a drowsy growl
A cllcklng ot handculf s and that was all 1
Tbe batlle of Vershire now ls o'er,
And the mlner tbreatens the state no more;
hut tbe deed of the soldiers shall long be told
When tbey are slumb'rlng 'neilh tbe inold.
Mitjor John C. Stearnaot Bradford was reported
aa dellvering a patriotic and eloquent oratlon
which the asaoclatlon voted to have prlnted
and he was elected historian for tlio coming
year. It was gravely statod that the I'resldent
ot the United States and hls cablnet, the gen
eral ot thearmy and hls staff , the l'rlnce of
Wales, Count Von Moltke, Comte do 1'arls,
the Czar ot Itueula and Arabl Bey were elected
honorary members of tho nasoclatlon. l'er
hapa the rlchest part ot the whole thlng waa
that tho Boston Jounialand Sprlngfleld Itepub'
Ikan took It all In and reported lt aa a fact.
TiiKim la n class of " reformers," eolf-styled
as u rule, who tako lt upon themselveg to con
domn tho newspapera aa belng bIow to endoiao
or fearful of tho consequoncea of endorslngtho
vagarlea and concelta ot people who have but
one Idea In thelr headg and, while lt may bo
an excelleut one, thoroughly iiupracttcable,
Such " reformers " are rcferrod to the senelble
remarka ot tbe 1'ortland Press upon thla sub
ject; "Dally nowapapera are not publlshed
prlmarily aa the moans of propagatlng pbil
anthroples, but as businesa enterprlsca. I'eo
ple want to know what Is golng on ln the
world. The newspapcr uudertakea to Inform
thom and expects to mako the bualnesa ot sup
plylng lufonnation profltable. The edltor of
oach paper must judge for hlmselt what newg
be wlll givo and how he wlll glve lt. If thero
are a eufllclent number of people who want to
kngw mora about the temperauce work, or
forelgn mlssions, or aome sect of Chrlstlana, or
natural science, or phllology, or agrlcu'ltural,
or fashlons, or sporta than thoy flnd In the
newapapors dovoted to polltlcs and the genoral
tntereats of Boclety, gomobody wlll bo found to
attempt to supply thelr Bpoclal wants; and
Tho itallcs are our own. The liberallty wlth
which taffy ls fed out ln the last Aryus alfo
showg that the proprletor ia ln chargo agaln
and doing hls'best to salvo over tho wounds lu
llicted by hia enterprising nssl&tant. While we
are sincerely grleved at thla evidence that the
Aryus and Patrlot no longor standa among the
"reputable papers" who back up their asslst
ants, wo are constrained to aay that the editor-ln-chlef
showa better judgment than hia guile
lesa substitute.
A HEAitiNO was commenced ln Rutland In
tho United States circuit court last Wednesday
in the case of Ilowland G. Ilazard of I'eacedale,
Rhode Island, a large stockholder of tho Ver
mont & Canada railroad company agalnst the
Consolidatcd railroad company of Vermont,
tho Vermont & Canada railroad company and
the Amerlcan Loan nnd Trust company of Boa
ton. Tho hcaring, aayn the Rutland Ilcrald,
was on motion for a preliminary Injunctlon re
stralning the defcndant from carrying out the
compromise agreemont for tho gettling ol the
old Vermont Central lltlgatlon, and tho lssuing
ot the bonda iu puiauance ot that agreement.
lt is the samo aa tho auit that Ilazard brought
ln Juno last ln Boston, agalnst the Amerlcan
Loan nnd Trust company of Boston ln which
Judge Fleldof the Massachusetts supreme court
granted an Injuctlon agalnst tho lssuing ot
bonda by the Trust company, but as thoreal
matter to be eettled waa the conatructlon of a
Vermont atatute and aa Judge Field had no
juiladlction over the Vermont rallroads which
entered lnto the compromise agreement, he
thought a ault ehould be brought ln Vermont
nnd the dissolutlon or contlnuance of hls In-
juuction was made to depond upon tho result
of the hearlng before Judge Wheeler. Tho
blll recltes tho hlstory of tho compromise agree
ment, which waa effected under No. 35 of the
lawa of 1882, the aeveral sectlon ot which reads
aa followa: " When two rallroads aro encum
bered by a lien or liena upon the two road, the
company owning elther road may iesuo bonds
on the time und rate of lnterest provided by
sectlon 3350 ot tho ltovlted Lawa, for the pur
poso ot extlnguishing such lien or liena and
compromlaing disputea, and tho nanio may be
secured by mortgage or mortgagea of both
roads by vote of the stockholders of tho com
panies ownlug aald roada." The plalntlff
clalma that that part of tbe compromUoscheme
which provldoa that the etcck of the Vermont
& Canada railroad shall bo exchacged for
bonds ot tho Consolidated railroad company of
Vermont (the succcstor ot tho old Vermont
Central railroad compaay), nt tho rate of 83 ot
Vermont & Canada railroad company stcck
for one dollar bonds ls ultra vtres and beyond
the puwer ot the railroada to do, and theroforo
vold. Tho prayer ot tho plalntlff 'a blll uska
that the inortgago executed by tho Vormont &
Canada railroad company jointly with tho Con
solidated railroad company of Vermont, be do
clarod vold as to tho Vermont & Canada rail
road company, and constituto no lien on the
Vermont & Canada railroad, und that tho bonda
bo declared vold as agalnst tho Vormont &
Canada railroad company, and also that the
contract by whlcli the Vermont & Canada rall
road company remltted all overdue rentand
provided that tho futuro rents untll the bonds
be pald be only 81 per year, bo declared vold
and that tho Consolidated railroad company of
Vermont bo decreed to pay tho eums due lnto
court, and ulso asklng for general relief, eto.
The defendanta clalm that tho atatute ln queg
aolldation agreement nnd lssuing of tho bonds
la in all respccta Iegal nnd valld and that tho
pl.iIntlH'l.i gullty of grosa ncglect ln not be
gtnnlng hia ault untll the compromise had been
nffccted and all nrrangements made to issue
the bonda. Tho plnlnliff waa representod by
Ilon. W. L. Burnap ot Burlington and Ellas
Merwln, Ksq., of Boston, whllo the defondant
waa represented by Senator George F, Edmnndg,
Ilon. Danlel llobertgand Ilon. W. G. Shaw, all
ot Burlington; Ilon. B. F. Flfleld of Montpe
lier, Ilon. Henry D. Hyde and A. S. Hall, Esq.,
of Boston, tho latter of whom la the law part
ner of Uon. F. A, Brookg. The hcaring wag
continued durlng Thurgday and the dcclslon
wag reserved. Tho result of thls ault Ia very
Important upon tho compromise agreement.
If the eult ghould be decided in favor of the
plalntlff it would oltlier upaet the compromlso
agreement or eaaentlally rotard It, and be 11-
I able to open the lloodgato of lltlgatlon In a
manner tnat would make tbe old vermont
Central lltlgatlon neem Btnall,
The annual sesslon of the Vermont Central
Baptlat Asaoclatlon waa held at Groton Sep
tember 5th and Gth. The nudlence room of
the church was guitably decornted. Tho ofll
cers ag elected for tho enaulng year aro Rev. J.
A. rierceof West Randolph, moderator; Rev,
II. C. Robblna of Sharon, clork; K. O. Illb
bard of Randolph, treasurer, A portlon ot the
ilrat day wag devoted to the recoptlon ot let
tera, glvlng reports from the chnrches compos-
Ing the nasoclatlon, Sermons were glven by
Revg. O. J. Taylor of East Bethel and S. A.
Reed of Passumpslc. Addreaaea on the naturo
and methods of revival work by Rova. L. B.
Steele of Vershire and U. C. Eobblns of Sliar
on. Wedneeday evcnlng Rev. N. W. Alger,
state mtaslonary of tho Vermont Baptlst con-
vention, gavo a practical and lnstructivo ad-
drosa. Reports and addressea were also given
ln accordanco with the progrnmme gubmltted
by Rev. W. A. Worthlngton, chalrman of the
commlttee of arrangementa, as followa: Sab-
bath-school work, Rev. E. D. Mason of Mont
pelier, Deacon E. E. Androws of Berlin, E. 0.
llibbard. Thursday momlng was occnpied by
reports and speakers on spoclal toplcs, viz
Horao Mlssions, Reva. J. A. Piorco nnd W. A.
Worthlngton; Forelgn Mlssions, Rev. 0. J.
Taylor. Tho intorests of tho Sabbath-schools
within the llmits of the asaoclatlon wero dls
cussed by Beveral speakerg ln flve-mlnute talke
Wednesday aftornoon tho Bubject of practical
benevolenco was ably presentod by Rev. E. D,
Mason of Montpelier. Thla waa followed by a
general conference austained by many of the
dolegatea preaent, the theme belng " Practical
Religlon." Durlng tho day the nsaociatlon
waa favored with eloquent aermons by Revg
J. A. Pierce and E. D. Mason. Tho next an
nual sesslon occurs at Montpelier. The fol
lowing clergymen have special nppolntmenta
by vote of tho association: Annual germon
Rev. II. C. Robblna, Sharon; asslgnments o
special toplcs: benevolenco, Rev. L. B. Steele,
Yershlrej Sabbath-school work, Rev. E. D,
Mason. Montpelier : Vermont Baptlst State
Oitaventlon, lts work and methods, Rev. J. A
Pierce; Forelgn Mlssions, Rev. W. A. Worth
ington of Groton.
Ali, prospects of the Southeastorn ratlway
belng aold to the syndlcate of New York cap
itallsts appear to bo at nn end for the present.
and the lloatlug creditora of tho road are llkely
to be frozen out. The New York Byndicate
clalmed that It stood in the posltlon of Mr. Bar
low, the president ot tho road, having agreed
to purchase all hia lnterest, which includes
three-fonrths of tho capital stock, and as that
glvea the coutrol, the ayndicate asked the di
rectors to rotlro aud allow it to manage the
road. The New York capitalists had no legal
tranafer from tho ex-president, which, ln hia
present posltlon, he cannot give. Not a dollnr
had been deposited to secure tho agreement to
liquidate tho Uabilltles of tho road, most of
which are due the Canadlan Pdcific. If theae
reputed capitalists could getatransfer of the
road for absolutely nothing, the directors of
the Canadlan Paciflc thought they mlght ag
well keep it themselves. What the latter aro
most anxious about la to get tho floatlng debt
pald off or secured, and the Canadlan Puclfic
railroid company made a propositlon ln the ln
terest ot tho creditora that tho ayndicato depostt
8500,000 In tho bank of Montreal aa gocurlty
for the bona fide execution of the agreement.
To thls demand tho gyndieate did not asscnt.
At a meotlng hold ln Montreal tho president of
the Canadlan Paciilc, on behalf of that com
pany, made a demand that the mortgage which
tho company holds should be foreclosed, aa
threo montha have passcd wlthout paymont ot
lnterest. In explanation of their fide of the
atory tbe New York capitalists who were nego
tlatlng for tbe purchase of the Southeastern
deny that they redised or havo been asked to
deposlt any sum ns a guarantee to creditora,
The deputatlon which waited ou thom at Mon
treal, they state, brought vlrtnally an ultima.
tum from the Canadlan Paciilc, offcring thom
tho Southeastern on conditlon that Ita clalm be
pald lu full at once, nnd wlth the understand-
ing that tbere should be no Interchango of
buslness between the two roads. The New
Yorkors not desirlug to own tbe road and bo
oxposed to the posslble opposltlon of the new
liue aud a fight wlth the Canadlan Paciflc, do-
cllned tho proposttion. It is understood in a
goneral way that the ayndicate did not havo
any money themselves, but hoped to gain con
trol of the road and then lnterest sume New
York capltalista in the scheme. It Is openly
afllrmed, howover, that Mr. Barlow's enemlea
were in his own camp, and the Boston Timei
aays: " The botrayal of Bradloy Barlow, pres
ident and owner ot tho Southeastein railwny,
by A. B. Chaffee, hls tecrotary.treasurer and
ono of his directors, lnto tho hands ot hia chlet
crcdltor, the Canadlan Pacillo syndlcate, which
nct seems to havo been since consummated by
aid of tho votea of Ktnmona Raymond, J.
Thomaa Vosoand ono or two othera whom Mr.
Barlow had unsuspecttngly taken lnto hia
board, was on tho whole ono ot tlio must heart
lesi, crnol and ungrntetul ncta of savagery (n
the whole hlstory of railway wrecklng."
Ing tljo dlfferent posltlona taken by the Unlou
army durlng the battle of Cedar Creek, Octo-
ber 1!), 1801.
Mn. Jamrs UiNCKUtv, formerly of Burling
ton, and the eldest Bon of the late Captaln
Sllns Hlnckley, has purchased the Now York
0. II. IIkndkuhon ot St. Johnsbury hag been
Appolnted grand socrotary of tho Odd Fellows
of Vermont, In placo of II, M. Currler of Brat
tleboro, roslgnod.
vals of flvo mlnutos In order to rouse hlm V a
gense of hia duty. Perhaps thls exptnlna how
Carr'g storo waa so boldly robbed not long slnce.
lttcv, John CumtiKit. fnther of Mra. P. H.
Hlnckley, preached at Ilethany church lagt
Sunday momlng. Mr. Currler la n marked
examnle of well oreservcd old aee. Althouzb
about eighty yeara of Age, he dellvered a very
lnuresiing aiacourae witnouc me aia oi notes
and ln an lmpresslve manner.
It Is nultecertaln that nocomoanv aumaased
the Montpelier in all soldlerly qualttieg and nt
tainments at the lato muster. Wo belleve lt
just and fair to gny that tbe Kingsley Gnarda
Rev. David Fostkk Estes haa juat reslgned ' "nl ana; Vn,e VMWB ,ato anu . '!
. Capltala of Montpelier dlsplayed the greatest
pronciency ana were ol neariy equal merlt,
hia pastorate at Vergennes, and accepted the
professorship In the Blbllcal department of the
Freedmen'g school at Atlanta, Georgia.
GovKrtNon Babstow hag appolnted A. E.
Rankln, Esq,, of St. Johnsbury and Piofessor
C. II. Datton of Poultney delegatos to the na
tlonal edncatlonal conventlonat Louisville, Ky.
Rkv. MEnniTTHCLiitmD nnd famlly of Ben
nington go to New York thls week, and Mr.
Hulbnrd entera at once npon hia pastorate of
the Washington Squaro Methodlst church of
that city.
Dracon Ei.iab Tinkham, one of Pomfret's
oldeat inhabltanta, dled Sunday, September 2,
aged ninety yeara and seven montha. Deacon
Tinkham wasbne of the best of men. He waa
father ol 0. M. Tinkham, agrlcultural edltor of
the Montpelier Freeman,
Mn. Chaulks L. Smitti of St. Albans, while
attemptlng to board a movtng train at Swan
ton, Saturday momlng, wag thrown violently
down and waa badly cut and bruiaed by the
trncks of the passenger car. It ls not con-
aldered that he ls fatally hurt, howover,
S. M. Gi.kason of Thetford hag been ap
polnted recelver of the property of tho Ver
mont copper mlning company at Verehire, In
the suit agalnst tho company brought by Man-
The appearance of the Capltala wag ln the
ntgnogc aegree compumentary to lts olllcers
and to tho men themselves, on the road, ln
camp, on duty or off.
Georcie Guvette. who llveg on Berlin slde.
attempted gulcide by taklng argonlc Saturday
nlght. He bought nn ounce of the polson tho
prevloug Tuesday of Frank II. Bascom, aaylng
that he wanted to kill ratg with it. bnt fater
developments tend to show that the remark
waa mado wlth nomo mental reservation. Ile
detoated hls purpose, however, by taking too
large a dose which resulted In vomiting. He
was anve at last accounts wlth a fair cnance
for recoverv. Domestic lnfelicitv is believed
to be the causo of the troublo.
C L. Woodwohth. D.D.. of Bolton. Prof. T.
N. Chase, from Atlanta Unlversltv. Ga.. Rev.
Joa. E Smith of Chattanooga, Tenn., and Mr.
l'hlllu lMce. a native ot tho Mendl countrv.
West Africa, now ln study at Atlanta, are
golng through Vermont and New Uampghlre
glving tho publlc the best of fresh lntelllgence
ln regard to the work of tbe Amerlcan Mlssion
ary Association nmong tho colored people of
tne Boutn. inese gpeanera wiu ne ln Mont
pelier nnd Waterbnry Sunday, and lt ls ex
pected that some of them wlll epoak ln Bethany
church momlng and evenlng.
In the returna to the tax commlssioner the
grosa lncome of the Montpelier telenhono ex
chango for tho slx montha endlng July 1st ia
atatea as oeing i'.iu-i tu. n occurred to ua tnat
Mr. Brown would not grow rlch very fast at
thls rate, but on belng Interrogated on thla
, r..i Tb .not,i un innita ih. ' point he lnforraa ua that thls waa merely tho
property ot the Goddard mlno at Corinth.
FiiKDEHicK Billinos of Woodstock, T. U.
Canfleld of Burlington and Ilon. Justln S. Mor-
rlll were among the party of threo hundred
that left New York last week for the North
west, where they partlclpated ln the ceremo
nlea nttendlng the opening of the Northern
Paciilc railroad, as gucsts of the Northern
Paciflc railway company, which bears the en
tlre oxpenaeg of the whole party,
Rev. Samdel Kkllev of tho Methodi8t Epia-
copal church, dled at hls home ln Quincy,
Mass., on Thursday. He waa soventy-elght
years old, and had hcld pastoratea ln Vermont,
New Hampshlro and Maaaachusetts, hls fields
of labor In thls gtate belng nt Montpelier and
Brattleboro. IIo was chaplaln of the Vermont
liouse of repreaentativea for ono year, and
served ln the samo capacity for a brlef perlod
at the MasBachusetta state prison.
Gknhhai, W. W. Giiout wlll dellver tbe ad
dress at the Orange county fair.
Govi'.UNOit Baiistow, while at St. Johnsbury,
was tho guest ot Colonel F. Fayette Fletcher?
IIon. Wiixiam P. Dillinchiam of Water
bury wlll dellver the address at Mad Rlver
Yalloy fair, Waitsfield, Septomber 10th,
GrouriK M, Ci.ahic, t- ll-known mlnstrel,
cut hls hand qulto y j tho other duy. Ho
aeoma determlncdtogradually destroy hlmtelf.
Majou Geneuai, Stbphkn Thomas will act
aa chairman of marking commlttee durlng tho
coming excursion of Sheridan'g vetorans to tho
Shenandoah valley, for the purpose of doslguat-
H. C. Weiwteh leavea to-morrow for the New
York ruarket.
J. II. BuiU'Ki: ls at home agaln atter qulte an
extenuea western trip.
There wns a pleasant tea party at the houBB
oi L. uart uross baturuay ovenlng.
Mits. and Mim. John B. Thuuston are In
Boston thia week, golng last baturday.
Eveniko preachlng wlll be resumed at Trln-
Ity churcn next bunday, at soven o clock.
Messhi 0. W. PoitTEit. L. Bart Cropg and
George W. Taplin were ln Boston last week,
Miss Maroie IlAiiiiis, who haa been at work
for S. C. Woolson, left for Burlington yeaterday.
Mihses) Maiiv Reeu and linth Jewett leave
to-day to pursue their studies at Northampton.
W. L Adams and famlly left for Bnston
Monday, where they wlll spend a couplo of
Geohoe P. Dewev ls away on a two weeka'
vacation, having started dlrectly from the
Miss Anna CnANDLEit gave a party to some
of lier frlends last evenlng, aa did Miss Carrle
WIU also.
Miss Helkn Dewet left last week for Ot'
tawa, Canada, where sho wlll attend school tho
comlng year.
Old Mit. Fitch, who has been n town chnrge
for manv years, died last Thursday and was
uuried irlday.
Missks Em.ma Inohaiiam and Etta Thomnson
of the Watchman force have returned from
thelr vacatlons.
Thk tunernl ot Thomaa Eagan. who died on
Sunday, occurred yesterday forenoon at tho
Catholic church.
Edwaiid L. Smith started vesterdav morn
ing for New Ilnven, Conn., where he will begin
ma sopuomore year at raie college.
MoNTrELiEit wlll contribnte lts qnota to the
state xair inis year, oorae weni yesteraay anu
more wiu attena to-aay ana to-morrow.
The Sundav traln haa been taken off nnd
those who depended on the Sunday Ilerald for
thelr gooa reading are now lelt ln despalr.
At n meetlng ot Brooks Post, Grand Army
of the Republic, approprinto resoltitlons were
ndopted on tne aeatn oi uscar w CDstcr
W. W. Newcomh, wbo la with A. G. Stone.
has been nt hls home In Brattleboro aome time
sicb wlth typhoid fever, but has now returned
ln gooa neaitn.
Amomi those outslde of Company II who
took in tue muster last week were (joionei red
E. Smith, Hnn. Charles Dewey, nnd Arthur
A nuouLAH communicatlon ot Aurorn lodge.
No 22, Free and Accopted Masnns. wlll be held
nt Masonic hall, on Monday evenlng, Beptem
uor lTtn, at naii'past seven o clock.
TiiKitR will be a homn misslonary concert at
tne iiHHtist ciiurcu next bununv eveninir. blT,
Mason will make remarks upon her work in
tbe South. All are cordially invited.
Leavht's Minstiiki are booked fnr Capital
Hall, Sdturday oveuing, September 22d. Thla
comnaiiv cave nn entertalnment here last wln
ter which waa very gatlsfactory to the large
auaience in nttenaance.
Stiiekt commlssioner John L. Tuttle is doing
a commendable work on the hlghwayg. Stato
Btreet has been greatly improved by tho grnvel
spreau inereon nna aiain street is now receiv
ing the samo treatment.
A suniiT firo caught in Orange Flfteld's
nouse yccteraay lorenoon m tne room occu
pied by hlm as an ctllce, but was ppeedlly dls
covered And oxtlnguMied. Some valuable
papers had a narrow escape,
L. P Gi.eason started Moudiv for the Bog'
tou and New York markets to buv hU stock of
goods for tho fall trade. IIo will return the
latter part of thla week and wlll make hls an
nouucement in our next iksuo.
Wk are indebted to W. A. Whonton of St
raul, Mlnn., for a lato copy of the. Pioncer
Vrtss, glvlng n fullaccount of thereceptlon ex
tended by tlmt clty to President Villard of the
.Nortuern i'aciiio, ana uis pariy.
Piiesidknt PoitTKK of Yalo colleee and E J,
Phelpa of Burlington wero at tho Pavllion lust
weeK. oir. rneiiis uas civen reeniar lnstrua
tlon In law nt Yalo durlng the past year, nnd la
spoicen oi na very popuiar among tlio stuaenta,
D. C. Sloan haa purchasrd of 0. D. Scribner
tue uuiicuuu now occuuied lv the latter. and
will occupylttoon. Mr, Scribner wlll probably
reuialn in trade, but wlll romnve to some other
lccation. The prlco ald for the proporty
waa ? i.ouu.
All tlio oloments for a flrst-clasa strlko ex'
Istcd nmons some ot the bonrdcrs nt Keran
ton'g last week, bnt tho matter at Issue was
nmlcably nrrangcd wlthout resorting to extreme
measurea. ah ihi patrons aro iilguiy pleased
The Troy Ttmes Bava there la a town In Ver.
mont that haa only ono noliceman, and that
every nignt tne cuurcu uens are rung at tnter
to blm. nnd that
nll moneya due but nnpaid were reserved for a
later return. as ne naa settied witn oniy one
of the branch exchangea and had several open
accounts for rentala, the next gemi-annunl re
turn wlll doubtless be much larger.
Thr subiect of a villaire imorovement aocietv
Is belng quletly discussed by those who are in
terested in the good name of our vlllage, and
we hnpe it wlll lead to some detinlte actlon.
Alontpeller ls acnulrlng an envlablo renutatton
ns a place for summer boardera and we know of
lnstancea tula sonson wnere partles expecting
to atop only over nlght were ao much pleased
wmi tne place as to remain qulto a while. a
little work, such na ia done by theso improvo
ment societlea in other place?, by way of pnt
ting on some flniahlng touches, would yield a
rlcn return ln addlng to tne attractlveneas ot
the vlllage.
Not manv marrled connles are permitted to
enjoy half a century of domeatic happinesa to
gether and when anch ia the case, it is very
proper tnat a coiuen weaainganouiacrown tne
event. A gobdly company of relatlvea and
frlenda gathered Saturday evenlng at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Sldney P. Redfleldtocelebrate
the ilttletn annlversary ol thelr weddlng day.
Among the guests were thelr two daughters
from the West and their aon, Mr. WlUlani
Redfleld from Boston. Tbe presents were nu
meroua nnd some of them qulte valuable, in
cludirjg nn elegant dlamonil ring. Mr. and
Mra. ttedtleld are long tlme resldenta ol Mont
pelier and are held in deserved resnect by many
neighbors and frlends.
All those Interested in the aueatlon of
"Eminl Klchta"will be clad to nearof the
lecture on tbat sabject to be given by Mrs:
Trary Cutler nt Capital Hall next Saturday
eventng nt nau-past seven. .Nonuniissiuu ico
wlll be chareed and lt ia honed tbat all who
are wllling to hear an advocnte of woman
puffrage will attend. Mra. Cutler oomea to
thls plnce as tho representatlve of the New
England Woman SulTrage Association, ln
whose behalf she is lecturlng ln dlfferent parti
of the eastern states. It Is through means left
by the lato Lydla Marla Chlld in chnrge of Col
onel T. W Illgginson and Mrs. Mary A. Liver
more, to be used nt their dlscretion for the
causo of woman suff rage, that thls assreiatlon
ls enauied to senci a representatlve to tnls and
other parta of New Englacd. Coming na she
doea, Mrs. uutier needs no other recommenda
tlon to our people. Sho is exoected also to
speak on temperauce Sunday evenlng.
They toll a story about two cuileless membera
of Company II, which is too good to keep. It
seems that these vlrtuous youtbs sauntered ont
one nlght nt the muster to add one or two
bhnkets to their supply wlthout any liuanclal
embarrassment, which proccss ls called steal
Ing when Indulged ln at any other place than a
muster. After a little preliminary skirmNhlng
one ot them got hold of what he dfscribed ns a
"liorae made blanket " by reacblng under the
wall of a tent, and he told hls companlon in
crlme to pull and they would roll the.occupant
out of hlscomfortnblecoverlngand secure it for
themselves. A seriea of unearthly yells fol
lowed the attempt to carry thla plan lnto exe
cution and revealed the fact that they had
grasped nn unlucky comrade by the halr of the
head, havins mistaken it fnr a " home made
blanket." They wero n trille moro fortunate
ln thelr next attempt and secured a portlon of
anovcrcont which some brave soldier had slept
in, ln order to keep warm. llils ended ttieir
expeditlon, but it wlll probably bo some tlme
before they will hear the last of that " home
made blanket."
Scmiiinry Ilill. Professor B. M. Huxley,
who had chargo of tho elocutionary depart
ment last sprlng, nrrived last Friday and ls to
remain witn us a lew days.
Thk annual society reception ls to be held
one week from next Friduy evening. A flne
tlme is anttcipated by nll.
W. S. BitiaiiAM. who has been one of our
number for tbe past two years, gave u a call
last week. Ile left Saturday mornlni: for
Bridgeport, Conn., where bo haa accepted a
posltlon as clerk for Foster, Hetse & Co., cloth
lers. Wo were vory soriy to loso him from out
ranka, but wish him the best of Bticcess.
Last Ftlday evcnlng we had n very pleasant
lyceum und the following resolution was dis
cussed: liesolvcd, That the fear oNpunlsh
uieut bns a greater cllect upon the hiiman
conduct than has the liopa of reward. Alllrm
ntlve, Messra. Leazer and Sargent; ncgatlve,
Messrs. G. II, Sponcer and Rynolds. It was
doclded in tho nlllrmatlvo by tho board ot
Knst illoutnclior. The hoavy trosta of last
week did conaldcrable damago ln some places.
TiiEladiea' soclallmprovementaoclety elected
new olllcers at thelr meetlng last Thursday.
Owinci to Ihemutabllltyofhiimanlntentions.
our delegate did not go to the Baptlst associa
tion ns stated last week.
Owi.no to tho evenlnc setvlce iu hls church
at Montpelier, Rev. D. E. Mlllcr lll hold no
more iiieetlnga at the Centre thl-i fall, but
studenta fruin tho seniluary are expected to
preacu uere at me usuai noiir dunng tne re
malning Sundnys ot thls month.
HowAitD Putnam, who haa been at home for
a two weeks' vlslt, returned Monday.. ..Mrt.
Ann Moise, formerly tbo widow Burnbara, ls
vlsltlng her tlster, Mra. Ituxy Gould, who ls
gaiiiing but slowly Mrs. Stepheu Gould
lias been vlsltlng relatlvea and old tlme filends
in Braintree nnd Randolph ...ludanud Wnlter
Jones, and threo ot George Sauders' chlldren
nrs In atteudanco nt the Montpelier l nion
school. ...Mr. Kingsloy, n resldent of our town
ln the long ago, is here looklng up friouda and
relallves... .Eather Ann Guornsey has returned
to Boston to spend a few woeks Mr. and
Mra. IIntry Fltch wlll take tho opportunlty of
vlsltlng relatlvea ln Boston durlng the fair.. . . .
A. D. Arma la having a severo nitack of rhou
matism ...Mra. Luthcr Parmenter, wbo hag
been alllictcd with neuralgia for sevornl weeka,
Is able to bo at work agaln... George Davis la
aupetlntendent ot hoisea nt tho stato fair thla
Bookcabes of every style are furnlsbed at
low prlcea at Palne'a Furnlture Warerooma, 48
Cauul street, Boston, Send for photos. nnd
pilce 11st.

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