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VOIi. 78. 1010. NO. 51.
Locnl Itcnis.
New goodg at Webater'g.
Ladies' beavor slioos at Griggs.
Fuixllno of lubber gooda nt Griggs'.
A nkw llne of mon'g shoes lor fall trndo at
A aooD nssortmcnt ol muslc and mueic bookg
at Griggs'.
Anotiieh lot of those fine hand-sewCd koots
and shoea at Griggs'.
You can buy tlio best aewing-machlne In tbe
world nt J. C. Griggs', Waterbury, Vt.
Wantkd A capnble woman to do house
work In n small amlly. Call at thls ofllce for
Chamiier sets, mattresses, lounges, and
every attlcle of furnlturo at A. T. Straw &
Co.'b, Waterbury,
D. W. Templr & Co. bave juBt roturncd
from market wlth tlio largest llno ot cloaks,
dross gooda, shawls and all ktnds ot dry gooda
they bave ever been able to sliow, nnd at
prices tuuch less tban betore. Look for tbelr
advertlsemont nezt weck.
Did you ever koow gooda to be to ctienp,
and what ia the funnlest thing ot all, Is that
each has tbe cheapest lot and wlll t ell for less
than anybody clse. Now ln looking for dress
goods, velvets, itbbons, bosiery, gloves and
fancy goods, and lower tban clty prices, now
U you don'tbellovo it go to Webster'g and seo.
Currcnt Jlentlou.
Rutland baa n Sunday paper, tbe Jleview by
Rev. D. E Millhu wlll prench nezt Sunday
at two, v. m at Wrlghtsrllle.
The grand jury falled to flnd any blll
agttust Mra. Goodwln of Castleton, arrested
for tbe murder of bor cblld.
Thk grand jury at Troy, N. T., found no
blll agalnst L. W. Jobneon, the telegrapb opera
tor tbrougb nhose negligence it was alleged the
accident was caused at Fetereburgb Junctlon.
A disi-atch to the Boston Journal sayB that
Elmer E. Warren, clalming to belong In Wor
cester, Vt., was arrested last Saturday nt
Canaan, N. II,, wlth a horse and carrlage gtolen
from Concord, and was taken to Concord.
In renewlng her subscriptlon to the Watch
man recently, Sally Town of Stowe wrltes, " I
am elghty-two years and eeven rnontbs old and
I expect to walk to the post-ofllce to-morrow,
one mllo from here." A pretty vlgorou9 oldlady.
The progrnmrae of tbe f estlval of the Bur
lington Fhilharinonlc eociety, wbicb occura
nezt week Monday to Friday Incluslve, hag
tbe oratorlos of "Stabat Mater" by Rossinl,
and " The Prodlgal Son"by Sulllvan; also a
concert and two matlneos wlth miscellaneoug
Thk publfsher ot eacb newspaper ln thls
tate la requested to send one copy ot bts
paper to E P. Walton, Montpelier, Vt. He
wlshea to glve an nccurate and complete news
paper Ust In tbe Vormont Reglster for 1884, ho
thla request Is ln the Interest of both tbo craft
and tbe pnbllc.
A whestlimg raatch for a sweepstake of
$600 has been arranged between II. M. Dutur
of Marlboro, Mass., Duncan C. Itosa of Cleve-
land, OMo, and George W. Flngg of Braintree,
Vt. Each of tho wrestlers has deposlted $200,
and tbe contest wlll be at tbe Corlnthlan
Academy of, Muslc, Kochester, N. Y., on Octo-
ber 10th and 11th.
Tiik seventy-flrst annual meetlng ot the Ver
mont Blble Soclety wlll be held In tbe Congre
gatlonal church at Barre, on Wcdnesday, Octo
ber 17. The directors wlll meet at ten a. m.,
tho srclety at two r. m., and the pnbllc meet
lng wlll be held in tbe evenlrg at half-past
eeven, where an nddress wlll be glven by liov.
S. L. D. Speare ot Middlebury.
Tms seema to be a favorable tlme to vlalt
the Hub. To-day and to-morrow excurslon
tlckets wlll be sold to Boston and retnrn, good
nntll October lltb, for $5, elther over tbe
Montpelier & Wells Rlver, and Boston, Concord
Sc Montreal roads, or by way of the Central
Vermont. The two great falrs are rrbw in fnll
blnst and it la a pleasant season to travel.
DaniNO the present term ot court the fami
Mar face of Mr, John Voodry, who haa acted
as jinitor ot tho court-house for the past
twenty-three yeara, has been seen but a few
tlmes. Durlng the long number of years tbat
be haa filled thls place, he has ever been
found a fattbful and attentlve oftlcer, but long
oontlnued 111 bealtb obllged blm to retlre from
the posltlon. Illa placo Is now filled by Mr.
Walter Dntton.
Tiik amounts held by towns ln thls vlclnlty
of dpposlti In tbe St. Albana Trust Company
are na follows:
lurre ti on
Jlettiel S31 io
Braintree S.'S tl
Ctn-1 1 IT 41
Craftsbury 413 21
E'l"n 23 29
Klmnrn 1,1111 61
Granville 3'l l)S
Hirtfnrtl 2 Mia 43
Jnhnsin 634 III
Middlesex 4 21
Montpelier SIS3 41
MorrWowo 812 24
Northfield 3,(117 97
lUfdnlph 4M 26
Klcbmond 131 II
Itoyalton 610 33
Nharoo 661 4
stowe 2.H36 41
Tunbridge imi im
Waterbury 890 66
Amono tho entertalnmentg ot the Barre lect
ure course tbo comlng eenson wlll be n read
ing by I'rofessor J. W. Churcblll, November
2J, and lectures by Profesior J, 1', Leotaakos,
of tbe unlveralty of Athens, Greece, subject,
" Greece ln her glory, and Greece of tbe pres
ent day," lllustrated; General N. P. Banka,
Bubject, " Wbat a man owes to the town he
llvesln;" also a lecture by Hev. KobertCol
llor, D.D., of New York.
TiiBBuperlntehdentof edncatlonglves notlce
that In the Interest of thecnmmon echoola edu
citlonal nieetlngs are to be beld at Warren,
October 9th; Calais, October 10th; Plainfield,
Octobor 11th ; Cabot, October 12th, Tho meet
lng at Warren to begln Monday evenlng, Octo
ber 8th. Sesslons commenceat 9:30 a. m,, 2:00
and 7:30 i-.M, Every one is Invlted. "Wbat
evcr you would havo appear in tho llfe of a na-
tlon you muat tlrst put into the scbools."
Ir Is expected that the post-oillce department
wlll ordor tho manutacture and galo of a now
artlclo of ntatlonery called a letter-wrapper. It
Is a comblned letter, envelope and newspaper
wrapperln ouosheetot paper, tobettatnped
wlth two cents. Thls postage wlll be rlgbt for
lettors aud also newspaperu whlch welgh over
two ouuces, Its Inventor Is tho Inventor and
Introducer of tho self-seallng stamped news
paper wrappor on galo at post-otllces for the
past twenty.two years,
Somb oUlclous frlendg ot WlUlam Chapln ot
Middlesex gathered hls apples for hlm tbe
latter part of last week, The orcliaid Is iiutte
a dlatnnco from hls bouso and tho dlscovory of
the thoft was not mado tlll Saturday. There
were about twonty-five busbcls ot frult. Mr.
Chapln wants to know who stole it, and wlll
pay well for the Informatton, notso much that
ho carca for the apples but to find out who wlll
do so nclghborly an act. He Is eure and Is
asbamcd ot tho fact that tho thleves do not
llvo outslde of Middlesex.
Mit, John P. IIowabd hag purchaBed the old
Underwood manslon at the north end of tbo
college park ln Burlington, together with sev
eral acres of land, and wlth changes and en
largemcnts wlll reconstruct the houso lnto a
comraodlous bntldlng for tho use of tbe medl
cal department of the ttnlverslty. The present
medlcal bulldlng will be remodeled and flttcd
wlth sultablo apparatus for a gymnaslum. Mr.
Iloward'g generous act Is very tlmely, as tho
old medlcal bulldlng waa not large enongh for
the accommodatton of the increasing classeg
anda gymnaslum was a presslngneed.
T. J. Dkavitt, Efq., of Montpelier bas re
cently procured penslons for tho persons named
below: Smlth Taylor, Chelsea, S8 a month,
$893 arrears; Horace P. Darllng, Worcester,
81 a montb, S9CG arrears; L. L. Persons, East
Randolph, $2a month, 8384 arrears; Ransom
O. Smlth, Lunenburgh, Sl a montb, $615 ar
rears; T. J. Slayton, Worcester, an lncreaso of
31 a month; John E. Dolloff, St. Jobnsbury, Si
a month, S89S arrears; Luther Wakefield,
Northfield, S4 a month, 8C5 arrears; W. II.
II. Maynard, Warren, S8 a montb, 6878 ar
rears; M. J. Cbaffee, Roxbury, $4 a month,
S9G0 orrears; A. P. Cameron, Worcester, $0 a
month, $860 arrears; Danlel Dalley, Water
bury, S2 a montb, $430 arrears; J. II. Bolton,
Wolcott, lncreaso to S10 a month, about S500
arrears; John 11. Leonard, Middlesex, $2 a
month, $450 arrears. Mr. Leonard first placed
hls clalm ln the hands of an attorney of Wash
ington, I). C, and It was reglstered. He then
employed Mr. Deavltt, who took an appeal to
the gecretary of tbo interlor, wlth tbe above
Tiik first volutne of the list ot Unlted States
pensloners was publisbed last weck at Wnsh
ington. The penfloners from Vermont nre In
cluded In It and number over four tbousand
who recelve annually about $SOO,000 from the
Unlted States treasury. On tho 30th of June
last there were pendlng In the penslon ofllce
3,614 appllcations from Vermont, 2,517 of whlcb
were filed prlor to July 1, 1880, and wlll be en
tltlcd to arrears when the pension9 are granted.
All the remalnlng cases entitled to arrcara are
doubtful ones. Tbe commlssloner of penslons
sayg he hag gettled and pald all tlio?o clalms
where tho records and evidence clearly fhowed
the claimant'g right to a penslon. He estl
mates, however, that one-balf of the arrears
clalms now pendlng wlll be granted, whlch
will glve Vermont clalmants $2,500,000 on tho
first payment of penslon. Vermont furnished
30,000 soldlers for the suppression of the rebel-
llon. The number of pensloaers on tho roll
and tho number of appllcants to be placed
upon the penslon roll, including tho belrs of
the soldlers, is only one-fourth of the whole
numbor of soldlers.
The Troy ' 2Vmes gives tho followlng as tho
experienee of a Vermont clergyman on a recent
Sunday: "Hydeville, Vt., September 23, 1883.
Nlne a. m., pastoral vlslt to an invalld; 10:45
a. m., preacbed; 12 m., conducted openlng ser
vices of Sunday-school; 12:30 p. m., drove five
mlles to conduct funeral servlces of the Good
wln cblld so mysterlously murdered Friday
nlgbt; preached to a very large audlence. Left
Mr. Goodwln's at 2:10 r. u. and drove slx
mlles to Hubbardton and preached ln tho Bap
tlst cburcb at 3 r. m ata speclal servlce. At
4 r, m. started homeward, and whlle nearlng
tbe brow of a blll west of Castleton notlced a
gtrong odor of burnlng wool. Just over tbe
brow of tlio hlll overtook a negro wlth hls
clothing In flames. After seeing hlm 'ex.
tlngulsbed,' dlscovercd tbat the flro bad been
caused by matcbes in bis pocket. At7:30r
m., conducted a praise geivlce at Hydeville,
followed by a sermon at 8 o'clock. Thls closed
the day. He had drlven twenty-two mlles,
preached four tlmes, conducted a Sunday-
school and praise servlce, made one visit and
attended one fire."
A DiRrATCn from Milwaukee to tho New
York Timcs, September 26tb, says: "Conslder
able of a sensation was created by a report thls
morning that Mlsa Julia F. May, a well known
operatlc singer, who joined the Hesx company
recently, had met wlth a slngular nccldent at
Cincinnati and was at the polnt of death. Mlss
May, wbo Is a promislng young actrees and the
half siater of Judge May of thls city, vlslted a
Turklsh bath a day or two ago to take an elec
trlc bath. The etupid attendant rubbed her
from head to foot with Croton oll, mlstaking it
foralcohol. Thls left Mlsa May in a pltiable
pllght, for ghe was one Immense bllater. Tlie
matter was suppresseduntll to-day. The young
lady is very 111 and Is kept closely confined,
but there are hopea of her recovery. The first
diipatch, to the effect that she was horrlbly
dlsfigured and was at the polnt of death, waa
exaggerated. Judgo May announces that a
sult for lioavy damagej will at once be In
stltuted ugainst the bath-house people." Miea
May haa occaslonally sung ln Montpelier and
haa many friends and admlrers here, all of
wliora will be palned to hcar of her mlnfortune.
Thk followlng otllcers were electod at tho re
cent conventlon of the Womsn'g Cbrlstlan Tem-
perance Unlon at West Randolph: Mrs. E. G.
Greene ot St. Albans, prealdont; Mrs. J. L.
Perklns of St. Johnsbury, recording secretary
Mrs. W. II. Button of Middlebury, correspond.
ing secretary; Mrs. K. M. Seaverof Montpe
lier, treasurer; Misa Lucy J. Bradsbaw of
Montpelier, nudltor; ftateguperlntendonts: eci
entlllc Instltution, Mlss Allce M. Guernsey ot
Rutland; Inlluenclng press, Mrs. Monroe of
Middlebury; temperance lltoratiire, Mrs. Clln
tou Smlth of Middlebury; jnvenllo work, Mra
A. I), Engrem of Rutland; young womeu'a
work, MIhs Josle Glll of Montpelier; prlaon
and jill work, Mrs. D. L. Fuller of Montpelier
presentlng our cause betoro other bodlcs, Mrs
E. G. Greenoof St. Albana; evangellstlc work.
Mrs. A D, Colllna of St. Albans; communlon
wine, MUs Anna C. Park ot Bennington; Sab
bath-scbool work, Mrs, M. L. T, Hldden of
Craftsbury; legislative work, Mlss S, lloward
of IUndolph; drawing-room moetlngs, Mlsa K
Hutchlnsou ot Bennington; relatlon of temper
ance to ca)ltal and labor, Mra. B. II. Day of
Underhill; gtato and county fuirs, Mrs. W. II
S. Whltcombof Burlington; Unlon Slgnal, Misa
Utura Kerer of Rochester; hygiene, Mrs. V
M. Hardy of West Randolph.
Aiiout midnlght on the 27th of Juno last an
atteuipt waa made to burn the carrlago factory
of Strong Brothors In Benson. An old veat
saturnted with keroseno waa placed under a
lumber plle and fired, but tho fire waa put out
betore lt had burned much. Dctcctive Rogera
of Iroy, N. i., employed to work up the case,
found that tho cloth of tho veat, whlch was not
all burned, matcbed tho coat and pants of a
Frencb shoeraakor In Bonson named Josepb
Dusham. Mra. Duaham informod the detoctlve
that sbo saw a tramp about on tbe nlgbt of tho
tlro nnd that he called on a Mra. Gtbbs. Tbo
latter described the clothlng of the " tramp,"
partlcnlarly the cap; and gald ho looked ltko
Mrs. Dusham. A Fronch girl was noxt eent to
Benson, who was soon on Intlmato terma wlth
Mra. Dusham and got from her a confession
that Bhe was gullty of a gravo crlmo ngalnst
Strong Brotbcrs. Her object waa rovonge be-
cause they would not eject a famlly named
Dwyer from a house owned by thom noar Mrs.
Dusham'a restdence. Last Sunday a fire oc-
curred In Dusham'a house and tho famlly
moved out. Detectlve Rogere, who hnd come
to town Friday, found ln tbe deserted house
the cap described by Mra. Glbba, and arrested
Mrs. Dnsbam and her husband. On belng
confronted wlth the evidence, the woman con
fessed havlng set the fire and was held in
$1,000 tlll the rttting of the grand Jury. Her
husband was dlscbargcd, as it appeared that
be was Ignorant of hls wlfe'a doinga.
Amono tho indlctmentg found by tbe grand
jury la one agalnat Jamea Tcmpleton of Worces
ter, for manslaugbter. It appeara that Alva
Hurlburt and hls wlfo, Sylva, an aged and poor
couple, went to live with Mr. Templeton last
wlnter, nnd the bllla wero pald by the town
authorltlea, to whom he had deeded what little
property be possessed. Mr. Templeton llvci
near Morrla Hamlet'a place, about one mllo
thla sldo of Worcester Corner. On Monday
ovenlng, August 27th, Mr. Templeton went
into the Hurlbnrts' room, gome gay at Mr.
Hurlburt'a request whlle others deny It, and
trled to compel Mrs. Hurlburt to retlre for the
nlgbt. When he had accompllshed hls pnr
dose, lt was found tbat she waa dead. No ln
quest was held and tho funeral occurrod Au
gust 29th. These fncts came to the knowledge
of Stato's Attorney Huse, and at bls rrqueat an
order was Issued by the court, tho body was
dlslnterred by the sexton, Captaln Hutchlngon,
and a post mortem exarolnation waa made by
Drs. Putnam and Mncomber. Marks of vlo-
lence were dlscovered upon the body, and the
heart wag found to be ln a dropalcal condltlon
It seema qnlte probable that Mr. Templeton
treated the old lady very harshly, perhaps bru
tally, but doubtless with no expoctatlon ot nny
fatal result. The ofllcers bave not found hlm
as yet and, as the jury has been dlscbargcd,
the case wlll go over untll nezt term, at least.
Mr, Templeton is a brother of Horatlo Tem
pleton, the present member of the leglslature
from Worcester.
It la a rare event when an issue of the Frce
Press doea not contain edltorial or other mat
ter taken without credlt from somo of Ita ez
changeg. We havo no reference to items of
general or local newg or Interest whlch by com
mon consent or practlce are treated by the
press aa common property. It la in the use of
matter taken from exchanges for whlch news
paper honor and courtesy demands tbat credlt
should be glven that our contemporary's klep
tomanlac tendency la partlcnlarly dlfcloaed.
For years past Thk Watchman has been an
occaslonal vlctlm of tbese journallstic plracles,
aome of whlch bave been of an excecdlngly
aggravating character, thestolen artlcleasome-
times reappearlng, in the papers of the state
and elsewhere, credltcd to the Frce l'ress. A
recent case in polnt is the appropriatlon,
without a word of credlt, of a portion ot an
article in the last Watchman entitled " No
State Assessment." An Itera in the same
lssue relatlng to somo unjust accusatlons
agalnst Judge Redfield were also reproduced,
word for word, from Thk Watchman, without
credlt, copled by the St. Albana ifessenger and
Boston Journal and by thoso papera credited
to the Free Press. Theso are trlfllng mattera
ln themselves, and In comparison wlth other
offenses of like character they aro inslgnlfi
cant. We regard our esteemed contemporary'a
malady more in sorrow than in anger aud pr ly
that it may conquer ita unfortunate propen
aity in tbe future.
Thcman K and Wahren Mukuay of South
Duxbury were arrested for forgery Monday by
Sherlff Atherton and lodged ln jail at thla
place. Mr. II. O. Ward, a lumber dealor ln
Duxbury, was at Middlesex Monday forenoon,
when Willlam Mclntyre spoke to hlm about
somo notes ho held agalnst hlm for money
loaned to the Murray boys. Mr. Ward replled
that he had not slgned any notes for tbo Mur
rays. Mr. Mclntyro perslsted tbat he had,
and, golng to hls house, produced two notes
one for $550. the other for $200 dated ln
Aprll, nnd bearlng tho names of II, O. Ward
and Samuel Turner, the latter a well-to-do
farraer ln Duxbury. Mr. Ward pronounced
the slgnatures forgeries, no effort bavlng been
made even to iinitate hls own Blgnature. He
drove at once to Waterbury and placed tho
matter In the banda ot Sherlff Atherton, by
whom the partles wero found at South Dux.
bury and arrested, ag stated. Tho Murrays
bougbt a saw-mlll of Mr. Ward at South Duz
bury, wblcb tbe latter bad stocked for them;
taklng securlty on the loga. The young men
wero frequently asked to furnish lumber, by
way of payment, to belp Mr. Ward fill some of
hls orders, but they generally contrlved to shlr.
iton tbelr own account nnd to collect and use
tbo money, leavlng Mr. Ward in the lurch and
exhlblttng a total disregard ot thelr word or
tbelr wrilten contracts. The money obtained
on one of the forged notes was carried to tbo
Murrays byn brother ot Mr. Mclntyre, and for
the other, one ot the Murrays came to Mlddlo
sez and obtained lt. Mr, Ward has lald an
attachment on thelr property aa tecurlty for
tbelr lndebtedness to bitu, Truman waa for
morly postmaster at Fayston, At n hearing on
Tuesday, beforo Jmtlco Clark, Warren was
held for trlal, under $000 bonds, falling to ob-
taln whlch he was comtnitted to jill. Truman
waa dlecharged,
Rkv. Jojhi-h Cooic wlll lecturo at St. Joh
bury thls comlng wlntor.
PiiKsiuKNT Hajiun of Middlebury collego
has gono to Mlchlg tu for i wetk'a stay.
Miss Fannik PnooTOit, daughttr of ex-Gov
ernor Proctor of Rutland, dled Septomber2uth
Rkv. Gkoimik E. IlALi.of Vergennes haa do
cllnod tho call recontly oxtendtd hlm by th
First Congregatlonal church of St. Albans.
William Eaton, a corapositor lu tbe ofllce
of ttie uanvllle Xorth Star, la In hia olfih
fourtb voar and bas been settlnc tvne con
gtantly for nearly seventy yearg, bavlng lost
but very few daya,
Fouit of tho delrcatcs nmolntod bv
governor to represcnt tbla gtato at tho Louls
ville, (ky.; oducatlonal conventlon, vlr.: J, J
R, Randall of Rutland, Profcssor Dunton o
Troy, A. E. Ksnkln ot St, Johnsbury and Rev
T. P. Froist of Bradtuid, wero present.
Mits. Jamkb S. Pkck g sllghtly Indljposed.
Mi83 EmtA Uallowell rcturned to town
last woek,
Thkiik wna n bantlsm at tbe Unltarlan church
Sunday ovenlng.
Mn. and Mita. F. W. Mousk roturncd vester-
day from Chlcago.
Rev. A. D. rUiiiiKH nfllnlatr.d nt Retbnnv
church on Sunday.
R G. BnowN leavcs for Uarvard to-nlcht to
begln hls senlor yoar.
Thk Srrlbner brothera aro nuttlne a clasa
partitlon lnto thelr store.
Waltkii Vincent and Dr. Charles Cbandlor
went to Now York Monday.
Durniiz & IlKNKDior Mlnstrola aro booked
for Capltal Uall Octobor 15.
Evknino servlces were resumed at tho Mctho-
dlst church Sunday evenlng.
Tiik new nalatial floatlnir restaurant ia com-
plsted and open for buslnesa.
Qoitk a numbor wlll co to Boaton on the ex-
curslon to-day and to-morrow.
Wii.uk (Tuo) Wilson hutt hla foot on a
eplinter whlle Eawlng last week.
John B. Thuiiston haa not sufilclently re-
covered to return from Boston yet.
S. II. O. ItoswoiiTii of Berlin liaa moved Into
the Fullorton house on Loomts streot.
Cahi, L. Smitii wlll erpct a llno residonco on
hU Barre street lot carly ln tho spring.
Olin Dai.kv left last Frldav for New York.
where he wlll attend modlcal lectnres.
Mits. M. C. Kinson rjresldea at tho orean at
BUhany church in the nbsenco of Mr. Briggs.
Mit. and Mhh. A. J. Howk havo retutned to
town. Mrs. Howe's health la greatly Improved,
The skatlnz rlnk Is aDnreclated. Indelng
from the rumble fiom the rollers on tbe Ibor,
Hon. CiiAHLEa Dkwev with hia wlfo and
three daughters started for I'hlladelphia last
Fiikd C. Camp. formerlv of tbe American
Houso at Burlington, Is now clerklng at tho
Otis Milkb wlll soon movo into his house on
Semlnary avcnue, recently purcbased of tbo
Frencb estate.
John D. Clocoii has retumed from Central
New York. He wlll attend the Uarvard law
sehool thla fall.
Thk entertalnment eiven bv tho Monlton
and Johnson mlnstrela Monday night waa a
very poor atlalr.
BmtNsiDB Bailkt haa retumed from Boston,
whither he waa drnwn by attractions of an
etiinologtcal nature.
Anothkh rehearpal wlth Mr. H. L. Thomp-
son wlll he held in the vestry ot the Unltarlan
church tbla evenlng.
JrcsE Cathde haa closed hls saloon on Maln
street, and bns moved bls famlly lnto Yutta's
liouse through the nrcu.
Thk Woman'a Cbrlstlan Temperanco Unlou
wlll glve a tea party at Tilnlty parlora thls
(Wodnesday) afternoon from five tlll teven.
Skveral parts of the vlllagp, where young
ladies are known to reslde, wero aerenaded
last Saturday nlght by tbe Cellulold glee club.
Tiik carpentera aro at work on tho bulldlng
in tbe rear of tho Arch. It wlll be thorouehly
renovated lnsldo and out. L. W. Welcb la to
occupy It.
Misses Kittie and Kate Bailet left for
Chlcazo Mondav evenlnir. havlcc been delayed
slnce last Wednesday by tbo temporary llluess
ot the former.
Misa May Vinton, who haB been at ber
home In Granville durlng the summer, bas re
tprued to the trlmtnlog department of C. A.
ii&t'g mtlllcery store.
"ThkWokld," a popular play whlch baa
been runnlng at Muslc Uall, Boston, wlll be
plaved by tbo Boston Theatre company at
Capltal Ilall October 5.
C. A. SANDEita of thls vlllage has left at our
rfllce some very fine cpeclmens of grapea of
bis own ralslng, wblch tends to show that dem
ocrats aro not tbo only ones wbo can raise fino
Thk next Sunday evenlng temperance meet
lng wlll be held at llitliauy ve-try at seven
o'clock p. i., October 7th. Letallthechurches
be repreented. Short and plthy speecbes will
be in order.
OmtiN Dalky has ralsed a fqnah of the
Boston Marrowfat varlety, whlch ia twenty-one
inches long, forty-four Inches In circumference,
nnd welgbed tbirty.geven and one-half pounds.
Who can beat It?
Tiik spectacle of a glrl with a donkey at
tracted much attention on the street Friday,
We don't seo why it should. That combina
tlon can be seen promcnadlng tbe streets al
most any eveulng.
A lettku from Wlll Sulllvan, who la at
Lincoln, Neb., was read ata recent Odd Fel
lowa tneetluK. expresstng a decldcd llking for
the West, whlch hodescrlbes u)l)lng wlth
tbat favorlte beverage, mllk and honey.
A CO.MM1TTKK ot tbe Capltnl Guard waa at
St. Albana Saturday, negotlatlng for the pur
chase of the mesa tent and other camp equlp
nients belonging to tho Ransom Guard. The
boya purpose to do thelr own catering at futuro
Thk concert glven by Mmo. Fry and daugh
ters last Tuesday evenlng nttracted but a small
number. Whlle the performance was not of
the hlghest order, lt was very enjoyable and
the sklll dlsplayea by tho ladies on such a
varlety ot Instrumenta waa wonderful.
Thk Uncle Tom'a CablnlComjmny, which
showed here last Friday evenlng, bad moie
baggage than J, V. Morrow had dgreed to
bandle, nnd retused to pay hlm for the excess.
Thereupon Monow brougbt the matter beforo
Justlce Clark, nnd Lawyer Markg lost hla caso
and pald the blll.
Dr. L Simonson of Now York, surgeon
cbiropodlst, lu at tlio Pavllion nnd laprepared to
treatall who are troubted wilh corna, bunious,
etc. Iln bilngg wltbtilm Itttera from well
known citlzena of Burlington, St. Albana, etc,
speaklug very hlghly ot liis auccesa. Read his
card elbewhere in thla paper,
Somk of the New York ezcnrslonlsta missed
tlmlast traln from the great city the day thelr
tlcketa exptred, but they were equal to the oc
caslon. instead of paying (u'.l fare home, aa
lesa thrlfty persons mlght have douo, they
wrote to Superlntcndent Ilobart for an exteu
slon of tlme on tbelr tlcketa nnd meanwhllo en
joyed two or three daya niore ln tbe gay ine
tropolla, All of whlch goea to piovo tbat a
penuy saved is two pence clear.
Tiik many frlonda ot Mr. nnd Mrs. Roger
Blxby had not forgotten that tbe eleventb an
nlversary of thelr weddlng day cccurred on
thn 25th instant, but the occaston was not cel
ebrated untll Thursday evenlng, when a inerry
party gave them n completo turprUo at tbelr
roonm in Ilotel Kiuptoii. An nfsault waa
made on tbo well-stncked pnntrles ot the hotel,
aud, after every klndof good wlah liad been
expresed, tho company dlsperaed, leavlng Mr.
nnd Mrs Blxby to pleasant dreauis and gelt
Scml'jury The soclety rcceptlon
camo uff as aniiijuuced, Fiiday evenlng, Sep
tember '21st. Thero waa u goodly iiutnber
preien', among them aevoral old students, and
a geuf ral goud timo Ia repotted.
Miii-TKiiMozamtnallona thla woek Thursday
aud Kilday,
Tiu Iland and IMlietlo socletles havo pro
cured some new baitgua, In the form of a sllver
plu hnd bangle atticbed. On ono sldo Is en
gravo t tlio word "Iliud," nn the othor sldo ia
placec the monograin, "A'."
I.AbT Friday evenlng tlio followlng resolutlon
waa ll'cussed: Jtesoleeil, That dlslnterested
beuevjlnuco exUta aiuong maiiklnd, Alllrma
llve, Maxliaiu acd Rlcliardsou; negativo,
Spaulding and Goss. Declded iu tho negativo
by the board of declslou,
Mit. IIaiinkv, a graduato of tbe fcliool who
took the placo o( A, O. Cumralna dutiug hla
S"juura in tbe West, la nt hla home Iu South
Acwotth, N. II , whero he ia to stop n thort
tlme. llo Inteuds, lila eyoa permlttlng hlm to
do so, to attend Boston uulvtrslty, to atudy
law. Thla gemlnnry seema to bo well re pre
sented ln Boston uuivorslty, by Mossrs. Good
speed and Poland and Mlssea Cooper nnd Hob
son; tliUtorcH iasoon to bo kttcnsthened by
the addltlon of Mttsis Clough nnd B.truey,
AVasliiii(loii County Court.
Hon. T. P. Rfdph'i.d, C'hle Judyc.
Hon. J. II. ItAsTiNOf, 1 ,..,.,, T , .
Hon. J. M. Firiikh, MttantJudfftt.
M. K Smii.ik, Clcrk
II, Athkuton. iherif.
II. A. Iluan, State' l Attorney,
HrsNitv Oviatt, Stcnographcr.
At tho tlme of golng to prera last week the
case of J, W. Leonard t' Achrnh Dutton wag
on trlal, Thls warfan actlon ot trespassnn tho
freehold, entered at the March term, 1883, to
recover the value of somo twenty or moro
stnndlng trees, alleged to have been cut by tho
defondant. It nppearg that there bad been a
dlspute nt long etanding concernlng the bound
ary llnn between lots number seven and elght
of tbo first diviston in the town of Cala'a. The
pUlntlfTs father camo to the ownerehlp ot lot
number elght In tho year 1838 by purcbaso of
ono Nonh I'lerce, who bad occupled it slnce
1810, and on the decease of hls father in 1842
lt went lnto tho hands of tho administrator,
and so remalned untll about 1847, when
the northwesterly corner contalnlDg tho land
In questlon waa aet out to the widow as her
dower. Wettorly of sald lot number elght lleg
tbo land ot tbo defendant, nnd between the
ndjolnlng ownera there haa neverbeen a fence
on the llne, aa the plalntliT clalmed, but waa
aome throe or four roda too far east, and on tbe
land of tbe plaintlff. The defendant haa dur
lng nll theso yeara occupled thla narrow etrlp
of wnodland and clalmed to own It as a part of
her farm, having gnlned tltlo to the same by
long contlnucd possesslon. The plaintlff clalmed
In nnswer to thla defence, that he had allowed
thn defondant to occupy nnd that he had lilm
self occupled sald land sufilclently to cut ofT
nny clalm ot precript!on, whlch the connsel
for the plalnllfT clalmed, should have been ex
c'ulvo possesslon. The jury rendered a ver
dlct for the defendant to recover her cost. S.
C Shnrtleff and Harlan W. Kemp for the
plaintlff. J. P. Lamson and George W. Wing
for the defendant.
The next caso tried wna that ot John Cnrrler
vi. the Contlnental Llfe Insurance Company of
tiaruora, jonn. inis was nn actlon ol as
surop.lt to recover on a five-term llfe pollcy
for $5,000 bv tho plalntliT beneflciary, taken
out on the llfe of the nlaintlfl's wlfo ln 18G5.
The plalntliT wna then n resident of New
Hararshire. and thn aecnt who took the armll-
catlnn was P. II, Hinckley, son-ln-lnw ot tbe
tilalntlfl, thon a reiidentuf Manchester, N. II.
The plaintlff clalmed that tho premluins were
to bo pald one-half in cath and one-half in
notes. and that the aeent reuresenttd to hlm
by clroulars nnd otherwise, that a fifty por
cent dlvldend waa to be allowed, whlch would
be sufilclent to cnncel the notea. Tho evidence
tendf d to show that after ono or two vearlv
premiuma had been pald, the plaintlff, to sat-
isiy nimseii aooui tne aiviaenas, wrote to tne
company inquirlng how the same were to be
applled; that they informed bim In return
that tbo plaintlff was to have hla ontlon elther
to have the dlvldend on tbe five-term rate, for
five years, oron the llfe rate durlDg the llfeof
tne poncy. ueiying upon tms, tne plalntlll
contlnued to pay hla premlums, aecordlng to
tbe terma of the pollcy untll the lost piemlnm
waa due, when the sirne waa lost or stolen
whlle in thp custndv of the expTosg company
nnd whlle In translt. Tho defendmt refused
to allow tho same to the plalntill'g credlt or to
mako any nppllcatinn ot divldends in llquida
tiun of sald premlums. The plalntliT then
brought hls blll In equlty in thecourtg.of New
Ilampshlre to compel the defendant to make
application of dlvldend gufllclent to pay that
premium ann io aeep mo poncy in lorce. llo
obtained a decree to that effect, which was
su8talned by the supreme court. Snbef quently
the Insured deceased and the defendant, on
proof ot death, tendered the plaintlff $2,677,
it being the amonnt ot the pollcy less tho pre
mium notes and interest, not allowlng any
dlvldenda except the one applled by the New
Ilampshlre courts. The evidenco tended to
show that dividends on all other pollclea bad
been allowed from tblrtv to fifty per cent In
the dlfferent yenrg duriDC tlio llfe of the pol
lcy. Tho plaintlff Introduced a copy of tho
records of the courta of New Ilampshlre to the
admNslnn of whlch the defendnnt'a counfel
olijected on the ground that it wna not prop
erly certlfied by the presidlng judge of tbat
court. Tbe dofendant introduced the testi
mony of one Morley, thelr actuary, whn de
livered a di-qugltinn on the subject of llfe in
surance and the principal dutlea ot hla rfllce,
to draw n stated salary. He gave no f uffcieut
reasona why tho defendant had not allowed
the dlvldenda on tbo pollcy. The court or
dered the jury to return u verdlct for the
plaintlff, allowlng sald dlvldenda on tbe lifo
rate to be applled In pavment ol tbe premum
note... leavlng a balance due the plaintlff of
81,347 76. Exceptions by defendant aud cause
passtd to the supreme court. S. C. Shuitleff
for plaintlff; Charles W. Porter for defendant.
Tbe caso of A. A. Mead vs. John W. Clark,
waa then tiied. Actlon of aHsnmpsit. ln tho
wlnter of 1877, one George W. M. Sllvcr, then
of Tivoll, N. Y , came to Vermont and wnnttd
tosettleup some debta wlth varlous Montpe
lier credltnrs and gave bis note to the plaintlff
for $27. The plalniifl clalmed that nn arrnngt
ment waa entered lnto bv tbo defendant nnd
sald Silver to buy plalntlff'a note and brlng
Fult on it with defendant's account agalnst
sald Silver. Plaintlff delivered the note to the
attorneya of defendant, who got jndgment
ngainst Silver, by default and executlon waa
issuo.l on same and levied on snme land of tho
defendant'a ln Moretown. Tbe defendant
clalms to havo received the note with the un
derstandlng that he and the plaintlff should
gbare equnlly In tbe result ot a sult on the two
matters j ilned. The jury retumed a verdlct
for defendant. Ilnilin W Kemp and John II.
Senter for plaintlff ; G. W. Wing for defendant.
The diposltlon of crimlnal cases wag taken
up on thn assembling of court Monday after
noon, The first case for trlnl waa Siate vt L.
B. Huntington ot Montpelier for vlolatlon of
law relative tothetrHuicinintoxicatlngllquora.
The respondent pleaded not gullty and the
(tate pn ductd one Israel Trncy of Bolton, who
testlfied tliat he wna In Montpelier in O.tober,
1882 and " got pretty full and got arrested,''
but falled to connect the offense charged wuh
the reapondont except that he sald he procured
ono gla.a ot luger beer at an eatlng saloon on
State street. The counsel for the rerpondent
moved tlio court to oider a verdlct on tho
grnuud tbat there was no evidence In the case,
whlch vlew tho couit deiided to be correct aud
ordered tbe jury to return n verdlct of not
gullty. Iliram A. Huse for the state; II, W.
Kemp and J. II. Senier for rO''pondent.
State t'i. John Porter. Tbla wag an appenl
frnm a juatlce's jndgment of gullty of live first
offenceg agalnst the probibltory law. This wag
heard by tbo court on plea in abatement filed
by tbe respondent and demurred toon tbe part
of the state. The plea alleged defectlve ser
vlce of the warrant. It appeated that the town
ot llarre falled to hold tbelr anuual meetlng
for 1883 on tbe day appolnted by law, aud that
the cunstable of Barre, tbe ctllcer who eerved
thla warrant, waa elected at the meetlng held
on auotber day, nnd wag thero glven tho juile
dictlou of the state by vote ot the town, The
respondent clalmed that under pruvislona of
sectlon 851 ot tbo Revlsed I.aws, as amcnded
by No, 97 of tho lawa of 1882, Iho constable
could servo no process eveu lu hla own town,
unlesa glven the jurisdiction ot the state at the
annual meetlng. The court overruled tbo plea
nnd sustained the demmrer, holdiug that the
lcglslaturu inteudtd to amend tho last ot tbo
siciion refoued to, andlliHt It did not nffecta
consttble serving process lu hla own town, and
further that In u ciiininal cause lt made no
dllTerence what klnd of procesa or sorvico
brought a re-p ndeut into court, if ho waa only
there ulid that hla onlv reiiudy would bo
agalnst the person arrestlng Min If iho servlce
waa not regular, to whlch rtspondent ixcepted
nnd the cause passcd to tho supremo court II,
A Ilure, statca' attorney, for tbo state; K. W.
BUbee for lespoudeut.
The grand jury repotted last Thursday morn
ing uluo tiuebilla nnd ono not found. The
followlng are Ihe caics crowing out of thede
llboratlona of tbo grand jury: State vt. Eugene
Town of Waterbury, nttempt to cuuimlt
rape; ball $600. State vs Jsmea Albln of Rox
bury, bnrglary j ball flxed nt $200. Bonds called
and forfeited. State vs. FraukCnrdell of War
ren, latccny; plea of gullty aud teutencud to
tbo house of corrtction (l)r two months. State
vs Thonne Corry of Montpelier, two indlct
ineuta. Ono for cuttiog olT tho tall ot a borso,
tho other for removlug the uut from thn nxlo of
n buggy wngon. Stato vs. Robert W, Kelley of
Berlin for Impersonatlng tbo gate-keeper nt
tho Notjhlleld cami-meetlng and collcctlng tho
entrance fto. Slatu vs. Jamea Tcmplotou for
manslanghter. State vs. George Batea for
bank robbery. State f. F, II. Glfford for
breaking jall,
States' Attorney II. A. Huse filed nn Infor
matlon agalnat M. O. Evana of Waterbury for
offenco agalnst the llquor law, plea gullty:
flned $60 and costa. Also agalnst E S, Wbit
comli of Roxbury for gamo offence; ball flxed
nt $300. Stato vt. Fred R. Stevena of Mont
pelier, second ollence; ball 83G0. State vs. h.
D. llilla of Moretown, second offence; ball $300.
In the caso of State vs. JeFse Cayhne, for
eelllng intoxicatlcg llquor, the respondent
pleaded gullty to two flrat ollencea and waa
uned 'u and cogta.
The bonda wero called and forfeited in the
cases of Stato vs. Jamea Albln for burclarv
and Stato vs. Eugene Town for attempted rape.
George E. Spear ploaded gullty to ono first of-
tonce Bgainat tne iiquor iaw and waa llned eio
andcosts. The followlng casea were contlnued:
State vs. T. II. Corry, State vs. E. S. Whltcomb,
Stnto vs. F. R. Steveus, SLtto vs. L. D. Hllls.
The jury waa then diacharged and the conrt
adjourned untll next Tuesday, when conrt
casea will bo taken up.
Bates. Frank Rtcbard Batea waa born in
Berlin, November 26th, 1855, When ho was
about three yeara old hla parenta moved to
Northfield, which wag hla homo for the rest of
bls llfe. The rudlmcnta ot hla educatlon were
obtained in tho vlllage echool nnd the academy,
and at tho age of fourtcen he entered Norwich
unlverslty, now Lewis college, at that tlme ln
quito a prosperous condltlon, and wng gradnated
in the clasa of 1873. The clasg numbered ten
and blg rank waa very near tbe bead. Among
hls clasamatea were W. R. Dorr and A. L.
Sheldon of Rutland and C. M. Jobnaton, Eq.,
now of Jnmestown, Dakotn. After graduatlng
he spent somo tlme in drug storea ln Lowell
and Boston, and in October, 1870, began the
atudy of law ln tho ofllce of Frank Plumley,
Eaq., nt Northfield. Ue waa admltted to tbe
bar at the March term of county court In 1880
and In May of tho same year entered Intopart
nt rshlp wlth Mr. Plumley. In October, 1881, tbla
partnersbip waa dlssolved by mutual ntrree
mentnud Mr. Bitea opened nn ofllce ot bls
own near Mr. Plumlpy wlth whom ho wasj
ever, professlonally ag well as soclally, on the
most frlendly and bnimonloua terma. Aprll 0,
1876, be unlted wlth Northfield lodge of Good
Templars, In whlch he was afterwards one of
the most actlvo and valunblo membera. He
waa elected to all the ofllces of Importance and
honor in the lodge, whlch he filled falthfully
nnd credttably and in 1881 was appolnted
Grand Worthy Assi9tant Secretary of tbe grand
lndge of thls state by J. S. Batchelder. Grand
Worthy Secretary. At the ses'lon of 1882 In
Rutland ho was elected Grand Worthy Secre
tary, and re-elected at the Montpelier tesslon
last January. He took a very hard cold at the
Rutland sesslon, from whlch ho never recov
ered. Durlng the summer of 1882 ha spent
severnl weeka ln the Adirondacks, but waa lit
tle oenentea. iiowever, tnrougn tlio mn and
wlnter he improved somewhat and wag able to
attend thn sesslon of the grand lodge at Mont
pelier in January. Soon after thla he went to
White River Junction on some Good Tmp!ar
buslnesa and contracted another cevero cold,
whlch probably sbortene d hls llfe somewhat.
The summer was spent on hla brother's farm
in Moretown. He waa able, with conslderable
asslstanre, to keep up the work of the secre
tary's ctllce, bnt about September 1st he sent
to Grand Worthy Chief Templar Paul of Wood
stock hia reslgnatlon, to take effect on the ap
polntment of his successor, and Dr. M. II.
Cbnndler of Woodstock received the appoint
ment about two weeka slnce. The b(stof at
tention from skillful physiclans nnd klnd
frlendg was glven, but tbe dlsease was firmly
seated and for the last slx or elght montlis bis
decllne, though slow, was constant. Illa suf
ferlnga were ended on the nlght of September
26th. The funeral waa held on Satuiday, tbo
29:h, and, In accordance wlth hls expfessed
wi'h, the servlcea were condnc'ed with the
ceremonlea of his loved order. Hla llfe though
short leavea many che rlshed mcmorlea for bis
relativea aud many Meods. As perfection ia
not nn element of mortallty, he must have bad
some faults, but tbey were ceitainly few and
not of a character to arouse the ill wlll of any,
forwherever he wag known be was esteomed
and respected.
Taft. Sunday morning Alfred Taft, E?q..
of Burlington waa found dead. Ilavlng been
out of health for several weeka, he had been
in tbe bablt of taklng medicinoat about four
o'clock In the morning. Soon afty siz the
odor of escaped gas called hls Bon-ln-law to hla
room, when It waa found tbat owlng to a de
fectlve gas fixtnre the rcom was filled wlth
gas, which caused IiIb death. The stop-pln of
the gaa future was found to havo dropped out
and it ia supposcd that Mr. Taft turned tbe
thumb-plug too far after taklnc bis medlcinoBg
usual. Medlcal assistance waa promptly at
hard, but proved of no avall. Mr. Taft waa a
native ofCronn Polnt, N. Y., nnd waa about
fifty-seven years of age. ilecame to Burling
ton in 1868 nnd entered tho employ of Dr. 1).
S. Nichols, establlshing three years later tbe
firm ,of A. Taft & Co. After a number of
changea the present firm ot Taft, Morgan &
Co,, (of whlcb tbe deceased waa tbe senlor
partner) was establishel, and haa become ono
of the large.-t manutacturing Inte'rcsta in the
city ; nnd its great success haa been Inrgely due
to tho senlor partner's enterprlso and busineua
Sfgicity. He leavea four cblldren Mra C. W.
Davla and T. A. Tsft of Burlington and W. A.
nnd A. C. Taft of Boston. Mr, T. A. Taft ia a
member of hla late father's firm, nnd Messrs.
W. A. nnd A. C. Taft occupy resporslble posl
tlons in the employ ot Messrs, Broncons,
Weston, Dunham & Co. Mr. Taft was widely
known and esteemed as n man ot sterllng in
tegilty and a good and useful cltlzen.
Eut Montppller. There waa a llght fall
ot snow followed by raln Saturday nlght.
QoiTKa number of our townspeop'.o vlslted
tbe fair ut Northfield laat week.
Thk telephone llne from Montpelier to Plain
field will run tbrougb the Center and tbrough
the North vl'.lige.
Mit. Tiiatciikk preached at the CenterBRaln
ln-.t Sunday and left an appolntinont for K. K
Reynolda next Sunday,
Thk " On-the-Stilra" clrcle wlll meet wlth
Mta. M R. D. Dlngwall Thursday, Octobor 11.
All membera of the C. L. S. C., aud thoso
wlsblng to become moiubtra, aro cordlally
Gkoucie Gcodwin attended the Baptlst stato
conventlon beld at West Randolph last Wed
nesday and Thureday ., .Hairy Murse of lowa
lsat home on a vlslt. ...William Orm-bee is
entertaining a brother from lluffnlo, N. Y
Mra. Brown who baa been vlslting ber dauch
ter nt the Center, expects to return home thla
week. .. .Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Templeton ura
spendlng the week wlth hia brother, Dr. Cbnrlea
Templeton, at Irasburg)! Mr. and Mra.
Geoige Hlll of Marshfield, nccompanled by
Mr. aud Mrs. N. II. Dodge of Calais, stopped
in town over Sunday on thelr return from
Randolph nnd Braintree, where tlio two slatora
had spent the wotk in the vlclnlty ot thelr
oarly home.
North Montpelier. Iho Hardwick ftage
now leavea Plainfield upon tho arrival of tbu
two o'cltck traln.
That tho farmirg publlc flpprcclate the ad
vantagea of n good grist mlll ia gbowu to be a
fact by tbn nm unt of grindltig now being dono
by M. V. B. llolliater, our popular mlller.
Thk matcbrd gam" of bae ball between the
Goddard semlnary nlnoof Birroiindtbo Plain
field iiino resii'tid in a victory for tbo latter,
tho scoro standing Uenty-elght to tblrty-slx.
Oun old townsman, Georga W. Lo liirron
nud wlfe, now llving lu Elmore, colebrated the
event of thelr twenty-tilth nuulvoisary last
Saturday afternoon and evenlng. Several of
tholr old friends and relallves from thls placo
wero present and nll report thnt lt was tbe most
rnjoyable tvent of tbo season. About one
huudred were present and left money und,
pieseuta to tbo value of about $75,
A Cahp. The underslgncd, deeply grnteful
for tho kluduess of frlonda and uelghbors, ud
for tbo nsalsUuce nnd syuipathy extended
them durlng tho slcknesa nnd death of O'car
N. Webster nnd Stlllman J. Parka, tako tbla
metbodofreturnlngour tlianka aud nckcowl
edglug our obllgattoua to all, who so gener
ously and kindly alded ua in tlio liouisof our
sorruw and bereavement, Gko, W. 1'aiikh.
Ki.lkn S. I'AIIKH.
PlaiLfield, Oct. 1, 1883. Mauv Si'knckil

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