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a 1'itAVKH roit JIAIIV.
0 blegppd little tunny head,
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Tlio Last Fcntlier.
"May I wear my cruahod-strawberry
dress, mamma, and my long-bntton gloves,
and my bonnet with the red bird ? "
" Ob no, dear, they are qnite nnsuita
ble. I am very eorry, now, that 1 prom
ised to let you go with me, for it is the
President't) last reception and there may
be a great crowd."
"But I never oaw the Proaidont, mamma,
and I like a great orowd. And I'll be bo
careful of my beat hat, if yon'll let me
wear it. Oh, pleasel" pleaded little
Mary, in a whining tone, very irritating
tf) hnr mnt.Vinr. wrin vena ilriuiDitifT in haota
" My little daughter, which knows best
T l!l '
" Bnt. mamma. I'll hn nn parpfnl I "
"Very well. To teaoh you alesBon I
win aiiow you to-aay to use your own
"Jllrlcmflnf, anrl wpnr vniir hoaf. hnnnat
iiut remember this : if the bird on it gets
oroEen i snau not buy you another ; no,
oor even a feather."
Afarv llPQltatnr? Ktio ,iaVia3 In lnV
pretty ao that people going to the White
-House and perhapa the President himself,
miphfc nnt.ir.ft Vir anH rf PAnroa dViu
should not injure her bonnet ; still she
lifi nnf, liVn tn AiaracrarA hor tnrtfViof'j
" IWalra l n a f O T am nrQlfinrr frr trn
said Mts. Gray; and the little girl finally
put on her best bonnet and followed her
, L , i. j j r
luuiuoi wiiu a uuwucnai iaoe.
On the way they called for Mrs. Ellis.
" Ah, is your Mary goinc; ? Then I've
a great mind to take little Edith."
Edith was a dear child. six vears old
and nmther nf thn
what a foolish thing they were doing till
they all walked np the gravel-path to the
White House, and saw the long line of
vturiugea in irom.
" There is going to be a dense orowd
This is no plaoe for little folka," said
turs. uray 10 flirs. iiins.
O. Edv. Hift what a n.nllprtfinn nf nar.
riages," aaid Mary, who, being three or
-iuui jcaiH omBr tcan ner acue compan
1011. llkfid to OVPraWA llor citli Innn urnrrla
Mouuting the steps they saw, seated on
One hidfl flt t.lm lar(TQ Cntronno
" colleotion " of men in uniform, who were
iuaniDg ioua out very sweet rnueic, with
viaoa jjugiea, mes ana urums.
There were no o.hilrl
none of the people who had come, or were
coming, had any thought of Mary's ele
gant clothes. They all stood in a line
three or four abreast ; and if they were
juuiwug ttv auymiug was at me beauti
lul windows straight before them. Not
glass windows. The panes were lovely
gems of various shapes and sizas and
mauy colors. It was impossible, of course,
to look through these into the Presi
dent's houso.
' Mary, keep fast hold of my hand,"
said Mrs. Gray. The people are crowd
ing in behind us."
" We are in a big entry, aren't we,
mamma V And now wuere are we going ?"'
"There is a large door ahead of us,
dear, but you can't see it."
"And when we go through the door
shall wo come to the President V" asked
little Mary, who cared less and less about
him every moment It was really dread
ful to be wedgod in bo eloBely. She could
not mgve one step, except as she was
pushed. Her " orushed-strawberry " dress
was crushed qulte out of sight, and noth.
ing was to be aeen of her bnt two bewild.
ered blue eyes, a tuft of flaxen halr, and
a broken-wiuged bird-of-paradiae.
And where was little Edith ? By look
ing down, down, between the ladies'
cloaks, her mother could just espy the top
of the little girl'a bonnet and the end of
ner nose. " It isn't very comfortable, is
it, Edy, dear ?" she aaid.
"No'm, it isn't very com-fi-able," ro
clied the darliug, catching her breatti.
liut there was one thing that cousoled her
tbrough her Bufferinga j and that waa the
All the Lines of Goods
thought of soon aeeing a real, live Presi
dent with crown on his head.
The crowd had boen moving for fiftoen
minutes very, very slowly, but now it
stopped. "I suppose the people at the
tront who got in nrst are siopping to
shake handa with tlio President, and we.
must wait for them to move on," ex-
plained Mrs. Gray.
So tney wauea a iong, long, leaious
time ; and all the while the people be
hind kept pushing, pushing.
" Uh, dear, don't tnoy Know we can't
move ?" 8colded Mary, her teraper quite
gono. "Why do they pushV Do tell
them to keep still."
Mra. Gray oniy laugned.
" Mamma, they don't obey the Golden
Rule.or they wouldn't puah so and hurtl"
"Aly daughter, there is no help for it.
We are hero and must bear it as well as
we can. xry to oe Dravo ana not cry."
" AVell, mamma, I don't mean to cry :
but they equeeze so hard that they squeeze
the teara right out of my eyes, now truly.
I just know I ahall die I"
Thia was a piteoua wail indeed; but,
after all, it waa only little Edith, ever ao
much shorter, younger and frailer than
Mary dear, uncomplaining Edith who
was in any real danger of being hurt.
tibo waa nearly anuocating by this
time ; for absolutely nothing, not so much
as the top of her bonnet, was to be seen.
In alarm her mother exclaimed, "We
must get this child up to give her some
air 1 "
" What a little child here I " cried the
very ladiea who were hidincr her with their
cloaks and akirta, witbout knowing it.
Mrs. JMUs plunged down for the poor little
thing and succeeded in drawing her up
and setting her on her own shoulder.
Edith gave aeveral little shndderinggaspn,
and her sweet eyea were fnll of teara ;
bnt when he mother asked, "Darline.
how do you f eel now 7'' she answered, with
a toncning nuio amiie, " 1 leel so com-li-ablo,
mamma I "
But Mary Gray waa still crying. It was
not only the discomfort that oppressed
her, but shame at being outdone in pa
tience by a mere baby. She saw, too,
what a vaiu, silly girl she had been to deck
herself in finery; and the broken wing
of the bird-of-paradiae dangling before
her eyes added the " laat feather " to her
weight of misery.
The crowd began to move again, a half
inch in a minute; the open door was
reached at last. Now they were f airly in
aide the White House, and by crossing
one room would reach the President.
" They say after all the President very
likely isn't there ; lt is only the ladies of
the house who receive," said one young
giri 10 anoiner in me crowd.
What did it signify to little Mary ? If
the Preaident waa there he would not ad
mire or even look at her, forlorn as she
was, ao dilapidated, and ao very, very
amall I Her pride, like the bird on her
bonnet, had rnet with a great collapse,
you see.
Butaho had little time for'muek reflec-
tioue. The moment they entered the
door of the honse, they were met bv a cur
rent of hot air sweepitig from the heated
rooms, and Mrs. Gray grew suddenly
famt. A strange lady in the crowd
caught a fan Irom another strange lady
and began to fan her rapidly. Then
Mrs. Ellis and some one else draggpd her
out irom tne uarrow line ot people and
extended her ou the fbor before an open
Little Mary rushed after in rrroat hasto.
forgetting her own woea in alarm for her
poor white mother. "Oh, my dear
mamma, you are alive I" she cried, as
Mrs. bray opened her eyes and amiled
She was obliged to amilo to reassure little
juary ; but she waa still too weak to iro
back to the dreadful crowd, and Mra. El-
118 and the children declared they no
longer cared to see the Preaident his
very name waa tiresoine ; all thev wiahed
for was some way of getting out of the
vvnite Jiouso.
" Shalll put you out of the window,
ladiea V" laughed a gentleman who Btood
near. "If you will allow me here,
uiuuiu iniM aiooi.
"But you can't help mo up, I'm ao
heavy," said Mra. Ellis.
The polite gentleman answered by lift-
mg ner up oy we snouiders, and she
easily olambered ont and aligbted upon
her leet on the back piazza.
"Oh, thank yon, air I'' she exolalmod,
standing there to help Mrs. Gray down.
In a very few inomenta the whole party
were aafeiy drawing long breaths and
laughing in the pure air outside. They
leit HKe a set oi vagaDonds, prowlln
about ln the Preaident'a back yard ; ati.
they dld not very much mind.
"I don't ever want to go into that
house again," aaid Edith, nodding her
tipay bonnet. " But I love that window-
man who put us out."
" And I love you, you prooioua, patient
darllng : and I wish you were my own
little girl," said Mrs. Gray, kisaing her
again and again.
" I don't see how anvbody could be so
good aa Edy," said Mary, uneasily, f eeling
inaL an praise ot tne little one waa an lm
piiea reDUKe to heraelf. "But 1, you
kuow, well, I I waa trying to save my
bonnet I And then when I saw vou on
the floor. mamma, I waan't sure you were
reaiiy auve. wny, you lay there as much
9RIBS :. , RSil m
We are now Offering. but Would Simply
as ten minutes without any conscionce
at all I''
" Oh, no, not half a minute I " said
Mrs. Gray, laughing. " Bnt I nm afraid
the owner of this fan will think I haven't
any conscience now ; aren't you t '
she neid i p tne lan as sno spoue ; a
pretty painted one with lvory sticks.
Nobody had seen the owner, and it was
useless to think ot trying n nnd ner.
" But we will leave the lan with one oi
the porters when wo get around to the
front door j that is the best we can do,"
added Mrs. Gray. And then she picked
from Mary'a bonnet the poor broken bird-
of-paradise, and put it in her pooket with
out a word of comment. The little girl
understood it. She knew she had lost her
pretty bird and would not have another
in its place ; " no, not even a feather."
Aud thoufrh the punisnment seemed nard,
she owned in her heart that it waa just.
" Come, Johnny, get right up. Break-
fast is ready, and you must remember
that it ia the early bird that catches the
worm." "Yes,". sleepily replied little
Johnny, "but I don't want any more
worms. The doctor says 1 ve got 'em ai-
ready." Texas Siftingi.
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Makea l'ractlcnl Arlthmetlo naiy for all. Slmpll
Ites the art of oompatatlon, and enablee every
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