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Tho Wntchman tor 1884.
Tho camlng year wlll bo crowded wlth stlr
rlng polttlcal eventa. In the fiold of natlonal
polltics the prosldentlal canvnss will ba the all
absorbing Bubjoct ot people's thonghts. Tho
rigns betoken oneof tho most determined po
lltlcal contesta ia the hlstory ot. the conntry.
Fortles are nearly evoDly balanced. The de
raoeracy wlll rcnew thelr repeated strngglcs to
wrest from thelr opponcn'ts the power they
have wielded (or neatly a quarter ol a century.
The republlcan patty wlll strenuously malntaln
the lease ol the power lt has nsod wlth ench
nlgnal beneflt to thewhole oonntry and to man
klnd. The relatlon ot Vermont to thls lmpend
Ing crlsls ln the hlstory ot the ropubllcan party
and the sff airs ot the conntry wlll bo ot a closo
and responalble character. In any vent, her
coll wlll bo the early battle-ground ot the great
oontest. Among all tho emlnent names on the
paity rolls tbere la none bo flt tor the offlce ot
preBldent aa her dlstlngulshod gonator, and
none to whlch U bo nnlversally conceded the
post Ot leadorehlp. The national contcat has in
tact opened wlth the OBsembllng ot congrcsa
To the event ot patamount IntereBt and im
poctance, the presldential electlon, ig addcd the
tact that Vermont berself wlll in tho electlon ot
next year chooso BuccesBors to all her Btate offl
osrs, from representatives ot towns and conn
ties ln the Iegtelature to governor, and repre-
tcntatlvos ln the honse and senate ot the con
gresa ot the Unlted States. Tho crownlng
atfair ot local lmportance in thls perlod wlll be
the blennlal legislativo gesslon. Matters relat
ing to the protection and advancement ot taz
retormation, to the hlghwayg, to education,
and to the general affalrg ot the state, wlll
come np tor conslderation, upon whlch it is the
duty, II not the pleasure ot every citlzen to
read and be informed. Ilere 1s a perlod, ex
tending from the present to Jannary 1, 1885,
whlch wlll be thlckly crowded wlth events of
the hlghest interest and of "vital lmportance to
the Btate and tbe nation. No thtnking citlzen
wlll viith to be xcilhout a good ttate newtpaper
dnrtag thls perlod. Tmc Vkumont Watch
man hag been greatly enlarged, put in proper
form, and new facilltlea procured for Its suo
cessf ul publlcatlon, wlth tbe epecial end ln vlew
ot proTldlog for tho peoplo ot Yermont just
guch a paper ag they wonld wlsh to have at all
times, and particalarly for the Btlrring timeg in
the near f uturo. Its record in the pagt ig the
begt gnaranty it con glve for the f uturo, as to its
oonrse polltlcally and upon those non-polltlcal
matters whlch, llke ngricclture, education, tax.
atlon, temperance, and state affalra generally,
have to do wlth morals and good progresalve
OTernment rather than wlth partisan polltics.
Except as tlme and increaslng experience shall
enable itg condnctors to treat these Bubjects
more intelligently and more sncceigtully, no
ipledge for the futare that is not gupplled by
the past can be glven.
The pre-emlnence of Tns Watchman as
good agrlcultural paper for iixearmers of Vcr-
mont has been long conceded. The veteran
editor of thls department will malntaln his con'
nectlon with the paper, and enlarged epace will
fcosiren him for 'h dlscossionitof fum nb
jects, a change whlch eannot fall to recelve the
hearty approbatlon of the farmlng communlty.
Eepeclally will Tnis Watchkan be a newtpaper,
The gathering, edlting ln an attractlve and
reodable form, and publiahiog of local newi has
become a dlstingaiehing feature in Its present
management. The extenslon and Improve
ment of thts easentlal functlon ot a state paper
will be gteadlly and systematlcally Bustalned
andiextended. General trnei, domestlo and
forelgn, wlll be carefully summarUed and ed
ltd from week to weok. Tbe choice mlscella-
noong, famlly, moral and religious selectlons,
whlch have always been a popalar and a dU
tingniablng feature in the make-up of the pa
per, will notbe suffered to deterlorate In quallty
or In-quantlty.
For2 00 in advanco Tue 'Watchman wlll
be sent to new gubBcrlbers nntil January 1
1886,-and Good Cheer one year. Good Ctiecr
Is a new monthly paper of sixteen pages, of
very Interesting llterary matter. A sample
eopy will bo sent on applicatlon. Those who
may recelve sample coplea of Tnn Watchman
are lnvlted to glve lt a thoroogh -examlnatlon
and to ecnd In thelr BabscrlptioDB, If they flnd
it worthy of thelr patronage. -Oor Increaslng
subserlption 11st ghows that the paper is galn
ing in the eatimation of tbe public.
For $6.26, pald in advance, we will send
elther the Mlantlc Monthly, Harper't ilaoa-
2ine, Wfkly, or Bazar, and Toib VVatchman
and Good Cheer one year.
For 55 0, pald In advance, we will send the
Century ilagazlne (formerly Scrlbner'i), Thb
Watciiman and Good Cheer for one year.
Local Itcms.
Fatemt medlclnes at Bascom'sll
Tiik fincBt clgars at Bascom'slll
Eleoant handherchief extracts at Bas
.eom'sllll Bici trade in " Dlamond Dyes" at iB
.eom'slllli Tots at Webeter's.
Xid gloves at Webster's.
Go to Webster's for sllk hKndkerehtefs.
.Ciucdlatino llbrary at n. E. Slayton's.
AriNBaesortmentof slippers at Grlggs', Wa
terbury, Gontlemem'b slippers, all styles, at Grlgga',
Tmhase call at Smllie's and settle your nhoe
bllls thls week,
LABiEs'and chlldren's sllpperg at Griggs
store, Waterbury.
Buket mualo and muelc-bookg of all klnds at
Griggs', Waterbury.
Fink colognes and elegant cologne tolleta at
Koene's, Waterbury.
Somk rare bargains In photograph albums at
Thlnney's bookstoie.
Fanov artlcles ln sllver ware fortheholldays
at Scott's, Watorbury.
Ptjiih and decorated toilet sets at W. F
Oarpenter's, Waterbury.
k nhw lot ot plctures and frames juet re
eelvtd at Thlnney's bookstore.
Tjib begt Btock of watches, chalns, charms,
rlngs, etc., at Scott's, Waterbury.
Ciiiwubn'p sleds, and a full llno ot toy and
fancy goods at Keeno's, Waterbury,
To reduce his Btock ot colored cashmores,
prlces have been reduced al Webster's.
Jk purchaslng a eewlag-n;iachine, be sure to
alce into Account Its durabt'.lty, simplidty, lm
provementg, llght-runnlng and flne workman
ghlp. The " New Amerlcan " has all ot thcae
good qualltloa. H. II. Moader, agent
A untOK aggortmont of hall. llbrary and
gtandatd latnps at W. K. Carpenter's, Waterbury.
Au ATnBatron, successor to F. 0. Graves,
Waterbury, baB overythlng nlce and dealrable,
in cTOckery.
Send to J. G. Crlggs, Waterbury, Vt, for
your sewlng-machlne needles. AU styles con
stantly on hand.
Call for a pair of those fleece-llncd rnbbers
at Griggs,' Waterbury. They are juBt the
thing for cold weather.
Bdt your wlfeasewlng.machlnefor aChrist-
mag present. E. K. Moader ig agent for the
begt machlne ln the world.
Lahqk involces of new goods, eepeclally
adapted to tho holiday trade, arrivlng at W
E. Carpenters, Waterbury.
What a nlce present that ten-set or Ice-
pitcher wonld make, now to be seen in tho
show wlndow at Scott s, Waterbury.
Tnsv do say that Phlnney hag the finest
stock of Christmas cards ever shown in thls
market, and the prlces are vory low.
D. Hoi'kins wants his Christmas poultry at
Stowe, Saturday, Dec. 16, and at Waterbury,
Monday and Taesday, Dec. 17 and 18.
Tiik attention of those wlahlng to recelve ln-
stmctlon ln elocutlon is called to the advertlse-
ment of Mrs. A. C. Averill ln thls paper.
J. C. EMEirr'sreputatlon for backlngnp what
hosayswill make his advertleements on the
filth and eighth pages Interesting reading.
Do not forget the fair at Bethany chapel,
ThurBday afternoon and evening, butencourage
the ladles by your presence and patronage.
A obeat variety ot sllver and plated goods,
approprlate for the holldays, at A. G. Stone s,
Ho will engrave them for you free of charge.
Tuet are now openlng one of the finest Hnes
of holiday goods at Webster's. Don't fail to
go and see the display. Prlces leas than ever
Bbautifdl frult plates, fine china cups and
saucers, taateful china tea-setg all deglnt'
ble t-oods for Christmas at Al. Atherton's,
A. 3. Stonic sayg the whole of his larg
Btock of chlldren's toys must go thls Christ
mas, as he has no room to carry thom over.
Go and see hlm.
Monoouams, names, inltlals and all klnds of
plaln and fancy engravlng satlsfactorily done
at A. G. Stone's. No engravlng machlnes
allowed to be used.
Clookb, gold and sllvr watches, chalns,
charms, rlngs, sleeve buttons, ladles ear jew-
ls, bar plns, braceleta and nock chalns at
Keeno's, Waterbury.
Chbistmas and New Year'B cards, pbnto-
graph and autograph albums, mlrrore, hand'
glasses and muatache cups, at Eeene's, oppo-
site the bank, Waterbury.
Ghobqe G. Eellooo, who advertlses to place
loans on western lands, has been all through
the section wbere these lands are located, and
knows whoreof he Bpeaks.
L. P. Gleabon b Co., makean oononeement
to onr readora thls week whlch ia worthy ot
careful reading. This flrm never promlses
more than they can fnlfill.
Evkbv tlme yon nse a pocket-knlfe, pur
chased of A. G. Stone, 'you will emile and
wonder how It ls posaibleto make a knife hold
itg edge ag these knives do.
Eleoant china bread and mllk eets, pretty
toy sets of crockery, at Al. Atherton's,
Waterbury. Just the thing for handeome
ChrlstmaB presents for the chlldren.
CniLDBBN's Bilver sets in great variety, chll
dren's knives and forkg, ohlldren's gold rings,
gold tles, neck chalns and everythlng usetul
and ornamentat for the chlldren, at Koene's,
Fou Bale. One thoueand Macomber's Im
proved hand corn and bean planters. Agents
Wanted for all unoccupied territory. For par
tlculars spply to 0. G. Phelps, agent for the
state of 'Vermont, Milton, Vt.
Now.is the tlme to get your kid gloves. To
reduce stock, soventy.flve cent kid gloves wlll
be sold for fifty cents, fifty cent gloves for
twenty-.fiTe cents,' and $1.60 gloves for 81.
Moequetalre and three-button. These are bar
gains at Webster's.
Toilet sets (plaln and prlnted), fancy vases,
banglng, llbrary and standard lampg, and a
full aBsortrcent of plaln and fancy, common
and ornamental crockery for .overy-day ubo,
for " company " occaBions, or for Christmas
presents, at Al. Atherton's, Waterbury.
Plcabb Doii't Read. Tho best monnments
iu the world, known as the white bronze raon
uments, sold by Aaron Bancroft, Montpelier,
Vt. I have over five bundred beautlful de
slgus, ranglng ln price from elghtdollars up to
thlrty thousand dollars, in styles and prlces
to Bult all.
Now ls tbe timo to get presents for the little
ones. Don't fall to look at dressed dolls, wax
dolls, china dolls, china cups and saucers,
mugs, toys ln tin and wood, games, vases co
logne sets and majolica ware cheaper than
ever before at Webster's. Kverybody lnvlted
to look and ask questlons.
Tubbb was shipped on Tuesday laat a car-
load ot crockery, direct from the potterles,
comprlalng white and decorated ware ln stone
and porcelaln china, whlch will be sold at
Carr's auctlon rooms, to the hlghest bldder.
.Look for the decorated dinner, tea, and toilet
sets. One china set wlllibo given away.
W. K. Caih'bjjtkb, Waterbury, has overy
thlng in the way of plaln and ornamental
crockery and glasawure, for every-day and for
the Jiollday trade. Kjpeclally attractlve and
seasonable are his china cups and saucers,
china tea-setg, china frult plates and majolica
warein mugs, cups andsaucero, pltchers, etc.
II. K. Slayton has, wlthout doubt, the larg
est stock of albums ever ln ,town, and the
prlces are below competltlon, A beautlful
leather-bound one for card, cablnets and panels
tor only 82 26, Alao a full stock of chlldren's
books, faccy box papers, games, and pocket
cutlery, Christmas cards, etc, at lowet.t prlces.
Call and see.
Tiik beat place to buy useful Christmas gifts
ls at G. W. Wilder's, Montpelier. Vou wlll
find a well.selected and large stock of books
otall klnds, Includlng juvenlle books, books
of travel and adventure, hlstorical and stand
ard workB, llluatrated books in flne blndings,
bibles, gltt books and poems. A fine llne ot
photograph and autograph albums, wrltlng
deaks, box papers,dlarles, sheet mualo and
mnalc-books, and a full stock of mualcal mor
chBDdise of all klnds. AJso the celebrated
Chlckerlng, Knabo, and Fisher planos and thl
Georgo Wood organs. Prlcos very low. ltq
membcr the place, head of Stato strect, Monl
A. T. Stbaw St Co. have now In stock blacl
walnut, osb, cheatnnt and palnted chnmbn
sets; parlor, dlnlDg and common tables; wll
low, basket and all klnds of chalrs; lonngel
mattrasBes, spring beds, mirrors and all go
in thls line, for Christmas presents Call an
see ns, and buy somethlng for yourself, wll
son, daoghter, or some frlend. A. T. Btraw,
Co., Maln street, Waterbury, Vt
Cuarlsb Kkene, Waterbury, opposlte
bank, has one of the largest and cholcest i
sortments ot tastetul and unique artlcles In sll
ver-waro ever offered for sale in this Bectlorl
These goods have all been carefully selecti
by himself, and are warranted to be ot th
best quallty and of tbo newest and most ornij
mental deslgns. Among them are manl
artlcles eepeclally sulted tor holiday glfta-l
such as elegant napkln rlngs and vaBes ln sll
ver and gold, indivldual sllver sets' (compr
lng napkln ripg, salt and pepper craets, anl
butter dlsb), tooth-plck holders, salt and pejl
per sbakes of beautlful deslgns, comblnatiol
call-bell and spoonholders, coaed fruit-knlvq
and nut-ptcktt, sllver teo-sets, Eold-llned bud
ter dishes, cake-baskets, card-receivers, etcl
etc., all Rogers' best ware. Call and
amlno his stock tor full partlcnlars.
CnBrsTHAB and New Tear's are close at hand
and to all those In Hardwick and vlclnlty wb
are ln want of anything for presents I wonl
say: It wlll pay them to go mlles to vlslt I
well-known store of Ira A. Shattuck, who
repntation for keeplng good goods, and at re
Bonablo prlces, Is beyond queBtion. My eb
has been selected direct from the Importers I
Boston and will be sold at low flgnrea. I hal
thelaTgeatandbeat-selected stock of watch J
clockfl, jewelry of all klnds, silver and plaij
spoons, forks, knives, etc, etc. In holll
plated ware I have castors from 84 to S8, eal
baskets, spoonholders, bntter-diahes, cu
etc. A large llne ot photograph and autog
albums, a flne llne ot poems and books, lal
and small Bibles, Chrlatmaa cards, eto. ; writi
desks, work-boxes and baskets, handkercn
and fancy boxes, etc.u A fine llne of fran
chromos, ladles' and gentlemen's coffee cul
emoklng sets, majolica ware, shopplng bal
and baskets, and bushels of dolls and toj
too numerous to mentton. Two hundred chl
mos to glve away to cuatomers. All tho
who know me know I keop good goods al
warrant them as repregented. Come and i
"them. Ira A. Shattuck.
. Cnrrcnt Moatlon.
Tns Montpelier lteras wlll be found on
fonrth page this week.
Rbv. J. Edwabd Wnmnr is to preach in
meeting-house at Middlesex Center next Si
day, at 2:30 r. m.
Onk more has been added to the already
large number of cheap local papers in thls sl
The Stfter of South Londonderry Is that one.
Cufpkb: "General Blpleyof Rutland, 11
clolmed, is booked. for lleuteaant-governor.
iln that event, whr.t wlU become of Jo. BattellT"
Tdb poles are all set for the telephone llne
between this yillsge and Northfield, and, ttOtM
nection wlll be made by Saturday or Monday
We are indebted to J. R. J. Cutting of Indi
anapolis, Ind., for a opy ot the Journal of
that place, an extract from whlch appears elae
where. A rATKNT haa been granted to Mr. Joseph
Auld, bnslnoss manager of the -Free Press As
Boclatlon, Burlington, for improvements in the
JIev. 11. F. IIill held eervice at the " upper
school-house " in North Fayston on Tuesday
last. On the next day one person was baptized
and the Lord's Supper admlnistered.
A Ciiioaoo man ls to lecture at St Johnsbury
on this Btibject: "Satan Who, What, and
WhereisIIe?" The lecturer seems to have
conslderable bardlboodto thusbetrd the llon
ln his den.
Burlington is troubled becauBO St Albans
and Montpelier are tuvored with such a vocal
Ist as Mlaa Emma Thursby wbile the Queen
City is lett out. An entetprlslng local manager
Is the secret ot the matter.
Tiib slow-golng Watouhan got out an extra
laat Wednesday afternoon contalnlcg the pres-
ident's mossage, whlle the enterprlglng Argus
iollowed snlt Thursday, we aro informed, but
we have bad no occular proof of the fact.
Geoboe W. Flaoq ot Braintree, and Ira M.
Richardson ot Littleton, N. II., (formerly of
Now York city), have slgned artlcles for
wreatllng match (mixed style), for J100 and
gate money, in City hall, Burlington, on Christ
mas eve.
Two ot tbe ten new englnos purchased by
tbe Central Vermont ro&d at the Provldence,
R. I., workajiavo arrlvod. They are called the
" S. W. Cummlngs " and the " JohnX. Ma
son." They are of the mogul pattern and ln
tended for frelght work.
Senaxob Uduunus' postal telegraph blll pro-
vides for a board to eatabliah four trunk llnea;
ior the appointment of clerks, operators, .etc,
by tbe lvil service rulea, and aske for anap
propriatlan of 3,000,000. No reatrictions are
lald upon private corporatlons.
Oub Hubscribers should remember that we
forward our namos for Good Cheer about tbe
middle ot each month. AU those whose names
have been rocelved slnce November 14, wlll
now be forwarded ooon for the Decemtfer
number, and otlieiB who wlsh to begln with
that ieaue should pay up (Viij week.
hall i oht, u. A. 11., ol Worcester, had a
roualng camp-fire Saturday night, lt talilng the
formota "baskct sociable." Gen. Strphen
Thomas was present, and gave an extendod
addresB. Remarks were also made by Captaln
II. C. Lull and R. II. Angell. Several mem
bers ot Brooks post of Montpelier were present.
Tiib newdocket for Caledonia county for tbe
December torm shows thlrty-seven entrles on
the law docket and thlrteen In chancery. Juat
ten yearn ago tlifa term the entriea at law were
one hundred and slxty-flvo and in chancery
thlrty whlch shows the buainess of the court
now to be about one-fourth what it was ten
years ago.
Tiib Bpringfleld Jlepublican comes out en
larged, prlnted on lmproved machinery, edges
trlmmed and pastod. Wlth its lmproved fa
cllltles, we trust lt has also an onlarged capac
Ity for a reasonably fair and correct presenta-
tion of Vermont affalrs, in regard to whlch lt
baB beon babltually, it not perversely, "all
at sea."
Tiib sllly attompt of the Barre Enterprlte,
Jo vhiob of course It is assbted by tbo Jrgui,
get beti
Thk followingls the UsT
for the December term of Orange county coul
Bradford, Barron 0y, W. H. Jionrv: Bral
ireo, uiarence h. uus, jonn jritan
urooxneia, Aipaeus u. iimoara, jonn
Heath; Chelsea, Benson Sanborn, EraBtj
Toung; Corinth, A. D. Dlckey, J. N. Hodgd
Fairlee, Abel Heath, W. H. Klbbee; Nel
bury, llale G. Billey, Leonard W. McAUisb
Orange, L. M. Towner, Charles Poole;
dolph, Barton Blaladell, A. P. Paine; Str
ford, Geo. Kendall, C. L. Clarke; Thettorl
Westley Sayre, E. N. Heaton; Topsham, J.
Phllbrlck, E. W. Eastman; Tunbridge, Ge
Brown, Geo. Fogg; Washington, A1T. Newmal
N. H. Prescott; West'Falrlee, P. O. Chapmal
P. E. Roblnson; WiUlamstown, J. D. Clogstol
D. D. Boyce.
Tbe irlends of tbe ytctlms of the terrible aJ
cldent at Lanesvllle, November 23d, desire tb
correction of aceounts ot that accident glve.
by Montpelier papers. They present pro
that Elmer Cook was not tbere; that the t
men were on tbe oppoBlte slde of thetracl
from the team and dld not see it nntll
was very near the'crossing; that Dewey dil
not touch the horse; that neltber belleved bl
could have been stopped; that nelther spokl
or made any outcry; that they did no
recoguiie those ln the wagon; that the tean
was golng at a rapld pace and that they dlJ
not seeMr. Mclntosh strlke his horse. Itil
belleved that Mr. Mclntosh was decelved as I
the dlstance to the crosslng on acconnt of tba
curve and by the appearance ot the head-llghtl
The friends and relatbes also tender thelr deed
and sincere tbanks to tbe friends and nolgh-l
bors of tbe deceased, who in great kindne
and sympathy and at much sacrifice, renderedl
them every ossistanco in tbolr power In theld
great aflllctlon, and to the OfQcers of tbo CenJ
tral Vermont railroad, for tholr courtesy andl
ATthe annual electlon ot Mt Zlon Com-I
mandery, No, 9, EolghtsTemplar, heldattheirl
asylum In Northfield, December C, the follow-
lng offlcers were elected and inatalled for thel
year ensuing: Blr Frankil. Bascom, emlnentl
commander; Slr Colllns Blakely, generalls-
almo; Slr J. Ilenry Jackson, captaln-general;!
BirRev. II, F. Ulll, prelate; Blr WilUam A.
Brlggs, senlor warden ; Slr J. W. F. Waahburn,l
junlor warden; Bir J. C Houghton, treaeurer;!
Slr Georgo Atklns. recorder: Slr Georgo E. I
Beard, standard bearer; Blr J. C. Cady, swordl
bearer; Slr Tbomas L. Wood, warden: Slr B.
W. Braley, first captain of guard; Slr D. S.l
Wheatley, second captaln of guard; Slr M.l
Mannlog, thlrd captaln of guard; Slr Allenl
McGilleray, commlssary; Blr Wlll II. Uerrick,!
commlssary; Slr J. A, Erwln, sentinel. Thel
offlcers were iustalled by Slr George W. Wlog.l
grand generallBaimo of the grand commanderyl
of Vermont, Slr Ilenry Ferris actlng as grand I
marahal. Slrs A. C. Dowey and George W.
TUden were appolnted tellers. The next regu
lar raeetlng wlll be.held at Montpelier, Thurs
day, January 3, 1B84.
Wb find the followlne ln a recent lssue of
the Indlanapolls (Indlana) Journal: "Blmply
putting a law upon tbe statute book does not
secm to be all that ls neoessai? ; neltber does
the most stringent law wprk salvatlonot Itaelf.
Wefladin the Montpelier (Vermont) Watch-
man of last week thls puragraph : ' Publlo sentl-
ment ls at present more tban usually arouaed
by the amount ot drunkenness on our stroets
on Sunday, I'eople are annoyed by the hllar-
ity and rowdylsm whlch exlat upon the most
promlnent atroeta, and whlch are, In a large
measure, the direct reault ot tbe sale of Intoil-
catlng llquors. The drug stores are glven the
ilgbt to seU medlclnes or put up prescrlptions
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